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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 25, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> harris a brave map and he fought back. >> baltimore city police officer shot outside his home. tonight the surprising age of the people charged with the crime. baltimore city teen. sick from swine flu. what is being done to keep other children safe. >> ready for the weekend? but you might be able to get in some activity tomorrow. will the showers arrive in the sky watch forecast. and how resident of dunn dock coping one week to the day after the massive water mane break. hello.
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>> 2, 16-year-old now charged with the shooting of an off duty police officer in northwest baltimore. tonight officer aaron harris remains at the hospital recovering from 3 gunshot wounds. >> kathleen live from outside police headquarters with the latest development in the case tonight. kathleen? >>reporter: jeff, police say that the motive for this shooting was robbery and the 2 teenagers who were arrested were already very familiar with the juvenile justice system. wilson was arrested at his home. craig till was arrested when he showed up at sinai hospital with gunshot wound to the leg. police say officer aaron harris was on his porch when he was confronted by the armed robbers. it led to the exchange of 51 fire. although there have been similar accidents involving off duty officers being attacked, attacked, police say harris was not targeted. >> i absolutely don't think
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that they knew he was a cop. again, just common sense from a cop's perspective. here's 2 2, 16-year-old armed with a cheap.22 caliber revolver going against a full grown man armed with a 40 caliber glock semi-automatic 0? the odds don't favor you very much in that. >>reporter: the 2 teenagers are in police custody tonight. once again they are charged with attempted murder. men while officer harris remains at sinai hospital listed in serious but stable condition tonight. live in downtown bal baltimore, fox free for all friday news at 5:30. off duty baltimore county police officer is killed in a traffic accident. happened in the 3500 block of black rock road and rice town around 1:40 yesterday afternoon. police say 32-year-old jason simon was on his way to work when he suddenly lost control of the pick up. his truck then struck a guard rail.
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>> this is a double loss in the sense that he is lieutenant howl died in the line of duty last august. >>reporter: officer howl died of a stroke after returning from a murder-suicide scene. time on his was 7 year veteran on the police force. deadly stabbing this morning in northeast baltimore happened on sinclair lane and north chester street at 1:15. police found a woman stabbed several times. she died later on at hopkins hospital. confirmed case of swine flu in baltimore city public schools. this one sends a girl to the hospital. the 13-year-old is a student at montebello elementary junior academy. her school is closed today but it was for a pre-scheduled teacher professional day. officials say the school will be thoroughly cleaned. >> meanwhile health officials are preparing a plan to offer the swine flu vaccine to all students in city schools. the city is still hoping to receive the first batch of h1n1 vaccine next month. but
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today at polly high school residents of all ages received the seasonal flu vaccine. health officials say swine flu is usually no more dangerousp the seasonal flu. >> obviously some people are hospitalized but right now thankfully what we have been seeing is relatively mild sometimes moderate disease but it is not the disease we have all been fearing. >>reporter: if you would like more information about where to get a free flu shot in baltimore city, go to our web site and click on news link. >> one week ago today a torrent of water suddenly struck dunn dock. a 6 foot water main pipe broke sending thousands of gallons of water into neighborhood, streets then turned into refers. water flooded about 100 homes. parts of the highway looked like a war zone. miranda live in dunn dog with how the neighborhood is coping one week later. meranda? >>reporter: well, things are getting back to normal for
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folks here in dunn dog one week after the massive water mane break but you can see signs from the damage of the streets covered in mud to rest dent like these here are still cleaning up outside of their homes. the cleanup is still going on inside homes. nick is one of those resident still getting hired help like many his basement was flooded from the break. he lost power. and is still without hot water to this day. but he says he was lucky to have insurance coverage and he says he is thanking the county actually for how they have handled the situation. >> i used to pay taxes and not receiving benefits. we received, i think, very good service. >>reporter: and the county is still reporting that 8 people are without power to this day but they say they are doing everything they can to try to help people get back to normal. we are leave in dunn dog fox 45 news at 5:30.
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1 day recovery service center will be open tomorrow to help resident dealing with the aftermath. take place from 10 to 4 at the water edge community center. state county officials will answer questions especially those questions concerning insurance questions concerning insurance coverage >> baltimore city liquor board continues its pursuit to shut down the clubs. resident in the mount vernon neighborhood want bottle clubs leak the sweet ultra lounge to register with the city and apply for liquor licenses. they say it's the only way to cut down on the crime the clubs create in their neighborhood. >> there are times when there's 2, 3, 400 kids just congregating in the area just being disruptive. on nights when not an event at sweets mount vernon is a wonderful place to be. >>reporter: at a hearing last night the liquor board decided to extend the public comment period until october 10. by then the board hopes to have more insight from the attorney general on how to move
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forward. and girl missing in baltimore county is safe and back with her family tonight. 14-year-old monica disappeared from her home in towns end earlier this week. some employee might be in trouble with their boss because they wanted to see the boss. >> unless the boss like the boss. tickets for bruce at first mariner arena went on 10:00 o'clock am sharp this morning. many people slept on the sidewalk. some as easterly as monday. coffee donuts the key to surviving this but even those who use the vacation time to be here say it is well worth the wait. >> we are all crazy for things we do but when you are sitting there with a beer and enjoying a show, 2 or 3 hour show you forget about the week you wasted. >>reporter: the november 20th concert will be the first time bruce performs in baltimore since 1973 when richard nixon was in the white house. if
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you have a story to tell us up load picture video and written stories by going to fox your take and send photo directly from your cell phone to pick. >> i'm so shocked you were not out there. >> i was busy here. i was there in absent a. >> good answer. >> we end the work week by saying goodbye to those summer like temperatures. >> still ahead at 5:30. tony tells us all about the cool down coming our way this weekend. innocent song or brain washing. coming up why some parents are up in arms about what their kids are singing in school. >> i'm jeff. high court delivers a decision on the first amendment and it is drawing fire.i'll take you drawing fire.i'll take you inside the debate in a >> breaking news net out of dunn dog massive water main break. break. >> we were
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>> members of a kansas church are declaring victory tonight after high court over turns a 5 medical dollar judgment against them. the church members had protested outside the funeral of a westminster marine. jeff is here now with the latest. >>reporter: protesttors had predicted the case would be overturned. now a federal appeals court has proven it. it was three years ago when members of an anti-gay church from kansas protested outside the westminster funeral of lance corporal matthew snyder. year later snyder father took the church to court alleging the protestors violated his right to privacy. at the time a jury awarded him a multi-million dollar judgment. now a federal appeals court has reversed that decision saying the protestors had the right to free speech. today snyder attorney says he's disappointed and troubled by the decision. >> first amendment also allows people to worship in their chosen religion and mr. snyder chosen religion was the catholic church and that is what they were disturbing. so
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the defendant felt their rights trumped mr. snyder right. didn't even mention mr mr. snyder right in the opinion. >>reporter: snyder attorney is promising to appeal the decision all the way to the u.s. supreme court. jeff beings fox 45 news at 5:30. lots of sun today but some rain on the way. >> that's what we are hearing. tony is here now with the first look at the sky watch forecast. hi tony. >>reporter: hi there. you are right. look at h p radar right now. we do have some rain out to our west. we'll stay rain free so it is not like it is right on our door step by any means. it takes a little while but when it gets here we should have a little bit of a soaking. coming more tonight than tomorrow afternoon and morning. current temperatures right now still nice and warm. 72 down in the district. 73 in baltimore. cool out in oakland where it is 57 degrees. winds right now 7 miles per hour. 8 in baltimore but tomorrow they will be breezy kicking up as the storm system rolls through
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and that's when we are seeing rain. 56 degrees for our overnight low. still rain free but the winds connecting up to 15 miles per hour. here's what it looks like. tomorrow morning maybe even peek of sunshine throughout the morning then the clouds thicken by lunch time and then it looks like some rain comes in. will the ravens game be rain free? full 7 day forecast coming up in just a bit. 2 alleged bomb plot and 2 u.s. city and now 2 men under arrest in dallas. police arrested the 19-year-old jordan tried to detonate a car bomb at dallas sky scraper. men time in the state of illinois a 29-year-old convert to islam is accused of trying to setoff a car bomb. police say michael fenton aka islam had plans to detonate the bomb outside the federal courthouse in springfield, illinois notice. the fbi says at this point there's no evidence these cases are connected. surprising announcement just before the g-20 summit meeting in pittsburgh today
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had and little to do with economic. iran released a new nuclear facility and is to generate electricity and u.s. believes its to build nuclear weapon. >> this site deep ena growing concern that iran is refusing to live up to the international responsibilitie responsibilities. including specifically revealing all nuclear related activities. >>reporter: iran also said it wanted to buy enriched uranium for medical purposes. >> song caused controversy across the u.s. and principal at new jersey elementary school said she would do it school said she would do it all this song posted on you tube recently praises president obama. the school principal told parents the song was part of a lesson during black history month and says she had had the students sing the song again if she could. new
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jersey educational commissioner ordered review so students can celebrate black history month without partisan politic in the classroom. >> that's our question of the day. did a new jersey teacher step over the line by having students sing that song to pro obama song you just heard. go to our web site and tell us what you think. response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. so you think you can dance alumni. still managing to stay busy in the spotlight. we'll tell you where you can catch her coming up in the low down.
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or choose 0% apr plus $500 purchase bonus cash on any silverado. >> is matt damon creepy mustache kept you out of the theaters last week don't let bruce willis fake hair ruin your movie going plans this time around. we have more in the low down. >>reporter: if sci-fi films taught us one thing it's that robot are not to be trusted. >> robotic surrogate combine the durability to achieve with a great and beauty of the human form. >>reporter: abandon the new film surrogate say future human race takes a chance with them. they live in isolation only in surrogate robot but when the blue screen of death start popping up murder investigation begins and bruce
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steps into the cop uniform for this one attempting to solve the case. >> a lot of wire work. flying around. one of my favorite shots i get impacted by a car. very startling. >>reporter: surrogate rated about. g 13. not likely to be a lot of singing dancing from bruce willis but that's not the case with fame. remake of the 1980's musical about a new york performing art school. >> i hope you let go of the comparison and enjoy this for what it is in the rebirth and the retelling. >>reporter: lock for so you think you can dance runner-up. fame is rated p g. and the new thriller pan door a takes you to new high. crew of space ship wakes up missing some key memory and only goes downhill from there. this is rated r. that's the low down. former nfl great michael
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has new job right here on the fox net york. show brother debut tonight. michael plays athlete that moves back to his parent's house. his attention to detail helps him go from the grid iron to the small screen quickly. >> the plays had he to learn the plays from play book. his memory is sharp as a needle. so whatever you forget your lean you just go and even when you don't want him to tell you your line he will tell you your lean. because be quiet. i know. >>reporter: watch the premier of brothers tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox 45. >> money time fox and josh invite you back in the world where anything is possible. show doll house returns for second season tonight at the he said of the last season you will recall we saw what happened when high tech gets in the wrong hands. this time around you find endless possibilities making the show even more compelling this year. e.i think the show has come full circle in some ways.
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if you saw the original pilot, the tone of that is very much where we have come to again this season. it is good, man. so good. these episodes are so strong. it is dark. it is twisted but funny at the same time. >>reporter: twisted but funny. watch it all. premier of doll house airs tonight at 9 p.m. right here on fox 45. cleveland may be o and 2 but find out what john harbaugh says the browns do better than anyone in the league. that's coming up next in sports. it's all part of why the jetta
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>> the ravens open division play this sunday against the cleveland browns and although the browns are o and 2 the ravens know they have a challenge ahead of them. they survived the chargers and now they have to face prouns
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return man josh crib. you look at what he did the last time the rave he wants faced him. you see why there is some concern there. last november cribs put up 2 78 total return yards. and the year before? 30 6 against the ravens. harbaugh knows they will see a tough browns team this sunday. >> he has been a bad sight for the ravens for more than just a few years. so he's probably the best return guy in the league in a lot of ways. they probably had the 4 best specialist in the league. put the snapper kicker punter return guy together as group of specialist you have to probably say most people say they are the best combination in the league. hard to tackle. a lot of respect for him. we have to tackle him bottom line. >>reporter: injury update on browns running back lewis. looking more like the former raven will not play on sunday. lewis hurt the hamstring in last week loss to the broncos. he missed practice for the third straight day this afternoon. without lewis the browns likely split between harrison and rookie davis.
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the ravens lead the nfl in rush defense allowing just 41 yards on the ground game. and we will have more on the ravens first divisional game plus find out how much ravens safety and cleveland native know about his his hometown in this week making the grade. gillman host soccer for high school game of the week. coming up tonight on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thanks so much. about to go from hot to sticky to cool and rainy and probably non-sticky. >> that's right. tony is back now with a final look at the sky watch forecast. tony? >>reporter: i think i understand that. 70 degrees right now at cwi airport. we have clouds thickening and don't worry about the rain. we probably still are up 20 hours away from any precipitation. so just plan accordingly. we'll get that rain most of it late tomorrow afternoon. right now 70 degrees dwi. dew point beautiful today. in the 50's. just a fantastic fall day
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