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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 9, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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kids, don't know what to think. >> panic parents in east baltimore. why swat teams storm an elementary school. soccer coach accused of trying to solicit sex from a girl. how police caught him. he will be well missed. he really will. >> saying goodbye to steve mcnair. massive crowd expected at tonight's memorial service. he's in charge of thousands of pounds of rolling steel. what this metro driver was doing i hope steady of watching the rails. hello. >> 200 students evacuated from summer school in east baltimore after police chase a suspect into the building. >> no one was hurt but the intense policeman hunt has paid off. police just caught
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the suspect. kathleen joins us from outside the elementary in meddle school with the latest tonight. kathleen. >>reporter: the suspect was captured right inside this school. sources tell us the suspect was hiding under a sink in a cabinet on the second floor. it brings an end to the seven hour man hunt. the ordeal began this morning when police stopped the man wanted on a warrant. it triggered a police chase and the man ran inside this school. chaos in east baltimore. >> bunch of police around a school. >>reporter: police surround william pack elementary middle school. triment is set up. >> move back. >> a gentlemen just went in to the school with a gun. >>reporter: miss brown and so many other parents are now looking for their kids. >> hostage situation down there. i want my child.
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>> everybody knows that he got in there with all the kids. >>reporter: 200 children attending summer school have been safely evacuated. including susan. police search the school from all angle. some saw the suspect including the school custodian. >> the door was open. just ran in. >> the door should be always timothy mcveigh closed. i was always afraid of this. >>reporter: once again the suspect has been found. he was hiding under a sink and now m police custody and no one was hurt during this seven hour ordeal in east baltimore. tonight at 10:00 we have more on the happy reunion between the parents and the kids. live in east baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. deadly night in baltimore city. 2 murders occurred in
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the 1700 block of division street and northwest walt more. officer found 18-year-old man lying in the street. then about 12:30 this morning a double shooting in the 2900 block in east baltimore. one of the victims died. >> police in essex are investigating a stabbing at the 300 block of shag bark road around 3:00 a.m. today. paramedic took a 21-year-old woman to the hospital. police are now searching for a suspect. baltimore county soccer coach is charged with soliciting sex from a minor. karen parks live at baltimore county police headquarters with more on how the coach was arrested. karen? >>reporter: well, police say 32-year-old charles attempted to solicit sex from a 14-year-old. and all of this started with a text found by her parents. now detectives say they were contacted july 6 from the victim parents about inappropriate text messages being sent from 32-year-old charles ride to the 14-year-old daughter who is the sister of one of the
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players on the team he coaches. police say he requested explicit pictures from the girl and asked her for sex. the undercover detective assumed identity of the girl and set autopsy meeting and that's when he was arrested. he is charged with sexual exploitation of child and possession of child pornography. >> this is a soccer coach who parents trust. he has breached their trust. by doing this and now we are just concerned that maybe more victims are out there. we certainly hope not. but if there are we do want to know about it to find out what is going on. >>reporter: he coached at the greater baltimore soccer club and our lady of mount carmel elementary school. if you think your child or any other child may have been a victim you are asked to call the crime against children unit at 4 1 0-8 5 3-36 5 0. we just received a letter from our lady of mount carmel elementary school sent out to all the parents and guardians
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today. it says that according to police none of the charges are related to his volunteer service at the parish or at the school. it goes on to say that he is being notified by registered mail that he is not permitted to work or volunteer at any parish or school of the archdiocese of baltimore until this matter is resolved. live at baltimore county police headquarters karen parks fox 45 news at 5:30. thousands of fans in the state of tennessee are gathering to say farewell to nfl quarterback mcnair. they will honor the former tennessee titan and baltimore raven of course who is murdered by his girlfriend early this week. john dunn from the sister station in nas nashville, tennessee with a very latest on the memorial and other stories related to mcnair tonight. john? >>reporter: about 5000 people are expected to attend the public memorial service which begins here at mount zion baptist church in two and a half hours. mcnair former teach mates, coaches,
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mates, coaches, friends, fans and family are all expected to be in attendance. this has been a day to say goodbye to the former tennessee titan in baltimore ravens quarterback. hundreds of people showed up this morning at nashville funeral home for public viewing. we are told steve mcnair cast debt was closed but for many people who showed up today, just seeing it brought home the reality of this situation. fans lined up around the building for a chance to offer their condolences and pay their respects to a man who meant so much not only to professional football but also to the community. >> a lot of people here and they love steve mcnair. he's the man. he's the one that is going to be missed truly. >> i feel in like he's my relative. i haven't had one night of sleep since it happened. i have really been disturned. he will be well missed. he really will. >>reporter: joseph walker will deliver the eulogy during tonight memorial service and says despite the unpleasant circumstances surrounding mcnair murder, the service
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will celebrate his life, his legacy both on the football field and in the community. jeff. >> john dunn reporting live from nashville, tennessee tonight. of course stay tuned to our news for more on the steve mcnair memorial. we'll have complete coverage of tonight's ceremony from nashville. east baltimore man gets 25 years in prison for executing his girlfriend. 19-year-old charles jake pleaded guilty to killing 14-year-old griffin in 2008. police say jake only knew griffin for a few weeks and shot her in the temple at close range. jake had just gotten out of jail few weeks earlier. >> juvenile arrest in baltimore city. by may of this year nearly 3000 juveniles were arrested. but experts say these numbers do not tell the entire tale. joy has the story. >>reporter: the numbers are staggering. as well as the crimes being committed. we have uncovered that more juveniles were arrested in the month of may in south west
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district than any other district in the city. south west is where the shooting of 5-year-old raven wyatt occurred but criminal justice experts say there are far more crimes being committed by juveniles that aren't being reported. for those who are a arrested, local politicians believe some are getting off easy. >> there ace group out there, violent young people, that seem to be getting a free pass. they go back out and they commit crime after crime after crime. >>reporter: the top reported offenses in the month of may included assault and robbery, second degree assault as well as possession of marijuana.i'll have more on these numbers and the latest on la mont davis tonight at 10:00. joy, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> police want your help finding a burglary suspect. police believe this man committed several burglaries at businesses in andarundle county. anyone with information about the suspect or burglaries is asked to call police. baltimore county needs your help finding a missing girl. they say 16-year-old
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michelle buyer disappeared almost three months ago. she is white 5 feet 6 inches tall, 2 35 pounds with brown eyes and straight brown hear. she might be pregnant. police say she could be in the north avenue area in baltimore. anyone with information is urgeed to call police at this number on the screen. the owners of a very popular pikesville restaurant damaged by fire say they will indeed rebuild. fire broke out at the suburban house in the 900 block of rice town road at 5:15 last night. blaze quickly went to 2 alarm. no one was hurt. so far no word on the cause. how are the roads looking tonight? kandace has the traffic edge report. kandace e.thanks jennifer. we have quite a few problems scattered throughout the region so we'll start in baltimore county. there's an accident on route 7 right at rose dale avenue and heading on 95 instead tonight. right at white marsh boulevard here is the scene. there are a lot of cars gathered but no brake this is going to be
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a better bet for the alternate route. now moving to the city we do have two disabled cars one on the south bound lanes of 95 right at the fort mchenry tunnel that takes out one lane in the left, too. that isn't bad enough there is also a disabled vehicle thinks on the south bound lane of 395 right at 95. now another stalled car on main line, south bound 295 right at the belt way and this again takes out one lane there so hopping on 95 is going to be the better option heading through that part of the region. also in the south west corner we do still have emergency road work all due to a sink hole and this blocks the ramp from route 170 into the inner loop lanes of 695 through 6 48 the better bet for the alternate route. that's a look at the evening travels, now back to you. >> thank you kandace. >> it is absolutely beautiful summer week out there. >> rain going to spoil the weekend however. the forecast is coming up. here's some disturbing video for you. what this
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metro train operator is suspected of doing while behind the whole of a moving train. >> federal stimulus package was supposed to create jobs. why lawmakers are now why lawmakers are now questioning its
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sz. >> new development in the case against baltimore mayor sheila dixon. dixon attorneys want to block subpena for the schedular and former transportation worker. both were supposed to appear in court today before a grand jury. dixon faces 7 charges including theft. judge already tossed out 5 of the original 12 charges. >> baltimore landmark remains unwanted. auction brokers ambassador theater today but nobody bought it. it was built back in 1935. it closed as theater in 1968. also in a school and church over the years but now it is vacant. >> yes it looks that way. looks like it has been vacant for a long while. pretty bad repair. needs a total renovation. >>reporter: ambassador sister theater the senator goes up
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for auction on july 22nd. new video tonight showing a metro train operator apparently sleeping at the controls. you tube video shows the man with the head down for a lengthy period of time as the train as you can see is moving. 14-year-old passenger recorded the video last month while riding the green line in maryland. metro officials say they are now forming an investigation. it has been 5 months sense congress approved a president 787 billion dollar economic stimulus package. now lawmakers are asking where is the stem las vegas? despite all the money unemployment soared to 9 and a half percent. almost 3 and half million jobs have been lost in the past 6 months. >> i think we need to justify how much money we are spendin spending. and where are the jobs saved and where have they been preserved and i think that we have got major credibility crisis here. >> if it work in progress but steady progress. >>reporter: the government
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accountability office finds of the 29 billion dollars delivered to hard hit states so far, most has gone to pay medicaid costs, balance budget and avoid lay off. that pwreption us to our question of the day. has the stimulus package been money well spent. go to our web site and let us know what you think. response could air net on news at 10:00. great weather just keeps oncoming. weekend however will be hot. vytas takes a look at the sky watch forecast. vytas. >> looks like we see the temperatures going up a little bit around the area. right now looking at clear skies out there absolutely beautiful day and look at sky watch hd radar and looks like we continue to see a few showers move across the bay down to the south down to the ridge and we'll continue to see mainly clear conditions around here. nice and quiet for the next couple days here. looking at how this plays out on the bigger picture putting this in motion, most of the precipitation over parts of virginia and southern portion
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of west virginia and that is the case as noise dry conditions continue to stick around the baltimore area. look at the showers and southern portion of west virginia and parts of western virginia looks like they continue to see pretty good gusty thunderstorms but for us sitting pretty quiet and clear next couple days until we get in the weekend where we can get a little bit of this activity moving into our neck of the woods giving us a chance for maybe some showers. temperature wise looking at 79 degrees in baltimore. 80 in dc. 82 in fredericksburg. slightly cooler down there in charlottesville where they have temperatures at 66 grecian and few spotty shower showers. tonight looking at temperatures down at 65 degrees in baltimore looking at the winds out of the east at 5 to 10. 7 day forecast for you coming up with a look at how warm we get for the weekend in our next chance for rain around the area. back to you guys. >> swine flu hasn't been as bad as proceed contradicted. but why it might get much worse this fall.
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if there is anything good
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>> speculation that michael jackson died from prescription drug abuse is raising awareness of the problem that is plaguing america. the government drug czar says more people are dying in the united states from drug over doses than from gunshot wounds. federal officials say parents
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are the key to addressing the problem. investigators looking into the cause of jackson's death are focusing on drug that is were given to jackson apparently to fight insomnia. >> the federal government is preparing for the swine flu to get worse. it was to work with state to vaccinate people. obama administration is holding a swine flu summit with 500 state local official officials. outbreak might get worse this fall as students go back to class and temperatures drop. >> summer camp closed and luckily kids are not at school right now so we haven't had the kind of school disruption that we saw earlier this spring. >> swine flu vaccination could be ready by mid october. from 12 to 10. vote off night on so you think you can dance. one girl and one guy going home this evening. this season is a very special one to show co-creator announce the national launch of the
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dizzy feet foundation which provides scholarship for talented young dancers who can not afford lessons on their own. >> find out which dances will get the boot. tonight at 9 p.m. right here on fox 45. after qualifying for the world championship in two event last night, michael phelps trying to make it 3 for 3 tonight. update on the 3 tonight. update on the baltimore bullet coming up what's that smell? take control of trash odors with glad odor shield. special technology embedded in the whole bag neutralizes odors. your kitchen stays fresh. glad odor shield. what smell? now available in lemon scent. with glad odor shield. special technology embedded in the whole bag neutralizes odors. your kitchen stays fresh. glad odor shield. what smell? now available in lemon scent.
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and melted cheese, piled high with only... the toppings you love. subway. eat fresh! >> welcome back. the orioles end east coast trip on good note scoring 5 runs in the 9th inning to beat the mariners 5-3 taking the series. birds have the tonight off tonight but keeping a close eye on the first baseman over the next couple days. huff picked off in the 9th inning rally and while in a rundown he took a
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nasty ride to splitsville. he strained the left groin on the play but didn't think he would miss much time. manager dave said huff would be reevaluated today. birds host the pwlur jay for 3 starting tomorrow night at camden yards. after 4:00 o'clock fan voting closed for the final 2 all star spots in the american league. tiger third baseman hinge voted in by the fans. hitting 2 64 with 19 home runs and 54 rin this season in detroit. in the national league. the flying hawaiian heading to st. louis. phillies center fielder shane victor won the fan vote. he's batting 308 and 6 homeers and 40 rbi for the first plate fill. now to swimming. michael phelps was the fastest qualifier in the men 100 meter butterfly this morning at the u.s. nationals. phelps touched the wall in 51.17 seconds. 100 meter fly is the one individual event that helped phelps hold the gold medal but
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not the world record. baltimore bullet already won the 200 meter free style and the 200 meter butterfly finals last night qualifying for the world championship in rome in both event. try to go 3 for 3 tonight in the finals of 100 fly. tell you how phelps did plus we have the latest from the mcnair memorial service down in tennessee. all coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you. >> all right vens. beautiful week. what is ahead for the weekend. >> vytas has a look at the 7 day forecast. >> looks like we try to hold on to sunshine kicking off the weekend. in fact out there right now beautiful day. let's look out at the inner harbor from the sky cam. nice conditions at 81 degrees. pretty good. few fair weather cumulus clouds. winds are variable at 5. humidity variable at 5. humidity levels at
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