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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  April 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> the city has been trying to figure out how to keep employee $700 million the budget gap in that department. last night the mayor introduced two options. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake wants non-public safety workers to pay one percent of their salary into the pension system per year for the next five years. by two thousand 17 complex workers will could tribute five percent of their salary into the pension fund, which the mayor first proposed in her state of the city address. >> it is the only large system in maryland that doesn't require an employee contribution. that must change. >> her plan, now in the form of the bill, was introduced in city hall monday night. it includes a two percent salary boost for workers, but the workers union had said he would like to see a higher pay raise, because many workers cannot afford a pension contribution. >> their average salary is and $33,000.00
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some of them are living paycheck to paycheck. with children in the household, they are >> at the poverty level. >>-- they are at the poverty level. cost-of-n monday, living increase at a flat rate for cash of 1.2% for retirees. nothing is a done deal yet. >> that is what we always do. we had here both sides and whatever is best for the city as a whole, that is what we do. >> the city also has a bill for a for a weight -- a 401(k)-style retirement plan for city employees. >> president obama is now 100 days into his second term, but how much progress has he made? the president is in answering tough questions about the battles in congress over money, guns, and immigration, as well as the boston terrorism
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investigation and the conflict in syria. >> an early evaluation this afternoon on the second term jampacked with conflict. on the syria, where president obama says chemical weapon use would be a game changer, the president is still warning of u.s. action. >> we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. >> can the u.s. confirm that the country used chemical weapons on its own people? if so, then what? changer," we would have to rethink the range of options available to us. >> on the boston marathon bombings, the director of national intelligence once a review that would better handle warnings of accused terrorists. >> based on what i've seen so far, the fbi performed its , the department of
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homeland security did what it was supposed to be doing. >> but this is hard stuff. , he capitol hill, the new can pay for failed in the senate, and the budget cuts known as the sequester he sought avoid are largely a reality. things are pretty dysfunctional on capitol hill. despite that, i'm confident that there are a range of things we are going to get done. >> on immigration reform, there is still hope, but congress has yet to vote. president obama will face another budget battle and fights for tax reform. danielle lee, nbc news. >> a second man is in police custody, accused in the murder of anthony black, who was stabbed after leaving work at the cheesecake factory at the inner harbor earlier. city police charged derek schuller of glen burnie with first- and second-degree murder. his friend, matthew darby, who police say stabbed black, also
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faces murder charges. the stabbing happened in the early hours of april 7 during a fight over black's girlfriend. governor o'malley addressed the prison corruption case. he called allegations shocking and said that he shares the public toss repulsion. -- shares the public's repulsion. he says that some of the laws governing the process may have to be tweaked. he praised the chief and gave no indication he needed to be fired. they miller will have more on his reaction tonight at 6:00. the baltimore city police officer who worked to find the killer in the phylicia barnes kay's faces criminal charges of his own. detective daniel nicholson served as the lead investigator in the investing -- the lead detective in the investigation. he is charged with one degree of assault, burglary, and making false statements to police. the state attorney's office says that nicholson led a robust search for his missing daughter
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in april and allegedly forced his way into my home, not to be -- forced his way into a home, knock hied two people to the ground, and lied to internal affairs. most areas are stuck in the 50s right now, and that is where we started off today. a lot of cuts in place. light rain reported across the area as well. bwi thurgood marshall airport had some rain and now they're getting fog and mist. the winds will continue out of the east and that is what is pushing the moisture into place. clouds are blanketing the state, and heavier rain showers showing up across delaware and parts of the eastern shore. you cannot see the rate over baltimore. it is under the radar beam. that is why the radar isn't picking it up on it even though it is there. we will talk about when the dreary pattern is going to end when we come back in the seven- day forecast. clube maryland jockey
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announced modified to security measures for the preakness at pimlico. this after the organization consulted with the law enforcement and public safety officials following the boston marathon bombings. as one of the nation's largest single day sporting events, everyone who enters pimlico cap expect on the electric -- can expect an electronic one search. george lettis will have details on the revised rules, including the list of items that will be dan on preakness day. coming up, with gas prices continuing to lighten our wallets, a new study shows it is changing americans attitudes about fuel efficiency. the types of cards the researchers say are in high demand. but first, the grand opening of the university of baltimore's law center is attracting political leaders. political leaders. the officials to join st [ dog growls, barks ]
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to sign up today. it's all backed by our worry free guarantee, with no activation fees, and more. or supercharge your internet with fios quantum for business. triple your speed for just a few dollars more a month. call 1.888.410.4404 to sign up today. having a network that works as hard as you do -- that's powerful. verizon. >> u.s. senator barbara mikulski will join mayor rawlings blake and others at the opening of the university of baltimore school of law today. supreme court justice elena kagan will speak at the event, along with u.s. representative elijah cummings. the center includes 15 classrooms, a 32,000-square-foot library, and a 300-square-foot
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mock courtroom. the shooting death of florida -- the shooting death of a florida teenager trayvon martin is back in the headlines. i keep hearing is being held today for george zimmerman, who was -- i key hearing is being held today for george zimmerman, who was accused of second-degree murder in the case. >> george zimmerman was accused of second-degree murder in the telling of trayvon martin. at issue, can he claim the controversial standard ground youruring trial -- stand ground law during trial? he waved the right prior to trial. >> is it your decision not to have a pretrial immunity hearing? >> after consultation with my counsel, yes, your honor. >> has anyone promised you anything to make this decision? >> no.
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>> has anyone threatened you? >> no, your honor. >> george zimmerman's attorneys say that they reserve the right to use a standard ground during the trial, a trial that is set to begin in six weeks. , -- still to come, many women are born without a womb, and thousands more lucid due to illness. but there -- lose it due to illness. but there may be hope. >> much of the east coast is stuck in the 50s with the very amp up weather patterns, but we have drier weather on the way, and that means mild air will be coming in from the west. all the cuts in place. 60 atrees at the airport, the inner harbor.
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consumer alert," as gasoline prices cut into our wallets, they are changing americans'attitude about fuel efficiency. consumers are demanding more fuel-efficient cars and alternative fuel vehicles, and report reveals that most americans think the government should intervene. a majority supports requirements to increase fuel economy to 25 miles per gallon by 2017 and 55 miles per gallon by 2025. analysts say that an estimated one in five americans will buy s4 and one ing
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four will break the phone in the next year. the survey says that accidental damage is 10 to 13 i am -- 13 .imes more common samsung owners are far more prepared for crack screens and water damage than iphone users, since they are 20% more likely to buy protection plan. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with ava marie. >> earlier on i showed you the radar and it did not show much happening around baltimore. i change the settings on the radar and we can look at things in a more sensitive mode. lighter precipitation just around the baltimore metro area .owards dc the shadings are more filled in, the steady rain across the lower eastern shore into delaware. still in baltimore you are facing drizzle and mist and fog in some light showers. this is what we have to deal
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with as we go through the afternoon. eventually we hope for this pattern to clear up going into tonight. and that will mean drier and warmer weather for the next couple of days. right now with the clouds in the rain we are facing some very chilly temperatures. we are only in the mid 50s across the region, this is basically where we started off today. your temperatures have not changed that much. they are basically holding steady, and that is normally what we see in wet weather pattern. , 57 at bwi thurgood marshall. ,aking you through the evening by 3 p.m., highs near 60 degrees. that is optimistic for some. if you get to the showers and mist on the afternoon, your temperatures are not going to move. a bit of dryness and that is one temperatures will warm close to 60 degrees. we will stay in the upper 50s as we take you through the rest of the evening. the pattern will start to break apart and the winds are going to
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shift just a little bit. the showers will become a lot more spotty, especially towards 9:00 p.m., there should be just one or two lingering showers around. fire pattern in the evening -- drier pattern in the evening and overnight. there is still a shower possible. we cannot rule them out. because it is drier, the temperatures can fall a bit more and lows in the 50s downtown and 40s as you step in to the suburbs. today we start out in the 50s, and then tomorrow should be drier but cooler. the high pressure system is stuck in new england, which is continuing the onshore flow. this is shifts to the south in the next couple of days. that system will bring nicer weather. futurecast shows that with the clouds and the light rain, and then tomorrow all the moisture sinks down to the south and parts of virginia and north carolina get all this hurry whether -- dreary weather. this will help temperatures warm on up and this should continue
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to be the trend in the weekend. 63, optimistic forecast for today. most area stay in the 50s. we have a shower possible tomorrow. much more spotty. you should have dry weather tomorrow, drier by thursday, and sunshine into the weekend with temperatures warming to the low 70s. tuesday.grimm it's "grimm" is moving to tuesday night and we have two stars of the show joining us live. good afternoon, gentlemen. >> good afternoon to you. >> how do you do? >> doing great. great to have you both, as always. let's talk about your character, nick. he has been on an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. do you guys have a future together? >> we absolutely have a future. i character hopes -- my character hopes it is a healthy relationship-type future, but
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juliett has been through a lot and i have wide to her a lot -- like you were a lot in that plays well in relationships, doesn't it? >> no, absolutely not. give us a preview of what your character has to deal with this time around. >> towards the end of season voodoort of a puppetmaster descends upon portland and sets a bunch of undead loose on the city of portland, towards the very end of the season. tonight is a different story. building towards the end of the season there is an army of the undead coming after nic, and we get caught in the crossfire. >> i'm scared already. each show has viewers on the edge of their seats.
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are you amazed by what your writers come up with week in and week out? >> yes, absolutely. it is so gory for network television. it is always kind of -- i think our writers and creators have a very dark humor, and i think they get a kick out of seeing what they can get onto the screens. >> do you ever have trouble sleeping, either of you? --i am just a little nerve no, the reason it is hard to sleep is that i drink probably about a gallon of coffee a day. it is not about the story, just about what fuels me through the day. > got to do something, right? i certainly know the caffeine thing. >> good coffee and portland. can be seen tuesday nights at 10:00 on wbal-tv 11. hospital in turkey says that the
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first woman to receive a donor womb is the six weeks into a healthy agnes he peered she received a transplant in 2001 using one of her own eggs. doctors placed an embryo into her womb in march. rockers have monitored the baby -- doctors have monitored the baby's hartley and say that the pregnancy is going well. she will give hope to the women one without a -- one without a womb and the thousands more who have it removed the cause of cancer or other diseases. coming up, the insta weather forecast with a far, but first, a look at wall street.
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carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your plants and gardening questions. , andese have the disease we are going with new guinea and a lot of begonias. there are some bright, beautiful colors. >> couple of questions here. >> it should have at least four hours. theyolds are nice because
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are nice pollinators that help the rest of your garden. mint. i don't know how pretty you think mint is. a lot of the herbs and the rosemary will keep different things away. there is a plant -- we hear it can keep mosquitoes away. >> got a be tough with the bugs. >> there are good bugs, too. not all bad guys. >> good point. and now you're maryland lottery numbers. >> i am saved -- sarah fleischer from 98 rock and it is time to play your pick three numbers.
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in a moment, your pick for game, but first, 40 chances to win up to $100,000 instantly, and a second chance contest. first drawing deadline is may 1. details at all set with your pick four numbers. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> the rate is nice. can we say goodbye to it? >> like chance for a shower tomorrow and warmer for the weekend. >> thanks for joining us. >> watch tonight with donna and
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>> ♪ >> 2000 guest and it is largest wedding tent ever. i am shawn robinson in chicago with every lavish detail from michael jordan's wedding . who does the bride want to date? >> nope, that is not for justin, i am billy bush. we'll review the young man igniting the bieber insanity. >> no, it is not like that all of the time. >> leo is living the dream. we'll show the ultimate bachelor that inspired this reaction. >> it gets a bit weird.


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