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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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lsu. here is jennifer gilbert with the "late edition". . >> this is going to be an enforcement nightmare. >> texting while driving. the questions about how effective the new law will be. >> first on fox. the criminal past of one of the teens accused of shooting a cop. when he was last behind bars. >> and credit card companies. why they could be keeping close track of where you shop. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff is off tonight. maryland's new text messaging band takes effect this week. start aing thursday. illegal to send a text while driving. but you can read messages you receive. and still talk on the phone while driving. so will the new law really make a difference? melinda roeder is live with more. melinda?
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>> man and wife drivers and lawmakers we talked to today, say they think this is a good bill. some think it doesn't go far enough. and others say it is nearly impossible to enforce. now the goal, of course, is to save lives and reduce crashes. but sending a text message is only one of many potential distractions drivers face behind the wheel. the new law would make texting a primary offense. but it could be tough for police to enforce. >> this is going to be an enforcement nightmare. how is a law enforcement officer able to tell from adistance that an individual is texting as opposed to just dialing the phone, or otherwise using his hands for innocent purpose. >> now, lawmakers say they will make changes to this law as-needed. in the meantime, if you are caught, you could face up to a $500 fine. again, this new law takes effect thursday. >> live from the jfx. melinda roeder, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the mt. airy family killed in a murder-suicide buried
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saturday. state police say charles dalton shot his wife and children and then himself in their home thursday night. or early friday. police say financial difficulties may have been part of the motive. there will be a private memorial service saturday followed by burial in pine grove cemetery. . >> first on fox tonight. one of the two teenagers arrested for shooting a baltimore city police officer was arrested just a week earlier. 16-year-old kevon wilson behind bars a week before the shooting of officer aaron harris. he was picked up on a juvenile warrant and released. he has a prior robbery on the record dating back to 2006. and drug possession charges from earlier this year. >> too many times our system has released young people, back into the communities, compromise the safety welfare of many citizens in this community. >> both wilson and 16-year-old
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craig tillett are being held without bail. tonight officer harris is in critical but stable condition. >> the man and 2 teenagers accused of beating an elderly man plead not guilty. 76-year-old james practice vot fishing in south baltimore last month when police say he was beaten with a bat in an attack that was unprovoked. one of the suspects, 28-year-old calvin lockner is nick-named hitler. he told police the attack would not have happened if the victim had been white. the trial for lockner and 2 teens is set for december 11. >> mounting violence in afghanistan claims the life of a marine from maryland. store 24-year-old marine lance corporal chrobot serving in afghanistan when shot and killed over on the weekend during combat. he grew up in frederick county and graduated from new life christian high school. joined the marines to follow in the foot steps of his grandfather. who was a marine in vietnam. >> he was very proud to be a
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marine, and that was his life. and i guess if there was anyway for him to go on, that was the way. >> chrobot served in iraq before being deployed to afghanistan in may. he leaves behind a wife and 3 siblings. the family hopes to bury him this weekend at rest haven cemetery in frederick. >> a warning to all tonight to be on the alert for a telephone scam that could cost you hundreds of dollars. baltimore city public works, and finance departments were told today of an impersonation scam. several people have gotten calls that their payments are past due. well they are not. but if they were, the city would not notify you over the phone anyway. only by mail. if you get a call you are asked to take a name and a call back number and call police right away. last week one person lost several hundred dollars because of this scam. >> baltimore city officials unveiled the first speed camera today. more than 51 red light cameras retrofitted but speed cameras
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too. anybody driving 12 miles an hour or more over the speed limit gets a $40 ticket. tickets will not be reported to insurance companies and violators will not get points on licenses. speed camera law takes effect on thursday. >> well tens of thousands of maryland drivers are canceling ez-pass accounts. for july and august, 14,000 accounts closed. eight times the average number of closures. it started after the ez-pass program began to charge pass holders $1 50 a month for a pass. so many cancellations have come in, vendor had to hire more workers to process them. >> the second round of the swine flu is beginning to take its toll in maryland. dozens of midshipmen are quarantined at the naval academy after showing flu-like symptoms. a child has died in the baltimore area. and a case of h1n1 at a school prompts the principal to call a special meeting. meanwhile the governor is encouraging everybody to get a
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seasonal flu shot. while the state waits for the arrival of the swine flu vaccine. it may come as early as october 5. in northeast baltimore academy, there was one confirmed of case of h1n1 and parents are worried. >> there is no telling if there are others in the school that have it and we may not know. >> the federal government has not told us, or other states, how many doses we will receive here in maryland. we are told we will get the information from the federal government later this week. >> a community meeting is slated for the mont bellow academy at 6:00 tomorrow night. >> we saw interesting day out there today. starting out with sunshine. temperatures not too bad on the mild side of things. and then the rain came threw in the mid afternoon. dropping decent rainfall. and then pushed out with a beautiful sunset. looking at the hd radar. you can see the rain off the coast of the new jersey and off to the east of delaware. rain is done here. as we animate this. you can see that on hd radar.
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the rain continues to push off to the east. temperatures drop behind a frontal boundary pushing through. and heavier in the carolina and virginia. and back west, breaks in the clouds. and decent day tomorrow. 63 in baltimore. 64 in hagerstown. it looks like we will see the cooler air start to move in. so get the jackets ready. high of right around 67 degrees. as we get into the noon hour. breezy conditions. windy conditions to talk about. coming up in my seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. >> freak accident kills a maryland woman in her backyard. a large tree fell on 63-year-old diane leach. she was doing yard work at her home last night in rockville. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. officials there say the rain may have up rooted the tree. >> we did not know really what the cause was. and then he explained that the tree had fallen down. so, you know, it was sad. >> well, the neighbor said he wants to cut down a few trees of his own as precaution for the future.
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. >> did you know that changing where you shop can send up red flags to your credit card company. like if you suddenly switch from norstrom to wal-mart. injury willis found out he how credit card companies monitor how you spend. >> how are you doing? >> kevin johnson is an entrepreneur. candidate for office. >> running for state representative. >> and according to american express, a credit risk. coming home from his honeymoon last year, he was shocked to find amex cut his credit limit from over $10,000 to just $3800. >> i have done a very good job of being responsible and making sure that i pay my bills on time. >> more surprising, one of the four reasons amex gave for the decision. other customers that used their cards although establishments where he recently shopped have a poor repayment history with american express. >> shocked when i read it. because i didn't know. that companies could actually assess your credit worthiness
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based on others around you. >> with more than 10 percent of credit card customers defaulting on their debt, credit card issuers are trying to weed out the risky ones. how? by looking for changes in the way we shop. >> you are shopping from a middle or uppertary retail store and suddenly it shows a purchase at a dollar store. some form of down shifting. suddenly shopping at wal-mart. >> those red flags can lead to a deeper look at your behavior. >> if you suddenly start exhibit new consumer behavior, and then you have made 3 or 4 purchases in a row, at a local bar, that would raise some flags that may be there is some intending financial crisis. >> for its part, amex said we do not look at and never have where someone shops to make a line reduction. the primary factor is someone's overall debt level and payment history with us. credit reports and fi co scores. >> banking industry sources
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sacred scores are still the most important tool in predicting consumer behavior. but the scores don't reflect sudden life changes like job loss or divorce. >> all they can do is look at the actual volumes and transactions coming in. and see changes in that pattern. >> for kevin johnson the experience has mote vavateed him to get involved. and perhaps change the way banks work. >> no one should be penalized for the actions of others. . >> coming up on fox 45 news "late edition". a facebook poll asked a very shocking question. >> the ravens are going to go all the way. >> offense, defense, and 3-0. how good are the ravens? i like them. i wish i knew how the data was. it would make them at home. >> and the
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. >> baltimore is bleeding purple today. as the unbeaten ravens blow past the browns. ravens easily won yesterday. 34-3. next week the team goes on the road to take on the patriots. ravens' fans say they are not worried. >> the ravens are going to go all the way. ravens are doing awesome so far. >> with joe flacco leading the team. and ray and heath behind them. going all the way. >> and we want to know what you think about the ravens. is this a best ravens team in franchise history? it is the question of the day. and so far 53 percent say yes. and 47 percent say no. tony from pasadena writes, it is still too early to tell. but if the next five games are like the first three, then the
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answer is a resounding yes. >> to read more responses go to and click on the question of the day. >> and we're looking for all of you ravens' fans to send us pictures showing off your purple pride. go to pride. or send your videos and pictures directly from your cell phone to >> >> iran launched missiles over the weekend. and said it plans to set off more. they have a range of more than 1000 miles and capable of striking europe and israel. talks with iran over the nuclear program are set for thursday in geneva. >> shocking poll question on facebook over the weekend. it asked if president obama should be killed? the choices no, maybe, yes, and yes if he cuts my health care. well needless to say, that
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caught the attention of the secret service. and now it is investigating. the question was not created by facebook, it was created by an independent person. went up saturday and taken down very quickly after company officials found out about it. >> a south florida man came home to find his roof gone. here is what happened. a roofing company supposed to replace the neighbor's roof but got the wrong house. now two months later the guy does not have a roof. and the company does not want to pay the whole tab. instead it wants to cut a deal and pay the insurance dee deductable and let somebody else finish the job. meanwhile fisher's insurance company say they are threatening to cancel his policy if the roof is not finished on soon. >> you need a roof today if you were here in baltimore. the rain can really coming down. is there more he haded our way. vytas reid is here to let us know. >> jennifer, most of the rain is off to the east. and we have relatively clear skies out there at this time. in fact, nice quiet conditions
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downtown. and inner harbour. sitting at 54 degrees. and nice cool night. you will have to get the coats ready. because temperatures actually going to get cooler as we get further in the work week. winds out of the southwest at three. the winds start to pick up more as we get through the day tomorrow. also we saw kind of a breezy afternoon as the front pushing through. humidity levels at 77 percent. right now the temperatures across the area. looking at temperatures in the 60s. lower 60s. and some 50s out there. outlying areas. toward the airport. looking at 57 in pittsburg. up toward cleveland 56. starting to see the fall air move in from the northwest. and we will continue to see the temperatures on the slide down as we go on through the next couple of days here. looking at clear skies. across the central portion of the state. there is the line of showers, and even thunderstorms that were embedded in some of the rain pushing off to the east. back to the west. few clouds over ohio. indiana and michigan see a strong area of low pressure spinning over michigan and parts of ontario canada. so continue to see that mainly stay to the north of us. that energy. but we will continue to see the
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cooler air following another weak cold front coming in another day. clear skies over baltimore, washington d.c. folks to carroll county and frederick county. line of showers pushes off to the east. clouds back to the west. breaking up over garrett county. and winds pick up a little bit. back to the west. right now winds at three to 6 miles per hour. down toward dc. as you get back to hagerstown. 14 miles an hour wind at oakland. 13. so we will continue to see the winds pick up overnight tonight. through tomorrow. probably have to hold on to your hats with winds gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour. up to 30 at times. especially on the open waters of the bay. here is what's happening with the front pushing off to of the east. tightly impact area of low pressure pushing up the gradient and creating the winds. cooler air moves in behind the next front. by late wednesday. and taking down the temperatures further for the next couple of days. overnight temperatures in the 40s. so tomorrow, looking at some sun which clouds.
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temperatures around 69 for the high. breezy conditions out of the west for 15 to 20. 25-mile an hour gusts and high of 66 on wednesday. sun and clouds. looking at more sunshine thursday. sky the high. cooler temperatures overnight. in the 40s. and then the temperatures go back up to the 70s toward the weekend and we may have a chance for revisiting showers. back to you. . >> i was driving through, i just ran right into the hole. >> a sinkhole swallows this man's car. and that's not all that happened. what added insult to injury. >> and the ravens beat up the browns yesterday. to remain unbeaten. bring it.
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chevy silverado. more confidence than ford f-150. better backed than f-150. at a value f-150 can't touch. silverado. from the family of the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickups on the road. just announced, it's chevy truck month. get 0% apr for 60 months. or $6,000 total cash back on select 2009 silverado vehicles that have been in stock the longest. . >> president of bridgeport massachusetts got to witness movie magic this week. get this. more than a dozen firefighters stood by for a planned explosion
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on the set of a film staring tom cruise and cameron diaz. and added bonus to the fireworks? filmmakers promised they would pay for any damage caused by the blast. >> talk about kicking a person when they are had down. a georgia driver saw his car swallowed by a giant sin hole likely caused by recent flooding in the atlanta area. the driver said while the car was still stuck in the hole, vandals struck. cut caning seats and taking the stereo. >> check out this monster of a chicken egg. the new york farmer said the egg weighs more than a quarter pound. 2 1/2 times the size of a normal egg. and sadly led to the death of roberta the chicken. >> relayed it to a woman that has 25-pound baby if you do the math. i am sure that is what eventually led to the death. >> so what's next for the giant egg. which isist just short of the world record? >> make an omelet. a little ham.
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delicious. >> patrice harris fox 45 news "late edition". . >> it was a very happy group of ravens that watched game films today. of yesterday's dismantling of the cleveland browns. all phases played well. but one unit more proud than most. i am talking about the defensive backs. just one week after being toasted by san diego phillips rivers for over 400 yards showed no mercy to the browns. and quarterbacks, quinn and anderson, piling up four interceptions and after getting beat up by the fans and the media last week, john harbaugh was proud of the way the dbs bounced back. >> i saw thought the guys did a nice job of, you know, maintaining their level of play. you know, in the face of criticism. i cannot think of a better way to say it. but, you know, came under scrutiny a bit because of the statistic. and maybe they felt like they had something to prove. but they will have something to
11:23 pm
prove next week. like everybody is. that's the challenge you face every week in the league. >> meanwhile the defense has been kind of pushed out of the slight in recent weeks. the raven's new high octane offense has been getting the headlines lighting up the score board and keeping the defense on the bench. far cry from years past. and according to the players themselves. it is a very welcome change. >> i can't stress that enough. when your offense has 70 plays, or your offense has -- keep the ball for eight minutes on a drive. that's what i honestly think you will not see this year, a lot of big stats from any of us individually. from any of the guys on defense, like in 2006. because we are not going to play that much. best defense is the one sitting on the side line. >> college basketball. as williams prepares to have the team hit the floor, he will deal with a major distraction. one of the top recruits is facing legal problems.
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power forward jordan williams been charged with assault in his hometown in connecticut. police say the 18-year-old is one of five arrested on august 8. he turned himself in saturday. charged with misdemeanor assault and breach of peace. he will appear in court october 5. police would offer no more details. saying the warrants are sealed. 6-foot 10 williams appeared here last spring in the charm city challenge all star game. >> terps open the 2009 season on november 3. against indiana university. of pennsylvania. jennifer, back to you. >> we decided that it sounded like fun so split one and see how it goes. >> it
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. >> not your average fried food restaurant. big e in springfield massachusetts serves everything from deep fried oreos to latest creation the bacon cheese burger
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donut. bacon cheeseburger between the halves of a honey glazed donut and packs a whooping 1500-calorie punch. >> one day, throw caution to the wind and have a good time. >> the they sold 2000 on saturday. and sell fried cheese cake, fried mushrooms and fried cheese kurd. >> i don't know vytas. >> i don't know. it is a little bit late for thinking about fried anything. what's in store for the weather. >> elizabeth coming to join you. that's what you will do. they better have the defibrillator right there. and eat that. >> 69 degrees for tomorrow. and mixture of sun and clouds. and breezy out there. cooler temperatures. following behind the next front that pushes through. weak cold front comes through tuesday to wednesday. taking the temperatures to 66. for the high. 65 thursday. plenty of sunshine. dry conditions. but the overnight lows will be
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dropping. so o moms and dads dress the kids warmly at the bus stop. chilly start. 66 friday and showers in the 70s saturday and sunday. back to you. >> that's all the for the "late edition". th just announced, it's chevy truck month. get 0% apr for 60 months. or $6,000 total cash back on select 2009 silverado vehicles that have been in stock the longest.
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