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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  February 17, 2013 9:39am-10:00am EST

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>> now your instaweather plus forecast. >> good morning, here is a live look at ocean city and check out that white stuff at the beach. that is a coating of snow that fell last night on the boardwalk and the beach. it is having a hard time melted because there temperatures are still below freezing. a few clouds are trying to comment from the south. we will have more clout in the area today. the first storm was a low pressure center that is intensifying as it moves into new england dropping heavy snow in places like boston and portland, maine. we have the upper level storm system we have to worry about which is the energy in the upper atmosphere that will bring some isolated snow shower is in ohio
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and western pennsylvania and upstate new york coming down south which is why we even have a threat for a little snow around baltimore. this shows that the storm is intensifying along the east coast and moving up east and stronger winds even in maryland. we have low pressure off the coast and high pressure building in from the southwest. in between that, we will have sea winds whipping around again. winds are already 10-50 miles per hour and these are the sustained winds. we are expecting these wins to increase today possibly gusting to 40 miles per hour. but temperatures are 28 at the airport and ocean city only 32 and downtown baltimore, 33 degrees. western maryland has temperatures in the teens. we have a couple of graphics to
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talk about how we have seen storm systems in the month of february. isolated snow showers are possible in the western mountains and as we get into baltimore, mainly an afternoon event not everyone will see them and if we do see any, they will bring it like accumulation. for today, 35 degrees around baltimore and 34 for ocean city and temperatures in the upper 20's in the mountains. they could get a couple of inches of accumulations of good -- off the western slopes. clearing skies tonight as a drop into the 20's and teams with breezy winds and last win tomorrow and a high of 40 degrees. 50 degrees on tuesday with a chance for rain. the moment we have all been waiting for -- luisa will hold a lizard from the national aquarium. >> joining us from the national aquarium with a few friends is liz evans and krstin
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>> even though valentine's day is over, we celebrate the month of love of the accord and so we have plenty of special events and promotions so come on down. we have special deals for couples in particular and a special lizard. this is one of the few monogamous or reptiles in the world. it is a shingle-backed gink. they are a type of austria and lizard and a mate for life. the come together for breeding season and on for several months and then they separate again and find each other again ban next year. >> absent makes the heart grow fonder3 of this just drop their babies often keep going? >> the female lays her eggs and they will fend for themselves. >> about the kids? >> the kids take care of themselves.
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they can out pretty established and they take care of themselves. >> how do you know they find each other? >> they have done research in the wild. they attract individual lizards and will see the same pairs year after year this could happen for up to 20 years. >> it is a lovely seeing you. >> and we have another cool australian lizard, a bearded dragon. we've got a male and a female. >> let me hold this one. >> you are more than welcome to. she will kind of a tug your fingers. >> ok, this is interesting. >> males and females actually communicate with each other in the wild. sometimes they do it. he is getting a little bit of a black beard going on pretty mellow dart and his beard and it will turn very black and they will head bob. >> they are checking each other
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out. >> the males will head bob @ -- to show dominance and that the mouse might respond that they have a cute submissive wave they will do that i don't think she is digging him. there may be distracted by the cameras. >> how does she wave? just >> across the body and sometimes really slow and is that a pause and -- >> i think she is saying to put a ring on it. we shall >> have brought some rangs. >> are you guys impressed? are you impressed with me? >> yes. >> what are you doing? his beard is turning black that he is getting excited. >> this is the month of law that
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the national aquarium. what else is making down there? >> we have all kinds of animals especially birds that are always meeting in the rainforest and all kinds of stuff. it is a good month. >> time to give her back. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. it is time for sunday brunch. joining us is the owner and chef from the terrace cafe and darrick bruno. we have plenty of food, we have a lot of food out here this morning and thank you. the chef will be preparing salmon but let me go through some of the amazing dishes we have at the terrace cafe. we do our battered fish. it has some sauteed of veggies. you can put some olive oil on and macaroni and cheese and in front of view -- in front of you, you have a fish wrap.
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we use jasmine rice and curry powder and tomatoes. a little bit of everything in one thing you will find is that we always go with the organic. you have a spinach and tomatoes. this is the flagship. it is world famous. we do it different than anybody else. with our battered fish, we as a spinach or mescaline mmix. there is a sliced tomato and a chipotle mayo we make in house. i brought a lot of food so you guys can eat. we have a curried chicken with the jasmine rice and yams with pineapples. the reason use the pineapple's is because it allows you to have less sugar. everybody is trying to be healthy and eat right. this is where it starts right here. >> let's keep moving.
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we will find out more about the salmon. >> this is the orange-seared salmon with orange marmalade and a little olive oil. >> what will you do with the salmon? >> we will sear it on both sides. >> that's it. that's where you get that great citrus flavor, they aren't as juice and orange zest to bring it out. -- the armed jews and the orange zest to bring it out. -- the orangejouice and the our zest. >> just log in to our website for more recipes, we will be right back with more news in just a moment. here is another look at the
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>> we are back and still cooking. >> two more dishes we have -- the amazing curried chicken and the world-famous bader not squash pipe. -- but are not squash pie. -- butternut squash pie. we have a little tangerine and some zest. >> thank you gentlemen. >> thank you for having us out. >> at last check of the forecast -- only in the 30's today with possible snow showers and better today "-- to more with sunshine.
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>> bring on snakes and lizards >> she did it. >> we've got a great food in there. thanks for joining us. >> have a great day. this is a wbal tv editorial about as we continued to bask in the euphoria of the reagan super bowl victory, the orioles have begun spring training with
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visions of a winning season. with manager and executive vice president under contract through 2018, we have a solid foundation for another memorable season. the trip to the american league division series created excitement about baseball not seen in this town since 1997. as key players come together, orioles fans are starting to support their black and orange and green of a championship baseball team and another victory parade in baltimore. the countdown to the homeowner -- home opener on april 5 has started. the managers are happy, the players are training, and the fans are shouting "let's go o's."
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