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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 28, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> 2 teens accused of shooting baltimore police officer. why one suspect is behind bars just days before the shooting. because i was really scared to send my children this morning. >> swine flu scare. when vaccine might get to baltimore. texting behind the wheel. it will soon be against the law in maryland. the question surrounding how the ban will be enforced. rain moves out and cooler temperatures roll in. how low the temperatures will get in the temperatures will get in my sky watch forecast
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>> good evening. jeff is off tonight. fox 45 has learned one of the 2 teenagers accused in the shooting of a baltimore city police officer was arrested just a week before the shooting. and then was back out on the streets. crime justice reporter is here with the story. joy? >>reporter: a lot of new information coming out surrounding the 2 suspects arrested and officer harris attempted murder case. the most alarming is where the 16-year-old wilson was actually behind bars a week before the shooting. police brought him in on retake warrant. that sort of warrant is issued when juvenile delinquent violates the terms of his release. the department of juvenile services won't say what wilson did. we do know wilson has a prior robbery on his record that dates back to 2006. drug possession charges from
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earlier this year. last week mayor dixon expressed frustration over the fact that young offenders are ending up back on the street time and time again. >> too many times our system has released young people back no the communities. compromise the safety and welfare of many citizens in this community. >>reporter: both wilson and 16-year-old craig till being held tonight without bail. meanwhile officer harris is in the intensive care unit listed in critical but stable condition. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. man and 2 teens accused of beating elderly man in a rationally motivated attack plead not guilty. 76-year-old james was fishing in south baltimore last month when beaten with a bat in an attack completely unprovoked. one of the suspects 28-year-old calvin lock nearest nicknamed hitler. he told police the attack wouldn't have happened
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if the victim had been white. trial for lock interand 2 teens is set for december 11th. >> baltimore city police need help finding this man. they say he raped a woman behind a row home in the 4700 block of homer avenue in northwest baltimore on september 20th. man described as being between 25 and 30 years old. 5 feet 8 inches tall and he weighs 200 pounds. if you have any information you are asked to call the baltimore city police sex offense unit at this number on the screen. 3 mask men break into a home in prince georges county and kill a father of 4. it happened yesterday in buoy. 39-year-old tyrone richardson was killed while his family was held at gun point. he died from trauma to his upper body. public records show richardson had filed for bankruptcy less than two weeks ago and police think he was targeted. >> doesn't get any worse than a man being murdered in his own house. in front of his children and his wife.
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>> this is something that has shocked the community e-3 men also stole a black mercedes on their way out. marine from frederick killed in combat. family of 24-year-old lance corporal jordan says he died over the weekend on his second tour of duty in afghanistan. he was married back in 2007. baltimore county teenager is killed in a crash. 17 year old logan was found dead at ten this morning off south bound 83 at the belt way. logan mother reported him missing last night. looks like logan veered off the ramp and car crashed into the woods. man who crashed stolen pickup truck into a baltimore county home killing a woman inside is sentenced. audrey miller will spend 20 years behind bars for the deadly crash that happened in august of 2008. police say miller was on drugs at the time. sullivan was killed. truck
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slammed into her bedroom while she was sleeping. woman killed in a house fire in baltimore county over the weekend has been identified. 64-year-old kathy hall was found in her home in the 9,000 block of deviation road in white marsh. no word on what caused the fire. >> new law into effect this week that bans texting while driving. goal is to cut down on accidents but can the law really be enforced. we are leave in towns end with answers. melinda. >>reporter: first it is important to point out that under this new law it is only illegal to send a text message while you are driving. but you can still read a message that you have received. so it is going to be very tough for police officers to witness drivers on the phone with their hands and then determine their specific actions. are they reading. sending. or maybe just kiling a phone number. just seeing you with a phone or seeing your car swerve may not be enough for a ticket. >> that will not however give
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the officer a license to take your phone and examine it. that is still something for for which he has to have probable cause to look at. >>reporter: now some critic of the bill say it actually doesn't go far enough. they think any use of cell phone while driving should be banned because some say it its maybe more distracting to read a text message than to send one because let's face it frequent texters don't need to look at the key when they type. live in townsend, fox 45 news at 5:30. watch your speed, too. more than 50 speed camera are going up in and around city schools. more than 51 red light camera being retrofitted and speed camera, too. anybody caught on camera going 12 miles an hour or moreover the speed limit would get a 40 dollar ticket. >> we can't be everywhere. and these speed camera are a
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multiplier for the baltimore city police department and stand silent watch and be vigilant and hopefully don't issue a single ticket. >>reporter: speed camera citation won't be reported to insurance companies and violenters don't get point on the license. >> traffic moving out there tonight? kandace has a traffic edge report. >> thank you jennifer. well it is a pretty hectic ride and you can look at the numbers to tell you the story. on naive traveling in the northeast corner 12 miles per hour there and 31 on 83 moving from the city. as for yes through baltimore county now at 45 and slow 42 there on the west side of the belt way doing better on 95 traveling through howard couldn't with 55 miles per hour. we did have showers that manufactured through the area. bulk now on the eastern shore but nonetheless they are still a factor. but here's the deal. we do have quadruple triple threat there heading on the belt way tonight. there's an accident on the inner loop lanes at 695 right before charles street
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and that leaves us with a slow go moving through pikesville. west side of the belt way right now a lot of cars traveling there both inner outer loop lane and people are looking over at crash on the inner loop direction at security boulevard. and that takes out one lane there. on the outer loop side there's a crash at hollings road pretty much unbelievable, right. yet there's another crash on the pelt way at eastern boulevard and inner loop direction so the tunnel are the best option for the alternate route. that's the messy evening travels now back to you. >> thank you. >> baltimore is bleeding purple today as unbeaten ravens blow right past the winless browns. ravens easily won yesterday 34-3. next week the team goes on the road to take on the petitions. raven fans say they are not the least bit worried. >> ravens are going to go all the way. >> ravens are awesome so far. >> with flacco leading the team and ray and heat behind them we are going all the way. >>reporter: and of course we
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have complete game highlights coming up a little later in sports. >> then we want to know what you think about the ravens. is this the best ravens team in franchise history. it's our question of the day go to our web site and your response could air tonight at 10:00. we are looking for all of you ravens fans. send in the picture showing off the purple pride. go to fox slash purple pride or send video and picture directly from the cell phone. pick at fox well the numbers tell the story. up next. how americans are now feeling about president obama plan to reform health care. >> live look at sky watch hd radar. that rain is moving through this afternoon. whether to expect for the rest of the night. just ahead in the sky watch forecast. >> case of the swine flu in a city school prompts action by the principal. find out when the vaccine will arrive in the vaccine will arrive in mayor land. that
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>> today governor o'malley got the first flu shot ever. he says that's just one part of protecting yourself from getting sec. next step is the swine flu vaccine. kathleen his more on when that vaccine will get here. >>reporter: the h1n1 is blamed for 8 deaths so far in maryland. state is now compiling a priority list in preparation for the arrival of the vaccine. possibly as early as october 5th. at montebello academy in northeast baltimore there is one confirmed case of h1n1 and parents are concerned. building is disinfected but some parents worry that's not enough. meanwhile the governor gets his seasonal flu shot and continues to make plans on how to distribute the swine flu vaccine when it becomes available. official say 800 health care providers have been asked to be on the priority list. e.we are prepared at this point to distribute whatever they send
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us and to do it in short order beginning with those most vulnerable populations. >>reporter: federal government has not released information about how many doses of h1n1 vaccine will be included in the first shipment to maryland. but it is expected to be directed evenly to state based on population. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. public support for the president health care plan is now at an all time low. the latest poll reports that just 41 percent of americans approve of president obama's plan. 23 percent strongly approve. 56 percent of voters say they disapprove of the legislation. and 43 percent are strongly opposed. meanwhile former president clinton is blaming a vast right wing expects. we heard that before. for weakening president obama push for health reform. former health
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human services secretary thompson disagrees. >> you know, there's a lot of accusations on both sides and i think we both have to come together and we have to solve health care and we can do that. >>reporter: you can let your voice be heard. log on to our web site slash your voice with contact information for your representative in congress. some storms sure have moved through today. vytas joins us with the latest in the sky watch forecast. vyta vytas. >>reporter: we got to see our share of some sunshine early today. nice mild temperatures and mid upper 70's but then we have the process moving through. creating some expected showers that we thought we would get this afternoon. now most of the line of showers just pushed on off to the east on hd radar right now. we can see the heaviest showers just across the bay. we saw the activity pushing through baltimore city about an hour ago but looks like most of the testimony has pushed on the eastern shore. looking at the chester town and pretty decent rainfall and rock hall rain as well.
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milling ton showers and activity will push over the state lean into delaware. rain lessened a bit but we'll continue to see that move off to the east and actually some break in the clouds around the central portion of the state occurring at this time. cooler temperature at 68 degrees right now. baltimore 77 in dc. 76 in hagerstown. temperatures only in the 50's off to the west and will continue to see the westerly flow of wednesday and winds pecking up a little bit in the overnight tomorrow. blustery as the winds are strong out of the west. looking at tonight temperatures down to 63 degrees with winds out of the west at about 10 to 15. we'll see some more sunshine to talk about but cooler temperatures in the forecast in just a bit. the art of lying. fox drama lie to me is in the second season with the star of the show says about his own lie detector skills.
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>> do you know how to tell if people are telling you the truth. test your skills when lie to me enters the captivating second season. the show east based on scientific discovery of the psychologist who can read clue embedded in the face, body and voice. the star of the show actor tim ross plays a doctor who is world leading deception expert. but he says in real life he's not exactly a human
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lie detector. >> i'm terrible at it. i'm the worst. of all of them. i think i am the worst at it. but i don't really, i need to know as much as the script needs me to know each week. some of the other ties are much better at it than i am. i can't spot them. >>reporter: you can watch the season 2 premier tonight at 9:00 right here on fox 45. week of feel good movie whether old favorite film or chance to watch the favorite super hero take down the bad guys. movie stores has it all. we have a look at what's new in the low down. >>reporter: our first film didn't quickly gain attention when it hit theaters but after a few weeks word of mouth helped to get some recognition. in case you didn't get to see it yet, pick up away we go on dvd tomorrow. >> you are only 6 months. you
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are huge. >>reporter: starting a family is a big step for a young couple. but imagine on top of learning everything about having a baby, you also have to pick a place to live. that's the conflict facing bert and as they search for a permanent place to live they meet some very interesting people. >> one is not born but become as woman. e.what does that have to do. >>reporter: check out john and myself rudolph as proud parents to be. and this movie is about as memorable as they come. >> i feel in a feeling we are not in kansas any more. >>reporter: wizard of oz is releasing 70 anniversary collection. travel down the yellow brick road with the scare crow, continue man and lion when the collection comes out on tuesday. >> i'm melting. oh, >>reporter: if you want a film for the little ones peck
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. very happy group of ravens watch game films today of yesterday dismantling of the cleveland browns. all phases played well but one unit more proud than most. i'm talking about the defensive backs. just one week after being toasted by san diego philip rivers for over 400 yards they showed no mercy to the browns and quarterback quinn and anderson. they piled up 4 interceptions after getting beat out by the fans and media john harbaugh was proud of the way the db bounce back. >> i thought our guys did a really nice job of maintaining their level of play in the face of criticism. i can't
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think of a better way to say it but they came under scrutiny a little bit because of the statistics and maybe they felt like they had something to prove. they have something to prove next week, week, too. like everybody. that's the challenge you face every week. >>reporter: next week of course the patriots. here's reminder be part of the next position in the silver spotlight.i'll be joined by one of the corner. washington tonight at milton grill on north charles street at 7:00 o'clock. wear the purple and black and join us for the next taping of the coors light silver spotlight. >> bad news us for the turks basketball program. top recruit williams arrested in the home state of connect. we have full details on that and much more on the ravens and our play of the week count coming up on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thank you bruce. started out as gorgeous day until all the rain moved in. vytas here to tell us what next. >> here's a little clue. some sunshine. look at the sun through the clouds out there. we saw the line of showers and thunderstorms make their way through. now we see some sunshine. beautiful sunset
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right now looking at 66 degrees on the eastern shore there are some showers still remaining but looks like most of the rain pushed on out with wind out of the west south west at 5 and continue to see the temperatures go down a little bit tonight but look at the time lapse catching the front pushing through as we animate it here. kind of see how the frontal boundary pushing through. this is the front right up here. you can see the rain shaft coming down right behind that. see over the city starting to rain pretty good. as i advance you see how that pushed through the front then the rain, it randy so hard camera went off because the signal was blocked because the signal was blocked out because of the heavy rain
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