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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 24, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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tonight they will come together to remember the rofton children. a viewing for aidan, and shaven a tucker will be held today. tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. at the same place. the children all under 10 years old were killed last saturday in an early morning house fire. along ceddr hill circle. investigators say flames broke out in the living room there and quickly spread throughout. their mother, 29 years old jewel johnson survived, but did suffer burns. many neighbors were outside help. >> hard, know, because i have kids of my own anddthey're the same age as her kids. i would rather me bury me before i bury my kids. it's juss bad. >> reporter: the viewing for the children will be held tonight. for more information on it, go to our website at megan gilliland fox 45 early edition. city police are investigating a stabbing in southeast baltimore.
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it happened juut after 7:00 last night at south haden street near east lombard street.3 two people were hurt. there's no word on their conditions or what led to the incident. a dundalk bar owner is gunned down outside of his bar. police say he wws shot times and this morning they're still looking for the gunman. 40 years old lee martin was found early saturday outside of thh hops inn at railway avenue. two men were seen running away. nothing was takennto investigators don't think it was a robbery. the bar is in shock over martin's death. >> outstanding, outgoing and generous guy. >> he gave everybody respect. >> police are asking anyone with information about this shooting3 tt call metro crime stoppers at 1866-7-lock up. it's lack to court for a developer who wants to put a casino at arundellmills mall. joel d smith is live at the mall
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with reaction from voters and how legal delays could cost the happens next. good morning, joel, this has been ongoing? >> reporter: on and on, and ongoing, definitely. if we're ever going to see the bells and see the lights on the slot machines at arundel mills, the next process in the eventual goaa takes placc in a couple oo showers. that is because the cordish company, the developers is suing the anna run deal board ofú elections. a lot of people would have thought that we would have seen slot machines a long time ago but it hah hhsn't happened yet. the millions of dollars would have been in the state coffers. and they want to put slott at arundel mills, and they're forecasting and the popularity would bring tens of millionssof dollars for them and the state eventually. that opposition is with the neighbors who have pushed it
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back to the boards. the overlooked fraud in getting the 20,000 signatuues. >> a lot of these are type people ttat would go to aruudel mills would be potential customers. however, it's important that the people around arundel mills don't support it and then that's a problem for cordish and theú referendum is a test of that. >> reporter: one the things we will beelistening for in court an allegation from the county that cordish hired a woman to derail the petition drive. the chances of breaking ground and building a casino gets less and less. the maryland jockey club is against this, they have partnered with this group.ú they think without slots at their track location that is likely to close down, we're talking about laurel park.
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at arundel mills, joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. >> joel, thank you. stay tuned to fox 45 morniig news for continuing coverage of this story. we wwll be joined by a member of a stop slots at aaundel mills. he is going to be with us during the 7:00 hour. a debate of a law in maryland similar to that in arizona is about to heat up. baltimore city councilwoman sharon middle ton says he has will propose such a law here. the state deleggte pat mcdonough is on the other side of the issue. he says he plans to introduce legislation next year that would mirror the arizona laa. today kicks off marrland bullying awareness week. sttdents at pikesville elementary will hear from first
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lady katie o'malley when she meets with them at the school. mrs. o'malley is expected to talk to students bout how serious and harmful bullying can be to kids. last month a student thought about jumping out of a window because she was being bullied so much. 7 students at gilmor have been suspended for bullying this year. coming up in the early edition, no-fly list causing chaos for ordinary travelers. >> i'm not a terrorist, never have been, never will be. [ laughter ] , no terrorist. >> why some people can't seem to get off the list. >well, we got a little bit of patchy fog, some [ vrrroooooomm! ]
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black one! where? [ vrrroooooomm! ]
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black one! where? [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! ow! where? [ male announcer ] the volkswagen tiguan. the only compact suv with a turbocharged engine, standard. [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! where? there. [ male announcer ] lease the 2010 tiguan for just $269 a month. it's a whole new volkswagen. and a whole new game. it's a whole new volkswagen. ii's tile to get aacheck of our forecast as we head into a new week. meteorrlogist tony pagnotti is in for steve fertig. good morning, tony. good morning, pptrice. we have misty conditions and some areas pattcy fog. 65 degrees at dwi thur good th d
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marshathurgoodmarshal airport. we will be seeing our temperatures around the 70-degree mark. currentty hear some the winds right now, nothing to speak of the highest wind we got at charm cityyat 8 miles out of the east. and taking a lack riiht now, yesterday we saw 75 degrees for the daytime highs managed to get the most part a cloudy, soupyor day, here is the dwi we had half an inch and less than that at the inner harbor. take a look at the radar picture. we will shhw you that the low pressure system that brought us the shower activity is startinn to sinkkto tte south. that is why we have the residual
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moisture in place. it will be with us during the morning hours before givinn way to mostly cloudy skies, and with peeks of sunshine. we are keeping an eye on the3 wedged of warm air to the that is going to be the high wwather maker with high weather pressure, and tte temperatures3 around the 80 degrees mark tomorrow but not today. the system that we're keeping an eye on is way out in the bahamas, but this could be alex, the first named storm of the season. it officially doesn't begin until june first the hurricane3 season so we're getting a jump on it. not to say it will become a tropical system. we will keep our eye on it.ú too early to tell right now. 69 egrees, the overnight low temperature.3 it looks like by this afternoon, with a little luck we will see a little brightening of the skies but still we will keep the rain possibilities hroughout thhain afternoon hours. forecast looking like this today. we call for mostly cloudy skies
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at the eastern shore especially. 77, we will warmmat the eastern shore at the inds northeast at 5-10 miles perrhour. here in entral maryland mostly cloudy skiee and 65 degrees. western maryland the cool spot, of course is usual, 72 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the east at 5. here is your seven-day forecast, we will say in the inner haabor 75 for the daytime high wiih the cloud cover, tuesday and wednesday, a good deal of sunshine, partly cloudy by wednesday. look at this pushing 900by wednesday ask then depending on if the storm system develops, we mmy have to change ome of this to include showers tuesday into well, what do you say, you know, you can be your own meteorologist with foo 45 sky watch weather it's available at yourrfinger tips. i-aid raaher is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppper radar to track the incoming storrs. interactive tools will let you know when rain or snow will be over your house.
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go to and clicc on iradar. we have had a pretty much busy monday morning on the traffic.3 here is the traffic edge report with lauren cooke. >> reporter: thank you, tony. we're still dealing with problems at harford county, going to be on route 165, south of route 136 that you want to watch out for. fortunatell the main lines are looking nice and clear. we're looking at 49 miles per hhur on the northeast corridor of 95. traveling southbound on whitemarsh and high speeds as well as in parkville. 66 miles per hour at harforr road. as we check in anddtake a live look you will see month problems to report. -- no problems to report. cars are moving along the inner and outer loop fines. no problems, 60 miles per hour north of 695 and as we take a live look, you will see it's nice and clear traveling alonn the both the northbound and southbound lanes. that will remain clear, traveling on the jfx from 695 all the way downtown to east
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fayette treet. as they make their way to the west side, they're dealing with some trouble, an accident at old road at liberry road. as you check in and take a look at speeds on the beltway, looking at high speeds at 68 miles per how at interstate 70. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back to you. jack bauer has just one hour left to save the world. tonight is the final episode of the fox hit "24". >> you're being haunted by every city. you're not thinking clearly. >> jack has been winning battles %-1 day at a time.ys for years, now we want to help you become a winner. all you have to do is watch the 24 series finale tonight nd news tomorrow. watch for a trivia question and be the first person to call in with the corrrct answer and you will win a grrat "24" prize pack, ncluding authentic siewf
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souvenirs from the show. a rally sparked the orioles come back. find out if it was enough to pick up a win on the battle of the belt ways. >> i'm not a terrorist, never have been, never will be, no terrorism. in glitches with the
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e government's no fly list is meant toomake air travel -afer. airlines are required to check it within two hours of each flight. but a growing number of3 travelers say the list is full of mistakes. we investigate why ordinary people can't seem to get off the list.3 >> reporter: if there's one thing jim harris knows for sure, he is not a terrorist. >> i am nnt a terrorist. [ laughter ] never have been, never will be. no terrorist. >> eporter: he is laughing now, bbt this new york native says it isn't funny how hard it is for him to visit his daughter. about three years ago harris discovered he could no longer check in for aaflight online. instead he now must arriie hoor3 ahead to the airline for the
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ntsb security administration can clear him to fly. >> harris is a very popular name. you look in the phone book you will find ppges and pages of harris. >> reporter: the thinks that the ntsb confused him and wrote to the agencyyto see if his name was on one of the care wwtch lists. >> when i got a letter back that we compllted the investigation, and you may, or may not be on the list. >> reporter: alexander discovered that she has the same problem with his family tried to go on vacation in puerto rico. the 12 years old almost didn't makeeit when tsa agents questioned him for hours at the aarport. >> i was confused because i didn't know what was going to happen and what was going to happen to me. >> reporter: his mother says alexander is now interrogated by the tsa every time he tries to fly. >> as parents we are froes trayefrustratedbecause we have h
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-very channel to get it reversed or get it fixed and we haven't had any luck. >> this is an unfairrprocess that puts people on the list without any due process and no way of effectively et your way off the list. >> reporter: mark your man there's 1.1 million names on the goverrment's watch list. >> as a bit of security theater -hat the government wants to say they're doing something with the lists they have. >> reporter: he pointed to security reports that found that theevast majority of travelers found as a match to these lists be the individuals of interest. yyt the fbi failld to the remove the subject in a timely manner 72% of the time. yet known terrorists like last year's christmas bomber never
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made it on the list. >> it's amazing to me that we have a person who a person shows up on the list and says we yyu can't buy a ticket because you are a terrorist. do you think that if that person thought you were a terrorist, wouldn't they want to be called and come and arrest this person, as opposed to preventing them from flying. >> reporter: t's the wwy that people are matcheddto the various watch lists. until now, it was up to the airlines to match the potential watch lists but the tsa is going to take over the process by the eed of the year. for those people who continue to be misidentified, tte tsa will provide them with a unique problem which will be called a redress number. >> this includes their full name, their date of birth and gender. if the traveler has applied for
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a redress number and he will be >> i get a second letter which is almost like a pin. >> reporter: but harris -emains skeptical but says for all of this time and trouble it noww akes him to fly, he would rather just drive. >> coming up later on fox 45 favorite shows are winding down for the summer but others are just getting started. >> a lot of changes, all-star team, faces that we know. >> get a preview of the fox's summer line up in today's low down. but next an unexpected
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e orioles wound up their weekenddseries with the nationals and the bull pin is in apparent disarray. and aafredo simon did something to his hamstring while covering the irss inning yesterday. not a sunday's game, the orioles, take kevin mill wood to - 1-0 lead. millwood has loaded the bases at the bottom of the first, facing robert bernardina adam jones
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back at the wall, he leads but the ball bounccs off watch. josh willing ham all come into score, the fans in take a 3-1 lead in the triple by bernardina. looking at strike to end the inningg then in the mired 3rd. millwood fans and in the fought3 4th, zimmerman. and he roonds off to second and luke scott scores on the field of choice. %-julio lugo to his last strike much the players gg to the right field. adam jjnes scores the tying run and the ggme is tied at 3 and they're headed to the xtra innings n the ba battle of the
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belt ways. as we mentiooed, simon pulls up lane. he suffered a left hamstring injury running to cover tte bag and he leff the game after that play. so, play meredith, comes into replace simon. first batter he faces, josh willing ham, the guy they call a hammer. he land on the bull pen for the walk off solo home run, the nationals win the battle of the beltway over the orioles at the 10th inning. >> millwood pitched another great game for him. lugo a tremendous settack. and you know unfortunate the way the game ended. >> it's heartbreakinn anytime that you lose a game, you know, but i can tell you that we got 25 guys ahead pulling for each other and we're trying our best. we give 100% effort and that's theeonly thing we can ask for. >> college lacrosse, and stunning news for college park.
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maryland head coach david cotle has resigned. ththe announcement was made. his contract ran out after the terp's upset loss to notre dame. that means next weekend final 4 here will be wiihout a team from maryland. and afterward he told his team -e was gone. they're calling it a resignation. cotle left loyola in 2001 to take over the terps. he led them to a final arpz. appearance. an immediate search ill begin coming up in the 6:00 hour, gulf of mexicc. the action federal lawmakers are taking to resolve the crisis. >> reporter: saying goodbye to three young kids killed in a -ecil county fire. i'm megan gilliland how friends
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and family are paying their respects to the crofton kids today. >> reporttr: slots were approved in maryland back in 2008, but the folks
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a country is only as good as its cheese. good thing ours doesn't have a bunch of holes in it. kraft singles - the american cheese.
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a plan lanes nose first, what led to this amazing feat. could these ever really come to marrland? the next legal hurdle to the on going slots machine debate. calling for backup. goodbye "24". hello another break out hit. the stars take us mind the summer's hottest shows. good morning. ú%'s monday, may 24th. you are taking a live ook out over the inner harbor. a gray overcast way to start the day, but we're doing to find out if that is going to stay the case all day and all week. good morning, iim patrice harris. meteorologist tony pagnotti is in for steve fertig. he has the answers about the weather.
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it looks pretty gray and it was misty on the way out to the ar this morning. >> reporter: things improved in the last hour and we'rr now seeing the mist and the rain letting up. still fog out there. be careful on this monday morning. >> will the sun come out at all this monday morning. >> the will the sun come out tomorrow? , yeyes, tomorrow but look for mostly cloudy skies. we have lost the mist at the inner harbor and the showers that we in the last hour. we're calling it cloudy. the humidity saturated as it has the system exiting he area. the rain we had on yesterday, and off again, the thunderstorms maybe you didn't have any in your neighborhood but we did have settled innthe day. that is down to the the south. as it drags to the south we will have the residual moisture possibility. -or the most part we will call it a brightening of the day.
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at the bus stop earlier this morning look for the clouds maybe still some mist at your neighborhood with patchy fog and 67 degrees. 70 degrees by lunnhtime, maybe some peaks of sunshine will top out around 72 to 74 degrees. well, check oot the roadways on this monday morning, here is lauren cooke in the traffic edge report.. >> reporter: in baltimore county we have an accident at old court road at liberty road that you dd want to wwtch out for. fortunately the beltway in the area is in good shape. high 53 miles per hour at interstate if i. as we check in and take a live look, no problems to report along the outer or inner loop lanes.3 -f you're traveling along the outer loop lanes from 795 through 95, you're looking at 11-minute trip with an average speed of 55 miles per hour and no problems to report on 95 traveling southbound from 695 to route 1000 yyu're looking at a 6-minute trip witt a high average speed of 61il


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