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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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100 yards apart. each resulted in multiple casualties. >> it was patriot's day in boston. the governor told shaken residents to remain calm and vigilant. >> this whole community has been dealing with a horrific event today. two explosives. >> witnesses say they saw victims to have lost clalimbs. >> it is a criminal investigation that has the potential terrorist investigation. >> president obama vowed to bring anyone responsible to justice. >> we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable. >> counter-terrorism officials tell us multiple explosive devices were found at the scene. police and emergency officials in boston now dealing with a mass casualty situation as a
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shaken city tries to come to grips with a violent attack in the heart of the city. >> as the afternoon wore on and we saw video of the explosions over and over, you notice the shot of an older man knocked to the pavement by the blast. we kept wondering who he was and what happened. a local paper gave us the answer. this is 78-year-old from washington state at the very end of this third boston marathon. he told the paper he heard a noise and found himself on the ground. with just ended up scraped knee and walked across the finish line. marathon is world famous. for runners a dream per 448 runners were from maryland. 59 of those registered runners
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list baltimore as som. other cities include annapolis, colombia, bellaire -- c olumbia, and bellaire. >> they are sponsored by local running stores, like the one behind me. he spent most of the afternoon trying to find out if their runners were safe and sound. boston after the marathon bombings, there were some tense moments at baltimore running stores. >> people are calling the store trying to find out what we know. >> her mom was one of the runners. in.her mom later called the >> we heard a loud boom. it sounded like a cannon.
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from where we were, all you could see was smoke. >> and other sponsors store, jim adams was relieved to learn most of the 20 or so of his runners or fast enough to cross the finish line before the bombs went off. >> we did have some folks were a little bit older. from what we have heard, they had not reached the area or they are ok. >> from boston to baltimore, this has hit town for a running community that was celebrating a race that is considered the super bowl. >> i and speeches about how anyone could target such an event -- i am speechless about how anyone could target such an event. >> the baltimore mayor of bond -- marathon is coming up this fall. >> there is a lot of coming and going as we are setting up for the event. that is going to be the focus of what we try to control and what we really need to pay attention
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to. >> i also spoke to a university track and field athlete to is at the marathon to watch her dad. she and her family were at the finish line across the street from where the bomb went off. elizabeth tells me "it just did not seem real. did happened right in front of us. our first instinct was to duck." luckily, she and her family escaped boston without any injuries. north >> with such a pact event, many people reported having a difficult time getting out of downtown boston. cellphone coverage was nonexistent for some time. if you are still trying to connect with a loved one, here are some resources. on google person finder, you can enter the name of someone you
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have information on. the site is tracking nearly 4600 records. he could also visit the red cross safe and well listings web page. >> baltimore city police have raised the security level. that means you can expect extra security on public transportation and at tomorrow's baseball game. >> ever since 9/11, police and security experts tell us they have been aware of the fact stadiums are very attractive targets for terrorists. their diligent about minimizing the risk at orioles park. the situation in boston has heightened that vigilance. the orioles prepared to kick off an nine-game homestand at the yard. fans will notice extra security tomorrow and every measures that are not readily apparent.
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>> there are no credible threats at this time to this area or to the city of baltimore. it is prudent to take a cautious steps. >> city police commissioner it sums up the situation. he elevated the security awareness lebanon and the city, which means you will notice more men and women -- awareness level in the city, which means you will notice more men and women in uniform. >> you will see our swat officers in full gear. automatic weapons. they will be working closely with the mta police. the responsibility is to check suspicious activities cut check trash cans, check the parameters. he will also see our bomb dogs. we are checking all of our infrastructure, all the buildings, all the railways. giving us a call, letting us know, anything. >> we have learned that local
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police departments and state police are cooperating to evaluate special events taking place and and just -- adjust accordingly. police chief expects some security measures will be obvious, but not all. >> i anticipate any large crowds will have an increased police presence. both in terms of visual officers and the activities that law-enforcement does that you do not see. >> the founder of the university of maryland's center for health and homeland security calls the situation a sobering wake-up call for the entire country. >> we have been very lucky that this has not happened sooner. sooner or later, something was going to get through. this is a lesson to us that our need to be vigilant is as important today as it was september 12, 2001. , sayu see something
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something. >> local police are urging everyone to go about your normal day tomorrow, but that will not be the case for some school children. the school system has canceled a field trips scheduled for washington, d.c. are also checking critical infrastructure as a precaution. gov. martin o'malley at the decision by authorities to deploy additional resources during his heightened state of alert. >> our hearts and prayers are with the people of boston and the people who were -- the family members of those who lost their lives in this terrorist attack. our country is gone to be under this terrorist threats from many years to come. i suppose given the long period of time that has elapsed since the last successful attack, many of us wanted to believe that
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this was a thing of forecast. -- our past. there is going to -- it is going to be with us a long time. >> these extra security measures are a precaution, they will help safeguard against a copycat incident. >> you can see more pictures from the scene, it is on our website, >> the explosions at today's marathon can be added to the list of notable incidents in recent history that targeted the masses and claimed the lives of many americans during the month of april. >> the waco massacre ended on april 19, 1993. nearly two months after it began. that february, four federal agents and six members of the religious group died when authorities tried to execute a search warrant on a ranch in waco, texas, sparking a 50-day standoff.
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it came to an end when the compound caught fire and burned down. on april 19, 1995, 168 people, including 19 children, were killed when a bomb went off at the federal building in oklahoma city. timothy mcveigh and terry nichols were convicted for their roles and that bombing. timothy mcveigh it was executed in june of 2011. the september 11 attacks, the oklahoma city bombing was the most destructive act of terrorism ever carried out on american soil. in permanent memorial at the site honors the victim. in 1999, april 20, 12 students were murdered, and a teacher, inside columbine high school in colorado. 24 other people were also hurt. senior and, 2007, a
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virginia tech shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in blacksburg's virginia. he was later found dead from an apparent self-inflicted -- self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> we'll be following all of the overnight developmts beginning at 5:00. not flower well anchor live from boston -- not flower -- matt lauer will anchor live from boston. arrested johnson was in baltimore late this afternoon. >> johnny johnson has a lengthy criminal record that includes jobs, robbery. investigators say he was on drugs when he crossed in front
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of city hall and killed matthew hersl. ande are deeply soorowed hurting very badly over this tragedy. >> i cannot even express it. >> he and his family have experienced a wide range of emotion since the death of his beloved brother. police announced the arrest of 43-year-old johnny johnson. johnson was high on drugs and driving with carolyn and cocaine in his car when hit and killed -- and heroin and cocaine in his car when he hit and killed matthew hersl. >> i think proper justice will prevail. not not wish any -- i would want anybody to go with the pain that my family is going through. >> johnson was initially
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released from police custody after the crash, but state police said the investigation that followed revealed that he had drugs in his system. he was arrested on monday near his west baltimore home. all aspects of the investigation are ongoing. they're still asking for people who may have witnessed the crash. >> we will investigate this to the fullest. we bring a case that will bring closure. >> of family trying to focus on their beautiful memories of a volunteer, an orioles fan, and a man who loved his community. >> he was going to the thrift stores and buying a bunch of clothes and other places and buying food and feeding the homeless down toward city hall. matt will want to be remembered in that way. he has been truly an angel. >> the orioles gave matthew hersl's family 30 tickets for
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tomorrow night's game. they will honor him with a tribute and a moment of silence before the first pitch. anne arundel county police said a 15-year-old has died, the result of a hit and run accident. he was one of three teenagers hit by an suv friday night. police say a 13-year-old girl was treated and released. another 13-year-old girl did not suffer any injuries. the driver took off before police arrived. police are searching for an 1997-2002 ford expedition. there may be some damage to the front passenger side. clubs baltimore city police have announced an arrest in one of seven shootings over the weekend. 22-year-old is behind bars he is
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accused in the murder of -- he allegedly shot her to death on friday. foundear-old man was also at the scene. it all happened iran 7:45 that evening. detectives say -- around 7:45 that evening. >> attorneys general from across the country gathered in maryland to discuss privacy in the digital age. on ways tofocused can protect yourself and family while taking full advantage of social media. consumers will be seeing public service announcements on the attorney general and the facebook safety team. >> we need to make sure the internet is a safe and secure environment for everyone is a community built on trust and respect. >> you can watch the announcements and view a tip sheet on the website.
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>> baltimore county council voted in favor of an amended bill for the so-called rain tax. the council is expected to release those changes later. under the original measure, the fees ranged anywhere from 18-$36 to homeowners. facedidential properties pang 6 $9 per to thousand square feet. paying $69 per 2000 square feet. next six months, you can expect lane closures and steel plates along york road in baltimore county. crews got to work replacing 2,700 feet of water pipes that struck from the belt way 2 washington ave. washingtonway to
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ave. the work will be completed by early fall. >> many of us will be looking to get rid of some documents, but you want to make sure you are doing it safely. on saturday, the better business bureau is holding its annual shredding event. anyone can bring up to three bags of documents to the curious locations. >> three tracks and what they do is various types of shredding. you do not want to do just small pieces that you can put back together. they do a thorough -- you can also watch it. >> it is saturday from 8:00 until men prefer more information on the locations, you can log onto our website. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer.
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>> afternoon temperatures were a little bit cooler than normal. 62 is the official high for the dead the airport. that fell three degrees short of the average. the morning was quite mild. it really has not cooled off all that much during the evening hours. this is the weather radar looked at 8:00 in the morning. there were numerous light showers across most of maryland. we were able to get enough sun to brag to the cloud cover to warm things up. -- to break up the cloud cover to warm things up. this will not impact our area until late tomorrow night. in the meantime, it is still mild, temperatures in to the 50's. 60 degrees in downtown baltimore. 52 in frostwork. -- frostburg.
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things may start to change a little bit as high pressure moves a little farther away. we expect these low clouds to break a little bit tomorrow, allowing temperatures to move into the low 70's. it looks like another batch of chilly air for the end of the week. only 23 degrees right now. not going to get that chilly, tomorrow should be a nice day. be relatively mild afternoon. the showers will step up in the pennsylvania mountains during the day. scattered showers moved back into the picture and on thursday, we will dry out again. a mild day on thursday before the real cold. makes it a push towards baltimore. most of the workweek, it will be
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relatively mild. 69-74 tomorrow. dry and mild. be small craft advisory on the day tomorrow -- bay tomorrow. they water temperatures range from 59 the baltimore harbor to 55 degrees. during the day tomorrow, there is only one high tide at 11:30 tomorrow morning. up in the mountains, a slightly better chance of an isolated shower. mid-60' mild, eastern shore, should be able to reach into the low 70's on both tuesday and wednesday. down on the coast, 62 tomorrow, 64 on wednesday. our seven-day forecast, the workweek is mild.
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friday night, saturday morning, a decent cold front. that will drop the temperatures back, and other cool weekend. short stay ina maryland for the terps. >> good evening. tonight's jackpots has an estimated annuity of $725,000. here are winning numbers -- 22, 9.41, 40,
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if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbed to $750,000. up next drawing is thursday night.
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his two years will catapult nba.o bthe skipping his final two years of eligibility at maryland. he scored 12 points each game this past season. he will go in the first round in the june draft. the orioles enjoyed a boost of popularity. more than 600 fans turned out for autographs and a chance to meet this year's team.
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staranager received a rock welcome from the crowd. the patriot's day in boston began as it does with the red sox game. today had added significance, the 10th anniversary of jackie robinson day. come to the yard tomorrow. in the ninth, they tied it up. jennings will beat the throw. the tie did not last long. from first,the way boston win 3-2 over tampa. 40 minutes following the conclusion of this game, the
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explosion at the conclusion of the boston marathon. officials are re-examining schedules and security measures. the bruins opted not to play at home tonight. officials spent much of the afternoon asking people to avoid large gatherings. thens players return to performances are to begin a voluntary off-season workouts. they do not know where they will start the 2013 season. the league does not plan on releasing the schedule tomorrow. number 97 had quite a scare on the way to his workout this morning. another car hit his, spun him 180 degrees and pushed his car into a ditch. he did not suffered any injuries. we do not know how many sunday night games the ravens will play this coming season, but we will
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not see if they felt -- faith hill. she has ended her six-year run as the featured performer. the show's producer thank her for her work over the past six seasons, but did not indicate who they plan to use for the sunday night's show open. your seven-er has day forecast straight ahead.
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>> things are starting to moderate a little bit. >> mild temperatures for most of this week. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow with a chance of a scattered showers tomorrow night. storms on friday, some coming friday night and saturday morning. lows in then see upper 30's both saturday and sunday morning. sort of what happened last week. it is nice spring weather out there. than last >> thank you for joining us, everybody. >> we will see you back here tomorrow.
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