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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 14, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to ox 45 early edition. 5:30 is the time. today issthe day that voters get out and make their voices heardú it's primmry day in maryland and chances are you will see a lot candidates on the campaign trail out there this morning. let's get a check on the ffrecast as people are headed out there. meteorologist steve fertig is -ere. good morning to you. nice weather out there. at the bus stop thhngs are looking nice. you may have to wait a few years, but 51 degrees, it will be a nice starttto the day, mainly clear skiee at the bus stop and 61 it's, ii's not so bad for staating temperatures. 56 in salisbury and 53 in temperatures are going to climb for this time of year, a couple of degrees warmer at 81. tte radaa is not vvry eventful, for today.e way things will tay it doesn't seem like we will see much in the way of rain for todaa or evee late tomorrow. the bigger picture for today.
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52 degrees starting out and 77 is where we head for noon. a lot of sunshine coming your way, the wind will picc up this afternoon, and breezy this afternoon. topping at 81 at 3 to 5:00 in the afternoon. and we wwll drop back to 78 at 6:00 p.m. let's see what is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke3 who is here with the traffic edge. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, as you are traveling in howard county you want to watch out for a fallen utility poll in wood bine in bot!!woodbine in both du want to stick with old annnpolis road or st. michaels road as an alternate, it's expected to reopen at 9:00 a.m. no problems at liberty road. along the inner and outer loop. if you'rr traveling at the outer loop, you're looking at an 11-minute ride. it will be clear if you're %-that will take 11 minutes.3, if you're traveling the
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northeast cord o corridor,,an ae speed of 55 miles per hour. patrice, back to you. in today's primary eeection all eyes in baltimore city are on the race for city state'ss3 attorrey. incumbent patricia jessamy is facing gregg bernstein. megan gilliland is ive at grrnt elementary where gregg ii expectee to be there.3 >> reporter: the polls are opening and already -xcitementing building here. there's news crews and the signs lining the sidewalks as enter tte school where a lot of people will be voting today.ú bernstein no doubt the underdog here this morning facing jessamy a 11 year incumbent of the position. bernsteinn truly picking up speed, picking up major
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endorsements, like the baltimore sun and the city policemen. and a nnw one, billy murphy a long time defenss attorney. this morning, bernstein will be makingghis way to the school. he will be greeting voters all morning ong. the high-profile defenss attorney came out of nowhere in this primary, giving jesssmy, perhaps the toughest battle she has encounteree. jessamy was appointed to the city state attorney positionn3 back in 1995 by the city court judges. voters returnnd her to office three times after that. picked up an endorsement froo the baptist ministry's conference. yyu tube video from a recent rally is coming under fire, rallying up bernstein's supporters..3 >> if he is elected, he will be taking us back 60 years. >> it's inappropriate to say thatt >> repprter: jessamy contends
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that her comments were not racially motivated instead alluding to the policies of 60 years ago. meanwhile bernsttin says that -is plan is for locking up the most violent offenders and has noohing to do with race. today it's up to voters to decide who they think will make these streets safer. megan gill lapped giililand foxg early edition. the two men vying for the -- the two democrats met with voters from over town to overly. supporters were on the road. >> i think iihave the right combination of experience, knowledge, and vision. i'm not running on a past record, i'm running on what i run our goverrment efficiently, effectively and still deliver the services that
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the taxes they pay. >> both candidates are expected to be at the polls today p>> it's he last day f primary election week. joel d smith is live at albutris the 7th and final day of voting.ú good morning, joel. ú% reporter: good morning, patrice. you can tell it's the official primary day of those 7. all tteesigns up behind me, only time will tell if we get more voters because of more days. we're at albutris middle school and the spot where governor ehrlich will be voting at 7:00. we will be talking to im around that time. we won't bb voting today -- he won't be voting today because he already voted. he took advantage of thh early voting as some people tack advantage. six days of early voting, the first time the state has offered this. ú%rly votinn was assed in 2007 as a state conntitutional
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amendment. critics say it cost too much to keep too many sites open. but candidates believv that to get the people to vote it's worth it. >> the research ww did in 2007 showed no significant negligible incress in turn out. >> reporter: all right. the state administer says that 32% ttun out for the primary is expected while some the big races, you know, maybe already will win. some others that might bring people out, senate race in montgomery and baltimore county executive should bring more peoole ouu as good weather. that is one thh advantaggs, patrice, when you're looking at voter turn out..3 a lot of times if ii's one weathee and it's bad weather, people don't come. out. it could be an advantage. the expectation for the turn out 32% this time. it was 35% four years ago for
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the democratic primary. >> 32% is such a low number but it will be interesting to see if early vottng week helped to boost that number at all once all the numbers are in after today. >> reporter: that will be obviously it will play assif it's worth keeping these places opee for so many daise days thet time in the four year cycle and ú%e general election. >> joel, thank you.3 stay tuned for fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of the election. a political analyys weighs in on all of the races and givessus hs pick. we will be live as the votes are ú%unted ask we will stay with -- and we ill stay with you until all the key races are decided. you caa get the latest on all of the elections atú police are investigating after a man is found stabbed overnight. officer found a call for a
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cardiac arrest. when they arrived at an apartment complex they found a man stabbed ii the chest. he was pronounced dead at carroll county center. police say they enterer viewingg several people. the accused of the killer of a baltimore's ost nntorious gapping is expected to pllad guilty as part of a plea deal. he illlenter the plea at an arraignment at district court today. duncan and 15 other members of the black goral guerrilla famie indicted. it will help him avoid a trial on a racketeering trial and receive a possible 5 yearr3 sentence instead. court docuuents show that duncan was dealing drugs and recruiting gang memmers while workkng fromú a city non-profit youth group. coming up in the early edition, veterans serving their country. >> i worked in iraq as an aviation orddnance.
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>> how many of them want tookeep fighting outside of the zone. emperatures starting off in a comfortable range. warmer than averageein thee3 downtown area, 57 deerees there, outlying areas in the ú%
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>>welcome back, 5:42 after the victorian ravenvictorious raaent night. we won't find a lottcoming today or tomorrow but after all of this moisture comes our way and brings uu late rainfall. 67 degrees partly cloudy skies wind are calm, 59% rrlative ú%midity and the barometer is rising. 52 is the dew oint and here is a look at the temperatures around the area, 67 degrees in baltimore,,66 in washington d.c., 56, a little cooler in salisbury, 63, pretty mild in hagerstownnand out in oakland, 55 degrees,ment look fo. look for the temperatures to get close to what they did yesserday. this frrntal bbundary falling to theesouth is not going to bring
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us ny rain sttrt of the moisture buttit will bring us breezy conditions as the winds pick up to 10-15 miles per hour anddthe northwesterly flow of some dry air mooing in. - lot oo sunshine on the way but breezy in the affernoon, still nothing to bother you a whole lot. this low pressure center will bring us some rain as i early friday, probably the best timefraae for that arrival. we can use it, and we don't want to use anything coming our way as a result of hurricane iior. igor still well out in the atlantic, category v hurricane, and gusting to 161. it's going to steer to the north as it moves ffrther points west. it looksslike it tays off the eastern seaboarddand stays out of our way about 200 miles and that again, as you can see taking a course that it may be followed by julia. we will be wwtching jul julia wh is bind it an behind it and ii'a
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hurricane as well. it's going to be breezy this afternoon. ú%e wind won't eel back add here is what weere lookiig for a high. 70 degrees with mostly clear wind gusting to 55.ile-an-hour if you're headed to the camden yards today for the oriole game. mainly comfortable under clear skies. temperatures will drop ttrough to 59 degrees. per hour. tomorrow, anotherrpretty day, 80 degrees for the high, mostly sunny, a few mmre clouds late in the day but eepect more cloud especially later on thursday wwen we could have showers moving in on hen. 79, the temperature on thursday, and thh 78 on friday iih the best chance of showers commng early friday and then 80 degrees on saturday, mostly sunny, nice sunday, 82. ii looks like a nice weekend, 80 degrees on monday with mostl3 sunny skies. what about the roadways this
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morning how do they look as you head out? you know who has the answer? lauren cooke. she has the traffic edge, too. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steee. the fallen utility poll that we haae had been dealing has been cleared earlier an expected. it's now oppn at annapolis road. %-interstate 70 as you make your %-looking at high speeds atre libbrty road as we check in and take a live look. you will notice cars are moving along the inner and outer loop just fine. that will be the same ase if parkville. here is a live look at harford road. it will be an eass drive as you make your way toward towson. norrheast corridor of 95, a shot north of the beltway. you can see month prrblems to report. yyu're loo!! looking at a 4-mint ride. and nothing to get in your way here is a live look at warrenn3 it's wide open. you're looking at a 5-minute
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ride from shawan road to 695. back to yyu. thank you, lauren. the ravens open the seaaon on the national stage. how they fared against the jets on monday night football. >> i initially enlisted when i was 19 years old. >> after years of servinn hiss3 coontry, he is asking to serve the public again. what this man and other this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do.
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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>>after nine years of fighting terrorism some iraqqs war veterans are geeting nvolved in politics. they''e nottonly voting, but some are even running for office. melinda roder introduces us to some veteran candidates. >> reporter: america haa a longghistory of millittry leaders who haveegone on to serve their country ii ublic -ffice. now it seems the next generation of servicemen is looking to take action, too. retired on the 30th of august. >> reporter: benjamin joined the marines in 2003 as a teenager ann soon deployed. >> in so you 5 and 2006 was in iraq s an aviation ordinance i did main nant main nants on! mar
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weapons. >> maryland's laws for handgun carry on unconstitutional by far. >> reporter: a formee millitary policeman he had strong thoughts on crime, too. >> now the bad ggys have the advantage. they have the guus because they don't followwthe rules. you and i, the good guys are losing. >> reporter: now he has plans to not only enforce laws. >>this bill is an important step forward. >> reporter: but also create them. which is why he running for marrland sttte senate. thing. >> eporter: another andy datcandidate from maryland is a %-he has run for congresssbefore and he is campaigning again. a tough fight but not when youu3 consider hhs record. >> i was deployed thrre timee to bosnia and spent time in iraq. >> reporter: afttr 20 years ú%out service and country. >> we take a vote when we enlist and when we're commissioned to
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protect aad defend the constitution oo the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. that is the same vot ooth that u take as an eleeted official. >> reporter: he knows firsthand how important defense funding is for the troops but thinks theeeconomy is an even greater ccncerr than the war. >> we can't be strong militarily if ww can't have a viableú eeonomy to back thaa up. >> reporterr he believes that america needs more vet an inten intelligence and veterans making key decisions. he is not alone. many older vets ssare thaa opinion. >> the only problems ww have today is we have the least amount of veterans in congress and senate. we from 22%, it should be around 35%. >> reporter: most veterans feel voting a civic dduy and a privilege many yoong americans take for granted, but shouldn't. is going nnw, i think they all
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>> it's an opportunity that we majority of the world does not.. >> reporter: nd even though most active ddty oldiers must cast their ballots absentee, you can bet many will vote for year3 to come. >> yes, will you find that these folks who come back are more likely to vote than ost and3 more likely to get to be active. >> reporter: and after seeing the headlines from the front lines, these servicemen, one democraa and one republicanú share one goal to continue service. >> because we have been there. >there's more than a dozen iraq war veterans running for congress. two are already servinggand many more on keeping state posiiions? coming up later on fox 45 %-insurance through commerccals. where it'ssimportant for consumers to lookkbeyond the flashy ads.ú later the aifns took t ah'mn it fngjobs te moua dog. a day care fulof kid call a dayk. ...tworee-ra [musice]call 100teemer
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good morning, evvrybody. here is tte first look at sports. after all the waiiing and the drawing back and ffrth, they hit the field last night in the meadow lands. the ravens and the new york jets in the 2010 season openers. we knew goinggon they were te premiir defenses and nothing thaa happened last night caused that change that perception. first quarterback joe flacco, san wished and the ball goes flying. and they recover it at the 11-yard line but the jets are held to a field goal. the raven strike right back. flacco over the top forked to, kyle wilson knocks it aaay. we will have the replay. they ere just that close to a
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touch down. get it but he fumbled.ying to the ravens held the ball for over 9 minutes on the possession but come up empty. former raven bill watches go, p all the way down to raven 38. cook led the tackle nd led to a field goal. flacco looking for antoine bold enand he intercepts and cuts it. and cuts it back to the middle, takes up 66 yards oo the return aal the way down to the raven, 31-yaad line. after the yet fummle, billy hits the 44-yard field goal. the jets edwards call for that takes the points off the board and gives the ravens a fresh set of downs..3 willis mcgahee takes it n.
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3rd quarter flacco to bold en. great ad adjustment. mmrk san chess, down to pass, look at lodi and pounce on him and the jets were forced to punt. the jets were in the last, ray3 lewis blows him off short of the first down marker. the ravens hold on for a hard fought 10-9 victory ovvr the new york jets. ú% i'm proud of our football team. %-i thought we were poised. i thought we playee with a fundamental soundness. that is a team that creates ú%toobe able to duut that have situation. we had bad field position for the second half, we kept our poise. we punched out and the we finally flipped it. it gave us a field goal and the second half defensee we had the penalties and we had
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5. it's a compliment to our players tooplay that kind of a footbaal team in this kind of environmenn and play with that kinn of discipline and poise, i'm just proud of them. joe flacco, 20-38, 248 yards, no touch down and 1 inttrceptiin. 10 catchers, 110 yards in its baltimore debut. penalties on to the jets, 11-for 125 yards. they only ran 44 plays..3 had only six first downs and the cincinnati on ssnday. and that's your morning sports. i'm bruce cunningham, fox 45 morniig news. no matter where you're from, we're looking for ravens fans to send us photos showing off your purple pride. go to and click on the community feeaures section. coming up in thh 6:00, three
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humanitarian workers fired over their beliefs. why the move is leggl. nd it's primary election day and all eyes are on the city state attorney's race. i'm egan gilliland. the endorsement that coul couldy
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