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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 24, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> she was shoved or pushed down the steps. >> firrt on fox, a middle school student bullied at school. where it happened and the steps her mother is faking to be sure it does not happen to anyone else. >> bringing back the bottle ttx. the plan to balance the city's budget and new taxes you could ú% paying. >> the season's first tropical depression could form. let's starting to brew and the fact it could of maryland in my fox watch forecast. >> the "american idol" finale is now set. see the softer side of simon cowell, as he prepared to leave the show. >> good evening..ú
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>> a baltimore ounty middle school student says she was shoved down a flight of stairs. the alleged bullying prompts a major lawsuit. >> $600,000 lawsuit against the county board of education and 2 school administrators. a parent says if school system failed to maintain a safe environment for this 13-year-old girl. the 7th grader at franken middle school she is he was bullied every day. it escalated, pushed down a flight of stairs and broke her foot. her mother says school administrators ignored her pleas for help. now a lawsuit has been iled. michele benbow says school officials should have protected her daughter from the verbal and physical abuse. >> she was scared, embarrassed, tired of the anxiety and stress and name calling. it's supposed to be a safe environmmnt for your child.
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>> the victim of the bullying is now at home hoping to e ú%ansferred else where. officials with the county say they will not comment on any pending litigation. >> maryland's first lady, katie o'malley takes a stand against bullying. this week is declared bully prevention week. the school recently declared itself a bully free zone. she says putting a stop to bullying starts with getting victims to speak out and focusing on the bullies. >> a lot of times what the school can do, they can talk to the parents of the bulliers, talk parents, and see what is underlining reasons are. sometimes they're beinn abused. >> there were more than 1600 incidences in maryland schools. prooecutors dropped charges against a transit administration officer accused of rape.
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officer don't brown kidnapped a 15-year-old girl, brown was suspected of taking the girl to his apartment and raping her but prosecutors dropped all charges saying there wasn't enough evidence to move forward. >> police are wait forth thh autopsy results of 6 week old baby boy found dead in an apartment. it happened saturday morning at the afternoon stone resident apartments on edge rock way. a man who lives in the complex said the mother came down stairs scceammng, banging on his door. he immediately called 911 and told to start performing cpr. >> told 911 people, emergency people,,i said cpr isn't go to help. this baby is cold. >> the baby is identified at joel. no charges have been filed. off duty police officer shoots a suspected car thieve over the weekend. it happened friday night on chase street near the belvedere. the officer heard his car alarm
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sounding, then found a guy sitting in the frrot seat. police say the suspect pulled a weapon, then the officer shot him in the knee. the suspect was last listed in stable condition. >> a bottle water could cost more in baltimore city. city counnillis revisiting a proposal to create a beverage container tax. standing by where council is meeting. what containers are we talking about here? >> well, it's basically all individual containers like a bottle of water or soda or beer. anything but those 2 liter containers or larger and there would be no tax on containers of fruit juice. the mayor saas charge as few cents on each bottle ould generate about $11 million in tax revenue. without it the city would face hundreds of more layoffs, not earn is open to the idea. some carryouts and grocery store owners don't like it. some customers think paying more things like water is ough to
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swallow. >> it's ridiculous. they're taxing everything. they already charge us for everything else. next they're going to charge us for air. >> now, last week city council seemed ready to grab this -- scrap this tax. no one has been able to come up with another plan to generate as much money. they're discussing alternatives at the meeting including a possible fax on vacant buildings in the city. although i'm told both city council and the mayor's office would like more time to think aboot it. we'll let you know what they decide tonight at 10:00. live at city hall. >> thank you. the university of virginia la crosse player killed in her apartment receives her degree. yardly love would have graduate the yesterday. her friends remembered her at theirgration ceremony wearing white ribbons in her memory.
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her exboyfriend, george, is charged with her murder. >> it's a privilege to recognize [indiscernible] student at uva and also [indiscernible]. >> she was a member of uva's la crosse team. it fell one game short of making the ncaa final for this weekend. -p>> how are 2 roads looking? lauren has our traffic edge report. >> we have trouble on one of our main lines, dealing wiih a crash on the southbound lanes of 295 at route 32. fortunately if you're whereases usings the west side it's a much different scene. a high oo 54 miles per hour here at liberty road. expect congestion pushing to pikesville, only 20 miles per hour here at green spring avenue. as we check in and look livee the interloop lanes are packed. it will ease up pushing toward clarkville. 46 miles perrhour here at
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hartford road. no real problems to report, traffic is moving along both the inner and outer loop lanes fine that will be the same if you're traveling the northeast corridor of 93. >> a high -- 95. no probbems to report, cars moving along the northbound lanes toward hartford countyyú just fine. we have an accident in the cityy right on 35th street. another accident in northweet baltimore riggt on pinnacle road at wess cold spring lane. that is a look at your evening travels. back to you. >> thank you. every year the youngest class at the naval cademy takes parr in a messing climbing tradition. >> this year it was without all the mess. >> the goal heee is for the plead class to work information to get one person to the top of the herndon monument to remove the cap. usually it's greased in previous years. because of safety concerns, they went without the slippery
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substance this year. there is talk nnt the naval academy may do away with the tra decision all ttgether. >> the [indiscernible] is missing. i think it's kind of -- almost like a downer for a lot of them. >> tradition is sacredd that's the whole thing in one word. >> the winner keyingen alby made it to 2 top. >> 2 minutes 5 seconns. he would have rather had the more difficult challenge of the greased uppmonument. brings us to the question. should the naval academy stop the annual herndon monument climb. go to and tell us what you think. you can send us a tweak, 45203 for a text answer, a for yes, b for no. the response may air tonight. you can see more of the greaseless race to the top of the herndon monument on our website, news. >> just not the same, is it.
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>> no, it's not. put it back. >> starting to believe to feel more like summer. >> how much warmer it's going to get coming up next in the sky watch forecast. >> and i'm cannice live at the north theater in hollywood where we're playing simon says, what he says about his good partture from idol coming up
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>> facebook facing criticism cell aad jussice reporterrsays the fire storm started after the networking site reported it sends user information to advertisers. joy. >> jeff, thousands of people are threatening to leave facebook at the end of the month. that's according to a new website called quut facebook
5:43 pm part of the problem, privacy. who exactly has access to your information? facebook, the biggest thing that people seem to have an issue with is that when they create a new option, they automatically opt people in. >> it's your responsibility to opt out. tonight at 10:00 who may have access to your information and how they could be benefitinggú from it. joy, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you. the fate of slot machines in a mall is the focus of a legal battle unfolding today in court. a citizens grouppselected signattres to push the issue on the ballot with the hopes of overturning zoning approval for slots at the mall. the company has filed suit claiming the referendum is being funded by the maryland jockey club, sill wants to put slots at park. they claim they overlooked fraud in the petition drive. >> we have massive evidence of people being fold that they were
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signing petitton for slots as opposed to repealing a specific zoning bill. their whole case is built upon smoke, mirrors, innuendo. the facts aren't there. we''l demonstrate the facts have never been there. >> a judge is expected to issue a decision sometime soon. >> warmer weather is on the way. our own exprogram ration in a sky watch forecast. >> beautiful afternoon, a few popup showers still occurring as we look over toward belle air, a ú%hartford county.hre in we'll continue to see this moving on the east ward track as the moisture comes in from the atlantic. then on the eastern shore, chester town a few little blips there, light showers, just a little bit of light precipitation going through the next several hours.
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looking at the bicker picture, yoo can see the moisture moving in wrapping around an area of low pressure that we have to watch, creating heavy showers over north and south carolina. this low ressure could become our irst ropical depression, an unorganized cluster of showers and thunderstorms over the atlantic. we have to watch this losely. temperrture wise looking at 77 degrees in baltimore, 78 in dc. 77 in hagerstown. 80s, even the 0s other the midwest. expect to see a nice heatup on the way. mild conditions, mostly cloudy skies breaking for more sunshine for tomorrow. a decent forecast coming our your memorial day outlook coming up. ♪ ♪ >> well, it is the finale week on "american idol." can you believe it? >> where did the time go?
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>> it's almost the nd of the idol journey for simon cowell. >> live in holiday exposing simon's emotions on his final curtain call. hello. >> well, that's right. we are leave outside the theater. our home is hollywood for the next few days. this will be a bitter sweet finamy. one of the contestants will be named the next title holder, the show is losing its legendary star. after 9 seasons simon cowell has decided to move on. as he takes a trip down memory lane, 2 usually cold-heartee judge is revealing his emotional side. >> when you're meeting people in the street, or doing auditions, every person out there has been incredible. shake your hand. have a picture taken. lots of sspport. fun. great sense offhumor. and that's everywhere we've gone around the country. so this is
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like my second home now. that means a lot. >> now of course simon does still after few dayy left on the clock but as his time begins to tic, the idol camp is getting a bit sentimental. we'll talk to a few former contestants on how they feel aboutthis departuree >> who do people in hollywood say they want to see replace simon, if anyone? >> well, this is kind of interesting. because some of the contestants saiddharry conic june railroad, done a great job so far. other contestants say i can do itt there was one person i have to agree w melinda do little said there is nobody that can replace simon. he is just irreplaceable. i have to agree. %-we'll bring you all the emotin live from hollywood throughout 2 week. >> sounds good. live in hollywood tonight. she'll be live covering every
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ankle this week. she'll be reporting live on fox 45 news through thursday morning. you can watch the "americaa idol" finale tuesday and wednesday at 8:000right here on fox 45. >> looking to get away? how the biggest irline in baltimore can heep yyu get to a popular beach vacation spot, next. >> and it's i the end of
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>> southwest airlines is making travelers to get to florida. tte airline announced the new service to northwest fforida beaches international airport. southwest employees promoted the new root giving out beach bags. >> hard to believe jack has 2 hours e left to save the globe. tonight, the final episode of the fox t.v. show "24". >> you're being hunted by every law enforcement agency in the city. you're not thinking clearly. >> jack has been winning battles for yearss one day at a time. we want to help you become a winner. altyou have to do is watch the series finale, then watch ox 45 morning news tomorrow. watch for a trivia person and be the first person to call within a correct answer, you'll win a
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great 24 price pack incluuinn some memorabilia from the set of the show. you can watch the series finale of 24 tonight so you can bone up on all the facts al8:00 p.m. right here. >> months after the death of actress britttey murphy, her husbbnd is found dead. police say simon's body was discovered last night in los angeles. %-appears to be natural causes. the screen writer's death comes 5 montts after his wife died after going into cardiac arrest. actress lindsay lohan didn't get much symppthy from a california ú%dge during a heariig today. in a beverlyyhills courtroom, she was ordered to wear an alcohol monitor bracelet on her ankle and undergo drug testing every week. ú%e was ordered to stay in the la rea. today's ruling was in connection with probation terms from 2 arrests in 2007.
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>> pretty nice day out there. warm temperatures. going to continue to get %ú
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welcome back. a day off for the orioles who can surely use one after losing this weekend. they've lost 77out of 9. with the day off speculation has run rampant about roster moves, majorial change, et cetera. one of those moves will come in the pitching staff. this guy says he'll be okay. alfredo simon injured his ham string on that play. says he heard a pop but should be out only a couule of days. closers mike and jim are both currently on that list. a cross town, he ravens open another mini camp. at least one member of the newly
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revamped offensive is doing campaigning. fullbacker ron wants more carries. the afternoon -- ravens leading russians. well, now there is aacampaign that suggests he want more carriries. it says it's not a joke. wants to play running back. wants a new contract and that's why he's not signed his 2.396 million first round restricted tender. 24 hours after resigning at maryland, is dave interested in a pennsylvania school. details on that. plus our plays of the week count down coming up tonight. >> e've got warmer temperatures move going in. >> yeah, let's go to our chief meteorologist weather guy with the very latest. nice to meet you buddy. >> we're seeing some cloud and suns a beautiful afternoon, a great day to get outside.
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sometime looking at mostly cloudy skies. humidity levees, 66 perspectives. a very muchulous day. we're going to experience a warmingup. the 80s are just off to the west, indiana, and noise. that is trucking our direction. we're going to see emperatures pump up quite a bit. 77 degrees in baltimore, 77 in hagueers town, 75 in salisbury. the bigger picture, we had breaks in the clouds. still a little effect of an area of low pressure sitting to the south over the atlantic. that could become the first propdle depression that we have to see if it forms and gets organized. we still have breaks here over parts of theecentral portions of the state..ú now, timing this out on the future scan, we will get the showers breaking up to the south. nice break not cloud cover for tomorrow, then a slight chance for a little stray shower popping up lateein the
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afternoon. keep an eye to the sky. about a 20% chance, but looks like we've have more sunshine out there as well going through the work week. temperature wise, 81 degrees tomorrow. mostly sunny skies for wednesday. a light chance for a stray shower, almost brushing 90 degrees. 88 on thursday with a 30% chance for showers associate with the low to the south. we have that watch ttat on friday, but hopefullyyit's out of hhre for the weekend. on saturday, sunday, and monday looking at the lower mid 80s feeling pretty nice starting off the weekend. hoping that it stays out of here, the shower activiiy. >> that looks good.


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