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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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trip scheduled to begin this weekend. he will no longer be going to malaysia and the philippines as a result of the government shutdown. it's now day two of the shutdown and the wide ranging impact is more clear. national parks closed, federal office buildings closed. the department of the army telling us 154,000 of it's civilian workers have been furloughed as the impact is hitting real people. >> reporter: as wedding venues go, this one is historic. the jefferson memorial where they were scheduled to get married this saturday before the shutdown closed the memorials and cancelled their ambulance. >> i wasn't worried about the government shutting down. i was worried about rain. >> they're among two dozen couples scrambling to find new places to tie the knot this month. >> we aren't going to have the wedding we wanted or planned after putting so much energy into it. it's really upsetting. >> reporter: in virginia, dawn
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worried when she'll get her next paycheck after being furloughed by the department of health and human services. >> it means we have to make our groceries extend for two or three weeks instead of the one week we have. we have to make the gas in the car last that much longer. >> reporter: she and her stay at home husband have three children and a weeks worth of savings. >> it makes our life harder because we're already down to the bare minimum. >> reporter: across the country a growing chorus of frustration. >> dear, congress, my name is marion is on. >> my name is brandy. >> reporter: americans stepping up to the mike under the #dearcongress that launched tuesday here on today. >> i have 8 grand children and the youngest two are 9 years old and i thought if they ever acted as childish as you are i'd tell them to grow up. >> reporter: in washington, the president and congressional republicans appear no closer to ending their standoff. >> i urge house republicans to reopen the government.
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>> harry reid, obama come to the table and negotiate. they're stalling. there's no reason for a shutdown. >> to make the most of their free time furloughed federal workers will be stationing themselves at the closed monuments as stand in tour guides to help tourists looking for places still open during the shutdown. you see the clock there as well. it's a constant running count up, no longer counting down as this thing is underway. more than a day into the shutdown. >> peter alexander, thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondence. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> so we're, 24 hours or so into the blame game, the finger pointing, anger being vented by people at that, you know, dear congress hashtag. the question is, is there any glimmer of hope or progress or sign this could end soon? >> no. not at all. what you saw yesterday, particularly on the republican side is the first time in about
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a week where publicly republicans on capitol hill looked a little bit united. they were sharing the same talking point. attacking harry reid for not negotiating saying this is about fairness. having to do with the health care law and this idea that congress gets a break. they were sharing the same set of talking points. they were all comfortable using the same set of talking points and the fact is you have the debt ceiling hanging out there. the national's credit card. we hit our credit limit in a couple of weeks. that's sitting out there. that's another leverage point republicans think they have. i think it's a political mistake but they think they have it and matt, this is all going to merge together. so they're dug in and i think we're looking at more than a week at least, maybe two. but just stay in the present for me for one second. i thought chris matthews put it good, he said the republicans are asking the president for something he can't give them by asking the health care law be dismantled that's his baby and
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nobody can give away their baby. can this end unless the republicans are willing to walk away with nothing? >> no, it on the ends when the republicans split on this. you have a group of moderate republicans or senate republicans say that's it, we've had enough. some sort of public show on the senate side. a agree, i don't see how the president ever gives anything on health care other than maybe this repeal of a medical device tax or maybe some small change. but can you imagine, do house republicans sit there and say, hey, we shut down the government for a repeal of a tax on pacemakers? so that's why i can't imagine they're going to give in now on that front either. >> all right. chuck todd in washington. thanks. >> as chuck mentioned the shutdown is all about a fight over the new health care law. uninsured americans can sign up
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for health care coverage. the first 24 hours were a bit rocky though. tom costello is in silver spring, maryland. good morning. >> good morning. 15% of the patients in this er don't have insurance so this hospital supports the health care law but the website crashed and state websites struggled but they simply didn't expect the volume they had this early in the sign up process. >> reporter: from east coast to west, health insurance is now a possibility for tens of millions of uninsured americans but the start of obama care has not been without glitches. many people unable to log on and sign up. >> too many people accessing it right now. >> reporter: the white house says within the first few hours millions tried to log on to health most met glitches and gridlock. >> i keep getting this error page. >> she tried enrolling but the system wasn't budging so she called customer service. 15 minutes into this car.
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this is the second call. almost 20 minutes on the phone now. we started about 35 minutes ago. >> reporter: many republicans said they weren't surprised. >> from reports around the country it seems that obama care is off to a rocky start. >> reporter: the president insisted it's a sign of how many people want health insurance. >> we'll be speeding things up to handle all the demand that exceeds anything we had expected. >> reporter: but some states websites were working. among them, california, connecticut, and colorado. in denver, steve and jen were quick to sign up. he's got tuberculosis and heart disease. >> over the past year and a half we got over 20 or $30,000 in debt. >> reporter: every state offers four categories of insurance. bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. in connecticut we found an uninsured family of four earning $50,000 could buy silver coverage for $178 a month in
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premiums. deductibles at $5,000 and the out of pocket maximum would be $10,400 per year. in georgetown, texas, kimberly went to a clinic for signing up. >> it weighs on your mind when you don't have insurance. >> people out there believe in this and want to have access to a provider. >> about 7 million people is how many people the obama administration hopes will sign up during the first year. eventually they're hoping that 25 million uninsured americans will sign up. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you so much. natalie is here with new developments tied to last month's deadly chemical attack in syria. >> good morning, everyone, international inspectors arrived in damascus to begin the process of removing chemical weapons from the country. their mission was improved by the u.n. security counsel that asks for the chemical stock pile
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to be gone by next year. >> they're apologizing this morning for the behavior of a 911 dispatcher that apparently laughed during an emergency call. take a listen to this. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> my car just caught on fire and my girlfriend caught on fire. >> is your girlfriend still on fire? >> no. >> no. >> okay. is your vehicle still on fire. >> it's hilarious, huh? >> sir, is your vehicle still on fire. i just heard you smirk. >> okay, sir, it wasn't regarding that, okay? >> i just heard you laugh. >> well, the sheriff's department is looking into the incident. the 911 worker is still working during the investigation. microsoft has no comment on a report that bill gates is under pressure to step down as chairman. according to reuters, three of the company's investors want to
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press gates to re-sign. they say it's blocks microsoft from adopting new strategies. it was a sales pitch that went horribly wrong and all played out thousands of miles in the air but this is where it ended up on a florida highway. he was trying to sell his vintage plane. he was right in the middle of a test flight with a potential buyer when the plane lost power. he to then land on the highway but after further inspection decided to go ahead and take off again using the road as a run way. no word on whether or not the sale went through although if i were a perspective buyer i'm not sure i'd stay in the plane. >> a little discount. >> the price going down right there with the plane. >> thanks. >> mr. roker, can we see the video now. >> this is from st. cloud, minnesota. a big electrical storm coming off the sun, all the energy makes it's way into the electrons of oxygen and nitrogen
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and you get these fabulous colors and a little bit of a shooting star there. this is beautiful stuff. you can't beat this. let's show you what we've got today. a low pressure system around the gulf bringing rain there. here in the northeast, we have just had a spectacular string of weather. another gorgeous day. we get to see downtown manhattan. we're also looking at more warm weather. it's not october. this is more like august. return flow around this high pressure bringing those temperatures up along the i-95 corridor. boston 81. 83 new york. washington 86 degrees and as you get into the midwest, 86 in st. louis. fayetteville 86. oklahoma city 86 as well. but there's a big cool down coming and in the next half hour looking at a major winter storm that maybe before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile.
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before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. the same warm and dry weather pattern is going to continue today. temperatures will be way above average. and we've got a tropical system that may be effecting the gulf coast this weekend. we have a lot going on.
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>> we were wondering if we could see those aurora pictures again. >> and pink floyd. it really happens. >> we'll turn to the vatican where the pope is holding a ground breaking meeting with card nals. it could lead for bigger changes to the world's 1 billion catholics. michelle kosinski has the latest on that. good morning. >> hi, matt. in the months since pope francis has been a pope he's been called a rock star and revolutionary and giving lengthy interviews, calling up people on the phone and spelling out what he wants to do to make the 2,000-year-old church more modern and more meaningful. >> reporter: this isn't any vatican meeting. for three days pope francis and 8 cardinals including an american are talking real change here. >> so this is all a big deal, isn't it? >> it is a big deal. what the pope is saying is that
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the vatican is here to serve the universal church. >> reporter: they will look at rewriting the vatican's constitution, how the administration works. the pope has already spoken out incredibly candidly in interviews just published, one of them with an atheist tackling head on a number of topics the church doesn't address. criticizing the structure itself. heads of the church have often been narcissists flattered and thrilled. the court is the lepracy of the papacy. >> he is throwing out how they usually do things. >> they say he should act like a missionary. not so easy when the catholic church is a multibillionaire. the vatican bank just released an annual report thanks to pope francis insistence on transparency revealing profits that quadrupled to nearly $117
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million. he is going to examine the bank and reform it. and if a homosexual person is in good will and in search of god i am no one to judge. also saying it is necessary to explore bigger roles for women. >> do we expect to see change? >> there should be organizational changes right away. there could be women running many of the commissions here in the vatican. >> pope francis has done things differently virtually from day one and people embraced him for that. he's also been active on twitter putting things out there like our lives should not be centered around money and it's not christian to not know who your neighbors are. matt. all right, michelle. thank you so much. carson, you started something with the dear congress hashtag yesterday. >> we wanted a forum for you to
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vent. let us know your thoughts. sound off on the topics. we created the hashtag. and it was the number one trending topic at one point. we got a tremendous amount of facebook posts and vine videos. we're glad you found us as a home to sound off. >> dear congress, it's obvious you no longer care about the welfare of those you represent. >> one vine suggests congress is going to the dogs. on instagram the hashtag got messages from movie characters like from the matrix and there's even a scolding from george washington. on twitter, megan shared advice from abraham lincoln. a house divided against itself cannot stand. >> maybe someone else could get the job done, like the at&t guy and his gang of kindergarteners. >> when you say it like that it makes perfect sense. >> your actions make children
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look like a debate of scholars. >> one woman used a trick he uses when her kids don't get along. on instagram, a telling message on voting. >> dear congress, do you ever wonder why young people don't vote? this is why. >> there you go. just a few of what you had to say. if you look over here, the #dearcongress yesterday was so popular we have a word cloud here. the size of these words represents how many times these words populated some of the messages we were getting. you see paycheck, government, even ego and shame. big themes that were out there. coming up later we'll give you a highlight clip of the late night hosts. they're the only people on the planet enjoying the government shutdown. >> not to get preaching here but the woman that said this is why young people don't vote, this is why young people should vote. it's the opposite of that but i think her sentiment is understood by a lot of people. >> yes, sir, good point. >> got it.
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>> we'll take a turn. the search for justice. a new arrest made in the shocking case of road rage in new york as police look for more of the motorcycle riders. >> imagine coming home to an empty house. almost all of your possessions taken. the case of mistaken addresses that lead to major lawsuits nationwide. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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pretty shot of the sun coming up in norfolk, virginia. coming up on the show, mia farrow drops a bomb. could frank sanatra be the father of her son? >> and the touching moment with [ cheering ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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baltimore. one megamillions jackpot winner this time around. was sold inticket anne arundel county. here are the numbers one more time in case you missed them last night -- 7, 10, 30, 37, 53, and 1. just one winner from last night's megamillions drawing. one person, a very rich person this morning. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> we are tracking a few problems as you head out the door this morning. the careful at this location. we are tracking a water main break and related closures and donald street. 140 an milford mill road, crash. we are looking at delays on
7:23 am
southbound 95 approaching the fort mchenry toll plaza. hour new to an earlier accident. live picture of 795 looks pretty good in the owings mills area. 17 minutes on average. 22 minutes from 95 towards the 83's. delays on 95 out of white marsh towards the 895 split. >> warm and dry day today. temperatures are in the upper 50s. 58 in parkton. sunnyst for today, mostly and humid. average high is 72. low 80s on thursday and friday. a chance for rain on sunday and
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we're waiting for us at 6:00 a.m. and are with me where ever i go and increase throughout the day.
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>> that's jennifer garner opening up about life with the paparazzi. her family actually considered moving out of california. her candid conversation with jenna bush-hager coming up. it's the 2nd of october. >> i'm a proud papa today. romey 10 years old today. i love you. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. that's a headline. >> but that isn't topping the headlines this morning. topping the headlines this morning, two suspicious packages. one that the police say was of destructive nature forced the airport in jacksonville florida to evacuate. two people are in custody. the fbi is investigating. >> also house republicans are pushing bills to open certain part of the government on day two of the shutdown. the democrats are rejecting that idea. >> pope francis is in the middle of a landmark meeting on
7:27 am
reforming the catholic church. but coming up, surprising new revelations in vanity fair from mia farrow on her relationships with woody allen and frank sinatra. >> we'll talk about that coming up. meanwhile, new developments in the case of road rage in new york city involving a family and a group of motorcyclists. this morning, there's a new arrest and we're hearing from the family of one of the bikers that was injured. kristen dahlgren has more on that. good morning. >> good morning. there's hundreds of comments on this as the police investigation moves forward. the former police commissioner says this is a nationwide problem. he calls it a new form of wolfpack. >> reporter: overnight police charged the biker seen hitting the back window of the suv with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing while
7:28 am
another is being held for reckless driving and child endangerment. new graphic imagines surfaced online showing the driver on the ground surrounded by bikers, being beaten with his wife and 2-year-old in the car just feet away. police are now pouring through all the video of the 50 block chase trying to track down the bikers involved. they say lien did what he had to do to get away. but for the biker's wife, the video shows another victim. her husband run over as lien fled. >> he's paralyzed for life. >> she says her husband was just trying to help after the first biker stopped in front of lien and was hit. >> it's not a gang. they're just regular people that like to ride a bike. >> reporter: police say the rally had no permits and authorities received 200 complaints sunday. >> people come in with the intent to be disruptive. that causes problems to
7:29 am
everything. >> former commissioner says what the video shows is a dangerous mentality. >> they're riding up on the sidewalks and basically chasing people off the sidewalks and doing exactly what this group did to that young man and his wife and baby on the highway. >> it's a scary thought and, you know, it has a lot of people asking what they would do in that situation. mieses wife says they may have contributed but she wants him charged. but that's not likely to happen. >> you have to go to the idea that there were 200 complaints about this group throughout the day or over the weekend here in new york city because it does give you some idea of the kind of situation they were creating and i think, if you put that in the mind of this driver, it does give you an interesting perspective. >> definitely. let's get a check of the weather, now, mr. roker. >> all right. let's start out in st. louis,
7:30 am
you can see the beautiful arch, #todaysunrise, st. louis, missouri. but if you're planning to go to the arch you can't go because it is a national monument and national park and you can't get in there. it is shutdown. let's show you what's going on back in the tropics. we're keeping an eye on this system. we expect it to become some sort of tropical entity. if it becomes a tropical storm it will be karen. we have to keep an eye out basically from the florida panhandle to new orleans in this cone here sometime this weekend. we could be look at some sort of tropical system bringing a descent amount of rain. we're also watching a big, big system that's going to be developing off the pacific northwest coast. you can see the spin here. this low pressure is going to be making it's way inland and as it does it's going to be developing into our first winter storm of the season making it's way friday into saturday into the northern plains. snowfall amounts will be pretty impressive. some areas picking up to 18 inches of snow into northwestern
7:31 am
wyoming including yellow stone national park. again, another national park that has nobody in it because it's closed due to the >> good morning. it will be another warm and dry day today. we expect temperatures in the mid 80 and that's your latest weather, savannah. >> thank you so much. a hollywood couple that claims they were unfairly targeted and questioned by police in south carolina is speaking out this morning. mara has details on that. good morning to you. >> good morning. they're opening up about the way they say they were treated by a
7:32 am
marion county sheriff's deputy. they were on their way to a romantic get away but ended up in handcuffs. >> i've got to rush to get ready. >> actor cherry johnson best known for her rolls in punky br brewster and family matters and her boyfriend were driving to myrtle beach when pulled over by a south carolina police officer and issued a ticket for speeding. a short time later the couple stopped to take pictures along the side of the road. when they returned to their car, another police officer had pulled up behind them. >> she was like, i'm just taking a picture. put her hands up and he reached for -- he grabbed for his gun and said get in the car. >> at that point i was kind of like, whoa. >> the couple says they were questioned by the officer who asked them to step out of the car. according to the couple the officer initially claimed there was a warrant out for johnson's arrest and that's when they say things got worse. >> i said, sir, are you doing
7:33 am
this because we're black? and he kind of just patted the car and gave me a look and walked to his car. the next thing i knew he was putting on his gloves and he was handcuffing dennis. i couldn't understand why he was handcuffing him. we didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: the couple says the officer then accused them of having drugs in the car. >> i said what was your probable cause? why do you feel that you need to search the car? and he told me there could be a dead body in the trunk. that was the only probable cause he gave. >> reporter: after searching the car and finding nothing, the officer let them go. the marion county sheriff's office released a statement saying racial profiling is strictly prohibited and they will take immediate and appropriate action to investigate the allegations. >> i was praying and i just wanted to call my mom. i was scared for our life. >> i just felt like there was nothing that we could have done to prevent that situation.
7:34 am
>> the marion county sheriff's office says they've asked the state law enforcement division to review the allegations as well. they say they have taken to social media to tell their story hoping that law enforcement takes racial profiling seriously and gives appropriate training to officers. so a vacation they say turned bad. thank you. >> thanks mara. up next, a rossen reports investigation. this is hard to believe. innocent homeowners cleaned out by contractors that showed up at the wrong address. then at 8:10, what is your worst nightmare? more importantly, what does it mean? we'll reveal some of those ♪ [ male announcer ] new vicks dayquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. new dayquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ new vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest,
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where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ we're back now at 7:43 with the new rossen reports. this one reveals a dark side of the foreclosure crisis in this country. today national investigative correspondence jeff rossen is here with details on that.
7:39 am
hey, jeff. >> hey, matt, good morning. if you fall behind on your mortgage the banks will hire contractors to go to your house and take it over. sometimes they break in and chuck everything but our investigation found they have made some pretty big mistakes. sometimes going to the wrong addresses victimizing innocent homeowners. imagine coming home from work and everything you own is gone. just weeks ago, nikki bailey pulled into her drive way, walked up to her house, and got the shock of her life. strange men had broken in and taken her stuff. >> i look and there's my bedroom furniture in the back of the truck and i go excuse me, what's going on here. they tell me my house is being foreclosed upon. >> reporter: the men said she was late on her mortgage payments. they were there to repo her house and had already thrown most of her stuff in the trash,
7:40 am
destroying it. >> i had a love seat, a computer desk and large sofa over here. >> empty now. >> empty. gone. >> reporter: but here's the problem, nikki's house is fully paid off. those men, were at the wrong address. >> it is awful that these companies can just go in and take your stuff. >> that's the place, right there. >> reporter: we wanted answers so we tracked the contractor down here, deep in the mountains of west virginia at the end of a dirt road. >> hi, jeff rossen from nbc news. >> not interested. >> we're doing a story about nikki bailey. how do mistakes like this happen? shouldn't you double and triple check addresses? >> reporter: he dinlt wadn't wa talk but he was hired by one of the biggest companies in the industry. safeguard properties. banks hire them to go to foreclosed homes to inspect and clean them out but homeowners in
7:41 am
31 states have sued safeguard accusing the company of unlawful break ins. >> homeowners worst nightmare. >> reporter: illinois attorney general is suing safeguard too after getting hundreds of consumer complaints. >> they have a profit incentive to break into people's homes to take their possessions and turn off their utilities and lock them out. everything they do they're charging for. >> they're saying homes are vacant and people are still living there. >> people are clearly living in these homes. >> reporter: safeguard says it will vigorously fight the suit and it works to preserve properties and follows a rigorous procedure of checks and balances and quickly tries to resolve mistakes. the company won't comment on specific cases like nikki's. >> i had a couch here. >> right over here. >> reporter: now she is just trying to get paid back for all she lost. >> i hope it never happens to anybody again that these companies make sure that they have got the correct address before they start destroying
7:42 am
somebody's life. >> obviously nikki's case is an extreme example but officials say they keep getting complaints about these unlawful break ins. now they're pushing for more oversight saying the banks and the government need to keep better tabs on these contractors. if this happens to you, you're basically helpless. matt jourks to take the companies to court. you to see them to get a chance of getting your stuff back. the best idea is to call your local ag if this happened to you. >> thank you so much. coming up at 8:10, why the kids are now protesting outside their father's home. >> and next, carson is in the orange room with a late night comics take on the government shutdown. that's right after this. ♪
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carson is here and is going to prove to us that the government shutdown is hilarious. >> it's not funny but there's guys making it funny. it's not good business for everybody but if you're in the late night talk showbiz this is one thing you're enjoying right now. i'll give you a sampling of the boys in action yesterday. take a look. >> the government of the united states officially closed for business. finally, a chance to use our famous nation building skills right at home. that's right. members of congress were
7:47 am
drinking while debating the government shutdown which explains that one point where they said the floor recognizes the representative from margaritaville. >> obama care started. that means you can complain to the doctor about the government making you sick. >> maybe if you explained obama care we could resolve this issue quicker. >> obama care is a simple affordable plan, to help insure all americans. >> what does that mean? >> no [ bleep ] clue. >> well, that's their take on it. we want to get yours. use the #dearcongress and let us know what you think. that's going on today. >> maybe the comedy writers were also shutdown. >> you didn't think it was that funny. >> that wasn't all that funny. >> okay. i liked it carson. i thought it was good. >> thank you, matt. i appreciate that. >> just ahead, the story behind a heartwarming embrace between a >> just ahead, the story behind a heartwarming embrace between a little boy and a
7:48 am
you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪
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7:51 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> time for a check of the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> looking at heavy delays on
7:52 am
eastbound i-70 due to an accident right at the intersection of 32. really backed up. down to 20 miles per hour out of the west friendship region. continuing that way although it to the beltway. expect to be delayed if there. wilkens avenue shutdown the city, monroe to payson street. as you travel at o'donnell street and newkirk street, watch for delays in what -- and lane closures. this is baltimore national pike, like picture showing the west side delays. 19 minutes to get through that stretch. 26 on the north east from 95 towards the 83's. showing red on the stop on j.f.x. from the beltway down into town. that creates delays on the inner loop from liberty all the way towards the j.f.x. harford road and hillen road, another one at wall street and pain street. make new road, we have an accident of note. this is what it looks like on the west side. sunwear is coming into play their bank. /coming into play there.
7:53 am
>> going to be another warm and dry day today. this pattern will continue into the weekend. be the warmest a out of that stretch. current temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. 63 at the airport. we are going to make an all the way to the mid-80s this afternoon. the dew points are in the 50s. humidity will be comfortable. mid-80s for this time of year is pretty impressive. sunset at 6:47. it will be warm the next couple of days. 30% chance for showers to start the weekend on friday and saturday. chance for rain goes up
7:54 am
7:55 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, day two of the government shutdown and there's no end in sight. we'll show you where you can vent your anger.
7:56 am
plus mia farrow's bombshell to vanity fair. could frank sinatra be the father of her son ronan. >> and jennifer garner opens up about her struggles with the paparazzi. today, wednesday, october 2ness, 2013. >> good morning to you. >> i'd like to give a shout out to all of my friends in san jose, california. >> this is charlie's dream trip to come to new york and the "today" show. >> thank you. our friends and family in minnesota and north dakota. >> hi, north carolina. >> hey, yeah. welcome back today to today on this wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, carson daly, and mr. al roker. >> you know i said i'm a fan of
7:57 am
certain things before. but i am a super fan, top chef is coming back. if you look at who is on the plaza right now. they're going to head into our kitchen in a little bit and tell us about the new season and cook up new orleans favorites for us. >> that's right. it's also day two of the game show sweeping the nation. >> you have another job. >> that's right. matt, you were great yesterday with your two stories. what can you trust in news these days. natalie will have two new stories. one of them is fake for us today on this set fact or fiction. >> and then we'll meet up with joel olsteen with advice for an extraordinary life. send your question with the #askjoel. >> natalie has a check of the morning's top stories. good morning, again. >> good morning everyone. two people now under arrest following that bomb scare last night at jacksonville international airport in florida. kerry sanders is at the airport
7:58 am
with the very latest. kerry, good morning. >> well, a source close to the investigation tells us that the two people taken into custody and arrested did not know each other. we know the name of one of them. he was arrested here and he is now in jail charged with false report about planting a bomb or explosive and manufacture possession, sale, or delivery of mailing a hoax bomb. there were two devices here at the airport. one inside the terminal. one over in the parking garage. they were taken away by the authorities. there were no explosions, however, flights were diverted. passengers had to deplane but right now operations are back to normal. >> kerry sanders in jacksonville. thanks so much kerry. the goovrnment shutdown having international impacts this morning. he is citing the stalemate in congress.
7:59 am
some think it could be weeks before the shutdown ends. republicans aren't backing down on their demand to link a spending bill with kangs or delays in the health care law. authorities in colorado recovered the bodies of all five hikers after the deadly rock slide over the weekend. the community is rallying around the sole survivor. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: overnight, a tribute to a family lost in an instant. >> definitely shock, forever. i can't imagine that going away. >> reporter: in central colorado this morning, the shock still settling in. five bodies, all relatives, just recovered after a massive rock slide monday on a popular hiking trail. adam rogers called 911. >> it was terrifying. i've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: the father, dewayne johnson, his wife donna coached track. their oldest daughter a high school senior.
8:00 am
her cousins, were visiting from missouri. the sole survivor, 13-year-old gracie johnson is nursing a broken leg at a hospital near denver. sheriff's deputies say her father shielded her from 100 ton boulders. >> that would be dewayne. family first. his son first. >> reporter: today this mountain town is shaken but is finding strength in each other. for today, gabe gutierrez, nbc news. the u.s. coast guard rescued 12 boaters tuesday after their boat sank in the gulf of mexico. they lowered a rescue swimmer that stayed with the group until they could be hauled into a boat. a close call caught on camera in the u.k. it shows a bike rider almost getting hit by a train. the train driver had to pull his emergency break. police released this video to highlight the danger of trying
8:01 am
to beat a train through an international. that will certainly make the point there. it's 8:05 right now. let's go back outside to matt, savannah, and carson. >> natalie, thank you so much. mr. roker is just down with our fact and fiction audience. >> that's right. our plaza audience. let's head on up here. so let's see -- what's your name. >> stacy. >> and you're expecting. >> a boy, yes, in february. >> and you're asking should it be matt or al? >> what do you think? >> well, al came up into the stands. >> i'm thinking al. >> yeah, all right. could be another fact or fiction. all right. let's show you what -- wait, no, no -- >> wait a minute -- >> wait a minute. >> matt came in the stands too. >> there you go, all right. >> but who came first. al matthew. >> good morning. the same warm and dry weather
8:02 am
pattern is going to continue today. temperatures will be way above average. and that's your latest weather. all right, al, thank you so much. really nice effort. >> a little late. >> coming up on trending, the meaning behind your most common nightmares. >> also, jennifer garner opens up to jenna bush-hager about the new law intended to keep the paparazzi at bay. >> and a bombshell claim from mia farrow. ♪ [ male announcer ] reveal light bulbs from ge. ♪
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8:07 am
and we're back now at 8:11 with what's trending today. >> trending from the wall street journal this morning, the age of innocence. parents wary of their teens dating too soon have research to back them up. kids that started relationships as young as age 12 were more likely to engage in unsafe sexual activity, alcohol use, and criminal behavior. but teens that delayed dating to age 15 appeared to have fewer social and emotional issues.
8:08 am
and interesting study. >> 12. >> wow. >> i have a 12-year-old. >> that's allowed to date or not allowed to date? >> no. >> i don't know. >> my kids are not even interested in girls at 10. >> my son's friends say they're dating someone but that doesn't mean they've ever been alone together. >> a group kind of. >> yeah, that's how i remember. >> wast your number. >> how old? >> 20. >> i think it will depend on houma tour he is. but he's in the 30s. >> what about your daughter? going to the convent? >> let's move on to google. we have a family feud there with an american icon caught in the middle. radio legend casey kasem suffering from advanced parkinson's disease but his three older children haven't been able to visit him for the last three months. they say it's because their step
8:09 am
mother won't allow it so they staged a protest outside their dad's l.a. house on tuesday. now jean kasem called the police over the demonstration. the kids say this is not about money but we have to mention they were all left out of their dad's will. >> oh, that's a sad story. >> keep your feet to the ground and keep reaching for the stars. >> any chance to do the casey kasem. here's one that's going to melt your heart. i love this video. it's trending on huffington post, the gentle dog that refused to give up on a little bit. meet the 3-year-old. he has down syndrome. his mom says he is usually shy about physical contact so when a lab approaches him the boy backs away but she's persistent rolling on her back and placing a paw on his shoulder and finally the warm gestures break the ice and he starts to play with the dog even appearing to hug her and that seals the new friendship. this goes on for about four
8:10 am
minutes. it's the most beautiful video. >> that's sweet. >> yeah it is. >> it will make you smile. a tear in your eye. >> can we put the whole thing on the website? >> it's beautiful. >> that dog really was not giving up on him. >> no, i hate to go to the next trending topic because that's so sweet. trending on msn, your most common nightmares explained. dream compiled a list of what all the dreams really mean. let's start with the most common one, especially for savannah. >> yes. >> teeth falling out. >> i have this all the time. >> you to go to the dentist. >> all the time. >> experts say it's a fear of aging. >> wow. >> i'll buy it. >> convey an imagine of beauty and this dream points to a fear of feeling unattractive or a fear of dentists. >> or fear of your teeth disintegrating. i had a tooth literally fall out. it was a premonition. >> in your sleep? >> no i was in a shopping store
8:11 am
and shopping and it fell out. >> i've never had the tooth dream. >> it's more women. >> now savannah goes to my dentist. >> i do, exactly. >> here's another one on that topic. >> i have the late dream. i'm always late for something. >> you had that dream recently. first time ever. >> yeah. >> i also dremt i ate a giant marshmallow and my pillow was missing. >> if you're dreaming of drowning, you're overwhelmed by emotions. repressed issues coming back to haunt you. >> do you know what it means if you have the reoccurring dream that you're swimming with scarlet johansson? i have that a lot. >> learning a lot about you carson. >> nightmares about your own death. experts say this usually means big changes are ahead for your life.
8:12 am
i had that dream two weeks ago before i got this job. >> that's a big change. >> my sister has this fear that when you have the anxiety dreams it's a stress reliever because when you wake up you're so relieved that you feel better. >> i hate waking up from bad dreams. >> you're afraid if you go back to sleep you'll pick upright where you left off. >> that is what -- >> swimming with scarlet johansson. >> learning about you. straight ahead, mia farrow is getting candid about her relationships with woody allen and frank sinatra but first jenna bush-hager had a chance to sit down with jennifer garner. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. that's right, i spoke with her a few hours before she was honored with the national child advocate award by save the children. it's how the actress and mother of three is using her celebrity to help protect and improve kids' lives. >> reporter: as half of one of hollywood's most powerful
8:13 am
couples, this is a familiar setting for jennifer garner. >> thank you for the opportunity to testify today -- sorry -- >> reporter: but away from the glitz and glamour the mother of three is working hard to help protect children. garner and fellow actress halle berry testified this summer in california in favor of a bill that aimed to protect children of celebrities from the paparazzi. >> i don't want a gang of shouting, arguing, law breaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day every day to continue traumatizing my kids. >> reporter: just last week, that bill was signed into law. >> 100% i give this -- this is all about halle. i have to say, my husband and i as much as we have wished for this, we were truly re-signed to thinking this was never going to happen. we looked at moving out of california, all manners of things. i think that there's an idea that because our pictures are everywhere that we're complicit
8:14 am
in it but they're waiting outside the door and i can't go to the mailbox without getting my picture taken so i don't. >> now that the law has passed do you think there will be change and has it gone far enough? >> what we're hoping is that our kids' day-to-day experience will not be of really aggressive men yelling and screaming five feet from their faces. my kids take karate and class is at the same time every week. so the guys know. so 20 of them wait there for us every single class. so that's a lot of energy coming at little, little kids. >> reporter: but it's not just the lives of celebrity children that jennifer garner is working to improve. since 2009, she has served as an artist ambassador for save the children. >> if you're growing up poor, by the time you're 4 years old you are 18 months behind. 18 months behind so by the time you get to kindergarten you're already playing catch up by so
8:15 am
much you don't even have a shot. >> reporter: so she visits homes across the country spending time with mothers and their children to stress the importance of early childhood education. >> we go into the home and encourage the mom to speak to their baby and play with their baby and early childhood education is nursery rhymes and singing to the baby and rolling a ball and reading to your kids. you know what i love about this job that i have is that i see so much hope. i see that you just need to give kids a little bit of love and you just need to give their moms a little bit of encouragement and the difference that you can make in the rest of their lives is so huge and you can see it happen in front of your eyes. >> i just had a baby and i have to say i connect now with moms that i met more than i ever have. all moms want the same things for their kids. do you feel that way as a mom too? >> yes, i always meet these moms. if i didn't have it modelled for me all around by great mom
8:16 am
friends, by classes that i've gone to and my parents, i wouldn't know what to do with a newborn. >> reporter: with so much already on her plate, jennifer garner the actress has been hard at work thanks to the support and help of someone who gets it, husband, ben afleck. >> my husband has always pushed me. don't -- keep a toe in it. keep a foot in it. you love what you do. work. you have to work. all of a sudden i got a few things i couldn't pass up just as i was kind of ready to go back to work. so i did and it's been crazy and i'm ready to be home for awhile but i have to say, i've loved it. >> so if you're wondering why jennifer garner is so passionate about early childhood education it goes back to our own parents. they grew up poor but used education as a way out of poverty. have to say it's something she is extremely passionate about and something that's really important. by the age of 3 a child's brain is 80% developed. so we have to catch them early. >> you were at the save the
8:17 am
children event. >> yes, i mced it and secretary clinton was there and won an award. we had a great time. >> over to matt. >> mia farrow rose to fame through acting and in recent years devoted herself to activism. she is speaking out in vanity fair talking candidly about her life and relationships with woody allen and frank sinatra and maureen joins us this morning. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> you did an article on mia farrow 20 years ago. why revisit her now? >> she is active on twitter. she is very active in africa. she has 14 children. four biological and ten adopted. her story 20 years ago were the allegations of sexual abuse against one of her daughters by woody allen and also the fact that he ended up marrying one of the daughters that was adopted. so there was so much out there
8:18 am
at the time and i thought a lot of time has passed. it's a good time to catch up. >> let's start with what you just eluded to. these allegations 20 years agatha there had been molestation on the part of woody allen with his daughter dylan. she was seven at the time. she is now an adult. you spoke to her. >> i did. >> what did she have to say about her memories of that time? >> what she told me was that her memories of that time are very vivid to her and have haunted her her whole life. she alleges that things really did happen that were very bad for her. >> no charges were ever filed. >> no, the connecticut state prosecutor said that he had probable cause to arrest woody allen but he didn't want to put the little girl through a trial and therefore no charges were made. >> was there any contact between woody allen and dylan farrow? >> none. he tried to contact her after
8:19 am
she turned 18 saying he would send a helicopter and he sent her pictures. she wants nothing to do with him. >> there's another headline coming out of your article and it's the story that surfaced about a year agatha perhaps ronan farrow who is the son of mia farrow and everyone thinks woody allen is, in fact, the son of mia farrow and frank sinatra. it would have happened after mia and frank sinatra actually divorced. i know you asked mia farrow directly about it. >> i asked her point blank and i said is ronan frank sinatra's son? and she said possibly. no dna tests were done. they never really broke up. obviously they got divorced an she was only 21 when she married him. he was 50. she lost her virginity to him. she says he was the love of her life and ronan looks a lot like frank sinatra. he sings like frank sinatra.
8:20 am
>> ronan is a guy people may be familiar with. he is a journalist. he is a lawyer. >> rhodes scholar. >> government official. has he had anything to say about it. >> he hasn't commented on it he's close to the sinatra family and i e-mailed with nancy sinatra said she is happy to have him in the family. >> let's end this where we started with mia farrow, this family of hers, this large family has been called very loving and very dysfunctional. which is it according to you? >> they told me they thought it was cool to grow up that way and i spoke to 8 of them. they are very kind to one another and they have melded an amazing diversity of gene pools to make a family. >> well, maureen, as always, great work. you can see this article in this
8:21 am
month's issue of vanity fair and it's on newsstands tomorrow. good to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up, joel osteen's five keys to an extraordinary life. >> and did we stump your news judgment on tuesday? your shot at fact or fiction redemption after your local news. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> still looking at a lot of
8:22 am
problems for your wednesday morning. eastbound i-70 and 32, we have speeds an average of 27 miles per hour due to a crash west friendship. watch for lane closures there. between monroe and payson, building collapse in the city. o'donnell and newkirk, water main break repairs happening. this is inching along from 95 to the towson region. another accident in the towson region at york road. as you travel at bosley road and worton road in cockeysville, another accident of note. life camera baltimore national pike. passed 40 towards i-70, towards the j.f.x., those speeds continue and then southbound j.f.x., expected be delayed. mayfield avenue, another crash of note. south on route three, watch out
8:23 am
there. delays in place from 97 to 50. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we are off to another quiet start. warm and dry today. temperatures will make it into the mid-80s. humidity will be in the comfortable range. 63 at the airport. 62 and jarrettsville. i pressure in control. plenty of sunshine. high temperatures range between 82 and 87. it will stay warm and dry tomorrow. the chance for rain goes up as we head into the weekend. temperatures go down. usthank you for joining right back with another
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
back at 8:30 with a pretty sunrise in st. louis, missouri this morning. it is a wonderful morning there and wonderful morning on the plaza. we're enjoying the summer-like temperatures. spring or fall -- >> it feels really good and warm. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker, natalie morales and carson daly. straight ahead we'll have this morning's edition of the fact or fiction challenge. >> natalie has two strange stories to present. one is real and one is fake. can you spot the imposture? >> we were all wrong yesterday. >> except for sean hayes. >> 70% of people got it wrong. >> stuck in a rut at work or in your personal life? well, joel osteen is here to share great advice for helping
8:27 am
turn your life around. >> then we'll be cooking with southern flair. top chefs are in our kitchen. >> before we get to all of that we bring in a cool guy and great actor. blair underwood is here. he is starring in the new nbc series. it's a take on a classic iron side. good to see you. >> first take a pole. raise your hand if you're old enough to have seen the original ironside on tv. >> what year was it? >> it went off the air in '75. >> that's a good run. >> great run. >> it's reimagined. >> i don't say remake because it was so incredible and has been done. so this is new york city number one. the original is san francisco. it's me. it's 2013 so it's edgier. it's faster. it's grittier and it's fun
8:28 am
stuff, man. >> and you updated the character as well. it seems like there's more dementions to his life. >> he gets some action. >> look at you. he loves the lay dis. >> and the ladies love him. >> let's hope so. the thing is what made the original so great is that he was quick in thinking and his reasoning. he was an incredible detective. that's what he is. >> shoot this differently. speaking of the wheelchair, what do you do to give us that from your character. >> low camera angles. my mother is in a wheelchair and has been for more than a decade and she says my world is 4 feet high. so we high to shoot the show in many ways from that perspective. >> it's good to have you at nbc. >> good to be back. >> great to see you. you can catch the season premiere of ironside tonight,
8:29 am
10:00, 9:00 central time here on nbc. >> blair is going to hang out this morning with hoda and kathie lee later. >> absolutely. >> we'll look for that after 10:00. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's start off of course with today, plenty of sunshine up and down the east coast. rain in the pacific northwest. that system is going to bring a major winter storm into the rockies later today. tomorrow, slight risk of strong storms as colder air makes it's way into the northern plains. beautiful weather up and down the eastern seaboard >> good morning. it will be another warm and dry day today. we expect temperatures in the mid 80
8:30 am
that's your latest weather, savannah. >> thank you so much. joel osteen is one of the most recognized pastors in america. he leads 45,000 members in houston every week. he has more than 2 million followers on twitter and he is out with a new book called break out. five keys to go beyond your barriers and live an extraordinary life. good morning. it's good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> the book is called five keys. i'll try to boil it down to one. it seems to me what this is all about is being more ambitious for god in your prayers. praying those big prayers. dreaming those big dreams. >> that's a big part of it. so many people get stuck in a rut and they think, well, you know what, i don't have the education or the talent, i'm the wrong nationality, there's a lot of limitations we put on ourselves when you can break out in your mind and believe that god's big and he can get you
8:31 am
where you're supposed to be. sometimes we pray for food and pray for protection but i believe you're supposed to pray for your dreams as well. >> some people probably think i don't want to dream too big or i don't want to treat god like he's an atm machine. is that not the way we should be looking at it? >> i agree with the atm machine but i think that god has put dreams and desires on us and in us and sometimes we think well i don't want to bother god, there's people starving in the world but god is all powerful and i believe it releases our faith when we say god i want to believe to make a difference with my life and fulfill what you put on the inside. >> do you think that god plans for people to have super abundance? do you think we sell ourselves short sometimes? >> i believe god wants you to be blessed. when i say that to have health, to have peace in your mind, to have money to pay your bills and fulfill your dreams instead. but sometimes we think it's not me. i don't have it. we have all of these limitations
8:32 am
but the book is about let's break out and believe you can rise higher. >> we have twitter questions. someone wrote sometimes it's so difficult to keep a positive and energetic attitude. how are you able to do that on a consistent basis? you are human. >> it is difficult. a lot pushes people down but i found when you get up in the morning, it's important that you start the day with a grateful attitude. i think how you start the day many times determines what kind of day you're going to have. if you start off i don't want to go to work it's going to draw in negativity you have to say thank you that i have my health and strength whatever you have. our next one is a good one. looking to make that connection with god again but don't know where to start. so many people feel that way. >> they do. i think it starts in your thoughts, your heart, you say god i believe you're real and you want to be a part of my life. you talk to god while you're driving in the car. it doesn't have to be a big formal thing. you don't have to be in church. you can start now and say god i
8:33 am
believe i have a purpose and a destiny and help me to fulfill it. >> joel, it's always good to have you here. always inspiring. the book is called "break out." coming up next, we'll take a turn and talk about our fact or fiction series. could you spot a phony story when you see it? we'll put that to the test with our fact or fiction challenge. but first, this is "today" on nbc. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, white chocolate and pumpkin. oh! pumpkin. ha-ha! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for delicious pumpkin coffees and lattes today.
8:34 am
america runs on dunkin'.
8:35 am
all right. we're back. day two. help me out everybody, of -- >> fact or fiction. >> all right. well done. that's all we get today. that's a big victory for us. it's our way of making you a better news consumer in this age of information overload. the object is to spot the fake story. al and natalie got off to a shaky start on tuesday. they thought matt's extreme ironing segment was bogus but
8:36 am
savannah, sean hayes gave you -- sean got you a point. >> where is he? >> we need him back. >> natalie is here to present two stories. >> our first story involves the natural food movement which is more popular than ever. one vermont native is selling what he calls the least processed food on earth, but would you be willing to eat it? >> would you like to try a sample? edible earth. >> this is called soil. >> yes, soyle. greg billings sells dirt. but it's not intended for flower gardens. it's for eating. >> i'm not saying have a whole bowl of dirt but the right amount of soyle is filled with minerals and good material. >> if you're wandering why anyone would eat dirt that's what he was wondering when his
8:37 am
partner was pregnant with his youngest child. >> he dropped a banana at a picnic and even though it was covered in dirt i wanted it. >> it's actually a real thing and has been done all over the world. >> he spent his free time sourcing and tasting various types of dirt as he tried to get his company off the ground. >> it was tough. people didn't get it. >> reporter: but when he started offering free samples at upscale stores he hit pay dirt. today he charges over $20 for a small bag. still some health experts have their doubt. >> dirt does contain nutrients and fiber but it also contains fecal matter. >> reporter: he says he bakes his product low and slow killing any harmful bacteria. whether that's enough to convince mainstream america that dirt is something they want in their kitchens is another story. >> i'm sure the first guy that said let's put water in plastic bottles was laughed out of the
8:38 am
room but i think i found the next big thing and all hi to do is look down. >> who's hungry? matt, al, savannah? >> i didn't hear a thing after fecal matter. that's the last thing i heard. >> your brain shutdown? >> shut right down. >> any quick thoughts? >> no, i want to see the next one. >> we've been able to eat dirt cheap for years. >> natalie, story number two. >> well, i think i tried just about every sport on the planet. well, guess what, i was wrong. [ rooster crowing ] >> home to the dairy farm, paper mill and hoof ball. >> goal. >> in the cut throat world he
8:39 am
has seen it all. >> does it ever get dirty out there? >> all the time. most players are not very nice. >> we're talking horses or people? >> we'd like to get things underway with our national anth anthem. >> reporter: while shin guards are optional, biting and lying on the ground are not allowed or it's back to the barn. >> do you ever feel like a horses ass? >> do you think i could do this? >> i think could. the problem is to be able to get a horse to pass in a straight direction without getting too far off. >> get in there. get in there. come on. >> reporter: even an mvp like
8:40 am
oreo isn't too high on his horse to pose with an amateur like me. >> well, there you have it, guys. what do you think? any thoughts? >> i think i know which one is fake. >> you think for sure? >> i feel confident. >> matt you had great indicators in your story. did you see any? >> i was looking for things that might trip me up or natalie up on this and i did not detect any. >> not sure? al. >> this is going to be a tough one. >> i'll give you guys a second to think about it. let's go to our plaza audience. hold up your card, the story you think is fiction. it's either the soil or the horse sporting event. which ever one you think is fake. pretty split. >> that's pretty split. >> this is going to be a good one here. >> we did a good job, then. >> the time has come, al, which story is fiction. you're going with soil. >> you don't believe that's true. >> i say it's soil because you can't make those horses kick those balls around for a fake
8:41 am
story. >> okay. a little explanation, matt. >> i think they're both fake. >> no, you have to pick one. >> i think the soil is fake. >> unanimous for our consistent. savannah has the lead thanks to sean hayes yesterday. tweet us with the #soil or hoof ball. it's a cliff hanger we do. we'll be right back with the answer, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
all right, everybody. we are back with the results of fact or fiction. day two, the game show that's sweeping the country and is challenging you to spot the fake story. is so is it soyle, the least processed food on earth or hoof
8:44 am
ball. our studio audience is pretty split down the middle. natalie is presented the two stories today and will throw a little wrench into our process here. matt, do you want to ask the gang -- >> well, you all seemed so sure of yourselves so therefore i'm going to put you to the test to make sure you give it a good try. here's soil. >> anybody willing to eat dirt. >> wait a second, we're not saying it's not real soil. we're just saying no one would sell it. >> do you want to try it? >> no, it's fake. >> you going to eat it? >> remember the fecal part, matt? >> fecal matter. >> oh, what does it taste like. >> how does it taste? taste good. >> you should try it. it's fantastic. >> well, you are absolutely -- you got a poll online. >> it was 68% that think soil is the fake story. >> okay. >> so our contestants and people at home. you are right as are the 68%.
8:45 am
>> now, what did i just eat, though. >> this is oreo cookie, in fact. there are two video clues. if you take a look at the video, there is a quick shot of the wife in the pantry and right next to the soil product. linda tera and in her pantry she has the product in the pantry with the oreo cookies next to it. >> that's not a clue. everybody has that. >> by the way, the league is an amazing team and a lot of fun to play with. what they do is great work and it's great for the horses and for the family. >> can i just ask one question. you wouldn't have actually let me eaten the soil. >> yes. >> you know she would have. >> when you see fecal matter i said you to try it. >> and with that, thank you very much natalie.
8:46 am
congratulations to those of you that got it right. two more stories to play tomorrow and at the end of the week, the host with the most points is going to get five grand for his or her charity. >> a point from sean hayes. >> how does she get that. >> don't relitigate. no. >> that's a bunch of fecal matter if you ask me. >> we are back after this.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> well, we're back now at 8:52. bravo's top chef kicks off it's 11th season tonight. contestants are heading to new orleans. a city known for great cusine. >> they brought a little southern flair with them. i think i watched all ten seasons and i don't want anything to change but there's differences this time. >> there's a few differences but, you know, we kept the essence of the show. so i don't think you'll be disappointed at all. we were very excited to be in new orleans. in fact, tom is going to make you this wonderful dish with a lot of seafood. >> it's a scam. you get to spend all this time in new orleans and you call it work. >> you got a nice place too. i got to get in on some of that. what's interesting about new orleans, we all know about the
8:49 am
gumbos and all of that stuff but what most people don't realize is there's a real vibrant vietnamese community. >> yes, there is. we would eat it often after the show. we have judges table which takes a long time so we would eat it every night. >> this is inspired from some of the things we have there. pepper, ginger, scallion and then we have squid. >> what are we making. >> calamari. >> we just toss it in the oil and it gets hot. >> no, no, no -- >> usually it's me that gets in trouble. >> rice. >> a little bit of fish sauce there and then some chicken stock. >> now he put some scallion, there's some ginger, there's a little bit of a cinnamon stick
8:50 am
in there. there's pepper as well. those are pretty much the flavors of vietnamese cooking. you could make this dish with other spices or just curry powder and it would be a completely different dish. >> what if seafood wasn't your cup of sea. >> you could do a vegetarian one. >> the longer it cooks the better it gets. >> slow and low. so it's still simmering away and when we finish it, it cooks for about 20 minutes. about 17 minutes in add the shrimp and add the crab. >> 17 minutes. >> then at the very end we finish it with chopped basil, more scallion top, more and peppers and grating of lime. >> that's it. >> let's just real quickly some dessert, new orleans style. >> yes, come back here. >> i will show you the most easy dessert in the world. >> what's it called. >> berries and cream with a
8:51 am
liquor made from blackberries and raspberries but i'm using these too. you stir this in and once it dissolves you'll add it and if you're worried about serving alcohol in a dessert, the alcohol will burn off so you don't have to worry. you can just leave it out. >> that's not a selling point for me. >> you can add more alcohol. >> okay. >> and then i'm also going to add a couple of bay leaves because i think they add a beautiful nice aroma. >> then you're going to cook that down. >> you're going to cook that down. it's going to cook for 12 or 10 minutes and that's it. what's great about this is if you do hot berry sauce over frozen yogurt or ice cream it will all
8:52 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. if you had trouble signing up for insurance under the affordable health care act, a reported 6500 people visited the site by midafternoon and that caused the issue. 11 news received a flurry of calls and e-mails from people trying to sign up tuesday morning for the maryland health exchange site when it first went live. technicians are working to fix the problem but when the issues will be resolved is unknown.
8:53 am
so, um, do you want to come up for a coffee? yeah. 'kay... uh... good. so... so, uh... you make yourself at home and i'll be... yeah. right back. sure. (gasp) oh, i th... i thought we were... (deep inhale) (coffee grinder whirring) ooh... with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. this is nice. >> good morning. it is going to be another warm day and dry, but not terribly human. the dew points are in the 50s.
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i'm getting financial help to cover the costs. ♪ gotta have it, gonna get it ♪ ♪ at ♪ narrator: visit or call 1-855-642-8572. pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza.
8:56 am
>> welcome to today on this wednesday morning, october 2nd, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales and brooke shields in with us all week. how seriously is brooke shields taking this job this week? >> very seriously. >> i went home and we did a bit yesterday, a segment, about cleaning your household and cleaning the back of your washer and dryer and this is what happened -- the lint -- i vacuumed it. for people that do want to do it at home, i pulled it away too far from the wall and i disconnected it. >> you're going to be wearing dirty clothes. >> i'm going to be stinky but anyway, this is -- i didn't know that that was even an option. >> you have to do the back of the fringe too. >> i know. >> that's a scary place. >> because the coils -- >> yeah. >> the dust and dirt and then your refrigerator isn't working to it's optimum. >> or you can just call somebody. >> that's true. >> but now you can't. >> don't you feel -- >> empowered.
8:57 am
>> yeah, because you want your kids to see you actually do things. >> yeah. >> that's what people do. i did that about a month ago i was pulling the stuff out and she said what are you doing back there? then have to explain the whole thing. >> but you feel empowered by it and i want my kids to know we don't have people. we don't have people to do it. and also if you get in a bind you're going to know go look and try -- i learned a lot yesterday. so thank you. >> good. >> when i was growing up and probably when you were growing up too, you could go on saturday and change the oil. change the oil, change the spark plugs. now you have to have a degree in computer programming. >> there's a fine line. i want to be able to do it but if i can't do it well i think i know my weaknesses and i hire the people to do the things i can't do. >> you can still change your oil. >> change the brake pads and that's not one you want to mess
8:58 am
around with. >> anything i could die doing i call somebody. like beyond changing a plug in the socket or something like that, no, i'm out. >> that's a good rule of thumb. if it kills you, don't do it. >> don't do it. >> and you made the dumplings at home? >> i want to take this and put it into practice. i like that. >> she pays attention. >> i'm like the geeky student. >> you're living the "today" show. >> living the dream. i'm that geeky student that had highlights and i -- >> underline and highlights. >> i love to be informed. >> look, more highlights. >> look, the dirt is highlighted. >> we got a dog, we got a portuguese water dog and i had the book in the car and i was highlighting the book and my husband goes let me see the book and throws it out the window and the highlighter. i said what are you doing? he said you are not highlighting
8:59 am
a book about dog training. you're not in school anymore. >> adam miller is looking for the highlighter. our producer is looking around for the highlighter. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> it went underneath there. >> i take this seriously and i'm having fun. >> total today show emerging for brooke shields. >> we like the effort. a plus plus. >> i'm out. >> don't name the host. >> out. >> taking incoming fire. >> it's like the boomerang highlighter. >> let's talk about the government shutdown and how people are upset about this. one group very sad. we saw a lot of pictures of veterans going to the world war ii memorial and not being able to get in -- >> hold on, there's a great headline on the daily news. >> what did you do for our country. >> so is this actually a good story? it's a glimmer of gh


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