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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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woman suffering from psychosis. the woman killed by police after trying to drive through barricades and leading officers on a wild ride to the capitol building, held the belief that president obama was communicating with her. investigators have been talking to mary and carrie's family. she had stopped taken officers say she came to d.c. from stamford, connecticut, where she lived in this condo. >> she lived next to me. i have seen her. i did not know where. she seemed nice. >> the dentist who fired her from her job said she had been stressed since the pregnancy. >> we had a few incidents of her
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being headstrong and hot tempered. >> senator harry reid thanked officers involved. >> these brave men and women put their lives on the live -- on the line every day. >> they are risking their lives without pay because of the shutdown. >> police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deadly use of force. she was unarmed. >> the government shutdown continues tonight. house republicans say since the president will be in town this weekend, it is the perfect time to start negotiating. the house will stay in session tomorrow so they can continue passing bills that would reopen arts of the government. and a response, the white house threats.d fresh veto president obama said the shutdown could be over today it house speaker john boehner would
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let the house vote on a spending measure with nothing attached. lockheed martin will furlough close to 3000 employees if the government remained shut down. that includes employees are able work because the facility where or requires closed a government inspection that cannot be completed. the number of employees affected is expected to increase. because the government is shut down, that is causing the closure of attractions in washington dc. some attractions are seeing above in business. especially when it comes to school field trips. --e from the maryland sue the maryland zoo to explain. >> with the monuments closed, including the popular national zoo, many schools are scrambling to try and reschedule field trips that are planned or next week. institutions like the national aquarium downtown and the maryland zoo in baltimore trying
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to step in and help. school kids a good look at the animals on friday. most were supposed to go to the national zoo. >> were you supposed to go to washington? >> because of the government closed down. >> i don't know why they canceled it. my mom told me that they canceled it. >> now you're in baltimore. what do you think of the zoo? >> i like it here. >> a were from a school in hartford county that had been leading a trip to the nationals in. their parents were relieved to find out that the maryland zoo could accommodate them. >> it worked out now. he would have liked to have seen the washington zoo, but another time. >> she had not been to the d.c. you zoo before. we are glad to be here. we are members here. we are excited to be supporting the baltimore zoo.
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>> we have exciting animals. seveny are -- their phone -- their phones have been ringing off the hook. to get thefor a way kids to the field trip without canceling plans. we have been able to help out with a number of schools and that regard. likes we have seen a huge increase in calls. >> not only have they been receiving calls about re- bookings, but most are wondering if they are open. they are. >> we are the national aquarium. we are not federally funded. we are a nonprofit. >> you guys are open. >> we are open for business and happy to bring everyone in. >> we spoke to folks from the maryland science center. they tell us they have not received an abnormal amount of calls from schools looking to
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reroute field trips. at any rate, if your school is interested in changing field trips because of the government shutdown, we have links on our website for maryland zoo and the national aquarium downtown. >> we do have complete coverage of the shutdown on our website. you can save list of freebies being offered to workers. see who gets paid during the shutdown. click the link on >> a new seat belt and cell phone while way into effect. enforcing the laws again. police officers are out making sure those laws aren't being broken. live in northeast baltimore with the latest. >> we are here. you can see behind me and bottle
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police officers. knowledge is baltimore city police officers. officers from the state police, the department of transportation, and they just started opening the checkpoints. what is going on, the officers are out there watching drivers coming by to make sure they have their seatbelts on. to make sure they are not talking on the cell phone while they drive. that is against the law. no one is pulled over now. just if ago we had three cars here. you can see it is a problem. there is a new law. with me is melissa hyatt. law.about the new >> the new law went into effect on october 1. it means not wearing a seat belt , and not using -- the officers are observing
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the drivers as they drive by to see if they are violating the seatbelt or cell phone ball. >> absolutely. >> it is simple. if you see someone talking on your cell phone without a hands- pullingice, they are them over. >> thank you. if you are driving without a seatbelt, using a cell phone, be aware this is a checkpoint. there were be a lot going on in the future around the city of baltimore. >> we should mention that the seatbelt law is for drivers and all passengers. >> you're right. >> changing bad habits. always difficult. more ahead, including more on the ongoing budget showdown in washington. >> getting ready for a possible hurricane.
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>> tropical storm karen is pushing closer to the coast tonight. families are preparing for huge amounts of rain. jay gray is in florida with more on the storm and what people are doing to prepare. >> good evening. for many here, the time for preparations is running out. forecasters are warning it could intensify before making landfall. signs of the approaching storm from louisiana through the florida panhandle. , andng flags and sandbags a last-minute rush to secure what ever they can. >> everyone needs to be paying attention. these things have minds of their own. >> as the system moves closer, nbc news has obtained this copy of the daily operations briefing.
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only 19% of the permanent workforce available for deployment. new orleans mayor insist that will not affect preparations. >> the for low -- the concert in washington are going to have no affect on our ability to put a officials on the ground. >> many are planning to move to higher ground. and her family have been looking forward to in there to the beach. >> it is the perfect weekend to come to the beach. free of hurricane worries because it is october. we booked it up months ago. >> karen has turned their weekend into a quick day of sand and surf. >> not to have the kids be in danger, we're going to leave tomorrow. >> the waves and clouds
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building, the storm moves in. if karen stays on its current path, this area could take one of the severe hits excited to make landfall. in pensacola, jay gray. >> you contact the storms at your fingertips with the free hurricane out to prepare your family. >> it is exciting if you stand the beach and watch a tropical storm, as long as you're not any danger. it is amazing to watch it happen. >> on the other seven nation, the tropical system, a blizzard in the dakotas. it is 32 degrees. winds gusting to 46 miles an hour. local we have. summer is continuing.
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88 degrees in frederick. it is warm. it is muggy. it feels like august instead of october. this is going to continue through the upcoming weekend. keeping in on the radar to see these showers to the west of us trying to cross the mountains. not really having success. there are some showers around pittsburgh. at looks like east of the mountains will go by with cloudy skies for the rest of the night. another warm night dropping down to 50 degrees. we will be lucky to get down to 70. winds nearing the calm. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere as it cools. we will probably see fog around the region tomorrow. a partly cloudy day. light today. light winds mostly out of the southeast. the sunrise on saturday morning if you plan to be on the bank winds of the light of the southeast. at 7:08 at the morning
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. a slight chance for a few spotty showers. there could be sunshine as well. eastern shore is the continuation of our partly cloudy weather. our rain chance you should go up a little bit as the western blizzard makes its marks to the east. warm air out ahead of it will combine with moisture from karen. then you could get steady rains. our best chance for that looks like it could come in here monday afternoon into tuesday morning. the latest update from karen shows the storm impressive on the eastside and very ragged on the west side. looking closely, you see the center of the storm is sitting there. all the thunder from activity is
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being blown off to the east. the windshear preventing the storm from strengthening. winds only 50 miles per hour. it is weaker today than it was yesterday. it is just going to remain a moderate tropical storm. coming on shore, wins around 60 degrees. weakening as it pushes to the carolinas. it would push tropical mourner -- moisture. partly cloudy, warm and muggy. summertime continues. temperatures drop back as the shower chances increase. what is whether it comes the monday night into tuesday morning. it clears up to the middle of next week with highs in the low 70s. >> researcher said it could be a new break in the search for an aids vaccine. >> a long way to go. the key to the vaccine, coming up. >> the ravens take on the dolphins. you could be doing serious damage to your vocal cords.
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details coming up.
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>> if you are member the ghostbusters, you know about getting slimed. today, a principal got covered in goo as a reward for her students. of st. james, she said this was theend of a bargain if students reach their reading challenge goal. >> i told her they achieved the gold -- the goal, i would get slimed. i'm a little nervous. today is the day. >> are you ready? >> they are more ready than i am. 44 thousandread minutes. >> great job to the principal.
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signed to save a virus that causes aids and cats may hold clues to developing a vaccine in humans. a protein from the virus in the lines trigger an immune response in people infected with hiv. it resembles it enough to be able to be studied. science is a long way off from practical use. it is a promising step for a field unsuccessful so far in developing an hiv vaccine. the screen or not to screen. benefit inry little screening older men for prostate cancer, medical screening costs continue to be skyhigh. 70% of cost related to follow-up procedures like biopsies. more research is needed to en.ter screen m
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lost your voice after screaming at a sporting event. could seriously injure your vocal cords in the process. it can happen with one explosive yell. a a single yell produces hemorrhage that will go away, or hemorrhage that may be surgically removed. >> if you hear your voice crack or become raspy, those are clue something is wrong. keep quiet, give your vocal cords arrest, and drink water to keep them moist. if you must cheer, warm up your vocal cords. >> [whispers] a search continues for public enemy number one. what's -- >> live in the newsroom with the maryland connection coming
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up. >> day for the partial government shutdown. both sides talking but the need to negotiate. not doing it. the story is coming up.
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news.
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covering breaking news where you live. wbal-tv 11 news continues now. >> no sign of a deal to end the partial lateral government shutdown. republicans say let's negotiate. >> obama said not until republicans fund the government. the latest from capitol hill. >> good evening. here in capitol hill, again today both sides talked about the need to negotiate. they did not do it. >> the bill as amendment is passed. keep thenate voted to government going. they could not defund the health-care plan today. >> the american people deserve better than a government shutdown. >> president obama -- >> those marketplaces will be open for business.
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i do not know anyone who wants to shed on the government. all we want to do a shutdown obamacare. >> it is a train wreck. it is a nightmare. >> with three days to go, to millions of other federal workers, democrats called the process in congress a nightmare and called a tea party. >> you want to create chaos. want to create confusion. >> we go from crisis to crisis. >> conservatives valve they will not cave like senate republicans and pay for obamacare. >> our answer is no. >> they are hell-bent on trying to shut down the government. >> immigrants a speaker john boehner is trapped. promising to kill obamacare and keep government running. >> we don't know what we are going to vote for from one minute for the next. >> big urbane he said we should not default on october 17.
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he didn't rule it out. spending needs to be addressed. lacks a look at the other big stories we're following now. a frightening start to the morning for baltimore county kids when i school bus ran off the road. five children and the driver were taken to a local hospital. baltimore city police need your help in locating their latest suspects they have rented public enemy number one. this christopher good. he stepped a mother of his children 10 times with a butcher knife. he is wanted in connection to two other violent incidents, including a case in ohio. anyone with information is asked to call 911.
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a funeral service for the woman killed in last month's deadly police pursuit in baltimore city is scheduled for tomorrow. the service will be held at 11:00 at the north baptist church on these northern parkway. she was a passenger in a jeep on her way home from work when the vehicle was struck by a car that police were taken to pull over. the suspects were also killed >> the suspects were also killed. >> tim tooten will also be there. live with a preview. >> the theme is what it takes to help students succeed in college and career. it is a topic hundreds of the educators of the nation were trying to hash out. education nation is being held at near cities public library. it is worth 300 the nation's top leaders in education, government, and business will meet over the next few days to
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talk about what is working and out of the classroom. the maryland state school will .e part of the conversation >> you're doing a nice job. thank you for focusing. >> kimberly is taking part of a weekend town hall meeting during education nation. the county teacher of the year is also headed to new york. technology we one of the hot topics during the summit. how educators can deliver instruction in a changing culture. itsimore county is sending head of digital learning to education nation. >> opportunity to spend time with experts in the fields and have these conversations, and listen to what is happening around the country and around the world gives us a special opportunity. also more county is excited to participate in education nation. >> the focus goes beyond the schools to the community.
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the peace prize, 10 winners will continue00 each to their peacemaking work. a baltimore man is among the followers. >> i am an advocate for peace between young people and police. >> they train plays officers to learn how to improve communication between teenagers. i will be reporting from education nation starting monday at 5:00. to learn more, log onto our website, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, an oregon man engages in a shootout with police. >> his three children are inside the other car. the dramatic video straight
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ahead. >> opening statements in a small time million-dollar civil case. a patient sues his doctor for performing unnecessary medical procedure. the story new at 6:00.
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>> unbelievable -- cam video of the police showed out on an oregon highway. the left of father dead and officer injured. the video is disturbing. it starts as a routine traffic stop. things turned deadly. investigators say he opened fire for no apparent reason, ending his clip at the state trooper. allen's children were in the car at the time. they were uninjured. he died in the shooting. target forcan easy brian oliveira.
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a florida man try to snatch a necklace from a 70-year-old woman. she fights back. she attacked using her umbrella to hit him. police finally caught the man. >> alex rodriguez filed a lawsuit against major league baseball. the league denied allegations that they were on a witchhunt to smear the rotation. -- near his repudiation. rodriguez has been given a suspension for violating the drug policy and has appealed. >> a children with down syndrome is on the sidelines with her team after being benched and call the liability. the family says she was told after a recent volleyball game that she needed to cheer in the stands. the school district claims it
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was a misunderstanding. the military family and the conflict was resolved. britney knows the routines and now chairs in a designated area while the others perform stunts. >> miley cyrus, becoming infamous, will be hosting saturday night live tomorrow my. she'll be addressing her mtv music award performance and her career. she has said she is at the point in her career where she can be exactly who she wants to be and is apt to he about being hannah montana. >> i do not think she regrets it. she got it. vehicles, the defect and the model being affected. >> spooky decorations hit the store shelves. big spending predictions for
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halloween. >> the voice behind series has come forward.
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>> five students and a driver sent to a hospital when i school bus ran off the road. reaction from parents. plus, opening statements in the medical malpractice suit against
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a four -- saint joseph's dr.. a live report as the trial begins. the stories and more when you join us
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>> after the ravens upset, they are headed to the sunshine state to go up against the miami dolphins. pete gilbert joins in the studio. >> an encouraging site and ravens practice. dennis pitta out with a dislocated hip, out catching passes. a long way from returning to game action. the progress gives hope you may play sometime this season.
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tackle, then a left second practice for the team. he wants to play sunday in miami if he has enough of a grasp of the playbook. during practice, monroe worked with the second team. john harbaugh waited on getting him up to speed for sunday. >> he was here all night with the offense of line guys. i had dinner with them. he said i had to go, and he went upstairs and went to work. we just have to see. it might have to do with other things, injuries and things like that. we have things we can do. we have to pull a trigger on that. this is a new experience for us. >> the ravens question of the day. sunday?am will win this
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text before miami. text b for miami. live in the studio, pete gilbert. with tomur forecast tasselmyer. temperatures pushing towards the 90 degree mark and some spots. 89 it dwi marshall. 91 degrees in downtown baltimore. 90 at dulles airport. there were summerlike heat across the area. the normal high is only 71. no rain since september 1. only 1.65 inches of rain, below normal. 27 inches of precipitation for
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the year. five inches below normal. we talk about the potential from tropical storm karen to help things out for us. the storm is in the central part of the gulf of mexico. the center is removed from the conviction to the east of it. winds are blowing the storms away from the center. the storms are blossoming. the storms are covering over the center of the storm. it is not strengthening. that is the good news. a lot of moisture down there. it is inspected to remain a tropical storm. , perhaps pushing moisture to the mid-atlantic and bringing a decent chance that moderate to heavy rain. in the meantime, you can see our radar satellite shows it is still drive. temperatures are in the 80s around baltimore, down to the goes. only a few decades -- a few
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degrees cooler. a little bit of fog late tonight. the air cools in the moisture condenses into areas of fog. 59 maybe. tomorrow, 88 degrees tomorrow. our best chance for rain will come as a combination of moisture from karen in the gulf and a strong cold front. the system moves inland. the moisture will surge. it will hopefully bring us rain into tuesday. it is cold. the blizzard from western nebraska into wyoming, heavy snow this morning in denver. the snow is going to stay out there. the moisture in rain will come this way. 86 on saturday. quite a bit above normal for this time of year. the drop in temperatures as the clouds increase.
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rain in the area, clearing up by the afternoon. temperature start to cool off to the middle of next week. >> we have been getting reports that a multivehicle accident. toward 24, a three-car crash with injuries. they have at least one lane shut down. fire and rescue crews are tending to the injured. hopefully you will get this up and running soon. >> thank you. in the consumer alert, i-4 draco could keep you from locking yorkie inside your car. ford is recalling vehicles
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because a chime doesn't sound of the drivers door is open while the key is in the vehicle. the recall covers the the max hybrid and ford focus electric cars. they will tweak software to make sure the chime will sound when it is supposed to breed the job support is on hold because of the government shutdown. the bureau of labor statistics would have released a report today but no data is available. three of the 2400 employees are working right now while the shed and is in effect. in a plumber rate and employment they watch numbers which can influence policies and investment decisions. the government stalemate could mean higher grocery prices. congress is lockable the government shutdown and the debt ceiling looming. it is not likely they will pass a new "farmville". that could mean higher prices for milk, cheese, and butter.
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that could force the government to pay more for got -- for dairy products. similar faced situations in the last government stalemate. halloween cashing in the fall shoppers. stores are decked out to lure shoppers inside. -- etailers aligning >> we have people coming in as early as august and september looking for costumes. >> stores are hoping to scare up additional business this october. the retail federation expect .pending to be down $50
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>> i'm sure there will be parties. not as much as usual. >> halloween is anything but scary for retailers. the second busiest holiday of the year for decorating, behind christmas. jimmy's benz -- jamie spends big bucks every year. >> we start shopping in july. we go from there. i'm doing final touches. i spent $500 on the party. >> there is plenty of time to choose from a wall of costumes near you. been popular.ave >> superhero costumes and princess costumes are trending high with shoppers now. of her voiceeard many times.
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week, the woman behind the siri has introduced herself. her real name is susan bennett. she is from atlanta. she started her life as a machine quite young, being the voice of delta air lines passengers. when she recorded series voice, she had no idea what it was for. >> the first time i heard my voice as siri was when my friend e-mailed me and said isn't this you? have the newest version, i went to the apple site. >> if she had only known. recordings were done in one month, four hours a day. i wondered she gets royalties. i am guessing the answer is no.
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opening statement in the latest malpractice suit against dr. mark maday accused of performing unnecessary heart stent surgery. ñóñó
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the edgar allan holthaus is reopening this weekend. you can visit for free. >> even if you are looking for it, you might miss the edgar allan poe house. it is north of the railroad
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museum. >> he lived all over the eastern. everybody claims them. nobody has a stronger connection than baltimore. >> the paul house has been .losed for a year the nonprofit has taken the reins, and is now running the house the donations. -- hope is to >> letters and books, things that have no artifacts. likes to live in this house until 1835. you can see his writing desk and the rooms where he gained inspiration. this is where he got his start. everything we know about a gallon ho has its roots here. -- edgar allan poe has its roots here. if your mystery novel fan, he
5:54 pm
is considered one of the fathers of american detective stories. >> ev ever read a mystery or a thriller, that author owes his legacy to edgar allen poe. >> the house is reopened for the month of october. every saturday and sunday throughout the month you can get in for free. after that it is closing for the winter. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look for 6:00. >> live on capitol hill brady government shutdown continues. >> a baltimore county school bus accident sends five children to an area hospital. >> and malpractice case begins maday.gainst dr. mark
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, this is 11 news at 6:00. >> day for the government shutdown is winding down with little hope for copper mines. 700,000 workers are going without pay. >> president obama is changing his foreign travel plans. sally kidd joins us live with the latest. >> the president has canceled his trip to asia. the house and senate will be working this weekend as the political maneuvering continues. >> neither side shows any sign of budging as the shutdown drags on. >> four days into a shed on and they refuse to negotiate.
5:56 pm
>> it will be great if they actually understood how government works. >> the house continued passing bills. measures doomed in the senate. john boehner met with rob lukens behind closed doors. >> this is a -- this isn't a game. the american people don't want the government shutdown. began circling a petition to force a vote on the funding bill with no strings attached. >> that is the vehicle to make sure we have a chance to open government. >> during a lunch stop, the president reiterated his willingness to negotiate. gune can't do it where the is held to the head of the american people. >> on the senate side, the debate continues. wade -- >> president obama and the majority leader want a shutdown.
5:57 pm
we are not in an alice in wonderland world. those who advocate shutting the government down accuse others of shutting the government down. the house is scheduled to workersgive a federal retroactive pay. >> more furloughs are on the way. 3000 employees with lockheed martin will be identified for furloughs. the number of employees affected is expected to increase until the government reopens. executives are asking employees to use any remaining vacation time to reduce the strain. the government shutdown is having a positive effect on baltimore attractions.
5:58 pm
is openonal aquarium for business. it receives no federal funding. officials say they have been fielding calls to see if they're open, and to see if schools can rebook field trips. phones have been ringing off the hook in the maryland zoo in baltimore. >> were you supposed a washington? >> the government closed down. >> we would have liked to have seen the washington zoo, but some other time. officials say they are more than able to accommodate desperate groups looking to re- shed jewel -- reschedule. >> investigating the deadly shooting of a woman outside of the capitol building. authorities believe she suffer
5:59 pm
from psychosis and was under the believe she was being stalked by the president. police shot and killed the 34- year-old dental hygienist. she led officers on a high-speed chase. interviews with her family reveal she stopped taking her medication. >> she lived right next to me. i have seen are a bunch of times. she seem a nice person. >> the one year old daughter was found unharmed in the backseat of the car. police are investigating the circumstances around the use of deadly force. >> a terrifying ride to school this morning for some middle school students. there bus spun out of control and flipped into a ditch. >> amazingly, there were no major injuries. the


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