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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 8, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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grab your bag. it's on. . >> probably about, i would say, 10 agents. >> targeting a bar. what happened inside this fell's point night spot. >> after the tragedy, what is happening tonight in a neighborhood rocked by the shooting of a 5-year-old girl. >> few more cool days ahead and then the warm up starts. tell you about the chances of storms on the weekend in the sky watch forecast. >> summer trips close to home. where you can find the hidden gems of baltimore. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. city bar is hit by county police. it is an investigation stretching from baltimore county, to fell's point. >> and tonight, we have learned federal agents are involved too. keith daniels live at the bar in fell's point with the story you are seeing i first on fox. keith? >> jennifer, live outside of cheerleaders, business and residential neighbors say it is a nuisance they want to see the place closed.
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permanently. but tonight, police investigation has shut it down. >> the cheerleaders sports bar in the 700 block of south broadway. it has been called a troubled place, slapped with about $5000 in fines. from the city's liquor board, for a variety of violations since may of last year. >> including three counts of underage drinking on three separate occasions. fire safety code violations. failure to keep employee records available as well. >> someone attacked a young woman at the bar last spring. this is the security video at cheerleaders after the fight. it left her with a broken nose. and lacerated liver. a bar beating. and now, a raid. >> well, probably about, i would say, 10 agents. >> michael beckner had just arrived at his pizza business, just a few doors down from the bar, early wednesday morning. when he saw several law enforcement officers going in and out of the business.
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beckner walked to the bar to get a closer look. >> i would at one point heard a agent say we have two safes you up here. lets get into them. >> at first it was unclear, who was conducting the raid. lee learned it was baltimore county police but why? a spokesman for the department will only say officers with the assistance of a federal agency served a warrant. no one arrested. and police did seize evidence as part of what they are calling an ongoing investigation. the bar's doors are locked now. we tried speaking with the owner. but no one answered. >> and they raided it, and you know, have to wait to see what it turns up. >> well, in the meantime, the city's liquor board is considering several complaints against the bar. they say, the business could lose its liquor license. for now they say that case is pending. live in fell's point, keith
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daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> nashville police announce today the death of steve mcnair is classified as a murder-suicide. and today they leased the 911 call after the shooting. >> i think they are hurt in there. he called me because i am a man's best man. so check on him. and he is -- it is not looking good in here. >> that call from steve mcnair's friend gaddy called to the scene from another friend of steve mcnair's. ballisticest tests prove that sahel kazemi killed steve mcnair and then shot herself. police believe the former ravens quarterback was asleep on the couch when shot several times. he also released more on what sahel kazemi told friends in the days leading up to the tragedy. >> over the last five to seven days of sahel kazemi's life our investigation is learning that she had become very distraught, and on two occasions told friends & associates that her
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life was all messed up. and that she was going to end it all. >> police add sahel kazemi learned that steve mcnair was involved with another woman. and investigators released this tonight dash cam video from last thursday. when police arrested sahel kazemi for d.u.i.. you can see that she is failing a field sobriety test here. steve mcnair could be seen leaving the suv during the stop. sahel kazemi asked for steve mcnair to talk to her. he did not. and he left quickly in a taxi. meantime tonight. reporter are given access to the condo where the shootings took place. cameras were forbidden. but cindy carter from our sister station in nashville was one of the reporters that toured the site. >> when you first walk into the room, it is a living room. a dining room and kitchen. there are no walls really separating the open space. you have sort of a half wall between the living room and the kitchen. this graphic also shows the living room layout. right now, the two piece couches
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on pull away from the wall. can cushion cans scattered on the floor as police conducted the investigation. and also cuts in the sofa and carpet. >> as we walk around, to the side of the sofa, you can clearly see there is a lot of blood under the sofa. there are stains on the sofa, and stains on some of the cushions. >> also a large blood stain a few feet in front of the sofa. our view is not so different than the one dr. fing lee with the medical examiner's office had when he first responded to the scene. >> i see a male victim. on the sofa. with a lot of blood. and female victim, right on the carpeted floor. >> steve mcnair shot four times on the sofa. sahel kazemi shot once. >> he sat on the sofa.
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and little, you know, towards his left side. >> there are two holes in the wall. along, rectangular shaped panel, that i am sure the police removed. and a smaller square shaped one. >> that's what police call strike marks, places where bullets hit the wall. the condo appears used but not lived in. and neighbors say they saw steve mcnair's friends just as much, if not more, as steve mcnair. kindy carter, fox news. >> the condo was also sparseedly decorated with no pictures on the walls. you can see the entire news conference on the death of steve mcnair, and the tour of his condo by logging onto our website and clicking on "raw news". of course we will have continuing coverage of the death of steve mcnair. a memorial service is tomorrow in nashville tennessee. take you there live tomorrow night at news at 10:00. >> police are investigating tonight after finding a man's body in northwest baltimore.
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found in the 3900 block of fairfax road around 12:30 this afternoon. police say the man had been shot. a popular pikesville restaurant hit by fire tonight. the suburban house. happened in the 900 block of reisterstown road around 5:15. fire went to two alarms. badly damaging the restaurant. it took firefighters about an hour to bring the fire under control. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> city officials and community leaders walk through a southwest baltimore neighborhood where a 5-year-old girl was caught in the cross fire and shot in the head. karen parks live at police headquarters tonight with more. karen? >> well, jennifer, this was the seventh time this year that organizers walked through this southwest baltimore neighborhood. but in previous times there may have been 5 or 6 walks attempting to take back the neighborhood. but this time around, there were hundreds. >> the police department, fire
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department. first time i seen them in person. >> group effort. >> they are all trying to make it better. >> to put this southwest baltimore community on notice. >> since what happened, the cops are showing up more. >> thursday in the 300 block of pulaski street, raven wyatt caught in the cross fire. shot in the head. now, struggling to stay alive. >> i pray for the little girl to make it through. >> now city officials and community leaders are walking the streets. talking and listening. >> if it was an older person they would not have done this. >> it was a movement. simply heard it makes more people aware, and alert. >> they hope it will make a difference. >> good to see people come together with what happened. we should stay together at all times. >> and keep the community safe. >> also safe right now. >> raven wyatt is listed in
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critical condition at johns hopkins hospital. reporting live at city police headquarters. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and there is new information tonight about the 17-year-old charged with shooting the little girl. we have a look at the events that unfolded in court. weeks before the shots rang out in southwest baltimore. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story you are seeing first on fox. >> may 29, 2009, lamont davis is thrown into juvenile detention. he faces charges of robbery, theft, and assault. after attacking a young girl. days later, a detention hearing is held. in which a prosecutor tells the judge, quote, your honor, when we spoke yesterday, you expressed some curiosity, and concern, over the underlying offense. it was robbery." after the crime is explained in detail. master james casey said he is going to remain remanded to the department. you can continue the existing
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order. the decision allows davis back into the community. july 1st, davis is back in court. for an adjudication hearing. he is already on electronic monitoring. and a deal is cut. and davis will admit to charges of theft and assault, in exchange the prosecution drops the robbery charge. and agrees with keeping davis in the community. with the admission comes brutal details of the assault. how he hit the girl in the face. when she reached for a bottle to protect herself, davis puts her in a chokehold. slaps her. punches her in the stomach. and begins to kick and stomp her. minutes later, during the proceeding, defense attorneys argue for davis to come off electronic monitoring. the judge denies the request. one day later, davis cuts off his ang let. and raven wyatt shot in the head by a bullet. chain of events that has
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outraged mayor sheila dixon prompting her to fire questions at the secretary of juvenile services. the move results in a closed door meeting. >> i just wanted to have some assurances and also, understand some of the processes that they use in making decisions on where young people are placed. >> are you satisfied with what you were told? somewhat, yes. >> with a police investigation pending, agencies scramble for answers. in downtown baltimore, joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> now, davis was scheduled to appear back in court later this month for his sentencing but tonight he is locked up facing attempted murder charges. >> prosecutors tonight drop charges against former washington d.c. mayor marion barry. arrested saturday accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. his attorney said that the two were heading to the beach july 4, and the woman suddenly had a change of mind. >> well, it was another perfect july day today. >> will we have nice weather tomorrow however?
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meteorologist jessica starr joins us with a first look at the sky watch forecast. jessica? >> beautiful tomorrow. good news. sunshine is sting with us all week, all work week long. dealing with beautiful weather out there for the daytime. high temperature today 81. low humidity. and clear skies. on our sky watch regional radar, just a dry sweep across the nation, most of the northeast. and temperatures right now, a little on the cool side overnight. currently right now 76 here in baltimore. 71 degrees in d.c. 61 degrees in winchester. and temperatures will be dropping down to the mid to upper 50s tonight. the record low for tonight is 54 degrees. so we will be close to that but i don't think that we will beat that. but 59 at 6 a.m. warming up to a comfortable 78 for tomorrow. but there is some hot and muggy weather as well as thunderstorms headed our way. break it down coming up in a few minutes. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your avenue.
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go to and click on i-radar. . >> we will show you some the must see attractions in baltimore, that are not at the inner harbour. it is our cover story tonight. >> what else is in your bottle of water? later on fox 45 news at 10:00, the reason you will soon more about what you are drinking. >> i cannot believe that somebody had two children. in a train with a windshield site of the football field and does not know what they did. >> but next. the death of two teenagers, on the light rail
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>> baltimore county police are now leading the investigation into the deaths of two teenagers along the light rail in lutherville. the parents want to know why the operator did not see the boys before or after they were struck. here is john rydell. >> friends and family of connor peterson and kyle wankmiller sporting t-shirts in their memory. but also upset by details of the tragic death. the step brothers were struck from behind by a light rail train while walking on the track. mta said the operator of the train never saw them. before or after the accident. >> i cannot believe that somebody hits two children, in a train, that has a windshield the size of a football field, and does not know what they did.
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>> video from the train security camera shows the two were struck around 2:55 sunday afternoon. but the injured teens were not discovered until 15 minutes later. by the operator and fare inspector of another train. >> train operator texting or on the phone, not paying attention, and something really tragic happened. >> the mta said it is still collecting more information about the fatal accident. >> we have reached out to the federal transit administration, ntsb and group called american public transit association, which is basically looking for a rail accident expert to come in and provide another set of eyes to examine what occurred. >> most of the trains that travel along here are going at 45 miles per hour. and the teens may have been caught offguard because all the trains were diverted to southbound tracks.
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>> but the father said if the train operator had spotted the boys their lives may have been spared. >> if you blair the horn, i hear them every day, they would have moved out of the way, of course. >> mta officials say shortly after the accident, the train operator was tested for drugs and alcohol. he has been questioned about what he was doing on that northbound train that struck and killed two step brothers. lutherville, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> parents, students and teachers he protest a decision to close towson catholic high school. school administrators told parents in an e-mail that towson catholic will not reopen in september. the school lost about a third of the enrollment recently. that severely cut into the tuition revenue. primary source of income. >> it is just bog gels me, i cannot believe that in six weeks, our kids have for place to go. we have no school.
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>> well, the school said it is more than $650,000 in debt. towson catted lick launched the basketball careers of the nba carmelo anthony and donta green. >> disturbing stories of animal abuse in baltimore city recently. dog doused with gasoline and set on fire. a cat killed with burning fireworks. as kathleen cairns reports, the city has created a task force to look into the animal abuse policies. >> in the same west baltimore neighborhood where a pit bull named phoenix was set on fire in may. >> donald brown tells us his answer to animal cruelty. >> lock them up and throw away the key. >> now a city task force has been formed to examine the problem. >> animal abuse is a social problem, and a community problem. and often an antecedent to violence against individuals. >> the goal is to stop violence, on all levels. >> those people that injure a dog, next thing you know they
10:21 pm
will be beating their son. next thing you know, they will be beating their wife, and violence bee gets violence. >> activists say maryland has been criticized for not having tough enough animal abuse laws. >> recommendations may include legislation to protect animals, and prosecute abuses. training for law enforcement, and animal control agents, on how to handle animal cruelty. >> some say tougher laws may not be the only solution. >> i don't know what is enough of a deterrent to the behavior. >> back in west baltimore,. >> as long as they cannot do harm to people, i mean, i guess that's like kind of all right. >> city officials hope the community gets more involved, and reports any suspected animal abuse by calling throw 11. in baltimore, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, the task force is
10:22 pm
expected to meet for the first time next week. and submit recommendations to the mayor next summer. >> there is speculation tonight as to the whereabouts of michael jackson's body. his death certificate listed the forest lawn cemetery as a temporary resting place. however, there is no indication whatsoever where his coffin was taken right after tuesday's memorial service. some people question who will pay for the service meantime. which included security and police motorcade. adding to about $4 million. >> motorists have long complained about the delays on baltimore's roadways. now, there is a new study showing just how much time is being wasted. the study said drivers in baltimore waste about 44 hours a year behind the wheel. that puts baltimore about the 18th worst in the country. washington is second worst. and motorists predict the he slow down will get slower. >> you have to deal with people crossing the street. you have elderly crossing the
10:23 pm
street. at a slow pace. you have people playing around in the street. you have people that can't drive. >> people get frustrated, you are spending 30 minutes on the bus, when, in normal situations, it should take you no more than 10 minutes. >> tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. find out what researchers say will solve the problem. . >> a changing role for our president. the washington times is working on a story about how the candidate that ran on change may be forced to compromise. >> his top legislative priorities, climate change legislation, and health care reform, are running into all sorts of obstacles on capitol hill. and to pass them, he will have to modify his top priorities. >> also in the times. the crackdown on muslim protestors in china. and why politicians don't seem to be shy in the least about tweeting.
10:24 pm
for more on these stories, go to and click on the washington times icon. >> and undercover investigation under covers security weaknesses in 10 federal buildings. these buildings were supposed to have security at almost the same level as the white house. but investigators were able to smuggle bomb parts into the building. and then assemble them. defying several levels of security. >> in some cases bathrooms were locked but federal employees let us in. and to those bathrooms. and then assembled the materials. usually in under four minutes. >> one guard was even caught sleeping. another almost put a baby through the x-ray machine. and officials won't say which buildings were breached but one of them was run by homeland security. >> a massive die cyber attack brings down computers all over the united states. >> judy kurtz tells us who could be behind all of it in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> had 11 websites including the treasury department and secret service and the federal trade
10:25 pm
commission were reportedly targeted in a 4th of july attack. and intelligence officials in south korea say north korea or sympathizers are to blame. according to government sources the websites for the federal agencies were all down at various times during the independence day weekend and this week. south korean media reported that north korea was running a cyber warfare unit according to the report, north korea tries to hack into u.s. and south korean military networks to gather classified information. news comes less than a month after johns hopkins university's applied physics lab found the network was infiltrated by the workers. they do defense work and space projects. >> we were under attack, we shut down any access to the internet to keep information from flowing in or out. >> hopkins cyber attack has not been linked. latest incidents. the 4th of july online break-in is being investigated in both south korea and the united states. you can be the first to know
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about breaking news, severe weather and traffic with mobile news. get text alerts and streaming video on your phone. sign up now on or text wbff to 45203. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". . >> we had another sunny july day in baltimore. tell you when the humidity will make things hotter coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> later on the news at 10:00. why you will soon be able to know what else is in that bottle of water you are drinking. >> we are as much alike. >> the
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. >> i just got here last night. >> at the international hostile at mount vernon. >> baltimore is much like my hometown. >> travelers swap insider tips on what the really baltimore has to offer. >> try to tell people that there are things outside the harbor to see and do. >> while the inner harbour is the heart of baltimore. tourists are also often drawn to fort mchenry. the birth place of the star spangle banner. >> for thousands of immigrants, this was their first glimpse of america. by the early 1900s, an estimated 40,000 immigrants were coming in through the port of baltimore each year. and many chose to stay in neighborhoods of baltimore with people from their native homelands.
10:31 pm
>> from this vantage point baltimore native don wiley has a good view. >> that's where the british came. that's where the british were stopped. >> he says he can see what baltimore really has to offer. >> the good stuff in baltimore. i would say it is a city of neighborhoods. you have a greek neighborhood. greek town. nothing but greeks live around here. >> on the corner. >> how are you doing? >> sells hundreds of these every day. >> hi guys. you need a minute? >> why is this busier than the other? >> it is authenticity. >> brings in the crowds. >> we have greek restaurants in washington but not like baltimore. we have been discovered. >> it is off the beaten path. >> but the long line may reflect
10:32 pm
the opinion of those in the know. >> i don't think it is a secret. >> thanks a lot. have a great day. >> so hampstead hill, patterson park, highlandtown, all over there. canton. >> this is canton. this is yeppie neighborhood. >> it serves as inspiration for dee. >> baltimore went that way. >> she works on a craft. >> it is folk art. it is simple. >> these are painted window screens. >> a tradition, only in baltimore. >> hear here. you can see the painted screen when you are walking by. but when you are out, you don't see anything. you see? >> up the block. >> well it has been around a long time. >> ms. mary has a pair. >> my children that live out in harford county they said, i would like to have one of them out here but i don't know if we are allowed to have it. >> we are about the only city ha-ha them.
10:33 pm
>> a unique charm city tradition. >> to me they are a gem. fabulous untold fortune. >> which really is something on the inside. >> whereas, i am only human. >> this is called pigtown. >> lord help me believe ♪ . >> what flavor would you like? >> singing and snow cones in south baltimore. >> show me the stairway. >> and it comes out fast like in a snow blizzard, that's why it is unique to baltimore. >> ice cream, taotie fruity. >> that is enough. coconut please. this is definitely different. >> one day at a time ♪ . >> another scan of the city. >> well, up here, i am looking at that -- >> west baltimore. another unusual custom.
10:34 pm
>> sounds that echo through the streets. >> how are you doing today sir? >> i am fine. >> red apple, granny smith apples and we are the last of the arabers. >> unveiling baltimore's best secret. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and we just scratched the surface. baltimore's unique neighborhoods have a long list of unique attractions. >> log onto on and look at news links for a look at all of the city's attractions. >> who is in charge of our water? still ahead in the news at 10:00. why the claims being made by bottled water makers are causing
10:35 pm
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and get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. >> well, we had a beautiful summer day outside today. ample amount of sunshine and blue skies and low humidity. and temperatures around 81 degrees for a high temperature for today. live look at the inner harbour tonight. beautiful night. and actually going to get chilly out there for tonight. 76 degrees currently at the inner harbour. and winds are currently calm. and the humidity is at 61 percent. currently right now. and the sky watch radar. dry sweep across the northeast. but rain showers toward the north. but those are starting to fizzle out and we will continue with the dry, fabulous weather for next couple of days here.
10:38 pm
until things start to change as we head into the weekend. but the regional temperatures right now. 76 in baltimore. 65 degrees in harrisburg. and 69 degrees in pittsburg, and 66 in cleveland. so fairly chilly air mass over portions of the northeast for this july weather. but things will be changing and will be warming up as we head into the weekend. because things are going to really heat up as the center portions of the united states, 85 degrees at this hour in dallas. 81 in st. louis. that warm and humid air mass in the center portions of the united states, that will be working the way into our area for the weekend. starting on friday and saturday. close to 90 degrees as we look toward the weekend. more july like as we head toward the weekend. so on the future scan model. area of low pressure down to the south. high pressure builds in nicely overnight tonight into the morning hours. so the morning commute tomorrow morning, at 9 a.m., looking sunny. and most of the day will stay sunny and dry. pretty much a repeat of today. couple of cumulus clouds develop
10:39 pm
hours. so if you have plans to be outside or a picnic or walk the dog, you will be able to get all the plans in. and then by 7 p.m. friday continue with the dry tranquil weather. not much going on weather wise until we look to on the weekend. with a cold front off to the west. this is going to be moving into our area. late saturday, into sunday. that is what will bring us a chance of rain showers, as we get into the warm air mass and colder air mass comes in allowing for thunderstorms to fire up late in the afternoon su saturday and sunday as well. not a complete washout for the weekend. but we will see some thunderstorms around. eastern shore forecast for tomorrow. for thursday. mostly sunny skies. low humidity. and high temperature around 82 degrees. and light winds out of the northwest at five to 15 miles per hour. and central maryland looking like another beautiful day is in store. 83 degrees for a high temperature for baltimore, columbia and into annapolis, with the winds out of the northwest. five-day forecast. 82 friday. and things start to change a bit. 87 on saturday.
10:40 pm
the humidity returns. 86 on sunday with a slight chance for isolated thunderstorm to pop up in the heat of the day. and both saturday and sunday. and once the cold front pushes through sunday. things cool down again. 81 degrees on monday to start the work week. mostly sunny skies. remember fox 45 sky watch weather is at your finger timms. i-radar available at you can use fox 45's powerful dollar to track storms. interactive tools lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click on i-radar. . >> officials in texas seize nearly 500 dogs from an alleged puppy mill. humane society raided magic pets after getting reports the dogs were not scared for. they are housed this evening at a warehouse. a judge will decide if the kennel can have the animals back or if they will be put up for adoption. >> california animal shelter is asking for donations, not for
10:41 pm
money or food, but for television sets. for the cats. the people that work there, came in one day and noticed that the cats were mesmerised watching television. apparently "desperate housewives" is one of the favorite shows. they say it is not just about the entertainment, it is a rehabilitation tool to help the animals get used to being around people again. >> depending on what they watch they may not want to be. >> no accounting for taste watching that boob tube. >> 13-year-old north carolina teen is going green with a very successful business. >> yeah, tjstroop behind a make a difference recycling business. he takes ink cart ridges, books, soda cans, bottles and shopping bags and turns them all into purses and or rugs. tj has received recognition from president obama himself. and he won a disney going green contest recently.
10:42 pm
>> another swine flu case turns deadly in maryland. coming up, whether the worst of the outbreak is behind us. >> and why a major water battle is brewing in d.c. on what should, and should nçñçñçñçñçñçñ
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10:45 pm
>> doctors confirm a second person in state of maryland has died from the swine flu. the victim is an elderly person that lived in the city of baltimore. doctors say the person did have other serious medical problems in addition to the h1n1 virus. >> the number of people that are -- who have this condition continue to grow in maryland. we have not reached the peek of the outbreak. >> nationwide, 170 people so far have died from the swine flu. >> meanwhile, british scientists say they have created the first artificial human sperm. they reportedly did it with embryonic stem cells. and stress they are not interested in creating human life in a petridish but goal is to solve male fertility problems. >> favorite brand of bottled water may get a new look if congress gets its way. lawmakers are concerned because companies are not required to include any information about where their water comes from or what contaminants might be in
10:46 pm
it. that sort of information is available for tap water and other public water supplies. and lawmakers now think the rules should also apply to the stuff in the plastic bottles. more on the big water battle coming up on the "late edition". . >> the o's start a big 9th
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10:48 pm
10:49 pm
>> we will continue with the sunshine both for tomorrow and friday. 83 degrees for a high on thursday. 82 on friday. and the humidity will return for the weekend. and a little bit warmer. 87 on saturday. 86 on sunday. with a slight chance for some afternoon pop up thunderstorms. both days. and then we cool down, 81 on monday. and dry out. 84 on tuesday. and warming back up, to 86 degrees with partly cloudy skies next wednesday. that's a look at the seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, jessica. >> nashville police make their conclusions in the death of steve mcnair. >> vince villani joins us with the latest on "sports unlimited". vince? >> thank you very much. coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". we have full details on the death of former ravens and titans quarterback steve mcnair as investigators finally make a ruling in the case. >> and the o's trailed 3-0 heading into the nine and said got a rally going and made a comeback. is it enough to win? highlights ahead. and baltimore olympic hero phelps returned to the pool for


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