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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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winds could gust over 40 miles per hour. we could see a little thunder. the worst of the severe weather will stick to our south. we will have some heavy downpours and gusty winds. tomorrow it will turn sharply colder. more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> remember, you can always track storms and where you are. try our new apps. get the updated forecast every single day at >> in other news tonight, the perry hall high school teenager charged as an adult with first- degree attempted murder once his case -- case transferred to juvenile court. robert gladden jr. accused of bringing a gun to school on the first day of school and opened the shooting in the cafeteria. a special needs students was seriously wounded. the doctor who evaluated him said the teenager suffers from major depressive disorder.
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testimony will resume tomorrow. meanwhile, jurors in the michael johnson murder trial heard from the coroner who ruled felicia barnes died of ecstasy of. her decision was made by a fault as there were no other explanations. -- asphexia. her body was pulled from the susquehanna river in april of 2011, four months after she disappeared. and >> the county council called an emergency meeting after john leopold was found guilty of misconduct in office. center in outside the annapolis with the details. legal fightold's continues, this time with the county council trying to dismiss the executive from office for
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good after he was found guilty on misconduct charges yesterday, but not so fast says the county attorney. >> motion carries. >> late this afternoon the county council introduced a resolution that if approved by a supermajority vote would vacate office of county executive, which would force him out of office and began the process of appointing his replacement. moments at the resolution was introduced, the it county -- the county attorney told reporters that the council resolution is illegal because of his interpretation of the word conviction and whether or not being convicted in maryland begins at the finding of guilt or sentencing. >> they have no power. they have no authority to remove the county executive or any other official convicted of a crime until the crime -- until the conviction is a matter of record. until the conviction is final. maryland law is very clear that the conviction becomes a matter
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of record at the time of sentencing. >> he has been found guilty of a crime, and from my perspective, it is over. >> date night is when the council plans to hold a public hearing on the resolution and potentially take a vote. the sentencing date has not been scheduled. late today we confirmed that the judge and the attorneys involved in the misconduct case will have a conference call tomorrow to schedule a sentencing date. for now, live in annapolis, wbal-tv 11 news. pushedy martin o'malley unfinished business in his state of the state address. inside the state house with highlights and reactions. washe governor's speech warmly received by a joint meeting of the general assembly
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session, but it was harshly received by republicans. they say the governor is now auditioning for higher office, and they believe his agenda reflects his presidential ambitions. >> great gov. martin o'malley. [applause] >> martin o'malley step to the podium made up for the camera and use the teleprompter to deliver his state of the state address. the governor proclaimed maryland is strong and growing stronger because of the choices made, tax decisions, and social policies. >> better choices, better results, and the proof is in the progress. >> he wants to ban the sale of military assault weapons, provide a digital fingerprints, and complete fire arm training. abolishing the death penalty is also part of his legislative agenda. the governor hopes to remove
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barriers to employment for returning military debts and create work force training partnerships. >> this year's budget is a jobs budget. in invest and 43,000 jobs. >> without spelling it out, he pleaded for a gas tax for transportation projects. -- it invests in 43,000 jobs. former governors believe this year could be the best year to submit for higher office. >> it will start going down. it will be gradual. >> state house republicans confirm it reflects his ambitions. >> the fact that he brought so many people who were ambassadors here, and people from the obama administration. it was like he was doing an audition. >> the policies and the people that were in the crowd, this is
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the price people will pay for his ambitions. >> there is more that unites us than divides us. >> two tickets to paradise. baltimore. >> one of those things is the mighty, mighty baltimore ravens. speech what --'s was purposely written to resonate on the state and national level, some believe. >> them media continues in new orleans as the ravens prep for the shoe burble -- the mania continues in new orleans as the ravens prep for the super bowl. >> it is cold here. we're not complaining. and i am sure it does not faze
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the ravens. they are so balanced. so much so that ray rice may not be getting as much attention as he is used to carry o. >> ray rice is certainly accustomed to being the star on offense. now, how is he handling all that? he also has a budding star right behind him in bernard pierce. >> the ravens tie-line offense has joe flacco on the star of sports"illustrated -- "sports illustrated" twice. rice has not dazzled with highlights. mostly it offering ground- pounding yards. does that sit well with someone who is very much enjoyed his rise to nfl stardom? >> i do not have to be the
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center of attention. and i know i am a playmaker on the team. my number will be called fairly often, but there are other guys out there that can do it as well. >> everyone pretty much place for each other. we all know our capabilities and tried to play to the full extent of that. that is how we pretty much approach it, play for each other. >> to further prove that, look at to bernard pierce. >> he saw me struggling a little bit, and he eventually took me in and started showing me the plays. we develop the bond and friendship to be able to push each other. >> of course it the 49ers -- if the 49 is decide to focus on
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this, that will allow ray rice to run again. john harbaugh likes to preach team, team. when you do it and it works, you end up at the super bowl. >> ray rice the epitome of a team player. he is just thrilled to be here, even though it is cold. >> it is not cold. just breezy. >> you are in such a great restaurant town. have either of you had time for an actual sit-down dinner somewhere? >> i had one. i do not recall the name of the restaurant, but it was fabulous. >> dick and jenny's. we anticipate much more along the way. >> thanks guys. purple spirit is popping up all across the state, including the local retirement home here in baltimore.
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>i love it. oakcrest released this video paying tribute to the baltimore ravens super bowl season. it features a resident of the retirement living community dreaming of making an entrance, performing the ray lewis dance. >> that was awesome. that was tremendous. coming up, an unusual journey for one local family tried to get to the super bowl. >> the journey beginning in afghanistan. >> i was going to miss the entire season, and i was very upset. >> how the servicewoman manage to get home and in new orleans for the big day. >> john harbaugh talked about the one thing his father for got to teach john and jim about
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coaching in the nfl. you will hear that later in sports. >>
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>> a lot of ravens fans headed to the tune -- headed to new orleans for the super bowl weekend. >> for one area couple it has been a long and very complicated journey to get there. >> i have my jersey on.
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>> major melissa and her husband david are some of the biggest ravens fans around. season-ticket holders making the trek to the super bowl. melissa might be the fans traveling the furthest. she was a ploy to afghanistan in june and made it back, just in time. -- she was deployed into afghanistan in june. >> i looked at the schedule and could not decide what game to come home for. i decided to come home from the super bowl because obviously the ravens would be in it. >> she scheduled her two-week vacation around the super bowl. she and david bought tickets and happy to spend a short time together at the game. >> what a great opportunity. this is the first one we are ever going to. this is a bucket list item as well. >> ray lewis last game and some
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of the senior veterans. it is like the perfect scenario for a game to go to. >> when you look at their basement, it is not hard to see how dedicated the fans are. melissa watched the games in the middle of the night when she was in afghanistan wrapped in heard what the purple here. there were boast oversees the last time the ravens went to the super bowl so they're thrilled to be there in person this time. >> it is really great to be something to remember. no matter what we do, we can always look back is a really good experience. >> they are confident that the ravens will once again bring home the lombardi trophy. >> after the super bowl they plan to come back home and relax so she can spend time with family before heading back to afghanistan. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom
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tasselmyer. >> you heard mindy mentioned the big change in the weather in new orleans. the big change when it got there couple of days ago and the temperatures were in the '80s. -- 80's. temperatures have dropped into the upper 50's. it does produce a little bit of a chill down there. if you are headed to new orleans for the weekend, you will be dealing with generally cool gulf coast weather. loews into the upper 30's. -- lows. around here we will see big temperature changes. the same system that went for new orleans last night is moving through our area today. we hit 70 ahead of this front. we were within two degrees of a record high today. for now still on the warm side of things. temperatures are in the 50's and
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60's in the area. a flood watches in effect for all of central and southern maryland. advisories on the eastern shore and up into northern delaware and central pennsylvania. strong wind gusts could accompany the showers of their moving through. the blue-shaded areas of high wind advisory. the pink area is a warning. just to our south, a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings near charlottesville, virginia. a severe thunderstorm watch covers southwestern virginia. pretty stormy to our south. we will have to see if this makes up into the baltimore area tonight. right now the best chance for severe storms will be from charlottesville, richmond, and ports south -- points out. wet and warm overnight. 50's will be the high temperature tomorrow. the front off to the west of us
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bringing dramatic temperature changes. that will reach baltimore at 3:00 in the morning. that is about when the high temperature for the day will occur. after that temperatures steadily falling. the snow will return to the mountains. once the cold gets here, the weather disturbances tracking through it might bring flurries or snow showers to the area on friday appeared in another one of the systems rapidly crossing the ohio valley saturday. a couple of small hours -- a couple of showers saturday night in super bowl sunday as well. 50's in the morning tomorrow. inghs enough -- in the 20's amounts tomorrow. eastern shore falling from 58 in the morning in flurries or snow showers. 30's for the highs on the eastern shore friday. close to 60 degrees tomorrow morning before it turns sharply colder tomorrow night into friday. winter is coming back.
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flurries and snow showers again saturday night and sunday. another system brings us a chance for light snow tuesday of next week. >> the susquehanna banks sports center, this is 11 sports. >> with you from new orleans tonight, temperatures starting to cool down, but the excitement is picking up. everywhere you look you see the super bowl xlvii signs and banners. advertisements for parties. it is starting to feel like super bowl sunday will finally be here. that means for ray lewis, the last ride has finally arrived. no shortage of challenges along the way, including this week's story. but he denies taking. despite the detention -- attention detour, he believes
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look as on their side this coming sunday. bouncesthe ball and does not for your way, it is the weight of the ball. i have always said go play, won this touch has never defined the season. i believe whatever time that expires on your course of that year, it expires. now i think you saw lots of bounces of the ball went our way. >> certainly a lot of ravens fans who hope the ball bounces their way on sunday. john harbaugh making the most of what is a huge family week or not just the brothers but the entire family. he shared influences his father and mother had on his brother and him as they prepare for the amazing showdown on sunday.
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they all share the same three keep police. one is that players should come first. coaches are teachers, and you have to hold people to high standards. jack harbough did not teach them what it would be like to face each other in the super bowl. >> it is probably a little tougher emotionally. a little tougher from the sense of -- i do not think you think about when it is someone else. there is a little bit of relationship element more strong maybe been coaching again someone else. i have never been through this one before. this is all new. >> one way or another, the next family vacation will have some unbelievable stories and a lot of tension, but not quite as much tension as they have this week in new orleans.
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hope you can enjoy another edition of ravens come down as we get you set counting down the days to super bowl sunday. when we come back, tom when we come back, tom tasselmyer with yourhi le
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>> here is a look at what we're
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working on for 11 news tonight, at the legal drama for john leopold is not over yet. deep in the heart of ravens country, one team is very close 49nnection to the 40 nin
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watch in the wind
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advisory. strong cold front coming through tonight.
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