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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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national fireworks could be in store if leaders in washington cannot compromise. the house has announced it will vote on other bills tonight. >> that means america will, indeed, fall of the fiscal cliff at midnight, at least technically. sally kidd is in washington with more. >> the two sides say they are very close to a final deal, but there is still a major sticking point. congress is going to miss its midnight deadline. just hours to go in the fiscal cliff is in sight. >> i can report that we have reached a deal on all the tax issues. >> the agreement looks like this. taxes will go up on folks earning more than $250,000 a year. tax credits for college tuition, clean energy and for those with
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children would be extended as well. >> it is not done. >> there are still some things to be resolved before it can bring legislation to the floor. >> in an afternoon briefing, president obama said he will not accept the deal that slashes spending without raising taxes, too. >> if they think that is going to be the formula for how we solve this thing, that is not how it is going to work. >> republicans reacted this way. >> i know the president has done heckling congress. i think he lost probably numbers of boats. >> he laughs and jokes and ridiculed republicans. >> both sides still have to sell any deal to their rank and file, and some democrats were not pleased. the senate may or may not vote on this tonight, but the house is adjourning and would vote on
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this tomorrow at the earliest. so technically, at least, the nation goes over the cliff at midnight. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland could lose hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs if america does go over the fiscal cliff. researchers estimate maryland will lose millions in federal funding next year, money already in the state budget. an october report also estimates 53,000 full and part- time jobs would be lost in 2013. the state would lose about $268 million in 2013 and more in 2014. one economist says to make up for the shortfall, the they would have to reallocate spending and make cuts. >> raise the threshold for any kind of aid. it will be a challenge for those
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making ends meet. >> middle-class family could also in up paying more taxes because of the alternative minimum tax rate. stay with us as we continue to monitor the final hours of negotiations on air and on line. we'll have all the late breaking coverage and also a special section on our website that explains the situation in greater detail. just had to >> it new regulations are on the way about access to guns for the mentally ill. we have advanced details tonight. jayne miller is live in the newsroom. >> the task force will recommend a step sure to generate a lot of debate, taking guns away from people in certain cases. >> the findings are sure to be controversial. the task force includes police,
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gun rights advocates and mental- health professionals, is set to recommend steps to keep guns away from people with mental illness without unfairly discriminating against anyone. among recommendations, better training of police and school personnel to identify patterns of mental illness. develop a system to share information so that police who approved gun applications are better acquainted with the mental health system. and when to give guns back to someone who has undergone mental health treatment. sure to raise the question, should those people ever get their guns back? leaders have reacted to the shooting earlier this month at the sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut that left 20 children and six adults dead. there are reports that the
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mother of gunman adam lanza may have been seeking treatment for her son, but details of his mental health history are unknown. >> the task force here has taken a look at california's law. requires licensed psychotherapist to turn over the names of patients who threatened harming someone physically. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> anne arundel county police are increasing their patrols at a bar and glen burnie as they investigate the third homicide in that area in three years. there have been three deadly shooting since 2009, the latest happening last night. investigators say they have a possible suspect, described only as an african-american male in -- 30's with that then bield
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with a thin build. >> i can tell you that the victim was found in the exterior parking lot. >> anyone with information is urged to contact the anne arundel county police department. >> the regular season is over and the afc champs, the are in full playoff mode. most of the ravens starters did not even dress for the game. the bengals won, 23-17. the colts will return to baltimore for another playoff game. ravens fever is sweeping the area. >> for ravens fans, this is the
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best time of the year, the playoffs. once again, we are in them. this morning, ravens fans were not that upset about yesterday's loss to cincinnati. >> yesterday was kind of boring, but i understood why they did it. >> for ravens fans, another year of getting in the playoffs and hopes this time we will go all the way. >> we are going all the way this year. >> i think they are, because they have lots of agility and everything. >> it is about time for them. i really think they are going to make it. >> of course, you have shirts just for sunday's game. this is one of my favorites, "the luck stops here." >> i think it will be okay. we are going to win.
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hopefully all the way. >> that are hometown team. they love their fans, and the fans love them. >> we are going all the way. >> so get out, get your gear, and get ready for sunday's game. >> we are the only team to go five-year straight now to the playoffs. this is what people are waiting for. we are due for a super bowl run. >> i think we are going to make it this year. >> absolutely. >> what is it about the ravens? >> ray rice. he is my favorite. >> is hoping we will be shopping for something like this, come february. >> that would be sweet, wouldn't it? people all around the world are gathering to ring in the new year, including right here in baltimore. >> one of the big spots in our area is the inner harbor. that is where sarah is tonight.
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>> a lot of excitement going on down here. we are already seeing people walking around in festive hats and 2013 goggles. things will only get busier here tonight. officials expect between 40,050 thousand people -- 40,000 and 50,000 people. things will kick off at 9:00 p.m.. a band called outbreak will be paying at the amphitheater. officials say they have a new countdown clock set up on a barge so we can see how close we are to midnight in the moments right before the clock switches over to 2013. we will see some orange and white fireworks tonight for the oracle -- for the orioles, to celebrate their good season. and there will be a lot of money brought into the city.
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>> the fireworks show has about $6.90 million impact on the city. it does have a great economic impact on the city of baltimore. >> if you are one of those people who is playing on heading downtown tonight, officials say you want to plan early and know how you will get down here and where you will be part. a lot of people will wait until the last minute to decide to come out here. organizers say you are better off if you get here early. >> last minute is not the way to do it. still ahead, how to save some money on your property taxes. >> it has almost been two months since superstorm sandy hit some parts of the east coast really hard. we have an update on how some folks on the eastern shore can get some additional aid.
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>> the most inspirational story of the nfl season. that plus a host of firings across the league, later in sports. >> we will let you know what to expect from the weather and the first few days of the new year. temperatures are in the
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>> as we head into the new year, a number of new laws are set to go into effect in maryland.
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one of the most high-profile new law allows gay couples to get married. current city officials will get an extra year in office. also, as of january 1, a parent or guardian will have a right to free credit reports for kids to protect them from identity theft. foster children are especially vulnerable. time is running out to see some extra bucks in your pocket next year. you have until today to file for the state homestead tax credit which limits how much property-tax can increase each year. it can file electronically if you had an election -- an application mailed to you. you can download the application and mail it in, but it has to be postmarked by today. for more on how to apply, go to our website,
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>> some maryland residents affected by superstorm sandy will be eligible to receive food stamps under a new federal program. president obama designated somerset county s a major disaster area, eligible for assistance. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> of very quiet day today and that trend will continue as we head into new year's eve. don't expect any weather trouble if you are going out tonight. you see the battle of the air mass is going on across the united states. kohl, arctic air coming out of the southern part of canada, warmer air from the south, and they are meeting right there in the ohio valley.
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a week little storm, but ahead of it you see the cloud shield extends all the way to the coast. it is trying to produce some precipitation ahead of it. the air is so dry, it is not doing a very good job. the cloud cover held back the temperatures today. it probably would have been a little bit warmer if it were not for the cloud cover. this looks pretty impressive. snow back in ohio and a little rain trying to show up across the state of maryland here. the air is so dry, most of it is the evaporating before it hits the ground. but 30% chance you might run into a sprinkle or snow flurries tonight. it is not enough to cause any trouble. it is 21 at the airport. the temperatures will not fall off that much this evening because of the cloud cover.
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by midnight, it should only be down in the upper 20's and low 30's big for this time of year, that is not that bad. a pretty decent forecast for this new year's eve. tomorrow the storm will pass south of us through the carolinas. most of the precipitation will stay down in virginia. the forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy, a sprinkle or snow flurry possible, no big deal. a 40%ar's day tomorrow, chance for a rain or snow shower. the high temperatures between 37-42, which is below average. the forecast taking us all the way into the weekend, not a lot going on. a 30% chance for rain or show saturday and sunday.
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sunday is the ravens game, so we will keep an eye on that. high temperature staying in the upper 30's and low 40's. >> not everyone can muscle through and hang on until midnight to usher in the new year. if you are more of a pint sized kind, let the ball dropped at noon. the center hosted its fifth annual midnight movie event, complete with a high-tech bulk drop as a blast of confetti. the party continued all afternoon. maybe they are onto something, celebrating before midnight. >> this is 11 sports. >> playoff week for the ravens. a match up with the colts on sunday. this week is the return of chuck
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pagano. a beloved, dynamic leader and friend to john harbaugh. he has already left a lasting mark on indianapolis. the feel good story an old home week means nothing to john harbaugh today. >> it will be great. it is something that in this profession is a big deal. by the same token, it is a game, they are the opponent, and right now they are just the opponent. >> the ravens know all about a rookie quarterback in the post season. joe flacco managed to win believe in miami. now is andrew love's turn.
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he has struggled -- andrew luck's turn. hardballs assessment of last year's no. 1 overall pick. harbaugh's assessment. >> you can tell he is very smart. a tremendous quarterback. like any quarterback, we will be looking forward to paying -- playing against him. >> many a rallied suffered through black monday. seven coaches were fired today. finished aead coach
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dysfunctional campaign with the gm intent on getting fired but will remain intact for 2013. he had an 8-8 campaign last year. the surprise of the day, lovey smith was fired in chicago. here is a graphic of all the dismissals. norv turner was fired in san diego. the buffaloes got rid of chan gailey. one more check of the forecast coming up right after this.
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>> most of the role -- will be celebrating the new year, but some couples around here will be getting ready to get married. starting tomorrow, gay marriage is legal in maryland. tonight we will introduce you to one of those couples that will
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make history here. lawmakers continue negotiations on that dreaded fiscal cliff. those stories and more on
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>> if your going out tonight, you will need a jacket. >> the temperature in midnight, only 33 degrees. there is a slight chance for a sprinkle or snow flurries, but no big deal. >> i wore my party dress.
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>> thanks for joining us. of a safe new year, everybody.
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