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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  August 4, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 -- live, local, late breaking,
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this is 11 news saturday morning. >> welcome. i am lisa robinson. >> i am jennifer franciotti. if we want to check out side. it is sticky. >> we are looking for a different edge in the. -- adjectives. >> bad hair day. >> that is the best one day -- yet. 71 degrees at the airport. do points are in the mid-a d's. that is what makes it feel so uncomfortable. that is fog reported. meeting midst as well. that should clear out. 92 for the high in baltimore. 86 in ocean city. most of the day should be dry, but late in the afternoon there might be an isolated thunderstorm. better chances for a thunderstorm in the seven-day, and that means relief is coming
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up. >> for the first time since his mother was adopted, baltimore orioles legend cal ripken jr. speaks out. >> this is as new details emerge. george lettis has the latest. >> he says his mother is doing emotionally but the situation but overwhelmed if you overhaul is doing good and a bold statement about what the evidence is telling him. aberdeen police confirm this 35- second surveillance video was taken from a wal-mart in glen burnie the night of the objection. police will not disclose what he purchased, but they have received 10 tips. a composite sketches on highway billboards, and the case was featured on "america's most wanted." police are still not saying much about the adoption that ended when the 74-year-old was found
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tied up but unharmed. the suspect drove her all over the place from the pennsylvania border, to just outside of washington, d.c., and back. >> it was worse than you can imagine. >> cal ripken jr. is now speaking, and he showed the man that we all knew as a larger- than-life legend, but did what any of us would do. >> i got in the car, driving around. i felt i was doing something. >> he believes this could have been premeditated, saying there's evidence that the things that were bought were brought to the house. >> it is unsettling, strange to say the least. from a mental, dramatic standpoint, she is still a
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little shaky. we are all a little shaky. >> ever been police said they recovered evidence from the -- ever been police say they have discovered evidence, but would not say what it is. >> the baltimore police acting police commissioner has ordered changes to the southwest command after the fifth murder in the last week. the less was a 30-year-old man. we are told the woman was shot in the hand in the same area around the time frame. the acting police commissioner is replacing majors with officers that have more homicide experience. >> it is not a disciplinary action. nobody was punished. it is putting people with talent in the best roles they can be. >> the officers will be reassigned. >> an unsolved murder case has led to charges of witness
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intimidation. ronald davis was shot outside his home in october, 2011. court records reveal keyon beads, clifford butler, and derius duncan plotted to murder him. the alleged plot was revealed in a recorded telephone conversations. the charges have been dropped in the and desist regina indecent exposure cases -- indecent exposure cases. the trial was set for next week but prosecutors dropped the case because they say there is not enough evidence. gary giordano was the prime suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner while the two were on vacation one year ago. muscleland's f. leavitt flexes again in the -- athletic
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muscle flexes again in the olympic games. one of the biggest drop was unfolded in london. michael phelps, 21 and still not done. the baltimore native added to his career total, winning his last individual competition, the 100-meter butterfly. he turned out a fast and furious final 50 meters. michael phelps has won more raids before the final curtain call in a relay event and that will happen later today. >> members at the aquatics senator gathered to watch the races by. lowell melser was there for reaction. >> its turned down from disappointment -- it turned from disappointment to deafening
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cheers quickly when michael phelps went from seventh to first to win gold. >> i did not think he was going to win, then i knew he was going to win. >> he just came on, and i thought the sky has this wrapped up. >> i always thought he was going to win. >> you knew it? >> i knew it. >> proud faces watched michael phelps win a record 17th gold medal. >> i missed yesterday, so i was really happy to be here today. i swim with him all the time. a lot of us are too close to really appreciate what is going on. what an honor, even been able to watch. it was a great race. i wish nothing but the best. >> the end was bittersweet as
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this was michael phelps last individual event of his career. staff members and friends say it will be a different place. >> so many years. he has been in the olympics since i started working here. michael not in the next olympics, it is a weird feeling. >> it is sad because we are used to seeing him practice every day. he will waive, and get in trouble for smiling at us. we are proud of everything he has done. >> i am lowell melser. >> the fastest time of the day came from the youngest of opinion -- olympian, 80, from bethesda, maryland, who won gold. she missed the world record by just half of one second. >> meanwhile, in the arnold
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area, reason to cheer. matthew qualified for the race. we spoke to him after his race. he says competing in london is overwhelming. >> if it has been great. i hear former olympians talk about how it is life-changing. it really has been incredible. >> we wish him all of the lock in the world. kai reed spoke with his friends and family before they left for london, and matthews mom was so confident she bought her tickets two years ago. you can see how matthew prepared for the -- on member reform -- memory foam or pillow talk?
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the better business bureau is coming up next what you need to know before you purchase the mattress pad >> theater -- mattress. >> 1 special maryland resident was born, and we will have her story as she celebrates a birthday. >> we are keeping our eye on the tropics.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> now, your insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist eight summary. >> we have a live look at ocean city. it is 81 degrees. 79 at the airport.
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the humidity is at 88%. it is a sticky stuff to the day. it will feel more uncomfortable as we get to the afternoon. it is almost a feeling tropical. the topics are alive. we have our latest system. the fifth storm of the season, traveling west, 18 miles an hour. it is north of venezuela, passing through the caribbean sea. one concern is that could be headed for cancun, maybe a category one hurricane. we will be keeping an eye on that. we have another system we need to watch out for, a tropical depression number 6, just off of the coast of africa. this could form into florence, our next named storm. we are keeping our eye on that.
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79 is the current temperature at the airport. 82 in annapolis. 80 in college park. 69 in frost bird. the dew point temperatures tell it all. mid-70's from baltimore to ocean city. this makes you feel sticky. take the temperature and add a few degrees because of the humidity. a cold front is on the way but it does not pass through until sunday night into monday. temperatures are ranging from 90-to-94. it will be hot and humid. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. there is no defined pattern. the atmosphere will become unstable. something could pop up later today. a 20% chance in ocean city. 30% tomorrow, and a better chance monday as the cold front
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sweeps through, but that brings in relief. tuesday looks beautiful. a plateau, much lower humidity. -- 80's, much lower humidity. >> it is not often we do a story about someone's birthday, but this is special. >> as rob roblin tells us, when you are born in 1909, your birthday is a big deal. >> it was party time here at woodlawn, and the party was for this lady, marie kopp, who will soon be 103 years old. >> she is a delightful, charming lady. she has had some difficulties in the last couple of years with her health but has always been a ian thel, happy baltimor accident and she is a lovely person.
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>> they brought out the birthday cake. 103 years is a long time. the people that know where say marie kopp is a wonderful person. >> she is very observant. when she eats lunch, she sets her fork on the right side when she has been doing it for her whole life. >> she is a ball of wax. she will come back with quips of information. she has been in the program for a long time. we enjoy her being here. >> she had a special serenade for her birthday. it is not every day the u-turn 103. what do you think of this -- that you turned 103. >> what do you think of this party? >> very nice. >> we should all be so lucky.
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and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. except the july jobs numbers released friday pointed to better than expected growth but failed to put a dent in the
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unemployment rate. the u.s.'s top 163,000 jobs. -- is up 1 and 63%, but the rate is at 8.3%. the increase helped wall street end the week's letter to the -- slightly higher. the dow, s&p, and nasdaq closed with increases. a tax-free week is around the corner for several states including maryland. consumers will be able to purchase clothing and footwear priced under $100 without worrying about a sales tax, but some accessory items are not included. >> i always find one week after it is better. the stores, with more sales. you do better than not paying tax. >> another store, they want you
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to save more, giving the first five month shoppers a scratch- off game card a chance to win a gift card. the deal runs august 12 through august 18. buying a mattress might not be an your back-to-school shopping list, but it is a big-ticket item. are you getting what you are paying for? >> it is a large ticket items. we do not think about it, but it could be thousands of dollars. >> people think if they're making that investment it will last forever. >> absolutely. they do not last forever. there have been 400 complaints about mattresses at the better business bureau. >> about what? >> the biggest complaint, the first of all, people complain about the sales tactics. representatives over-saw, date
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and switch. people complain because they get them home and they start to sag. that is a common complaint. >> people think they are buying one thing and they're getting another debt sedans absolutely. this is an industry where it is -- another. >> absolutely. this is an industry where it is hard to compare prices. retail stores might put covers on the same mattress so you cannot compare and contrast. it makes it very challenging to shop for. salespeople, oftentimes commission, their goal is to get the mattresses out of the door, so a lot of their tactics -- they will say we are out of stock. they will tell you they will try to up-sell you.
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there are a lot of complaints about sales presentation. >> let's tell you what you should do. you say look for the best value, not sales price. >> select major brands, starting at the least expensive, lie down on them, in work your way out. consumer reports says you need to lie down for about 15 minutes. i guess that looks kind of weird. >> a little nerve-wracking. you are laudable. >> -- lal ruble. >> you want to try it out. >> do not let them rush you. >> you can sleep on it. >> not literally, but you want to select your product, educate, evaluate, and you want your partner there.
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>> and not buy it right then, think about it. >> exactly. >> know what you are buying. >> look at the mattress. make sure it is in new as opposed to used. if they are selling you a used mattress, the need to tell you is used or refurbished. i saw that in complaints. people say that it is refurbished. people thought they were buying new mattresses. you want to inspect it immediately while the delivery folks are there. if you have evidence of stains, dirt, anything that makes it look like it is used and you did not buy a used mattress, stop right there. >> talk to me about warranties. >> talk to the company, the actual manufacturer. the warranty is not against it
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wearing. it is against the manufacturer's defect. when you get a warranty, the prepared to ship it back. >> and g. barnett, thank you. >> we have answers to your pet questions when we come back, but first the defense going on around town. -- the events going on around town.
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rex welcome back. joining us now is dr. michael herko. you have a bunny rabbit in with you. who is this? >> this is duncan, a last- minute replacement who decided to hop in. >> high above it. let's get to the questions -- i love it. let's stick to questions. when a dog eats grass, is it allergies, or is it something else? >> many animals will do that and the vomit, but it helps to stimulate and called it down in
8:29 am
the end. >> if they have a lot of vomiting, indeed to find out why it is there, and it is not usually the grass. >> our four-year-old siberian husky has very hard cough pads, and he tries to gnaw at them. any ideas? >> get some blood work. they share everything is ok. evaluate the diet. there are defiance -- diets that might have deficiencies in the zinc, switching to a better diet might be a good choice. there also dermatologists that could help you figure out what is going on. >> it could be something other than just the zinc deficiency. >> a absolutely. >> thank you for being here. >> stay with us.
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more news coming up . >> no problem.
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>> you are watching wbal t b 11. live, local, late breaking, this is 11 news saturday morning. >> thank you for joining us. another look outside.
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soupy. >> we have some good adjectives. it is heated. it will feel worse in the afternoon. already, the city warm. 83 of the inner harbor. -- pretty warm. 83 at the inner harbor. 79 at the airport. 79 in manchester. cooler as we head for the pennsylvania state line. baltimore, highest from 90-to-94 degrees. partially cloudy skies. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. we will have details coming up. >> special olympics athletes got to meet their favorite baltimore ravens players yesterday. they spent about one hour watching practice. the team took pictures, signed autographs and handed out some
8:33 am
tips. >> just seen them practice -- i am also into football. seen them practice and watching them compete has been a good experience. >> she says her favorite player is quarterback joe flacco. >> the baltimore ravens are practicing at their usual game day stomping grounds at m &t ban statek diem and the practice is open to the public. >> -- thwartedbank -- bank stadium and is open to the public. >> we are used to staying with the guys as they get ready for the season can correct it is sad. i had a funny going to training camp every year. >> i miss -- i have fun going to
8:34 am
the training camp every year. >> i miss it. >> it is time to embrace a new tradition with a public practice saturday. gates open at 3:34 the 5:00 p.m. practice. >> it will be a date the great event. >> the event is free. you can sit in the stands, of the players, and there is plenty to do for the kids. >> we will have kids running drills. the photo booths will be open. >> the ravens cheerleaders will be their work in the stands. >> been going with our fans. >> something autographs. no doubt ms. august will be signing many. >> this is our first calendar in two years. i'm excited. >> you'll see a new plant in honor of johnny unitas, and also
8:35 am
you'll have to pay $10 for parking, but proceeds go to kids in need. get ready for the new baltimore ravens season ahead. >> it will be fun. mindy basara will be working the stands. if you see her, say hi. >> 8 ed clark 35. 8 -- 8:35. still ahead, how to look and feel better. >> the writer creates the girl of his dreams in a novel, but does not know what to do when she comes to life before his eyes. >> the radar looks clear, but that could cha
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist the maryland lottery, let yourself play. . >> good morning. people are -- ava marie. >> good morning. people are out on the boardwalk. the two point is running high today. it is sticky. it is feeling tropical, and that makes sense. the tropical are active as well. the latest storm is traveling north of venezuela. it will continue throughout the caribbean sea, a be facing the yucatan peninsula. that is a concern for cancun. it will keep an eye on that. fortunately, we do not expect an impact to the united states. it does feel tropical in baltimore. 83 downtown.
8:39 am
77 in randallstown. the dew point is already in the mid-70's. that is as a southerly wind flow brings in the warm air from the tropics. we have a cold front from upstate new york into maine, followed by a stationary boundary. all of this year will come down south, and that means -- all of this air will come down south. the front will pass through. of breaking humidity behind it. the waves are around two-to-3 feet. -- out on the bay, there could be stronger wind for the evening, and a small craft advisory might be put into effect. 90-to-94 degrees in baltimore. feels hotter when you add in the humidity. there might be an isolated thunderstorm.
8:40 am
if there is no trader, but the atmosphere is not stable. ocean city, thunderstorm chance of 20%. tomorrow, 50%. behind that, a drop in the humidity. we start to feel that tuesday, with mostly clear skies, 87. before that, it is hot and sticky. a better chance for storms sunday night into monday. >> as we get older it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. in this morning's woman's doctor, mindy basara tells us why this happens and what you can do about it. >> i will have to step up on the scale. >> she does not look forward to step in the and the scale. while she looks great for 70, she says as the years go by it is getting harder to lose weight. >> absolutely. it is very hard because of my
8:41 am
lifestyle, which i should improve. i need to do more walking in the exercise. you just put those different plateaus on. >> dr. megan lynch says she is right, exercise is the key to losing weight. starting at age 30, you lose muscle mass. your metabolism is set by your muscle mass. if you increase muscle, you increase your metabolism, which means you have to do more weight-bearing exercise, especially after 40. >> i hear from my patients what they expect, and they tell me they are doing the same things they used to do, eating right, exercising, and i used to be able to drop a few pounds, and now i'm doing the same thing in gaining weight. >> what you do not want to do is start your self.
8:42 am
>> a starvation diets sends your body into a mode where you retain pounds and it slows down your metabolism text swimming is a good exercise, -- metabolism. >> sony is a good exercise, as his weight lifting. >> you have a lot to look forward to, don't you? >> dr. mcgill lynch joins us now with more information. -- night in lynch joins us with more information. >> i hear to the tool years before and after turning 40 are the peak two years before and after turning 40 are the most difficult for women. >> i see that all the time. >> weightlifting seems to be a huge thing that we need to do. >> yes. i do not think walking is
8:43 am
enough. you have to do weight-bearing exercise to increase your muscle mass and your metabolism. >> so, contrary to what some people believe, you can increase muscle matter what age. >> absolutely. >> it will also support your bones as well. >> yes. that is why i like talking about swimming. you have a resistance against the water and that is really good for your bones. >> does your body into a certain point where it says this is where i want to be? are we preset in that way? >> everybody has a comfortable weight. not everybody will be a size 8, but you can get down to your body mass index of 25, which is great. that is what we want to shoot for. >> good tips. >> anything else? >> it close to the ground.
8:44 am
-- eat close to the ground. before -- compared to taking your food and eating it. >> thank you. >> the need to spend some time in the air conditioning this weekend? you can head to the movies. up next, reviews, but first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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rex lauck come back. summer vacation offers -- >>
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welcome back. summer vacation offers no rest for the weary in "diary of a wimpy kid -- dog days. he tries to sit in at his best friend's country club. that is one of the new movies in theaters this weekend. max weiss is here with 3d is. >> he is going through his own awkward phrase. it is following the adolescents. >> i was surprised to see "total recall" remade. >> i really liked this, and i was looking forward to this only because the character is supposed to be in every-man, and arnold schwarzenegger does not really do every-man. i want to see this with an actual human, not to mention the advances in special effects. i was very disappointed, not necessarily in collin farrell. i love the promise.
8:48 am
there are two continents, one that is the ruling class and in the working class, you can have these memory parlors where you can have a memory implanted in you. he was the memory of being a secret agent, and he wakes up and he is a secret agent. is he awake? is he having the memory? >> it is like "in section" -- inception." >> it is not clearly -- nearly as mind bending or clever. it is more of an action film. there is more action than science fiction. i wanted it to be the other way around. the action is not great. the story is pretty good. it does not improve on the original version.
8:49 am
it is ok. it is just an average action film. i wanted so much more. two stars. >> how about "yuby sparks." it is a quirky film i have not wrapped my mind around. the star wrote it, and her real- life boyfriend plays the lead. he had a success writing, and since then he has not been able to write anything. then he writes the perfect female character that he falls in love with, and one day he wakes up and she is real, not a figment of his imagination. other people can see her.
8:50 am
it is an intriguing premise that could have been quirky or it could have gone almost horror film because no matter what he writes it comes true. he has this frankenstein-like control over her. i like the film when it went there. it took it to a dark place, but then it pulled back. >> you wanted to go all the way? >> when it became really weird, that is what i like it. >> what does that say about you? >> something. it is totally worth seeing. i would not say that i recommended, but you will be intrigued and engaged. i saw it yesterday. i'm still sorting out a five like it. good -- if i like it. good film critic. i have no idea. >> you rated it.
8:51 am
>> 3 stars. it is engaging, but it is weird. >> you are still thinking about it. >> these are talents to watch on the rise. if you are looking for an alternate to the summer blockbusters and you want to use your brain, this is the one. 3 stars. >> thank you. you can read all of her reviews at baltimore magazine. coming up, eat like your favorite of linkedin, and then another look at your forecast
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>> welcome back. with the olympics center stage this week, i'm sure you have noticed that the sentence could separate a gold medal from last place that seconds could separate a gold medal -- that seconds could separate a gold medal from last place. how to read like an olympian -- eat like an olympian. >> first, consume a mix of protein after resistance trading. anything where you are building muscle, we used to tibet whey is the best -- we used to think that whey the best. we have learned that releasing into your muscle tissue means you are building muscle for a longer time, whether you are 28
8:55 am
or 88. you can buy the combination or mix your own. and some soy milk, some way protein. >> that is too much work. you can buy under its own? >> yes. >> next, carbohydrates after you work out. we also hear make sure you continue to get the carbohydrates. it is important because we want to replace what we lose during exercise, but if you do not exercise every day and you are trying to lose a little weight, it is not necessary. just hydrate afterwards. you can use something like cocoanut walked -- coconut water. it is natural. it contains 45-to-60 calories per serving.
8:56 am
next, i love recovering nutrients. my favorites are pineapple, ginger, and cherry. these are fantastic. they are nutrient-rich and they contain different compounds. this is an enzyme that helps to fight inflammation. ginger is excellent. if you consume two grams a day, you can decrease the exercise- induced muscle pain, but you have to be careful, because it can interfere with navigation. >> sliced it came eat it? >> put it in a shake. >> or ginger candy? >> cherries. they are great as well. tart cherry juice decreases
8:57 am
inflammation, soreness and it might help with sleep, but you have to consume quite a few. they are in season. >> they are expensive, too. what do we have here? >> that-burners. i call them promises in a pail. i tell most people to stay away from them. they will not do a lot. in worst-case scenarios, some can be dangerous, depending on health conditions or medications. >> there are a lot of different supplements. a lot of good ideas. when you are done weight lifting, same thing with the protein? >> protein. you have to have protein. right after you left waits,
8:58 am
your muscles is most susceptible to the building -- lift weights, your muscles are most susceptible to the building block. >> [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals.
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you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week get whole seedless watermelons fresh off the farm for only $2.98 each. skip the warehouse. 24 rolls of charmin are just $11.99. and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.


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