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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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carrying the shotgun he used to shoot most of his victim. he thought he was being tormented by radio waves. in these images you can see him hunting for victims and looking in office doors. it shows how he scratched into the shotgun, tend torment. not what y'all say. better off this way and my e.l.f. weapon. >> he held a delusional belief that he was being controlled by extremely low frequency or e.l.f. electromagnetic waves. >> now the navy did use e.l.f. waves to communicate with submarines but they shut that program down a decade ago. the f.b.i. said a search turned up something he wrote about a
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low electromagnetic attack. >> kenya's growing investigation into the mall attack is getting help from around the world including the f.b.i. the current death toll the 67. another 175 were injured. other shoppers remain unaccounted for. al shabab gunmen stormed that mall saturday. the attack came to an end yesterday. >> the dispute over crime statistics between the mayor and governor is ratching up. the governor says the city need to make thousands more arrests a year arguing that is what reduces violent crime. but the mayor says the debate is making some communities uneasy. her office showed a steady decline in violent crime since the year he left city hall and then arrests reached their peak. this chart produced by the governor to argue otherwise. >> as this conversation is going
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on, i think there is an anxiety that is building in some of our communities that we're going back to a time when communities felt like their kids were under siege. >> the mayor says under the arrest policies during his time as mayor the city's arrest rate was one in six. >> the baltimore county police department is getting new service weapons but what will happen to the old ones? >> the chief says he plans to keep them off of the wholesale market so they stay out of the hands of criminals. >> the police department could have traded those went innocence to a gun wholesaler and saved the county a lot of money. but the police chief says he was afraid those guns would end up in the wrong hands. >> our inventory of service weapons is getting old. some of these went reasons 15 years old so it was time to replace them.
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>> baltimore county's new service weapons come with $977,000 price tag. the initial plan was to trade the guns in to a wholesaler for a credit on the new once. but there were conditions, police chief -- >> i'm a police chief and i know that maryland's new handgun licensing law. >> and a featured guest wanted a guarantee that the old guns would only be sold to law enforcement and security personnel. >> that didn't happen. >> without a guarantee those guns would not end up in the hands of criminals we were not willing to take that credit. we don't want to find out one day that someone was harmed with a weapon that once belonged to this department. >> instead the department will pay full price for the guns and try to sell the old ones to individual police departments. a decision that john cluster calls irresponsible. he calls the new maryland laws praised by the chief some of the
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most restrictive gun laws in the country. >> we have a new gun law that should be able to control the guns. >> for the citizens of baltimore county to take a hit that's going to cost them three times what they would cost by not trading them n. the real losers are the citizens of baltimore county. >> the county executive is in full support of the chief's decision. >> the decision that chief johnson made with the support of the county executive was you cannot put a price on lives. >> and now the baltimore county police department started looking at the new gun purchase plan about a year ago. the trade inoption would have saved the county several hundred thousand dollars. >> five people now face several charges including murder in the killing of a man in a home invasion. these four and one other person
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went to ken eth curry's apartment looking for drugs and money. curry and three others were inside when masked people entered, two showed handguns. curry managed to get a gun away from one suspect and shot him. a second suspect fatally shot curry. >> sheriff's deputies hope to track down a pair of robbers that held up a bank in forest hill. they robbed the sovereign bank on rock spring road this afternoon. both men were armed with handguns. they made off with some cash and no one was injured. anybody with information is asked to contact the hartford ounty sheriff's office 410 f 836-5442. >> a collision between an s.u.v. and school bus sent nearly three dozen students to the hospital. it happened this morning on davis road. authorities say it's unclear what caused the s.u.v. to hit the bus head on as it headed to
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north point high school. most of the 35 children on the bus were taken to the hospital as a precaution. at last check the driver of the s.u.v. was hospitalized in stable condition. >> to knight's education alert good news for parents in cherry hill. baltimore city officials announced that they are in line to get the city's first new elementary school under a building agreement passed this year. it's part of a larger long term school construction plan approved by the city's board of estimates today. under that plan the maryland stadium authority will oversee and help fund the building of 15 new schools and the renovation of dozens more. >> the feasibility studies, we have 13 that are ongoing right now. they will determine which schools will be replacement schools or which schools will be renovated schools. the first school is expected to
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open in the fall of 2015. it must still be approved by the board of education and board of public works. >> the reality of the affordable care act is almost here. up next a preview of what to expect. >> plus got idge and in the military. the tattoo policy change that could be coming to one particular fwranch. >> and if you thought top guns are something to see, you want to stick around for a dangerous stunt. >> there is rain down in virginia. we'll see if that gets near the baltimore area and we'll check
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>> a tast officer monitoring a machine at the airport yesterday spotted what appeared to be two bleads in a passenger's carry on. the maryland police had to tear open a pair of running shoes once it discovered that's where the blade were concealed. after questioning the passenger it appeared they were manufactured into the sole of the shoe. the passenger was released and allowed to catch his flight. >> six days aweek for the past six months is how hard crews are working to build the horse shoe casin know. it will be three stories of games, entertainment and restaurants. the crews are also working on
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widening some of the streets to accommodate the expected surge of trasket in that area. the casin know is expected to add 1700 jobs to the city and is expected to open in the fall of 2014. >> the affordable care act kicks into gear beginning tuesday for those people who are uninsured. here are some things to keep in mind. the enrollment period runs from october 1 to october 15 for coverage starting in january. they will offer face to face help for consumers. you will need to know your income to find out your cost and whether you qualify for subsidies. one big change the application process will not examine your health. it will not include questions about preexisting conditions like cancer. it is important to remember if have you health inshures or medicare you are considered covered and you don't have to worry about this new program.
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>> now licking a stamp may taste sour and it has nothing to do with the flavor or licking if you still do that. .49 ost could go up to $ next year. it's to raise money for retirement benefits for postal workers. they expect to lose $6 billion this year. >> in the army or thinking about signing up for duty. this branch of the u.s. military is about to change itself th its policy onta toose. the army intends to banta toose below the elbows and above the knees. new shoulders would have to pay to get them removed. current soldiers may be allowed to keep theirs as long as they are not deemed racist, sexist or extremist. final approval is still pending. from k out this tribute
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the naval academy swim and diving team. they tweeted this photo featuring the senior mid shipmen. the reenactment caught the attention of espn and many etweets have ensued. >> yes, that's a plane and yes, it performed quite a stunt. flige just a few feet off the ground over by standers. this video is of an arrange general tin plane swooping by photographers at one of the bases in antarctica. no details have surfaced about why all this happened.
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>> crisp morning and a mild afternoon and that's the pattern through the rest of the week and into the weekend. 46 degrees this morning. it was 8 degrees cooler than normal. but the sunshine warmed us to 4 degrees above normal for the high of 78. northern suburns are getting on the cool side now. chestertown has dropped into the 50's. out in western maryland the temperatures aren't a whole lot cooler because there is cloud cover out that way. we've seen spotty showers rotating up from virginia. that cloud deck will keep temperatures up a few degrees.
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we'll have some clound around and then a bit of sunshine will be out in the afternoon tomorrow. 48 near the pennsylvania line. high pressure is still holding strong to our north. this patch of clouds and showers is a little weather disturbance scooting south of the high and then it would build back in and dominate friday and saturday and most of sunday too. while this front with rain and snow behind it is slow moving and will take several days to get here. that might bring us showers by monday of next week. there are scattered clouds offshore. fair skies across the baltimore area into saturday evening and most of sunday as well. 71-76 degrees tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. light winds on the bay means
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waves will stay less than one foot. water temperature now 74 degrees. 67 thursday, 67 friday out in the mountains with a good deal of sunshine. eastern shore locations comfortable temperatures, coastal areas look for highs in the low 70's with a few clouds around tomorrow, maybe a few showers south of ocean city tomorrow morning and lots of sunshine in the afternoon. all is quiet as far as tropical storms go. if you liked today, tomorrow should be just what you ordered as well. friday and saturday feature sunny skies too. highs each day in the 70's. we'll see clouds arriving sunday and only a 20% chance of rain on monday with highs up to 78. >> with the playoffs out of the
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pictures, the orioles take a longer focus on october but suddenly the future looks brighter at second base. we'll show you why next in sports. >> could you be our next millionaire because the jab pot is up to $50 million. let's play powerball. followedt number is 49 by the number 7. and a big congratulations to valerie sanchez from arizona she won $1 million. 17, 53 and 2 are the remaining
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numbers. if you match this powerball number you're a winner and that number is 23. >> let's take one more look at our winning numbers this evening. thank you for joining us and
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>> orioles found their offense tonight, one night too late. tonight's win ends their playoff hopes and ignites conversation about that potential second baseman of the future. buck showalter starting to put younger players on for good reasons. torontos lead was 3-26789 scope made his debut at second and hit s first big league home run, johnson scope sprinted around the bases. larry finished them off. o's win it.
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it guarantees back-to-back winning seasons for the orioles. manny machado is sure he can avoid surgery. machado plans to get a second opinion on monday but feels confidence that rest and rehab can help him return tpwhell advance of spring training. he feels a sense of relief relative to the pain he felt initially. >> obviously, when it first happened, it was a terrifying moment for myself and all the fans and my teammates. it wasn't fun. but got the results yesterday it was not much better than what we expected it was. my first thought was i'm out for the season. there goes my knee. there goes chances of helping my team try to win and make the
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post season. that was my first initial thought. then after something happened to my knee, i didn't know what was it at the moment. i wasn't giving any thought if it was my a.c.l. or whatever it was. >> rays got a few impact players on the field today. rise back in full pads and running well today. defensive end returned to practice today this. week in buffalo the ravens hope to get their running game going but they should have aa chance to exploit an injured bills secondary. if they can do that expect to see a lot of balls clone in the direction of clark. they look and sound like they've started to develop the beginning of a nice game day repoir. >> they are good players so it's a matter of time before they start being productive. dallas has a good feel for running routes on guys. when he's meshed up on a
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linebacker it's a good thing for us. i'm going to trust that he's going to win. >> september mark it is start of the occupy wall street movement. the people who railed against the 1%. today the 1% stole the limelight in the america's cup. team u.s.a. completed the biggest comeback in the competition's history. trailing 1-8 facing elimination for w one more loss. they won their 8th race today to capture the cup in san francisco bay. while it might not be the ultimate rallying cry it proves our billionaires are better than your billionaires. >> it was stunning. i wonder how many regular sailors will want to buy cat ma rans now. >> the big question is how many can afford them.
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>> stay was. swreel a look at the weather forecast after this.
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up in the g a sign weather center gone fishing. >> partly cloudy tomorrow, 73 degrees. 75 with sunshine on friday and saturday with lows in the 40's and 50's. maybe a few showers on monday
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with a high of 78 degrees. there are showers in virginia but they are headed east, not coming this way. we check the forecast for buffalo, temperatures for game around 71 degrees. >> that's strange. >> talk about 1%. >> that's all for 11:00 news tonight. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> good
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show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- dana carvey, from "the voice," cee lo green, the music of goodie mob, and "fun with fake surveys." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jay: hi, everybody! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all. any -- [ cheers and applause ] any nfl fans here tonight? yeah, yeah. well, listen to this. quarterback eli manning of the new york giants got some great news today. the nfl announced that during their games the giants will be allowed to use gps to find the end zone. [ laughter ] so that is -- i think that's going to be a tremendous help. [ cheers and applause ] tremendous help. well, the giants are 0-3. but eli's brother peyton manning and the denver broncos are 3-0. yeah, that's right.
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[ cheers and applause ] well, peyton manning off to a a record year. i mean, god, 12 touchdown passes in the first three games, right. zero interceptions. you know, and i thought this was nice. i thought this was nice. today, peyton texted his younger brother eli. you know, and he's struggling. and he told him, "just focus on football, you know. don't even think about who dad loves more." [ laughter and applause ] i think -- you know, that's -- it's wonderful. [ applause ] well, i love this story. in baseball news, the houston astros played a game on sunday. and the tv ratings was 0.0. [ audience ohs ] only 951 people watched the game. it didn't even register on the nielsen meter. it didn't even register. and listen to this. at the actual game, the stadium was so empty, the only thing they caught on the kiss cam was some guy masturbating. that was it. [ audience oohs ] that was it. they couldn't even get --
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folks, it's time for something we call "road to the world cup." tonight's installment focuses on defense. take a look. ♪ >> as a defender on the soccer pitch, your primary job is to deny penetration. when your opponent moves, move with him. anticipate his actions. but if all else fails, and it looks like your opponent is going to score, pull that son of a bitch's pants down. [ laughter ] that'll show his ass. >> jay: that's right. that's right. [ cheers and applause ] well, republicans and democrats are trying to agree on a a spending bill to avoid a a government shutdown. you know, if the government does shutdown, one of the first services that will stop will be processing of passports and visas. you know what that means? some foreigners may try to enter this country illegally. [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] hey, "breaking bad" has its final episode on sunday.
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[ cheers and applause ] as you know -- oh, it's a great show, isn't it? it's the story of this chemistry teacher. he teaches chemistry in high school. and he has cancer, and starts making meth to help cover his medical bills and provide for his family. or as republicans call that, a a legitimate alternative to obama care. [ laughter ] that's a legitimate alternative to obama care. [ cheers and applause ] in his effort to try and stop obama care, texas senator ted cruz spoke for 21 hours and 19 minutes nonstop. nonstop. impressive, but still eight hours short of the record held when somebody asked joe biden, "hey, what's new?" [ light laughter ] and then, he just kind of went on. and just kind of went on and on. man. 21 hours? [ applause ] 21 hours of listening to ted cruz. how awful is that? still not as bad as 21 hours of a carnival cruise, but still bad. still bad. [ laughter ] hey, listen to this. in russia a group of parents


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