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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 23, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> tough decisions when it is time. >> baltimore's budget deficit. how city workers will pay the price. >> the skate board confrontation what the mother of the boy plans to do next. >> the autumn heat is around how high the temperatures will go and how long before we get wetter weather. >> niejel's predictions for season 6 of, so you think you can dance.
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>> what does it mean? means we have to tighten up. baltimore's budgets bust. what jobs will be cuts. whol be furloughs how it will effect residents. >> one of those obvious things that you cut. when you are trying to save money. >> also tonight questions surrounding city worker travel expenses. >> hello i'm jeff barns i'm jennifer gillbert another round of budget cuts including furloughs and layoffs. we have the latest with john. >> reporter: this call fors the layoff of 27 people including a top fire commander and others furloughed between now and spring it is an effort to reduce the deficit of 60 million
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dollars. >> furloughs a tool for reducing cost during difficult budget times joochl booklet more's finance director delivers the grim news. 27 city employees are being laid off the latest casualities of the budget crisis. other work ares will are furloughed. those earning less than 50 thousand dollars must take 5 days off without pay. those who make between 50 and 100,000 have to take 8 furlough days. those earning more than 100 thousand must take 10 furlough days. if we don't do furloughs 4 huh people could be laid off. >> reporter: mrofshs and firefighters are exempt from the furlough plan. >> any furlough plan would result in fewer police officers and firefighters on the streets and paramedics that compromised public safety. police and fierments face cuts resulting in less over time for officers.
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union leaders say they can live with that. as long as public safety is not compromised. >> if we were to accept furloughs, we would sigh a further reduction of 3-4 more police cars a day in each of the 9 districts. >> mayor dixon says the financial problems are not over. revenue ares down and she says the city may have to absorb a cut in state aid. john, fox 45 at 5:30. >> first on fox city leaders trying to close the defy sichlt city leaders continue to travel on your dime. crime reporter joins us for the story >> reporter: the board made cuts today but it approved more than 12 thousand dollars in city travel. 1500 dollars was approved for a health department trip to atlanta. 2100 dollars for the department of transportation 2 attend a 3
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day conference in allen town, pennsylvania. kworp00 dollars for 4 public work employees to tramp to orlando, florida. city councilmember clark wants all cities funded travel to cease. >> i'm not saying it is not worthy it is not worth 12 thousand dollars. >> on fox 45 news at 10 why a city employee travelled to san diego and stayeded at the 4 seasons resort. fox 45 news at 5:30. >> joy that bring us us to the question of the day should there be a ban on out of town travel expenses for city employees. tell us what you think. >> baltimore police shot a man. the weapon was a spatula on the 2400 block in northeast baltimore much the man called 911 to say he wanted die but
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didn't know how the man approached them in a parking lot with what appeared to be a weapon. >> approached officers with a knife like object. they warned him to stop. he did not stop. officers fired shots. later it was discovered it was a kitchen spatula. >> the man is in critical condition. 2 officers are on administrative leave. >> a police charged a 50 year woman with kidnapping a 4 year old boy the boy was waiting fay bus when leslie picked him up and walked away where him. child demanded to be released she did and she fled the area. >> the moth was close to the child. child did the right thing by yelling to the woman to put him down. >> police found her at her house following a tip. a possible hate crime.
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earlier this morning a family found what appears to be a swatch caon their home an african-american family lived there. >> yesterday we told you about the case of the baltimore police officer who became a u-tube sensation his confrontation with a skate boarder lead to a lawsuit that was thrown out tonight the mother of the skate boarder says she is not giving up. >> reporter: jen fers the skate boardir's was 14 at the time. they were at thein are harbor with a video camera to record skate boarding stunts. teenagers caught more than that on tape when bush was confronted by a city police officer. >> obviously, your parents don't put a foot in your butt you don't understand the meaning of respect. >> the incident happened in
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july 07. it is illegal to skate board at the harbor. the video shows the officer putting bush in a head lock and pushing him to the ground and scolding bush for calling him, dude. >> the family filed a lawsuit against the officer. a judge through it out last week. tonight the mother says the court fight is not over. >> i cannot believe that someone, a cop especially can attack a minor like that and everybody is like, oh , he did nothing wrong. you know let's move on with our day. you don't do that. you don't do that. if i -- my work or you if we -- you know did that we would be fired on the spot. >> the case was set to go to trial october first. again a judge through it out because the family failed to notify the city of intent to sue
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within the required number of days under maryland law. bush's mother says they will appeal. of course, we will have more tonight at 10. for now. live at thein are harbor. keith daniels. fox 45 news at 5:30. >> a corn filed a multimillion dollars lawsuit against the film make ares of a hidden camera video exposing the group in baltimore. video shows 2 a corn employees giving illegal tax advise they got the video illegal it requires 2 party consent to record audio. >> the family of a baltimore county boy burned by sulphuric acid settles. he was 2 in 07 when he was burned after teens put the acid down a fly in the middle river.
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the original lawsuit was for 6 million dollars. no word how much the family received. >> how are the roads looking? lauren cook has our traffic. >> we are dealing with several accident taking a look at the northeast corridor of 95. 64 miles per hour. it reduced to 52 on 83 in baltimore county. a slow 44 on the jfx. west it doesn't get better. 47 on the beltway. we're up to 59 on the south side of 95 in howard county. we are dealing with a serious crash in wood lawn it will be on crosby road at north rolling you want to watch out 4. west side looking at liberty road you see cars are cruising fine. you may be dealing with volume on the outer loop lanes. over to the top side of the beltway a heavy ride from townsend to park we are dealing with an accident in perry hall involving a pedestrian at beller
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and dun field road. if you are using the northeast of 95 it will be a heavy ride traveling northbound. we are dealing with the effects of the massive water main break in dun dock. highway close indeed both directions at avon avenue. jeff and jennifer, back to you. >> thank you, lauren. maryland gets the go ahead for slots. where will they are placed and how many will be placed there? that is next. >> don't you think you can dance heats up the kind of dancer nigel thinks will be in the top 20. >> i'm jeff, you seen the damage here are the realities all these water main breaks are becoming a reel drain. breaking news out of dun dock a massive water main break. >> live on the scene. >> as see behind me it is
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>> last week water main break is drewing new concern about the
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state baltimore's infrastructure there is a call for help in washington. jeff is here with the story. >> there have been 5,000 water main break necessary the past 4 years and the city's infrastructure is more than a century old. today as crews repaired the water main break in dun dock law make ares scramble to find a solution. carden is calling on washington to pump 35 billion dollars into repairing the country's structure. in baltimore it is too old to maintain. >> maintenance is one thing where you go in and do serious cleaning and lining and replace ams and valve replacements and so forth the money we have allows us to do a small amount a year. what we are doing is chasing down all these water main breaks that is a problem. >> the city estimates it will take more than 2 billion dollars to repair all the crumbling
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pipes. the city could be friday before they know what caused that break. jeff able, fox 45 news. >> jeff. police stations are warned to be ready for a potential terror attack. officials with the fbi and department of home land security say stadiums. airports and hotels could be volnerable. be on the look out for back pack, car bombs and other explosives. maryland gets millions to fight terror. home land security chief was downtown today to announce 380 million dollars in grant money that cash come from the federal stimulus package. 150 million dollars will go towards port security. >> it is designed to help protect critical port infrastructure. to combat improvise explosives and wmd threats and assist with the implementation of the
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transportation worker identification credential. >> 16 million dollars will be used to build new fire stagsz or upgrade existing once. 72 million dollars goes to tunnels and bridges. >> a long time coming a license for slot machines in maryland has finally won approval. a state commission aproved the first license for slots at the ocean downs race track near ocean city the owner says 800 machines could be ready to go by memorial day of next year. the >> it is feeling like summer today. the meteorologist joins us with the forecast. >> jennifer, looking at a fabulous day today. a few sun and clouds. there are a few splifrngels but none of them around baltimore still over the board ner pennsylvania as we scan the skies. there is a chance to get a pop up shower into the evening hours. now looking at dry conditions it is a 30 percent chance of rain over night. showers on the eastern shore and
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back up toward harisburg and maryland. it will be hard pressed to get the rain here we may get some later tonight west of cumberland move to garret. there is moisture there at this time. we see the picture here some of the showers over pennsylvania are heavier. concentrated for us it looks good. as far as the temperatures are concerned it is feeling good. 84 in dc. 85 downtown baltimore. 83 in dover. 80 -- night temperatures as you go south 88 in fredericksberg. warm air with the winds the winds continues to bring the warm flow from 5 thf 10 miles per hour winld. that has been the nice change that we have seen for the last day here. we will hold on to the 80's one more day then the cool down will arrive inside night. here is what did looks like for
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the forecast tonight down to 76 with a chance for a shower through the over night wind out of the south at 5. i will have a look at the next few days and how long the warm air will stick around and the weekend in a bit. >> next in our health chekt results of a survey that may end the concern that certain vaccines cause autism. >> and season 6 of of,
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>> in health check the fda bans flavored cigarettes canned and he fruit flavors are out lawed after a law pass indeed june regulating the tobacco. flavored cigarettes are a young person's gateway to smoking the autism statistic dispel connections with a vaccination. muchls, meezels and rubella vaccines caused autism rates would have sored but the autism rate in children remains the same as adults. >> pointed toes. twirls. jumps and slip and fall. nigel has seen it on at so you think you can dance stage. he is an executive producer of
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the show. there is a lot of talent in the dancers this season. he has predictions about who will make it to the finals. >> we will have one if not 2 tap dancers in our top 20. if we do that then that really ties everything together. we basically had every form of of dance in the top 20. >> so you think you can dance arias tonight at 8 on fox ♪
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it's all part of why the jetta is the top-selling german engineered sedan in america. >> welcome back i'm bruce, occupying the number one support most of the power rankings the ravens went back to work this sunday they put it against the line against a team that some are calling the worst in the nfl the browns 0 and 2 scoring 13
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points in 2 games the ravens are favored around 13 points. points to a blow out the ravens are not looking at that they see a divisional o poenent. >> division game is a loss under division opponent you play for the division championship. cleveland we know what type of team they are. >> any time you play division it is tough they are coming in ready to play. we have to come out ready early on in the game and give us give them our game. >> we don't take them lightly they are a team in our division i guarantee you they are getting up for us it is a divisional game it means more than just one game. you know we will not take cleveland lightly like we don't any other team. >> browns may be without their weapon louis did not practice
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today it ask a tham string problem on the official injury list louis is listed as doubtful. former raven is need third degree sunday. ravens are giving up average of 41 yard on the ground. we will have for on sunday's raven's browns game the jays and toronto and mark one-on-one as well coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited joochlt thanks. beautiful day. >> gorgeous. what is in store for the weekend? >> how about the temperatures? feeling good in the mid 80's and upper 80's. looking at some clouds out there and a mix of sunshine. looks like that is the case throughout the day. partly cloudy. 83. wind out of the south at 8. that is the factor keeping us warm. humidity level 68. as far as chances for rain there have been pop ups here and there on the eastern shore organization city there were
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showers this morning. and central foergz portions we got break necessary the clouds. harisburg and yoshg rain up there. toet west rain in west maryland. still about a 30 percent chance later. as far as the temperatures are concerned looking at 81 in salisbury and 81 in dover. 88 haggars town. we will continue to hold on to the warmth tomorrow. we have a chance for showers as a frontal boundary come baltimore. you could use the sun glasses, looks like a decent forecast. 20 percent chance for a shower. looking at dropping our temperatures 72 for friday. sun looking at a cool 68 with a
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mix of sun and clouds. 30 percent chance of sun and showers. a 40 percent chance if you go to a raven's game you may run into rain. 71 with a 40 percent chance of rain out there if you go to the raven's game. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company]


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