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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the system has already caused major problems in the bahamas and caribbean where at least 40 people were killed. >> residents from florida to north carolina already feeling some of the impact. what is in store for this region? we have team coverage tonight. georges live at cells. -- live at fells point/. tony, are the latest models showing? >> we have been tracking the latest computer models. this is a month in night, tuesday thing. this will not be over the weekend. as 11:00, we have 4 computer models that bring it on shore monday night or tuesday morning around new york city. 2 bring it down around atlantic city. my guess is it will come in somewhere in between. if any comes to their vacation, we will miss the worst part of the storm which means we will not a big storm surge at the
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chesapeake bay. we will still be in the storm, though. that means flooding is possible on monday. five or 6 inches. heavy rain continued into tuesday but it will continue to be much colder. in the 40's. even some snow in western maryland. i will talk more about in a few minutes. >> right now is the time to prepare for a storm like hurricane sandy, a residence in maryland are gathering everything they need. >> door is live in cells -- fells point. >> we are one of three locations in flooding area. another big threat with storms like these are power outages. for many people, the question tonight is where can i find a generator? >> wow. >> susan is like millions of us
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on the east coast this weekend. stocking up for sandy. >> plenty of canned food. tour licht paper. t paper. i did want to be prepared. there are a lot of unknowns. >> we are sold out of those right now. like this home depot in townsend -- towson about this its almostut of thought of generators. storm depot has activated its emergency shipment procedures and baltimore area stores should have more than the stock by early saturday morning. >> by 6:00 a.m., all the stores in our district to have the generators. the emergency shipments will keep flowing from around. >> flashlights, batteries, extension cords are not staying at the the stock long either. people seem to be taking standee
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very seriously. >> hopefully it will go around us, i hope it does not, but if it does, try to be prepared the best way you can. >> baltimore city they stand and sandbags available to residents to combat a flood. the potential for rising waters was not the reason she and her nephew still but several back. they are worried about the wind. >> we did not want things to fly away. last year, the trash can ended up and down my back window of my car. so i will try to prevent that. >> if he still needs and can i get them right now -- if tyou still need sand, he can i get them right now but you can tomorrow. call ahead to stores to make sure they have generators in stock. >> don martin o'malley is already declaring a state of emergency.
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local jurisdictions have been in planning meetings all day. >> we have to be prepared for flooding in the tidal areas. we make sure our communications equipment is ready in case there is down communications. we are the utility hitter for maryland and the citizens. bge has nearly two dozen local and out of state workers on stand by until the system has passed. tonight, they had another message. >> we cannot effectively and safely operate in wind above 25 or 30 mile an hour sustained. and dust that are higher than that. bucket trucks cannot operate in that. we look to get the most customers back as quickly as we can. >> that was the bge spokesperson telling the public to stay
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patient if there outages. they are planning several hundrehundred thousand as early as sunday evening. if you are experiencing an outage, call 877-778-2222. movements ony's our interactive radar is possible. you can see satellite images on live wire. i did on our web site,, and on our mobile app. a two-story row home caught fire in harford county tonight, killing a 5-year-old boy. it started around 6:30 in the 1400 block of charlestown drive in ed wood. authorities say it is not clear if the boy died from smoke inhalation or burns or a combination. two other family members for home but they managed to escape with no injuries. no word tonight on a possible cause. >> a story we first brought you
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last night. police and the baltimore city continued to piece together the reason behind an attempted robbery and shooting that happened around 8:40 p.m. on thursday near north central avenue and east preston street. taxi driver suffered from a gunshot wound. an attempted robbery that -- occurred in the driver was making a pickup. the victim is listed in critical condition. police have issued an arrest warrant for the mother of one of the two boys to a committed responsibility in the shooting death of monae turnage. veronica alford faces several charges including obstructing a police investigation. police say monae turnage was shot in a home in march. her body was found the next day in an alley under trash bags. dna evidence in the chance -- indicates veronica alford help move the body to cover up the shooting. >> a woman says she was sexually
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assault on the campus of notre dame. earlier this week, she told police she was leaving the library budget was approached by a stranger. school officials were in patrols all week as a precaution but detectives what residents to know there is no threat to campus for neighboring communities. the investigation is ongoing. >> poll after poll tonight shows the presidential contest is neck in neck. >> some political pundits say we might see a replay of the 20 -- 2000 election. >> remember this? the protest. a recount that lasted for weeks. a divisive bush v gore prim court decision and who could forget those hanging chads? >> election experts say what is not gone as the possibility of another contested election. just like the floor of fallout. >> we're talking about an
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election that comes to a state or to. we are likely to see every aspect of the voting in registration system taken on by the parties and put to the end as it was in 2000. >> it is one of several some areas facing president obama and governor mitt romney. >> you could have mitt romney winning the popular vote but losing the electoral votes. >> 270 electoral votes are needed for the presidency. both candidates could fall short. >> if you have the right combination of states brea king, you could have an electoral vote tied. which would be a real mess. >> double the the decision up to congress. >> be pushing to relatively unknown territory -- we would be pushing into relatively unknown territory.
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>> mitt romney would be favored to win if the house keep the republican majority in the senate and let the vice president and that stays in the hands of democrats, joe biden will probably be their pick. most presidential prognosticators say it is not likely at this point but not totally out of the realm of possibility. >> new york city mayor and john hopkins university graduate michael blumberg was in baltimore tonight to rally for the civil marriage protection act. the mayor said that for him, there are many reasons to support same-sex marriage. >> we are just a few days away from making history in maryland. until every vote is cast, we have to do everything we can to make sure we are successful. >> that includes the maryland mayor it called the endorsement from the york city mayor michael bloomberg who made the trip to baltimore to stand along with mayor stephanie rawlings like in
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the honor martin o'malley in support of question 6 on the november ballot. >> all of us believe along with the glory -- growing majority of americans that welcoming a couples to the rights and responsibilities of marriage is the right thing to do. >> with great gratitude, we thank you for everything you've done for our city and for our state. thank you for your generosity in stepping up and being such a great supporter and leader on this issue here. >> he called a marriage is civil-rights issue and talk about the economic impact of the marriage equality law in new york. with the 8000 gay and lesbian couples have been married in near cities and the law passed last year. but every riding is this television -- every wedding is a celebration that generates revenues for our businesses. six marriages generated more than two and $59 million -- gay marriage generate more than $259 and last month.
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>> it passed, maryland would be the first day to pass marriage quality. >> the question may face is not if marriage equality will come to all 50 states but when. marylanders have a chance to lead the way on election day. >> you can take a closer look at question 6 and all the other statewide ballot questions. there are a few of them this year on our commitment 2012 mobile app and wbal >> would you would call a dinar -- what you would call a bizarre situation. >> a mother comes home to find her two that children murdered. the person report of the response of feet irresponsible, their nanny. -- reportedly responsible, and their nanny.
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>> the weather is quiet now that it will change next week. here is a look outside. mostly cloudy. mile for this time of year. 62 at the airport.
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>> in your city police officer accused of plotting to kidnap, cook and eat it least 100 women is a graduate of the university of maryland. he is a graduate from maryland's college in criminal justice program. authorities were tipped off to his plan by his ex-wife/ the on line activity included a trail of e-mails, computer files and instant messages that show he was taking steps to about the victims with detailed descriptions of how to get them into an oven. he's being held in the police custody. his lawyer said his client was merely engaging in harmless internet fantasy. the investigation continues
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tonight into the murder of two than children in new york allegedly at the hands of their nanny. the mother discovered the children stabbed to death in the bathtub of the family's central park apartment last thursday afternoon. she then saw the nanny, yoselyn ortega, stabbed herself with the same kitchen knife used to kill the children. her husband, a vice president at cnbc, was away on business but has reunited with his wife and surviving daughter. yoselyn ortega is and the critical but stable condition and is under police what. >> the eastern seaboard is bracing itself for a rare hybrid storm that could bring nearly a foot of rain, high winds. as a possibility of a foot of snow in western maryland. hurricane sandy is moving north from the caribbean and to make love -- landfall monday. this form fall has been violence down in the bahamas and so far
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killed at least 40 in the caribbean. ocean city could be in the eye of that storm monday and tuesday depending on the track hurricane takes. they are getting ready for the worst there. sarah simpson is live in ocean city tonight with the latest. i would guess people are taking a storm seriously tonight. >> officials and residents here are preparing for the storm. we mall, there are visitors in town or enjoy the nice weather while the last -- meanwhile, there are visitors in town enjoying the nice weather while it lasts. >> a closer look shows the resort town is already preparing for the storm. the department of public works has been busy. >> are in the beginning stages of making sure we have these items put away. we will start collecting lose trash cans. >> the mayor is meeting with police and fire officials regularly to track the storm. the town is already putting out some sandbags in getting high
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water sides ready for potential flooding. >> we have concerns about beach erosion. that depends on the intensity of the storm. >> home depot is buzzing for a friday night. >> plywood and screws for the plywood. plywood and stand have been flying off the shelves but there's one thing he will not see here because they are out of them to request the big thing right now is generators. we had maybe 300 requests in two hours. have trucks on the way and expect to my early morning. >> the mayor does not expect people will have to evacuate. jim says he will leave it gets bad but he hopes it does not. they are other house and the connecticut is also in the storms pass. >> be are hanging out, hoping that one of the two places has power. >> we have a planet and the
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place and will fall that closely. -- a plan in place and will follow that closely. >> looks pretty nice out there tonight. >> we are a couple of days away from this. we talk about computer models and all that kind of stuff. there has been a trend. the man i get the worst case scenario here in maryland -- we won't get the worst-case scenario here in maryland but that does not mean we will not see the meat of the storm. if it comes up the bay like we thought yesterday, then you're talking about a 10 foot storm surge. that does not look likely now. let's talk about the short-term. right now, nothing going on. a really nice evening for this time of year. temperatures in the low 60's. in thethe airport50's
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northern part of the state. this is a gigantic storm. as far as geography goes. these are just high, thin clouds. no precipitation around us. clouds will stay with us through the day tomorrow. the earliest i think it will start writing a saturday night. and off and on on sunday. the meat of the storm will come through monday and tuesday for us. here's the latest settle -- satellite imagery of sandy. it is still a hurricane. sustained winds are 75 miles an hour but it does not look like it on the satellite imagery. you cannot see the typical features. it is coming out of the bahamas right now. it is starting its transition into a noreaster.' this is a very unusual situation. you take a tropical situation and changing into it wintertide storm. sunday into monday, the jet stream will big way down the east coast.
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instead becomes a dead offshore, some of the cold air or bop -- will wrap on the side of the storm make a noreaster. colder on the west side and warm air on the east side. this will turn into a norewater. where will it go? this is the european model. here is the storm coming up the coast. you can watch the time from there. this is monday at noon. still at the center of the storm way offshore. there will be a tropical storm ferocious -- force winds in ocean city. it will be rainy year in the baltimore on monday. what happens at the cold air wraps around the backside. bugs it back to the west. they comes onshore probably in south-central new jersey. it will carry a big storm surge. it will still have the dome of water underneath. the storm surge will be 10, maybe 12 feet on the jersey shore. but it is not coming up the
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chesapeake bay. this will be close enough because we have to continue to track was founded in pennsylvania. we will be in for heavy rains. perhaps even a bit of snow in western maryland. very cold air wraps around the backside of the storm. we will not miss the storm but the worst of it will be along the jersey coast. tonight, mostly cloudy skies here at home. quiet. temperatures back into the thick deposit. during the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy. just fine. could be rain tomorrow night. high temperatures in the upper 60's. the worst of the storm for us will be on monday and tuesday. very heavy rain is possible both days. wind gusts between 30 and 50 m.p.h.. it will turn much colder. high temperature on tuesday only 40 degrees. that is not something you see with a tropical system. that is a noreaster. >> thank you. stick around.
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for the tonight show with jay leno. after that, you do not want to miss late night with jimmy fallon. >> fudge of tonight. sarah silverman on the program. -- lovely show tonight. searle's jarmon on the program. >> hey, everyone. james van der beek tonight. >> next in sports, is celebratory occasion for dunbar. >> good evening. tonight's make a million jackpot is $21 million. all you have to do is get the gold but the ball and all about. our first number is --
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36, 4, 24, 40, 15. the gold mega ball is 44. if no one matches all six member,
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>> 11 sports. >> the bye week for the reagan's but that -- but not the nfl. pollard has a face mask penalty. a small fine of the day for baltimore. the organization find for not including him on injury reports. he did not believe his inclusion was necessary. there are about 25 guys like him with issues that did not go on the injury report. from this 0.4, anyone with a scratch or leased -- this point
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on, anyone with a scratch. gerry sandusy sits down with ray vice -- sandusky sits down with ray rice. it 7:00. the ravens have been great community partners. today under armor jobs in. case in the first of many products at dunbar. -- showcasing the first of many projects at dunbar. and other schools according to the ceo. hosting carver. 2nd play of the game./ 27 yaerds. dunbar with a 6-0 lead. lassiter taking off fitzgerald. two point conversion.
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goodness gracious. off and running. 20 yards this time. 22-0, dunbar. one more for year. 11 yards. there you go. a blow out win. the tigers hope a change of scenery will help their change of fortune against the separatist and giants. plane nearly perfect baseball as the tigers watched and mystified. history was not on their side. how he and detroit will approach the rest of the series. >> i like to simplify things. i think i can simplify this one pretty easy. we are two games back. 5 to play. but we're playing the team we
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need to catch. and i think that is the best way to approach. >> that time of year and a call. tiger woods paid a hefty amount from plant in malaysia this week. thus far, he delivers. a little wet. semi blind pitch shot. measured beautifully. he is fifth place. stay with us. one more check of the standing forecast. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around,
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and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. and this is maryland. teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine.
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>> if it does not come up the bay, we will still be in the storm but we will miss the worst of it. >> the rain starts on sunday. the worst on monday and tuesday. still will get flooding and wind gusts between 30 of 50 miles per hour. maybe even some snow in western maryland on tuesday. but the good news is for now, it does now look like it will come up the bay. that would have been worst case scenario. >> still be some power outages. lay [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. >> anunciador: es " "the tonight show con jay leno ," con rickey minor "y "the tonight show band.


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