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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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other since 2008 by gaga's former bff, perez hilton. >> i'm so sorry for anything that anyone ever said to her because of my existence. >> online now. >> will you help me with this? >> lady gaga gives andy cohen an art pop makeover. now at my next guest has sold over 200 million albums worldwide, here to tell us about her latest, please welcome celine dion! >> reporter: the international superstar settling right into our new home at universal studios hollywood, greeting hundreds of fans who are loving her new single. ♪ you loved me back to love >> this is your first english solo album in -- >> six years. >> six years? >> can you believe that? >> what took so long? >> are you going on a world tour? >> i had two more kids. >> nelson and eddie turn 3 next month. her oldest son, rene charles, will be 13 in january. >> he's like in a cool zone.
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>> uh-huh. >> this kid is walking on sunshine. >> do any of the kids have musical inclinations? >> they do. r.c. is into rap, eminem is his favorites. and the twins, they are very musical. i don't know what they're going to do, but we know a few people. >> yeah. you've been together with rene for 19? >> yeah, 19 years. >> and he's also your manager. have you guys figured out the secret? ♪ love ♪ i was high and low and everything in between ♪ ♪ baby do you know what i mean >> i just got chills. >> it's something that we figure out every day. and show business, i decide everything. >> ooh, i like that. >> i met him when i was 12. we started to work together. and then i became a woman. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> what do you guys want to hear? quick! quick! we're taking requests!
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♪ groove is in the heart ♪ groove is in the heart >> why not, right? ♪ groove is in the heart >> i'm doing a duet, my god! ♪ the wait it over >> be sure to check out celine's new album "love you back to life" in stores this november. well, speaking of great singers, my other show, "the x factor," made its debut this week, and i've got to say the talent is really impressive. >> yeah, definitely is. why his baby on the way ready get ready to work. >> a workaholic music mogul tv tycoon with one fat paycheck. >> $25 million. >> i don't know about that. >> well, you must know. >> well, i don't know, terri. >> mr. me now officially mr. modest. >> did you ever imagine you would be 53 years old, worth 0 million plus and having a baby? >> the answer is no and no. i thought i'd do okay financially, you know, and the
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baby, as you know, i mean, it was kind of unexpected. i hadn't planned for that. >> one more thing not in his plans, going broke losing everything 20 years ago forcing him to move back in with mom and dad. >> i promised myself the second time around, i wouldn't borrow money. i wouldn't live beyond my means. it was a very, very good lesson. >> do you ever worry about that ever happening again? >> yes, particularly when i've had girlfriends like you. i mean, seriously. i wish i had been born gay. i would have saved a fortune. >> simon once rumored to be leaving that massive fortune to charity, but that was before a baby came on board. >> did that change your mind? >> obviously, you have kids, you've got to look after them. i don't think they should have everything. and i think it ruins them. i really genuinely do. when i was 7 and i used to mow lawns, that feeling that you've done something and you've earned money always favored me. >> so we'll never hear your child saying, oh, i don't have
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to work. my dad's simon cowell? >> no. >> and you'll never hear simon say he's completely satisfied with his other child, "the x factor." >> i'm now back in control. >> it's never 100% right, but it does feel different than the first two series. >> and the girls? >> this is a risky thing to do. you put three girls who don't know each other on a panel and me, it could have been a complete disaster, but it worked. >> i love you girls. >> what keeps you working so hard? >> like anything, terri, you want to win. up next, mario's delivery room diaries. >> it's a boy! >> baby dominic's first day with the family. then jack black's wild new interview with maria at universal studios hollywood. >> have you watched any celebrity text tapes? >> well, uh -- >> and the confession he may want to take back. >> you know, my wife will kill me. plus -- >> please welcome my friend vin diesel, everybody. >> then helping us christen our
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new home at universal and bringing some bubbly to the party. >> all the great things that are coming in your future, cheers. >> that's next. "extra" brought to you by chili's triple dipper. three great apps, one low price.
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coming up, jack black massaging maria and talking sex tapes? plus vin diesel on why he
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he's an actor, comedian, writer, musician. please welcome the talented jack black, everyone. hello. how are you? >> very well, thank you. >> nice to see you. >> great to see you again as well. >> what's happening? >> just taking off my sunglasses dramatically. >> reporter: he might be taking off more than that in his upcoming movie "sex tape" co-starring jason siegle and cameron diaz. have you watched any celebrity sex tapes? >> uh, maybe i might have accidentally. >> names?
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>> pam anderson. >> have you ever considered? >> have i ever considered taping it? you know my wife will kill me if i say anything, but we do have, like, security cams. >> uh-huh. >> and maybe something happened one time. and i might have gone just to see if it's working. >> reporter: jack also moonlighting as executive producer of "ghost girls." >> ghost girls? >> what's it to you, pipsqueak? >> how involved are you? >> they need me to give deep tissue massage, anything. you want to tape? >> hey. oh, my god, oh, my god, for real? >> it only lasts for a few seconds, and we're done. >> reporter: when he's not giving them massages, jack's sharing the stage. where does it go from here? >> we're open to anything, really. >> broadway musical? >> i'd love that. ♪ ghost girls ♪ dancing in the night >> we can't wait to see more. >> can't wait to see more of you as well. >> thank you. >> wait a second. that came off wrong. >> reporter: i forgive you, jack.
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congratulations, mario and courtney. a little baby boy. mwah! awesome! >> a baby boy! yeah, mario! >> all blessings, all love to you. >> hey, mario, congratulations. >> congratulations, mario. getting any sleep? >> there's one more, right, guys? >> hey, all right. thank you so much. thank you. i can't wait for you all to meet little dominic, and i barely made it in time. i was rushing to the hospital. we were shooting the live "x factor" shows and threw on the scrubs, bam, 15 minutes later i had a son. >> reporter: we knew it was coming. >> any moment now. >> reporter: but you're never truly prepared for when your baby is about to arrive. i rushed to the hospital from the set of "the x factor" to be by my wife's side as baby number two got ready to make his debut. both of our moms on hand to
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welcome our baby into the world. >> we're doing great. you hung in there and made it. i came back in time. >> now, don't get me wrong. all i wanted was a healthy baby, but since i already have a beautiful daughter, gia, i really wanted a boy. >> i did it! it's a boy! >> reporter: and he's got some lungs on him. >> he's fast, he's furious, and now he's going to the dark side. here to tell us about his latest role in "riddick," please welcome my friend vin diesel, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] hello. hi. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> this is very exciting to be here. >> i know. >> i hear we're doing the first interview at universal city walk. >> of course you have to be the first. >> and that is very flattering, building my confidence by the second. >> reporter: and how's this for a confidence boost? vin's "riddick" number one at the box office for vin and fans
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of the other two british films. now, tell me about this "riddick" because you did something different with this one. >> we were trying to get the next "riddick" made. the studio didn't want to spend $200 million to make another pg-13 "riddick." and the fans on social media were asking, let us have a rated "r" "riddick." and so in order to do that, david toohi and i had to take an independent route. >> reporter: he may be gearing up to do children-friendly movies. because they can't watch "riddick" or "fast." maybe a quick scene. do they really understand who dad is yet? do they know that you're a badass? >> they kind of do. >> reporter: before that vin breaking news to me about "the fast & furious 7." i heard a rumor kurt russell might be coming in. >> i'll give you a little more. kurt russell was the perfect person to introduce 7 to play
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out in the eighth story line that everyone's going to go crazy on. >> reporter: cheers. and for more, check out "conversations with marimaria" available on itunes now or at up next, "extra" is all over the toronto international film festival. first brad pitt breaking news about angie's health today. >> how is she feeling? everybody wants to know. julia roberts one on one on "extra." why she was star struck on her new movie. >> i know you were very nervous. plus, "extra's" hot deals of the day. >> 75% off. >> that's next.
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well, universal studios hollywood is a huge property. and we are still trying to find our way around here. maria, where are you right now? >> i'm in front of the famous psycho house. it's just one of the iconic movie locations here on the universal back lot. right now, though, we've got a look at the new movies you'll be talking about. stars from brad pitt to jewelry roberts are in toronto, and so is jerry. >> three words, fandemonium. up close and personal. hollywood bringing its "a" game, its a-list to the toronto international film festival. >> great to see you. >> you, too. >> reporter: brad pitt solo on the carpet, angie in australia with the kids directing
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"unbroken," her first movie since her double mastectomy. >> how is she feeling? >> great. >> reporter: and humbled by the news she's about to receive a humanitarian oscar. >> she gets up every day to the bigger picture in the world and helping. >> reporter: there's already oscar buzz for brad's drama "12 years a slave." >> you say that with pride. >> reporter: in the true story of a free man sold into the deep south. >> it's one of those rare experiences that it's in my mind i can't miss. >> reporter: brad also breaking summer sequel news. when is the sequel to "world war z" going to start? >> we're working on a script now. >> reporter: are you going to keep the long hair? >> probably not. getting a little tired of it. >> reporter: debuting their intense new movie "prisoners." >> it is a humdinger. >> by the way, that is going to be on the poster. >> reporter: hugh is a dad whose kid goes missing. >> why? >> reporter: jake the detective on the hunt. >> i'm going to find your daughter. >> reporter: how's this for a case of mistaken identity?
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>> you walked into his trailer and thought it was his? >> i had cnn and espn on and that's what he has on in his trailer also. he's, like, it smells really funky in here. >> i can't breathe! >> reporter: sandra bullock talking about her out-of-this-world experience. >> when you work with george comes rules. >> terrific. >> don't look him in the eye. he likes foot massages. i said that doesn't make me feel comfortable. but i need the massage. >> reporter: sandra thinking the film business not exactly her 3-year-old son louie's first choice. >> i'm kind of feeling he's going to go into the race car business for the obvious reasons. mama drives too fast. now more a-list star power in toronto. julia roberts is with our ben lyons gush about her new movie and co-star meryl streep. >> reporter: red-hot dol dolce & gabbana mini. this is how you do the toronto international film festival. >> do you feel it? >> i do a little bit. >> reporter: julia in a camera crush with our ben lyons. >> how are you? >> i'm good.
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>> reporter: hanging with taylor swift and her co-star, julianne nicholson. >> i like it. >> pick up on her. she's married. >> marriage is hard. >> reporter: premiering august osage county. >> no way. >> reporter: a ten-minute standing "o" in canada, lots of oscar buzz here at home for the dysfunctional family drama. >> that's pleasant. >> reporter: what's even better, "mother" hollywood matriarch meryl. >> soon you'll be gone never to return. >> don't start. >> reporter: i know you are very nervous to be on set with meryl. >> i was afraid she would make me suck. >> reporter: what do you do when you're on set and you say oh, that's why she's meryl streep. >> she works her butt off. it's not a magic trick. you think she's so great that she's going to show up and poof, this puff of smoke. but she works so hard. >> reporter: the movie also a reunion 16 years in the making. >> oh. >> reporter: julia and dermot mulroney last seen in "my best friend's wedding" this time is julia's sister's fiance.
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>> that must be this year's man. >> reporter: a man making the family dysfunction complete. >> honestly if we did not get along so well, we couldn't be that wretched to each other at work. >> reporter: catch their work in theaters christmas day. also in toronto, a movie that's already garnering some great word-of-mouth led by an incredible transformation for matthew mcconaughey. jerry. >> reporter: his scary, skinny transformation so extreme -- >> 180 down to 135. >> reporter: it shocked his co-star. >> it knocked the wind out of me. >> there ain't nothing out there. >> reporter: math mu mcconaughey revealing his nearly 50-pound weight loss in dallas fires club left him losing his eyesight. >> i was trying to read the shampoo bottle. i thought the dimmer was on the light and it wasn't. >> reporter: are you sure it wasn't age related? >> i'm putting it on the diet, man. >> reporter: what was it like for your family when they say you losing this weight? particularly the kids. >> but it was gradual.
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so they saw it every day. there was one time where the kids went, papa, why is your neck so skinny and long and look like a giraffe? >> reporter: but not dr. jennifer garner. >> i was so happy that i saw him in the hair and makeup before we started shooting because i kind of had to go into another room and take a deep breath. >> reporter: and jen defending her husband, aka the new batman from fan backlash. >> was he surprised at the whole social media reaction? >> well, you know that's going to happen. i mean, come on. we're grown-ups. he's a pretty tough guy. he's fine. he's ready to go. he's going to be incredible. >> he's going to be incredible. >> ah. >> but was he nervous about it? >> i don't know. he had a real take on it. he knew what he wanted to do. he's going to be amazing. >> welcome. >> reporter: and you can see matthew's amazing transformation when dallas buyers club hits theaters november 1st. time for retail therapy with extra hot deals. slim adams is here. what you got for us?
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hot deals, head over to coming up, oprah's bizarre new confession. >> a lot of people don't know this, but -- >> the one thing that totally freaks her out. plus, cher's "extra" a-list interview with me breaking big music news. >> really? this is big news! then, superstars and supermodels invade the big apple for fashion week. "extra's" special correspondent for fashion week. "exto prove febreze eliminatest tough odors, we threw a party. the next day, we sprayed febreze air effects
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we are back at our new home here at universal studios hollywood. the entertainment capital of l.a. and let me bring in my girl renee because when i saw this next story about oprah, i almost didn't believe it. >> yeah, it's kind of bizarre. a lot of people are afraid of snakes or spiders. for me it's going to prison. >> going to prison. >> yeah. it's a big one. >> i don't like them because it reminds me of gunfire. it just really freaks me out being around balloons. >> who's afraid of balloons? that's like the craziest thing i've ever heard. oprah talks all about facing your fears in the october issue of "o" magazine. be a good girl. you'll never go to prison. >> okay. >> marimaria, what's your bigge phobia? >> i hate mosquitos and bees. they freak me out. anyway, let's not talk about that anymore. i've made my way over to the universal city walk where we are going to bring you some very cool live music events. i'm sure the stars of "the voice" will stop by since the
6:26 pm
tape as well. right now jerry is breaking news about the new season of "the voice" and blake's new superstar partner. >> "the voice" returning with this voice. cher just announced as guest mentor on the ratings ggernaut. she told me about it first. you debuted this wonderful song. >> and i'm doing it again. >> oh, you are doing "the voice" again? >> yeah, but i'm not singing. >> mentoring? >> yep. >> really? this is big news! but if you're looking for a "burlesque" reunion cher and christina, not going to happen. cher's on team blake as a season 5 mentor. >> it also gives people an amazing chance that they could not have, you know, and there's so much talent. >> christina teaming up with brit superstar ed sheeran to mentor her contestants. >> everyone is dying when they first see this guy, too. i'm, like, okay. i'm secondary right now. yes. >> reporter: cher returning to the music scene with her latest hit "woman's world" off her ail bum "closer to the truth." >> are you closer to yours? >> it's a line off of a pink
6:27 pm
song that i'm doing. and it's talking about i get angry as i get closer to the truth. and it always just stuck in my head. >> reporter: daring to bare on the cover, proving yes, you can still look fab at 67. love her. let's check in with maria who's made her way to the east coast. >> i'm on the new york set here on universal's back lot. tons of tv shows were shot right here. of course, i'd really like to be in the real new york right now because it is fashion week. and we sent our resident fashionista miss universe for today's l'oreal paris cam. >> i'm here backstage of the angel sanchez fashion show. and we're going to get the inside scoop on what everyone's wearing. >> reporter: glitz, glam, trends and hot celebs. >> i'm just going to walk out of here. >> reporter: spotted, jessica alba ready to snap her fave fashions at the diane von furstenberg show. kerry washington checking out alexander wang's straight lines of black and white. and victoria beckham's mini-me,
6:28 pm
harper, hanging with dad and anna wintour. and "extra" is the one place to get a front-show seat for all of spring's hottest looks. i want to know, what was your inspiration behind all the designs? >> modern approach. >> reporter: that's amazing. designer angel sanchez mixing up all things spring with his stunning evening collection. jill stewart believing in 50 shades of rock 'n' roll. sexy black leather and pleather, micromini skirts and shorts topping her spring must-have list. >> the prints are important because those are always original. >> reporter: cynthia rowley all about big bold florals and geometric accents. >> started with polynesian body art. >> turning that inspiration into beautiful black and white embroidery. nick kikkcki minaj loving this . the jumpsuit, the four-time
6:29 pm
cover girl presenting her friend with the magazine of the year award. >> everyone else thinks we're tattooed. >> reporter: online now, a full gallery of stars at fashion week, go to and click on l'oreal paris cam. with all the amazing fashion hitting runways this week in new york, it was tough to fit everything in one piece so we're giving you two. i'm backstage and i'm about to give you a sneak peek of what i'll be wearing on the runway. >> reporter: it's all about lace, light colors and floral patterns. >> you see a lot of sequins, but there's always a lot of sequins. >> we're not subtle. we do love our swarovski. >> reporter: miss universe taking only "extra" behind the scenes getting ready to rock the runway with a "duck dynasty" star. >> i didn't know i'd ever be at fashion week, but here i am. >> reporter: his daughter, sadie, is ready for the catwalk. >> do you see that? >> reporter: the 16-year-old teaming up with sherry for her own line. sorry, dad, no camo. >> daddy-approved line.


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