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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the state have started filing for unemployment because they don't know when they will go back to work and get paid. if they do receive back pay, they will have to pay that unemployment back, which is keeping some from filing in the first place. we want to go live now, authorities in washington or addressing the public about today's shooting. >> ed donovan from secret service. >> chief of the united states capitol police. you have artie heard the preliminary information -- already heard the per limiter information. vehicle is looted them and continued on constitution avenue.
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it appears our officer attempted pursuit of the vehicle. ultimately the vehicle stopped at second and marilyn north east and they were able to capture the suspect. i personally spoke with the officer and he was doing well. he is a 23 year veteran of the united states capitol police, and he is doing very well. he was at the hospital when i spoke with him, but he is doing just fine. i don't have the specific injuries. vehicle apparently struck the barricade behind us. it appears all around the capital, it works exceptionally well. we did have a lockdown of the capital and were able to lock quickly,wn extremely
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keeping everybody safe, notifying everybody of what was going on. had a briefing probably within the hour of what was going on. we obviously are investigating with local law enforcement agencies. it appears to be an isolated, single matter. at this point, no reference to terrorism. from the facts and circumstances we have thus far, it appears there is no relation. are you asking me are telling me? we are not talking about the suspect. not releasing any information on the suspect.
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>> can you talk about the child in the car? >> my understanding is there was a one-year-old child in the car. i believe one of our officers initially rescued the child and took the child for medical care in the vicinity here are the child was taken to the hospital. pardon me? we are obviously still investigating. let me turn it over to chief lanier from the metropolitan police department. i do not have that information. >> let me try and answer a couple of questions real quick. there are certain questions where not going to answer. we are not going to answer any questions about the suspect at this point. all the information we are giving you is preliminary. there is some video that has been released.
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there are things that were not captured on video before and after, obviously. as of right now, we do know that there were shots fired in at least two locations during the pursuit. down to the 100 block of maryland avenue. right now, the suspect in the vehicle we do know was struck by gunfire and at this point has been pronounced. the suspect has been pronounced at this point. a child is approximately a year old and is in good -- good condition and in protective custody. we don't know which officers fired or have many rounds. thehe white house and capital, the security perimeters work. they did exactly what they were supposed to do, and they topped the suspect from reaching the security perimeters in both
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locations. service and. secret capitol police officers, from what i have seen so far in this investigation, acted heroically in trying to stop the suspect from inner ring the security perimeters at both locations. we have two officers that were injured, one from capital and one from secret service. they were injured just doing their job. i will take a few questions, but i will not answer any questions about the evidence or the suspect at this point. was in the 100e block of maryland avenue. the suspect was pronounced sometime later. all the information we have right now is this does not appear to be in any way an accident. it was a lengthy pursuit.
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there were multiple vehicles rammed an officer struck. there were two security perimeters that attempted to be breached. we don't know that yet. we have been listing to a press conference by washington d.c. police, talking about what happened this afternoon, saying it is not related to terror, and they will not say anything about the woman who was behind the wheel. we will be back in just a moment. >> a quick workout with the ravens. that is later in sports. >> we will
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>> police consider him a career criminal and now he is behind bars, accused of snatching grab burglaries throughout anne arundel county. >> barry simms is live at the police department with more on how he was captured. >> as police investigated the burglary of a liquor store, an off-duty officer noticed a slow moving car. he pulled it over, and that led to the arrest. >> surveillance video captures the crime. in just seconds, the glass door of a business is roping. , approaches the cash register, and walks out.
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security cameras captured what happened. >> he was looking around, it was early in the morning, and he just started hitting this until it was broken. then he just slipped in and grabbed the door, in and out. smash, grab, gone. 54-year-old david holland of glen burnie is charged with the burglary. police say he used this tire iron to smash in. he -- the corporal pulled over a slow moving car shortly after the liquor store robbery. he saw the tire iron underneath the driver seat. >> police say a search of the vehicle led to even more evidence. >> about five minutes later you could see through the front windshield under the passenger seat was the clothing the
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gentleman had, the hat and the bandanna and gloves. everything kind of started falling into place really quick. >> the burglaries happened in the early morning hours. no workers were injured. >> property crimes terrorized the community as well. they impact local small businesses. a lot of these businesses cannot afford to financially sustain these crimes. >> if anybody has an extra thousand dollars laying around they want to give me, i am fine with that. a thousand dollars definitely affects a small business. >> holland is charged with nine smash and grab burglaries. police are investigating to see if he is a suspect in dozens of others. >> now, your insta weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer.
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>> it is still summary out there. a full 10 degrees above the normal low today. the record low of 34 was set in 1974. 80 degrees at the inner harbor in downtown baltimore. hagerstown also at 80 degrees. cloud cover across the region, leading some sunshine get through. the clouds will act as a blanket over the area tonight, trapping the heat of the day. will have atimore struggle to get below 70 degrees. some of the suburbs could reach the upper 50's, quite mild for this time of year. another warm day tomorrow. it isn't this warm everywhere. there is no following in the
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northern rockies and a blizzard warning for south dakota tomorrow. we are on the warm side of that system and the tropical moisture to our self could play a role in our weather. a hard time having fully intensifying because the center of circulation is over here. there is we ensure cutting across the storm and improvements them from strengthening. is forecast storm to get a little stronger over the next 36 hours or so. the landfall possibilities range from panama city in the florida -- it will not be a tropical storm when it gets here, but the tropical moisture will beheaded north.
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you see a strike a purple shading, that indicates rain along the path of that weakening system. we could pick up some beneficial rain. we are almost five inches below normal rainfall for the year. on monday we could make up a lot of that. winds on the bay will be coming out of the south with waves about one foot. forecast calls for warm conditions to continue into the weekend. a slight risk of a shower tomorrow, sunshine saturday, late in the day sunday we start to see the first showers coming heavy at could be times with a couple of inches possible before he moves out tuesday morning. >> the learning curve has begun for eugene monroe. he passed his physical today and took part in his first ravens
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practice. has not saidrbaugh if monroe will play this week against the dolphins. he started 62 of 64 games with jacksonville. now he has to learn a new offense in a position crucial to the safety of the quarterback. the same draft produced monroe. he wants to have a big impact as soon as possible. knows itavens tackle will require a lot of work and a little patience. challenge is just being the learning curve. different offense, different terminology. of things as far as techniques and assignments,
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there are some similarities. the same page on with the other guys are it's not going to be a good outcome. >> long-suffering fans, they have waited 49 years to celebrate the last championship in that town. home fieldnot put too much advantage against tampa. scoreongoria coming to and the rays had a 3-0 lead. cleveland had its chance, bases- loaded, one up. -- i double play, no magic for the indians. 0.mpa wins 4- tampa will face boston. tom as a last look at the
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weather, right after this.
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>> authorities say a woman tried to ram a white house barricade.
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there was an exchange of gunfire outside the u.s. capitol. we will have latebreaking details and more on the suspect, who is now dead. flu season is on and state health officials confirm the first case. the government shutdown continues. details on t
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>> fewer clouds and previous days. better showers, isolated, popping up tomorrow afternoon. temperatures well above normal into sunday. sunday night into monday, the remnants of hurricane karen could bring us some rain. >> that's a look at our news. thanks for joining us. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. good night. if you feel hopeless and alone and empty, like there's nothing to look forward to, talk to someone. helps. and people -- people will listen.
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on our broadcast tonight, crisis at the capitol. in the midst of the tension over the shutdown, a shooting on capitol hill forces a lockdown following a high speed chase from the white house. tonight, what we are learning about the woman behind the wheel. a small child in the car. and the incident that started it
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all. the big scare at the capitol, the latest on the shutdown "nbc nightly news" begins now. good evening. we were in the midst of day three of the government shutdown when much more urgent, more dire news came out of the nation's capital this afternoon. a report of shots fired, people wounded on capitol hill following a high speed chase starting near the white house through the city alongside the famous landmarks. a woman was at the wheel of a black infinity coupe with her toddler in the car. she briefly stopped and was surrounded by officers with weapons drawn. here is the scene as recorded by the camera crew on capitol hill. it all ended a short distance
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away. tonight the driver, a woman from stanford, connecticut, is dead. her 1-year-old daughter in protective police custody. think about this. the u.s. capitol police who responded aren't being paid because of the government shutdown. a crisis atmosphere in washington on top of what's already going on there. it's where we begin tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams in our d.c. newsroom. pete, good evening . >> reporter: good evening. this unfolded quickly in a city that's still jumpy from the shooting at the washington navy yard a few weeks ago. the woman at the center of it all did not have a gun. the only shots were fired by law enforcement officers. investigators are working to explain why a woman who had been stop bid capitol police suddenly rushed away as police opened fire. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: undeterred by gunfire for reasons officials have yet to understand, she kept on driving, leading a chase in the streets around the u.s.
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capitol as authorities put the area on lockdown and rushed tourists and others away. the security scare began around 2:15 when a car driven by a woman from connecticut hit a security barrier at a checkpoint that rings the white house. for reasons not clear the woman drove off at a high speed pursued by uniformed officers of the secret service. >> this unauthorized vehicle approached the checkpoint. our officers acted appropriately. the vehicle then fled. in fleeing it struck one of the officers as it departed the initial scene. >> reporter: she drove up pennsylvania avenue, going through red lights, reaching a speed of more than 80 miles an hour, officials say, and heading -- for some reason -- toward the u.s. capitol. the one area of the city with the heaviest police presence on the street s. capitol police managed to stop the car at the foot of capitol hill, but officials say the driver then backed up and sped away as the officers opened fire. the driver continued speeding on the streets near the capitol.
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moments later the car crashed outside a senate office building. police again fired shots. >> it was like a series of maybe five or six. then a pause. then a few more. that was it. >> i hear boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom as, you know, the gun fire is unloading. >> reporter: she was later pronounced dead. a capitol policeman was injured when his car hit a barrier in chaos of the chase. an infant was in the woman's car but wasn't injured. police are searching a home in connecticut they believe the connected to the woman. investigators are searching her car and interviewing anyone who knew her looking for a motive. tonight several law enforcement and congressional officials say the woman they identify as 34-year-old miriam kerry had a history of mental


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