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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  May 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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love's death was not intended. >> defense attorney said her death was a accident. what the police report said about the last moment of yeardley love's life. >> makeover of the former mayor what they cost city taxpayers. >> and the accused time square bomber. why federal agents may have waited to arrest him. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. the man accused of killing a former notre dame prep lacrosse player said it was an and police say the evidence proves it was murder. they are currently looking through a computer, belonging to the slain woman for any evidence that could be helpful to the prosecution. sherry lee reveals new details from the investigation. >> when a roommate found
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yeardley love's body police search warrants say she was on the bed face down in a pillow with a pool of flood blood. face bruiseed from what appeared to be blunt force trauma and one of her eyes swollen shut. >> no matter how many times you see that. that is an undescribable feeling of sadness. >> in the affidavit, officers say her ex-boyfriend george huguely confessed that he shook love and her head repeatedly hit the wall. and that he kicked in the bedroom door. huguely made an initial appearance in court via closed circuit tv charged with first-degree murder. outside huguely's attorney said this was not a premed tateed crime. >> we're confident that miss love's death was not intended. but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> huguely's parents and stepfather left the courthouse refusing to answer questions. >> did you -- >> according to warrants,
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huguely said scratches and bruises on his hands and arms were from playing lacrosse, both and he love played lacrosse for the college. and huguely has withdrawn from the university and remains in jail. >> until more information is available it is our hope that no conclusions we draw or judgments made by george or his case. >> huguely told investigators the two had broken up. police won't talk about motive but say they are investigating reports around campus, about previous trouble between the couple. >> we don't have any documented evidence that is in the way of police reports, or protective order or anything like that, with regard to things that may have occurred in the past. >> well, this tragedy raises new concerns about the spread of violence in relationships among young adults and even teenagers. >> it is an issue bill and michele mitchell take to heart. their 21-year-old daughter killed by an ex-boyfriend nearly five years ago. every time they hear cases like these, it reopens their
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emotional behind and the truth of the matter is, the wounds are always open. from our standpoint. and this just makes those early days something like this just makes the early days come right to now. >> mitchell's began a foundation known as kristen's crusade to spread the word about early warning signs of dateing and violence. >> a pg county funeral home shut down after a gruesome find inside. state officials suspended the license of the chambers funeral home and crematorium on monday. in late april, inspectors found a pile of 40 body bags containing human remains in a garage. the funeral home said it had a contract with georgetown university to dispose of the cadavers but they received too many. the funeral home has until friday now to cre mate the bodies. >> three baltimore city police officers now facing charges of assault and kidnapping a west
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baltimore teen. karen parks live at police headquarters with more on the evidence that led to the charges. karen? >> jennifer, the three officers are all a part of the violent crime impact division, which is a city wide 26 within the baltimore city police department. all three have been indicted. charges include kidnapping, and assault. now, this started last may, when then 16-year-old michael johnson was picked up in the 1600 block of north gilmore street in west baltimore by three city police officers. detective tyrone francis, detective milton smith and officer gregory hellen. johnson said for no reason the officers threw him in the pack of a police van, cursed at him. assaulted him. drove him around for an hour. before dumping him in a howard county state park, in the rain, without socks, shoes, or his cell phone. >> we're not going to doll rate behavior that undermines the integrity of the agency. we're not.
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officers on the street work too hard for that. people of baltimore deserve more. and the commissioner made it clear, we will hold officers accountable and civilians and anybody affiliated with this agency. case closed. >> i spoke with michael johnson senior earlier today, that told me that a year later this case is still mind boggling. meantime, dwight pettitte that represents the family filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the officers involved, and he said, that a lawsuit against the baltimore city police department is quite possible. reporting live here at baltimore city police headquarters. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". >> we have breaking news in baltimore county tonight. police say a person was struck and killed by a vehicle in essex. in the 400 block of eastern boulevard. we will have more information as soon as it becomes available.
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>> first on fox tonight. thousands of dollars spent on makeup for ousted mayor sheila dixon. fox 45 news has obtained $11,000 in bills during her three-year-term as mayor of baltimore. includeing the cost of someone to apply the makeup. the minimum service running about $350 per salon visit. all bills were paid, from the mayor's office fund. >> when you are spending the taxpayers money, you should be spending it on things that the taxpayers care about. and i don't think they care about how well her makeup is applied. >> dixon's office has said that the mayor's bills were part of the job and she admitted having hair and make up done before taping segments for the public access cable channel. >> city police need your help tonight to find a missing man. they are looking for anthony stevens. police say he was last seen on february 25. family members say his girlfriend had a baby that day. and he went out to get something. and never returned. they are also looking for his
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car, a 1994 honda accord. maryland tag 73 y l-2 one. >> detectives say they do have leads in their search for a gunman that held up the owner of a hair salon this morning. investigators say the gunman robbed the owner and shot her in the head just as she was opening the salon at the overlea plaza shopping center. she is expected to survive the injuries. >> in the state capitol of annapolis, governor o'malley signs more than 300 bills into law. john rydell reports tonight. several bills are cracking down on sex offenders. >> 854. 936. >> a bill signing ceremony is always festive. lawmakers and advocates line up to get their photos taken as governor o'malley signs hundreds of bills into law. but beyond the smiles, there are personal stories of grief. jennifer foxwell's 11-year-old daughter sarah was raped and murdered last year in salisbury.
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alleged killer a repeat sex offender. >> notification, registration penalties. >> today sarah's mother is taking solace in the signing of key bills. >> brings peace to sarah's death for myself and family and community. because now we know no other child will have to endure what she did. it gives us peace. >> one bill calls for the lifetime supervision of violent sex offenders. another would prohibit some sex offenders from receiving good time credits which often allow them to be released early. and those convicted of the second-degree-rape of children now face more time behind bars. >> this victorious day because it will again protect children. keep these predators in jail for 15 years to life. >> meantime some lawmakers say a sex offender advisory board created several years ago, but a board that rarely is ever met. needs to conconvene on a regular basis to monitor all the newly enacted dismiss where are we with regards to drains the problems? particularly the communication between states, where sex
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offender cross from one state to another. >> a move that the mother of sarah foxwell calls crucial. >> a bit of a victory. but our children are protected better than they were prior to this. in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> another bill signed into law today would address gang activities in schools. now find out if a sex offenders lives in your neighborhood on our website. it is the state sex offender database. go to the community news features section. >> arrest in the failed bomb plot in time square. faisal shahzad arrested after he boarded a plane bound for dubai. he is a citizen from pakistan. and he admitted to the role in the planned task. he faces terrorism and weapons of mass destruction charges. >> the american people can be assured that the fbi and partners, in this process, have all the schools experience they need to learn everything we can. and that includes what if any connection this individual has
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to terrorist groups. >> faisal shahzad's connecticut home was searched by fbi today. neighbors say he kept a low profile. expected to appear in court tuesday. >> it took authorities three days to track faisal shahzad down. they were tipped off to the whereabouts when he bought a last minute, one way plane ticket with cash. terror experts say investigators wanted to see if there was others involved in the plot before making the arrests. >> they have very significant strategies. so you want to make sure that you are not just getting this individual but get inanyone else that may be concerned. so you make a decision as to when you will take them. not just based on when it is easiest to take them. but when you feel pretty sure that you have seen all you need to see. >> allowing the suspect to go through security was a good idea because then they knew he was unarmed. >> well that brings us to the question of the day. is the government doing enough to protect the u.s. from terrorism? so far, 29 percent say yes.
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79 percent say no. julie writes on our website. it seems like they are more concentrate order terrorism abroad than at home. and jack writes. all things cannot be watched. the alertness of citizens. is also important. >> pretty boy dam bridge is open. closed for three on months for construction. forced crews to close it. and bridge built back during the depression n 1932 and cost about 5 and a half million dollars now to upgrade. >> nissan issues a recall over the air bags and applies to about 130,000 infinity g 35 vehicles. model years 2005 through 2007. nissan said there is a problem that could disrupt signals sent to the air bags that could cause them not to deploy if necessary. no injuries reported. now for more information contact
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your local nissan dealer or call this toll free number on the screen. 1-800-662-6200. >> amazing weather today. >> it was. absolutely gorgeous. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. hi vytas. >> see a quiet night tonight. clear skies today. and for tomorrow, looks like a repeat of what we saw today. pretty nice day on tap with plenty of sunshine awaiting us, and it looks like stays like that, for about a day or so. changes are coming. radar scans the disguise skies. no activity right now. 74 in baltimore. 72 in d.c.. and on the eastern shore, temperatures in the 60s. looks like overnight tonight, clearing. temperatures start in the lower 60s tomorrow morning and rush hour and in the afternoon, 79 with sunshine. for the latest weather updates, tell you about the weekend coming up in a bit. >> when we warn that start drilling, was a hazard, the
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other side chanted "drill baby drill." >> as clean up continues in the gulf. future of oil is undie bait in washington d.c. >> unconvention exactly kind of gr
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>> oil drilling off the coastlines are dead on arrival in congress.
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after of course the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the bp oil slick is now five to 7 miles away from louisiana shore. but oily clumps of tar are washing up near gulfport mississippi. satellite images indicate the spill shrinking. experts say the oil is now pulling like clouds under water. today several democratic senators unveiled a measure that would raise the liabilities now for oil companies from $75 million, to pay up to $10 billion. >> i don't think $75 million will help the shrimp fishermen in louisiana. i don't think it will help the commercial fishermen. i don't think it will help the tourism industry. >> here is a foot note to this tragic story. bp turned a $5.6 billion profit in the first quarter of this year alone. >> as the flood waters recede in tennessee, mississippi, and kentucky. the death toll starts to rise. the heavy wind and rain killed more than 20 people so far. the only way to get around in
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downtown nashville is by boat. in mississippi, more flooding and evacuations. rising water and currents carrying merchandise out of the k-mart store that you see there. >> we have no room to complain here. we had great weather today. >> much different picture here. will it stick around, as we go into the rest of the week and weekend? check out with chief meteorologist vytas reid. >> some changes coming our way down the road. for the first part. nice clear conditions. 70 degrees. north-northwest wind at seven. humidity levels at 44 percent. and we did have a few showers over the border in pennsylvania. but that has cleared out. clear skies overtime state it looks like relatively nice conditions tonight. 60s back west. 68 in hagerstown. 55 in oakland and western maryland. slightly cooler, looking at lower 60 degrees on the eastern shore. 70s right along the 95 corridor. as far as the bigger picture. you can see how we have mild temperatures here in the middle atlantic. cooler off to the west. and we will see the temperatures
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kind of right before where they were today for tomorrow. and as we see much of the same things setting up. showers to the north dissipating. one front pushed through leaving us with clear conditions. another front out of the great lakes that could give us a chance for a spotty shower down the road. looking at the future scan you can see how this activity moves in wednesday, to the west. and thursday maybe late afternoon, a chance for a pop-up shower. but it is very slight chance and then we will get more clearing leading us into the weekend. until the next system arrives. as far as tonight looking at 66. mild temperatures. winds out of the northwest at five to 10. and then for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. pleasant day with temperatures at 81 degrees. and then our five-day forecast. shows 84 on thursday with a slight chance for that late shower. and then 82 friday. nice conditions and then saturday a chance for showers moving through the area. our temperatures will drop down behind the frontal boundary. high of 76. and see around 69 degrees with plenty of sunshine. and for mother's day. back to you guys.
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>> orioles send the rookie phenom maddis to the mound to derail yankees.
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>> in tonight's "get this". it is one way to clean up the oil slick in the gulf of mexico. >> apparently instead of disposing of unwanted hair you can put it in to panty hose. that creates a oil absorbent sponge, we're not kidding here. this is actually what is being suggested. no word if any hair salons in the area are contributing to the cause in this unusual way. >> bruce cunningham can take a look at the bathtub drain though and maybe help out. philadelphia phillies fan stormed the field of last night's ball game and ended up getting tased. look at the "youtube" video 17-year-old ran on the field and out running security for quite some time. and then a guard zapped him. the teen is okay. his mom told reporters today he is sorry for what he did. he should have listened to his dad. the teen called him before he jumped onto the field. to tell his father about the
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plan. dad told him it was not a good idea. >> after that big three game sweep with the red sox over the weekend, orioles are pretty much coming back down-to-earth. for the second straight night they had problems up in the bronx against the yankees. top of the third. no score. two on for cezar, he lays down the bunt. aj fires it, goes to first and throws it way. adkins scores on the error. orioles lead. and runsers are at second and third with nobody out. so the next batter is adam jones. but he chases a curve ball for strike three. one out. next hitter. markakis. he goes fishing in the dirt. throw goes to first to complete the strike out. two gone. and as the runners stay put. next up. wieters. he strikes out on the curve ball as well. burnett pitches out of the jam allowing one run. that's the oriole's problem all year.
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they cannot guys in. maddis started for the birds. looking for win three. bottom of the fourth. maddis fakinging rodriguez and he fans on the change up. rookie pitching well. again. in yankee stadium. bottom of the fifth. game tied. pena lays down a punt. fields goes to first. but he throws it away that allowed gardener to score on the error. and later in the inning. bases loaded for a-rod, maddis. throws ball four. walks it in. and they score. and yankees up. they win, for a second straight night. >> hula cross, check in on a hot team. st. paul's that got two big wins last week. and seen themselves rise to the number two spot on the metro rankings. crusaders hosted mount st. joe this afternoon. check out the ball movement. scoring on the quick ball move. third quarter. karlsson gets a pass in front.
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scores on the one time. crusaders up. and he was our prep player of the week tonight. fourth quarter. now 16-2. green looking to pass. ball deflected into the net for the goal. st. paul's 17-2. and later in the fourth. 18-2. parker drives, bounce it in for the goal. st. paul demolished mount st. joe. >> and some very sad news from the major leagues tonight. voice of the detroit tigers and former oriole play-by-play announcer eastern knee harwell lost his battle with cancer. he was a great one. back to you. >> it looks [wind rustling]
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. 81 degrees tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 84 thursday with a few showers possible. 82 on friday. it looks like nice conditions starting off the weekend. saturday a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms as cooler air it moves out of canada. it looks like we will see a cool down sunday, mother's day. but a nice day at this time. with temperatures around 69 to 70 degrees. and 72 on monday. and then next tuesday another round of showers possible. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> late word, we heard someone else ran out on the field again during the game tonight.
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we hear he was not tased however. but we cannot -- we cannot confirm that. >> bad behavior by those philly fans. >> i don't understand it. the philadelphia fans are so classy. >> that will do it for the "late edition". thanks for joining us. i am jeff barnd. >> they boo'd santa. >> i am jennifer gilbert, see you tomorrow night. have a great night. real time closed captioning prov [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. it has what other fertilizers don't.
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