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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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special guest, sunday morning at 11:30. right before fox nfl sunday pregame show at noon. playbook sunday morning, starting at 11:30. good luck sunday. >> thanks. >> good to be with you. mark clayton. that does it for this edition of "sports unlimited". stay tune for the "late edition" with jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd and it starts right now. >> if we do not do the furloughs. >> big cuts in the city budget. what the mayor said the alternative would be. >> it is not worth $12,000 while people are facing layoffs. >> traveling expenses during tough economic times. why some say that is the thing that should be cut from the city budget. >> and investigating a possible hate crime. the place where it happened. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert.
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>> and i am jeff barnd. it is now official city leaders have approved another round of budget cuts. >> 27 employees laid off and thousands of others will be furloughed. city workers forced to take between 5 and 10 days off, without pay, depending on the salaries. and it is the city's latest move to remove a deficit. >> if we do not do the furloughs, it could mean up to 400 people being laid off. the city government. 400. >> five of the furlough days will coincide with city holidays. the first one takes place on friday october 9. . >> first on fox, in addition to those cuts, city leaders also approved more than $12,000 in city travel expenditures. $1500 approved for a health department trip to atlanta. $2100 for the d.o.t. to attend a conference in allentown pennsylvania. and more than $8400 for public works employees to travel to orlando florida. >> i am not saying that it is
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not a worthy cause. i am saying that it is not worth $12,000 while people are facing layoffs. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. should there be a ban on out on of town travel expenses for city employees? not even close here. 100 percent of you all say yes. joseph from glen burnie writes, when they start to have meetings at disney world and 5 star resorts, it makes you wonder. to read more of the responses, go to and click on question of the day. >> well, last week's watermain break in dundalk is raising new concern about the state of baltimore's infrastructure. the city said there have been 5000 watermain breaks in the last four years, baltimore is not alone. this week u.s. senator cardin called on washington to pump $35 billion into repairing the country's infrastructure. >> a possible hate crime in anne arundel county. this morning a family found what appears to be a swastica spray paint order their home. in the 100 block of chesapeake court in hanover.
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african american family lives here. and tonight they cannot rule out they were the targets maybe because of race. >> i hope it wasn't targeted. i hope it was just somebody that just playing around. but either way, it is very disturbing. >> and so far, police have yet to call it a hate crime. >> baltimore police shoot a man they came came at them with a weapon. and the weapon was a spatula. happened at 6:00 this morning in the 2400 block of bridge hampden drive. man called 911 to say he wanted to die and did not know how. police say the man approached them with what appeared to be a weapon. they asked him to stop. he didn't. and they fired. the man is at sinai in critical condition. the two officers involved are on administrative leave. both of them have been on the force for less than two years. >> a lawsuit triggered by unforgettable video is tossed out of court. >> obviously your parents do not put a foot in your butt enough. because you do not understand the meaning of respect.
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>> 2-year-old video shows teenager confronted by a officer for illegally skating down at the inner harbour. his mother filed a civil suit against the officer, but the judge threw out the case one week before the trial was set to start. >> i cannot let this stop. for eric's, you know, just insane that people let people get away with this. >> miller has 30 days to appeal. >> acorn has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the filmmakers of a hidden camera video exposing the group in baltimore. shows two acorn employees giving illegal tax advice. the filmmakers got the film illegally because there was two party consent for the video. it was one of five that surfaced from acorn offices around the country. >> democratic candidate for mayor drops out of the race, suddenly. many questions recently have been raised regarding zenia
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pierre's residency, indicate her home in prince george's home is in foreclosure and there are some liens against business. tonight she held a news conference to make the announcement. >> so i regret that i will respectfully step-down. and out of the race. and will now back my party. and put this distraction behind it. >> the democratic party meets this week to select a new mom knee. >> crazy humidity today. warm but, you know, that's fine. >> yeah, still taste of summer even though it is fall. what can we expect tomorrow? here is chief meteorologist vytas reid. >> feels like a summer night because we have some showers, and even thunderstorms out there right now. in fact, on hd radar right now. following a line of storms, making the way through carroll county. over to baltimore county. folks up in cockeysville. north. getting rain. reisterstown it is coming down. eldersburg, and sykesville saw showers. and zooming around. showers north of cockeysville.
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up 83. coming down good up there. and it looks like we will see that come down around shrewsbury as well in pennsylvania. lightning is associated with the activity. 529 strikes hd lightning count here. so you can see there is activity with the line that will continue to move through. we have a little instability out there. nothing severe. but it looks like we will continue to see that shower activity push through. temperatures right now, 77 degrees. still on the warm side. 77 in d.c.. and then it looks like the temperatures will drop to around 71 through the overnight for tomorrow morning. a little mixture of sun and clouds. kind of have a repeat of today. slight chance of a shower in the afternoon. but it looks like a good start for the day. and nice weekend ahead. i will show you more about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> all right, vytas, thank you. >> maryland officials want tougher boating laws enacted. death in the state have reached seven year high. department of natural resources wants measures requiring older children to wear life jackets
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and placing age restriction on certifying uncertified boaters. >> long time coming but license for slots in maryland has finally won approval. state commission has approved the first license for slots at the ocean downs race track near ocean city. >> the track's owner said 800 machines could be ready to go by memorial day next year. >> more troubles tonight for first mariner bank. foreclosure process has started on the 1st mariner tower at canton crossing. these days after first mariner bank received a expose desist order from the feds. ed hail chairman of first mariner said he is considering several alternatives including trying to sell the building that opened three-years ago. >> now despite the bad economic times maryland remains the richest state in the land. according to u.s. census figures, median household figure for 2008 here in the state was $70,545. typically, the state also has one of the nation's highest poverty rates.
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>> all i remember is hitting the floor. blacking out. >> there is no bargaining for beauty. why cheap beauty treatments could turn deadly. >> two major banks are changing their overdraft fee policies. their attempt to save you money. still ahead. >> warnings from a u.s. commander in afghanistan. why it could mean a change in military strategy. that's wasting money.
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. >> police nationwide are warned to be ready for a possible terrorist attack. officials with the fbi and department of homeland security. say stadiums, entertainment venues, airports and hotels could be vulnerable. police have been told to be on the look out for backpack bombs, car bombs, and other explosives. meanwhile maryland gets millions of dollars to fight terrorist. homeland secretary janet napolitano was downtown to announce $380 million in grants. the money comes from the federal stimulus plan. $150 million goes toward port security. >> critical port, infrastructure, to combat embo advice explosive devices and mwd threats. and assist with implementation of the transportation worker identification credential.
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>> $166 million to build new fire stations or upgrade existing stations. $72 million toward improving tunnels and bridges. >> a full scale debate is underway about troop levels and war strategy in the war in afghanistan. after the top u.s. commander on the ground warned of potential defeat. craig boswell reports from washington d.c. >> the pentagon confirms the secretary of defense will receive a troop request in afghanistan by the end of the week. >> he wants to make sure that the president, and himself, frankly, are very comfortable with it before they send thousands more young men and women off to battle. >> the request is from general stanley mcchrystal. top u.s. and nato commander on on the ground in afghanistan. mcchrystal has warned the war could be lost without more forces. white house said the president is first considering a possible change in war strategy. and that comes before any troop can considerations. >> i am not going to rule out or in any number of things, except to say that the president wants
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a fully valuation, and assessment. >> right now there are about 62,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. last month was the deadliest month for american forces and the election held in august remains in dispute. g.o.p. leaders calling for a decision on troop levels to be made quickly. >> i do believe there is a lot of danger in the delay. >> first, with insufficient troops in the field. we put the troops that we do have there, at greater risk. >> many republicans are calling on general mcchrystal and general david patreous, commander in the u.s. and central asia to testify on capitol hill about the recommendations. in washington, craig boswell, fox news >> what is so sad, that we're not in flood plains, so no one had flood insurance. >> people from georgia, tennessee, and alabama, return to what's left of their homes. officials say when they do they should assume the flood waters
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there are contaminated. in the state of georgia officials estimate $250 million in damage. at least, eight people have died here. in the flooding. >> just told it would be all right. and i loved him. and we would make it. >> craig and bridget crawford comfort each other after losing their 2-year-old son. this is all that is left after the waters over took their home. but that's the least of their concern. floods come after two year drought but no one wanted this much rain this quickly. >> airline passengers are taking concerns to washington asking lawmakers to do something to protect them. just last month pilots had to land a continental express flight in minnesota. then, more than six hours went by with no food, water or fresh air. the watchdog group, said three is the magic number. maximum number of hours any
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passenger should be forced sit on a plane. >> well, some rain clouds are coming this way. >> check back with vytas reid. chief meteorologist with a look at the sky watch forecast. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff. looking at showers making the way through parts of baltimore county right now. and starting to make it in northwest harford county. nice heavy shower in reisterstown. oakland had heavy rain a moment ago. owings mills coming down good there. and flashes of lightning. more of the lightning contained to the north central portion of the baltimore county, north on 83, you run into heavy rain and then also lightning and then crossing the county line there into northwestern harford county. toward jarretsville, coming down. you will get lightning strikes as well. but garden variety. nothing severe. but continue to see that rain pick up in pace. now you can see the lightning pushing the way across the central portion of the state. continue to see that move along the frontal boundary. as it continues to move through over the next couple of hours
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here. but it looks like the heaviest is up there just in northern portions of baltimore county. when you cross into peninsula. up in lancaster, looking at heavy rain as well. this continues to move through parts of southern, southeastern pennsylvania. and then behind it, still a little remaining light showers, but it looks like this is the main line as we go through the next couple of hours. as far as what's going on downtown right now. no rain downtown in inner harbour. just mostly cloudy skies. temperatures on the mild note. at 74 degrees. our winds out of the south-southwest at six. humidity levels at 91 percent. and as the moisture moves in. high today was 84. we start out at a low of 66. beautiful day. no precipitation to talk about through the afternoon. took all day for it to gather up and make the way through the area tonight. but none the less we are getting rain. looking at 77 in baltimore. 73 in harrisburg. 70 pittsburg. slightly cooler air moving behind a front that moves through the area. and as it moves through, firing up the scattered showers and thunderstorms from pennsylvania through maryland. and then behind that, just clouds.
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but we still have a slight chance for maybe a stray shower following that. through the mid-morning, afternoon tomorrow. but only 20 percent chance. so i think it should shape up to be a pretty decent day through the afternoon. and friday, we start to clear out. and then saturday looks like a beautiful day. sunday slight chance for rain moving in on the back edge of the system. that will move through. once again closer look at the system as it moves in from the west. and continue to see those showers moving into the the baltimore area. for the five-day forecast. 83 degrees tomorrow. with a 20 percent chance for estray shower. mid-morning and a plenty of sunshine on friday. 72 degrees. saturday looks at 68. with 30 percent chance for a late shower. i think this will be a evening shower saturday night. leading us into sunday. 71 degrees with a 40 percent chance for showers. and then monday looking at a high of 73. back to you. >> a warning tonight about cheap beauty treatments. definitely not worth the risk. two women in tampa florida thought silicone injections would be a good way to fight the aging process, went through a
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friend and got really cheap silicone, ended up getting really sick. doctors have a warning, leave it to the medical professionals. >> if you want the best result it will cost you more. but probably less in the long run, because you will get good results. >> both women paid less than $500 for the treatment. now their doctor and hospital bills total over $200,000 each. and guess what, they don't have health insurance. >> well two big banks are changing policies regarding overdraft fees. bank of america said starting on october 19, it will not charge an overdraft fee if an account goes less than $10 in the red. and bank will limit of number of overdraft charges per day to four instead of 10. j.p. morgan chase will not charge you until you are 6 or more in the red. and limit the fees to three instead of six. >> the ravens play the first
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divisional match up sunday.
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. >> terrifying video shows a child narrowly escaping being crushed buy out of control car. get this. the store security camera in washington state captured a toyota slamming into a market and coming to rest in a parking pole. luckily police say that parking pole prevented the child from being hurt. >> sydney, australia looked apop lip tick after a dust storm turned the city orange. >> the color was amazing. >> you could barely see the harbor bridge and opera house. dust triggered fire alarms across the city and nearly closed the sidney airport. experts say it was australia worst dust storm in 70 years.
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>> atlanta reporter covering flooding almost became part of the story when a garage exploded while interviewing a flood victim with his cell phone camera. >> the blast blew the garage door off and hurled it almost 30 feet. amazingly no one hurt. the reporter called 911 and firefighters were able to prevent that fire from spreading. >> patrice harris fox 45 news "late edition". . >> occupying the number one spot in most of the power rankings, ravens back at it today. sunday they put the ranking online against the team some call the worst in the nfl. browns. they come in 0-2. having scored 13 points in the games. and ravens favored, by 13 points. all signs point to a blow out. ravens only see a divisional opponent. >> division games are critical. and they count for a game plus,
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because it gives you a tie-breaker advantage in your division, puts a loss on the divisional opponent. and you play for a divisional championship. and in cleveland we know the talent they have. the team they are. and we know what is at stake for them. >> any time you have a divisional opponent it is a tough game. ready to play. and we have to be ready early on in the game. and give it all we have. >> we do not take them lightly. they are a team in our division. i guarantee you they are getting up for us. because it is a divisional game that means you know, more than one game. so we're not going to take cleveland lightly. like we do not take any team lightly. >> meanwhile the browns may be without one of the more potent offensive weapons. jamal lewis did not practice. hamstring problem. on the official injury list coming out today. he is officially listed as doubtful. the former raven is sorely needed sunday. ravens giving up an average of only 41 yards on the ground. plus be a reunion for some of
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jamal's former teammates. >> we know jamal from when he was here obviously. and thing about jamal is he brings it every play. and he gets amp'd up against us and it is fine because you are out there talking trash. but at the same time you have a lot of respect for the guy. you know what kind of person he is. and the kind of teammate he is. >> and the newest raven was on the practice field today. tight end tony curtis signed yesterday. after the ravens sent burgess to new england. he spent the last two seasons in dallas before joining the eagles. and versatile player and john harbaugh has big plans for the big guy. >> tony fits into the tight end mix and compete for reps with lj and todd and edgar. and tony played special teams pretty well over the years. especially as a blocker and also in coverage. we want to make sure that we have enough personnel in certain positions to make sure we can get through the long haul and create a good game. >> kickoff set for 1:00 sunday
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at m&t bank stadium. back to you. >> crowd gathers in mexico feel the love.
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>> thousands feast their eyes on a rarity on the yucatan peninsula. >> equinox in mexico drew crowds. the earth is parallel with the sun twice a year, once in the fall and in the spring. sunlight causes seven triangles to form a serpent shaped shadow. down the pyramid main stairway, and meets a stolen snakehead carved at the bottom. >> wow! . >> that's creative. anyway. seven-day forecast. 83 tomorrow. on the warm side of things. slight chance for a little pop-up shower. more sunshine friday. cooler temperatures. at 72 degrees. 68 on saturday.
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so another cool day. and then the game on sunday, with ravens, a chance for a shower. looking at about 40 percent chance at 71 degrees. and then it looks like things clear up into early parts of next week. the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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