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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> dan: and what a party that is that you get to go to. that was picked off. so harnish with an interception and josh vitorian gets it out of the air. the colts drive it.
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>> dan: the first-year colts coordinator trying to implement the new defense that chuck pagano orchestrated so successfully in his years in baltimore. first and ten for the steelers. just across the 30, incomplete and what do you think of the implementation? so many new things for the indianapolis colts? a new defensive coordinator and this new defense, hines? >> hines: the ravens defense is mass confusion. overloading a bunch of guys to one side or blitzing the other or having seven interior guys standing up and walking and all they'll really want to do is create matchup problems. hopefully a lineman will miss a --
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>> cris: speaking of freeney in the pregame, they allow you to get on one-on-one matchups with you in the running back and i'll take ni money on you all day over the running back. >> dan: that's what they said. these guys are so used to rushing for and played the cover two behind it so freeney and mathis, almost every play is player is getting doubled by a chipping over the back or a tight end being over them and what they're convincing them of is, occasionally you'll drop back into coverage but occasionally they'll mess up a protection and you're going to come off the edge and it's going to be a running back there to block you. and he said, typically, whenever i see a running back blocking me this is a fist fight. this is a screen, this is something here, here. >> dan: nice graby gilreath. going way up in the air to grab the jerrod johnson pass. he has been impressive tonight. >> cris: johnson had to step up. this was his night. they were going to gill gilreath a full look and he's taking advantage of it.
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i think the steelers probably more than anything else, appreciate that second effort right there. >> hines: that's something that catches the eyes of all the coaches. trying to make a great catch. don't go out of bounds. step out. try to convert the first down. >> dan: gilreath the leading receiver for the steelers. 48 catches and 78 yards. here's jason ford in the opened field. >> dan: didn't practice until friday and got signed on tuesday and he rips off a 22-yard gain. >> cris: pulling the guard around and getting up on greg lloyd and popping it through the hole. the old pittsburgh steelers power play. we've seen it a thousand times. >> dan: and spins out of another potential stop. >> cris: he does look like the buzz, doesn't he?
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>> hines: he does. >> cris: i'm not saying he's jerome bettis but he looks like him running a little bit? >> hines: now he's down. >> cris: this has been a rough year to be a running back for the pittsburgh steelers. a beautiful little spin move. >> dan: he got hit in the back. so while they attend to ford, we'll take a short break and be right back.
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>> dan: you can sign up for the official nfl fantasy football league for free at and join mike florio for news and analysis. your old city looking pretty good tonight, hines? >> hines: pittsburgh has the greatest of sciencelines of all the places i've been to. a unique place, especially for football on sunday night. >> cris: it's been pretty good for baseball this year, too. a little scuffling a little bit here lately but pretty good. >> dan: great place to watch a ball game with the downtown skyline in the outfield. with 4:02 left, the steelers trailing by one. and johnson at the controls and kro chris rainey they fake it to him
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and johnson rolls out and takes a hit at the sideline. blocked rules under the four-minute mark. >> cris: this has turned into a pretty good ball game. jerrod johnson for the second straight week now with the chance to open up. here's johnson, he came out here on this bootleg and initially i was thinking, he's got the edge. but colts closed quickly. >> dan: right up the middle, close to a first down. he is tough. he's taken some hits tonight and gotten back up. >> cris: but the news on that one was that jerrod johnson saw a little hole in the defense, checks to and picks up nine on second down. >> dan: he wants to sneak it across for the first down, close to the 15 yard line. it appeared like he got it. >> cris: that's impressive.
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when you see a young quarterback making that happen and have that thing pop in there for nine yards. >> hines: any time you get up to the line and you have a two-way play and you check into the positive play and get yourself out of the negative play, that's always good. >> dan: they wanted a good look at jerrod johnson in the closing moments of the game. maybe johnson can get a potential game-winning drive here. still plenty of time left, if they do get it in. rainey inside the 15, down to the 14. >> cris: they're also milking the clock, too. it's nice when you go on these -- what do you call them? the four-minute offense at the end of the game? you want to kick the game-winner. but you'd also like to not leave the colts with a chance to go the other way. >> hines: that's something is coach tomlin prize himself on is having a great four-minute offense to end the game so we don't give the ball back to the opposing offense so they can go down there and protect their
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scoring. >> cris: the audible by jerrod johnn. >> what, what? what? push it, push it, push it. hard, hard. >> cris: late in the game, a lot of young players in there and you heard a couple of "whats?" >> hines: it's good when your quarterback knows what to do but everyone else has to know what to do too. typical tramining camp. a great job of going foyer a positive game. >> dan: 2:29 left. and doing some more calling at the scrimmage.
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freeney do you have dives insi >> danhines, did you ever think you seed guys the side of rainey like in the pittsburgh offense? >> hines: the last one we had was willie parks. he was all speed. raineya tough guy. he's a little guy but he sticks his nose in there and comes us somehow, someway, with positive yards. he'll definitely make an impact on the steelers offense. >> cris: when we talked to roethlisberger about him he said when they were talking about -- and i knew they drafted him, my first concern was, can he block anybody? this guy doesn't even weigh 200 pounds and now he has to go out there against these huge 260 pound outside linebackers? we were just talking about? and try to make a block. roethlisberger said other than isaac redman he's probably the best. and he said, they give you a headache. 190 pounds, they're not fun. >> dan: so rainey takes a
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breather and jason ford is in the back field. >> cris: they fake it. >> dan: johnson comes rolling around again looking for a first down yardage and he's down to the 1 yard line. eelers -- goal. >> cris: not only that, he got the first down but he didn't go out of bounds. he specifically saw out there, that he could have had to fight to get the first down marker and then tucks it up and keeps that clock going to the two-minute warning. >> dan: the steelers poised to push it across.
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♪ sunday night football on c ♪ the nfl rocks, yes, it does right here ♪ ♪ on nbc >> cris: wow! >> dan: what can you follow-up with that other than to say that the wednesday nfl opener we've got on nbc, followed by the sunday night opener on the 9th, peyton manning's debut in denver with this pittsburgh steelers' team in the mile-high city. two-minute warning here in the steelers preseason opener, trailing by one. they have a first and goal. jerrod johnson has jason ford,
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who has already been dubbed the "mini bus" by hines ward in the back field. he gives it to ford and he gets maybe a loss of one. >> cris: like we saw in the super bowl, there's a strategy here that says, let them score. leave yourself a time-out and two minutes to work with and try to get them to match it the other way. >> referee: time out, indianapolis -- >> cris: they just milk this clock down. >> dan: the colts have their last time-out. >> hines: they probably should have just let them score, probably. >> dan: that's a tough one, too. jerry brown comes off. he's had a pretty nice game. we called his number a few times. he comes down tight off the down block and makes the play. >> dan: 13th play that was of the -- it started from pittsburgh's own 31. and at about 6:00 chewed up on
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the clock. >> cris: pittsburgh, they never mind taking the lead and let their defense play, do they? >> hines: no. >> dan: and, again, ford goes nowhere. backed up by jerry brown. >> cris: at least on the goal line we know that jerry brown is going to be a factor. again it's just the down block. he just going to hug it tight right off of there and make the play in the back field. >> dan: a couple of teammates going there. former teammates, i should say, going head-to-head in illinois. both undrafted rookies. jerry brown and jason ford. >> cris: how much do you trust jerrod johnson? you going to let him throw the ball here, an incompletion? and stop the clock? >> dan: you got chris freeney to his right out of the shotgun and
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third and goal and gives it to rainey and looking for a block and looking for some daylight but can't find much and gets it back inside the 5. that will bring up fourth and goal under a minute left and running -- >> cris: now you go knock in, basically, an extra point here and you'll leave the colts who will have what, maybe 25 seconds, something like that, to work with, going the other way? and no time-outs. in a weird way, that defensive stand by the colts, it may have worked against them. what are you going to tell a bunch of kids trying to make the team? jerry brown is going to come play, they'd probably rather see him play defense than worry about who wins the game. >> dan: and the clock is stopped with 23 seconds left. the steelers take their first time-out. we mentioned jerry brown, free
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agent undrafted rookie out of illinois. check out this career path. this is what this time of year, going through camp, fighting, persevering, this is what it's all about. signed by the colts after the sharks, tiger cats of the cfl. and the always-dangerous tal ta talons of the afl, signed by the colts and trying to make his way on a roster. somehow, someway. this is daniel radcliffe, he's -- here's a 22-yarder! just gets over the upright. >> cris: chuck pagano is saying, did that get over? barely. >> dan: brown and josh chapman
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jumped over the top of the steelers' offensive line and got the block and they didn't block it enough. >> cris: a little leap frog over the top. >> dan: just a piece, 65 is what's coming in. actually, no, not there. part of a trio of colts. jason shirley. >> cris: you know, that's what you get the flip side of that. when you say, oh, this field goal is automatic. and there's no such thing. >> hines: but you like to see the effort out of those guys to try to go up and it's the fourth quarter. want to go up and make a play and they almost did it. >> cris: i've got to think that chuck pagano, regardless of how this comes out, will be pretty happy. his quarterback came in here, which little shaky early on. hey, all of us that came to pittsburgh the first time to play, a little shaky but he
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settled down and he was strong-minded. and he came back and made some nice plays. >> hines: that's something you can build on. in the preseasonyou take all the positives through the game and look at all the negaves you want to work on the negatives. but to walaway and what they did tonight, you can can grow from that. >> dan: wruonce again, a look h. >> cris: he started coming back and making some nice throws and tight windows and got the blitz read off of there with his matte, coby fleener and dropped one into reggie wayne and had a secret for somebody. >> dan: a little hail mary time, maybe, here. 20 seconds left. steelers up by two. harnish incomplete and the clock is stopped with 15 seconds left. >> cris: everybody always tries to do this. get in the lineup and the hail
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mary formation and then they want to run the comeback off of it and the defense says, oh, boy, i've never seen that before! >> dan: here's a look at the numbers for luck. so smooth-sailing last week. the win over the rams. he stepped up tonight with the steelers defense and came back after the pick. and his second preseason game of his career. you see him jumping each week. >> cris: you see some development each week. >> dan: harnish, mr. irrelevant going downfield. and sambrano is down, number 85. 10 seconds. so hines, we'll see you down the road? the next couple of games. football here at nbc. thanks for stopping by and great to see you. >> hines: man, this is fun. definitely a big honor to be part of the new nbc team.
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>> dan: i hope cris didn't scare you away? >> hines: no, i look up to cris. >> cris: i've seen what you've done to ed reed and ray lewis over the years. i didn't want to sfend you too much. >> hines: well, have fun. >> dan: almost picked off. clock stopped at five seconds. there's going to be one more. >> cris: now you get the circus play. the handoff and the lateral and -- even if you catch a hail mary, the clock runs out anyway, so now you got to go the distance. so if you -- don't know if they've got it in yet or not but this is where -- >> hines: i'm sure they haven't worked on the circus play where you keep pitches ing it back to
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everybody. >> dan: he gets it done once. and that's whalen with it and he gets rid of it and jeremy ross has it and -- back to harnish. mr. irrelevant! sambrano has got it and that will finally do it. so a pretty good play by the colts tonds it. but it's pittsburgh, 26. indianapolis, 24. andrew luck and ben roethlisberger started it. and mike tomlin of the steelers win for the first time this preseason. next sunday night again, the jets host the panthers at 8:00 eastern time and wednesday, september 5th, regular season kicks off in new york. super bowl champion jooirnt giant, the cowboys. from our entire crew, cris collinsworth, dan hicks saying good night from pittsburgh. you've been watching nbc "sunday
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night football." -- captions by vitac -- we gotta sell the car.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news tonight. >> a scam targeting the elderly hits two more people this weekend. we have the latest. >> those elderly victims get a call saying their property taxes are due. a guy takes the money and runs. the search continues for that suspect and police are calling this case very concerning. >> i go to work every day and i do not expect to get robbed. >> they live in south baltimore and are disgusted by inapparent scam.
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-- by an appearance scam. >> you have to be pretty creepy and pretty nasty. >> police are investigating several home invasion robberies schemes where senr citizens have been victimized. police have not released an exact number of cases, but to more were reported this weekend alone. police said a woman calls the elderly victim claiming to be a baltimore city tax collector and tells them their property taxes are overdue. she goes on to say if they do not pay, they will be evicted. in some cases, the man shows up at the front door to collect the money. >> sometimes, it turns more violent. >> i do not like it at all. a lot of the elderly people cannot take care of themselves.
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>> i think it is horrible. taking advantage of folks who do not have the resources to protect themselves. >> police are urging everyone to be mindful of who is stopping or calling their home. police have described the suspect as a white male, about 25 or 35 years old. short hair. on at the downtown baltimore city police department. >> baltimore city police are searching for a missing 12-year- old boy. police say he was last seen around 1:00 this afternoon. he is autistic. he is 120 pounds. he was wearing green shorts and
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a white shirt and black sneakers. then's body is found in inner harbor. an anonymous caller reported the body at around 3:00 a.m. bill looks like the young man was between 15 and 20 years old. -- it looks like the young man was between 15 and 20 years old. it was a cloudy day around town. here is a live look from tv hill. >> the rain was minimal in the morning and afternoon hours. this is what the rain look like around noontime today. around 2:00, the more significant rains came to the area. the rainfall totals did not amount to very much. by 6:00 or 6:30, most of the


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