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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 8, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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hello, i'm pwarpbd pwarpd. five year old raven wyatt
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was shot last thursday. >> karen parks live in southwest baltimore. >> reporter: this event is supposed to start at 6:30 here in southwest baltimore at the samuel morse recreation center. this is clearly about community awareness and support. five-year-old raven wyatt was shot right around the corner from here in the cross fire. she was shot in the head and tonight she's listed in critical condition at shock trauma. as you can imagine this community is outraged and they hope tonight's walk-through this make a difference. tonight's walk-through is expected to include city police, community leaders and members of the guardian angels. they plan to knock on doors, listen to concerns to keep another child from being hurt. officials say this has to be a community effort in order for this to work. >> they can walk around, they can show us what's different in their community, what doesn't belong, what just came here, what the problems may be, and
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that way we can get them before they rise to the except of tragedy. >> reporter: again, this event starts at 6:30 here at the samuel morse recreational center parking lot at the corner of south poe las key and aften streets. reporting here in southwest battle karen parks, fox 45 news at 5:30. a followup right now it the 17-year-old charged. la mont davis was in court on assault charges. he admitted to hitting the victim in her face. he put her in a choke hold, slapped and beat her. in the same hearing he was called to cease electronic firing. >> i just wanted to have some assurances and also understand some of the processes that they use in making decisions on where
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young people are placed. >> reporter: are you satisfied with what you were told. >> yes. >> once they found out davis was on gps monitoring of he later cut off. meantime police are investigating a murder this searching after finding a man's body in northwest baltimore. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. police say the map had been shot. the parents of those baltimore county students struck and killed by a late rail rain haven't been answered. they want to know why they didn't see the teens before or after they were hit. >> reporter: the two teams were struck by a northbound train about 2:55 people on sunday but it wasn't until 15 minutes later that the two were found on the track by someone else on another train. the teens were walking on the southbound tracks of when they were struck from behind.
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because an earlier train was disabled, all the trains were diverted to the southbound lanes. the phaoeufplt ta says the teens may have been caught offguard. 17-year-old connor peterson and 17-year-old kyle died of their injuries. they were step brothers. they say they can't understand what the operator of the train didn't see them. >> i cannot believe why somebody hit two children in a train that's got a wind shield the size of a football field and doesn't know what they did. the train operator could have been texting or on the phone, not paying attention. something really tragic happened. >> reporter: the operator of that train has been tested for drugs and alcohol. all of the findings of this investigation will be turned over to the baltimore county police department and their information will be turned over to the state's attorney's office. john rydel, fox 45 news at 5:30.
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nashville, tennessee police announced today the death of steve mcnair is now classified as a murder-suicide. ballistics test prove mcnair's girlfriend sahel cause aoepla killed mcnair and killed herself. police also released more on what kazemi told friends in the days leading up to the killing. >> over the last five to seven days of kazemi's life, our investigation is learning she had become very distraught and on two occasions told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and she was going to end it all. >> reporter: nashville police say cause he'llie recently learned she was involved with another woman. you can see the entire news conference on the death of steve mcnair by logging on to our website. just click on raw news. reporters are given access
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to the condo where mcnair and his girlfriend were found. the descriptions layout what investigators discovered of they entered the building. a report are from a sister station in nashville was one of the reporters who toured the site. >> as we walk around to the side of the sofa, you can clearly see there is a lot of blood underneath the sofa. there are stains on the sofa and stains on some of the cushions. >> reporter: the condo was sparsely decorated with just a few pieces of furniture and no pictures on the walls. neighbors say they saw friends come and go from the building as much as they saw mcnair. baltimore city forms a task force after the fatal burning of a dog and cat burned to death by firecrackers. >> reporter: a task force has been created to review the city's animal abuse policies. national aspca says it's the
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first time they ever worked with a city to curb animal abuse. back in may a pit bull named phoenix was set on fire. it's members say violence against animals often leads to violence against people. >> those people who injure a dog, next thing you know, they are going to be beating their son, next thing you know -- and i say he because that's the majority. they are going to be beating their wife. ville begets violence. >> reporter: the task force is expected to work for the first time next week and report their findings to the mayor. should there be a city task force assigned to animal abuse? just go to and tell us what you think. your response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10. how are the roads tonight. >> it's an absolute mess out there, and especially on 95. this is all due to an overturned
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tractor trailer. it's just on two right lanes on the southbound direction. it's between route 216 and 198. the truck was carrying sreplg tabl oil. when it flipped over on to its side, it started to leak out on to the road. as you can imagine, it's commanding a lot of attention there. we do have delays from 175. if that isn't bad enough, there's an accident there as well. on 95 just a little further up on route 32 you can see traffic is pretty much halted there. the northbound lanes, you would think that would be problem-free. unfortunately, that's not going to be the case either because there's an accident heading from 95. you will definitely stick with 29 or 295 instead. in baltimore we do have a gas leak and this ison north point boulevard. penn line drains have been halted toward perryville. officials just called into us and told us they are
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accommodating passengers heading further north with shuttle buses right at ben station. back to you. >> thank you. battle is a step closer to installing speed cameras around school and construction zones. speed cameras snapped pictures of drivers license plates. anybody driving at least 12 miles an hour over the speed limit would get a ticket sent to them in the mail. the city council took a first-round vote last night. if the council gives time use of the cameras, it could be in use by october. the city hopes it make $7 million from speed camera violators next year. showers going to spoil the weekend? the sky watch forecast is coming up. a local high school announcing it will not open back up for class this fall. what's shutting its doors for good. i'm jeff able, a new study
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shows how much time you're wasting. the results in a moment.
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motorists have long-complained about delays on baltimore's roadways and now there's a new study showing just how much time is being wasted. jeff here with that story. >> reporter: a national study has calculated those delays. for many motorists it comes as no surprise. drivers waste about 44 hours a year behind the wheel. that puts baltimore about the 18th worst in conjunction in the country. >> you got to deal with people crossing the street. you have elderly crossing the street at a slow pace. you have people playing around in the street. you got people that can't drive. >> people get frustrated if you're spending 30 minutes on the bus when in normal situations it should take you no more than ten minutes. >> reporter: nationwide the study says drivers are actually spending slightly less time
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stuck in rush hour traffic from a year ago. fox 40 news at 5:30. parents, students and teachers protesting the closing of towson high school. the school lost about a third of its enrollment recently and that's cut obviously into its revenue. >> it just boggles me. i can't believe that in six weeks our kids have no place to go. we have no school. >> the school's nearly $700,000 in debt. the nba's anthony and green both attended towson catholic. they say you can't cheat the tax system and there was no evidence today in annapolis. stacks of alcohol and cigarettes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars lined a basement in the state treasury building. comptroller's office is cracking down on smuggling and illegal sales.
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we have a very hot weekend ahead of it. jessica starr joins us now with a first look at the forecast. >> temperatures will be climbing was we finish up the workweek and head into the weekend. temperatures only got to a high temperature of 80 did he go see, low humidity out there. so we had a fabulous day today. a comfortable 80 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. those winds are coming out of the north northwest at 7 miles an hour. very comfortable temperatures out there. you can see we're getting a dry sweep across the state of maryland but there are some rain showers that are towards our north, this area of low pressure system still bringing in rain showers towards new york and boston as well. that's going to stay well to our north. there are rain showers down to our south towards florida and more rain showers in towards the midwest. otherwise things are going to stay dry and sunny for us before things start to change as we go
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head not weekend. 81 degrees in hagerstown and 79 degrees in winchester. nice tph-pgz in store. thing will be cooling down overnight tonight. mostly clear skies and getting down to a temperature of 59 degrees. close to the record low temperature at 54 degrees. i'll have a look at the seven-day forecast when those 90s could be returning coming up in just a few minutes. a day after michael jackson's huge memorial service there was talk about who will pay for it all. attorneys for the city of los angeles are looking into whether they can legally ask for money from third parties. the extra security, police motorcade and other expenses are believed to total around $4 million. more than 17,000 people gathered in andout side of the staples center for the event.
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a second person in maryland dies from swine flu. the victim is an elderly person who lived in baltimore. the person did have other serious medical conditions in
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addition to the h1n1 flu virus. nationwide 170 people have died from swine flu. baltimore launches a new program to combat the high cost of prescription medication. the city is now offering pre-prescription cards to any resident who doesn't have prescription coverage. the cards can save an average of 20% off the price including pet meds. >> the program has saved uninsured or underinsured $179 million on about a1 million prescriptions since 2005. we now we could all use a little extra pocket change. >> for more information about these cards call baltimore health care access at 410-849-4500. the fda orders stronger warnings on a certain group of painkillers. the warning is being odded to all prescription to see warn about the dangers of potentially deadly overdoses. the drug which goes by the brand
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name darvon. it can be addictive and has been linked to some deaths. the fda also cracking down on the egg industry to try to reduce the number of salmonella cases. new regular laces require tougher safety measures for the production and storage of egg and egg products. after last night's 12-4 beatdown of the mariners, the orioles were trying to win the match in seattle. we have highlights coming up next in sport
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welcome back. we begin with some trade news. the orioles are said to be
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shopping the services of infielder oscar salazar. both plays are out of options and one will likely be placed on wafers once cesar comes off the dl. the orioles were trying to win the rubber match this afternoon in seattle. david hernandez was looking for his third win on the year. throws an 0-2 pitch. it boinks off the foul pole for his two-run home run, his 12th for the year. top of the second with a runner on second jason vargas strikes out greg with a nasty curve. two on, two out for rookie nolan and gets him swinging as well to end the inning. right now the mariners lead the orioles 2-0 in the first. to swimming with baltimore's hero michael phelps has qualified in when i fastest time in the u.s. national swimming
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championships today. the 14-time olympic gold medalist swam the butterfly in 1.55.3 seconds winning that heat. he led with the fastest team of 1.41.3. he will swim in the times of both events today where he can qualify for the world championships in rome. we'll have the results from fell's two -- phelps' two races tonight. and the latest on the steve mcnair murder-side. jessica starr joins us now it's if we're going to continue that role or showers are on the way. >> we'll continue for a couple more days before we have some hot and humid air. we're dealing with clear skies right here and a couple of cumulus clouds as well. otherwise things are going to stay pretty dry and comfortable as well. regional temperatures across, 80
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degrees in baltimore. that was our high temperature today reported at bwi airport. 100 degrees in dallas, 88 degree in st. louis and 82 degrees in omaha. so there is warmer air in the middle of the united states so that will be moving into you're area by the end of the workweek. temperatures will be pushing close to 90 degrees with that humid air mass returning. we do have an air of low pressure -- area of low pressure system. that brings in dry and sunny weather. so tomorrow morning, for thursday morning, your morning commute is looking very sunny yet again for the daytime. there is a cold front that will be organizing itself but that really will not be moving into our area by the weekend but by friday morning, things aren't really going to change at all until we get in the weekend. we'll be under that warm secretary her sunny and humid and hot air for saturday and sunday night.
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cold front will push through the weekend allowing for some thunderstorms to develop but for tomorrow, for thursday looking beautiful. 83 degrees for a high temperature. below normal temperatures for july and those winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. seven-day forecast looking very nice, 82 degrees on thursday, 82 on friday. just an ample amount of sunshine. get out an e joy it. as we look towards the weekend, not going to be a complete washout but the humidity will be up. 87 degrees on saturday, 86 degrees on sunday. once that cold front pushes through. temperatures will drop a little bit and we'll be dry again for the workweek next week. 81 degrees on monday, 84 on monday. warming up a little towards the end of next week as well. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you, jessica. of course you can be in charge of your very own personalized forecast. i radar. it's now available at
5:59 pm you can go there and use the interactive tools to track storms right down to your very own neighborhood, in fact your very own street. just go to and click on i radar stkpwhra that will do if for fox 45 news at 5:30. >> be sure to join us for fox 45 at 10 and the late edition at 11. we'll see you later.


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