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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 21, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we want to know -- and you post the code word on our facebook wall, you are going to win a great prize. just go to baltimore, become a fan and youn the conversation. i want to join the conversation. >> what do you want to talk about, what is on your mind. >> the weather. it's going to be nice, really nice. at the bus stop 61 degrees and we do have clouds to start with, but we will see sunshine and a few clouds later with temperatures climbing even more yesterday when it got to 83 degrees then. we are warming up even more now. we are looking at showers toward the midwest that could be affecting the weekend weather. we will be in a wash out by any stretch but definitely a chance for a shower or thunderstorm as the front passes through this weekend. 81 degrees by noon how about that warm up after 61 degrees
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how we start this morning. sunshine and the clouds move in later tonight after topping out at 85 at 3:00 this afternoon. sound pretty good? let's see if the commute sounds pretty good. here is candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter: well, the weather does sound picture perfect and the roadways are looking that way as well. we are checking in on the beltway. here it is at harford road. you will see that the lanes are wide opener and outer loop stretch. that's the same situation, on the inner loop lanes, from 95 toward 83. we're looking at an 11-minute ride right now 54 miles per hour. traveling in baltimore, nothing to get in the way, the fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes at 55 miles per and only 53 miles per hour with an 8 minute clip on southbound 55. harbor tunnel, all the way down toward 95. that's a look at morning travels, megan, back over to you. which would you tax, beverages like soda at $0.4 a
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pop for video poker. decisions like these are being made and argued as the council tries to find $144 million in new funding much good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, megan, good morning everyone, you know the money has to come from somewhere and right now the city council says it will not be from beverages. all of that lobbying from the beverages industry seems to have paid. the city council is deciding that video poker machines being the answer for all of that. machines like these could be taxed up to $5,200 a piece per machine. yesterday the council taxation approved the video tax, promising it will get to the city's bottom line which might require a total of $43 million in new ref that's true. in all happens because the mayor thinks it could be closer to $50 million to avoid cuts to the
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police and rec centers. the majority of them say the beverage tax just went too far. >> why should we get into the business of telling people what they should drink and what they should eat in order to save money. >> reporter: the mayor says she hasn't seen the details of the council's alternative tax yet. she isn't sure if it's enough to make the huge gap in the budge. the video tax is expected to make $45 million. grocers say they lost tens of thousands of dollars, because folks who lived near the border went to the county to get their soda. while they were there, they got their groceries, too. right now the beverage industry has won. no tax there, but the money has got to come from somewhere else like the video poker machine. joel d smith, fox 45 early
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edition. police are investigating whether a dispute twee between o drivers led to one of them getting hit. one man pulled over and got out of his car possibly to try to confront another driver. he ran across traffic and was hit by an on coming car. the man was taken to shock trauma, no word on his condition. the little girl who told the first lady that her mom does not have any papers has people talking more about immigration. as parker explains that the homeland security says they will not pursue the family of that maryland girl. >> the grown ups have been talking and yes, shouting. about immigration re, but it was the soft voice of a little girl that has truly brought the issue into focus. >> barack obama wants everybody that does not have papers. >> that is something we have to work on, right, to make sure
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that people can be here with the right kind of papers, right? that's exactly right. yeah. well, we have to work other that. we have to fix that and that everybody has got to work together in congress to make sure that that happens. >> reporter: at that second grader school at montgomery county one sign outside is in english, the other is in spanish. her situation is no surprise to immigration lawyer mark. >> i hear is directly from kids but also from parents who are worried about being deported not for themselves as much but for their children. people come here to give their next generation a better life, and this generation of immigrants is no different from any other generation of immigrants. >> reporter: a group called help save maryland sees the girl's exchange with the first lady very different. >> this is a set up. what 7 years old is going to ask the first lady about the papers. in fact the whole family should
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go home. >> reporter: as a maryland taxpayer he doesn't want to pick up the tab for that little girl's education. in the end both sides seem to think it comes down to a difference of opinion about what america should be. >> maryland's attorney general is being criticized for commenting on a controversial immigration law in arizona. the law allows police to question suspects about their immigration status. doug gensler was asked what he thinks about that law. he says it's unconstitutional that he didn't read the bill. pat mcdonough plans to introduce similar measures here in maryland and says that gensler's comments are irresponsible. >> here we have an attorney issuing an off the top of his head opinion which impacts the credibility of my proposal because he is the attorney general. some people will start to go around and say, well the, attorney general already said
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that bill is unconstitutional, why take it seriously. >> gensler says he was simply expressing his opinion. bullying can scar a child for life. now a new hampshire teen has a memory of what happened. four teens are accused of tattooing a picture of the male anatomy in a boy's backside. all of the suspects went to the aim school. apparently the suspects bullied the victim so relentlessly he would do anything to get them to stop. >> at agreement was made with the suspect and the victim that if he allowed them to place a tattoo on him, that they would no longer pick on him. >> police found out about the incident, because cell phone pictures of the tattoo were circulating around that school and the principal then reported. the four students involved have been suspended. no word on what charges they will face.
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the country's national intelligence director steps down. dennis says he is resigning effective today. the his resignation comes more than a year on the job and multiple terrorism scares including the christmas day and the times square botched attempt. he is the first high member of the national obama's security team to leave. some argue that his resignation exposes a weakness in the system. >> these are the intelligence failures we were not expecting to see after 9/11. >> whoever his replacement is will be the 4th intelligence director in just five years. off the streets and on to the internet. the ways you can interact in this year's race for governor. we are headed back into the 80s again today. even warmer than yester
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it's a whole new volkswagen. welcome back. we're waking up to a warm start to the morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell us what we can expect for the weekend. megan, what we can expect is warmer temperatures for today and cooler for the weekend. let's take a look as we get into details and see the sky watch hd radar indicating dry scan. we have clouds out there to start the day but we will see sunshine and we will see more cloud cover again later tonight ahead of a potential system moving our way. i say potential because what you see in the midwest, some of that is coming our way, but it should be weakening some. we will be watching closely when in fact that comes in and what in fact we expect to get out of it. west southwest winds at 5 miles per hour. the humidity is at 57%. the high pressure continues to control our weather longer. 57 degrees is the temperature in baltimore, mild start, 59 in d.c. and even oakland, look at
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that, 59 degrees not bad. meanwhile, 80s for much of new england and also down through the mid-atlantic and high pressure is bringing us the southeasterly flow today. that will increase cloud cover later in the day as the low pressure moves our way. that is what could bring us showers and thunder later in the day and more so for sunday. in either case, not looking at an all day event, probably looking at the afternoon and even timing variety. it won't be a wash out as the front moves through. we are not expecting anything as widespread as we're seeing in the midwest. eventually we will cool down for the weekend into the 70s which is not badment high pressure builds back in and we get temperatures back in the 80s for the beginning the next workweek once again of th. here is had a we're looking at, eastern shore, 81 for a high. expect a mission of sun and clouds for the central part of the state our share of sunshine
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and the clouds roll back in, 81 for the south with a mix. the mix of sun clouds. back to the west, 80 degrees for the high with postally clear skies and a south wind at 5-10 miles per hour. it will turn partly cloudy in the afternoon and western part of the state. 59 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, it will be a mild night with the 59 degrees being above average for this time of year. as we move through the day today, 81 by noon with mostly clear skies by then. cloud cover, partly cloudy by 6:00 p.m. with the temperature reading of 81 after getting to the 85 by 5:00. tomorrow an afternoon shower or thunderstorm is possible. a better chance for the part of the state to see it earlier. a better chance for it to see on sunday with a high of 74. can't rule out a lingering shower on monday but generally drier, and definitely drier or tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. wednesday, and thursday, 85 and 84 respectively.
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fox 45 sky watch weather is available at your finger tips. iradar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track incoming storlz. incoming storms. the interactive tools will let you know when rain or thunderstorms will be over your house. you can need to know what is going on the so you can plan ahead. here is candace dold with the track edge. >> reporter: hi, steve. not too much to complain about on the main corridors. we're checking if on the numbers for you. 61 miles per hour on the beltway traveling through pikesville. and 62 miles per hour on the jfx. we're talking about downtown baltimore, just a warning for you. at 6:30 this morning. the national bike to to work festivities will take place at the national plaza. expect some congestion around the area as you scoot through the downtown regions. as far as the main line getting in and out of downtown area, check it out, light activity, southbound lanes and northbound
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stretch up toward the toll plaza. that's the same deal heading toward the beltway. once you finally do hop on the beltway, let's check it out moving for you at frederick road this morning, nothing to complain about inner loop lanes, outer loop lanes moving up to speed. that's a look at the morning travels, megan, back over to you. still ahead, baseballs were flying high for that hot texas air last night. find out if the o's could rack enough runs to avoid the sweep. it's fascinating them that there's that many people tuned in. >> and connecting peop
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is election year those running for governor want you to vote and sew do those who are running for office. they want you to be connected to their campaign personally. thousands of you are signing up on mac facebook and twitter. moments before governor o'malley launched his bid for re-election. >> to move all of maryland forward his lieutenant governor was already soliciting votes. >> in order for us to keep you informed and listen to you and give you latest updates in the campaign, take out your old, and check omb to 77007.
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>> reporter: in 2010, officials know they have to do more than just press the flash. to get your attention, they're expanding their use of social media, from facebook to twitter. >> what you have seen in this campaign to the degree that had never happened before, is people going online to learn about their candidates records. >> reporter: from his laptop in the campaign office of mack ehrlich. he is up the guy who updates media's sites including bob >> reporter: and he promotes the republican's campaign appearances. bob ehrlich monitors the instant feed back. >> go, ehrlich, go. >> it's fascinating ta there's that many people tuned in to what we're doing every day. >> reporter: ehrlich says his
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campaign social media out reach is not just for younger voters. >> a lot of folks my age and older are commun communicating n facebook. >> reporter: an expert at social media says the candidates should not rely too heavily on new technology. >> just having a facebook page or a having a twitter account, does not mean that they're making a connection necessarily. that has to come through the content of their ideas and programs and excite young people. >> reporter: voters naf navigating all of political websites will find a few surprises. this website, bob was created by the maryland party. >> we thought it would be good political satire, something that is done often in campaigns to kind of set the record straight. >> reporter: isaac salazar is the brains behind bob his decree at thi cretiquing ehd
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for governor. >> he was a big spender and he is not a fiscal conservative and he did in fact, raise fees and taxes. >> it's sort of the new dirty tricks to stop the campaign. it's kind of silly, but not a whole lot of people pay attention to it. if people do not like you, they may get on that website. >> reporter: with so many different ways that candidates can seek potential voters, the state board of elections is starting to take notice. >> at its next meeting it's considering whether to regulate political websites, especially those that appear to represent political candidates but are regulated by the opposition. >> the internet has been great to spread democracy in some ways but it also means that unfounded rumors can travel very easily and very widely. >> reporter: bob ehrlich says
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he supports labeling for political websites. >> anything above can get into attempting to control content the internet is so great because content is not controlled. >> just because something is on the internet doesn't necessarily make it truth. which is why having sites and sources on the internet is very important. >> reporter: so with the disclaimer of browser beware, those running for governor are hoping you will become their friend online and later at the polls. the board of elections plans to discuss the idea of registering political websites in maryland at its next meeting in two weeks. later on fox 45 morning news, everyone's favoriting on r is heading back to theater. he now finds that he has celebrity to deal with. the identity crisis that sparks the drama in shrek
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forever after. but next he missed most the season with a back injury. now oriole's second base man we have thousands of rollbacks all over. what? you want to go count them now? ...41, 42...
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94, 95... 237... i see you. see, you're laying down. i got you. 531... 635... 701, 702... 1,002... 1,733... 2,226... 3,130... 3,131... 4,340... 4,389. i'm christin. i save people money so they can live better. good morning, everybody. after a heartbreaking loss to the reasoning rangers, the
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orioles were open for better things last night. hope is a very good thing, but last night it wasn't enough as the rangers completed the sweep. brian maddox had a rough start. he serves the 3-home run to nelson cruz into the left field seat. that is the fitting and the rangers have an early 4-0 lead. corey patterson rips a double field line and into the corner. montanez scores. and the orioles are on the board down 1-2. and the lines the back, and here comes the throw from josh hamilton. it's up the line, patterson scores, birds trail 4-3. the bottom of the second, the left field off of maddox. that is his 9th. the rangers take a 6-3 lead. 2 and a 3rd innings, his shortest outing of the season. the top of the fitting, it's an
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8-3 game. luke scott takes it red-hot. and rounds 3rd, and heads to the plate, orioles trail it 8-4. top of the 8th, a's down 1-5. or ver gets to swinging to end the inning. in the bottom of the 8th the rangers add some insurance. cruz adds to the right field. score from the 3rd. rangers up 9-5. they tap on a bunch more and sweep the orioles. the second base man, we learned that brian roberts has pneumonia who was to leave for sarasota for reinjured back. instead he was admitted to the hospital. not more than is known, but the orioles are not very concern. it's not to affect roberts rehab schedule. it will be several days before he goes to florida. the ravens passed up their camp yesterday and they feel better about a certain position than
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they did a couple of days ago. all of a sudden tied end is looking like a strength instead of a weakness. the ravens knew they had to get some depth in the position. they expect consecutive picks in the draft. both stand a very good chance of making this ball club especially after what they have shown in mini camps. >> ed and dennis have shown us why we drafted them. they are both very talented. they got range, good hands, they are picking things up quickly. so they have been a real plus so far. >> reporter: meanwhile, ravens full back, mcclain loves it here and he is looking to stay so he is look for a long-term contract. he was given a first round restricted tender offer which will pay him over $2.3 million but he has yet to sign it hoping to spur negotiations on a new deal but as of right now no negotiations are planned.
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>>the bottle tax is dead, what city hall could decide to tax instead. this is a free speech, this is a rights issue. that is what this is about. >> size does matter. we take you live to the neighborhood where a large political sign keeps stirring up controversy. ruby don't play like homey. >> an sln skit turned movie. why the stars of mcgrouper thingruberthink they have anothn their hands. you are taking a live look at the sun coming up over city hall there. look at. blue skies, not a cloud in sight there. it looks like it's going to be a great day today. good morning, welcome to fox 45 morning news and welcome to the weekend. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning f


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