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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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policy toward corruption of any kind. >> 25 people were indicted in the case on charges of running a drug operation and laundering money inside the city jail. 13 of them are female corrections officers. four were made pregnant by an inmate and gang member who had sex with them after he was incarcerated. the women have not been fired. >> now believe they are currently is suspended without pay. >> the lawn may be part of the problem. corrections officers -- law may be part of the problem. corrections officers are so protected by a bill of rights, it is nearly impossible to fire them. >> if there is a need to change that law, we will. a lot of people are wondering why these people have not been fired.
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>> the public safety secretary -- >> he is one of the best public safety secretary is in the entire nation. >> the prison story has made national news and comes as o'malley is preparing to run for president. his critics reacted to his comments. change maryland said this governor is completely out of touch and his bony positive spin unacceptable. an >> it is one thing to suppress corruption. this a much harder, longer lasting thing is to root out corruption. >> jane miller reporting live from the newsroom. now back to you in the studio. >> we're going to head out to david collins. >> today, he spoke with some
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retired corrections officers who said that the situation at the jail is complex and breaking new ground. >> that new ground includes integrity reviews of all employees, something retired officers have never heard of. >> howdy, how widespread, how far up the chain of command? the investigation has the support of the state's largest labor union. >> the needs to be a thorough examination of every level of management, of middle management, every single aspect of it. >> all employees will soon have to submit to integrity reviews, something the corrections secretary came up with. >> this is the first time something like this has happened. he has asked to meet with us, and we will be meeting with the secretary. >> while union representatives
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would be allowed to sit in on this questioning, they cannot sit in on the polygraph. >> your order to take a polygraph test. ,ou refuse, and all of a sudden it is insubordination or failure to cooperate in an investigation. you are right. you cannot technically is the affirmation in terms of whether it is reliable or not. >> several retired corrections officers provided their take on the investigation. they recalled some of their experiences and made suggestions on what improvements should be made. >> background checks should include discussions with neighbors, friends. >> current background checks eliminate 80 two 0.6% of those applying for a job. the retired officers a staffing levels are another problem. >> every institution, a staffing
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is low. on top of that, there collapsing posts inside the institution to save on over time. >> retired corrections officers say inmates constantly test cards, push the envelope. they say 99% of employees know that no is the right answer. >> is it ok if she gives me this? what else will she give me? >> according to the corrections spokesperson, four months before the start of the fbi investigation, the secretary identified the gang members as a problem and planned to transfer him out of there. to a spokesperson, the fbi told him to leave him there. >> 11 news has learned tonight that the sheriff's county deputy faces charges in connection to a
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shooting earlier this month. he faces a reckless endangerment charge. investigators say on april 8th, he drove his suv into an unmarked vehicle of the sheriff's deputy, who was off- duty at the time. authorities say the deputy approached the suv. harvey refused to get out and sped off. investigators say the deputy held on to the suv and was even dragged a short distance. he fired several shots to stop her the best. the state's attorney says the charges against the deputies are connected to his firing of his gun, but would not elaborate further. meanwhile, william hardy faces a number of charges in the case, including assault. >> president obama did something he has not done for a while, he held a news conference. and he covered a lot of ground. >> the news conference lasted about an hour as the president
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to questions on everything from the boston bombings to the nba player who just came out. president obama greeted the president last minute news conference and defended the government's handling of the boston bombing. .> the fbi performed its duties the department of homeland security did what it was supposed to be doing. but this is hard stuff. >> the president rejected charges made by lindsey gramm that the tax in boston and the u.s. consulate in benghazi are examples of going backward on national security. not right onis this issue, although i am sure he generated some headlines. >> that is no excuse for us not being able to track a guy in our system, but it was not -- in our system. >> but it was not the only point of contention. the president faced questions about whether he plans to take military action in syria.
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>> the use of chemical weapons would be a game changer. >> on a lighter note, when asked if he has the political juice to push through an agenda, he joked -- >> rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. >> he was also asked about jason collins coming out. >> he seems like a terrific young man. >> the president touched on other topics, like his desire to close guantanamo bay. he said he would push congress on that and other key issues like the budget cuts and immigration reform. in washington, nickel killian, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the president heads to mexico later this week. >> after setting a passenger record, the airport in baltimore is continuing to grow. >> earlier today, officials
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opened a new security checkpoint and a connector between concourses. we take a closer look. here as thees down first phase of the b-c connection construction is finally completed. that means a bigger security check-in area and the gates are now linked. it was late november last year that we got an exclusive tour of the $105 million renovation project going on at the airport. now, about five months later, proof of the progress. the ceo who gave us our last tour showed us some of the highlights, including this new nine lane security area between the b-c concourses, and the waterway that links thea-b concourses to the c concourse, which will be renovated in the
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coming months. >> passengers we spoke with seem to like the new digs. i was able to use the image from i iphone as my boarding pass. it was good. >> the lines were not that long. there was an easy flow going through. >> others appreciated the future options that will be available to passengers now that they will have three different concourses to choose from. >> anything you can do to cut down time and make it more efficient for the consumer is better. >> while american and spirit airlines will continue to operate out of concourse c, as the expansion will allow southwest to take over the mor majority of the gates just in
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time for the busy season. officials tell us the next phase of construction will be completed in the summer and the whole project will be completed by late fall. --and use seminar is helping a new seminar is helping parents get on the same page as their children when it comes to social media.
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>> in education alert, the county is sending parents back to school to learn about on-line chatting. >> it is a new world for many parents in cyberspace. the course is designed to help parents understand social media. the safety seminar comes on the heels of an incident that happened about a month ago when more than a dozen pictures of nude females from a local high school showed up on facebook. the page was taken down when the sheriff's department launched an investigation. officials say it is a chance to help parents and students learn where to draw the line between surfing and safety. >> there is a language
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developing each and every day between students, an invisible language of texting and images. it is important to stay educated. >> the silent language should be don't do it. this is the first in a series being planned by the district. >> now, your insta-weather plus forecast. a sprinkle from time to time. a high today hit 70 degrees. there you go, the benchmark of spring. the last day of april is the first day of the year when the average normal high as 70 degrees. we did not quite make it here today but we have a chance over the next couple of days to see temperatures get back to normal or even a little above. about a quarter of an inch of rain today, about an inch below normal for the month of april. twothe year, we're running
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0.6 inches below normal for total participate -- precipitation at the airport. are lighter amounts to the north. still some scattered rain showers coming in on our northeast wind up the ocean and making their way back was toward the foothills. it willhe flow around bring the moist air inland. a little cling near eastern pennsylvania and parts of new jersey. well upure is there into the 60's in some location. tonight in baltimore, a continuation of the clouds, sprinkles and drizzle early. partial clearing later tonight. 40's in the suburbs and low 50's downtown. high pressure to our north will expand over the region and gradually clear the skies out.
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in the meantime, it is warming up to the west of us. temperatures in the 80's in chicago and kansas city down to dallas. denver is bracing for another shot of winter. the cold front is heading south. 7 inches of snow in the forecast for much of denver tomorrow, the first day of may. here, we will see skies gradually clear as the pressure strengthens. wind will be out of the east and northeast. it will break down the moisture. we may see a low cloud cover drift through friday morning, but other than not, a real nice spring weather pattern. sunshine in the forecast for most of tomorrow. a little cloud cover in the morning. around 12rtheast wind miles per hour and temperatures getting back to normal. water temperatures ranging from 58-61. western maryland will be in t 60's with sunshine wednesday and thursday.
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eastern shore locations, maybe some clouds early. city, even though we do expect some cloud cover to return, it will be cool. seven-day forecast around baltimore, the upper 60's-low 70's through the weekend. we will see increasing amounts of sunshine up next few days. susquehanna bank center, this is 11 sports. >> the orioles will finish the month of april with a winning record on the road. do that every month, and they usually invite you to keep playing in october. that will take a little sting out of the 6-2 loss to seattle. watch this homeland. eight two-run shot. two-one orioles in the fourth. the mariners know the part well. fair ball down the left-field line. jason day with an rbi double
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that would tie the game at two apiece. a chilly night in seattle. mariners break it open. michael saunders barrels around third and scores. he wound up irritated if he stayed up late watching because the orioles 6-at 2. hammels winscole this season have come on the road. game didt's baseball not finish until 4:00 a.m. between the a's and the angels. ujols had two homers in the game. the a's even did in the ninth. scores and the game
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goes into extra innings. bottom of the 19th, brandon moss and it with a swing to write. the game lasted more than -- ends it with a swing to right. the game lasted more than 6.5 hours. this week and is the kentucky derby. hoping for a a race that will go down in history. he has written three kentucky derby winners in his -- ridden three kentucky derby winners in has notrs, but he canno participated in the derby in seven years. i thought i would come back. i did not think it would be
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after seven years, but i started getting the itch during the triple crown last year, especially during the breeders' cup. is the 47th horse he will saddle in the kentucky derby, the most ever by a trainer in kentucky derby history. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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quick steadier, heavier rains to our south. we did get a quarter inch today. sunshine returns to the area tomorrow and hangs around for the rest of the week. we have a nice sunshine day and 68 degrees. denver is looking at 4-7 inches of snow. i would rather be here. >> thank you for joining us. >> nbc nightly news is next. [ male announcer ] what do you want to get done today?
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on the broadcast tonight, the hunger strike at guantanamo that's now gotten so bad, prisoners are being force fed as the president faces tough questions. under investigation. did u.s. intelligence miss a chance to stop the boston bombings? tonight that's what the nation's spy chief wants to know. is there too much caffeine the food we eat? we know it's in coffee, but how about potato chips and jelly beans? that's why the fda is sounding the alarm. and pray or play? a tense face-off tonight in the south. if a billion-dollar nfl stadium goes up, it means some historic churches have to come down. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world


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