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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i'm going to steal from our partner doug collins, ann, where players come to these gyms and always have headphones on, always listening to music in the pregame, always listening to the songs and arrestists that get them going to play their sport. doug collins says, don't tell me about the song you heard before. tell me about the last song you're going to hear at the olympics, what you want it to be is your national anthem. >> absolutely. and the emotions going through for the players, you know, there's happiness. there's crying. there's laughter. i mean, every one of them is experiencing something different, because they've all come through a different journey in a different way. and to hear the national anthem and see your flag raised above everybody else, there's such pride that you can't, again, i continue to say you can't explain to people, you'll hear
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every olympian say, you can't explain what i was fortunate enough to go through. >> tamika catchings, her third gold medal, absolute star at tennessee. swin cash, part of the connecticut six of the 12 women of the united states. and diana taurasi, the heartbeat, emotional leader of this team. >> she really has been. i thought tamika catchings made a great statement. we all grow up. even from college, they're all proud of the colleges they went to and the coaches that they played for but now they're professionals and these are young women that respect each other, not only in their game but their friendship. >> tina charles, her first gold medal and candace parker had the double-double. she led the way in the gold medal game in the 86-50 win over france. and now the moment that every olympian dreams of when they're
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just a little kid, standing on the gold medal stand. and to do it representing the united states. the rest of the world making inroads on the men's basketball side but not on the women. five consecutive gold medals, a 41-game winning streak, a margin of victory of 34 per game and a gold medal game win of 86-50. the depth and the defense and the versatility, the energy and the effort that this team played with, geno auriemma called a time-out against china and he said "it's fun just to watch you guys play basketball." when's the last time a coach ever said that in a huddle. >> sue bird kind of rolled her eyes when he said that. certainly, he said i was a fan, just watching the way you guys executed. certainly every game was not as cleanly played as they would
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have liked it but there were so many times on the court that they showed such brillian and you wonder what this team would be like if they could have two months together. the players have said, we'd be pretty scary. >> daal ackerman handing out the flowers. they play the national anthem once at the end of the gold medal game. >> please stand for the playing of the national anthem of the united states of america.
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the u.s. women's basketball team claiming its fifth consecutive gold medal. that completes our daytime coverage here on day 15. a reminder, olympic primetime with bob costas. for al michaels, i'm dan patrick. talk to you tomorrow. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] good evening. the big story at 6:00, mitt romney has selected paul ryan of
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wisconsin as his running mate. they appeared together in norfolk, va., to kick off their four-day bus tour. brian moore has the story. >> mitt romney introduced powerful wisconsin republican paul ryan as his new running mate and together they hit the campaign trail on a four-day battle ground bus tour. >> it feels good to be here in the center of the universe. >> he is the house budget committee chairman, a rock star for the republican right and fiscal conservatives. >> he has done something very few people have learned how to do, made friends on both sides of the aisle. and he brings new energy and focus on key issues, jobs and the economy. >> i hope you are happy.
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i'm happy today. >> he is a good conservative, good family man. >> i think we need more fiscal responsibility, and i think he brings that to the table. >> republicans are happy, and so are some democrats. >> am i excited? yes, i think we can crush them now, thanks. >> the president's campaign called him the architect of erratic te -- a radical budget plan that favors the rich. off and running, romney-ryan in the fight for the white house. the all-star budget plan and his years in congress and is his greatest rates but also is potential biggest weaknesses. the united nations is celebrating a successful olympics in london. about a half-hour ago, the u.s. won their fifth straight gold
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medal in women's basketball. american athletes lead at the gold tally in the overall medal count. >> the u.s. olympic committee had high expectations going into london and exceeded them. more 200 team usa athletes have stood on the podiums in london. the west leads and gold medals and total medals count with impressive performances in track and field and swimming. >> when i see my teammates on the podium, you know what that feels like. >> for me, it is not a competition in the medal count, you just cheering your country on and trying to be whoever is in front of you in the competition. >> we have had so much fun. this entire journey has been something i will never forget,
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and london will always hold a special place in my heart. >> the u.s. admits that it is disappointed by men's boxing results. it is the first time that no men's boxer has medaled. an american woman to a cold and a bronze in the women's boxing. they're looking at bids for 2024 and 2026 in the u.s. >> many athletes who did not participate in the opening ceremonies because they had to compete the next day say they are excited and taking part in the closing festivities. join us for all of the highlights in "the olympic
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iranian state tv says more than 180 people are dead after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit the north of the country. earthquakes are somewhat common and iran because it is located on seismic fault lines, but most are so small they are not even noticed. a typhoon on china's central east coast has killed at least 17 people and forced millions from their homes. it has caused widespread flooding and some of the glitches are submerged in water. heavy rain has washed away train tracks, making travel difficult. there are some rain storms and thundershowers to the east and south. in town, it is mostly cloudy, 84 at the airport, at 88 downtown.
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by and large in the immediate metro area, looking at radar in a minute, the rain totals right now, we were without rain during the day. there was light rain at bwi- marshall, .09. the temperatures, the sun warmed up as of 288 at the airport.
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the average temperature is 87. the record for the day was 97, way below the record. the radar, shower activity this evening to the northeast, cecil county, and harford county as well. that rain shower activity will continue and move to the east. the temperature is right now, i guess we connected to the radar, 84 degrees in town, the green shades indicate cooler, less humid air coming in. all of these clouds south and east of us are producing scattered showers and thunderstorms. harford county, cecil county, getting shot or activity right now, possibly thunder. the strong storms to the south. here is the cold front coming in from the west. that will change the weather. tomorrow, a different story.
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overnight, rain chances mostly to the east, partly cloudy skies, 70 degrees below. during the day tomorrow, 85-89, scattered clouds, unseasonably warm. but a shot or activity, highest chance on the eastern shore, ocean city -- and thundershower activity, highest chance of the eastern shore, a post in citoce. highs will be in the 80's all weekend long. >> manny mania is in full swing. we will talk about him next in sports.
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one of the best switch hitters to ever play the game gets his day at the park, eddie murray enjoyed watching the unveiling of statues, and today he took center stage. the orioles unveiled his statue this afternoon. heit 5 homers in his career. he made the all-star team eight times. we will share his thoughts and show you the statue. one of the greatest honors the orios can bestow. now we wonder when manny machado will get his statue. second day in the majors, two home runs, both the left, and both caught by the same fan. he has a pair of hits in both
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days with the orioles. i cannot wait to see what that means tonight against kansas city. he will bat eighth and play third base. the orioles are tied for the lead in the wild card. the ravens preseason game showed plenty of areas to improve, including getting injured players back on the field. owings mills, several starters and the players went full speed at practice. burke had not practiced in more than a week. welcome back. doug pierce may have the best chance of winning the job if healthy. as for the shaping of the roster, the coach says he will stick to his plan where pedigree matters not. >> it is tough. it is a long can't. that is why we go through the number of reps.
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we will know by the end of the preseason who are best 53 players are. this program is built on competition, and the best guys play. you go by what you see, not what you remember or are told. >> the ravens back in action friday against detroit. coach k wins, a lot. he gets his shot tomorrow against spain. another gold this afternoon for the women's basketball team. kobe bryant, a spectator in london, taking in the championship game. the baltimore native from state francis -- from st. francis, and the and phatic reaction. third quarter, sue byrd knocks it down. the americans win big over
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france, their fifth straight gold in women's basketball.
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a couple of showers from baltimore to the north, heavier stuff moving into it anne arundel county and the south. that will continue to move to the east overnight. and the seven-day, tomorrow, lots of sunshine, 87. rain chances in ocean city. dry on monday.
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rain chances tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute in the most highly contested video process and beat a history of international olympic committee, the washington- baltimore region lost a bid for
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the 2012 olympics. however, the dream is still alive for the coalition that appears to be up for the task. the setting his sights for the 2024 games, testing the waters. with the belief that the region still has what made it attractive in the previous bid, including the largest sports infrastructure and 40 mile radius. some supporters believe the bid is possible. the mayor sees the olympic games as a phenomenal opportunity to showcase the region. the money is big on both sides. a study projected it would cost $2 billion to build and run, but would return more than $5 billion and create more than 70,000 jobs. the u.s. olympic committee has indicated they are willing to bid again despite losing to london this year. the 2016 games are set for brazil and the finalists are already decided for 2012. if they will choose the 20 to 44 games -- they will choose the
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2024 post next year. the decision to bid will be made locally er the next year. the exposure the alliance would bring to baltimore and washington would be a win-win for both cities and the entire region. region.
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