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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wet weather throughout the region. >> of mother nature caused some major headaches. the massive storm system hit the georgetown particularly hard. a funnel cloud roars through the area and at least two people are dead in the southeast as a result of the rough weather. heavy rains and wind gusts were the problems during the evening rush but the potential for severe weather remains. >> we checked with the chief meteorologist with the very latest. >> of the main threat for us tonight will be flooding. the thunderstorms will stay to the south but the range covers a large area now, especially the rest of the day. even that may be dropped before the expiration at 2:00. everyone else is under a flash flood watch, warning, or advisory.
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areas, the wind advisories continue, too. the showers are not intense thunderstorms but it will produce when overnight because some very cold there is headed our way. >> any time the weather strikes, you can get the forecast with our applications complete with live radar, current conditions, and the seven-day forecast. >> an emergency meeting of the county council tonight turned into a legal debate over how soon the embattled county executive can be forced out of office. >> he has details. >> to the council gathered to put in motion his ouster after he was found guilty of misconduct. but not so fast as the county attorney. >> with little fanfare, the resolution was introduced that after the supermajority council vote would removed the
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suspended county executive for good, this was less than 24 hours after he was found guilty of misconduct in office. >> he was found guilty of a crime that from my perspective, it is over. >> to the county attorney who was an appointee of leopold told reporters that the resolution is premature and illegal. the opinion centers around his interpretation of the word conviction. >> they have no authority to remove the executive or any other official until the crime -- until the conviction as a matter of record. maryland law is very clear in a long established that a conviction becomes a matter of record at time of sentencing. >> we will have an argument monday night. >> in the council plans to vote on the resolution. there were mixed feelings about an idea to amend the resolution to say he will be removed after his sentencing, a date that has
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not been set. >> of the majority of the council will resist. >> i've been there has been a dark shadow on the scouting for quite some time. >> to the acting county executive made his first public comments about his predecessor. >> unfortunately, he had some other issues and it is time to move on. >> the judge is expected to set leopold's sentencing date. if he received probation, his conviction may never become final. >> jurors in the michael johnson murder trial heard from the corner there ruled that she died of asphyxia. he admitted her decision was made by default as there was no other explanation for her death. an inmate told the jury that he saw the body and said johnson confessed to killing her. her body was pulled in april of
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2011. testimony resumes tomorrow morning. >> a high schooler charged as an adult with first-degree murder wants his case transferred to juvenile court. the attorney for 15-year-old robert told the judge that his client made a horrible mistake and called him a young man crying out for help. the doctor said the teenager suffers from major depressive disorder. he faces 29 counts in a shooting that left a special needs students severely injured at testimony resumes tomorrow. >> better choices was the theme of gov. o'malley's annual state of the state address. he also doubted his accomplishments and outlined his legislative agenda which includes a land energy proposal,
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a repeal of the death penalty, and gun control. one of the highlights came in the form of an old refrain. >> there is more that unites us than divides us. and this year, one of those things is the mighty baltimore ravens. >> members of the obama administration attended the speech fuelling administrative speculation that he may consider a run for the presidency. >> speaking of the by the ravens, the super bowl showdown awaits the baltimore ravens and the forty-niners this sunday. >> we have live team coverage from the big easy tonight, covering from food to football and fun. let's head to mende and jerry.
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>> one of the big thing is happening here today, access to the players for interviews. dodge the second year wide receiver has had a breakout year, but we want to take you back earlier when he suffered the tragedy of losing his brother. fair to say all players that come to the super bowl carry a measure of fear of losing the game. when you have lost someone you love, a game becomes just that, a game. football is what has kept his family and his life very much on track. >> one night remove from the death of his 19-year-old mother, smith playing the game of his life. >> a moment of grief and triumph, on the day his brother was killed in a motorcycle crash, embracing ray lewis immediately following the raven's knocking out the patriots week three. on no sleep, he offered arguably
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the best game of his young career. a tribute to chris jones to beautifully honor his memory. what amazed me was figuring out where he drew the strength for that day and the rest of the season. he can't believe that i can't believe. >> that is how i am as a person anyways. i don't get caught up an emotional roller coasters. part of doing that is being consistent in what you do. >> it is unbelievable as well. >> even with all the people that we have around us. we have a great organization, somebody was there for him. dodge there are many shoulders on which to lean. >> we played in college together. >> we are really close and we have always had a relationship, they have been going through a lot.
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>> he continues to play and daughter of his brother and having made it all the way in new orleans, he honors him well. >> quite a degree of determination. jennifer was determined to try some french food. she found out how to make them. >> a little light guitar. it is just what you expect to find outside the world famous cafe. >> open 7 days a week and only closed one day out of the year, christmas. people come from all over the world. if you come to new orleans, this is the place you must come. >> it is known for its coffee and food. >> when you grow up with them, they taste good at the end of
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the day. the power, the sugar, the experience is worthwhile. >> hundreds an hour made fresh, around the clock in a tiny kitchen behind the counter. >> people go to the window, the cooking, is a great place to work. >> he shows us how it is done starting with batter that is shaped. it is run through a machine in a special square cut her. here is where the fed has really begins. it is all about the flick of the rest that sends it into a vat of coconut oil. they were kind enough the let me give it a go. >> that was impressive.
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>> it went everywhere. will you give me another go? >> let's try that again. >> better? >> that was beautiful. >> you know i will have to try this. it looks too good not eat. it is absolutely delicious. try one. >> we would love to try what if you have brought some back. >> i know that she does have to make them. i think we will expect them at the station. dodge and in the spirit of fairness, we will go to see if they will let us play with the wine list. >> a party at the station, it's awesome. sounds good. our comprehensive team coverage of super bowl 47 continues on our web site. you can read previews of the big easy match up and look at some
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slide shows the head of the big game. click on ravens of the top of the home page. >> a sea of purple. but no purple friday for one teenager this week. >> it is kind of cool being the only forty-niners fan. >> why is she hoping san francisco comes away with the trophy? i think you will understand. >> it becomes a flooding problem
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>> a showdown over guns as lawmakers consider the legislation. they listened to testimony on both sides from arizona congresswoman gabrielle gifford to the nra. >> be bold, be courageous. americans are counting on you. >> my problem is background checks as you're never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. dodge the testimonies came as lawmakers held the first hearing in the wake of the new town shooting. james johnson, a supporter of president obama's gun control program also testified. >> there is nothing better than being in raven's country this week. unless you are a central it is 40 niner's fan. we caught up with the teenager
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that wears her forty-niners tried very proudly in the halls of her city high-school. live in the newsroom, she has more on her story. >> we have met so many special raven's fans, we thought we would show you a different perspective. it is just fine with her. >> it is not all that difficult to pick kathy out of a group. she is the one in the san francisco forty-niners sweatshirt surrounded by all the raven's fans. >> is cool being the only forty- niners fan. >> her dad is the defensive coordinator for the forty- niners. she admits being in raven's country is not the most comfortable environment, but she does have a sendoff a good- natured razzing from her classmates. >> it draws your eye.
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people run the school are like, go ravens. she is totally afforded diners fan. >> on the coaching staff for four seasons since 2011. her favorite 49er is patrick willis. and here she is in the locker room with her dad and brother after the nfc championship games. she is catching a flight to new orleans to watch her dad coached super bowl sunday. gosh i am excited because i have never been there before. >> although she has learned to be a little diplomatic. >> i have always supported my dad, but from the city of baltimore, i would be happy for them to win. but i want the niners to win. >> she joked that her friends are always asking her for tickets and her answer is always know. she is so excited to spend the
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weekend in new orleans. dodge the today show getting of the super bowl frenzy. natalie is bringing the today show to baltimore this friday morning teaming up for ravens rally. and who can put on the best rally? our broker in san francisco? or natalie in baltimore? we know the answer, thank you very much. that is why we need you to show up. what does it take to become a true raven's fan, including ray lewis posies world dance. baltimore vs. san francisco. join us at the amphitheater friday morning and the today show at 7:00 show off your purple drive alive. >> of the thunderstorm threat is diminishing, but the heavy rain thread is increasing as we head
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to the overnight and into tomorrow morning, widespread reports of rain already falling to the west of baltimore. that now moving in the baltimore county and approaching the city. there is plenty of that to come overnight. we are going to deal with a very soggy overnight. as far as flooding goes with overnight, the southeastern edge of the heavy rain so far today. just about an inch, probably getting over that now. the less rain you have had, all of this coming year direction towards the eastern shore. with the heavy rain, we have just about eliminated the deficit we have running most of this month. another couple of inches possible. 70 degrees today is a very warm temperature, just shy of tying the record and it energizes the
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front. temperatures are still in the 70's. in southeastern virginia right now. 57 in boston, 56 to burlington, vermont. five of around international falls, the cold air sliding in and slamming into the warm air. the result is a band of very heavy showers dispensing thunder to the south. but that threat is diminishing a little bit. the tornado watch has been taken down, our main emphasis and focus is the flooding. flood warnings all along the corridor into northern virginia. small streams and creeks are flooding in that means you don't want to drive through a flooded road way. the advisory continues through maryland, gusts over 40 miles an hour. the showers are bringing down the highway and just above the ground. temperatures stay overnight with
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the wind out of the south. you can see the cold air waiting to come in as the front goes by. 38 cleveland and 55 degrees. we are warmer than your lens. new orleans has dropped to 49 degrees and it shows you the blast of cold coming in behind the front. this guy will clear around baltimore and it will be windy with temperatures falling during the day tomorrow. then again saturday night into sunday, a little clippers' it's across the area with a chance for flurries or snow showers. temperatures falling during the day as the wind shifts to the west, the cold air will stick around as we go to super bowl weekend with a high around freezing. again, a chance next tuesday. >> not time to head to a slumber landed just yet. >> we get the rundown on what to expect late night.
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>> of the star of anger management of the program and how david russell from silver linings playbook. and check out what is happening on jimmy. >> mike tyson is here. michael bolton, denied on late night. >> with you in your lens where rare lewis says he has no late- night plans. nothing against jimmy n.j., he does has a much bigger focus this week. superable 47. hear what he has to say in sports. >> welcome to your favorite game, it is time for power ball. is aht's estimated jackpot
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$154 million. let's get out our tickets and play power ball. your first number for this evening is 47 followed by 16. congratulations going to rot and in north carolina, the winners of $1 million. europe may numbers are 14, 32, and 52. if you match this number, you always went and that number tonight is 16. at theake one more look winning numbers this evening.
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>> now, 11 sports. >> the wind has picked up and it has been a windy day earlier. the first practice since arriving in new orleans, about 4:00. the same time they will begin to warm up for super bowl 47. john harbaugh happy to have his players on the field, he has not even entertained thoughts of what might feel like to hoist
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the trophy. >> you don't turn the right to even think about that until you win the football game but we will fight like crazy to earn that right. >> ray lewis putting pressure on his teammates to put an extra work, what extra games, doing the little things to get them prepared. take care of their bodies and to make sure they are ready to play and win. realist says he has no plans to socialize at all this week in new orleans. >> you drop a lot of storybook ending his, but for me, how else would i rather go out and then be on the biggest stage ever, giving it everything i've got
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for my teammates? it is the ultimate. so when you talk about the last ride, i have devoted myself, one of my linebacker buddies says have been out any this week? i am not going nowhere. >> this week in new orleans if you mentioned the phrase coach or bar, you have to point out if it is john or jim. john was on the practice field today, and so was jim. the forty-niners using the same facility, san francisco has the option to practice outdoors or in doors to get ready for the dumb game. santa it is has won five super bowls but none of the players have ever gone to a super bowl with the forty-niners. there are more concerned with the immediate future than their past. >> it is like a dream come true. it is also real right now.
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i'm just going to go out and continue to do what we do as a football team. i hope i can bring the super bowl back. >> the basketball team looking for a small measure of revenge taken on florida state, the second time in 21 days that these teams have met. hoping that they can avoid having on the hands of the seminoles. and one, in terms of later in the half, alex finishes strong. and maryland pulled into a one point lead with 8 seconds left. we hit it for the winner, florida state comes. the final and the turks go down
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tonight and the ever-changing seven-day forecast.
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>> 70 degrees and sunny is not what mother nature has in store for us. >> have a flood warnings are up, sharply colder tomorrow afternoon with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. plan on the morning rush hour being extra tricky. still heavy downpours in the area and expecting to be much colder. take the winter jacket. it is going to be cold. >> more coming. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> we will see you back here tomorrow night.
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