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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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barely starting to push in. you can see the front causing showers around cincinnati with moderate to light rain. we will have a taste of that tomorrow as the front makes its way in. right now, still warm with temperatures around 81. cloudy tonight with temperatures around 68. i will tell you what to expect tomorrow where we could see some bumpy weather coming up in the forecast. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> another hard-fought game on the road for the ravens who managed to win over the miami dolphins. games like the one today proves that all comes down to special teams. pete gilbert joins us to explain. >> the ravens played harder after halftime. green bay comes to baltimore next week.
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canmagnitude of today's win hardly be overstated. yards.cco went for 269 after scoring 17 unanswered, jones had the touchdown. game tied 23-23. smith is in position for tucker. 44 yards good. 26-23 ravens in front. last chance miami. his special team effort was not quite as special. after the game, john harbaugh encouraged his players to say thanks to the ravens fans that made the trip to south beach. >> to all of the fans, i could not believe it. how many fans did we have here? >> at least 10,000. >> it seemed like half of the stadium.
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i am so proud of the baltimore ravens fans. thank you. and we more on the game will hear from joe flacco later in sports. >> 13 people are recovering from injuries after a scary finish to a sporting event in texas. he gets looseurn, and pushes him up sending debris into the stands. nine people were treated for injuries. two people were taken to the hospital. the driver was taken to the hospital for evaluation. more details emerge about special operations in africa over the weekend. the latest on the capture of a suspected terrorist leader and a mission gone wrong. a local man is honored for his peacekeeping work at home during the summit in new york city.
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education nation is in full swing at the public library in new york city. students had a chance to voice their opinions about their schools and the quality of education they receive. they discuss the challenges they face inside and outside the classroom. during the events in new york today, the winners of the first prize weree first announced any young man from baltimore was among them. >> i'm an advocate for peace between young people and police. >> he helped to train more than 400 baltimore city police officers on ways to improve communication with teenagers. the nonprofit organization will pay each winner $50,000 over two
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years to continue their peacemaking work. tim tooten will have more on nbc's education nation on monday. when is it going to start feeling more like fall? in another 48 hours, fall will finally arrive. we will talk about the strong storms that could be on the way tomorrow. right now, we have a few clouds. for the most art, we have seen sunshine.
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aboutre learning more major operations conducted by u.s. special forces over the weekend. theave the latest on capture of a suspected terrorist leader and the mission gone wrong as we cover the world. run,ter 15 years on the u.s. special forces managed to grab one of the men believed to be involved in the in the sea bombing -- in bassi bombing. hewas captured in tripoli as left his home for morning prayers on friday. jihadist described what happened. >> about 10 people with three cars were waiting for him. they snatched him within a few seconds. then they disappeared.
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they left no evidence. it was as if nothing happened. him inthat the u.s. has custody, sources say is next up will be new york city where he is expected to stand trial. just hours after the operation in libya, a second operation was underway in somalia. u.s. forces stormed the home of a key al-shabaab leader. after a firefight, troops were forced to retreat not knowing if they hit their intended target. al-shabaab is believed to be responsible for the mall attack that killed 67 people. your 11 insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist miri marshall. >> we have been dealing with the heat for the last few days. it will come to an end in the next 24 to 48 hours. just a few showers to the east around middletown and newark. we have remained rain free for most of the day. all of the activity has been to
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the west. it is firing off showers and storms around cincinnati. firing the low pressure some showers up just outside of chicago. this will be moving toward us within the next 48 hours. we are still under the influence of the warm front. that is why we have been seeing above average temperatures the last few days. temperatures have around 84 downtown and 81 in pikesville. today we hit a high of 86, about 16 degrees about average. we will return to average temperatures within the coming days. the overnight lows will be between 61 and 69. a mild night with the wind at eight miles an hour. tomorrow we could be in for rough weather. temperatures will be between 76 and 80 degrees. showers.chance of
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some of the isolated thunderstorms maybe severe. best hours to see the stronger storms will be between noon and 6:00. you want to watch us for the updates. here is where the atmosphere looks conducive for that. stronger wind gusts are possible with some of the storms that blow through. 78und 70 by 8:00 a.m. and degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. this is noon. out west, showers are beginning to come in. between noon and 6:00, more rainfall. this model is not picking up on the intensity we could see because we could see heavy rain associated with this. later tuesday morning, still some clouds. the system should be pushing out. around the carolina areas, this
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low pressure system will be moving north and could give us another rain chance later in the week. we will keep an eye on this as well. let's talk about how much rain we could get. we are more than five inches below where we should be when it comes to rainfall. to 1.25 inches. here is the seven-day forecast. around have temperatures 79 tomorrow with a 90% chance of showers and isolated storms. near 70 wednesday and thursday. 72 on friday with a 70% chance of rain each day. >> it had to be hot in miami where an estimated 10,000 ravens fans were there. >> you could hear them screaming. great defensive effort in the fourth quarter and enough offense.
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we will hear from joe flacco next in sports.
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>> now 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> only three wide receivers healthy enough to play for the ravens today. one left early with back spasms. it could be the turning point for the season. ray rice was down early and came back strong late. joe flacco to torrey smith. fast with 41fully yards to set up a field goal. ravens 3-0. second quarter, joe flacco to ed dickson. he was called out by the head
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coach this week. today he caught the ball. 6-3 ravens. that is ad quarter, perfectly executed back shoulder throw. miami with a 13-6 lead at the half. the reason -- ravens needed to rally. three yard touchdown. he had two on the day. good things happen. the first of three sacks in the quarter. backed up on third down, joe flacco as he let it fly is hit. jones the winner. 23.d at 23- joe flacco did not panic. it worked this week because they thought he might give to ray rice.
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that set up justin tucker. he was money. 44 yards down the middle. ravens in front. dolphins had one last chance from 57. the distance but not accuracy. joe flacco afterwards happy especially about the second half. thank you >> it is our job to use the frustration in a positive way and go out in the second half to try to wear them down a little bit. you have to credit the guys and our team. >> ravens rally proved important. tom brady without a touchdown pass. he had one in each of the last 52 games. he had his number one receiver in the lineup. it mattered not. the bengals hardly lift up the score down -- scoreboard.
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brady --could not hang on. new england settled for a field goal or teen-six. -- 13-6. hard for ravens fans to ever enjoy a cincinnati win but beating new england earns a little smile. great young quarterbacks with a great gun battle. russell wilson in the first quarter, time to throw it on target. wins the fight to the goal line. they get on the board in a big way. look at the throw under pressure. in stride. 73 yards he goes for the score. two scores on the day, 12-7. donald brown with a three yard touchdown. the first loss of the season for the seahawks. 11 news continues after this.
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>> another check of the forecast. >> 79 tomorrow with a 90% chance of storms. another rain chance for thursday and friday with highs in the low 70's. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here after the game.
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this is an editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. he believes christmas is every day and hundred aches no holiday. that embodied his philosophy of life and giving back to others. his giving was not dictated by the calendar. he had a stellar career as an investment broker for over 40 years. more people know him as the founder of harvest for the hungry for 27 years. wbal worked with him for 20 years.
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he passed away suddenly last thursday but not before his mission raised more than 30 million pounds of food and over $1 million in cash to help feed needy families in maryland. some see maryland is one of the richest states in the nation. he saw many people going hungry. he rallied scouts and businesses to help fill the shelves of food banks. the u.s. postal service collected food as well as students in 300 schools across the state. aarp recently joined the fight and awarded larry their highest committee service award. all of the efforts came together at the behest of larry adams who we will remember as a wonderful man that we will all miss dearly.
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on this sunday night, tear terror targets. the surprise u.s. raid this weekend. the fate of another in somalia uncertain. tonight, new details of the american coman doe operation. separate days for some people caught in the government
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shutdown. potential lifaving treatments on hold with lives in the balance. what is being done to edge the stalemate? without warning. flash flooding traps dozens in dangerous waters forcing rescue missions in the middle of the night. and a step forward almost six months after the tragic day in boston. the inspiring program that's helping some of the victims move on. good evening. we're learning more details about the dual u.s. coman doe raids in africa yesterday after a carefully coordinated military operation in libya. tonight u.s. officials say they have in custody the man alleged to have been behind the deadly 1998 bombings of two american
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embassies in africa. yesterday's second strike strike was in somalia where navy seals exchanged gunfire as they hunt the leader of the group behind the shopping mall attack in kenya. we have the latest details and analysis. we start at the pentagon tonight. >> evening. these were two totally separate kouptsder terrorism missions by u.s. special operations forces of the while all americans returned safely, the missions themselves ended with mixed results. tripoli has never been considered an al qaeda safe hafb but it's where u.s. special operation forces captured one of mesh's most wanted terrorists. he was one of owe psapsalm ma b
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din's most confidented. the twin bombs killed 223, including 12 americans. he was returning home for morning prayers in tripoli. eyewitness accounts say without warning u.s. coman does roared up in three vikz and storms his car and smashed out the windows. he reached for a weapon but was quickly overpowered. he was loaded into one of vehicles which sped from the scene. secretary of state john kerry says his capture should serve as a warning to all terrorists. >> and those numbers of al qaeda and other terrorists organizations literally can run but they can't hide. >> only hours earlier and 3,000 miles away the u.s. navy seals stormed the beach in somalia. their sights set on the leader
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of the al shabaab islamist militants. they encountered heavy resistance. after an intensifier fight, they withdrew. they claim they killed two of their fighters, but they're leader godane had escaped unharmed. he claimed responsibility for the attack on the mall in kenya. >> shabaab doesn't have the capability to attack the united states right now. but the great fear that americans now in somalia working with him will ultimately come back to the united states and pose a significant threat. >> as for anas al libi, he'll now face intense interrogation probably somewhere outside the united states and without being red his miranda rights. the goal is to


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