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tv   Today  NBC  December 31, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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it's so powerful you can skip a day... december 31st, 2012. but light enough you won't want to. dermatologist recommended eucerin. the end of trial and error has arrived. >> announcer: from nbc news, try a free sample at this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a very and cheese fold it all up and boom! busy monday morning. i'm willie geist. i just made an unbeatable >> and i'm erica hill. unsloppy joe matt and savannah have the pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. morning off. just begin with america's favorite soups. we'll have the latest on secretary of state clinton's bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. condition in a live report or best-ever meatloaf. straight ahead. it is the last day of 2012. go to >> you and i are both in the for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. same situation with young children. people filing into times square in new york city. it is the world's biggest party. of course, security will be extremely tight. we'll check in on celebrations there and around the world. >> then we'll catch up with three women that had us talking
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in 2012, including a mom that sparked debate over this picture. and an anchor who caught flack about her weight. andrea mitchell joins us with the condition of secretary of state hillary clinton. >> her spokesman called a blood clot stemming from the concussion she had sustained earlier. the administration's most high profile frequent flyer, 112 back now at 7:41 with the countries, nearly 1 million latest on the war on drugs. miles, more than 400 days of travel, now grounded under turns out it's your medicine doctor's care at new york presbyterian after a spokesman says physicians discovered a blood clot wednesday. onny whirlwind trip, she picked cabinet. >> creating what doctors are calling the greatest drug problem. many aren't taking the pills to get high but to get better and up a stomach virus that led to
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dehydration that led to a fall, a concussion and now, her aides say, a blood clot. >> she's had a very real having an unshakeable addiction. accident and is recovering from it. she will be back. >> reporter: for three weeks, clinton has been out of the >> when jennifer cassidy looks office, but still working while recovering at home. at old photos of her brother, her concussion caused her to aaron, she still sees the picture of health. >> that guy in high school, starting pitcher for the miss a grilling. baseball team, starting her deputies went instead. football, defensive end. >> secretary clinton is very popular. recovering from a serious virus >> reporter: at 33, aaron, a successful insurance salesman, and concussion. all of you who know hillary know who loved music and working out, went to a doctor about some old that she would rather be here sports injuries and left with a today. prescription for the painkiller >> reporter: a scathing independent review board blamed vicodin. he no history of drug or alcohol the benghazi attacks on abuse but his sister said he developed a powerful addiction officials under her command and to painkillers. >> camout of nowhere. the action that state department >> reporter: though aaron takes in order to prevent any continued to feed his addiction with refill after refill, swren future attacks like the one in libya. >> secretary clinton has indicated she will implement all of them. my message to the state f jennifer said he desperately department has been very simple. wanted to kick the habit but and that is, we're going to lost that battle, dying in his sleep from a prescription solve this. >> reporter: now a new senate report released today also overdose at 36. >> we still beat ourselves up. sharply criticizes the state we feel like we failed him. department while widening the blame as well, finding fault
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with the pentagon and white house. he was so special and we feel clinton told the committee chair like we failed him. she's committed to working with we do. >> reporter: tragically, aaron's them once she recovers and will story is become iing all too appear before them once she gets the go ahead from her doctors. problem. >> the fastest growing drug problem in the united states. republicans want to hear from >> reporter: prescription drug clinton in person before they'll overdoses now kill more people consider confirming her successor. than heroin and cocaine combined >> i've been told from senator kerry he wants that approach more than triple the number from ten years ago in what experts also. he needs to hear what she says so he can make comments about i are calling an especially dick agree with her, i don't agree with her. it makes sense to have her go d dem an epidemic. first. >> clinton's spokesman has not >> always prescription said where the blood clot is medications. located. doctors not involved in her case this is what they overdosed on. say if in her legs it's easily >> reporter: in the last ten years, prescriptions for treatable. if in the lungs or brain, it powerful pain killers have sky would be potentially more dan r rocketed after the medical community vowed to do a better dangerous. and doctors want to make sure there are no underlying conditions that led to the clot. she has not announced her future plans but is widely considered the democratic front-runner if she chooses to make another run job. >> relieving it quickly and for the white house in 2016. willie? adequately for the patient. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. >> reporter: four times greater than in 1999, enough pills to
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medicate every adult in the dr. roshini raj is a country around the clock for a month. >> in terms of the scope of the contributing medical editor. drug problem in this country, we know weeks ago she fantd as a where would you rate this? >> at the top. >> to tackle the problem, the result of dehydration and the flu. white house is calling for how do we get from there to a better monitoring systems, more blood clot? >> it's a little murky. education and stronger enforcement of existing -- she did have a concussion after >> synthetic heroin. the fall. but to go from a concussion to a blood clot is not the common i don't think we've recognized consequence. that. now, of course, we're paying a however if she was in bed, terrible price in this country immobilized, people who have for that. >> reporter: like so many surgery or on long plane rides, others, jennifer cassidy and her because they're not moving so family know that price all too much, can develop a blood clot. well. >> the way the system is set up, if perhaps she was just lying in bed from the concussion, she unfortunately, makes it very easy for unsuspecting people to could have developed it for this reason. become drug addicts. >> andrea said we don't know exactly where this blood clot is. >> that's right. >> what is the general concern? there are so many people dying >> a deep vein thrombosis, this way and there's very little usually in the legs. talk about it. the fear is that that part of >> reporter: one family speaking that will break off and travel out for all those who no longer to the lungs, causing a can. every state except missouri has passed legislation for prescription drug monitoring program but they're only up and pulmonary embolis. running in 35 states. health experts say while steps
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do need to be taken to address this problem, it's important to >> if they had done an remember that strong pain ultrasound, they would have discovered the clot that way. medication must be reserved for >> she's on blood thinners now. those who need it most. how long could she expect to be on those? erica? >> three months or longer >> specializing in drug depending on her other conditions. >> her travel, something like a million miles over the last four years, back sw forth. addiction. it's very powerful, the sister she has talked about it herself, not in the best health of her saying this addiction came out life. of nowhere. how concerned are you, as a how addictive are these drugs? doctor, somebody who is >> very addictive. constantly going for four years? she's only got a couple of weeks the doctor prescribe it is and it's a pill but these are as left but has been going nonstop dangerous as street drug. here. >> the travel may have >> a lot of kids, we're hearing, contributed to the development are finding them in medicine of the blood clot n terms of cabinets. how do you stop this? long term, she's on blood if there's someone in your thinners. family, like this young man who some people think that will affect her performance. we saw, the family thinks there i don't really think so. millions of people are on blood may be a problem. thinners and lead normal lives what are some of the signs you would look for? except they can't do sports or >> things like missing work, do something that potentially pursuing the drugs at the they would be hit and fall. expense of other activities in in politics i don't think that's a concern. life, getting into trouble with, >> you are not treating secretary clinton, you haven't seen her records but this is you know, driving,
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someone who potentially could complications -- legal run for president a few years complications. i think just being tuned in to from now, could become behavior in your family member president. how concerned should americans be about her health? and friends is important. >> the next few days will tell us a lot. >> how do you then know to wane if she's just in the hospital to them off of them? there are people who adjust the doet dose of her legitimately need a lot of these medication, we don't need to be concerned about long-term drugs to manage their pain. consequences. if she's longer in the hospital, is there a middle ground here? sounds like there's more going >> there is. there's a lot of treatment available. on than meets the eye, then we need to be concerned. if you or your family have problem with these medications, >> dr. raj, thank you. i urge you to get treatment. >> are there alternatives for people trying to manage their erica? there is still no deal. pain and also deal with this addiction or wean themselves fft can a deal be reached in time? kelly o'donnell is on capitol of it? are there other medications that hill. >> countdown to midnight is actually a celebration on this are less addictive and day, but that is not the case effective? >> there are pain strategies that don't involve medication here. there has been some constructive that have shown to be movement on issues like all kinds of new taxes that could go into effect. the real problem is a battle successful. most of these medications should only be used in the short term. over spending. >> how concerned are you about this? today there is a change in who >> very concerned.
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is leading the talks. the cdc has called this an after working through the epidemic. >> and you agree with that? >> i certainly agree with that. weekend, holiday good wishes >> thank you, dr. lewerenz. gave way to pessimism, following >> thank you. a sunday night meeting of house a way to follow through on republicans. >> the future of the country, your new year's resolution. you know, rests in the hands of first these messages. 70 and 80-year-olds who have jet lag it's probably not the best because it was so yummy. thing but that's all right. weight watchers online worked for me >> reporter: no deal struck and so no vote to take over big tax because it lets me live my life. i can still go out with my friends. i can still enjoy my favorite foods and drinks. increases sperng s increases, spending cuts. it's just a smarter way of eating. i lost 40 lbs. wow it's amazing. some lawmakers saying they're embarrassed. >> something has gone terribly my most favorite part of my new body is my bottom. wrong when the biggest threat to [ laughs ] our american economy is our [ hudson ] weight watchers online. american congress. the power of weight watchers completely online. >> reporter: since friday, the democrats' point man has been join for free today. majority leader harry reid. >> everybody should hang loose. because we -- something may break and we'll be able to get something done. >> reporter: the top republican in the senate made clear he >> thank you, dr. lewerenz. ♪ wanted to shake up the talks by changing players. >> i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner.
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>> reporter: mcconnell called on i'd like to thank eating right, joe biden, who spent decades in the senate. whole grain, multigrain cheerios! and the vice president headed to the white house sunday. mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain >> the vice president and i tend to weigh less than those who don't. worked together on solutions before and i believe we can multigrain cheerios again. >> reporter: behind closed doors and working the phones, biden is to practice math more? i love math! but two ipads means two data plans? described as democrats as playing the good cop as reid was that's crazy. maybe not. more bad cop. with at&t mobile share, >> there's still significant difference between the two sides adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need. but the discussions continue. we should keep these for us. >> reporter: it came not long after the president appeared on we should keep these. the "meet the press" and called what?! out mcconnell and boehner on tax [ male announcer ] at&t mobile share. hikes. >> i think it's been very hard add an ipad for just $10 a month. one plan. up to 10 devices. for speaker boehner and at&t. rethink possible. mcconnell to accept the fact that taxes on the wealthiest something this delicious could only come from nature. americans should go up a little bit as part of an overall new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. package. >> reporter: the sticking point for them is that they say the democrats want to use the new nectresse. revenue that would come from new sweetness naturally. taxes to use that to cover the cost to prevent some of the
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spending cuts that are part of but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese this so-called fiscal cliff. republicans want to see more and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! deficit reduction. tuesday night just became democrats say that could come crescent pizza pocket-tastic later, but this would be a smaller plan. pillsbury crescents. there are really some serious let the making begin differences and not a lot of time left. congress has created its own deadline to this so-called fiscal cliff and now has to live by it over the next several hours to see if something can get done. erica? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director. kelly mentioned some constructive movement but then there's this chasm we keep hearing about. is there a chance for a deal? >> i think -- i want to say yes, there's a chance for a deal! they're not that far apart. it really depends on the political motivations of the people at the negotiating table. hollywood certainly will be you think about joe biden and sad to see 2012 come to an end tonight. mitch mcconnell, mitch mcconnell is totally looking at this through a political lens, what diana alvear is in los angeles
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is in the best interest of to explain. good morning. >> good morning. the year they hoped for, when republicans in his view? from what i understand in his americans went whack to the view he thinks what's in the movies and helped make hits out best interest of the republican party is getting the tax issue of the stories they loved. off the table and then having a >> bilbo baggins, i'm looking big knockdown, drag-down fight for someone to share in an with the president in six weeks adventure. over the debt ceiling. >> an offer moviegoers accepted under that scenario, that would by the millions. tell me, okay, he's likely to topping the box office over the want to make a deal. weekend, helping their precious when you look at the actions fantasy franchise earn $33 that republicans threw out that million. but the second place finisher idea of throwing in the social was a surprise. security change and suddenly democrats balked -- and he pulled it from the table. quentin tarantino's latest mitch mcconnell wants to make the deal, get the tax issue off "django unchained" was a winner, the table simply because he audiences lined up to see it, thinks having more leverage -- if you leave taxes there, it helping bring home $31 million in its debut. the western thriller features gives the white house and jamie fox as a former slave turned bounty hunter. democrats more leverage in the debt ceiling. and then there was the answer to even if they get a deal today we so many broadway fans' dreams. have a big fight in the next six weeks. >> if there is a deal today can ♪ from what it seems it about get passed in time to >> the big screen adaptation of
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avoid the fiscal cliff? >> i'm not optimistic that it "les miserables" had an all-star can get through the house. if there's a deal of 75, 80 cast that helped it finish third. senators voting for it, which is capping off a record-setting what mcconnell and biden are year, hollywood earned an trying to construct here, it's not a deal that would just get impressive $10.8 billion in over 60 votes but something 2012, up 6% from last year that bigger than that, the house reverse d a three-year trend of would have to put it on the floor and it probably passes and probably gets over the finish lower returns. >> in 2012, we had the perfect line. storm of movies. you know, that's where i'm not just the right combination of sure we get a deal. films, comedies, action movies, is the political will there among house republicans? i know what mitch mcconnell believes is in the best interest sci-fi and it all played out of the republican party. very well for hollywood. i don't know if john boehner and >> i volunteer as tribute. mitch mcconnell are in sync on believing that the tax issue should completely be taken off >> like "the hunger game" and the table. if there's no deal today, twilight's "breaking dawn" they'll cut taxes in three days when there's a new congress. become big hit. >> bond. >> focusing back on the senate, james bond. >> and three movies joined the billion dollar club, "skyfall," how important is vice president biden? >> the only person with any sort "the avengers" and there were of warm relationship with mitch mcconnell is joe biden. the president doesn't have one.
7:13 am
harry reid and mitch mcconnell do have one, it's on again, off some duds. again, but it can deteriorate but in the end hollywood got quickly as we saw yesterday. what it wanted, a hollywood biden is important. if there's anybody with a ending at the box office. if 2012 is the best ever, 2013 personal relationship in the white house -- if you can fault could be better with several big the white house for one big sequels slated for release, thing, it's the lack of developing a personal experts say it could be the year relationship with mitch mcconnell, between the president and him. there is one between joe biden when the box office timely breaks the $11 billion mark. and him. >> chuck todd, thanks. >> you got it. let's get to the morning's so willie, it's been a good year other top stories. andrea canning is in for natalie and, hey, happy new year. >> happy new year to you. up early for us in los angeles. at the news desk. good morning. three women who sparked >> good morning. and happy almost new year's to debates, everything from you. and happy new year's to you at breastfeeding to body image in 2012. home. [ rain pattering ] authorities are hoping to speak with a seriously injured bus [ heels clicking ] driver. at least nine people were killed [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... and 26 injured. the bus was returning to canada ♪ after a trip to las vegas. ...and feels great later the woman charged with pushing a stranger to his death 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, in front of a new york city now at 90 calories each. subway train thursday reportedly
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has an issue of mental health yoplait, it is so good! issues and three previous arrest s. erica men endez targeted a 36-year-old native of india because she blamed, quote, muslims, egyptians and hichlt n duchlt s for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. in memory of a 23-year-old medical student who died two weeks after she was gang raped on a bus in india's capital. the crime has led to a wave of demands for greater protection for women against sexual violence. six men have been charged with murder in that attack. in wall street final trading day of the year is attracting more attention than usual. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] mary thompson join us from the this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams new york stock exchange. >> we could see stocks drop for is now deliciously real. the sixth straight session. nonetheless it's been a good year for the market, the dow is up 6%, s&p up 11.5% and nasdaq is up 13%.
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auto sales are on track for their best year since 2007 and in hollywood a record year. movie ticket sales are expected to reach $10.8 billion. back to you. >> good news in the economy. thanks, mary. dramatic video of an ice rescue. a man crashed through thin ice on a lake in southern california. before long nearly a dozen good samaritans were in the water trying to reach him with ropes and inner tubes. mickey herman kept his camera running. he and mp else made it out just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. safely. something tells me that he'll go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. have a new outlook on 2013. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. al is in pasadena, faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. california. getting ready for the big rose you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got bowl parade there. snack-defying, satisfying
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generally stretching from the southwest all the way into ohio and then in the lower mississippi river valley, anywhere from one to two inches of rain. that's what's going on around the country. but first we've got this message and your local weather. ♪ ♪ >> this is tv 11 news today and ♪ baltimore. ♪ >> good morning at 7:56. >> good morning, not bad out [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. there and we don't expect normal today is going to be epic. delays until around wednesday quaker up. when schools are back in session. liberty road at washington still >> increasing clouds but not as has downed wires an accident at liberty road and essex ave. call with last wind and temperature is 41-45 and may be it is moving well at the fort an isolated sprinkle overnight, mchenry tunnel. most areas are dry on the north side, you are at 55 miles per hour.
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jfx is 40 miles per hour, 50 at sandy point and light volume into the toll plaza, no delays, hour drive times are looking good on the inner and outer loop. >> a little chilly to start the >> erica, that's a big tract or. we're going to be up on it, coming up. day because we have the upper that's a big tractor. >> we look forward to seeing that, al. 20's across the metro area but thanks. it is going to be a cold night for the million or so it will feel better in the afternoon with much less the people who will welcome the wind and a little bit of sunshine with temperatures 41- arrival of 2013 in times square. 45. for tonight, we drop down into good morning. i'm sure you're not aalone. the 30's in many areas it is >> reporter: good morning to chilly but that is to be you. absolutely electric tonight as expected for the first morning revelers here for the biggest of january with mostly cloudy party on the planet. skies and a sprinkle or flurry as possible. and keeping everybody safe is it should be mostly dry and we're watching a new storm big business so the good times system with the rain/snow mx. will roll. on a night when it's perfectly we will watch out for this on
7:19 am
okay to drop the ball even one new year's day which is only a as big and expensive as this, 30% chance. thousands of new york city nothing should accumulate on the roads. police officers will be the high temperature to more everywhere in times square and will be 42 degrees. elsewhere to make sure that doesn't apply to security. near 40 for the rest of the annual show of force stands week. for now, things are looking ready at america's biggest block quiet. party. >> 54 checkpoints into the core at times square area. people will be safe. we believe it's the safest location in america, times square. >> reporter: unlike new year's celebrations past, nypd has received no specific threats this year, but will be on high alert for signs of trouble in whatever form it may come. >> we use our helicopters in the air, observation posts. we have chemical radiologic al, police on scooters. it is a major commitment on the part of the department. >> reporter: and the department gets major kudos from this
7:20 am
former secret service agent who safeguarded president obama in venues large and small. >> the world has changed so the game has changed and people want to see that force there. they want to see the uniforms and the police personnel, they want to see those tactical teams on the ground. it gives them a sense of security. >> security aside, preparations for fun and games have been ongoing for days. 2013 is in place. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the confetti has been tested. yes, they actually test it. and the crystal sparkles, especially one in honor of mr. new year's eve himself, the late dick clark. >> i hope you have a healthy and happy new year. >> the first time on new year's eve because it's on my bucket list. >> times square when the ball drops. >> definitely something i wanted to do for the long time in my life, to be in the center of it, the glitz and the glamour. >> reporter: last year was a balmy 45 degrees when the ball
7:21 am
dropped. this year we're expecting a windchill of 25, much cold er. happy new year to you, erica. >> ron, happy new year to you as well. that is when you huddle up close to each other in those pens. >> they get them in there ten hours before it starts. >> they stay for a long time. >> bring your blanket. a baby for kim kardashian and kanye west in 2013. how her family is reacting to the just announced news. first this is "today" on nbc. morni morning, the 31st of december, 2012. we here are still a few hours away from ringing in the new year. halfway around the world as you can see there in sydney, australia, they are already celebrating 2013 with a massive fireworks display. i'm willie geist along with erica hill, matt and savannah have the morning off. we're sharing at least the early part of our new year's eve with honey boo-boo apparently.
7:22 am
we are surrounded. >> which is lovely. morning person. you know that, right? >> yeah. >> three of the most talked about women of 2012. some of them pretty tough to forget. remember this mom who appeared on the eye-catching cover of "time" magazine or the news anchor who took a stand against a viewer who attacked her weight? maybe you remember the mom with a high-profile job who said women still can't have it all. we'll catch up with them. from veterans to overnight sensations, we'll have all the artists who made splashes in 2012. if you're stressed about what to serve at your new year's eve party tonight, we'll have last-minute ideas to help survive the night. first let's head over to andrea canning at the news desk. >> good morning and happy new year again, almost new year's to everyone at home. secretary of state hillary clinton is in a new york city hospital today.
7:23 am
she was treated sunday for a blood clot. more from nbc's chief science correspondent robert bazell who was at the hospital. good morning, robert. >> reporter: good morning, andr andrea. we don't know a lot of what's going on here. columbia university hospital is not saying much. we have a one sentence statement from hillary clinton's office which says, as you said, is being treated for a blood clot and it stemmed from a concussion she suffered a few days ago. the problem is that concussions, when they lead to blood clots, coming up, the women who had the blood clots are not usually treated with blood thinners as us talking in 2012, from the mom they say she's being treated. on the cover of "time" if she has a blood clot that breastfeeding her son. >> to the anchor who stood up occurred because she was sitting around or something, they would for herself after a viewer treat that with blood thinners criticized her weight. and that would be fine. but there may be more to this [ male announcer ] let's go places. story that we don't know. we'll have to watch it the next not just the ones you can find on a map. few days. as they say they're keeping her but the ones you can find in your heart. under observation to maek sure she's okay. andrea? >> let's hope for the best and thanks for the update, robert. let's go beyond everything we know.
7:24 am
and embrace everything we don't. raising taxes on the wealthy is separating the two parties as and once we've reached our destination, the deadline to the fiscal cliff let's keep going. draws to within hours. because inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still. unless aan agreement and reached it dances with the daring... and approved by congress by midnight, $500 billion in tax ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh, oh increases will begin to take [ male announcer ] ...and rewards the courageo effect and more than $100 with ideas that excite, billion will be cut from defense challenge, even inspire. ideas that take you places you never imagined. and entitlement programs. some analysts warn that could trigger another recession. ideas big enough and powerful enough a quick roundup of what has to make the heart skip a beat you talking online. 2012 has been a huge year for and, in some cases, maybe two. movies but christian slater toyota. let's go places. starred in playback with horrible returns that cost $7.5 million to produce but earned only $264. the dubious distinction of making the least money of any movie this year. jessica simpson is pregnant and proud, self portrait of her baby
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7:27 am
coldest new year's eve since 2009. the game will be played 1:00 we've got cold conditions in west texas. we've got 35 in seattle. p.m. this sunday let's check on lot of wet weather for ringing in the new year in the lower the morning commute to. >> there is lighter volume and mississippi river valley. you'll be looking at snow in your confetti through much of we are enjoying that light traffic pattern until wednesday. we have an accident on ohio, southern indiana. new year's day it's wet in the eastbound white marsh boulevard. midatlantic, gulf coast. 95 looks good at the fort sunny and cold in the pacific northwest. mchenry tunnel. chilly in the southwest. into southern california, it will be chilly here in pasadena. westbound 26 less liberty road, for the start of the parade, we'll see temperatures here in some downed wires are making er matters difficult. >> increasing clouds but not as 55 miles per hour on the north side. we continue to move well on the call with last wind and temperature is 41-45 and may be b w parkway at 55 miles per hour. an isolated sprinkle overnight, on the jfx, we are up to speed. most areas are dry >> a little chile to start the day with temperatures near 29 in chester town. only 27 in gaithersburg and
7:28 am
frederick. it will feel better in the afternoon per we're talking highs from 41-45 degrees with increasing clouds and slight >> erica, this giant steering wind. wheel is covered in seaweed. mostly cloudy skies tonight and got some tuna? temperatures fall into the 30's around midnight. i could make a heck of a sushi a few sprinkles or flurries are roll. >> i'll bring the soy sauce. thanks, al. three women sparking big possible but no big deal. debates on everything from we will not see any breast cancer to body image. accumulation. we'll talk with all of them right after this. is a little fr. i weigh myself naked. can i take my clothes off, too? [ woman ] oh, i don't want to look. ♪ [ woman ] let's get it over with. ♪ satisfaction! satisfaction! pizzazz! pizzazz! confidence. i like it! joy! [ female announcer ] tell us... what will you gain when you lose?
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
to put on a show. >> stop the music for a second. >> and sunday night, the grammy-winning rapper -- back now at ten after 8:00 >> can we make some noise for my with the women who had us talking in 2012. >> a mom on the cover of "time" baby mama right quick? magazine, breastfeeding her then >> took to twitter to share the 3-year-old son. she was here talking about it when that edition hit newsstands joy. while mom kris said oh, baby, back in may. >> you need to do what's best baby, baby. for your baby and your own family. jenner gushed over the future >> and jamie is with us this father of her soon-to-be morning from san francisco. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's been quite a few months grandchild. >> he's a great guy. for you. they're well suited for each the cover was pretty provocative, ease toy say. what has the response been like other. they're definitely really, really happy. >> reporter: the rapper went for you since then in these last few months? >> i don't think that there's public with their romance in been really much difference in our daily lives. march. this fall west even wrote his lady love into one of his songs. we were able to family wellness, >> my girl a superstar all from
7:33 am
a home movie. >> reporter: that's a not so subtle reference to the sex tape because of the "time" cover that helped to rocket kardashian to fame. thatt brought that into the since then she has reached forefront of the media and a superstar heights. millions tune in to see her realistic view of it as well as family's exploits into "keeping advocated for choice rather than up with the kardashians." i think people have the misconception saying this is a >> whatever. >> and her 2011 wedding to nba superior way to parent. that's not what we were saying at all. >> you were talking about the star kris humphries. passion of parenting. that's what the article was about. west wrote about that in another >> exactly. >> the cover, though, people song. >> and i'll admit i fell in love said this doesn't reflect with kim round the same time she attachment parenting. do you feel that the cover was fell in love with him. misleading in terms of what was really inside? >> i think that the cover was >> the marriage only lasted 72 days but the divorce proceedings intentionally provocative and controversial and i think -- and have gone on for a year. i understand that. and it's unfortunate in our culture sometimes we need only likely to intensify in the provocative and cultural images new year with their bundle of and tag lines to grab people's joy. kardashian is reportedly 12 weeks pregnant, maybe a summer attention to talk about things baby, i guess. it's not clear if she was at that maybe aren't very controversial or provocative.
7:34 am
that kanye concert. i think that's what it did. it potentially -- maybe i did hear she was there, but detracted a little bit from what that's only from the blogs. the article was even about. as far as her divorce, a trial is likely to be held next year. >> as you embark on this journey willie? >> this came as a surprise to that you're still in, in terms most people. of attachment parenting, do you any word on the street that you heard about this? feel it's given you more of a >> no. the kardashians just had a voice to talk about something that is important to you? christmas party that kris throws >> yes. every year. people were there. i think we're really blessed to she didn't really look pregnant. have this opportunity and to be able to bring the spotlight on this one shocked us all. >> how surprised was kim to issues that we think are kardashian last night that kanye really important. breastfeeding is extremely west told everyone how she did. important in our culture. and i'm not trying to detract >> her family flood with tweets from that at all. so they were all ready to go. they said they had been keeping another thing we've found is that we were able to meet people this one close to the vest and are relieved that everyone knows. >> they had their marketing opportunities. >> ready to go, yes. through the "time" cover and all >> you also told me, i didn't these opportunities we've realize this, that kanye west created this project in ethiopia to bring clean water to millions a's ex is pregnant as well. of people who have never had it >> yes. before. and so just this month 8,000 having a baby at the same time. people received access to clean water for the very first time in
7:35 am
their lives. >> not exactly what you imagined would come out of that cover, i >> this is kind of a strange time for this it came on imagine. jamie grumet, thank you for being with us this morning. quickly. >> it came on pretty quickly. news anchor from lacrosse, she's three months pregnant. they've been dating since spring. kim says she loves kanye, says wisconsin, who received an she feels like she's found her e-mail criticizing her weight. instead of ignoring it, jennifer equal. livingston took to the airwaves with a very personal message. k >> the truth is, i am overwei t kim's ready. she's always wanted babies. >> are we hearing plans about a marriage between the two of them? >> no plans yet. but if you look at her sister overweight. you could call me fat and, yes, even obese on a doctor's chart. but to the person who wrote me who has two children with scott, that letter, do you think i don't know that? that your cruel words are they're not married. pointing out something that i don't see? has to get divorced first. you don't know me. you are not a friend of mine. >> it's all about the branding you are not a part of my family and you have admitted that you don't watch this show. and market iing. so you know nothing about me but a baby that has two superstar parents that aren't afraid to market themselves, it could be a what you see on the outside. spin-off. this child, the whole world lies and i am much more than a number ahead thechl. >> duke and duchess of cambridge on a scale. >> and jennifer is with us here expecting a baby and now kimye, in new york this morning. great to see you. >> good morning. if i can use that term. >> kimye. >> 10,661,000 and change views. >> a very busy time for you. i just checked in my office.
7:36 am
>> okay. >> can you believe what happened >> yes. with this video? >> what does this mean for kim >> i can't. i still -- it's hard for me to kardashian's future? grasp how widespread the what does this mean for her brand? >> it's the evolution of a editorial went. brand. we saw her as a single lady, as and it's unbelievable. it's very inspiring. a married woman. now we'll see her as a mother. but it is hard to grasp. >> was there a moment for you when it really took off? you did this on your newscast. like her or love her, everybody is invested in kim kardashian. was there aa moment when someone called you and said this thing is really take iing off? >> we'll be watching. felicia quarrels, happy new year. now let's head to pasadena >> it's funny. we had heard from some midwest for a check of the weather from markets who wanted to talk with us. al. >> announcer: "today's" weather i with his at a luncheon for octoberfest celebration when i is brought to you by kellogg's special k products. >> good morning, everybody. looked down at my phone and said we're here at the rosemont the "today" show just called. it was like the reality set in, pavilion in beautiful pasadena where they are putting the final we excused ourselves from the luncheon and got back to the touches on the trader joe's office and realized what was sort of happening. float. >> it's fun and exciting but everything has to be covered by some sort of plant life. there's a very serious message in here. there's a quote in there i want take a look at this. to point out. this is how intricate it is. to women, do not let your self worth be defined by bullies. everything put on by hand, learn from my specious that the seeds, grasses, little lentils cruel words of one are nothing all cut -- these lentils have compared to the shouts of many. been cut in half for god sakes. this is now being taught in
7:37 am
schools. they're showing this. >> it is. i've heard from so many schools that's a lot of work. and i continue to hear from schools who have used this as a temperatures will be taking a big drop across the entire learning tool. for me that's what it was all country. look at today, temperatures about. it was meant to be something anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees local. it was meant to be a discussion that i wanted my own community below normal west of the mississippi. as we move through the week, in lacrosse, wisconsin, to start you're going to see those temperatures, that cold air making its way through the discussing. eastern half, northern half of the fact that now schools all the country, all the way into over the country and schools in canada and across seas are using new england. this to talk about and learn temperatures will be anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees below from is amazing. >> have you talked to the man normal aas we move on into who sent you the e-mail? >> i have not. wednesday. i've not had any contact with only one spot, him. i hold no ill will against him and i hope he doesn't to me. he was really a representative -- representation of a culture that we have right and >> increasing clouds the day now that i think needs to address being more kind to one but it feels better with less another. waiting period for tonight, we >> it's a great message. may see an isolated sprinkle or we're so glad to have you here snow flurries but nothing major in the studio. safe travel to you back to wisconsin. >> thank you. working as a director of policy planning at the state department. when she found the balancing act
7:38 am
between her career and family too much, she returned to her job as a professor at princeton university. opened up her decision in an article published in the atlantic titled "why women still willie, the good news is can't have it all." she is here this morning. lots of free food available. good morning. i can bring you back some >> good morning. >> it hits me right here with three little girls, working so grapefruit. >> all right, al. many hours in this job. it's called why women still and lentils cut in half. can't have it all but you say again, lentils cut in half. that women can towelly have it all if we do some restructuring wow! >> lentils cut in half! with the economy and society. >> we'll talk to you later. what do you mean about that? what changes need to be made? thanks. the new drug epidemic, >> as long as i've been a thanks. the new drug epidemic, what's confidence. i like it! professor, i can have it all because i'm in control of my own time. there are many, many more women and men who could have much more flexibility at work, who could be told here is the work you've got to get done. here is the quality of the work. you decide when you do it, how you do it. you could take time to be home when your kids get home from school, you could take that time to work out. but there are a lot of changes at the workplace that would make it much easier. >> ann marie, people had a lot
7:39 am
of mixed reaction to this article. some people say you're setting a bad example for the next generation and others say thank you so much for letting me know i'm not alone and not a failure, trying to do all of this. >> absolutely. most younger women, 35 and under, are just very grateful that this conversation is being had, because they want better choices than i think they see their mothers having had. many other women are very ambitious. they want top careers. but at some point with their families, they need to step back. and those women often feel like failures because they feel like somehow they didn't live up to being able to do it all, all the time. we need a world in which they feel good and they can still make it to the top. >> it's not a euphamism for being fired if you say i'm going to spend time with my family? >> no, only in washington when you say stepping down to spend time with your family means you're being fired. there's something really wrong with society. >> we appreciate you being here,
7:40 am
ann marie. and happy new year, of course. up next from gangnam style adele, the hottest music al acts of 2012 after this. treatme. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
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yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious not just the ones you can find on a map. but the ones you can find in your heart. because inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still. it dances with the daring and rewards the courageous with ideas. ideas that inspire. ideas that take you places you never imagined. ideas big enough to make the heart skip a beat and, in some cases, maybe two. toyota. let's go places. at the year in music.
7:43 am
editorial director of billboard magazine is here with a preview of its year in music edition. you're killing that sweater right now. handsome sweater. >> thank you so much. i had a little wardrobe mishap this morning. >> i hadn't heard. >> you guys covered it all for me. but thanks for bringing it right to the sweater. >> drum roll, please. >> it's adele. she has been artist year now two years in a row. her album 21 came out two years ago and never, never stopped. first artist that was artist twice in a row since destiny's child. and album of the year since the album "thriller." >> never stopped. even this year, two years later, she was the number four singles artist of the year. >> what does that tell us about her? what happens next for her? obviously she's had a couple of albums already and is selling in a way that albums haven't been
7:44 am
selling lately. >> it sold 10 million copies which i thought honestly wouldn't happen again in this era. she's in that enviable position of having to follow up one of those blockbuster type of things. everyone is watching to see what she does. you can be assured it's a quality album. >> she has the talent to back it up, too. >> absolutely. >> rihanna. what's her honor? >> hot 100 artist of the year, spent an enormous amount of time at number one in the charts "we found love" "diamonds." didn't really stop. a lot of people can focus on the controversy of rihanna, who she's dating, how provocative she's being. she embraces that role of pop star. >> hottest songs of the year we're talking about and you went to gotier. >> hung around the top five, top
7:45 am
ten literally almost forever all year long. the song that people discovered online first or a lot of people discovered online first, has that super artsy video that you're seeing right now and radio took over and it became unavoidable in almost every format, had dance remixes. >> something about it, it has staying power. >> maybe more staying power than he does. we'll see if he becomes somebody that we used to know. >> we'll see. now tell me about one direction. we've got to go there. big year for new artists. >> great year for new artists if you look at grammy nominations coming up in february. frank ocean, hunter hayes. amazing new singer. one direction became one of the first bands in a while to sell a million copies of two different albums in one year. they were just a force. anyone who kind of was remotely aware of music and music-related
7:46 am
headlines know their tickets for concerts were going on sale and getting snapped up not only right away but showing up on resale sights for thousands of dollars. this was the ticket every little girl and boy had to have this year. >> and blew out our plaza when they were here. "call me maybe" and "gangnam style." >> i would say social media in addition to artists. you can develop it without having the traditional radio or record backing. gangnam style comes out. it hit 100 million views before radio gets to it. "call me maybe" justin bieber sends out a tweet saying check this out. >> what's the lesson there for an artist who wants something to explode? >> first lesson would be to get justin bieber to tweet about it. >> that helps. >> the second lesson is make something great and people can connect with it online, that word of mouth marketing online, that social marketing can be the
7:47 am
most powerful tool in the world. >> happy new year. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be back. first your local news. this >> wbal tv 11 news today and baltimore. >> good morning at 8:26. if you have to travel today, lighter volume through wednesday. liberty road essex as a rigid avenue has an accent and liberty at washington avenue has downed wires. 58 miles per hour on southbound 95 through the white marsh area. very light volume down for the fort mchenry tunnel. 295 is in good shape with no delays and here's a look at 95
7:48 am
toward the 895 split, 55 miles per hour. through the glen burnie area, it is ok and six minutes is your drive, southbound 95 toward 100. 12 minutes travel time on the outer loop west side and 11 minutes on the north east side. >> we're starting off near 30 degrees but much better into the afternoon, low to mid 40's, and it feels better now with less a wind. a new storm system is approaching and that will mainly passed to our south but it could impact whether for new year's day. we will be mostly dry tonight with clouds building in and temperatures fall into the 30's around midnight. a sprinkle or snow flurries as possible but we have a 30% chance throughout the day tomorrow. we will not see any snow
7:49 am
accumulation. by wednesday, partly sunny and 39 degrees and near 40 the rest of the week and a star may pass to our south thursday. we will have another update in about 20 minutes.
7:50 am
7:51 am
now on this monday morning, december 31st, 2012, our plaza is filled with lots of good energy. lots of people here, ready to
7:52 am
kick off their new year. many of them are probably heading out to times square tonight. i'm erica hill along with willie geist and andrea canning. matt, savannah and natalie have the morning off. we have ideas for your last-minute party that your guests will never forget. a lot of people are making new year's resolutions that a lot of people won't keep. but there's a scientific method out there for keeping your new year's residency res luolution. >> my resolution is to spend more time with you. >> dripping with sincerity, too. >> it is, it is. >> what you can expect in the new year with entertainment, politics and technology, including a new website from the creators of twitter. that's a big deal. >> first, we want to say hello to carson daly, hosting new
7:53 am
year's festivities tonight. >> hi, mom. >> number nine for you. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. mtv years added in, it's like number 15 i've-in times square. it's a tradition i've grown to love. i heard al say it's almost -- '09 was record cold. and we're going to reach that. >> bundle up tonight. >> you still have to get excited when you're standing there with a million people below you. >> it's fun. it's one of those things like halfway through the show, am i going to do this next year? and then when the ball drops you're like, i'm so lucky to have the greatest seat in the house. we try to bring all the excitement and the danger and the fun that is times square. >> you'll be adding a level of fun this year. >> from "the office," rather than just talking to people, we're asking people on twitter to write us and give us from dares for angela to do.
7:54 am
that should make for some -- and in trouble for that reason. >> along with angela, domd trump will be joining you. >> donald trump will join us tonight. we'll look back at the music performances and the domd will give us a helping hand tonight. some performances like adele, robert hall in london, madonna, super bowl, mumford & sons. >> unlike these guys i'm home alone with my kids. we'll be watching you. >> you should. you're more than welcome. it's good family tv. they're talking about putting me in precocious areas of times square, too. >> last-minute tips for people to stay warm tonight? >> just go home, all of you. go back to your hotel rooms and start drinking. >> happy new year. nice to see you. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, andrea. >> new year's eve with carson daly tonight, 10:00 until 11:00,
7:55 am
going right through to 12:35. now to al out in paspasaden getting ready for the big rose bowl parade. >> when everybody finally wakes up from seeing carson's show they'll get to watch the rose parade here starting at 11:00 am eastern time. this is the donate life float, talking about life's ups and downs. 30,000 flowers, including this heart-shape flower. what's the theme of the float? >> journeys of the heart. >> as opposed to travel. journeys of the heart. let's check your weather see what we've got going for you as we watch in 3d. basically you're looking at the week ahead. the early part of the week, it's going to be below normal back through the plains, in through the west, rainy down in the south, snowy in the mid plains and into the northeast.
7:56 am
mid week, we'll be looking at temperatures cooling down much of the country. snow showers around the great lakes. lake-effect snow there. rain down and thunderstorms in the lower southeast and gulf coast. and as we get to the latter part of the week, the rain continues along the southeastern atlantic coast. chilly conditions continue from new england all the way down into the gulf. more normal conditions for the western third of the country. and these are just some of the volunteers that all the floats are covered by volunteers, which makes it that much cooler. that's what's going on around and >> increasing clouds the day but it feels better with less waiting period for tonight, we may see an isolated sprinkle or snow flurries but nothing major
7:57 am
and that's your latest weather. don't forget, get your new year's forecast, go to weather channel on cable or online. willie? >> al, thank you very much. coming up next, we'll drop some science on you. it's called changeology, a scientific method to keep all those new year's resolutions. first this is "today" on nbc.
7:58 am
7:59 am
new year new you is brought to you by kellogg's special k products. back at 8:38. this morning on "new year new you" resolutions, many of us vow to take a fresh start but what does it take to see them
8:00 am
through? in search of the answer. >> we ask so much of ourselves all year. january 1st comes along and it's usually this. >> hi, there. >> how are you? >> i'm looking to join a gym. what are your hours? >> 24-hour fitness so that would be 24 hours. >> 24 hours? ooh, yeah, i don't think this is going to work. thanks. >> reporter: we tried. believe me, we tried. what are your dessert specials? >> chocolate peanut butter bomb is a good shake and red velvet cake is outstanding. >> i'll have both. thank you. >> reporter: but too often we're tempted by the eye candy around us. fitness and food are your popular resolutions but this year, the focus is on improving finances. let's first take a step back and look into the long winding road of the new year's resolution. >> they originate in ancient roman times when worshippers would offer resolutions of good conduct to the two-faced diety
8:01 am
after whom the month of january is named. >> reporter: it may very well be an age-old tradition, but the new wave attitude has been to avoid the topic to avoid failing. >> i'm going to make a resolution not to make a resolution. >> reporter: you have your avoider and your pro accurac mu rastinator. >> my resolution is to get in touch with friends but i'm too busy right now so i'm going to put it off. >> when i have a chance? 75% of resolvers make it about a week. 50% succeed through january and only 40% will make it six months. psychologist dr. john norcroft says we are not destined to fail. he has a new scientific method he outlines in his book "changeology." >> were you, yourself, a failed resolution maker? >> yes, i am a failed resolver
8:02 am
myself. as are most people. >> reporter: finally after years and years of failed attempts at resolutions you will show me how to finally get this done? >> honest. you are going to psych yourself. then you are going to prepare or prep. then you'll perspire. so you will persevere through those slips and finally we need to persist for the long haul, three months, 90 days to seal the deal to solidify your behavior change. >> let me throw a little monkey wrench into your system and tell you what my new year's resolution is and see if we can apply the five p's. controversial spanish by the end of the year. so with my resolution in hand and coaching from dr. norcroft i'm ready to go. >> psych, prep, percent entire,
8:03 am
persevere and persist which i think for a lot of people, at least myself, you have to pray. >> jenna, i think you have the five steps of changeology down pat. where are you going to begin? >> my dad used to say to me when i was a kid. i think it's i'm such a sweet kid or something. it's -- [ speaking spanish ] i may be off by a word or something. i'm jenna wolfe. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
8:04 am
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back now at 8:44. from the fall of hostess to the rise of gangnam style, 2012 was
8:06 am
full of surprises. what can we expect in 2013? senior editor of "time." the president will nominate john kerry for secretary of state. >> he was once passed over the v.p. nomination, maintained his good soldier silence as hillary got the job that he wanted as secretary of state. this is his year to step into that job. eminently qualified for it. this is his chance to put that expertise into fray, egypt, seara iran, russia, china. it will be a big year for senator kerry. >> if confirmed. a lot of people think 2016.
8:07 am
we hear about jeb bush. what about this year? >> the bush family brand was clearly damaged between 2001 and 2009. the outpouring of love for george h.w. bush in the last week shows us that that clan still has clout and a lot of impact in the u.s. whatever jeb bush does in 2016, now is the time for him to have -- he has already begun doing this, stab himself as an ideological cornerstone for his party. he can draw his party back to the reasonable center. >> do you suspect he will make the move? >> that will be hard for him especially with the wide open primary. >> let's move on to business in 2013. marisa mayer coming to yahoo! from google. >> the fact she's a woman, so very young, announced her pregnancy on the day she was announced as the new head of
8:08 am
yahoo!. none of that matters to yahoo!. is she going to acquire apps, acquire a tech company? the fact that they released a new flicker that can compete with instagrahm and did it the day before instagram had their privacy issue. silicon valley legend. good year in a lot of ways for apple. released a flock of new products, ipad mini and iphone 5. there were some debacles, the maps issue, the plant issue. the stock is off 70% of its share high. we'll see how he will right the ship. >> also in technology couple of names people may not know as household names, ed williams, people who helped to create twitter out with something new this year. >> if you judge by twitter,
8:09 am
these guys know what they're talking about. medium, open blog platform for writing and other kinds of art. the thing about medium, it's sort of self cure aated. it's sort of leader-selected excellence. you'll see quality emerge. >> the teen screams in great britain aren't just for one direction. they're for a 17-year-old kid who has created something that will make him very wealthy. >> yes, very wealthy. nick dilunzio, tackling the problem next to impossible, to read a 2,000-word story on a tiny iphone screen. an algorithm, single page synopsis. doesn't give you as much as 2,000 words. think of it as finger food but very nutritious. >> when he was 15 years old he
8:10 am
created it and you think the future this kid has. >> i'm an underachiever already. >> we both are. what are you looking ahead for oscars? >> dark thirty and lincoln, struggled with for years. especially in zero dark thirty, we never figured out how to deal with that. les mis trying to become the first musical to win best picture. chicago did it in 2002. and "django unchained," savory, payback, civil war, tarantino-esque violence. we should expect a big festival, maybe a little bloody. >> lots to choose from. great wrap-up, jeff. thank you so much. happy new year. simple ways to impress your guests as you ring in the new year later tonight. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:11 am
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on "today" celebrates 2013, you only have a few hours left before your guests arrive. no pressure. good news is that there's still time to host a great night. no pressure. >> no pressure. these are really easy things. no one wants to spend a lot of
8:13 am
money. no one wants to spend a lot of time. hopefully these will take you an hour or two to get ready. >> that's doable. >> these are actually party hats. you can get them at the party supply store. >> very cute. >> little parchment in there. fill it up with popcorn, spiced nuts. this is my christmas decorations. i took them off the tree and you can decorate with those. >> very smart. >> people are intimidated by seviche, but it's very easy. poach the shrimp for two minute s. make a marinade with grapefruit juice, lime juice, garlic shallots, salt and pepper. then you can dress a little bit. >> looks delicious. >> with a little cilantro. >> the whole time to full time putt that together was what? >> if you don't count the
8:14 am
sitting time -- >> only talkative time. >> within ten minutes. this, i love these phyllo cups. they're the perfect vehicle. you can buy them already made, fill them with whatever you want. this is artichoke dip. you can put spinach in it, arugula. using some of the same ingredients. you don't have to buy more. put cream cheese in it, little mayonnaise, parmesan cheese. do all you want. we did gruyere and parmesan. you fill them and bake them for eight to ten minutes. >> so you can boy these made already. >> these are already done. put salads in them. you don't even have to bake them. another perfect vehicle, potato pancake. >> i like these vehicles. >> the delivery system.
8:15 am
you can do endive, whatever you want. >> it's classy. >> it's all about class. potato pancakes, potatoes, onion, squeeze out the excess water, put eggs in, salt and pepper. pan fry them. they're good to go. let them sit around. throw them in the oven to reheat them. loaded potato pancake. sour cream, anything you would want to put in your baked potato. >> load that up. >> the pancetta. put a little filet on that, seared scallop on it. so many options. it's just a vehicle. >> great vehicle. >> everyone has champagne on new year's eve. >> hey! >> just in time for champagne. but an affordable option, this
8:16 am
is called glara. $14.99. so easy. here, let me pour one of these. 12 grapes, one grape for each month. when the clock strikes 12, you're supposed to have a grape with every ding. if you get all 12 grapes in -- >> we did that -- >> didn't you do that with natalie? >> the more champagne you drink, the more difficult it is. >> and you have to get them all in. but then you have prosperity. >> happy new year. >> good idea. special new year's eve edition of "today's" take three after your local news.
8:17 am
>> good morning, i am sarah caldwell at 8:56. city detectives are searching for suspects in the shooting of a man in northeast baltimore.
8:18 am
officers responded on femic avenue before 3:30 sunday afternoon. officers found an adult male with a gunshot wound to his back and there is no word on his>> ih
8:19 am
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