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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 28, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> too many times our system has released young people back into the communities. >> a teen accused of shooting a cop. disturbing news about the last time he was in custody. >> the swine flu, in maryland. the mounting evidence that the second wave of the h1n1 virus, is sweeping the country. >> a front moves through, now cooler temperatures are descending on maryland. how low they will go, coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> and he afallen hero. maryland woman remembers a son, killed in afghanistan. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert.
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jeff barnd is off tonight. we have word tonight that one of the teens accused in the shooting of a baltimore city police officer was in custody can a week before the attack. but instead of keeping him behind bars, he was back out on the streets. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has a story you are seeing first on fox. >> two juveniles both 16-years-old appear before a judge, charged with attempted first-degree murder. craig tillett and kevon wilson accused in the robbery and shooting of baltimore city police officer aaron harris. >> i could just say that today, based on the information that prosecutors have available. at the hearing, they recommended no bail situation. >> held without bail. wilson and tillett are locked up in charged as an adult. and disturbing word that kevon wilson was in juvenile court only one week before the attempted murder of harris and released.
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>> too many times our system has released young people back into the communities, compromise the safety and welfare of many citizens in this community. >> officers brought in wilson on a retake warrant. issued when juvenile delinquent violate the terms of their release. both wilson and tillett have priors. wilson for drug possession and 2006 robbery. just this year, officers arrested tillett for drug possession as well. tillett's mother and grandmother were in court during the appearance. we caught up with them afterwards. >> mrs. tillett, do you have any comment at this point regarding your son? do you have any statement. >> no, no, no. >> are you concerned for his safety? >> get away from me. >> tillett's grandmother fears for her grandson's safety since he is known as a snitch. tillett admitted his guilt and gave the name of kevon wilson after the arrest. for his part, wilson denies any
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involvement. in east baltimore, joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> sources close to the case say wilson appears to be a cript gang member. as for officer harris are he has had several surgeries. condition downgrade over the weekend. and tonight he is in critical but stable condition. >> the family from mt. airy killed in a murder-suicide on friday, will be laid to rest on saturday. police say 38-year-old charles dalton shot his wife and 2 children. then turned the gun on himself. investigators say financial trouble may have been part of the motive. there will be a private memorial service on saturday. the family will be buried at pine grove cemetery. >> baltimore city police need your help finding nan. they say he raped a woman, behind a rowhome in the 4700 block of homer avenue in northwest baltimore on september 20. the man is described as being between 25 and 30 years old. 5'8. he weighs 200 pounds. if you have any information you
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are asked to call baltimore police sex offense unit. (410)396-2076. >> freshman basketball player with the university of maryland faces assault charges, in his hometown in connecticut tonight. the charges against 18-year-old jordan williams stem from an incident on august 8. with the warrant sealed. williams was one of five teens arrested that night. scheduled to be in court next week. >> the man and 2 teens accused of beating an elderly man in a racially momentvateed attack. plead not guilty. 76-year-old james practice vot fishing in south baltimore last month when police say he was beaten with a bat. in an attack that was completely unprovoked. one of the suspect says 28-year-old calvin lockner is nick-named hitler. he told police the attack would not have happened if the victim had been white. the trial for lockner and the two teens is set for december 11th. >> a baltimore county teen was killed in a car crash last
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night. it happened at southbound 83 and the beltway. his car was spotted in the woods off the ramp by another driver. but not until around 10:00 this morning. investigators say 17-year-old quest logan of cockeysville was driving south on 83 when his car left the road. logan's mother had called police to report him missing about 9:00 last night. >> swine flu claims the life of a child in maryland. now that one confirmed case is in a school. concern among parents grows. >> there is no telling others in the school that may have it and we don't know. >>the spread of swine flu and the steps taken to fight the virus. >> take a look at this map. it shows the spread of the flu in the united states, including the swine flu. 26 states report a wide spread outbreak of the flu. and flu season does not officially begin until next week. tests show almost 60 percent of flu cases turn out to be swine flu. here in maryland.
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the swine flu has claimed the life of a baltimore area student. first child death in the state. another child, a student at a baltimore city school is sick with h1n1. and tonight we know that dozens of midshipmen are quarantined at the naval academy after showing flu-like symptoms. kathleen cairns has more tonight. >> at the mont bellow academy in northeast baltimore. there is one confirmed case of h1n1. and parents are panicked. >> there is no telling if there are others in the school that have it and we may not know. >> the building has been disinfected but sierra ra win gate is picking up her kids. >> right now i am picking up the children and taking them to the doctors to get the flu shots. >> how are you today? >> i can take your clipboard from you. >> at the department of motor vehicle in glen burnie. the governor gets his seasonal flu shot. while state officials finalize plans to distribute the swine flu vaccine.
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>> the federal government has not told us, or other states, how many doses we will receive here in maryland. >> have you had the flu shot before? >> officials say 800 health care providers have asked to be on on the priority list. >> we are prepared, at this point, to distribute whatever they send us, and to do it in short order. beginning with those most vulnerable populations. >> meanwhile, sierra has picked up her two older kids, and another note from the principal. about a community meeting tomorrow night. >> for the swine flu. they said they have to hand sanitize up to our elbows. >> as they go to the doctors, miss win gate promises to be back tomorrow for the swine flu school summit. >> i will be here to cast my opinion. i really hope that they are taking all precautions. and doing everything they can to stop it. >> in northeast baltimore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> public support for the
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president's health care plan is now at an all time low. the latest rasmussen report poll shows 41 percent of americans approve of president obama's plan. only 23 percent strongly approve. 56 percent of voters say they disapprove of the legislation, and 43 percent are strongly opposed. meanwhile former president bill clinton is blaming a vast right wing conspiracy for weakening president obama's push for health reform. former health and human services secretary tommy thompson disagrees. >> you know, there is a lot of accusations on both sides. i think, we both have to come together and we have to solve health care and we can do that. >> tell your lawmakers what you think about health care reform. contact information is on our website voice. >> and there is also more information about health care right there on our website. just go to and click on the cure for health care icon. >> well, no more texting while
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driving in maryland. a new law goes into effect thursday that makes it illegal for drivers to type and send text messages. but the law to limitations and enforcing it could be tough. melinda roeder live tonight from jones falls to explain. melinda? >> while the law prohibits sending text message it is okay to receive them and read them while driving. and you can talk on the phone. so how is a police officer to know exactly what you are doing with your phone? >> many drivers admit to texting behind the wheel. >> sometimes. >> but a new law aims to cut down on crashes. >> i believe it will save lives. and i supported in the general assembly. >> when maryland lawmakers passed the bill there was much debate. in the end they voted to make it a primary offense. meaning police can pull you over for texting without any other reason. >> that will not, however, give the officer a license to take your phone, and examine it. >> steve allen is an attorney
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that already sees some potential problems with the new law. >> this is going to be an enforcement nightmare. how is a law enforcement officer going to be able to tell from adistance from an individual is texting as opposed to dialing the phone, or otherwise using his hands for innocent purpose? >> so how do you know if a driver is texting or dialing? it is tough to tell. but this law only prohibits sending text messages. it is still okay to read one you have received and some say that makes no sense. >> because you are just as distracted if you are reading it. >> that's why some lawmakers say the law does not go far enough. >> i think, the law could have been more comprehensive. the principle is the same. you are being distracted. >> another legal question, is whether a police officer has probable cause to search your phone, or your car. >> is he permitted to read the substance of the text message which might disclose other criminal activity unrelated to the mere fac that the text was sent. >> lawmakers say they will make changes to the law if needed.
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>> likely this law is not finished yet. we have put this into place initially to see what the public reaction would be. >> some issues could be decided in court. >> now, the new law goes into effect thursday. if you are caught, you could be fined up to $500. live tonight jfx. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> man that crashed a stolen pickup truck into a baltimore county home killing a woman inside is sentenced. aubrey miller will spend 20 years behind bars for the deadly crash that happened in hereford in august of 2008. miller was on drugs at the time. mary sullivan killed. the truck slammed into her bedroom where she was sleeping. >> well storms rolled through earlier this afternoon. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast to see what's coming up for tomorrow. vytas? >> the day started out decent with sun. then we got the front moving through. and that helped with showers. and few rumbles of thunder. and came down pretty good. as far as the rainfall.
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most of the activity made the way across the bay. and now over the atlantic. looking at hd radar. we can see from the image here. you can see the showers off the coast of new jersey. and down along the southeastern tip of maryland it looks like that activity even has lightning strikes in it. look at the latest lightning here. real time data coming in showing the lightning. mainly over the atlantic. but activity pushing off to the east. put it in motion. you can see the composite. shows the showers continuing. heavier rain south of richmond. severe thunderstorm warnings down in southern virginia and parts of north carolina. but nothing severe here. just decent rainfall. and bigger picture here shows breaks in the showers back to the west. and it looks like things quiet down through the overnight. mostly clear right now. 64 in baltimore. cooler temperatures off to the west. we have more cooler air on the way. next day planner shows sunshine. starting off tomorrow. and we will see a niceable breeze out of the west. as we get through the afternoon tomorrow. you may need the jacket. i will tell you more about what's coming our way.
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as far as the temperatures are concerned in my seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track any coming storms down to your street. go to and if you have something happening in your community you can share it with all of baltimore. upload your pictures, videos, anything you have written about, to neighborhood news. go to take. and send pictures and videos directly from your cell phone. through >> well, baltimore is bleeding purple today. as the unbeaten ravens blow past the winless browns. the ravens easily won yesterday, 34-3. next week, the team goes on the road to take on the patriots. and ravens' fan are not worried. >> the ravens are going all the way. >> ravens are doing awesome so far. >> with joe flacco and ray and
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heath behind them going the all the way. >> what do you think about the ravens? is this the best ravens team in franchise history? it is our question of the day. so far 53 percent say yes. and 47 percent say no. joseph from glen burnie writes. it is premature to judge the team on three games. wait three more games. and ask the same question. >> well, we will have more responses coming up on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> and were looking for all of your ravens' fans and all of your purple pride. send us your pictures showing off the purple pride. go to pride. or send your video and pictures directly from your cell phones to >> okay. what's out there? what steps can i take to help myself and also to align myself to help make a difference? >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. a former raven facing a terminal illness. a closer look at oj's battle. and how you can help fight the
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disease. >> that's heartbreaking. i don't want that to happen. so screaming for help. >> also ahead. she tried to help just five cats. we will show you what the problem turned into. >> and the mounting violence in afghanistan claims another life. this time a marine from maryland. i am myranda stephens and i will have the story coming up. (announcer) let's say you have quintuplets,
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>> a shocking home invasion in buoy. police say three masked men broke into a house, early sunday morning. and killed a father of four, all while his family was held at gunpoint. >> neighbors say the victim, 39-year-old tyrone richardson lived inside of this half million dollars home with his wife and 4 children. >> there were three masked gunmen. two with handguns, one without. >> corporal erica johnson said the men went only after richardson that died of trauma to the upper body. and left the rest of the family unharmed. the three men escaped. by stealing a black mercedes from the home. >> we also have another vehicle that followed the mercedes, and it was either a chrysler 300, or a black cadillac that followed the mercedes out of the area. >> public records show richardson had filed for bankruptcy less than two weeks ago and went to court in 2002 for weapons charges. that case was later dropped.
10:19 pm
>> it doesn't get any worse. than a man being murdered in his own house in front of his children and wife. >> the community has been ringing my phone off the hook since 4:00 this morning. this is something that has shocked the community. >> as president of the local homeowner's association, mar polk said neighbors want extra police patrols in the area because there has been a rash of break-ins here over the last few weeks. >> we're watching and making sure that we receive the response that we believe we need. because they have been slow with regards to addressing our breaking an entering. so we want to make sure that this is taken care of. because the community is not going to just allow this to go away. >> well, the homeowner's association president said he doesn't necessarily think the previous break-ins are connected with the murder. he says it gives police plenty of reasons to step up patrols in the neighborhood. >> questions remain tonight about what to do in afghanistan. almost eight years since u.s. led troops were sent to
10:20 pm
afghanistan to find osama bin laden, and destroy al-qaida. and tonight the fighting goes on on. the obama administration is trying to decide what steps to take next. new mass mus sen poll shows american split on the issue of sending more troops to afghanistan. >> we are looking at a mixed picture. in some parts of afghanistan, the taliban have cleared established a presence. >> the death toll from the fighting continues to mount. more than 750 american troops have died there over the last eight years. and one of the latest casualties, is from maryland. a marine, from frederick county that died over the weekend. myranda stephens joins us now with more. myranda? >> 24-year-old lance corporal jordan chrobot always knew he wanted to one day serve his country as a marine. a dream he lived out all the way to the very end. >> my baby. >> devastated but proud. >> candy johns and walter chrobot were looking forward to
10:21 pm
a big homecoming for their son at christmas. instead they are planning the funeral. >> he was very proud to be a marine. and that was his life. and i guess if there was anyway for him to go, that was the way. >> 24-year-old marine lance corporal jordan chrobot was serving in afghanistan, when he was shot and killed over the weekend during combat. >> you hear on the news, there was other families, lost loved ones, you know and read about it. and if you never think it can happen to you. >> chrobot was deployed to afghanistan in may. it was his second tour of duty after serving in iraq the year before. >> iraq was a piece of cake to the feelings i had for afghanistan. i was scared to death. >> chrobot grew up in frederick county and graduated from new life christian high school. a couple of years later he joined the marines, to follow in the foot steps of his grandfather who was a marine in vietnam. >> he joined, when we were in the midst of war. he did not join to go to
10:22 pm
college. he joined to fight. >> but as a fie violence in afghanistan continues to mount. chrobot's family said they hope the fight for all american troops will end soon. >> i would like to see everyone come home. too late for my baby, burks you know, there are other babies out there. >> other heroes. >> a lot of heroes. like ours. >> and chrobot was the oldest of four children. he leaves behind a wife, who is now on her way to maryland from their home in north carolina. the family said it hopes to bury chrobot this weekend at rest haven cemetery in frederick. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> just days after the discovery of a secret nuclear facility. iran test fires missiles. iran said the long range missiles it test fired today on could strike israel and u.s. bases in the middle southeast and europe are also at-risk. white house said the missile tests were clearly intended to provoke the west. international talks with iran over the nuclear program are set
10:23 pm
for thursday in geneva. . >> surfing the net for porn, on the taxpayer's dime. washington times is on working on a story about the number of employees accessing porn at the national science foundation. >> one employee that was allowed to retire, spent 330 days over the course of a couple of years, at his government computer looking up pornography. at a cost of 10 to $50,000 to taxpayers. >> former president of pakistan weighs in on the possibility that the u.s. could abandon the fight against the taliban in afghanistan and what the president of the world bank is saying about the future of the dollar. for more on these stories go to and click on the washington times icon. >> well, millions of calls are made every day using cell phones. but there is one place that the technology has been noticeably absent. the hospital. in tonight's "word on the web".
10:24 pm
judy kurtz reveals how health care is now going wireless. judy? >> nurses at a minnesota hospital are among the first in the nation to carry medical smart phones. and the devices could soon catch on across the country. right now many hospitals use a paging system for patients to call for a nurse. a call button typically turns on a light outside on of the patient's room. but the pager system can be unreliable and time consuming. >> i mean when you are laying in here, and you are in pain and you want a pain pill or a shot, you don't want to wait. >> five, 10 minutes. you want them in here like that. >> the nurses at the university of minnesota medical center are all equipped with ask com wireless hand sets. smart phones use wireless internet so when a patient hits a call button it speed dials the nurse assigned to the room. and if the patient is hooked up to an ekg, the phones alert the nurse if that patient's heart rhythm changes it cuts the response time from minutes to seconds. >> get breaking news and weather alerts at your fingertips with
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mobile news. sign up today on or text wbff to 45203. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> looking at a front that moved through maryland. that means changes in our weather. what they will be, coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> that's pretty heartbreaking. i don't want that to happen. so screaming for help. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. how one woman's good intentions became too much to handle. >> okay, what's out there? what steps can i take to help myself, and also, to align myself to help make a difference. >> but next, the former raven fighting a terminal ill bring it.
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bags fly free. only on southwest airlines. . >> probably safe to say that ojbergan most loved person at the ravens complex in owings mills. >> a former raven himself, he is no longer battling on the football field. he is battling a r terminal illness. but oj's courage and perseverance is motivation for everyone that knows him. tomorrow night oj will be honored by friends and family. tonight you can see why he is such an inspiration. it is another look at a story we did on him last year entitled two rings for oj. >> there are three chapters in
10:29 pm
baltimore football history. the first of course involved the late, great baltimore colts. the second involved non-nfl lesion, stars of the usfl and stalins of the cfl and then the ravens. oj figuress in the last two. a linebacker on the stalin's team and advanced to two stray gray cups. winning the second moved onto the nfl with the dolphins and after three there, signed with the ravens in time to be part of the superbowl championship. suffice to say when he thinks of playing in baltimore he thinks of winning. >> i had nothing but championship memories. in baltimore. so coming back, was exciting for me. and then when we came back and won it all again. man i am going to live in baltimore, city of championships. every time i come back to baltimore we win championships. >> these days, he works as the ravens director of player development. helps players to determine what they will do away from football.
10:30 pm
fitting profession, because bergans is dealing with a non-football challenge. >> i find out i was diagnosed last may, 2007. >> the diagnosis, a.l.s.. lou gehrig's disease. named after the yankee hall of famer that is to this day, its most famous victim. >> today is the day, i can consider myself luckiest man on the face of the earth. >> it is a very reflective statement. he had the opportunity to do something he loved to do. for a very long time. and do it at a high level. and in a lot of ways i can relate to that. i can say that, hey, i have had a great life. thus far. but the thing that -- tag line i am putting on the end is that it is not over. >> that sums up oj's approach to having the disease. no depression. no self pity. not even real acceptance. instead, he is choosing to
10:31 pm
fight. and he insists that it is a fight he will ultimately win. even though a.l.s. is almost always a fatal disease. >> i am not going to go into a corner and say okay i etbetter get my affairs in order and it is over. no, now it is time to say okay what's out there? what's the steps i can take to help myself. and to align myself to help make a difference. >> you really believe that if there is anyone that is going to beat it, it is him. >> harry swaine a teammate of oj's on the superbowl team. former offensive lineman, he serves as his assist betant. learning the player development end of the business and helping oj with the physical difficulties that come with a.l.s.. >> i kind of look at it like me and oj are teammates again. as if closer to maybe the life mates now. you know, i don't know -- neither one of us know how long we will be here. butt time we have together, you know, lets have a good time.
10:32 pm
and enjoy each other together. >> to have a former teammate that i played with, that i sweated with, that i share the championship stage with, come along beside me during this battle. to be my eyes and my ears to be my hands, while i may need a hand. it has been such an uplifting thing for me. >> oj known as a man of faith during his playing career. and teammates always watch their language around him. out of respect for his beliefs. it is that very faith that is helping him cope with a.l.s.. reverend rod herston is the team chaplain. >> i don't think he could get through this without his faith. i think it is the thing that given him the positive attitude he has. he knows it is a challenge. he knows that medically the odds are against him. given what the disease has done historically. but his faith is in god. >> i can face this challenge. and each and every time that i face the challenge. i have turned to my faith and he
10:33 pm
has given me the answer. he has showed me that i am stronger. showed me that his grace is sufficient for me. even in the midst of weakness. so i can stand with a smile on my face, to know that i will be victorious in this thing. >> oj does not think he can beat it. he knows he can. even though the odds are certainly against him. he knows that too. but he chooses not to dwell on the negative. >> there is no time for that. it is no time for the pity party. no time for sympathy. it is time for action. it is a call to action. >> if there is anyone that god would have chosen to represent him and his victory over a.l.s. why not oj? >> to me most people would have taken this disease and said, you know what, i am done. i am shutting it down. but he has persisted. >> i think that it is possible. and this is the exact situation. i am believing that i will beat this thing.
10:34 pm
>> oj's foundation, is hosting a fund raiser tomorrow night. two rings for oj. will celebrate his 40th birthday and raise money for a.l.s. research. if you would like to attend, and you should. go to links. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the medical condition that may be a warning sign for a serious stroke. >> that's pretty heartbreaking. i don't want that to happen. so screaming for help. >> but next. how a small cat rescue quickly got out of hand. after the break.
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10:36 pm
>> well, definitely we saw a nice day. starting out with some sunshine and then we saw the clouds darken up. and some showers rolled through. giving us even some rumbles of
10:37 pm
thunder out there. but boy it poured down rain for a bit. most of the activity was quickly moving through. and then it pushed through with sun coming out for a nice sunset this evening. right now mainly clear skies out there. looking at fifty seven degrees. winds out of the southwest at three. and humidity levels 69 percent. and it looks like we will continue to see the temperatures cooling off. over the next couple of days. in fact, get the jackets ready. because especially the overnight temperatures will start to get down to the lower 50s. and then even some mid 40s that we could potentially see as we get down through the middle end of the week. so chilly air right around the corner. feeling more like fall. almanac shows high of 77 today. low was 52. normally we should be at 74 and 52. now look at the rainfall. saw anywhere from a 10th of an inch, less than a quarter of an inch. so it was heavy rain for a brief moment. but most of the activity rolled through quickly. so it was not sustained out there for a long time. as far as what we're seeing with the temperatures across the area. 64 degrees baltimore. 59 in harrisburg. 58 in pittsburg.
10:38 pm
and cleveland sitting at 56 degrees. so seeing the cooler push of air from the great lakes. weak secondary front joins us over the next couple of days here. that drops our temperatures more, as we get closer to the end of the week. so definitely the cool air on the way. big area of low pressure spinning around michigan. see the precipitation associate with back up. and here is our front that pushed through. now we have breaks of the clouds, allowing for us to get clear skies out there. the rain continues to push out to the east of us. there was pretty heavy thunderstorms actually over parts of southern virginia and north carolina. they did have severe thunderstorm warnings earlier from the front. so actually it had a punch with it as it pushed through the area. looking at the closer picture. you can see the showers moved across the bay. left us with clearing out there. back in western maryland. high thin clouds. but continue to see the winds picking up a bit. from the west. and actually tomorrow will be kind of a breezy day. so these winds will get anywhere from about 15 to 20, 25 miles an hour gusts at times.
10:39 pm
be prepared for a little bit of breezy day in store for us tomorrow. future scan shows the breaks in the clouds tonight. maybe another round of showers on the western edge of the mountains and up in parts of pennsylvania. but missing us here in baltimore. with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. few clouds gathering. and more sunshine as dryer temperatures or dryer air moves in from the southwest. as we get toward the middle to latter half of the week. breezy day for folks out there in easton, and central portion of the state. and temperatures right around 69 for a high. and westerly wind at fie 15 to 20. gusting to about 25 as this front has moved through. the secondary front comes in. bringing the cooler air by mid week. overnight on temperatures dropping down to the 40s. sunshine tomorrow. mix with clouds. 69 downtown. and then your five-day forecast shows a high of 66 degrees. with sun and clouds wednesday. 65 on thursday. plenty of sunshine. and 67 on friday. looking at overnight temperatures in the 40s. by the weekend, we start to warm up. another return of some showers possible.
10:40 pm
fox 45 sky watch weather is now at your finger timms. i-radar available at and you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track are coming storms, interactive tool lets you see exactly when rain or snow is over your house. go to . >> a record drug bust along the coast of south america. you have heard it before. but this is truly shocking. the amount, 6 tons of cocaine. worth about $380 million. the british royal navy with help from the u.s. coast guard made the bust. after they spotted a fishing boat acting suspiciously in an area known for drug trafficking. no word yet on where all the drugs were headed. >> one woman from connecticut bread a much bigger problem when she rescued five cats. those cats multiplied. now there are cats on tracy hope's couch, floor, just about everywhere in the apartment. she has got 50 of them now.
10:41 pm
that sparked complaints from tenants and eviction notice from the landlord. >> sometimes there are better ways to help than to grab every cat off the street and bring it in. and if you can't properly take care of it you are not really helping. >> the spca in connecticut is trying to find homes for all of the cats. >> next o fox 45 news at 10:00. the medical condition that could be a warning sign for a serious stroke. and the length between income and surviving prostate cancer. after the b
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10:44 pm
. >> in health news tonight. word that a mild stroke could be a warning that the real thing is on the way. according to a new study, one out of eight major strokes is proceeded by a transient is scheme mcattack. tma, mild stroke. researchers say the findings should be used to identify people at-risk for serious strokes. >> for prostate cancer patients, chances of survival could depend on your income. new study out of switzerland said prostate patients with lower income are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer than those with money. the finding suggests poor patients receive worse care.
10:45 pm
. >> bad news for the maryland basketball program, as one of the top recruits is facing legal troubles. details coming up in "sports unlimited". >> and coming up in 15 minutes on the "late edition". why tens of thousands of maryland drivers are canceling their ez-pass accounts. >> and why the secret service is kelly saunder's nature valley. ♪ the place that inspires her to go faster...
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see cooler temperatures out there. temperatures topping out around 69 degrees. with a little bit of sun and clouds tomorrow. cooler temperatures following that wednesday thursday and friday. and temperatures in the mid 60s. look at the overnight temperatures. dropping into the lower 50s. mid 40s, even some of the outlying areas could see lower 40s. so jacket weather. it will be cool nights out there. see the temperatures climb back to the lower mid 70s for saturday, sunday, monday. notice saturday and sunday slight chance for a stray shower out there but nevertheless the rest of the week is fabulous. back to you guys. >> thank you, vytas. >> during past two weeks we held our friend us on on facebook contest it. the first viewer to post the story of the night on our website was entered into a drawing to win a $250 gift card. and the winner of the grand prize is rhoni king smith. congratulations to her. >> and we would like to thank everyone that became our friend on facebook. >> well, the ravens are unbeaten
10:49 pm
on the season. bruce cunningham joins us with the latest in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up tonight on "sports unlimited". after yesterday's blow out of the browns, the ravens are off to the second 3-0 start in franchise history. get john harbaugh's thoughts on the dominant win. one of the terps top incoming freshman arrested in his home state of connecticut. we have the details. and we will showcase all the week's very best in our plays of the week countdown. but which one is crowned number one on the list? "sports unlimited" starts right now. . >> a very happy group of ravens watch game films today of yesterday's dismantling of the browns. all phases played well but there was one be unit more proud than most. i am talking about the defensive backs. just one week after being toasted by san diego phillip rivers for over 400 yards showed no mercy to the browns on and


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