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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  October 29, 2012 3:30am-4:30am EDT

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and centrist movement in ohio because of the kind of governance that kasich was bragging about there. there's another side that i think is going to affect organize's organizing capacity. that's why i think ohio is leaning more blue than it otherwise might be. >> ohio is prospering in part because of what kasich did. it seems that obama has a leg up in part because of fracking. if some of the environmental groups had been able to shut down cracking, ohio, boem could win because of fracking and all the jobs that's creating. second thing, the core issue of this campaign, we've got a need for tremendous government reform. we've got governments that are helping create a sclerotic economy, and what kasich has done, what mitch daniels has done, indiana, some of those reform governors have done the sort of reforms that strip away the sclerosis. and i'm surprised that mitt romney isn't running on that sort of broad -- i'm not radical. look at what mitch daniels has done, i want to do it for the
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federal government. >> it's amazing he's not running on a change washington. he's winning the question, but not by a lot and it's always amayed me. the country is not happy with washington. i want to go back to the demographic yes. what makes ohio different from all the other battleground states and all of the other mathematics from obama campaign. it's the state that demograph demographically doesn't fit what they're trying to do everything that they're trying to do in every other swing state is about hispanics and gender. not ohio. the demographic group that mitt romney performs best with is white men. the demographic group he's performing poorly in ohio is white men. auto workers in toledo, akron, northwest part of the state. >> i think the reason for that is a, what rachel mentioned, the fight over union rights. a lot of counties that voted for kasich in the election swung overwhelmingly in favor of the unions in the referendum. secondly again the auto rescue.
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which makes a big difference in that quadrant you talked about. which is white working-class voters. and governor kasich dissed michigan, which i suppose is what you do when you're governor of ohio. michigan has had one of the biggest drops in unemployment. when obama took office, michigan was a mess because of the auto industry. they've had a huge drop of unemployment. even though they a little bit higher now than michigan. and i was struck that governor kasich suggested that everybody was for the auto rescue. no, they weren't. most republicans, with the exception by the way of president george w. bush who let it happen with actions he took, were against the auto rescue. so i don't understand, well i do understand, but people just don't want to take responsibility for where they stood on that issue. >> this was a question, carly about the auto bailout b. what role government direct government money would play in restructuring these companies. >> that's right. and who stands first in line to be repaid? is it the unions?
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or is it debtors and creditors? that was the fundamental question. and the truth is, it is disingenuous and factually inaccurate to say that republicans weren't for the rescue of the auto industry. the question was how. and what. and who would be repaid. but let me go back to your original question. of course it's about the economy. and in ohio, both governor kasich and mitt romney are right. governor kasich is right that his policies fundamentally different than obama's, lower taxes, close the budget deficit. make, create a regulatory environment that encourages investment and certainty. that those are improving the situation. governor romney is also, however, correct that there's a long way to go. and that there are lots of people in ohio and elsewhere around this country who are unemployed or underemployed and we have huge progress. and 2% gdp growth is nothing to crow about. in fact it's less growth than in 2011 and less than 2010. >> all the economic news is about republican policies and all the bad economic news is
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because of democratic policies? it's funny, it's just disingenuous. >> how much of this is a problem in terms of how people feel, rachel. we see more economic optimism in the country and yet people are still feeling like the obama record is lackluster and you look at the recovery still not feeling like it's robust enough. >> and you see it just in the raw consumer confidence numbers. you see consumer confidence trending up and the unemployment rate trending down and you see the deficit dropping year to year. you see things going in the right direction. people have to decide if they want to switch horses and go with a guy who is promising a fundamentally different way to go. if he's sort of an economic austerity, more european style of going or whether you think president obama is turning this thing around. that's the fundamental decision people have to make. >> the weird thing about this election is the country thinks we're in the wrong election, and i think the most likely outcome is they re-elect everybody. we get the same government we've had the last four years. and so to me the case that has to be made is we have had a
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rotten tax code, a dysfunctional politics, how are you going to change that? i haven't seen obama do the sort of big change agenda he did four years ago. i've seen romney make gestures at it, but not lay it out in a way that's forceful. that i think would make a change, want to do actual change. >> let me continue that theme. i want to pick up there as we turn to the democratic governor of battleground, colorado, john hickenlooper and the republican governor, paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, scott walker. governors, welcome back to "meet the press," both of you. >> glad to be back. >> both states are pretty tight here, pretty remarkable is tight as well, good news for romney. a rrn hasn't won your state since 1984. and in colorado, governor hickenlooper, look at our latest polling from nbc news and marist. 48-48. i know talking to the obama campaign. i know they think it's not that close, but they know it's tight. governor hickenlooper, you start, what's decisive? what tips the scales in your state and in this election?
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>> well i think if you look at the mess that president obama inherited and i mean losing 800,000 jobs a month, month after month, the first few months of his presidency. he's turned it around, got 32 months of job creation, 5.2 million jobs. the national export initiative, exports were up 38%. i think people are going to hear that and i think they're going to recognize that governor romney's plan of adding $2 trillion to military spending and at the same time promising $5 trillion of tax cuts to largely skewed to the wealthier parts of the population, without any specifics, right? i mean it's like trying to sell a pig in a poke. what are those deductions and tax credits he's going to get rid of? are we going to lose the home mortgage deduction? the deduction for giving for philanthropic organizations? like churches that are in many cases for local government are best partners at fighting
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important poverty, that kind of stuff. >> governor walker, for you as well, the defining issue that determines the outcome in your state? >> well it's certainly about jobs. in our case it's elections are fundamentally about the future and not about the past. so i think people on the few weeks back on that night in denver and john's state outside of his hometown there when voters got to see that mitt romney had a plan and the president didn't. and now in the last few days, he's trying to gloss that over with a 20-page glossy document. he doesn't have a plan, mitt romney does. in fact just yesterday as i was traveling the state, there were literally farmers out in fields that had almost like a burma shave commercial. they had one sign after another after another that listed out the five points of his plan. people want to know how they're going to get working in janesville or green bay or wausau or milwaukee or superior. they want to know how we're going to get working again. i think it was clear after the debate. they saw record numbers of volunteers coming into the campaign offices. more importantly, we saw the biggest jump in the polls in wisconsin after people saw the difference in that first debate. >> i want to ask you both about
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the experiences you've had in your states, dealing with the other side, the party on the other side, and how you think that may be instructive to, to washington in a new congress, in a new administration, whether it's republican or democrat. governor walker, let me start with you, when it comes to balancing the budget. is it really acceptable for governor romney to go to washington, if it comes to that and say, well through tax reform, i'm going balance the budget? or through tax cuts we're going to grow our way into this? is that an appropriately balanced approach to solving this problem? >> well i think more than anything, what people want is action, they want results, they look at the -- i think about my wife, tonette and i looking at our two kids, one a freshman in college and the other a senior in high school. we worry that tremendously four years from now, they won't have an opportunity when they get out of college, to have a job. we worry tremendously years after that if our kids get married and have kids of their own, our grandkids won't be able to inherit the kind of america
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we had because of the massive debt. >> i'm asking how you get to results. >> we want results. >> i'm asking you how you get there. you have a candidate who has rejected a 10-1 spending cut to tax to revenue increasing formula. does that jibe with you as you have to navigate some tough circumstances in your own state? is that a way to run washington? >> sure. in wisconsin's case, like kasich and others did around the country. we lowered the overall property taxes, the overall burden went down and revenues went up. why? because we promoted more growth. we went from a few years ago, having 9.2% unemployment. down to 7.3% today. we went if losing hundreds of thousands of jobs to gaining jobs. why? because you've got to have a pro growth agenda. when you do, that will help washington grow in the right direction. it puts more people to work and when more people are working, it balances the economy as well. >> let me ask a question to governor hickenlooper on the democratic side. do you think the democrats are in effect playing by old rules, too protective of entitlements, not serious enough about looking
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at serious reform that could also have a bigger impact on how to deal with the debt? you've got to look at it you've got to have both, right? in colorado certainly we have worked very lard unlike the president, when i got elected in 2010, republicans sat down, we worked together. you know we did our budget last year, in a divided general assembly, we passed it with 86 out of 100 votes. you've got to have, it's great to continue trying to get rid of red tape and lower taxes wherever possible. but you also got to have some revenue sources, too. if we're going to deal with the fiscal cliff, right in the lame duck session, which i think is a huge challenge. we've got to get everybody working together. you look at some of the people that really do understand job creation and how businesses grow. warren buffett, who supported president obama, he's looking at this cliff issue as really one of the key issues. people do want certainty. but that's the biggest uncertainty of them all is can republicans and democrats work together and get a resolution
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here. >> let me ask you both, it's striking to me -- >> just on that one point. >> go ahead, governor. >> i would say on that point briefly. remember both of us are governors here. mitt romney is a governor in state where 85% of the legislature was democrat-controlled. yet he balanced the budget, did it without raising taxes in a way that helped create more jobs. per your point, he's proven he can do it in a state like massachusetts. i think he can do it in america america. >> it struck me there's not a more robust debate in this campaign about gun violence in americand what to do about it. is that the state governments should just sort of keep their hands off it and not let it happen. but sort of -- sort of abdicate this idea that there's not much in terms of regulation that can you do to accomplish this. both states that you represent have had shooting rampages. governor hickenlooper have you been dispointed that there's not a more robust debate about this? >> i think if you look at some of the weapons that people are
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using in these, these senseless attacks, i mean 12-gauge shotguns, there's 120 million out there. i do worry that some of the cuts that governor romney is proposing are going to cut funding in all manner of levels for mental health. i mean that's one of the big issues. we've got some crazy folks out there that are just completely delusional. we've got to be able to identify that sooner and get them into treatment. get them off the street before they do some sort of insane act. >> governor walker, who you do you respond to that? why not more of a debate about this? it's been virtually absent. >> and in our case in the recent tragedy we had in wisconsin, we need greater focus, something that republicans and democrats can agree on, a greater focus on tightening up domestic violence laws, that's where the biggest problem was in the recent tragedy in the state of wisconsin. we didn't do enough in this state apparently at the local level to adequately enforce those laws, we didn't do enough to stand up for domestic violence victims at our state and local level and i think
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that's something that is not a partisan level. and something at the federal, state and local level needs to be highlighted. >> we'll be watching both your states very closely in the days leading up to election day. thank you. more with the roundtable coming back, including the demographic issue. the fight for women voters, the fight for latino voters, how much that's going to impact. plus, what are we going to see from either a romney administration or an obama i don't spend money on gasoline.
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3:49 am
could be god's will and that a pregnancy because of rape should be taken to term. this ironically and the timing was bad for mitt romney, wassed only senate campaign that romney had actually weighed in on with an endorsement. and so the democratic national committee aired this ad to get into this debate. >> this fall, i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> this is man who i want to see in washington, to make sure that we cannot just talk about changing things, but actually have the votes to get things changed. >> this follows of course the todd akin, the candidate in missouri, talking about legitimate rape. carly fiorina, this seems to be a cultural problem within the republican party. you can't lay this at the feet of mitt romney to be sure. there are a lot of women who are seeing this as fundamental disrespect for women, that is
3:50 am
part of the republican party. how do you see it? >> first of all, talk about bad timing for mitt romney's endorsement. mourdock said a really bad thing and he apologized. and in other words, in that state there are two pro life candidates running, richard mourdock is clearly more extreme. and i agree, i think most people disagree with him. here's the reason why governor romney is gaining among women right now. he is gaining among women. and that's because women care about the economy. women care about the role of government. women care about their children's education. women care about their health care. and more women are living in poverty under this president than any other time in decades. that's why governor romney is winning with women. >> fair point. rachel, one of the things you're seeing, it was tina fey speaking in new york, seem to strike the chord about going beyond abortion, about do you trust women enough to let them make
3:51 am
decisions about their own lives. this is how she talked about it. >> if i have to listen to one more gray-faced man with a $2 haircut explain to me what rape is, i'm going to lose my mind. >> frankly, to be fair, the romney campaign is probably thinking the same thing -- i'm going to lose my mind if we have to keep talking about rape in this election. its association with the republican party that he does not want to be associated with. right, but then he picked paul ryan. they have the fight over forced ultrasounds, the government telling you you need to have a medically unnecessary procedure at the order of the state, regardless of what you want or what your doctor says and he picked a guy who picked a forced ultrasound bill for the country, paul ryan was on board with that. paul ryan was a co-sponsor of a bill with todd akin it redefine rape. paul ryan was a co-sponsor of a bill for personhood. would ban all abortion, it would also ban intreat roh fertilization and most forms of birth control. if you want to avoid the fight,
3:52 am
don't put paul ryan on the platform. >> and on the platform, talked about you shouldn't be able 20 do invitro fertilization, something that a lot of republican women have a problem with. it's on the republican platform. >> virginia and colorado, both of those states, michael bennett is the united states senate in colorado, he survived because of the abortion issue, because of the gender gap. he created one of the widest gender gaps in any senate race in the country in 2010. i want to get to a larger point, the issue, the irony to akin and mourdock. and hearing somebody with the nrsc. that isn't who the nrsc wanted, they wanted more moderate republicans, more establishment republicans, but they've not been able to police their own party, he can't. because the base of the party will lash out at them this is an anchor around mitt romney. one of the things our polling has shown is that mitt romney has better favorable ratings than the republican party overall. the democratic party has better
3:53 am
favorable ratings than the republican party overall. i think there's a case to be made, if mitt romney does not win this election, there will be people pointing fingers at him. i think the fault lies with the republican party, took its image took a turn to the right as far as some voters are concerned in the middle. that romney himself should be able to win. >> can i -- voters vote for people, not parties. so romney, romney's on the ticket, not the republican party. >> i don't know. >> i want to defend gray-faced guys with $2 haircuts. >> where do you get a $2 haircut? >> the crucial gap is a marriage gap. republicans and mitt romney are doing better by almost 20 points among married people, including married women. democrats and barack obama are doing better than 20 points among single women. so that's the crucial gap here. and so that is a question of, that's how you tailor who you're trying to get. and the republicans are doing extremely well among people who want bipartisanship. among people who want some
3:54 am
stability. they're doing well among that group. but the where republicans are falling short is among the single group where obama is doing well, remember the ad where he said government is going to help you here, help you here, republicans have not offered a counter help you. >> i want to go to chuck's point about the republican right. one thing we've seen in this election. the right wing lost this election. mitt romney signaled that in the first debate where he said you know all this tea party stuff we've been running on for two years, i know i can't win the election on that, i'm going somewhere else. the second point is you saw something interesting in that mourdock example, in terms of how mitt romney responds to the pressures in his own party. he could have pulled down the ad that he made for richard mourdock. and he refused to pull that ad down. in the third thing is the whole discussion of i will be bipartisan. i can't help but want to point out that the republicans for the entirety of obama's term have said no, no, no.
3:55 am
and so what they're really say something we've been nasty when there's a democrat as president. but elect a republican and we'll be happy to work for him. this is kind of political extortion. >> i want to button this conversation up with what i think is an overarching point. that really does frame the last nine days. we were told this was going to be the ultimate clarifying campaign. two distinct choices. now i feel nine days out -- a fair amount of uncertainty. there's the question of which mitt romney are you going to get if he becomes president and there's the question of, what's the second term for president obama going to look like? >> i want to talk about the last nine days, we were talking about how mitt romney has a message advantage in this respect -- he gets to say the same thing for the next nine days. because all he's trying to do is win over the swing voting women, if
3:56 am
it's the reason why you don't hear the larger message, because he can't do it. >> david, i disagree with your premise, i think yes, there are have been changes in position and i would argue there have been more changes in obama's positions frankly. think there's a very clear choice here. an extremely clear choice between a man who is saying i am going to run and govern with pro growth policies. i am going to govern through bipartisan coalitions and a man who has manifestly not governed with pro growth policies. >> it's amazing to me that we're still saying that president obama was such a weak president. he was unable to work his will in washington. >> thank goodness we have nine more days.
3:57 am
because we need nine more days to continue this debate. great conversation this morning. thank you all very much. a reminder, stay with nbc news all week for a special coverage of hurricane sandy and of course the election. that's all for today, we'll be back next week for our special election-week broadcast live from nbc's it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity...
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www.wbaltv.c >> you are watching wbal tv 11 live local, late breaking. >> good morning and i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for a special early edition of the news. >> there are a lot of closings in anticipation of hurricane sandy. we will have them scrolling on the bottom of the screen and >> we have live team coverage as the storm moves up the atlantic ocean. we will go to tony pann in the weather center. >> the storm is passing just off of the beach of virginia beach a couple hundred miles offshore. we have heavy rain on the
4:01 am
eastern shore counties represented by the orange and red. some light to moderate rain around baltimore and scattered showers in the we were suburbs. you see it flowing in out of the outer bands of the storm. i suspect it will stay this way through the morning with the heaviest rain on the eastern shore and wind won't be terrible but they will pick up as we go through the day. we will look at the live feed from b.w.i. on the left north wind at 10. it will gust close to 40 this morning and afternoon. right now not bad. this is the next 24 hours. rain, maybe gusts over 40 miles an hour. temperatures my sneak into the upper 50's. the worst part of the storm is going to be late this afternoon and early tonight as it comes onshore in new jersey. we will get heavy rain and could get two to eight inches and gusts up to between 40 and 60
4:02 am
miles an hour. on tuesday the cold air comes in. it might be cold enough for snow. blizzard warnings are in effect for garrett county. so we have a hurricane and blizzard warnings at the same time. temps in the 40's tomorrow. ava marie is closer to the storm at ocean city. they go out 300 to 400 and i'm sure she is close. what is going on? >> this is not my most attractive look but i'm happy to wear these glasses because the rain is pelting my face. we are getting soaked. we are testing this wbal gear. i'm addressed -- dressed as if i'm in a snowstorm because it is so cold. basically we are all geared up. the rain is falling so heavily. we have received about two here and we have plenty more today.
4:03 am
it is not just a straight falling rain, it is driving horizon. i don't know if you can see the ocean. we will try to show more. the waves are trying to reach the phel fence. this is 32nd street and this is where they are doing a lot of restoration, building shrubbery and that is where the water is coming up. that is where we were last night. we had to come it higher ground. we are approaching high tide and we expect the flooding to be the worst through this morning in ocean city and will start to subside in the evening but we are far from over for the worst here and it will be heading toward baltimore and annapolis. that takes us to kim dacey live in annapolis. how is it going there? >> in the last hour we have seen the rain increase in volume. it is pretty steady now. the wind has also picked up in the last hour.
4:04 am
it seems like the outer bands are starting to come onshore. you can see some boats in the water and we were surprised how many are on the water right now. they are just bobbing and flailing kind of in the wind. hopefully they are battened down enough that they won't go flying when the winds pick up later today. again, in the harbor a lot of boats just bobbing around in the wind. as far as flooding, there is a little localized flooding. not too much at this point. down by the harbor there's an area flooded that is low-lying. otherwise driving along the streets of annapolis small areas of puddles and a little bit of water, what you might see in a normal rainstorm. didn't see any roads that were blocked or anything of that sort. officials are looking for a storm surge of one to three feet here. that could change the situation
4:05 am
drastically. we will monitor that and bring you the latest. a couple of things to know if you are in annapolis. they have opened the parking garages. they are free for city residents. they want you to put your car in that garage and want the streets clear in case there is flooding so they can get emergency vehicles through. they have opened a shelter in annapolis high school. if you need to leave your home for any reason, power outage or flooding or unsafe condition, you can go to annapolis high school on riva road. you can bring your pets, cats and dogs. that is good. you can bring the whole family. that is open since yesterday and continues to be open. we will bring you the latest and see how conditions shape up in annapolis. now we go to tim tuten. >> it is raining and i can tell
4:06 am
you that school is out. you know that by now. it is coming down at a steady clip. we are at the giant food on 41st street and falls road. on the way in i passed a big truck with their logo which means they have been busy trying to make sure that the shelves are stocked. i'm sure you have been to a place like this the last couple of days. but right now that this place be jumping at some upon the once folks begin to assess their own inventory. no school today. right now in the city it is a steady rain like this. i can tell that you it has been steady from the time we came in this morning. not much wind here at all. in fact, no wind right now in baltimore city. i'm sure that will be changing once sandy heads this way. but rain, rain, rain, and the
4:07 am
folks have some of the early shift in. i'm sure there have opinion folks here all night making sure the water and all the necessities you need are here. but bullet city the word is -- baltimore city the rain has changed seemingly to this angle. >> folks have been hitting that giant since last thursday preparing. over the weekend the storm completely packed. have you been inside and have they been restocking things like water and things like that? >> i have not been in there store but there is one near where i work and you make one or two trips. you get home, realize, didn't get that or one other person says did you get this? so people have been preparing since friday just going in for weekend stops. you can tell that person is ready. and that big truck rolling by made a big drop here.
4:08 am
everybody is saying let's make sure we have everything we need and if we don't have enough we will come back. >> let's hope they make a big delivery of d-cell batteries. any schools open today? >> i don't believe so. i think what is going on is the systems decided last week to make plans to be ready it open or not open and it is my take that no one is going to take a chance of getting school kids on the road. it is much like having snow. the thing is once you get a kid on bus and get them to school can you get them become home. >> time tuten, thank you. >> b.g.e. officials say prepare for the possibility of power losses. they plan for the potential of several hundred thousand outages that could be starting as early
4:09 am
as this morning. more than 3,000 workers are are four different staging areas. to report outages call this number. 877-778-2222. >> to track hurricane sandy's movements on our radar, follow updates on live wire it is on and on our mobile app. >> i think i saw maybe one other car on the way in. it is pretty light. >> i saw one driving about 30 miles an hour in the drizzle. >> i take it there is not a lot of traffic. >> you know, i experienced the same thing. what i noticed is a lot of wet leaves on the road. as continues deteriorate today -- as conditions deteriorate it will get worst. we will be dealing with flooding later and downed trees around area. so, i would just say to stay off the roads. heed the warnings. because right now they are
4:10 am
pretty wet and they will get worse. you see there are a limit the amount of flights going out on time going out of b.m.w. but many have canceled. after 10:35 this morning all flights are canceled. so, you want to go to the website. bwi and check that out. watch for how things will change. we have wind warnings at bridges and that is to be expected as things deteriorate. but roads are looking pretty good. you are not supposed to be on them unless you have to. we are in a state of emergency we will keep you posted on any problems as they come in. for now that is the latest. back to you guys. >> quick note, talking about the lack of cars, i saw more deer.
4:11 am
keep that in mind as you try to break. >> the deer will wonder what is going on. >> 53 degrees at the airport at 4:10. still ahead continuing coverage of hurricane sandy as it makes its way toward maryland. >> a live look over the inner harbor. more coverage when we come back. ♪
4:12 am
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4:14 am
gusty wind and heavy rain in the counties but from baltimore is not terrible but it will get worse through the day. we will look at h.d. doppler. the heaviest rain is represented by the origin and red. from baltimore west it is mostly moderate to light rain. i will put this in motion and everything is goes west to east because the storm is passing off the ocean city coast couple hundred miles. that will continue. the heavy rain on the eastern shore and lightest rain in the western suburbs now. the winds would be terrible to start but they will pick up into the afternoon expecting them to kick up to 40 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts. you can see the circulation here on the right-hand side of the screen the outer bands coming in and on the left-hand side that is snow in west virginia. we've got blizzard warnings in effect for western maryland right now.
4:15 am
so you have a blizzard warning for garrett county and topropic storm and hurricane force weekends -- winds on the shore. highest wind speeds are east of town. we had a 37-mile-per-hour gust in ocean city and 38 in georgetown. 17-mile-per-hour gust doubt. so winds will pick up around baltimore. there is the latest satellite. it is a category one hurricane a few hundred miles off the coastline and starting to turn north. we expected it to dip around and bypass the chesapeake bay and make a left turn and hit the shore of new jersey around atlantic city later today. here is one computer model i trust. you see the time frame. evening it takes a left
4:16 am
turn and goes west an slams into new jersey. it will carry hurricane-force winds, 70 to 80 miles an hour and will transition into a nor'easter but will have the big dome of water underneath it. so the storm surge will be 10 to 12 feet. it will be a huge event for the jersey shore. we are thankful that it didn't come up the bay like we thought a couple of days ago. with it making landfall north of us it is not a worst kiss scenario -- case scenario for maryland. it won't be a cake walk for us but it won't be as bad as if it came up the chesapeake bay. b beexpect gusts from 40 to 60 miles an hour and two to eight inches of rain. we look for rainfall the next 24 to 48 hours, notice it comes in from the east to the west. anywhere from two to eight inches.
4:17 am
today periods of rain, heaviest rain late this afternoon and this evening. wind gusts 3 to 40 this morning and up to 60 this evening. the seven-day forecast the winds shift to the northwest tomorrow and it gets scheduleder. only 47. snow likely in the mountains. could be a couple of snowflakes in baltimore and halloween we could have a couple of leftover showers. now to ava marie in ocean city. you are closer to the center of the storm. i'm sure the winds have been kicking up there. what do you have? >> things are really miserable out here. compared it yesterday we've the rain to add to that. believe it or not we are on the beach. that is where the sand was kicking up in our face. i will have to rely on you for the wind gust values here because yesterday we were reporting them on the beach and i was testing them but now with
4:18 am
the water all the way up to where we are standing we had to get it higher ground and the building is affecting the wind. they are stronger down on the beach up to 40 to 50 miles an hour right now and especially throughout the day. and last night when he was reporting at 6:00 p.m. i measured a wind gust at 47 miles an hour. is the highest i have personal personally measured and they will get stronger. is likely to get closer to ocean city later today before it moves onshore. it is interesting that it is making the transition to the ext extratropical cyclone. right now it is a driving rain, winds and we are worrying about the coastal flooding as we approach high tide within the next couple of hours. that is when we could see the worst flooding here. then it should subside. next high tide is another concern. but as far as severe flooding here, this is the time.
4:19 am
we have evacuated the southern part south of 17th street. everyone else is it a voluntary evacuation. residents are hunkering down as they ready for the rest of the storm. we will continue to have updates here. >> when i got up 2:30 this morning i said it is not that bad. but now we get an indication of what is heading our way. >> 4:19, 53 degrees at b.w.i. >> let's take a live look outside. this is annapolis where the boats are bobbing. we will have more when we come back. music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout.
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>> let's see what is happening on h.d. doppler. heavy rain on the eastern shore counties moving east so the rain around baltimore isn't that bad. but it will pick up the next couple of hours. the western suburbs nothing going on at all with just scattered light rain showers. the winds have been picking up steadily. right now they are gusting 10 to 20 miles an hour. on the eastern shore 20 to 30 and at the beach when we talked to ava they were gusting over
4:23 am
40. they will be sweeping in so it will go downhill the next 12 hours. let's see the forecast for today. rain heavy at times and wind gusts between 20 to 30 miles an hour to start and late this and evening 40 to 60 miles an hour. the temperatures will hold steady in the 50's. expect from two to eight inches of rain by the time we head into tomorrow morning. let's see what is happening on the roads with sarah. >> right now not bad but conditions will deteriorate throughout the day and into this evening. we are keeping tabs on the roads. if you have to be out there. we advise that you don't. there are wet leaves and the winds will be picking up. speeds are not bad. 48 around the area of the airport. we are tracking speeds in that area because there are a few flights out of the airport. most have been canceled.
4:24 am
everything is canceled this morning. marc trains, m.t.a. and amtrak are not operating. we will keep you posted on how things evolve. right now aware -- we are keeping an eye on wind restrictions across the bay bridge. any of the bridges we can have problems and we are tracking conditions on the roads. we will give you a live view of green spring and the rain continues to come down. we will keep you abreast of any problems. that is the latest on traff "tr 11".e kim dacey is live from annapolis. how is it look beiing? >> we are not seeing major flooding yet. some low-lying areas with some puddles, just like a normal so far.m people are heeding the warnings
4:25 am
and staying off the roads. as far as conditions out here it looks like rain is coming down pretty steadily. i would call it a steady downpour increasing at times. the wind is kicking up from time to time. it is calm now but a couple of minutes ago we had some pretty severe gusts and that blows the rain horizontally and makes it a mess. there are plenty of boats on the water which surprised us that most people didn't take the boats out of the water. they are bobbing and swaying in the weekend and of course hopefully they are about thenned down enough that they won't break loose. they expect a surge here of one to three feet here. so, emergency officials -- i just spoke them and they are up and monitoring the storm and looking for possible flooding as it is expected to go from one to three feet and that could cause
4:26 am
flooding. monitoring the situation as well and bring you the latest as we get it. >> maryland preparations for hurricane sandy is the big story but it is time to look at other stories. hurricane sandy is putting the stock market on hold. it will close all markets today after initially saying it would only close the physical trading floor. but the new york stock exchange has to shut down because of the evacuations in new york city. nasdaq will halt trading. >> hawaii residents had a scare when a powerful earthquake off canada triggered a tsunami warning. beaches and harbors were closed and tens of thousands were headed for higher ground. it was downgraded to advisory by morning. >> there is a new world champion in baseball. the san francisco giants completed a four-game sweep of the detroit tigers sunday betting the a.l. champs 4-3 in
4:27 am
extra innings. this is the san francisco giants' second title in that he years and franchise's seventh overall. pablo sandoval the kung fu panda won the world series m.v.p. honors. >> 4:27 and 53 degrees at the airport. in the next half hour our continuing coverage much hurricane sandy. >> we will let you know what to expect the next 48 hours. stay with us. >> we are tracking the roads of course as conditions get worse. we will update you on what to expect for the morning commute coming up. mayor: casino owners in west virginia are spending
4:28 am
4:29 am
millions against question seven. that upsets me. and that upsets jonathan ogden. you don't want to upset jonathan ogden. ogden: no you don't. mayor: question seven means thousands of jobs and millions for our schools. but these west virginia casinos want to keep it all for themselves. we're not happy about that. ogden: no we aren't. mayor: so join us and vote for question seven. and west virginia, don't make me send jonathan ogden over there. mayor: vote for question seven. ogden: for baltimore.


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