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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 13, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> very scary. >> first a murder. then a standoff with police. the surprise police got when they finally went inside the home. >> look, it is always attractive to say lets tax the rich. >> the idea of universal health care is on the table. but how to pay for it remains an unanswered question. who some lawmakers want to pay the bill. >> warm start to the work week. and it will get hotter. when we will hit 90 in the sky watch forecast. >> and a decision ravens wide receiver derrick mason makes about his future with the ravens. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. one man is dead tonight after gun fire rings out behind a house in northeast baltimore. >> that led to a standoff with police. cops thought they had the suspect trapped in a house near
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the shooting. but he is on the loose. >> keith daniels live tonight with more on the story. keith? >> well, jennifer, that's right. the suspect is on the run. police are not releasing any details about the man. but tonight we do know he is wanted for murder. >> at first, someone heard gunshots. several bullets fired in the rear of the 2900 block of the alameda. right behind frazier's grandmother's home. >> i need to go back to west baltimore. this is too much. >> it happened at about 3:30 in broad daylight monday. baltimore city police moved in. neighbors stepped out. to get a look. caught by surprise. >> scary to me. very scary. >> police found the body of this man. >> 45. >> lying in the alley, shot multiple times. the victim's mother told us his name is antoine witherspoon. he was 28. cruisers scrambled in the streets and helicopter buzzed in
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the air looking for the shooter. police put the neighborhood on lockdown. >> it is ridiculous. outrageous. >> at first, police believed the suspect, or suspects, ran into a house in the 1500 block of east 29th street. >> swat units, canine units on the scene. we are attempting to communicate with individuals inside of the house. but at this point, no one has come out and we are pretty much at a standoff. >> about after about five hours it ended. police went inside and they found no one. investigators don't have a motive in the shooting. and are trying to determine exactly how it happened. someone close to the investigation tells us, witherspoon and a female were standing in the alley when a gunman simply walked up and opened fire on witherspoon. neighbors say it can be a troubled, unsafe place to live. >> people are afraid. they are not get to get involved like that. they want to. but they have community associations but so much they
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can do. >> tonight we have learned that detectives are questioning some individuals that may have information that could lead to an arrest. live now in baltimore city police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> a man was shot on a basketball court in north baltimore earlier tonight. happened around 7:15 at old york road and dunbar avenue. homicide detectives called to the scene, at last word, the victim was still alive. >> meanwhile, a man is found fatally shot in northeast baltimore. happened about 4:00 this morning in the 1300 block of cedarcroft road. man shot in the head. police are not releasing the name at this time. >> anne arundel county police shoot a man threatening to hit an officer with a chair. officials from anne arundel medical center asked police to go to the man in the 1000 block of deep creek road to check on the condition of his wife, she had been treated at the hospital recently. 50-year-old man became belligerent and told officers to leave. and raised a chair over the
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heads to hit one of the officers. >> during that assault officers employed pepper spray to subdue him and a taser to subdue him. he was able to continue to fight. >> man was taken to shock trauma with serious injuries and expected to survive. he is facing several charges. >> autopsy results in the body of an elderly woman found in a freezer in anne arundel county will hopefully reveal more about her death. police were called to 83-year-old doris cook's glen burnie apartment friday night. she had been bedridden following a heart attack several years ago. >> she was a good woman. i mean, you could not ask for a better person. she would do anything for anybody. >> police say cook died several weeks before, she was put in the freezer. two of cook's family members lived with her. so far, no one has been charge. >> it looks like speed cameras
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are coming soon to the city of baltimore, tonight the controversial plan passed another road block in city hall. melinda roeder was at the council meeting tonight and standing by live in northwest baltimore to explain. >> well, the speed cameras would mainly target road construction areas, and school zones. where some say speeding in areas like here at medicine field heights elementary is a problem. if you are caught going too fast in the future, you could learn a very costly less zone. the fine would be a $40 ticket. tonight, the speed camera bill passed a second reading among council members with some debate. and some restrictions. >> very limited bill, the state law restricts how the cameras can be put up. but what this allows us to do is put up speed cameras in the city, within one half mile radius of any school or construction site. >> now, even putting the speed
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cameras in just those areas, would still add up to cover about 80 percent of the city. and some council members say that's going a bit too far. now, there would be some restrictions. they would only be enforced during certain hours. and not on the weekends when school is not in session. a assuming that the speed camera bill is passed next month, it could take effect as early as october. live tonight in northwest baltimore. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> major change to trash pickup in baltimore city has many residents upset. beginning today trash is collected once a week, not twice. recycleabless will picked up one day a week. trash collection will be tuesday through friday. now your pickup day depends on where you live. >> it is going to require us to put more trash in the backyards. or in certain places which will lead to varments and other things in the trash. >> there will only be rats you are feeding them by is not storing trash properly.
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>> expected to save the city $7 million. find out when your new trash and recyclable days are by logging onto our website and click on "news links". . >> first on fox tonight. a baltimore councilman wants answers after learning that information about see vehicles and crashes is kept secret. fox 45 investigative voice investigation. >> you know, i am a bit troubled. >> baltimore councilman william cole is ready to take action after learning a freedom of information request submitted by fox 45 to the city, seeking information on crashes involving city vehicles, was denied. >> who are we protecting here? are we protecting the taxpayers and the city or protecting employees. >> we have learned since 2008 the city's body shop has handled 2600 repair orders. costing taxpayers, more than $3 million to repair the city's fleet. that's already on top of the
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more than $334,000 the city spent fueling 246 take home cars just last year. and when we asked the city for a copy of accident reports, involving those taxpayer funded take hobble home vehicles, we received this, two page letter, denying our request to inspect the city's records. >> the taxpayers of the city are funding this government. and they have a right to know that their dollars are spent effectively. >> according to a city attorney, documents are covered by attorney-client privilege. and are considered confidential. >> but not providing the information to me is troubling, i think, there is probably a way to respond to the media request, without hiding behind attorney-client privilege. >> the city's rejection is not sitting well either with la gold. >> i don't think this is a -- this is typical bureaucracy. it is a way around the freedom of information act. >> he is the president of the harbor league. non-partisan group seeking
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government transparency. >> when you have information like this, just that their concerns make a department or a city or a county or state look bad. hide behind legal department. it is wrong. >> redact the names or information that should not be out there in the public domain. and allow us to take a look at it. >> frustrated with the legal department's denial of our freedom of information request. councilman cole plans to ask for a hearing, at the city's judiciary and legislative investigations committee. he wants answers from george nielsen and a look into city crashes. >> i pay high property taxes, and i struggle to live in baltimore like everybody else does. and i want to know that my tax dollars are being spent prudently. >> a date for a city hearing on the issue has not been set. a earlier investigation revealed police paid out close to $400,000 on damaged rental cars.
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to read more about the story, go to and click on investigative voice. >> workers evacuate a baltimore city courthouse earlier today. courthouse east on calvert street was evacuated around 9 a.m. for a few hours. some employees smelled gas fumes and felt light-headed. fire department found carbon monoxide coming from a fork level in the garage. and low levels in the building as well. no one was taken to the hospital. >> another warm summer day in baltimore. no complaining. >> no. vytas reid is here to let us know if it will continue. >> great day tomorrow. more sunshine. and temperatures go up more as we get down the road here. same temperatures bump into the lower 90s. now the humidity levels were lower out there today. so it did not feel uncomfortable. but nonetheless, clear skies around baltimore. zoom out the picture on hd radar. down towards fredericksberg and virginia. there are thunderstorms rumbling there but it should continue to
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head to the south. clear conditions tonight for us here in baltimore. 79 in baltimore. 78 in d.c. 72 in hagerstown. and it looks like overnight tonight, down to about 64. through the overnight, 65 by morning commute. plenty of sunshine. take the sunglasses with you. you will need them for the afternoon hours tomorrow. plenty of sunshine with the temperatures in the lower, mid 80s. it will be a fabulous day tomorrow. and tell you about the heat that will be joining us mid week coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> all right. vytas, thank you. you can be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to and click on i-radar. >> how to pay for universal health care? next on fox 45 news at 10:00. who some democrats want to pick up the tab. >> throughout my 17 years on the bench, i have witnessed the
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human consequences of my decisions. >> obama's pick for the supreme court on the hot seat today. why republicans are not so sure she is right for the job. >> how the alumni at towson catholic trying to save the school drowning in debt and crossing. >> you are allowing your children to be exposed to that. they will be influenced. >> the nation's gang problem is worse than you might think. how the computer is now putting your teenager at-risk. later on tonight's cover story. stay with us. ♪
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>> opening day of confirmation hearings for sonia sotomayor. president obama's pick for the nation's highest court. on the first day on the hot seat she highlighted her personal story. from humble beginnings to a lawyer. and federal district court judge. sotomayor also seemed to be directly answering concerns raised by republicans that say she might let her emotions and opinions drive her rulings. >> my personal and professional experiences help me to listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case. >> if she is confirmed the 55-year-old would be the third woman and the first hispanic on the high court. >> you can see more of judge sotomayor's opening statements by logging onto and clicking on "raw news". >> you have not heard the last of the chaneys yet. tomorrow's big story tonight.
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the washington times is working on a story that the 44-year-old daughter of the former vice-president is considering running for office. but, liz chaney has not said what office she would pursue. >> that's not a very big surprise. she has been extremely active in politics for a long time. she was a senior official in the bush administration's state department. and has also been quite outspoken as a defender of the bush administration foreign policy. >> also in the washington times tomorrow, why presidential trip to russia, italy, and africa accomplished much less than what the white house had hoped. >> an exclusive interview with a maryland woman on an upriseing in western china. you can read these stories and more by going to and clicking on the washington times icon. >> some house democrats tonight want what they call wealthy americans to fund president obama's plan for universal health care. but some doctors say there are other problems that need
10:17 pm
addressing first. john rydell explains. >> quality health care for many americans is a luxury. for millions of others, it is still elusive. congress is struggling to find a way to create universal health care and how to pay for it. some house democrats want wealthy americans to pick up the tab. one idea calls for a surtax for individuals earning $280,000 a year. and couples earning more than $350,000 a year. but senator mikulski is voicing reservations. >> before we start with the t word, in taxes, i want to start with the q word, in improving quality. >> this piece would save more lives than virtually any other medical discovery. >> during forum at johns hopkins hospital, mikulski is endorsing another plan to improve patient safety. it would expand a mandatory checklist for doctors and nurses, bodies before and after an operation. it is a move to reduce infections of patients in the
10:18 pm
operating room and intensive care unit. >> we estimate that we could save over $25 billion a year, and several hundreds -- over 100,000 lives. >> i mean, look, it is attractive to say, lets tax the rich. >> meantime former gubernatorial candidate opposes taxing the wealth. and chairs the group, maryland business for responsive government. >> small businesses are going to look at this, and say why should i put my money into health care for my employees. i will shift the burden to the government. so the unintended consequences are not good. >> and while lawmakers on capitol hill remain sharply divided over how to pay for universal health care, doctors here at johns hopkins say they are more preoccupied by insuring that all patients receive the better care possible. >> a country that has been $2.7 billion in health care ought to be able to have high quality care. >> the move doctors say will immediately benefit patients as
10:19 pm
public officials still debate thousand to best overall an entire system. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> if the plan is approved, it would generate $550 billion over the next decade but would still not fund the entire program to expand health care. that brings us to the question of the day. should wealthy americans be taxed more to pay for universal health care? everyone that answered our question, said no. kathryn from baltimore city writes, why should anyone have to pay for people that choose not to take care of themselves. as always, thank you very much for writing. >> saving towson catholic. school officials and parents meet for the first time tomorrow night to talk about ways to keep the school open. the archdioceses announced last week that the school is closing. the archdioceses said mounting debt and lower enrollment gave them no choice. but many in the towson catholic family are fighting back. in the coming days, expect to raise tens of thousands of dollars that they hope will buy them some time. >> we can, say, look, this is
10:20 pm
what we are doing. because now that we are informed of it, this is what we are doing. and this is what we can continue to do. so reopen the school and give us time to continue raising money. >> the 87-year-old high school is in debt to the tune of $650,000. >> some homeowners in southeast baltimore are outraged over the homeless problem and plans for one shelter to expand. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story tonight. >> here in southeast baltimore, summer youth workers come to this park on a daily basis. >> every day people here. every day, they come back every day. making a mess. >> homeowners blame the mayor. and homeless shelters for the mess. arguing the mayor has done nothing to address the problem. >> we are laughing now at this whole issue of cleaner in baltimore, it is a joke.
10:21 pm
>> scott is the director for citizens of washington hills. >> we basically been neglected in southeast baltimore. >> his community group, like others, is frustrated over news, that beans and bread is planning to expand services, to the city's homeless and needy. >> we have varments, human feces in the alleys. people are urinating. >> (inaudible). >> although many supporters argue washington hill is too far away to be impacted. we saw the same men here an hour later leaving the shelter. >> you have people all around this neighborhood that comes here and eats. >> danny robinson is just one of the hundreds of people, beans and bread helps. >> this is a positive thing, for people with low income, or living on a street that are hungry. >> director of special projects, lisa nick myer is with st.
10:22 pm
vincent depaul. and said the project will get more off the street. >> we do believe that this project will improve the situation that exists right now. >> by doubling the space, it will provide a place for people in need of a meal to wait versus outside on the sidewalk. >> we really are looking at this not as an expansion but renovation and a building edition project. >> but that's not how some in the community see it. until their concerns are addressed, they plan to do everything within their power to keep the project on hold. in southeast baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, in a statement, the mayor tells fox 45 that this project fits in perfectly with her 10 year plan to end homelessness in the city and her office has read more positive feedback than negative. >> bge new plans for a grid system to change your energy bill. they plan to install 2 million so-called smart energy meters. bge claims it will save 2 1/2
10:23 pm
billion dollars by doing this. it rewards customers with rebates for saving energy during peek hours. however the new system will likely include monthly surcharges around $1.50 a month. project needs approval from the maryland public service commission. >> another hot summer day. will the good weather continue? i will have a closer look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> and y
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>> gang activity is seriously becoming a major problem now nationwide. >> yeah, if you think your child is not at-risk because of where you live. or how much money you make. experts say you are wrong. >> crime and justice reporter joy lepola has tonight's cover story. "online gangsters." . >> ♪ almost everything i told you. >> east baltimore. considered one of the most violent areas of the city. >> this is where i grew up. looking up to them. king pens in both ends.
10:27 pm
>> here gang life is alive and well often with deadly consequences. >> don't want to move too much. you know what i am saying. >> only real certainty is uncertainty. >> i never know. i am no psychic. >> gang culture has taken hold and its grip is not loosening. >> juveniles, are the foundation for the gangs. ♪ . >> go ahead. >> yet among the gunshots and violence, evidence of ordinary life exists. >> and popular. myspace ranks third for the highest percentage of tips for all websites in the month of may. and become a gateway for gangs in the recruitment of new members. >> this type of venue is a
10:28 pm
perfect place. to show them an alternate life-style and draw them into your cause. >> detective john bureaus is an gang investigator. considered an expert in the field. >> this is a national membership card to apply for. >> all that is needed is a burning desire to belong. >> put the bait on the hook and swing it out there. and after you swing it out there. you wait. >> there is no need to travel, or be face-to-face to learn the life-style. when everything you need to know is at your fingertips. >> they don't have to put forth a lot of effort to recruit children. they put it up on their page and off they go. >> information is power. we went to "youtube", and with little to no effort found a how to video on the crip walk and i was not the first. this video had seen 4 million hits.
10:29 pm
all it takes is one person, who wants to prove themselves. taking what they have learned online, and applying it. that's how most neighborhood gangs get their start. and experts say their typically the most discounted and dangerous. >> they are an absolute nightmare. even a lot of the southern maryland, blood sets, started out as neighborhood gangs. >> todd carter was raised in east baltimore. with priors and a past. he is all too familiar with what gangs have to offer. >> i know what's going on. i see pain in people's eyes. you know what i am saying? it is not happy around here. >> here, just like in cyber space, gangs offer the promise of power and respect are. >> they want to be accepted. and loved. they want to find a place where they are taught about -- >> harder recruits online.
10:30 pm
he still hits the streets. >> there is hope. >> and this group of men is trying to prove that point. through an organization called "safe street". >> you see me looking. but i stand for something too. >> back in charles county, detective bureaus continues to combat gangs by monitoring the elicit activities and taking note. >> it is a massive amount of information gained from the video. >> it is not enough. especially with social networking being a powerful new recruiting tool. >> we have gang members in jail able to use myspace. >> and bureau said the problem is too big to police our way out. never before has gang activity been so main stream, and accepted. >> if you are allowing your children to be exposed to that. they will be influenced. >> whether they see it online or
10:31 pm
out their front door. but todd and his gang are hoping to change the perception. >> to make change, i would rather stand for that, you know what i mean? die for it. >> in east baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well this week in baltimore, almost 800 people are attending a gang information sharing conference. among the topics, gang recruitment, right here in maryland. >> police move closer to finding the killers of a couple with 12 kids in florida. up next, how many people cops believe were involved in the murders. >> and another reason not to smoke. the illness researchers say smokers are more likely to get. . >> another hot sunny day today. it looks like it will
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>> looking at a decent day out there today. plenty of sunshine. nice warm day. but humidity levels were on the lower side of things. that made it feel comfortable. outside right now. talk about what's going on. inner harbour, nice pleasant night. crack open the windows. feel the breeze coming in. looking at the skycam. downtown inner harbor. 74 degrees. widely scattered clouds. we have the winds out of the north-northwest at five. humidity levels, only 46 percent. so it looks like we will continue to see our comfortable conditions through the overnight. and looks like a nice start for our day tomorrow as well. temperatures across the region. looking at 67 degrees in harrisburg. back in pittsburg 68. and baltimore down at the airport looking at 79 degrees. 72 in richmond. slightly cooler. there is a few showers and thunderstorms rumbling down there around the richmond area. so they will get rain tonight. for us it looks like we will be dry. north of us, new york city at
10:35 pm
74. and here is what's happening on the radar. we can see that there were a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms. there is the line of stronger thunderstorms just north of richmond. making the way through the metro area there. but for our region, it looks like we will continue to see breaks in the clouds and mostly clear skies through the overnight. area of high pressure will continue to move in. giving us drying conditions for the next couple of days. but there will be a potential for maybe some pop up showers and thunderstorms by mid week. and then it looks like we will see the chance increase, down the road. you can see the showers and thunderstorms making the way across the bay. folks toward chestertown and easton. sue few showers out there. but around the central portion of the state. mainly dry headed through much of the afternoon. so continue to see clear conditions. back in western maryland, west virginia and also northern virginia. timing it out. you can see the line of rain popped through the evening. east of us. overnight tonight, clearing skies. tomorrow morning, looking at the rush hour. decent.
10:36 pm
plenty of sunshine. you will need the sunglasses headed to work. in the afternoon, dry and clear. high pressure has a good grip on the area. high pressure is associated with sinking air, so it inhibits cloud cover. so we will see more sunshine than any cloud cover. and this is until wednesday. and later in the evening hours, our next chance for precipitation builds in along a warm front. where the temperatures increase r toward the middle of the week. we could see 90s popping into the forecast. on the eastern shore, tomorrow. 83 degrees. winds out of the southeast at five. plenty of sunshine for you folks out in cambridge. easton. chestertown. looking at a decent day across the bay. central portion of the state. looking at temperatures around 86. baltimore, perry hall. annapolis, with northwest wind at five to 10. the controlling forces out there. high pressure moving out of the great lakes, keeps us dry. we have the warm front following that. so it looks like that high pressure continues to drag in that warm air. and the temperatures increase quite a bit toward the middle of
10:37 pm
the week. hear is how it looks on the forecast. 86 degrees. chance for a stray shower wednesday. 89. 30 percent chance for showers. 92 thursday. and showers will be moving in. and friday, saturday, slightly cooler, as a front moves in. giving us less humidity and comfortable temperatures into the weekend. fox 45 sky watch weather is now at your fingertips. i-radar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click on i-radar. . >> florida sheriff said six to eight people were involved in the murders of a florida couple. police have three in custody. one of whom they believe masterminded the homicide. burt and melanie billings shot to death thursday. known for adopting 12 children with disabilities and other
10:38 pm
problems. >> our mom and dad spent most of their time together. they shared the daily duties of getting children ready for school. getting the children off the bus. and always preparing and having dinner together as a family. >> police are still looking for, at least, four other people at this hour. they say robbery may have been one of several motives. . >> smokers with multiple sclerosis make this disease worse for themselves. the new var was published in the july issue of archives of neurologist. and finds smokers are at a higher risk of developing ms. findings support the theory that smoking has an adverse effect on progression of ms. >> heavy drinking may increase a man's risk for prostate cancer. studies came from the university of washington. men that drank heavily five days a week, were more than twice as likely to develop high grade prostate cancer. study tested the effectiveness
10:39 pm
of fanas ter ride. drug to help prostate cancer. it increased the risk of aggressive cancer. . >> scraped again. what kept the shuttle on the ground this time. and when does endeavor get another chance? that is next. >> historic eve just a hop, skip, and splash away. busch gardens and water country usa... in williamsburg, virginia. set your sights at
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>> i am keith daniels, in tonight's top story. a man is fatally shot in northeast baltimore. and that leads to a police standoff. the shooting happened at about 3:30 in broad daylight today, in the rear of a house, in the 2900 block of the alameda. police found the body of antoine witherspoon on the ground. shot several times. police moved in. put the neighborhood on lockdown. swat units surrounded a house in the 1500 block of east 29th street. and investigators thought the suspect was barricaded inside. after more than five hour standoff, police stormed the house. but found no one inside. the suspect tonight is on the run. >> fifth attempt to launch space shuttle endeavour fails. bad nether cape canaveral forced nasa officials to delay liftoff again today. endeavor has been grounded for an entire month now.
10:43 pm
first by leaks, then stormy weather. a six try is planned for wednesday. the mission is to do construction on the international space station. >> it was one small step for a man, and now the 1969 moon landing may be a giant landing for the internet. judy kurtz explains how one site lets you relive the apollo mission. >> what is technology such as twitter and e-mail was around when neil armstrong took his first steps on the moon. we may be able to find out. >> this thursday, the apollo 11 mission will be recreated in real time, on the internet. the web launch happens 40 years to the day after the shuttle launch took place. we choose the travels from earth to space. it ends up with the landing on the moon. and the library and museum will
10:44 pm
also offer twitter feeds of transmission between the space craft. and e-mail alerts when it touches down. and while you are waiting for the moon landing. be sure to check out fox 45 "facebook" page. friend us on "facebook" or follow our tweets. go to and click on find us on "facebook" twitter under the community features section. i am jude interviewed that's tonight's "word on the web". >> just days after the death of his close friend steve mcnair. ravens receiver derrick mason decides to call it a career. details coming up in "sports unlimited". >> and just ahead in 15 minutes, on the "late edition". at least 50 cases of officer misconduct dismissed. why city council members want to have a sit down with the police commissioner. >> additional flights added to bwi thurgood marshall airport but not more people will
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>> well, it looks like we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 86 for the temperature high. it will be pretty nice out there. we will see the winds out of the northwest at five to 10. seven-day forecast. things heat up more. 89 on wednesday. with a chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. 30 percent chance. 92 on thursday. looking at those thunderstorms rumbling again. and then there will be a front
10:48 pm
pushing through. cooling things off friday and saturday, with temperatures in the mid 80s. and we will see the sunshine out there. and then showers and thunderstorms on return. monday and tuesday. of next week. back to you guys. >> thanks, vytas. >> finally tonight death defying back flip on a motorbike in london. >> robby madison jumped across the tower bridge. look at this. rode up the open draw bridge at 40 miles per hour, and then across the river. safely landing on the other side. look at that. >> the stunt was part of a promotional campaign. not for motorcycle safety apparently. >> better ending than evel knievel that jump over the caesar fountains in vegas years ago, that did not end well. >> surprising move by a veteran raven tonight. >> bruce cunningham joins us with "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". just days after losing his close friend steve mcnair. ravens receiver derrick mason
10:49 pm
decides to retire. we will have the latest on his sudden decision coming up. >> orioles went into the all star break on something of a hot streak. hear from dave trembley on what he expects in the second half. and showcase all the week's very best in our plays of the week countdown. including some amazing catches. and walk off heroics. but whom will be crowned number one? "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> with training camp opening in two weeks, the ravens suddenly find themselves with a glaring blank spot at the receiver position. one of the more surprising moves. derrick mason has abruptly announced his retirement. that word came earlier this evening. mason told a website jock that he is hanging it up after 12 years in the nfl. mason was quoted as saying he has seen it all and done it all and ready to see what else life has to offer. move com


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