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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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rhodes scholar, in college when he was 11, he is an attorney. apparently a great singer, but woody is a terrific musician as well. >> they say he sings like frank. >> haven't heard him sing. >> that's what they said. >> wow, wow, wow! >> that's juicy. >> apparently very, very close to the sinatra family. >> sinatra family is embracing him, saying they're happy to have him as part of the family. maureen spent a lot of time working on that article for "vanity fair." >> yeah. when you went to sleep last night, did you have any nightmares? you always wonder when you have those weird nightmares like -- >> what do they mean. >> what do they mean? one of the most common is your teeth falling out. i've had that one once. what does that mean? that means you have a fear of rejection or the consequences of getting old. >> right on both cases, i would say. that's pretty much nailing it. >> the one that i have all the time, and i hate it -- but i
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have it constantly -- is i'm running away and someone is chasing me and i can hardly move. >> slow motion. >> and then i try to scream because he's grabbing me and i can't scream. i can't say anything and i am terrified. if i'm going to get mugged, i hope i can scream. oh, lord. >> get a grip. >> you've dreamt of dying. >> very weird. they're saying you can never die in your dreams but i vividly remember a dream when i was about 7 years old where i did die and i was out raking leaves with my family. it was a beautiful, beautiful autumn day. i look up to the beautiful autumn sky. jesus is sitting on a big cloud, like an indian sits, indian style and making a fire, looks
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down and says my name very nicely, and i am out of there. gone! gone! >> you drop dead? >> drop dead. >> what did they say that means? >> big changes are ahead for you. >> when you have death, you always think it could be table terrible, but it could mean you have big changes ahead of you or something not so great. >> mine have been about -- >> destructive behavior. that's what it could mean. >> i was 7 years old. what did i do that was destructive? >> we don't know. we don't know. >> that was later when i was about 27. >> tell your other weird dream. >> i have a performance-anxiety dream, which i thought would be higher on the list. that panic you get when you haven't rehearsed for like a recital. you haven't -- you have to study for a test. in my case, i'm never in front of an audience.
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it's before you go in front of an audience. and i haven't studied is what it usually -- i haven't learned a script. i'm going to have to go out there and fake it. >> what does that mean? >> it means -- it correlates directly to being unprepared or nervous in waking life. >>. but i don't usually feel that i'm nervous. >> what about that weird one with all that gum in your mouth? >> it's not weird. just unusual. >> have you ever dreamed -- and you got tons of gum in your mouth and you just can't get it out? >> so you try to talk? what are you doing? >> trying to get it out and you just can't. you can't stick your finger in there and get it. i don't know what that -- >> here is what it means. you're experiencing some indecision, powerlessness or frustration. your current problem is overwhelming. >> then what's my current problem? because it's almost every night. >> remember when i told you no
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one could hear my screams? it means helplessness and frustration in some situation or difficulty in communicating with this person. and sometimes i dream that i'm falling. >> all the time. insecurity and instabilities. boy, we're a wreck. how do we make it here on time in the morning? >> apparently last night was another big night for "the voice." i wonder if they're nervous when they go on. >> some of them are in knots. let's check out some of the blind auditions. ♪ i thought that i heard you laughing ♪ >> yes! >> i'm going to have to go with adam. ♪ i saw the light inside of your eyes ♪ >> i'm going to go with adam.
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>> he's killing us. >> wow! >> he's killing us. ♪ hey it's a beautiful day and i can't stop myself from smiling ♪ >> yes! it's going to have to be blake. thank you, c. lo. oh, my gosh. >> it's getting really -- i have to say, i might like the blind auditions more than any part of it. >> you said in the beginning, though -- >> it's so fun. was someone raiding our bar? i heard someone was raiding our bar. >> brooke shields again? >> no, blair.
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>> blair underwood. >> that would be mean. i'm seeing what you've got. >> what do you think of it? >> i see some bourbon down here. >> you've been using as part of your character on "ironside." >> no, this is whiskey. >> too early for this, right? >> no. >> no. >> nah, nah. >> we'll talk to blair in a little bit. >> he is a sweetheart. >> i know. >> his show airs tonight and we're hoping for a big hit for him and nbc. kim kardashian is back in the public eye. >> decided to instagram the gifts she got from people and put them out on instagram for baby north, including designers. >> oh, whoa! >> that is how she was walking around in paris. >> nobody noticed. not in paris. it's fashion week in paris. yeah. >> anyway, here are some of the things. she may have very well instagram or tweeted those out because she
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made a deal. >> could be. might be. when i was first pregnant with my son, who hates it when i tell these kind of stories. he's doing crystal meth right now and doesn't know anyway. that's just a little joke. yeah, i got over 1,000 handmade gifts. >> oh, my gosh! >> from people all over the country. but mine were like a rocking horse from somebody that whittled. what is that called when you do that? down in kentucky. and cribs and -- beautiful. i couldn't keep everything, of course. some homeless shelters got some very, very cool gifts, but i remember feeling an obligation -- not an obligation but a privilege of sharing my stories about him with this loving audience out there. and it wasn't like you're trying to show off. it's just you feel so blessed with people that have reached out with you lovingly like that. you don't want to judge what you -- she might be saying --
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that's her world. mine is, you know, a little horsey from kentucky, you know. who knows. i haven't spoken to her. i don't know what was in her mind. i know what was on her chest. >> we are having a little drink today. "fifty shades of gray" has come out with -- >> like she needs more money. >> $17.99. red satin and white silk, inspired by her novel, because wine is a theme. >> apparently wine is a huge theme of the book. i might read the books now, now that i know that. not interested in the sex, but the wine -- that's a nice bouquet. >> pretty nice. doesn't matter. she doesn't need the money. >> i like the red. this red tastes kind of like -- it's good. >> okay.
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sexiest men alive, not once but twice. >> golden globe nominated actor blair underwood on his new show "ironside." sweetheart. and a man of many talents, director, actor, producer. quite the graffiti artist. he will fill us in on why he is heading back to school. that might be a sunrise. might be an eyelid. when you're a grfiti artist you don't know quite at first. now it looks like a blob, brown blob. >> we'll have more after these messages. it's still pretty much a brown blob. alright guys, let's huddle up here and talk probiotics.
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>> well, now it it shall. >> now it looks like something. >> now it's starting to be something. could it be a logo? i'm guessing. >> maybe. actor blair underwood is back on nbc prime time starring in and producing a remake of the popular tv series "iron side" from the late '60s and early '70s. >> he plays detective iron side, paraplegic shot in the line of duty. >> stab me, stick me, do it. be strong. cut me. i'm helpless. defenseless. i've got my hands in the air. hurt me. hurt me like you hurt those little girls. do it, lucas, do it! >> do it, lucas. >> no, lucas. wow! >> guys, listen, in the backseat of a car in a wheelchair, not all -- all things are equal. >> and you gave him that knife. you wanted to set it up.
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>> tease him. >> reimagining of this classic. >> absolutely. >> in what way? you move the town to new york. >> it was originally in san francisco. we're now in new york. the fact that the character -- is he edgier, defiant. modern day. and also we have flashbacks on every single episode. it's very much the way the story is written. it's watching a man, who he was before this accident, where is he shot in the back, put in a wheelchair, and who he is now becoming. >> there's shots of you as a young man. >> i don't know about young. >> when i met you like 30 years ago, you looked exactly the same. >> you're very kind. >> did you ever watch any of the old "iron side"? >> yeah. it went off the air in '75, so i did not actually then, but i tell you, when this came around into my life, i went back and watch aid lot. this show is famous. people don't just say i like the
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show. people say i love "iron side." >> that's scary doing something using that title, isn't it? >> it can be. but i tell you, i think people are used to reimagining batman, hawaii five-0. if we were trying to imitate what they were doing. >> my mom has been in a wheelchair for a decade now. that was part of my reference. >> hello, mom. >> there she is, my mom. >> how is she doing? >> she's doing well. >> yeah? >> she's watching right now. she's watching live. >> hi, mom! >> hey. >> hey. >> whole family is watching. i have a technical adviser, david bryant, athlete and paraplegic for 35 years. is he self sufficient, independent. he drives his own car.
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and these are things that we'll see "iron side" do. >> is he quite the lover man like "iron side" is? >> i'm not sure that his girlfriend would be happy with that, lynn. sorry, lynn. >> oh, yes, she would be. they never really did that on the other "ironside." >> no, you're right. we have fun with it. every spinal cord injury is different. every one is unique and different. for some who are disabled in a wheelchair, you are able to perform in that way. and we're exploring all of that. it is a reality for -- >> you have a team of people around you. >> incredible cast. spencer grammar. they're going to kill me. ken joy. >> i haven't known one of them yet but i bet they're very talented. >> some things never change. >> people are going to know. >> they're really phenomenal. >> best of luck. >> have a great season. >> we're not going to drink bourbon? >> oh, wait! >> we have to have a drinky. >> original "iron side" drink bourbon at the end of the episode. so we do that. >> heavy pour.
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>> to the original. >> and great success to you. you're one of the sweethearts in this world and we wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> thank you, darling. "ironside" premieres tonight right here on nbc tonight. are you starting to notice that your hair is thinning out? >> no. we could tell you what could be causing it and how to make it fuller, richer and sexy. and five things you should know, coming up. >> that's how we roll here.
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we're brushing up with david arquette. >> who knew, to see how much we know about grammar. >> which word will make grammar sticklers cringe? regardless, regarding, irrespective or irregardless. >> i know the answer but i don't want to give it away. >> that's right. we're going to play in a little bit.
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>> we are. think of your answer. we'll reveal it after the commercial. >> and your local news. >> nice talking to you.
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all right. welcome back to more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew?" we're testing your knowledge of the english language and commonly mispronounced words and phrases. kathie lee is ready to hand out 100 bucks to anybody who gets the questions right at the nbc experience store, and to those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. lucky, lucky. here to help me out is grammar girl, author of grammar girl's quick and dirty. earlier, we did ask this question. which word will make grammar stickler's cringe? is it regardless, regarding, irrespective or irregardless? and the answer, which kathie lee and i both knew, were bragging. it is irregardless. >> irrespective and regardless.
2:29 am
because it has the ir and less, it's a double negative. it's misused so often it's made it into the dictionary. >> oh, it is? >> yeah. it's a word but it's a word you shouldn't use if you want to be taken seriously. >> we won't. all right, kath, let's go across street to you. >> i have a lovely lady here, whose birthday is today, from san francisco. every time she has to say her age, which is -- >> 60. >> -- she's supposed to do a shot. so, i don't know what kind of shape she's in. let's try it. which song lyric is grammatically correct? lay down, sally, or -- by eric clapton you and me could write a bad romance? lady gaga. couldn't sing it if i knew it. between you and i, jessica simpson or if i were a rich man, fiddler on the roof. which lyric is correct? >> if i were a rich man. >> how old are you?
2:30 am
>> 60. >> and down the hatch, girl. that was the only one that was grammatically correct? >> yes. trust the old standard. the newer ones, gwen stefani got it wrong, if i was a rich girl, if i was your boyfriend, it's if i were. >> we'll remember it. i have mel. mel is from chicago. all right, mel, what is the correct spelling of this frozen treat, s-h-e-r-b-e-r-t. s-h-e-r-b-e-t. s-h-e-b-e-r-t. >> s-h-e-r-b-e-t. >> give the man some sherbet. >> i have to say, this is one of those words i always called it sherbert. someone pointed out to me like lozengers, it's lozenges. >> it's a sweet frozen juice drink, no r.
2:31 am
>> when did we all start sticking the r in? >> i don't know. you want to put the r in, but it's sherbet. >> it's a french thing, sorbet, i think. you're from north dakota, right? >> right. >> you look like miss north dakota. you're adorable. how do you pronounce the punctuation mark that looks like a little star? >> b? >> yes. >> oh, my god! wow! the correct answer asterisk. >> asterisk. >> risk. >> it's from a greek word that means little star and it's from the root word as asteroid. >> i have one from texas. shake them a little. yeah.
2:32 am
which word is usually a verb? affect, effect, effecter or affectation? >> that would be b. >> oh, girl. >> your booby prize. >> the correct answer is -- who cares? affect with an a. >> we can remember that, because affect as an a is usually a verb and affect starts with an a, usually action words. >> we have to end on that note, which was the perfect way to end. coming up next, you guys, david arquette helps turn dreams into reality for some teens who need a second chance.
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he is going to tell us all about it after this. even has the guy doing it. >> all righty then. septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes a year, and can cost thousands of dollars to repair... thankfully, the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. with one a day vitacraves for men. it's a gummy multivitamin with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy,
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actor, director and producer david arquette has appeared in thousands of films. >> he is tacked to be a teacher in the new reality series "dream school" where the kids are dropouts and the faculty is famous. he helps 15 teens get their high school degrees. as david finds out, some students need a little tough love. >> you have never seen a movie you didn't like? >> you asked me a question and i answered your question. >> you know what? that feels like you're not challenging yourself on even answering the simplest of questions. i'm not trying to like be mean. >> okay. i'm just saying. >> you're choosing not to engage. you could just participate in the environment that we're trying to teach you something, or you could sleep your life away, which is also a choose. >> i choose to sleep it away. next. >> ooh.
2:38 am
>> who won at the end? >> wow! >> we would love to know that. >> she's a beautiful girl. she was pregnant at the time and she was probably tired. >> hormonal. >> absolutely. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. you do have a lot of different talent that is people don't know. teaching was just one of many. the concept of this show, by the way, i think is terrific. we hear about the dropout rate, which is 50% in some schools. >> terrible. does this have an impact, david, or is it one of those things we see on tv? >> it's an actual real, you know, school in a sense. you know, they get 10 credits if they graduate. there's a real dean, who is a great guy, dr. keller. and there's three qualified teachers and then it's us. it's myself, 50 cent lays down the rules. >> they all know him. >> get such a kick out of it. jesse jackson teaches them.
2:39 am
my friend there teaches them screen writing, story telling. oliver stone teaches them history. >> they have a real opportunity to turn their lives around. everyone had some real trouble in their lives. >> yeah. >> they come from different backgrounds. most of them have been bullied or did bully people. one of the kids, devon, an amazing kid -- his mother got sick and he took care of her for a couple of years. >> and fell back because of that? >> yeah. >> how do kids get in this? i know a lot of kids would want to be involved. >> it's just a show for now. we did six episodes. it's a 30-day course. if it goes well, people will tune in and watch it, we'll be able to do more. >> how did it change you? >> it changed me because -- i don't know. i could relate to the kids and just seeing them and connecting with them. it's a really heartfelt show. i mean, these kids go through a journey and it's really amazing to watch. >> sometimes you just need one person to believe in you. >> somebody to believe in you. >> just one. >> yeah.
2:40 am
>> we have on these white lab coats. >> because we're proctologists. >> i actually had a teacher who was my drama teacher in spire me. i was doing graffiti, running around and going crazy but he inspired me to go into drama. i was talking to your producers and they were like, can you do some graffiti on the set? so here we go. >> that's why we're up here. >> which one is me? >> these are all my pieces they're showing. >> cool. >> why do we have two fresh ones right here? >> we're supposed to be painting. are we supposed to do david? >> you do whatever you want. >> is david helping us? >> i'll help you. >> what's the point otherwise? >> i don't know. just go for it. just go for it. there's no mistakes. very nice. i like it. >> that's your head. >> beautiful. >> lovely. >> going to give you a little mouth there. >> oh, my gosh, look at this guy. it's crazy! >> david, that's you. >> amazing.
2:41 am
>> thank you. >> i'm going to give you some green crazy eyes. >> nice. by the way, by the way -- ladies -- >> you're getting a big bow tie. >> he's crying. david is crying. >> oh, my gosh, i actually love it. sad, david arquette. >> you can catch david's show "the dream school" on october 7th on the sundance channel. >> i want to talk to whoever produced this segment. okay. five things that will make you a happier person, like david arquette, after this. >> david. thank you. congratulations. >> a great idea.
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake?
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all right. who doesn't want to be happy? with the stress of work, kids and relationships, life can get in the way sometimes. >> a lot of women feel guilty if they can't manage it all and end up shortchanging themselves. how can you get back to being happy? >> here with some advice is volorie burton. author of her latest book. >> like it. >> yes. "happy women live better." you're even cuter than you were last time. stop it! >> we were talking about -- especially with young kids. some kids are happy kids and some kids just seem to be a little bit darker, bluer. is happiness kind of a genetic thing?
2:46 am
>> it is about 50% of your happiness is genetic. the really good news is that about almost half of it is what you choose to do every day, making those intentional choices. >> you list a bunch of them. >> uh-huh. >> we'll get to that in a second. explain to us the difference between happy and joyful. happy, doesn't it come from the word happenstance? that has something to do with your circumstances. >> somewhat. happiness really is about what do you do each day? what are the things that bring us happiness? joy is kind of the outpouring of being happy on an everyday basis and being able to have the sense that no matter what's going on, you still have this positive attitude, this positive belief about your life. >> when you say you make choices to be happy, i think some people may poo-poo that. they may say i have a dead end job, lot of kids, bills. i'm not choosing this. this has chosen me. >> you choose your response to what goes on in your life. >> how you react, you mean? >> exactly right. i talk about these 13 happiness
2:47 am
triggers, intentional choices you can make every day. and some of us have like personal triggers that come very naturally. >> like what? >> we have bottom triggers. it depends on you. >> tell us about a few of the ones in the book. >> anticipation is a happiness trigger. >> something to be hopeful about? >> that's right. having something every single day to look forward to. you create that. it could be curling up with a good book tonight or taking a walk with your spouse or your kids. when you're not feeling that great throughout the day you go, oh, yeah, tonight at 7:00, i'm doing this. >> that's a good one. >> this is fun. >> what's another one? >> i'm happier right now. >> connection. the world we live in today is harder and harder to do. you should talk to your friends and family more than you type and text them. stop. don't multitask. take 15 seconds for us to have that conversation. >> i know. i'll say to kath, call me. i just want to hear your voice. >> money is a difficult thing but you say live on 70% of what you make.
2:48 am
>> aim to live on 75%. >> try. >> it may sound undoable right now. >> make that a goal. living below your means boosts your happiness. also, buying experiences over things. if you're choosing between the tenth bag that you own or going out with friends or taking a trip, creating memories and experiences. >> you should live in a less affluent neighborhood, because then you don't feel like you have to keep up with the joneses. >> that thing that makes you comfortable, makes it easier. it's so important. if the women will go, you can figure out what the top triggers are and what the bottom triggers are. >> thank you so much. >> if someone had her hairdresser, that would make them happy. i love your hair. speaking of hair next. thinning hair and how to fix your problem. >> important stuff. >> but first it's "today" on nbc.
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2:51 am
have you ever had clumps of hair fall out when you're in the shower or started noticing bald spots and wonder what's happening? >> hair loss can be devastating for many, many women. as much of 60% of women
2:52 am
experience thinning hair at some point. so, what can we do about it, hoda? >> dr. susan taylor is a dermatologist who treats hair loss patients and lucinda hilary is a hairstylist who knows firsthand the challenges of thinning hair. welcome. >> good morning, ladies. >> you were through a tough time when you were 9 years old, tremendous stress with a family loss and lost your hair at that age because of stress? >> virtually two-thirds of it overnight. >> you're kidding me? >> big shock. >> how did it come back? >> it took a few years to get back to normal and, you know, i have been working with it ever since. my goodness. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> look. and those aren't extensions. >> no, no. >> that's real hair. >> i have a studio. >> what she has with the stress, alopecia, is very common? >> there are many causes of alopecia. there can be thyroid
2:53 am
abnormalities, there can be too much of the male hormone, thyroid disease, hereditary problems, female pattern alopecia. very common cause. many different cause. >> these are solutions, i guess, on the table. do these work? >> some of these work for certain types of hair loss. female pattern hair loss. we have all heard of minoxidil. >> for men. >> but also for women. that can help us retain our hair and in some cases regrow hair. >> if there's a follicle there, should you be able to grow hair? >> you're absolutely right. the b vitamin has been demonstrated to help some women regrow hair, biotin. visical. >> no one told me. >> these two lovely ladies, erin and kelly. we have a before picture, i think, of this lovely lady. we can see, this is the before. now show us what you did after to give us some more fullness. >> basically what i have done, if you look at erin's scalp, you
2:54 am
can see -- i don't know if the camera can actually see. she's quite scalpy. more scalp showing. so we can put in fake hair. with her hair, you can see. what we've done is actually done some back brushing. it's a an important part. >> teasing in my day. >> a comb doesn't do the hair any good. this thins down here. if you brush like this, you get amazing volume. it brushes out quickly. it's about playing with your hair and loving it and enjoying it. i thought i would do something more mad men for her and take a couple of seconds. keep your hair loose at the back so you have this hanging hair. you can do something like this, literally, it can make her hair look fabulous. >> adorable. >> let's move down to our next lovely lady and show her before picture, if we could. and tell us what you've done. >> what we've done here is she has quite -- again, i don't know where your cameras are.
2:55 am
>> they'll find you. >> again, it's not hugely dense at the roots. you can see quite a lot of rootage there. what we've got is a simple little topper which we've put into her hair. you can see that you would support this. give it a bit of a brush. you can support it and make it look absolutely gorgeous. >> they're something. >> they really are. you can find them close to your color or get them made for your hair. >> we really appreciate it. thank you for joining us. tomorrow, zachary levi is with us. and the secret to great parenting. >> the baby products moms think are best. >> i'm here to help.
2:56 am
you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks doing today? how are you folks doing? thank you very much. how are you folks doing? i see ya. thank you. thank you very much. good. thank you very much.
2:57 am
hey, hey, hey. all right. thank you very much. thank you. let me ask you all something. what's wrong with you all? huh? boy. well, we've got a great crowd, a great show. that's a good match, folks. you know, listen to this. usually it's the cops rescuing the public in distress but recently, it was the other way around. a police officer working the tough part of town was attacked by a man believed to be high. the situation could be deadly if it wasn't for a man who broke up the fight, a man who is homeless. we're going to honor him today as one of harvey's heros. that's going to be pretty good. [applause] >> and later on, ladies, do you
2:58 am
know what your body language is telling men? of course i do, steve. i've been working this all my life. i know -- i make it do what i do. okay. well, we got an expert here who knows exactly what your body language is telling men and we're going to decode that today. when you're out on dates, even when you don't use words, it says something. we have insider secrets to taking the perfect family photo. now it's time for my favorite segment, "ask steve." first question is from nate who wants my advice in preparing for a date. >> hi, steve. i have a date coming up with a guy who told me that he doesn't eat out much but loves home cooked meals. however, i don't cook. so would it be wrong for me to purchase store bought food or
2:59 am
restaurant food and pass it off as my own? >> really? that's what you came up with? >> yes. >> now, look. two things. this guy is either cheap or he trying to get to your house. no, really. [applause] >> you never even thought that, did you? >> no. >> i'm telling you. i got you like home cooked food. i do, too. when i'm trying to meet you, i'm trying to impress you. we're either trying to impress or undress. there's two ways we work. now, as far as you buying food at a restaurant and trying to pass it off as a meal, yeah. you can do it but how you going to keep it up? all


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