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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the end of the week in maryland. drivers need to especially be on the alert for the evening rush hour. it appears a frosty friday is in store in our area. >> the department of transportation says it will activate its emergency operating centers tomorrow at noon with 150 pieces of equipment and 13,000 tons of salt on standby. let's check in with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the call this certainly here and another fast-moving storm system is headed this way. temperatures have not warmed at all, cooling back into the teens in the evening hours. the next system will produce that powdery, dry snow when it hits the pros and surfaces. the system is dropping rapidly to the south and east and expected to get here with the friday evening rush hour. when you add this note to the
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mix, plan on it taking little longer to mro -- when you add the snow to the mix. >> another big story tonight, his family says anthony anderson was killed by baltimore city police officers last september. an investigation basically came to the same conclusion, but then word today, no criminal charges will be filed in the case. kate amara explains why. >> i was shocked. i was flabbergasted by the whole situation. it seems like they are making a mockery of the whole thing. >> in september, the 46-year-old died in police custody. police initially believed he choked on drugs after resisting arrest and being tackled to the ground. on thursday, city state's attorney gregg bernstein announced no criminal charges will be filed against stroman or the other two officers on the
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scene. >> we have concluded that the detective did not act with the intent to calls death or serious injury to mr. anderson. >> an autopsy showed he died from blunt force when he fell while the detective did cause his death, bernstein said the use of force was not excessive. >> he did everything possible to be as -- we did everything possible to be as thorough as possible in examining all the forensic evidence. >> anderson's family contest the conclusion. they think he was racially profiled and that bernstein discounted key witness testimony. >> it's like they put all that out of the window and just took the police word. that is not fair. >> we are not going to stop. >> the civil rights division of
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the departed justice is currently conducting an independent investigation. the family's attorney says he will now move forward with a civil suit, and the city police department's internal affairs division will decide if administrative action should be taken against the police officers. >> state police must now turn over racial profiling complaints to the naacp. all in a ruling from maryland court of appeals. law-enforcement officials argue the documents are personnel records and thus exempt from disclosure under maryland public information law, but the court disagreed. the naacp says the ruling sets a strong president and will help determine if and when racial profiling claims or investigated. prosecutors were dealt a blow today. the judge will allow defense lawyers to try and show the lead
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detective in the case has a history of lying. detective daniel nicholson is currently under investigation for alleged unauthorized search he led when his teenage daughter ran away last year. >> late this afternoon, prosecutors rested their case against the anne arundel county executive. testimony has been anything but typical of the past weeks. barry simms has details from annapolis. >> another former member of county executive john leopold's security detail outlined his duties and responsibilities. he testified that he took his concerns to his superiors, but nothing was ever remedy. he claims that in 2010 he asked to be taken off the detail, saying i no longer wish to be part of this. when the defense asked about resigning, he replied, i did
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not resign. to others to work for the county and are now suing leopold are paying close attention to the misconduct in office case. >> this man victimizes everyone who crosses his path. whether you cross him personally or just merely by contact, and that is what it all comes down to. everyone is afraid to get fired because they are afraid to speak up to john leopold. any elected official who is put in that situation and abuse their power, they don't belong in office. >> the sergeant said he worked overtime on weekends picking up newspapers and taking leopold to breakfast and lunch. he said he also handled its old campaign funds, but on one occasion, leopold decided to handle it, saying the officer was not supposed to do it. during the may 2010 event, leopold instructed him and another officer to watch out for a woman named connie, that she was not to approach him.
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she is the same woman leopold was alleged to have a liaison with in a parked car at a bowling alley. the sergeant was given immunity. he said he thought it because he had seen what leopold had done to other county employees. >> for some like that to be put in a position where they are to o uncomfortable to say this is ruining my life, it is just a disgrace. >> judge dennis sweeney will decide if leopold broke the law by using members of his security detail for personal and political duties. roddick, the defense will make a motion for judgment of acquittal. the judge will then determine if the case continues. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a group of men in baltimore county purse snatching to designer level larceny when they raided the louis vuitton store
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at the mall. george lettis picks up the story live at police headquarters. >> please tell us that thanks to a pretty simple strategy and some pepper spray, a group of roberts quickly stall about a dozen persons that were worth a whole lot of money. louis vuitton handbags go hand in hand with high fashion and high price. it is one of marchetti police said four men pulled off a high value highest at the town center mall on monday when they stole 14 purses at the louis vuitton store. >> porting thousand dollars? >> $35,000. >> $35,050, to be exact. at least three workers including a security guard were in the store in the middle of the afternoon when the men came in and quickly started taking a variety of purses off the shelves and racks and headed out of the store.
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>> two of the employees did react, and the suspect used pepper spray to attack them. i believe one of the victims was a security officer. >> they left three nearby exit and fled in a vehicle last seen headed toward doppler wrote. completing a rapid robbery worth $35,000. a mall spokesperson told us they turned over surveillance video to detectives. they are not releasing descriptions of the larcenists. >> military women serving in direct ground combat roles is now becoming a reality. the pentagon lifted a ban on women in combat earlier today. it was recommended by the joint chiefs of staff announced today by defense secretary leon
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panetta. >> the fact is that they have become an integral part of our ability to perform our missions. if they can meet the qualifications involved here, there is no reason why they should not have a chance. >> the move will open up more than 230,000 battlefront post. o woman may still be excluded from certain positions like navy seals. a number of young women have been signing up for junior rotc programs. educators say these programs have become more popular because it promotes discipline, academics, and responsibility. students say they support lifting the ban on women serving in combat roles. >> i know from family and personal experiences that i supported. women should have equal opportunity of that is what they want to do in life.
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>> patapsco high school has the largest junior rotc program in baltimore county. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says massachusetts senator john kerry is the right choice to succeed her. she introduced him before the senate foreign relations committee as his confirmation hearing got underway. he testified before the very same panel that he chairs, answering questions on a range of topics from afghanistan to syria to iran. the committee is expected to confirm his nomination. senate majority leader harry reid said a full senate vote will take place on tuesday. in washington today, president obama pledges tough enforcement of new wall street regulations. his two latest cavan nominations include mary jo white to be the head of the securities and exchange commission. she specializes in prosecuting white-collar crimes, terrace, and even brought down john gawdy.
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-- brought down john gotti. >> still ahead, lucky in love. >> is even better to be a super ravens couple. one some sweethearts are even more excited about saying i do. >> who is your favorite child? the tough question posed to the hearts of parents. >> the doppler shows more snow headed this way. the forecast is coming up.
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each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >> you can now be part of the
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ravens sendoff crew, and send them off in super bowl style. the city is preparing a rally that will be held at the inner harbor amphitheater. it all officially starts monday morning at 11:30. gerry sandusky is the emcee. the celebration will include ravens cheerleaders and members of the original ravens of super bowl winning team. >> it sounds like fun. and sports be a catalyst for romance? it can indeed. we introduced you to a couple earlier this week that met at a super bowl party 12 years ago. they decided they would not tie the knot until the ravens return to the super bowl, which is soon. kai reed has the latest on the lovebirds. she is live in the newsroom with that story. >> they have been busy making their wedding plans as they share their story with us on monday, but had no idea that a local business and a ravens play or are planning a very special
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gift for their celebration. we first met daisy and jim on monday when they told us about their first date at a ravens dust giants' super bowl party 12 years ago, and their promise to get married if the ravens ever made it back to the big game. >> the next time the ravens go, that is when we will finally get married. >> they started making plans to e loup in new orleans on super bowl weekend and just watch the game on tv. board and a ravens player came up with a huge surprise after watching our story. then came the surprise of a lifetime. >> i want you to open this up, and you might get excited what is inside there. >> oh, my gosh! >> no way!
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>> they got two tickets to the super bowl. >> it was nice to hear the story, and when i heard they were not going to the game, that is when we decided we had to change their fortune. >> it is always good to do something back for them because they always support us. >> they decided to drive to new orleans and camp out in tents. they have even scope out lighting locations on the internet. >> it is exciting. we have been waiting a long time, and this is really special, the way it is happening. >> i think he wanted to do it now because then he will never forget our anniversary. >> she says part of the wedding planning has included shopping on the internet for a purple wedding dress.
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kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> love is in the air. the showdown of brothers in the super bowl has already drawn crazy attention, but how about john and jim harbaugh's parents? they had a super bowl conference call and got a question from john harbaugh, who introduced himself only as john from baltimore. >> is it true that both of you like them better than john? >> is that john harbaugh? [laughter] >> mom was ready to come right through this bone. i am so glad she recognized her voice. >> will have more on game prep later in sports. our ravens countdown coverage also continues on line, taking you inside the scene with the
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cheerleaders, ray lewis and his amazing career, and how the ravens got to new orleans. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this is the weather radar screen looked at 24 hours ago, that first little patch of snow was coming through the area. it was substantial down in southern maryland. st. mary's county picking up almost 6 inches of snow, and then the skies cleared out for most of the day. the next system coming in will be quick, too, but this one comes in tomorrow evening. at the airport today we had 2 inches of snow. when you melted down, it did not amount to a whole lot, but it does not take much to produce 2 inches of snow.
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the same sort of thing, powdery, dry snow tomorrow evening. 41 as normal, 15 for the low so far. is getting cold again. so for the skies have state official clear from baltimore ease, and that is letting the temperature drop quickly. we are already down to 16 and 15 tontitown.ter and taunted tow it will be a cold morning, some single digits in the colder selkirks. -- in the colder suburbs. tomorrow, winter weather advisory on the eastern shore in delaware and a winter storm warning in the mountains. check with the forecast here and we will update you on advisories' that have been posted. here is the system coming in. it is whipping through the mid atlantic tomorrow evening.
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not a lot of moisture with it but it is so cold, it does not take much moisture to produce some snow. cutting right through baltimore during evening rush hour. off the coast by midnight and clearing up in time for the weekend. behind that storm, it will be breezy and cold with the potential for a trace to a dusting in most areas. our forecast, 20's 4 highs, snow in the afternoon, 1-3 inches possible and light, southerly winds. in the mountains, 5-9 inches of powdery snow. on the eastern shore, it will be cold. the snow arrives in the evening hours and might complicate the friday to meet. saturday, partly cloudy and breezy. if you are doing the polar bear plunge, the water temperature
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is 36 degrees, air temperature 23. it is going to be cold, for sure. breezy and cold on saturday, sunny skies sunday. warmer air moves our way, 40's on tuesday and maybe into the thick deposit by next wednesday. >> ray lewis wants to see a super bowl trophy in baltimore for second time, but he does not want to see it here this week. we will tell you why, coming up next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $500,000.
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28-6-32-5-43-33. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $525,000. the next drawing is monday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. the maryland lottery, let yourself play.
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>> ray lewis wants nothing more than two in his nfl career by placing a super bowl trophy for the second time in his career. he does not want it anywhere near the ravens facility until after the super bowl. earlier in the week, reagan's players had a chance to pose with the super bowl trophy, until ray lewis found out. he did not want to get anybody on the team into a super bowl of
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total op with the trophy. that is why he is going to the super bowl, to win the trophy. >> everybody wants you to have it did take pictures with the. i tell my team, don't ever take pictures with something you have not earned. when we hold that lombardi, whoever holds the next sunday, you have earned it. don't fool yourself and don't go through that. >> now you know. joe flacco has thrown eight touchdown passes and no interceptions. he has grown used to getting overlooked an underappreciated, especially on the national stage. as long as the reagan to keep winning, he does not much care who does not like him and who
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does not notice or appreciate him. >> i really don't care. there are guys out there that have to make a living picking on somebody, and if that is going to meet -- if that is going to be me, i plan on being around here for a while. >> you have to love cam cameron for this. he calls john harbaugh decision to change offensive coordinator's late in the season a brilliant move. he says it will force everyone on the ravens team to look in the mirror. in a spirit of fairness, harbaugh had plenty of praise for karen today as well. he said cam cameron deserves a lot of credit for the ravens offense because he laid the foundation over the past five seasons. a major priority for the ravens
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, he had only seven catches in the last seven games, but davis resurfaced last week in a big way with five catches and a touchdown. now davis looks to become the go to guy again. >> it meant a lot for him to go out and help the team when. our goal at the beginning of the season was to play the super bowl, and we are here. all we have to go out and do now is when it. >> not much difference between the no. 10 and 11, but put the numbers on a basketball court and you see a big difference. a by-59. north carolina won the first meeting between these teams earlier this month -- 85-59.
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the tar heels needed a comeback in the second half. johnson took three but carolina was still down 18. she finds the bucket inside and maryland finds but win column, 85-59 tonight at comcast center. tom tasselmyer with the outlook over seven days. will it ever warm up again?
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>> i spent 22 minutes shoveling snow today, but who is counting? [laughter] >> a chance of more snow tomorrow. you could probably sweep it because it is dry and powdery. it will likely impact your friday evening rush hour. wind chills around 20 degrees. bay water temperatures 36. >> that is a look at our news. thanks for joining us. >>
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