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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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buildings surrounding the capital. you could hear it outside, too. some the senators were outside and had to crouch behind a door. with heard some stories of republicans and democrats taking shelter together. a moment of bipartisanship went a standing ovation was given to the capitol police. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> lawmakers will head back to the capitol building this morning. president obama is putting the blame on house speaker john boehner. he lashed back saying the president is rolling ahead with the nations health-care law. the senate said it will not pass a bill. the shutdown could make you sick. the first case of the flu in
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maryland has been confirmed. jennifer franciotti has more to explain. good morning. >> the state health department is saying the first case of flu in maryland has been confirmed two weeks earlier than last year. the cdc has stopped tracking influenza cases, a victim of the government shutdown. no one is watching where the flu is moving our whether a pandemic is emerging. maryland and other states will continue tracking and testing locally. without the government, there is no one linking across state lines. us all keep a picture with what is going on from a national standpoint. >> the cdc has stopped tracking food poisoning and stop
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investigating measles cases. studieshas stopped new and new clinical trials. more coming up at 5:30l. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> most of the wrinkles for maryland's online health care exchange has been ironed out. almost everyone has been cap from accessing the sites because bottlenecking- since it opened on tuesday. >> no charges will be filed for the parade accident in annapolis that killed a 70 oh boy. a boy died after he was run over. the child's grandfather was driving the float. the grandfather when not face charges. >> that is really sad.
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63 degrees at the airport. >> you might be tempted to doze off at your desk this morning if you are sleepy. >> this is the beltway at greenspring avenue.
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>> forecasters are predicting tropical storm karen could reach tropical storm status today. the latest reading puts a storm 340 miles from the mouth of the mississippi river.
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we will have a report in about 15 minutes. >> president obama is canceling his trip to asia next week. he will stay in washington to keep pushing for a budget deal. sleepy.aker is becoming driftingught on tape off to dreamland during a speech. he snapped awake after just a few seconds. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning once again. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. a nice start on the major roadways. we have a problem at towson and parkville. closures at loch raven boulevard because of a car into a building. be careful and avoid that for the next few minutes. 11 minutes on the north and west sides. light fight them on 70 down
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towards edmondson. city five miles per hour on 795 southbound to the owings mills area. no problems down to the bay bridge other than some fog. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. haze are aand the product of the higher humidity. it is a little sticky out there. 62 at the airport with mostly clear skies. there could be a stray shower. we are expecting a high around 85 degrees. 80 degrees by lunchtime. throughout the day you will see scattered clouds. most of the day is dry. we could track significant rainfall by monday. >> 63 the greece at the airport.
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--63 degrees at the airport. >> we live in the riche
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. 5:14. that is a live look outdoors from skycam. a little bit of haze out there. the higher humidity is helping to produce some fog. temperatures in the 60's in the suburbs. 66 in westminster.
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you can see how mild it is for everyone. the dew points have been climbing up. they tell us how much moisture is in the air. 65 in easton. 63 in edgewood. a warm front lifting into the northeast. newre seeing showers across york and northern pennsylvania. a stray shower and push our way this afternoon. way tonshine giving scattered clouds. it feels like summer out there. we stay mild again tonight. 60's across the suburbs with partly cloudy skies. airre in the warmt a right now.
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30's in salt lake city and billings, montana. the tropical system will be pushing into the east. tropical storm karen has weakened a bit. possibly reaching hurricane status before reaching land in louisiana. it will move towards maryland by next monday and tuesday. we expect a chance for heavier rain on monday and tuesday. saturday it looks dry. we are in the 80's for the next couple of days. >> good morning. we are checking on a problem in the towson region along loch raven boulevard and taylor avenue. a vehicle into the corner of a burger king. a void that intersection. injuries reported with that
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accident. 50 miles per hour on the j.f.x. 11 minutes on the west side. 61 miles per hour on eastbound 70. o'donnell, so far so good. same situation as you approach 895 at the harbor tunnel. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> you live in the richest state in the country. maryland is the wealthiest state in the u.s. with a median household income of about $71,000. n $200,000ylanders ear or more a year. new jersey came in second place for the richest state. mississippi came in last.
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a $500 tax credit is set to expire at the end of the year. it was part of the american taxpayer relief act. it is the perfect time to replace insulation. home, theyour primary tax cut. your kids can enjoy nickelodeon on the radio on their way to school. there is a station on i heart radio. it will be on nickelodeon's own website. robse government shutdown investors other big monthly economic report. obtained data on millions of people. >> good morning. nearly 3 million customers have been worn about hackers for
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adobe. the maker of the software is notifying customers and resetting passwords in response. how much do you think twitter is worth? the value is suggested at nearly $13 billion. users on instagram was start seeing ads in just a couple of months. users will be able to hide the ads they do not like. the price on the iphone is being cut. $50 buy is offering it for as long as you sign a new two- year contract with your carrier. likely created an additional 180,000 jobs last month. feelingere pretty secure about their
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employment situation. concern about the government shutdown did weigh on stocks yesterday. investors continue to monitor the situation in washington closely this morning. barbecue is opening its first baltimore city location later this year. today the restaurant is having a sneak peak to raise money for veterans. it will be on boston street another proceeds go to the wounded warrior project. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. very mild temperatures. close to 70 degrees downtown. we are talking august like temperatures. 84 in annapolis.
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hazy sunshine to start off the day. late today a stray shower could pop up. not a major concern. that should be short lived. we could talk about more significant rain next week. >> good morning. one accident we are tracking along taylor avenue and loch raven boulevard in the towson region. police remained on the scene. much in 65 miles per hour out of the white marsh area on 95. harbor tunnel thruway moving well. 64 miles per hour on 70 eastbound. this is a live picture at greenspring. still up to speed on the j.f.x.
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95 at o'donnell checks out just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> 62 degrees at the airport. all voters are frustrated about congress and the shutdown. how about future voters? >> the first tropical storm of the season in the gulf of mexico.
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>> about 80 senior citizens a waking up in some place other than their own homes after and that you go fire in harford county. two people suffered non-life- threatening injuries. >> the first tropical storm to threaten the u.s. coast this
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season could reach tropical force today. >> tropical storm karen is barreling toward the florida panhandle where a hurricane watch is now in effect this morning. >> residents are bracing for the storm. summer, a quiet tropical storm karen could be a hurricane before landfall. >> we are preparing for category one and deploying assets in preparation for that. >> preparations that stretch from louisiana to the florida panhandle. the gulf coast is on alert. >> we have started to remove some items from the beach area. >> windows have been boarded up. some have decided -- >> i am getting out. >> to move to higher ground as
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karen starts to move in. track, werm stays on could feel the real effects starting sometime later today. it is forecast to make landfall late saturday into sunday morning. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. continues,hutdown lawmakers iwatch their approval ratings plummet, even among future voters. le guy.l him, litt maryland areers in taking the shutdown in stride. they were supposed to go to fort mchenry. oriolesimore al stepped in to save the day. they went to camden yards again. >> do you like it?
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is it fun? >> i do like it. >> something tells me they probably enjoyed it a little more than fort mchenry. a lot had never been to the stadium before. airport atat the 5:27. >> no one is home when it comes to tracking flu cases at the cdc. >> we are still coasting along with this summer like weather pattern. stay tuned for the forecast. >> we have two early-morning accidents. there is one
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking.
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this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy friday. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. police are on the scene of a double stabbing. officers responded to a fight in dundalk just before 1:00 this morning. both victims were taken to local hospitals. >> opening statements begin today in a case with a doctor accused of giving a patient unnecessary heart stents. the dr. faces barely 50 other civil suits. >> the district court in an essex this morning. this began when a connection became block inside the building
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and the sewage poured into kelso drive. 5:31. time for traffic and weather together on the 1's. there is some rain on the way? >> we are thinking rain will be likely on monday. it is not going to be a full- blown tropical system. sometimes we get some heavy rain with leftover storms. 62 at the airport. we have mostly clear skies. hazy sunshine for the first half of the day. there could be a stray shower. high temperature between 83 and 87. >> we have an accident on northbound 95. we are hearing it was moved to the shoulder. looking good for the most part as you travel toward the fort mchenry.
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this is a live look at 95 at 295. taylor avenue and loch raven boulevard you will find some closures because of an accident. southboundr hour on 95 coming down from white marsh. so far so good at greenspring. more volume in the outer loop over toward reisterstown road. everything running smoothly on the inner loop over towards the j.f.x. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. quiet thishill is morning less than 24 hours after a deadly shooting. >> we are hoping to learn more about the woman who led the lease on the chase. miriam carey rammed a barrier at the white house. then she sped off to the capitol building.
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she got away and later crash near a senate office building. she was shot and killed. authorities later learned she had no gun. a former boss said she was a loner. >> she didn't want to have a personal relationship with anybody in the office. she came in, did her job, and left. >> members of congress sheltered in place. they then offer their gratitude to the capital police. the shutdown could affect your health. the very first flu case has been confirmed in maryland. experts fear if there is a flu pandemic, the cdc when not be able to catch it. jennifer franciotti has more. good morning. firstyland has seen its
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flu case of the season. it seems the cdc the funding is not there to track the information. >> this is the earliest we have seen the first laboratory confirmed influenza case in maryland's during the flu season. >> the cdc has stopped tracking influenza cases. the home page says it all. no one is watching where the flu is moving. no one to sound the alarm. >> i am very concerned for the experts. what is it that we might happen that we might not be able to catch? >> maryland and other states will continue tracking and testing locally. kinge was no one lin across state lines. >> helps us all keep a picture of what is going on from a national standpoint. >> the shutdown could make you sick in other ways.
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the cdc has stopped investigating measles. future medical.research could also be in trouble the nih will not begin new studies or clinical trials. get your vaccine now to avoid getting sick later. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. rolling outnchot is a new initiative to help small businesses get health care tax credits. he sent letters to 5000 small business owners in anne arundel county. 35% of ats are worth businesses health-care costs and he goes up to 50% next year. fewerness must have 25 or employees to be eligible. >> a man faces life in prison after he was convicted of opening fire inside a salon. tuan minh pham was found guilty
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of attempted murder and other charges. both victims were critically injured but did recover. he faces life in prison when sentenced in december. >> and man will head to a san francisco court for a bail hearing. he was charged in new york as a mastermind of a website. that site was busted for selling cocaine to nearly 960,000 users and dealers. pay accused in maryland to to kill a witness. >> is it hard finding time to fit in a rigorous workout? >> a new study suggests used to just walk for a while. some of us feel depressed,
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anxious, angry. if you're just like me, say something.
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>> just a little exercise can have a dramatic exercise. inthet cancer >> simply going for a walk can reduce the risk of the disease for women. walk who went for a daily had a 14% reduced risk of the disease. women who vigorously exercise had a 25% reduced risk for breast cancer. almost every restaurant is touting a healthier menu this days. >> it could be mostly hype. there was no overall decline in calories and only a minimal drop in sodium levels.
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the average children's meal did not become healthier either. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. heading out the door in the next few minutes, we are not tracking any mass transit delays. we have an accident in essex and hyde park road. we have an accident still clearing at taylor avenue and loch raven boulevard. the bay bit of fog at bridge and the tydings memorial bridge. 65 miles per hour on 95 southbound. six minutes from the 895 split to the fort mchenry. the rest of the major roads are in the green. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you.
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fog could be an issue in a few spots this morning. we have higher humidity building in with these warmer temperatures. 70 degrees right now downtown. rock hall, 64 degrees. you can't imagine how quickly the temperatures will warm up. scattered clouds late today and a stray shower is possible. we are tracking a warm front coming across the east. we also have to keep our eyes on the tropics. we will talk about our next rain chances in the seven-day. >> 62 degrees at the airport. movies are often huge hits. we will preview a new flick even einstein would love.
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. at the trafficex circle. another accident wrapping up at taylor avenue and loch raven boulevard. we are looking at a good on the harrisburg expressway. moving well down to the beltway. no problems to report on the west side, 11 minutes. 11 minutes on the northeast side. southbound traffic is building from owings mills. a nice start down to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> you have mentioned some of the fog out there. just be careful out there. 62 at the airport. 65 at easton.
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it is a mild start to the day. you can feel the humidity as well. the dew points are climbing into 60's.w to mid you will notice that this afternoon. hazy sunshine early on. a stray shower is possible. it will be short lived if we see anything. highs 83 287. onight -- highs 83 to 87. most of the showers confined to new york and pennsylvania. there could be moisture on monday. this is karen. it could strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall.
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the cold air is going to steer the tropical system our way. it will make landfall into mississippi and we will track this moving into maryland i monday into tuesday. this could be some heavy rain. we are expecting dry weather through saturday. a few showers could arrive late on sunday. better chance on monday and tuesday. >> the annual education nation summit kicks off next week in new york city. >> they will focus on what it takes to get students successfully through school and into college. >> chris clackum talks to some other standout attendees. schools, the time to set sights on the future begins early. >> this is one they are deciding
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whether or not high school will be important to them. they think financial principle. >> business professionals who volunteer with citizen schools develop their time to teach struggling students through an extended program at low performing middle schools across the country. a program that includes academic help but gives the students real life apprenticeship. >> you have somebody from microsoft teaching students how to build a computer. >> part of what they do is to experience is to the students that they would not otherwise get. >> if you want to build a role or if youch math want to practice law, you can do
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that. nothing is holding you back. it starts now for you. >> companies are getting involved with citizen schools. >> smart companies get it and see if we can touch medical students and get them excited about math and science, that is going to be my future workforce. >> a future workforce that is learning what it takes to succeed in school and in life. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tim tooten is heading to new york city for the summit and will have live reports starting on monday. >> science fiction movies are not exactly realistic. one director honors the laws of physics in his movie "gravity." we have a preview. >> astronauts -- >> sandra bullock is lost in
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space in "gravity." she is on her first mission with george clooney. the shuttle is destroyed. their only chance for survival may to go deeper into the darkness. 13.avity" is rated pg- justin tim blake takes a big gamble in "runner runner." he tries to win his college tuition playing online poker. he decides to confront the owner of a gambling site. ben aflac returns is money and gives an a job offer which the student may not able to refuse. "runner runner" is rated r. zac efron has the world in his hands in "parkland." this focus on the doctors and nurses where jfk was taken after being shot in texas.
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"parkland" is rated pg-13. gets into a sticky situation in "all is bright." he cannot find a job and his wife leaves him. he partners up with the man who stole his wife selling christmas trees in new york city. "all is bright" is rated r. >> the pirates are playing playoff baseball for the first time in 20 years. the steal city is booming, even in the delivery room. they are addressing newborns in pirate outfits complete with red bandannas until the end of the postseason. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> let's see what is going on on the area roads. at 702 in essex.
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no delays for light rail and metro. back to the accident at hyde park road. taylor avenue and loch raven boulevard, there is an accident in place. running smoothly out of the cockeysville region. 50 miles per hour on the southbound j.f.x. at cold spring. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is a pretty mild morning out there. this resembles our august temperatures. 87 downtown. stewart's town, 83 degrees. a stray shower could be possible today. not a major concern. mostly july weather out on the bay -- mostly dry weather out on
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the bay. here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. the ravens leave for miami tomorrow on their second straight road game of the year sunday against the dolphins. they'll do so in second place in the afc north. the cleveland browns one there third game. they were wearing their all brown uniforms. that is willis mcgahee, former raven. .he bills a backup quarterback he is gone. browns win. both starting cornerbacks were hurt. the dog pound was rocking last night. the ravens are 2-2. we will see if eugene monroe
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starts at tackle. he said he cannot get caught up in replacing bryant mckinnie. he just needs to get ready to play. >> i can only play as good as i can go. whether there is another guy ahead of me or behind me, what he has done should not affect our performance. that is the mindset i have. i will work to be the best player i can be. >> lardarius webb do not practice yesterday. four more playoff games in major league baseball. and pirates play game two of the series today. a sellout crowd in st. louis. this came down to a huge third inning. carlos beltran off of a.j. burnett. 3-0 just like that.
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a base hit to right field. that scores two. will score after the bad throw. dodgers beat the braves last night. tiger woods and team usa leads the president cut. second round is today
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>> i hear, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> it's not appear to be an accident. >> a lockdown lifted. we are learning more about the woman at the center of the capitol hill chase. what a family spokesperson is revealing. >> the first case of flu
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recording here in maryland but the cdc in maryland is not keeping track in maryland. >> more about tropical storm karen coming up. >> how will that storm affect us over the next couple of days? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. >> queen anne's county school, 90-minute delay. >> 6;01. time for traffic and weather together on the 1's.. >> it almost feels like a summer morning. it is causing a bit of a glare on the roads.
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62 at the airport. even warmer downtown, close to 70 degrees. high temperature anywhere from 83 to 87 this afternoon. a stray shower is possible late today. it should not be a major concern. we are tracking a more significant rain chance by monday. those details are coming up. >> the fog could impact your morning rush, especially at the area bridges. 702 and in essex at hyde park road. taylor avenue and loch raven boulevard, closures because of an accident. 65 miles per hour on southbound 83. moving well down to the beltway.
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the j.f.x. looking good as well. 95 over towards the 83's, so far so good. this is southbound traffic from 795 out of the owings mills area. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. we are waking up to more questions after a dramatic day in washington yesterday. >> a connecticut woman fo leed from the white house to the capitol. is there any indication of why this happened? >> no. police have not pinpointed what triggered this. officials say it was not an act of terrorism. it was not an accident. the driver has been identified as miriam carey from
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connecticut. there was a lockdown on capital. relatives are shocked and hope to find out more about what exactly happened. police gathered evidence overnight in dc and up in connecticut. the fbi served a search warrant in connection with this investigation. >> we're hearing the woman may have had some mental health issues. source tells nbc news a relative told law enforcement officials that miriam carey suffered mental health issues after a fall a few years ago. her former employer said that she was out of work for a few weeks after she suffered that fall back in january of 2012. >> this all happened as lawmakers were arguing about the government shutdown. what is the latest on that de


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