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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> it is that time of the year
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to tell summit to go jump in the water and they will do it. we take you to the polar bear leininger. -- plunge. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news, live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everybody. the ravens compared to head to new orleans. fans are heading to the stores and looking for gear to support them. sarah is reporting live with more. >> people keep going in and out of this place. the owner is says it has been like that since 9 a.m. on monday morning. people cannot get enough of ravens gear.
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the owner says he expects things will be even busier as we approach next weekend. people are looking for things further super bowl parties. they have championship shirts, jerseys, hats, and other things. >> the locker room t-shirts, anything with the super bowl on it, the flags, other things like that. >> i have to. they will win. we have to support them. >> some items have started to run out, especially the ones made overseas and need to be shipped over. the one thing that they really want are the items that they cannot win -- cannot buy, and that is a win. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> thank you. you can help the ravens take the news off in style. it is on monday at 1130 at the empathy there. 11 sports director and sports of the director will be the emcee which will include ravens cheerleaders, the mascot, and members of the raven super bowl team. >> 13,000 people did something today that most people in the cold winter will not. they jumped into the icy chesapeake bay to raise money for the special olympics. some did it every hour for an entire day. we explain the motivation behind the super plungers. >> they started plunging friday morning. time after time, they went into the water. one time every 24 hours.
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this is the 10th anniversary of the super plunge. it began with 3 people. one person started the plunging a few years ago. did you think it would be this big and this great? >> it is great that it has gotten this big. i want more people to come. >> he could not plunge this year. he has been fighting leukemia. others took the plunge for him. >> that was motivational for us. >> it was a cold night, but knowing that he was there -- i heard he was up at 5 a.m. in the morning and ready to come back here. incredible. that is the support that he gives us. it is great to see him here. he was here early this morning and came back after a couple of hours of sleep. other people have been up all
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night and art tired and are ready for that last one to kick things off for the rest of the day. >> by saturday morning, they were still pledging. folks started showing up at sandy point state park. this is the 17th annual polar bear lunch. it is an event like no other. >> it gives back. it is for a good cause. >> i have my five-year-old doing it this year. it will be a lot of fun. >> at 1 p.m., thousands took the plunge. as always, it was a sight to see. all of these people helping special olympic athletes. wbal-tv 11 news. >> you could hear the screams. they raised more than $2 million. we will have the final number of the week running up.
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very cold week. >> it was a little colder before it that started. we know why they were screaming. they were screaming because it was so cold. water temperatures were only in the 30's. we look at the radar from today . we can see a good part of last night and today, we had snow shower activity mostly to the west of us. not really accumulating. this was a separate system that has been passing through the upper atmosphere. that will diminish tonight. another weather system and the leading edge of warm air will be coming in on monday. that could be a problem. we will talk about that forecast and the rest of the weekend coming up. >> one of the great soldiers in the civil rights movement have died.
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the reverend led protests and committed his life to social justice and equality. he was a major figure in the community for four decades. we must give thanks to the reverend for his bravery, honesty, and righteous perseverance. the reverend was 89. >> baltimore county fire units were fighting a three alarm fire in a strip mall. this is on philadelphia boulevard. investigators say the fire appears to have started inside a chinese restaurant. the fire was upgraded to a heard alarm. -- third lot. >> the fire spread fairly rapidly, particularly in a restaurant where they have cooking oils and a lot of combustibles. that necessity as to upgrade the
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fire fairly quickly. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a bone marrow drive today to help those in need. the rector of the basilica of assumption in baltimore baltimore was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006. he has one transplant. doctors say that he needs a second transplant. the drive today is to raise awareness that any healthy person between 18 and 44 can become a bone marrow donor. >> as a donor, you can help save another person's life. i understand it. i have been through it. i will go through it again. there are a lot of young people out there who might get the kind of support i am getting. there are a lot of families out there who are praying that
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someone can be the bone marrow donor for their child. that is the difference between life and death er. >> participants will be notified if there is a match. >> why a long serving senator says it is time for him to step aside and not take another term. also, gun-control advocates rally in the capital, calling for stricter gun laws.
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>> houses of people march through washington, d.c. today for stricter gun laws. many carried signs of those who died in the sandy hook massacre. organizers are calling on congress to pass a ban on military style assault weapons and high-capacity i do zines.
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-- magazines. they say it is not about taking away second amendment rights, but saving lives. >> we need to challenge all editions who think it is easy to ask the teacher to stand up to someone with a weapon than it is her them to send it to a gun lobbyist with a check up. >> the washington rally was part of a dozen protests across washington in favor of gun control. >> senator tom harkin says it is time for him to step aside. he will not seek another term. he says his age is a factor of the decision. he says it is time to pass the torch. his legislative accomplishment was the american with disabilities act. >> there is a warming trend. we have some precipitation.
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and never of different types of precipitation in the forecast. we will talk about that in a minute. temperatures are at the freezing point at the airport. we have not seen that for a while. d
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>> your forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> let us take a look at the radar.
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i've circled the metropolitan area around the beltway. still some flurries out to the west of us. most of this is out in virginia. no accumulations of that at all. that will let up a little bit during the irving -- during the evening hours. still below the average. we will begin to see these records go up a little bit. the coldest time of the year -- the storm is time of the year from this point out was in february. nothing big in our forecast. the trend is up. we have been below the average. the typical average is around 32. we will see temperatures on a rise. temperature wise, we're hovering around ready to in annapolis.
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30 on the boardwalk. frederick, 27. big area of high pressure sitting over us. there is a little disturbance running through that now. basically, this is pretty quiet air. this warm front will be a key player in the monday morning whether. the warm air will be moving into cold air and the warm air cold a lot more moisture. we could see something. there could be some kind of winter he makes. -- wintry mix. here is the satellite. this is out to the west. the first element will be pushing our way beginning on monday. the cooler air is settling over us. but does not really coming our way. you can see the warmer air beginning to push up in the states. that is the warming trend. not tonight. we will have liked northwest
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winds and scattered clouds. yes, temperatures will be cold, but the sun is setting a little bit later now. that is encouraging. these temperatures are still below average. we will see an increase in clouds toward the end of the day. here is the futurecast. the dry conditions we will have until sday. monday morning we will see a wintry mix coming into the area. that could affect the morning rush hour on monday. temperatures are above freezing and in the 40's on monday with that wintry mix. tuesday will be basically drive. 50's on wednesday with rain. >> thank you. there were moments today when we were maryland crazy. >> there were moments where my
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jaw dropped. goodness gracious.
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>> from the sportscenter, this is 11 sports. >> the ravens will leave monday for new orleans. say to say they went about practice today as a regular effort. they have a game plan that has the defensive telling us this week that he is very happy. they have a very relaxed group
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going to the big easy. not everyone is satisfied with just showing up. >> i think our guys are in thing about -- thinking about the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. that is good reasoning right there. our guys are football players. in terms of enjoying this moment come and join the most important moment is football. that is the best part. we can do the other stuff anytime. we need the opportunity to prepare for the super bowl. >> first of all, you either get better or worse. you never stay the same. that is the number one thing. the other thing, it is about football. keep it simple. keep our focus on where it belongs.
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our guys are very sharp and excited. they want to go down there and do better. they have practices to be a great football team. >> john harbor oh has very much enjoyed this week of getting ready for the super bowl. please were free to get ready for that trip. for one player, that means hanging out with fans. he signed autographs for a couple of hours and took autos. -- photos. he was incredible to watch. to continue your game week prep for super bowl xlvii, we have you covered. an hour of ravens db you do not want to miss right here on wbal- tv 11 news.
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all the things that you do not want to miss. mr. maryland dunk since when? that dunk was the only second- best today. the terps lost against duke. reverse slam. i nearly jumped out of my seat. maryland defense -- over and over again. second half. does well. curry -- there he goes. mason. the reverse, follow slam. i have never seen that before. and i have watched a lot of basketball. i'm real.
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too many turnovers and to do below many missed shots. georgetown taking on louisville. first half. th e drive. second half. 46-43. tied at 48. the hoyas had the final say. goodness. georgetown knocks off louisville 53-51. louisville 53-51.
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>> all right, john. >> here we go. just above freezing. some clouds coming in. monday morning, a wintry mix. high temperature of about 43. wednesday we will see some rain. >> we will keep an eye on monday for the big rally. that is it for now. stay tuned for the ravens report and the ravens a wrapup. we will leave you with scenes from the polar bear plunge. have a good night.
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