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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 24, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> save the life of a loved one. where you can get free miami fwram monday on fox 45 miami fwram monday on fox 45 morning >> he loved aviation. >> helicopter crashes on highway. when investigators are saying and how victim families are coping. >> dire warning about swine flu. find out how bad some say it can get. drying up a bit after some heavy rain.i'll tell you if clear skies will continue through the weekend. coming up in my sky watch forecast. >> and world class soccer slides into baltimore. the big boost it is expected to bring to local businesses. . >> jeff is off tonight. helicopter crashes on interstate 70 killing off four people on board jeans is. q and tonight federal
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investigators are probing what went wrong. chopper crashed on eastbound lanes of i 70 about 10 miles east of hagerstown. jeff is here now with the latest. jeff snishtion well investigators say the helicopter took off from the hagerstown airport at 10:15 last night en route to frederick but 15 minutes after take off it struck power lines, crashed on the interstate and burst into flames. this was the scene early this morning as the wreckage closed the interstate in both directions. there were no injuries on the ground but all 4 people aboard the chopper were killed. tonight federal investigators are probing maintenance records and pilot records and they are also reviewing weather conditions. investigators say there were storms in the area last night and the pilot had waited 2 hours before taking off. >> the helicopter is flying very low. we know i was told that the wires that were struck were about 70 feet off the ground. so that gives you a sense of what height helicopter was flying. we
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also know one of the witnesses reported that weather was clear low to the ground and very fogy. >>reporter: in this type of flight investigators say it's up to the pilot to decide what altitude to fly and what weather to fly in. tonight the wreckage is being moved to a delaware facility so investigators can figure out what went wrong and why. fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you jeff. you can hear more from today's news conference about the deadly helicopter crash on our web site. go to fox and click on raw news. 4 people killed were spending the evening raising money for charity. kathleen joins us now to explain. kathleen? >>reporter: karen, they were involved in a benefit for at risk youth. the passenger kim felix is described as a former pta president, community activist, and an organizer for several charities. the 3 men were employees of a flight instruction company. tonight we hear from the teenager son
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of one of the pilots killed. >> he loved aviation. he really did. >>reporter: nile booth one of the flight instructor at advanced helicopter concept based at frederick airport. the flight originated from here yesterday and 4 people were honor board. they spent the evening in hagerstown at charity dinner. >> he was a really, really giving person. he loved to give back to society. >>reporter: hayden is just 15. >> time hours on earth giving back. >>reporter: best known for her generosity. she often ran fundraising events for the needy in frederick county. >> she never said no. she touched so many lives and she was just such a bright light. i can't even imagine all the holes she will leave behind. >>reporter: kim felix was the mother of 3 girls. nile booth leaves behind a daughter and his son hayden. >> definitely a trying time
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for the entire family. we are not really sure where we are going to go from here but we'll find a way. >>reporter: the 4 victims were involved in a charity called heal a flight for hope. in september the group was slated to help at risk youth learn to fly skills during a weekend adventure all the way to tennessee. this is fox free for all friday news at 5:30. all right thank you kathleen. houses of worship target of thieves in baltimore county. 2 cockiesville area churches were broken into some time between 5:30 monday night and tuesday morning. a total of fitch khoyvs in the area robbed since the weekend. united methodist church is one of them. thieves took a safe with no money in it and 40 dollars in petty casual. safe did contain important papers valuable to the church but worthless to whoever took it. and husband and wife are accused in multiple burglary. 41-year-old man of westminster charged in 14 burglary between
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april and july. his 2534-year-old tina was charged in 6. they stole thousands of dollars worth of good and property from homes in carol county. >> and howard county police arrested a teen in connection with a shooting near a basketball court. the 17-year-old is charged with assault as a juvenile. police say he assaulted another person who then shot johnson back on july 9. johnson was taken to shock trauma with non-life threatening injuries. police say they are still working on an arrest. to arrest the shooter rather in the incident. and teacher and hockey coach is now facing a federal indictment on child pornography charges. 52-year-old john kovak arrested in march. investigators say he began having sexally explicit on line conversation with someone he thought was a teenager girl. turns out it was a retired l.a. cop. officers say they found child porn on the coach's computer. kovak is convicted he could face 20
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years in prison. last ditch effort to save townsend catholic high school falls short. >> we were denied. the reopening. we lost today. >>reporter: very dispointing outcome for parents and students after filing for a temporary restraining order to keep the high school open. joy talked with the attorney representing parents following today's decision. >> i believe there are option that is we can explore hopefully with the archdiocese to maybe get to the table in good faith and see if you know know, see what can be done. >> but as far as townsend catholic reopening, at the beginning of this school year, in the current state, is that going to happen? >> very, very unlikely. no. >>reporter: left students scrambling to find a new
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school to attended. archdiocese cite the lack of money as the reason behind its decision. well, are you ready for some football? we are not talking about the ravens and steelers. we are talking about soccer. what they call football across the pond. about to bring big buck into the city of baltimore this weekend. keith is live tonight at m and t bank stadium and i have to tell you we saw you earlier trying to play a little soccer. as your friend and colleague, keep your day job. >> well, karen, big money. big game. that's what it is all about. ac and chelsea 2 of the 5 best teams in the world playing right here in baltimore city. you better believe the hotel and bars are loving the soccer fans and money. city and state officials are expecting a soccer faithful to pump between 15 to 20 million dollars into the local economy this weekend. money spent at hotels and places like slot an
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irish pub in felonies point where the crowd is pouring in. >> we are talking maybe 40 percent increase bit end of the day today we have seen it from monday all the way until the peak of it today and tomorrow morning for brunch, tishtion we are back here live. this is what it is all about. cars on was trying to give me some less ons. 10 years old and where are you from. >> new york. >>reporter: new york. people are coming in from new york. >> york. >>reporter: i'm sorry. york. he's 10 years old. he loves soccer. he was giving me a little soccer lesson early but i won't show you now because i was so bad at it. i was bad. >> yes. >>reporter: game starts at what time? >> 8:00 o'clock. >>reporter: 71,000 fans here at the bank stadium for soccer. we are live at m and t bank stadium fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you keith. >> how are the roads looking tonight. kandace has the traffic edge report. >>reporter: all right. that football classic will be the
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big story tonight. we are focusing on downtown baltimore. here are the sky ramp right now and you can see there are a lot of cars but so far the traffic is slowing freely so at least we do start off with some positive momentum but inside the city i can tell you it is going to be pretty congested right now. now the game begins at 8 but the gates open at 6:30 and thousands of people are already in downtown baltimore. race street blocked between west and austin street but the big deal is going to be all of that congestion. so if you are traveling on the south bound side of the jfx exit off north avenue and go over to mlk. westbound hit pencil avenue and green street. but of course the best option for everybody is going to be mass transit. use light rail and if you are going to the game exit off at hamburg street. one thing to keep in mind if you do need to head down to washington, d.c. after the game, the light rail you will need to take it to dwi then hit the b.30 down to green belt because of the train
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being very late evening for many people. that's a look at the evening travels downtown, downtown, back to you. >> thanks kandace. >> well the storms roll through and left us with a beautiful day to end the work week. straight ahead on the news at 5:30. jessica star will tell us if the sunshine will stick around for the rest of the weekend. >> government cash for clunker program gets rolling. what you need to know about trading you need to know about trading in your gas guzzler >> and the controversial arrest of a ha
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they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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>> government cash for clunker program gets under way today. the program is designed to help the struggling auto stli and help the environment. the program will give consumers up to 4500 dollars for trading in the gas guzzler for a new fuel efficient one. and best part all you have to do is hand over the car. dealership handles all the hassle. >> all they have to do is qualify have a car that qualifies. don't worry about registering or reem burstment. don't have to get a voucher. if your car qualifies you get the 3500 dollar or 4500 dollar
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credit. >>reporter: program runs through november 1st or until the 1 billion dollars in federal funding runs out. for list of the rules and list of dealers in maryland that are p participating, just go to our web site and click on news link. cambridge police and president continue their verbal battle over the arrest of a harvard professor. dr. gates was arrested last week after suspected burglary was reported at his own home. gates is african american. officer who arrested him is white. on wednesday president obama said the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> i think when the time is right they should make an apology to us. i think the president should make an apology to all of law enforcement personnel throughout the entire country who took offense at this. >> i unfortunately fave an impression that i was may lining the cambridge police department or sergeant crowley
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specifically and i could have calibrated those words differently. i told this to sergeant crowley. >>reporter: the president also invited professor gates and sergeant crowley to the white house. that brings us to our question of the day. do you think the president comments on the arrest controversy are appropriate? go to our web site and tell us what you think. response might air tonight on the news at 10:00. lots of sunshine today but have we seen the last of the strong storms? jessica star is here now with the first look at the sky watch forecast. >>reporter: hi karen. it was a very summer like day outside. temperatures were in the mid 80's. but we are dealing with a line of showers and thunderstorms that just recently developed in the heat of the day. zooming in northern baltimore county also seeing the showers and the thunderstorms and line of showers coming from york, york, pennsylvania along i 83 north just move through westminster. these are associated with the heavy reins and downpour rains and heavy strong winds as well as
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some lightning, lightning strike in the last hour so if you are living in northern baltimore county toward cockiesville hunt valley you will see the lines of showers and thunderstorms moving through in the vicinity. no watch or warnings have been issued with that line of showers and storms. once that moves through, things will start to die down and clear out but temperatures that's going to be the main weather story not only overnight tonight but the daytime for saturday. right now 86 degrees across baltimore and dc. 78 degrees in hagerstown where they are dealing with the showers and the storms. get ready for the heat and humidity for tomorrow. overnight tonight we get down to low pressure of 66 degrees and isolated thunderstorms in the vice president but will we see any more storms in the weekend? i have that coming up in just a few minutes. final day of a week long science camp kicks off at the science center. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >>reporter: nearly 40 years after the launch of apollo 11
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dozens launch the self made rocket into the sky on the south side of the harbor today. it's all part of the science girl xher camp program to get girls excited about the field of math, research and science. and some war she says from down under are spending some time in charm city. australia navy vessels h mas sidney and lawrence arrived at the inner harbor around 9:00 o'clock this morning. the stop in baltimore is part of 6 month tour around north america, america, western europe and asian countries. another deadly case of swine flu hits maryland. straight ahead. new projection on how median americans could contract the h1n1 virus. >> and the film that clo
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>> for it person has died from the swine flu in maryland. state department of health and mental hygiene announce the daecht this morning. unlike the other 3 dead, this person didn't have any apparent underlying illness or risk factor. officials say this case is a reminder that everyone must take swine flu seriously. mean time, u.s. health officials are warning that up to 40 percent of americans could contact the h1n1 virus in the next two years. estimate was issued by the cdc
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today and twice the mum of people who usually get sick during a typical flu season. officials are hopeful a successful vaccine is developed and they will be able to lower the projection. 5 new films are letting theaters in our area and there's something for everyone. kandace explains in the low down. hi again. >>reporter: hi karen. right now the box office is filled with hit friendly friends. wizard. dinosaur and robot. now you can add guinea pig to the mix. 3d secret agent guinea pig. it's in theaters this weekend. troop of special forces guinea pig set out to save the world. it's rated p g. for all of you adults out there, you have 2 options in romantic comedy this week. in the ugly truth catherine heigl plays a morning show producer on the
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search for mr. perfect. a tv host played by gerard butler puts his job on the line to try and train her in the ways of romance. ugly truth is rated r. find another good couple in a duo played by these 2 who star in 500 days of summer which critic are affectionately calling this year june o. the film is rated pg-13. moving on to the darker side of our new releases we again with orphan. couple adopted child that turns out to be more trouble than she's worth. orphan is rated r. more suspense check out the film that closed the 2009 maryland film festival the heart locker. from catherine the director of point break the film takes you into the insanely intense world of bomb disposal unit in the middle east. >> too many lock i can't do
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it. >> i can't get it off. i'm sorry, okay. >>reporter: this one considered to be an early oscar contender. catch it exclusively at landmark harbor east. the film is rated r. >> vin diesel and paul walker reunite with the original cast with fourth installment of fast and furious. now the movie coming to blue ray. talk bit on mon. that's the low down. i'm bruce at m and t bank
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>> welcome back to m and t bank stadium. as we mention big time here tonight. 2 of the best soccer teams in the world. the seats are empty now but that won't be the case in a few hours. this place is going to be jam packed for again 2 of the world's best soccer or football teams.
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it's the world football challenge pre-season tournament. games at the rose bowl. foxboro. stanford. atlanta. dallas. and of course here in baltimore. tonight we mark the first sell out in the challenge. 71,000 will jam this stadium and that's a fact that is not lost on participants themselves. >> it is fantastic to fill the stadium because there are a lot of them that came to see the match and we want to do the best and enjoy the time in usa. >>reporter: chelsea and ac milan the ball drops right around 8:00 o'clock here at mnt bank stadium. news from the ravens. they have signed a receiver. vince will tell you all about it tonight on sports unlimited as well as having highlights from ac milan and chelsea. that's the story from downtown back to you in the studio.
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thanks bruce. can you believe we are coming up on the last weekend of july. what is in store weather wise. jessica star is back now with the rest of the sky watch forecast. hi jess. >> hi karen. definitely going to feel very summer like outside. throughout the weekend. hot humid conditions and currently dealing with scattered thunderstorms in the vicinity so let's go ahead and show you right on sky watch hd radar northern baltimore county dealing with line of showers and storms stemming from maryland all the way through pennsylvania along i 83. heavy rain showers associated with it and strong winds and lightning. regional temperatures right now 86 degrees here in baltimore but look at harris burg. 68 degrees. that's where they deal with showers and storms allowing for temperatures to drop down into the upper 60's. 80 degrees currently in pittsburgh. so the beach cast forecast heading over to ocean city this weekend looking pretty nice. it would be hot and hazy in the mid 80's and mix of sun and clouds for the daytime and tomorrow for saturday very nice weekend in store for the eastern shore
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but for tomorrow for baltimore we are going to be dealing with heat and humidity for tomorrow high pressure of 92 degrees and we could see heat index close to 100 for tomorrow. so definitely take it easy if you have out door plans and 7 day forecast is looking very unceltsed like with scattered storms in the vicinity and temperatures in the upper 80's. tomorrow a dry day. high pressure of 92 degrees. 89 degrees on sunday but good chance for afternoon thunderstorms both sunday and monday. all the days not a wash but chance for thunderstorms to pop up in the heat of the day pretty much all next week and in our forecast. that's look at the 7 day forecast now back to you. >> and you can be in charge of >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast


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