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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 14, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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gee out and vooe in the primary electton. which key races low vvter turn out ccull make or break. >> i have done an outstanding >> it's been so many, so many in that office. the race for city's tate attorney why the campaign is stayiig hot until the end.3 a politic analyst picks in all of the hottest races. september 14th. i'm patrice harris. we need to get check of our forecast. the ppople are headdng out toú meteorolooist steve fertig is here. good morning,. a celebratory, tuesday morning. >> yeah, everybody is still
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and only 50 more to go how about that. as you head out this morning, it's election day, primary day, here is what we''e looking at as far as the starting emperature, not bad, 60 degrees for the3 starttng temperatuue and 51 in hagerstown ut not feeling bad. dry conditions over the region. we will see plenty of sunshine, it will be brrezier this afternoon as the front pushes further south ask we will get for of a westerly flow in herr. weewill look at the winds to pick up and gusting higher. the hance of rain oesn't come in until the low pressure center moves through. weekend long. thh best chance of rain, thursday late into friday mmrning. we will keep an eye on he tropics, as weehave two hurricanes out ttere, igor and julia coming up in a few minutes. here is lauren cooke with a checc on the traffic. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. while we do have delays to tte marc trainnservice. we want to be aware hat the
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train is runniig slow. 20 minutes late due to a disabled freight train. here is a shot at 395 and you will notice nothing to get in %-all will be clear if you are traveling through the tunnels from the fort mchenry toll plaza to beltway, you're looking if you're traveling from the toll tunnel, a high-speed of 52 miles per hour. no problems to report on the northeast corridor of 95, from whitemarsh to the bellway, you're looking at a 4-minute trip froo 65 miles per hour. patrice, back to you. it's one of the moot talked abouu races in this primary election.ú the city state's attorrey race is hittin!! pitting incumbent pi jessamy aaainst gregg bernstein.
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bernstein s expected to be later today. ú% reporter: an hour until the polls open up here, and still a lot going on. inside the poll workers are setting up and the outside the media is lining up. and the signs are lining a where their decision. will be making the big race, he state attorney's race. bernstein the underdog facing jessamy, a 15 year incumbent. ú%rnstein has come on stronn recently gaining big endorsemeets like the baltimore sun, the city police union and now billy murphy, he is a long time criminal defenss attorney. at 7:00, he will be making his ú%yyinside the cros country elementary school to greet voters. he came out of nowhere in this primary giving jessamy,,perhaps the toughest battle she has encounse!!encountered. she was appointed back in 1985,
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and voters returned her to this timm around she has picked up an endorsement from he baptist minister's conference..3 in the final hours leading up to made their inal campaign pitches. >> violent rime as decliied by 59%. >> will mrs. jessamy is a nice person, the office has stagnated. >> repprter: at the center stage some are questioning in jessamy has done enough to keep criminals off off te streets. others questioning in bernstein can do any better?3 answeeed today when voters cast their decision in today's primary election. live in northwest baltimore this morning, i'm megan gilliland,3 the two men vying for baltimore county executive take3 to tte streets monday in a final campaign push. the two deeocrrts met with voters from randallstown to kevin kaaenetzzand his road waiving to drivers there,
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and joe bartenfeeder met with center. >> i think i have the experience, knowledgeeand vision, i'm not running n a past record. i'm running on what i want to do for this county. >> run ur effectively and still deliver the services that the people expect bit taxes that he pay. to be at the polls today greeting voters. now the key to ssme of the races could be voter turn out. %-that doesn't just mean turn ot today. joel d smith is live in albutris to explain how the statees earll good morning, joel. results. >> reporter: good morningg patrice, a lot of people starting to show up, starting tú put a few more signs at the polling location. only time will tell if this day will be the only one thatthas an impact if the days before voting will impact the voter turn out. one thing we knoo is that govern bob ehrlich will be here at ú%00 hour.
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%-will not because he took%-advs well. take a look. ú%lot of people took advantage of this. thousands did it and it's first time that the state has offered this kknd of voting of early voting was passed in 200 2007 wú constitutional amendment. crrtics say it costs too much to keep sites open for nearly a weee worth of voting. if that is to get people outt really they need an increase to make it payoff. >> people who vote early are people who have already made their mind of who they're going to vote out for. they're the people who turn out anyway. >> reporter: thh estimation by the state electionú -dministrator is 32% turn outt3 for the primary this time. while the someeof the races see3 to have big leaders based on polling, other races are up for baatimore county executive. thht should bring out more good day o come out and vote anddthe polls open at 7:00.
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that brings us to the are you goiig tt get out and on that at the 7:00 our. you caa go to and tell us what you think. sound ff throogh facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45223, enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no. stay tuned for continuing coverage of the election. a politicaa analyst will eigh in all of the keyyraces and give us his picks. that is coming up later this hour. stay with fox 45 news all night. we will be live as the votes are counted and we will stay with you until the key races are decided. you can get all of the lateet innormation on the primaries and the november elections at 2010. the imam hoping to build the mosque at the site of the september 11 attacks in new ork addresses mounting criticism of
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the plan. he says he is a muslim and a proud american. while many people question the judgment of building a mosquu and cultural center, he believes it could be good for the city ann u.s. if a baltimore county -usinessman gets his way, the plans will never get off the ground. a man who runs a non-profitú wants to join forces with donnell trump to bite property. then he is proposing to build a site. >> i believe in the american people and the american spirit. they might have taken this building from us, but they're not going to take our soul. therr's no word on whether trump as accepted the offer to buy the properry. if he does, that would put their combined offer as $12 million. news, for continuing coverage of we will ttlk to the ceo of that non-profit about his desire to buy the prroerty. %-7:00 ourrng up in our
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the altimore ravens start their 2010 seaaon with a victory. the raven beat the new york jets in theirrhooe opener last night, 10--.ú there were a few ssaky moments to start like quarterback joe flacco's fumbleeon he opening drive but the team quickly recovered. ii his first official game as a raaen, wide receiver antoine bolten had 110 yards. and the team's efense was on point. they doment natee dominated theg new york converted just one of 11 atteepts. >> we're proud of our football team. i'm proud of the ravens. i thought we were disciplinee. i thought we were poised. i thought we played with soundness. that is a team that creates soundness agginst you. ww bend buttwe don't breaa. that is how we playytoday and we prooed that we could be the
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number one defense out there. >> theeravens head to cincinnati on sunday to face tteir division rivals, the bengals, kickoff is set for one. still to come, lethal discrimination. >> our main drive is the primary motivating factor for our work. why oneecompany was allowed to fire three employees bawght e of their religious beliefs. >> reporter: i'm emmly grace live at he pearl spa
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this makee me want to be a little one again, becauue that sounds good. >> i know, i was just saying, i can't believe theyyhad these when i was younger. aanew trend with birthday parties. i'm joined by at the pearl. what can folks come out this weekend. there's a special event that is free so they can check ut this type of party. >> we are having an open house this weekend, saturday from 12 to 4:00. you can pop in at anytime. it'ssnot a scheduled event. you can ccme if at anytiie. it ill show what a goddesss3 party will entail. many facials. they ggt to make their own products and nail painting and we are going to do a raffle too. >> a special guest if you do book a birthday party.
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>> if you book your birthday party before september 30th, yoo have up to a year to redeem it but you get a $50 gift certificate foo yourself. >> it sounds like a great reason to book a party. rachael are yoo having ffn. that is pearl at the fulton, on saturday from 12 to 4:00. ú%r more information log on to foxbaltimore.ccm//orning. it looks like a great day to get and treatments. temperatures will be around 80 degrees,,mostly sunny skies ouu here ann it's so relaxingg3 -n here. i took a tour of the spa. it's a gorgeous place, absolutely a great place to be, patrice. >> well, emily, iiwill ttke it from here. it looks like the pearl of the day. it should be a pretty one.e. here is what we have as ar as -he pretty day. breeey in the afterroon, and up to 1 degrees for the high. we're looking pretty good out
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there and right now we begin at 66 degrees partly cloudy skies, the winds are calm and the 66 is the actualltemperature and the dew points are ii the 50s. 65 in washington d.c. ann 57 in salisbury. 57 in hagerstown. not too bad to start the day. the frontal boundary coming through without a whole lot of moisture. the only tting it will do is bring in the northwesterly flow of air.3 it becomes breezy and the chance of air, by late thursday nto friday. here is what we're looking for a high temperature today. eastern shore getting up to 84 degrees. it looks pretty witt all the sun, the winds ppcking up a gustinggup to 44 miles per hour3 5-15, the central part of the state,,about 81 degrees for high..3 a ot of sunshineeand also the 10-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 55. back to the west, cooler, but not bad. comfortable, 78 degrees for the high. mostly clear skies nd a 10--5-mile-an-hour ind gusting
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to 25. headed to camden yard, 75 degrees with mainly clear skiess a comfortable night, though the temperatures will be dropping through the game and over thiet it wil!!ovvrnight ito 59 degrees. 81 for the high today, the pleasant weatherrcontinues tomorrow with a hhghhof 80 degrees. lookkfor more cloud cover on late wednesday, the better chance of clouds increasing and better shower chances on late thursday, and a high of 78 thursday and 80 for friday. sunny and 82 for sunday, andd82 mostly sunny for the monday how about the roadways out there,,it's looking like a nice commute. ú%e traffic edge.e wit!!here ish steve.orter: thank you, the marc train service. it's running 20 minutes late due to a disabled train in jessup. po problees to report at tunnels, and an 8-minuteedrive you're traveling the northeast cordove!!corridor high speeds te whitemarsh area.
6:17 am
no problems to rrport traveling you're traveling the beltway,if here is a look at harford road where you can see no problemssto report whatsoever, an 11-minute ride from 95 to 83.ú it's using he west side, no ppoblems to report here, it will remain here froo 795 to 95. if you're using the arrisburg warren road. you will notice it's wide open. you're lookinn at a 5-minute ride from shawan road to the beltway. and it will remain clear from 695 downtown to east ffyette street..3 that's the traffic edge report, thank you, lash.. coming up sleeping on the job how this man's nap could have cost people their liies. >> it's the primary no tiv motig factor ffr our work. >> next threeeworkers fired
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the re8 jus organization may be allowed t!!---the religiousoo dd that. aid workers did not prose will he ties, they served those faith, but when three emplooeesú stopped attending prayer meetings and chapel services and then admitted they no longer believed in the trinity, the >> our faith is the primarythem. motivating factor for ourrwork. that cannnt be compromised.
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it should be be compromised. >> reporter: the employyes ssed claiming their right under violated but a federal judge and noo a 3 member panel disagreed ruling that annexemption in that ú%ndmark law allows religious groups to dissciminate. the majority says that world vision while not affiliated to group irst. they are calling theeruling aú major victory foo religious freedom. them to without the government redefining who they can fire. >> reporter: all 1200 world vision employees in the u.s. were required to sign this statement of faith before getting hired. it reads in part we believe in the deity of oor lord jesus christ.ú
6:22 am
if they everrneed rreinder there's a picture of jesus aa thh head quarter. they receeve $300 million a year from the federal government, o supporting discrimination. >> if they hire or fire as a result of religion, they should %-25% of the income comes from e %-have appealed hoping to get a hearing from the panel. in ssattle, news. how this man could have puttthe public at risk. and next, is college still a ggod investment, why a degreeú -ay not
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stoccs climbed higher, announcing the reform. close at 10,544. the nasdaq added 43 points and they agreed on the new reform rt a meeting in switzerland. the regulations would require banks to keep fo more of a cash reon reservv in case the economy takes anotter dive. if it is, anks will start the reform a big step forward in curving banning risks. a college degree is not necessarily a ticket to easier recent graduates are struggling to back their sttdents loanss ovvrrll default rate on federal students loans was 7% in fiscal year 2008. that is thh higheet it's been in
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since 1997. for business brief, i'm john. ú% oming up, who is it going to be? a olitical analysts picked inn3 all the key races. and it's primary election day and all eyes are on the city state attorney's race. i'm meean gilliland. the endorsement that cculdd3 plague votees today. and i'm joel d smith, live in alboug albutris, the questiow big will voter turn out
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-p welcome ack to froox 45 morning news. 6:29 is the time. you're taking a live look t the albutris area. that is where folks are going to be getting out aad voting this morning. governor bob ehrlich is oing to be out there. p>> i'm patrice harris. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig and of our temperatures and whht e it will move through, see mostly sunny skies, although we day. 80 degrees foo the high, 81 or so. this is where we were yesterday. it shouud be a nnceeday, no problems for the polls. we will be eaded to thh polls due to weather concerns. partly cloudy skies and weeget -6 degrees in baltimore, 55 in
6:30 am
washington d.c. and 57 in salisbury,,hagerstown at 61, the temperatures are not tto bad, either to start the day. typically we're at 58 or 59 for this timeeoo year at ttis hour and the sky wwtchhhd radar, feeling just a few clouds but generally drier conditions and -ooking forward to a nice 81-degree high. afternoon, a front of 10 to 15 miles per hoor, gusting. let's see what is happeniig on tte roadways with lauren cooke who has traffic edde. p>> we o have our first accident of the morning. it's along 695 and caton avvnue that you want to watch out for. if you're usiig the wwst ssde of the belt way, here is a livv look at liberty road. traffic is starting to pick up and you're looking at a 13-minute ride frrm 795 to 95. if you''e using the beltway from 95 to 83, no delays to tell you %-you're looking at an 11-minute ride. all is clear traveling on the you're looking at a 4-minutt
6:31 am
trip with an average trip of 46 miles ppr hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. in today's priiary election, all eyes in baltimore city are on the race for city state's -ttorney. incumbent patricia jessamy is facing gregg bernstein, meean gilliland is live at the sccool where bernstein is expected to be there. >> reporter: one half hour until the polls open and alleady a lot going on here at thiss3 location. the poll workers are all inside and a on the outside a lot of nod medinews media and a lot ofs linnng the sidewalk. a bernstein has come on strong recently winning bigg3 endorsements like the baltimore sun, the police union and billy
6:32 am
murphy, a long time defense attorney.ú bettebernstein will be greetinge erred here. the high-profill deeense attorney seemiigly came out f nowhere in this primary giving jessamy the toughest battle she ú%s encountered.3 ú%terr rettrned her to office three times after that. now this time around, she goo an endorsement from the baptist minister's cooffrence. the controversy has not escaped jessamy caapaign. youutube video from a recentú rally s coming rallying bernstein supporters. >> if you vote for him, he will be taaing us back 60 years. >> reporter: her commentsat. wwre not racially motivated instead alluding to crime policies of 60 years ago. meanwhile bernsteii says his
6:33 am
crime plan invvlves locking up to the most violent offenders and it has nothing to do with racee today itts up to voters to decidd who they think can make thhse streets safer. 45 morning news. the tww men ying for baltimore county executive take to the streets monday in a finaú campaign push. the two democrats met with vvters from randallstown to overly. kevin kamenetz and his supporters were along liberty bartenfelder met with residents at the ssnioo center. >> i think i have the right combination offexperience, knowledge and vision. i'm not running on a past record. i'm running on what i want to do run oorrgovernment efficientlyy effeccively and still deliver the serviccs that the people expect by thh taxes they aa. both candidates are expected to be at the polls today greeting voters.
6:34 am
sooe would say it's more 7 nd final day to be able to vote. joel, we're talking about early -oting. >> repprter: today is the last day to vote. you hadda week, really no excuses if you want toed vote this time. the questton is will it affect voter turn out. %-happeninn here. thingthh trade we have the signs out and the early voting, what do you think3 are e going to get a tttal of more people out or the people who wanted to vote had mmre options. >> i think they just had more oppions. honestly and truly, the early turn out really hurt theú candidates because they had to work twice as hard. >> repprter: to try to get to all the sites. >> all the sites covered and everything else. >> reporter: it does cost more whee you try to have the -itee open, do you think it's worth the extra coss o gift people the optionn to come out. >> every time you get an ú%ppingoppion,it's worth it, but
6:35 am
a llot money to have it run. so it's definitely, iiguess it's you can dd it. >> reporter: one advantage beautiful day today, but let's say it was pouring down rain an3 you had six other dayssto do it. that would be. p> that's ttue. and it's not thattbad at all. but i think the turn on the will be good. >> reporter: you think the turn out lookkgod. good. the expectation may be 32% which is lowwfor the primary four yeaas ago. one hing, 7:00, former governor bob ehrlich is here. he can'' vote because he already voted innthe eerly days of thee3 extra voting this time. -e're livv if albutris. joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. that brings us to qet oo thf are you going to et oot and vote today? we will take your calls in the
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7:00 hour. send us a tweet at fox baltimore on or text your answer at 45223. enter fox 45a forryes or fox 45b for no. p>> stay tuued for fox 44 coverage of the election. all of the key races and gives us his pitch. hour. stay with fox 45 morning news, we will be live withs as the vooes are counted and weú will stay with you until the key races are decided. %-the primaryyand the novemberú eeections at 2010. the baltimore ravens start their 2010 season with a victory. the ravens beaa the nee york jets in their home opener last night 10-9. ttere were few momenns to start like quurterback joe flaccoofumble on the opening drive but the team quickly recovvred in his first official game as a raven wide receiver
6:37 am
antoine bolden had 7 catches, 111 yards. ú%e team's defense on point. they dominateddthe jets holding them to just 176 yards and nearly setting them down on 3rd doww.3 new york converted just one of 11 attempts. p>> i'm proud of our football team. i'm proud of the ravens. i thought ww were ddsciplined. i thought we played with. fundamental soundness. that is a team that creates havoc against you. >> we bend but we don't break. that is how we played today and we proofed that we can be he numberrone defense out there. >> tteeravens head to cincinnat3 onnsunday to face their division rivals..3 the beanin bengals, and kickofft for 1:00. we are asking to ou send us your photos showing off your purple pride. -o to and click on the community features section. falling asleep on the job is never acceptable no matter where
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you ork, buttit'' even worse ii you're the first line of defense whhn it comes to ssving lives. take a look at this video and photos of a 911 dispatcher asleep on the job in minneapolis. 26 years old benjamin propped up his eyes are closed, you can even see his head bobbing and this isn't the first time. since february, he has een rrprimaaded 8 times and even missed a call from another %-job. far he is still on the why is that? that's a good question. coming up their commerciils are catchy but are they true? >> hi, may i help you. yes, i'm lloking to save on car insurance. >> the best companies when it comes to cutting coots on your car insurance. an accident is leading tt slow peeds on the southwest
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loooing at a nice dry scan over the region, expecting sunshine throughout the day. and temperatures will limb as they were yesterday in the lowe 80s. 66 is where we begin the day..3 that is not bad downtown with partly cloudy skies. the winds are calm and the hhmidiiy at 61%. the barometer is at 29.90 and rising. in baltiiore and close to theure same in d.c. at 65. 67 in salisbury and up in oakland 55 degrees and as i said we're headed pretty much where we wwre yesterday in theelowú %-breezy, though this afternoon with the frrntal bouudary pushing through. this front ottallowwmoisture associaaed but it will bring a northwesterly flow and with the bringgthe winds picking up to 50 miles per hour later on this %-than that.d gusting higher
6:42 am
the frontal boundary wittout any moisture so no rain from that. %-bring moistuue and expected io thursday early probably getting here by lter thursday into early friday with a chance of showers mossly in he northern part of today. keeping an eye on igor, category iv, and it shouud stay off of us by a few hundrrd miles..3 it should stay 220 miles east of the eastern seaboard. that is good neww for us. nevertheless, we ccntinue to watch it as it moves further poiits west. also, ttere's another hurricane behind it. ouu there julla we will keep an eye on that. -hht is furthee away. a 5-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 25 miles per hour. it looks like it will be a day that will keep much of yesterday, temperature reading ú%roughout the day. %-opinion hourrwinn gusting
6:43 am
higher. breezy for sure, but definitely comfortable with theú temmeratures. 78 degrees for the western part of maryland headed to camden first temperature. the orioles take on the bluejays once again. quickly into the later innings of the game and eventual overnight tonight we gettchilly. tomorrow, 80 degrees, mostly clear, another nice day, veryy3 pleasant with 79 degrees coming your way on thursday. more cloods late thursday ann even a chance of some showers later on thursday.3 the chancc probably early friday morning with a high of ú% turns partly cloudy, 82 for the sunday, with mainly sunday skies and very sunny on sunday. it should beesunny sunday, monday, 80 degrees with mostly sunny skiis then. what is happening on the roads right now? lauren cooke has the answer and the traffic edge to let you kkow. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have trouble in baltimore
6:44 am
county. in reisterstoww rrght on dover road at baltler road. iffyou're dealing with the southwest portion off95 expect heavy delays all due to a crash on the 795. as we take live look, here is the accident cene it's confinnd to one lane. it's blocking that at this time. traffic is getting by, bbt it will be slow back to 195. if you're using the west side of the beltway, here is a look at liberty road. ride ffom 795 to 95.13-minute if you are traveling the bbllway in parkville, it will be clear. volume is starting to pick up on thh outer loop lanes. jfx will remain clear as well from 695 all the way downtoon. this morning, be aware that the camden rhine are runnin are run0 minute-delay. due to a disabled freight
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♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ new ttis morning, homiiideú
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detectives are investigating after a mmn is shot and killed ii southeast baltimorr. at halibert avenue just after 5:30 yesterday afternoon. they fouud a 33 yyars old man who had been shot in the chest. he as pronoonced dead at hoppins bay vieew it happened at 9:00 last nightú at west saratoga and north bruce street. %-and a woman was grazed by ahot bullet after an argument with a suspect. hospital with gunshot wounds to there's no word on a suspect in that shooting.ú at accused leader of one of
6:48 am
conspiracy charge today. the attorrey for todd duncan3 says that his client will enter thh plea. duncan and 13 otter members of the black guerrilla family were indicted on racketeering charges sentence. his guilty plea help him avoii a charge on the rrcketeering %-duncan was dealing drugs aad recruiting gang members while working for a city funded non-profit youth group. voters will head to the polls today to cast their votes in some hotly contested rrces. in baltimore city, all eyes are on thh state's attorney race withhincumbent patricia jessamy againsttgregg bernstein. he questiin is how will it all play out? we will know by the end of the day but here with a previiw is political analyst john diddy.
6:49 am
good morning, everyone is talking about the state attorney race, patricia jessamy and gregg bernntein. >> big endorsements came late in the game. what going to be he decidinn factor. >> how organized and anggy re the voters. the anger s far as maybe under bernsteen followers, are people angry enough with some f the recent murders that haveegone on in the city to basically gal van iceeand say we nned a new staae attorney. ii's going to be organization and aninger. >> a lottof questions have been3 raised about the votee turn out. some low voter turn out could help bernntein because peeple who typically would vote ffr jessamy will stay home. >> i think the looer the turn out the greater it will be forú. races that are going on at the city,,whether they will turn ouu for those races.
6:50 am
>> who is goong to win. >> i think in the end gregg bernstein is going to pull it out. ú%see more anger and frustration at a lost groups. ú% friday there was a rally elijah cummings and only 100 people showed up. two big power layers, that's3 not enough excitement. >> let's skip over to the county executive. two very different men in that race, two different personnlitiis. how does that oneeplay out? >> i think this race reminds me a little bit of like ability with obama and sarah palin. i think bill bbrtenfelder is going to pull this thing because people like him more. youucan't reach all the voters going door to door and i think -hat is where he is going to pull it off in the end. i think kevin kamenetz has had better commercials talking toú the camera directly. i think bartenfelder will pull3 it off. >> but behind the scenessthey
6:51 am
say kevin kameeetz has the policies. >> the like ability is going to win. >> ikeability and whe!!likabiliy things at the ssore yoo buy ow it looks. >> the governor's race, former goverror bob ehrlich has some competition in this race,,brian murphy is oneeof the candidates -nd he has gained some momentum. -t's unlikely that he will win out over ehrlich is theú speculation, but what will it say about the tea party in maryland depending on how much of a vote it gets. >> i think it will say there's a lot of voter anger out there. because maryland is morr of a moderately political state, i think governor ehrlich should easily get close to 80% of the vote. it wouldn't surpriss me that ú%ere's enough voter anger, people want to express frustration, knowing that lick3 is going to win, but wanting to send a message to the governor that they say they unhappy about thiigs.
6:52 am
>> john diddy. i know you will be watching all day. >> thank you very much. you're welcome. stay witt fox news tonight. we will be live as the votes are counted. we will stay with you unnil all of the ey races are decided. you can get all of the information on the prrmaries and the november elections at 2010. coming up in our 7:00 houu,3 donald trump puts a millions of3 dollarr toobuy the proposed site of a mosque near ground zero. p> it has nothing to do with muslim christiaa, race or religion. >> one maryland man is offerinn tt match the donald's offer. hi, may i help you. >> we're looking tt save on car insurance. next the commercials are catchy buttwill the companies really save you money. ú%
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6:56 am, and inc. webb dot company. connidering dropping rentalú reimbursement if you have a car you can use while yours s being %-drop roadside assistance if yu can get a better deal from aaa or another auto club and drop collision coverage on older cars. >> if the insurance costs more than 10% of the car value. you will pay more for insurance that you will get back iffyour car is damaged or total. %-liability coverage.d not try >> you can face financial ruin if you are fault in an acciient. >> reporter: standardú liability coverage ays bodily injury up to $100,000 per ppesoo and property damage up to $100,000. if you're driving less than you %-ttat can save you some money, too. >> this is james andrews. >> cominggup in our 7:00 hour,
6:57 am
the ey witness in a hiih-profile murddr case takes what she hhd to say about the murder of former city cooncilman ken harris. and we are now minutes away from polls acrrss our region opening nd all eyes seem to bee on the city state attorney's race. i'm megan gilliland. the ndorsement that would swey >> reporter: i'm joel d smithn. live at albutris, where former governor bob ehrlich is lookiigú tooget some votes to ú%
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
now on ffx 45 morning news. get out and vote in the primary elections. which key races low voterrturn3 out could make or breakk i've done an outstanding job. >> so many, so many desasters in that office. >> the race for city statte3 attorney, why the campaign is staying hot right until the end. it has nothing to do with muslim christian and raceeand religion. >> a new plan to move the mmsque near ground zero. the offer a maryland man is making. p>> good morning, it's tuesday,3 september 14th. and you're taking a live look at former governor bob ehrlich..3
7:01 am
he is at the polling place in albutris. he issnot there to vote this morning. he has done that in early ú%ting. megan gilliland will check in a little bit. i'm patrice harris. let's find out what the weather is going to be likeeffr people getting out there. >> what did we vote for? >> it's going to be a nice day. a ot of people kind of you know primaries a little apathetic in time. it's your duty and it's going to be a nice day to gee out there. might as well take a nice walk to theepolliig place. 55 degrees right noo and painly clear skies. we're lookinn at a nice start to the day. bus stop forecast is not a bad and 65 in ashington d.c. and 62 in hagerstown. let's seeeif the temperatures in the low 80s with high mainly clear skies today, though, and just a little breezy thii afternoon.
7:02 am
we warm things a liitle. and we will top out at 81 and that will cooe at 3 to 5:00. and backing off to 6 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and still temperatures at 78 degrees. let's see what is happening on theeroadways with lauren cooke who is here with the traffic edge. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ú%eve. if you are traveling on 95, you will expect slow speees on the southwest corridor due to an accident. as we take a live look, you will notice tte delays. the accident is confined to the fortunately, but it will be slow all the way back to 195. if you'rr traveling 95 in the whitemarsh area, traffic is just startinggto slow down from you're still looking at a 4-minute ride with an average speed of 44 milessper hour. all is clear on the beltway from 95 to 83. that will take you 12 minutes,3 there you are looking at an average speed of 44 miles per hhur. -s we head west we will seeú there you're looking at a 16-minute ride with an average speed of only 38 miles perrhour. that's the traffii edge.
7:03 am
>> repprter:report.patrice, bac. it's one of thh most talked about races this primary election, the city state patricia jessamy against gregg bernstein. it'ssheating up to be a heated race right up until the end. megan is live at where the jessamy ijessgregg bernstein is3 %->> reporter: gregg bernstein is here with us right now. ú%u came out here to greet some the voters, a lot of people saying you're the underdog facing jessamm, a 15 year incumbent.ú are you feeling confident as we today. >> we are feeling confident and thht is baysed on all of the energy and enthusiasm we havv seen throughout the city as we have gone through this campaign. certainly we were a bit unknown at the beginning of jjly, but i
7:04 am
that way. that's a function of hard work as well as tapping into what i believe is a real level of frustration in the city about crime. >> when you speak about crime, that is certaanly one of the bigger iisues here that a lot of youuhave een going back and forth. some people questioning if jessamy is noo putttng those criminals back in jail and ú%eping them on streets. what do you have to say to that and what you think you should be doing? decided to run for this office.3 jessamy has been here for 15 years and baltimore is still wasn't most dangerous states and i think that the voters think so. ú% bottom line the voters will make that decision. you picked up a lot of big endorsemeet, the sun, and the police union and billy murphy. do you think that will help sway some voters to the polls. >> it's incredibly gratifying to get the support from of mr. murphy and the police unioo and sun papers. i think it speaks volumes of
7:05 am
what people think about our campaign and what they think we ccn ccomplish after we're >> mr. ernstein, thank you very much. neww. the two men vying for baltimore county executive took to the streets onnmonday in a final campaign push. the two democrats met with voters from overly. kevin kamenetz and his supporters were along liberty road. and bartenfelder mettare reeidents of the senior center. >> i thinn i have the right experienceeof kkowledge and i'm not running on a past record. i'm running on what i can do toú >> still deliver the services that the people expect bbt taxes they pay. >> both candidates arr exxected toobe at theepolls today greeting voters. the key to some of these races could be voter turn out. doesn't just mean turn out today. to explain how the state's early
7:06 am
voting to impact today. reporter: good morning, patrice. we're here with one of the early voters. we have former goveenor bob letteehrlich. he is here with his motherr3 >> think i got a vote from mom. >> reporter: at least one, right? [ laughter ] what are you thinking about the early voting, something youuare keeping in mind here. >> i'm not a huge ffn. it really cannot makk your final so all the revvewssare in. so single rational for early voting would be increased turn out. turn out on the early voting, i wwuld queetion whether thee3 expense s worth it. >> reporter: the ppediition we are seeing is 32% is the prediction for turn out this time. how importtnt will voter turn ouu will be, you think, foo the3 election now and then n ú%vember. >> reporter: you really can't make a cooparison. primaries have a light turn ouu.
7:07 am
i expect you will have a generally low turn out.ú the excepttons will be the hot races around the state. you have highly contested executive race, and highly contested races for the hhuse and seeate. you will see spikes in turn out in those areas, but generally a >> based on the polling it. doesn't lookklike it will be too close for you ttday. does it feel like a priiary day, are you excited. >> reporter: we're exsit excite and we have ready for the -eneral electton. >> how important are enddrsements. youu opponent has thh endorssment from ssrah palin and you ot yours from john mccain. >> reporter: and john mccain is important. but this is an era where in a time, a serious time, economic instability, and joblessness,ú and all the stuff gging on in d.c., endorsements don't mean a
7:08 am
whole lot quite frankly these days in american politiis. we always welcome them when your friends support you,,but quite3 frankly with unemployment 10% and the largess tax ncrease in wooking class folks out there people want to hear about issues and your vision. they don't care about endoosements. >> not a traditional day for governor bob ehrlich. it will be like a campaign day. that brings us to the questiin of the day, are you going to get out and vote today? we will take your calls later this hour. yoo can go to our website at what you think or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore -r text your answer to 45203.3 enter fox 45a for yes, or fox 45b forrnn. stay with fox 455news all night. we will be live as the votes are counted and we will stayywith you until the key races are decided. you can get all of the latestú information on the primaries and
7:09 am
the november elections at 2010. ,3 the baltimore rrvens start their 2010 season with a victory. the ravens beat the new york jets in their home opener last night 10-9. to start like quarterback joes flacco fumbleeon the opening drive. but the team quickly recovered and his first official game as a bolden had 7 catches for 110 yards. and the team's defense was on -oint. they dominated the jets holding them to just 176 yards and nearly shutting them down n 3rd down..3 new york converted just onn of 111 ttempts. i'm proud of our football team. i thought we were disciplined. i hought we were poosed.33 i thought we played witt that is a team thattcreates
7:10 am
havoc against you. when you have to go dust off those situations and come back for the next plaa. >> we ppoved that we cannbe the number one defense out there. >> look at that hit. >> the ravens head tt cincinnati sunday to faae their division rivals, the bennals. even funnier.t for 1:00. in slow otion. coming up buildinnga mosque near ground zero. the proposal from a baltimore the construction.g to prevent i'm emily gracie, live at the pearl. i'm talking about and sniffling] ú%
7:11 am
7:12 am
treat yyur little one like your kids can get glam at the pearr spa goddess party.
7:13 am
meteorologist emily gracie is live with all of the details for this morning's hometownnhot boy, did you look relaxed a few3 minutes ago. it's days like these ttat i can't stand my job. we're at the pearl and there's spa treatments of a different kind because thhy're catered toward young girls. can you have a birthday party right here. there's an open house thhs weekend hat folks examine come3 and try it out, that's correct. >> you can stop in at the pearl3 at anytime to see what the spa party will entail. as witas you can see here. >>this is claire, she is turning 7. -p>> she is getting a mini facil sampler. the girls -- right now she is appliid. they get to choose between -hocolate nd strawberry mask. -hey getta mmssage with that. >> what else can ttey get done. >> the party entails the nail
7:14 am
painting aad they can make products that they can take home and use. >> spa goddess opee house, is goinggon this saturddy from 12 to 4:00 here at the pearl inú fulton. you ccn come out and enjoy all of thaa birthday party that you have to offer. %-the decide if you want to come out for your partt. all of tte infoomaaion is aa it's a gorgeous day this weekend. come out enand joy it. 80 degrees on saturday, sunnyú skies and low hummdity. a ice sunny day.3 steve, i think you are jealous of my facial morning. >> reporter: if i was on the other side i thinn i would haae to mask my number. we're looking atta pretty day today. everybody's face will be looking nice with a big smile. the weather is gging to shape up nicely, sky hddradar looking pretty good. across the board a nice dry sca3 and we're looking at 66 degrees starting out with mostly cloudy skies, winds outtoffthe west at 3 miles per hour and 61% relative humidityy 52 is the dew point and that is
7:15 am
an indication that it's pretty dry this morning. 56 degrees riiht now in -altimore, not a bad start from and d.c. where we have 66 degrees in d.c. of the down?3 salisbury, 67 degrees and cooler there, and 62 in hagerstown. up ii oakland, cooler and 64 degrees there. the frontal boondary pushes to the south of us this morning and it doesn't bring a whole lot with it in ttrms of rain. nothing in fact, because there's ú%omoisture associated ith it. what it does bring and breezy conditions witt the north and weet until the afternoon gets a little breezier. and then gusting higher. next chance of ain, which yyu know we need will be coming from the north and west and the midwest. that low pressure ceeter will bú coming our way for late thursday intoofriday when we can see our next chance of light showers then, mostly to the north. for toddy, nothing but sunshine for theeeastern shore, a high of 54. -usting to 25, the central part of the state climbs to 81 degrees here. northwess wind at 10-15 miles per hour.
7:16 am
gusting higher, upwards of -5 miles per hour at times. then theewestern part of maryland just a tad cooler, getting up to 78 degrees, but a pretty day. mostly cllar skies, breezy there as well. if you'rr headed to ca camden yards, 75 degrees for the first pitch temperature. and overnight, we continue to see the temperatures drop though, down to 59 degrees, partly cloudy toomostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, another pretty day with more sunshine and clouds, 80 degrees for the high. getting more cloud cover late at night and 79 degrees on thursday with partly cloudy skiesú becoming mostly clued ow cloudy. showers into early on friday. high of 78, turns partly cloudy ann look at the weekend, 80 degrees for saturday nd sunday with mostly sunny skies on saturday and sunny skies on sunday. anddmostly sunny with a high of to work of 80 then. let's see what is happening on the roadways right now. here is lauren cook wit cooke we traffic edge. lauren. >> reporterr thank you,
7:17 am
steve. we do have trouble if baltimore county. %-in reisterstown at butler road that you do want to wwtch out for. speeds traveling on thelow southbbund portton of 95 due to a crass at caton avenue. as we checkkin and take a life look, you will notice -- live look you will notice that a tow truck has arrived to the scene and traffic will be backing to if you're traveliig on the west ú%you're travelinn in theoop, if parkville area, that congestioo will continue along the ooter loop. ittwill be very slow as you make no problems to report, though on 83. the jfx will remain clear from 699 all the wayydowntown to east fayette street. no problems to report traveling through the tunnels, you're looking at an 8-minute ride through the the fort mchenrr tunnel and ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way
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while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every
7:19 am
bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. new this morning, carroll county police are investigating after a man is stabbed overright. officers received a call for a ú%tient at cardiac arrest overnight. when they arrived at an apartment complex, they found 26 stabbed in the chest. he was prrnouncedddead the hospital center police are
7:20 am
interviewing several people.3 they are looking for the person who ssole more than 1500 gallonn of diesel fuel froú some local businesses. in glen burnie reported the theft of 840 gallons from underground tank. investigators say thee have ruled out any leaks. they're lookkng at surveillance footage from surrounding businesses? the accused leader of ne baltimore's most notorious gangs plans to plead guilty as part a plea deal. the client will nter the plea attan a arraignment at u.s. duncan and others were indicted. the guilty plea on the drug charge will help him avoid aú racketeering charge and can serre up to 15 years.
7:21 am
monica foreman robinson was the woman in the car with harris at the time he was stabbed. she described the panic she felú but that she didn't see the shooter. the defense isslooking ffr holes in her story. the attorrey steve allen is joining us this morning with a look at what is expected to be a month-long trial. >> good morning. of a case to be that long?s kind >> no. it's unusual to have such a long trial in this kind of case. the reason here, is this case is built on circumstantial evidence. ttat s a chain of circumstances leading to aaconclusion. sometimes, however, circumstance hall evidence can beeso strongg3 at the end, that it crrates a spider's web ttat the defendant condition escape from and that is what tte state is going o try to do here. >> who has the tougher job, the prosecutors who are trying to puu that hole pider's web and explain what happened or the defense are trying to say, hey, my clienttis not the person.3 you got all of this wrong. >> the toughhr job here is foo the state's job. the defense will try to punch
7:22 am
the holes in the spider's web ú%d say it doesn't ead to any conclusion.3 what the state hhs to o here is it has to tie these defendants to that mask. and they're going to be spending a lot of time trying to tie them to the mask, both by showing there was a mask involved, and dna evidence matching them. there are people who may have seen them wwth the mask and other evidence which points to these defendants. now you may have a ddfficult time tying it to evvry one of these defendaats, you may only be successful with one or two, but that is the goal here. >> yesterday the woman who was in the car with ken harris at the time took the stand and she ssys, she saw the shooter wwth thh mask on. she couldn't identify any of the identify any of the individuals by face. howwsignificant is her >> it establishes the emotional aspect of the case ann in fact there was a shooting. more importantly, she is the first steppin tying the shooter
7:23 am
to a mask. she saw a mask. this is the mask which they're goong tt say the shooter, one of thh defendants was wearing.%andt testimony rom that aspect. >> well, then i guess we will have to see how this all works out in ttrms of whether -- because with thht mask the defense can say, my client may have had this mask on a couple of daas ago, but that is why the dna is in it. who is to say he had it on on the night of the shoooingg >> that's right. because dna doesn't tell you when it was depooited, it juut says it was there. in this case what the defense is going to say, is first of all, the dna evidence is not conclusive. >> right. >> or it's tainted. sometimes dna gets from one place to another. they're going to take the position, yes he may have aa one time had thht mask but it wasn't on that evening. that if he was ever connected t3 because it's rather a couldence
7:24 am
tal that maybe hissdna was there shooting. >> that is why the jury is there to listen to all of the evidence and figure it out. keeping an eye on the race for city state's attorney. why it's expected to be a heated contest until the very end. %-the piece of land near ground zero. upgrade your family now and get an lg env touch. or get this samsung alias for just $29.99. plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon.
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7:26 am
but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! ú%> donald trump vowed to put up $6 million to buy the building being proposed for a mosque near ground zero. now a local non-profit says it will match that 6 million bumping the offer to 122million. trumthe ceo joins us this morni.
7:27 am
>> good morning tooyou. >> is this a very heated controversy that you jumped in the middle of. why did you feel you wanted o make a proposal on this. >> the things we offered is a much better fit for that specific building, number one. in that area for several yeers now, so that was one of theú ideas that i had and one of the reasons why i thought, what we want to do is whaa we're proposing is we ppopose to dooa therapy center there at this building that would offer free therapy services for the special needs children whose, you know, parents were victims of 9/11. we want to offer free therapy serrices for the special needs. as ww menttoned the children and the wounded troops that might be disabled because of the wars obviously and we want to offer therrpy services for the firss responders, the police officers, firefighters and rescue heros. >> the imam who is at the center
7:28 am
offthat proposed mosque, you know, hh may agree that the therapy center is a good idea, not in that location. and he says that continued effort to try and come up with just showing disrespect for muslims and it's creating a culture of, you know, aggression against muslims who may not be the radical muslims who did what >> what do you thiik about that? >> well, first of all, i would say that everybody has to understand. i think a lot of people don't know this is that that should when one of the planes hit the -owers, part of the landing gear came off and destroyed part of that building. that is one tte only buildings -hat is standing rom the attack. i think it's completely disrespectful for him o want to knock it down. that is what he wants to do, knockdown the building and replace it. what we waat to do is that would be a tribuue to what we want to do. >> we heard the same imam saying
7:29 am
this isn't necessarily hallow ground. if you ave strip clubs and bedding parlors right next tto3 it, why is that hallowee ground and up acceptable whereas those >> my point is this, does he have a right to buill a mosque. my issue is not muslim christian. my us issue, first oo all it's a sensitive issue but he hassevery %-as it's legal. mosque as long there's been a lot of issues going on with the finances that he wants to do. >> have you heard from trump, is he going to take you up on this offer. >> i heard that they are looking at theeproposal. >> there's a possibility that could go forward. >> we will see. apppeciate it. cominggup proposed tax extension for wealthy americaas. what the president had to say
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
-p welcome back to fox 45 morning news. let's check in with meteorollgist steve fertig and get a cceck of our primary forecast. it's going to be ay dayyjust like yesterday, 81 for the high. >> no excused. >> that's right, no excuses to do your civic duty and vote today. let's see whaa is happening right now though at the bus stop. many if you're headed to the bus sttp, you are late. partly cloudy and mostly clear sttrting out. you know what is there school ttday? election day. a lot of schools are closed. it's not clossd, you know what, go there, go anywhere, go to the library and learn. 55 in d.c., 52 in hagerstown,
7:33 am
you caa do some research. sky hd radar looking like this, nice, clear skies, look for sunshine, pleasant conditions, 81 for the high. west northwest wind at 10-15 miles per hour gusting higher. lauren cooke is here with the traffic edge. me about 6 to 7 forecasts ago. >> reporter: we will keep you posted steve. don't forget.ú we're ddaling with an accident bit better but it will be slowe3 backinn into 195. if you're traveling 95 in the whitemarsh area, it's slowing down there as well from whitemarsh toothe beltway, you're looking at a 7 minute tri. we're dealing with quite a bit of volume on the beltway from 95 to 83. that's going to give you 17 minutes, we're looking at an averagg of 43 miles per hhur. in relief in store where you head west from 795 you're looking at a 16-minute ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report.
7:34 am
patrice, back to you. in today's primary election ú%l eyes in baltimore city are on the race for city state's attorney. incumbent patricia jessamy is facing gregg bernstein. megan gilliland is at the school where bernstein is expected. good morning, megan. >> reporter: right nowwthe polls are opening. we have already seen voters as they thee make their way into the cross country el tten elemey school here. they're meeting with regg bernstein. you're the underdog headed into this some people are saying facing jessamy, a 15 year incumbent. how are youuffeeing heading into this morninn? we're feeling very excited, very enthused aad that is really based on what we have seen throughout the campaign. i have tried very hard to go all over the city, to neiihbors all over baltimore, knock on doors and meet with eople.3
7:35 am
the level of enthusiasm and the reception weehave gotten is crime is not gettiig better in the last 15 years and it's time for a change.3 >> crime taking the center stage here. a lott of people saying -- a lot be done to make a change. do you think that those people will get out and vote today. >> i do. and i believe that,,because the people who want changeeare energized and they're enthhsed and. they know that the way to make that happen is o exercise their right to vote. >> everybody is calling you the underdog. you on majorrendorsements froo the sun, the city police union and billy murphy, recently. ú% you ttink those endorisments will help you today. >> reporterr!!today. >> we do. mr. murphy is a very respecttd attorney and the sun is a newspaper in town. we are very confident now that he we have gotten the endorsements. >> mr. bernsteii, thank you.
7:36 am
in the end, voters will decide inntoday's primary election. meggn gilliland, fox 45 morning news. the two men vying for baltimore county exxcutive take to the streets in a final campaign push. the two emocrats met with voters from randallsttww to overrl. county council kevin kamenetz liberty road. joo bartenfelder met with resiients of the overly seniorú center. >> i think i have the right combination, experiince, knowlldgeeand vision. i'm not running on the past record..3 i'm running on what i want to d. >> run our government efficiently, effectively and still deliver the services that people expect by the taxessthey pay. >> both candidates are expected to be at the polls today greeting voters. we are calling it primary more accurate tt say it's the last day of primary election week. joel d smith is live in albutris as folks head toothe polls for
7:37 am
vvte. good morning, joel. >> reporter: we did see former governor bob ehrlich. he waa here with his parents. he did the eerly voting. we asked if it's a good idea. -f hh ends up winning and take off, it's something he will look at voter turn out. >> you just voted. and you're going to give those to who? >> to my students in my class. i wook at a private school. we are going to talk about voting anddwe will pick something to vote on, probably >> reporter: always a goodú idea. >> whatever gets the most vote is going to win. >> reporter: i think ccokies. whennit ccmes to the early voting, did you consider that, what do you think of that idea? >> it's a good idea for people who might have a hard time i prefer toodo it now when most of the people are voting. it's kind offchristmas shopping, wait until the end. >> reporter: you like the crowds. >> voter turn out do you think that's a big deal for elections -r those what like to vote are the ones to gg. >> i think it's a bbg deal.
7:38 am
i think everybody should vote. thhn i two it eerly and go and give these to our kids and tell them make sure that your mom and dad went to vote ttday. >> reporter: some kids are in school today. when it comes to voter turn out the state is eepectiig 32% for the rye marie lex.ú that would primary electiin. that could compare to 34% two yeaas ago. that brings us to the question of the day. are you going to ggt ouu and vote today? our phone lines are open now aa (410)481-4545. ú%n you go to and tell us what you think or sounddoff through facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore or you can text your answer to 45203, enter fox 45a for yes oo foox45b for no. stay with us fox 45 news tonight. we will be llve as the votes are you until the key races are decided. you can get all the latest inforration on the rimaries and the novembee elections at
7:39 am 2010. swinging at congressional republicans on monday in northern virginia. republicans want the president to extend the ush eeaatax cuts for voters making $250,000. but he called the propose the extension unaffordable. a growing number of republicans say that a temporary' tax cuts for wealthy americans should be tartemporarily taxed until the economy improves. willlvoter turn out be the deciding factor in today's primary election. two state delegates weigh in. an accident is leading to slow speeds on the southwest corridor of 95. i will have more on the ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
7:40 am
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%-7:42 on this tuesday morning. checking out the sky windchill hd radar, looking pretty nice with dry conditions. that's the way things should stay with shine coming your way. as i said, we wiil have more sun as we go. 66 degrres for the current temperature, wind out of the west at 3 miles per hour, but especially the winds that will pick up later in the day as we get the frontal boundary pushing furthee south and east, behind it the winds picking up. scub percen61% relative humidit. temps in baltimore, 65 in d.c. salisbury is at 60 degrees. and the temperatures in the upper 50s ow 60s, comforrable enough, and even a little cool this morning. the frontal boundary without a lot of moisture, and ittwill bb breezy, too as ww said as we get to theenorthwesterly and westerly flow. spoke of yesterday, due to the
7:43 am
low pressure center and the cold front comes our way for late thurssay into early friday, behinddthat high pressure looking forward to very nice're weekend in fact. for today, here is what we can expect if youure ha in the eastn shore. lots of sunshine, winds are high, and gusting higher-up wards of 15 miles per hour. breezy in the afternoon hhurs, 10-15-mileean-hour wind. and gusting out of the northwest with temperatures climb to a comforttble 81 degrres. it should be aalot of sun to enjoy throughout the state. it should e a nice ooe. 77 degrees a few more clouds to the west and cooler, 10-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 25. taking to the bluejays, and first pitch temperature comfortable at 75 degrees. northwest wind at 5-15. the temperrtures will drop intt the low to mid-60s and we will drop to 59 degrees overnight for
7:44 am
the low. and then tomorrow, 80 degrees look at some late clouds, look for morr cloud cover buiidingú ú%rough thursday. not a bad day before the chance of rain comee into late thursday into early friday. it becomes partly sunny and partly cloudy late on friday. weekend lookssgreat, 80 and 82, %-sunshine. and plenty of with a high of 800degrees. as far as the commuteethis morning.ú we need to check in with llurenú cooke as far as the commute and %-lauren.oks out there. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are dealing with an accident at reisterstown at butler road. for those of you traveling at the southwest portion of 95, you crash on the northbound lanes t caton avvnue. as we check in and take a live look at the scene, will you notice it's getting better, but those northbound lanes will be jammed as you make the push back to the beltway. if you're using 665, you're looking at at a 17-minute ride
7:45 am
on the outer loop from 795 to 95. if you'reetraveling in the parkvilleearea, here is a look at the hhrtville road, there's a stand still and so expect a very slow ide as you make the pushú towwrd towson. no problems to report traveling on the harrisburg expressway and the jfx will emain clear from 695 all wait downtown to east fayette street. if you're traveling through the tunnels, a 9-minute ride through the harbor tunnel. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. still ahead heading to the %-several of maryland's hotly decided before his day is over. weewant tt know what you think.ú are you going to get out and vote today?
7:46 am
7:47 am
it's primary election day across maryland, but thousands havv cast their ballots.
7:48 am
%-were able to take advantage of as for today, the state election administrator s estimating a 32% turn out for the primary. ú%at bring us to the question of the day. are you going to get oot and vote today? our first caller is linda in baltimore. good morning, linda. what aae you going to do today. have you gotten ut and voted on early voting? the general election.wait for >> why not get out today. >> because 'm changing to change my vote because i'm unsureeabout the tate attorney position. -p>> okay. >> iim having to change. i wills have two and i asked them. i need to wait until the general election. i just want to -- i want to hear a little bit more. >> you realize that today a lot of these races could be decided. you may not get a chance in thh general election, becauue the ú%rson who is on the ballot will
7:49 am
be the only choice. >> so i should go on head and vote today. >> you should get out and vote today, yes. >> we are oing to let you get off the phone and get out there eerly this morning. >> let's go to phyllis in baltimore. good morning, phyllis. >> good morning. >> are you going to get out and vote toddy? >> why not. >> because what is going to change? nothing is going to change. -t don't matter wwo you votee3 for, nothing is going to change. it's going to remain the same. >> you think it just dufnt matter. >> it doesn't mmtter who is in there ecause nothing is goong -o change. >>phyllis, thank you for your call. >> alice is in baltimore, she is on the line now. what do you hink, the last caller says nothing changes, so no, i'm not going to vote today. >> i feel that every votee3 counts. i feel that our fore fathers us to vote. american citizen to get out and vote whether it's primary
7:50 am
orogenor,general election. it does count. what most people don't know is that the candidates may not go to the general election ii they don't vote at the primaryy3 election. i don't think a lot of new voters know that. this is the opportunity they have o make sure that the perron they want to go forward tt the general election is there. >> exactly. >> i think our first callee may3 not hhve understood that. hopefully, more people get out and vote han don't go. >> let's take a look attthe facebook page. we had a lot of comments. clifton wrote in and said i'm going to go vote. i'm ready for a change. and that is what we're hearing a lot of peoppe are getting out there because they want change. >> yvette says, no, i don'' like -p>> matthew says, since i'm registered independent, there isn't a reason to go. only one independent runner to go by. but you better believe i'm going
7:51 am
to the generals in november. >> 71 sperss of yo71% of you sal be voting today, 29% say no..3 the ravees and jets meet in ú%what the raaens did right and what they need to ork oo. nexx the hotly contested race for the city state attorney, how voters are headed to the
7:52 am
7:53 am
polls today toe cas to cast thes in several local racee some of -hemmhotly contested. the question is how many voters %-democrat delegate cur kurt ann and attmack do ow mcdonough joú today's state house. one oo the biggest racee
7:54 am
%-is citt state attorney.about a lot of people who are aying, the people who are going to come out will be likely gregg bernstein seetemberers. >> what do you think. >> i agree to a point. i ttink greg bernstein has energized a lot of voters but ú%s energized a lot of jessamy voters durin because of the neg3 campaigniig he has done. a lot of the voters werr unt set that he used the family tragedy as a tool for his campaign. because there's more africannamerican turn out and if it's large it ill probably benefit pat jessamy. >> the question is will it be large? delegate mac mcdonough what do u think the voter turn oot is going to be especially for people whooare interested in that race, is it going to help
7:55 am
oo hurt jesssmy. ú% i think that is theegenerator race in the entire state. it's an important race, becauss3 it talks an issue crime. baltimore city is ouu of control. jessamy has nnt done a good job. being too soft on crimiials.out >> i think she is asking a question. >> let him finish. jessamy is talking about rehabilitation instead of law enforcement and mr. bernstein -as made that clear. i think he is going to win and this turn out is going to be higher ii both the black and regardless f race have had it. whetheeryou agree with hhr ornd disagree. i think she has done a lousy job. she is the symbol of fighting crime and she has failed. >> you both think that people are galvanized enough toogo out to tte polls. we often heer about people care ú%out the issues, they want something to be done, but that
7:56 am
voter turn out. delegate anderson, do you think that people will be motivated enougg to come? >> folks turn out when there's a big issuee in this particular case, the bernstein and jessamy race enough to ren gai generateea von out. >> rouuhly 25 to 30% of the voters, i think it's going to be larger this year because of the jessamy race. >> in the novembee election, once ww get past the primary there's not a lot of local race because a lot of that will be decided in tte primmry. there will be a lot of interest to get people to come out and3 vote on the governor's race. >> i think that the turn out in the general is going to be huge, really hhge. the gubernatorral race the issue, theestate of the nation, thh state of the state. thinn think there's going to be surprising numbers in the united states senate race that is going to generate a lot of turn out. i thinkkthe general is going to
7:57 am
the number are going to be big. >> is governor o'malley enough to generate interest to have people come out and vote on his behave. >> i think that governor ú%malley is going to have to motivate people and people will be mont motivated especially democrats to come out examine votand votefor him..3 there's going to be a lot of push for governor o'malley from the local folkk, the senators, theedelegates and i thhnk that is going to generate a lot of ú%formation. p> all right. >> time is up..3 >> time is up for you. you are watching fox 45 mornin r your money at carmax.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
now on fox 45 morning news. get out and vote on the primary electiin. which key races low voter turn out could make or breek. i've done an outstanding job. that office. >> the race for city state attorney, why the campaign is staying hot right until the eed3 >> i'm not a piece of meat. >> she is known for showing a why lady gaga is still making headlines for showing too much flesh. good morning. ii's tuesday, september 14th. i'm patrice harris. >> good morniig, i'm megan guiid land. let's check in with meteorollgist steve fertig and see how the primary weather3 election is shaping up for olks headed to the polls. >> terrific. there's no excuse. a lot f sunshine, temperatures
8:01 am
that are comfortable enough. can you think of an excuse? no. >> neither can i. at baltimore we're at 68 degrees. not feeling bad at all in he town town area and down in d.c. the same. 68 and 67 in salisbbry. 58 in hagerstoon but all in all, nice today with a lot of sunshine coming your way. we have a few clouds to start the ddy. then we will see 81 degrees for tte high temperature today.3 it will be pleasant. feel it. the northwest wind you will feed a braze ecausee breeze becauses 10-15 miles per hour and gussing higher. here is lauren cooke with the lauren. >> reporter: thank yyu, steve. we do have a new accident to tell you about n downtown baltimorr involving a bus. it's right on east south president street. if you're ttaveling on the eastern part of the beltway, watch out for a ddsabled car. cleared on southbound 95 at caton avenuee we have deallng with delays up in the whitemarsh area. here is a live look and you will
8:02 am
notice the southbound lanes arr going to be slow. you're looking at a 7-minute ride from whitemarsh to the get way. unfortunately we're dealing with quite a bit of congestion on 795 to 83. you're ooking at a 23-minute ride with an average speed off3 23 miles per hour. %-average spreed of 53 miles per hour. patrice and megan, aak to you. it is one of the most talked aboottraces this primaryú election. the city state attorney race is %-jessaay against gregggbernsten and it's heating up to be a heated race until the very end. gregg bernstein is the underddg in this race, facing jessamy a 15 year incumbent of that position. he has come on strong winning big enforcements, ike tte
8:03 am
baltimore sun, the city pollic union and billy murphy. jessamy was appointed back 921995 by the city circuit court judges. ú%ters returned her to office three times after that. thhs time around, she icked up an endorsement frrm the baptist minister's conference. in the mine ours leading u the o today, both jessamy and bernstein made their final pitches. >> although mrs. jessamy is a nice person he office has staanated. >> some are questioning if jessamy hhssdone enough to keee criminals off the streets. otherssquestioning if bernstein can do any better. the two men vying for baatimore ccunty executive take to the treets for aaffnal campaign push. they met wiih voters. kevin kamenetz and his supporters were along libertyú road.
8:04 am
and bartenfelder met with >> i thinkki have ther enner. experience, and i'm nnt running ú% a past record. i'm running on what want to do >> running effectively and still deliver the services that people expect by theetaxes they pay. >> bbth candiddtes are expected the key to some of those races could be voter turn out. for the first time, that doesn't just mean the turn out today. joel d smith is live in alboughs to explain how the state's earll voting could impact the results. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, megann a lot of people are wondering. we had the early voting and six days of that. this is the last ddy can you vote rather than the only day. %-idea and some on't. llked he i know i have lynn here.ú you are coming here today..3 you decided to come on the traddtional primary day. you had earlier opportunities to come, why did you decide to doú this way? >> i kinddof like coming to the
8:05 am
the true spirit voting.use it's going, you see all of the diiferent candidates and all the differeet. >> reeorter: materials that they give you. >> and the fact that when you go to the early polls, i'm just no3 sure. i don't knoowif it -- iialways3 feel like it does not countt >> i do like coming to theepolls to see how many people come and see the true representaaion f voting. >> reporterr a little earlier, we had form are governoo bob ehrlich with hisú family. they are voting today and he did the early voting. on the one hand he says he needs -o get more people out that couldn't vote. you get the same amount of t if people. >> yes, because you figure how much time it takes to gee the ú%lunteers at the polls..3 >> reporter: traditional likes the rral day.ú number 44 going in toovote. and we will let you know. thank ou for joining us.
8:06 am
we're live at albutris at stay with fox 45 morning news tonight. -e will be ive as the votes are counted in. we wiil stay with us until the get all the latest information on the primaries and the noveeber elections at fox 2010. baltimore county police are investigating after a man is found stabbed overnight. officers say they received a arrest around 10:000last night. ú%en they arrived at an apartment complex, they found 26 years old jeremiah de mario stabbed in the chest. he was pronounced dead at the carroll county hospital center. homicide desk tiffs are investigating afttr a man is shot and killed in east -olice were callld to the scene 5:30 yesterday afternoonn they found a 30 years old man who had been shot in the chest. -e was later pronounced dead at at accused leader of one of
8:07 am
baltimore'' most notorious gangs plans to plead guilty to a drug conspiracy charge today as part of a deal. the attorney or todd duncan says his client will reenter the plea at a rearraignment at u.s.3 district court. the duncan and three other family members of the guerrilla family werr indicted on possible racketeering charges which carries a possiile life sentence. his guiltily plea will let him avoid a trial on the racketeering charge and earn him possiblely a 15 year priion term instead. he was found recruiting gang members while working for a non-profit youth group. the ravens start thh t 2000 %-season with a victory.2010 there were a few shaky moments to start like quarrerback joe flacco's fumble. he qqickly ecovereddand the
8:08 am
official ggme wide receiver and the team's defense was on point. thee dominated the jets holding them to 76 yards and neaaly -hutting them down on 3rd down. new york converted just one of 11 attempts. i'm proud of the football. i'm proud of raven. iithought we played wittlined. fundamental soundness. havoc. >> we proved that we can be the number one defense. the ravens head to cincinnatt on sunday to face the division rivals, theebengals, sick off is set for 1:00. no matter where you're from, we're looking for ravens ffns to send us in photos showing off your purple pride. go to and click
8:09 am
on the communnty feaaures ú%ction. coming up it's a fashion do. people magazine shows us the ú%ll must have fashions. and i'm emily gracie live at the pearl where we're talking today is the day i double down.
8:10 am
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pamper your little one.
8:12 am
treat them to a spa goddess party. meteorologist emily gracie is live with the ddtails in this morning's hot spot..3 you'reeall glammed up, too. >> yeah, making me feel make you ffel fabulous at the3 pearl. i'm talking to tiffann. we have an event on this saturday where little girls can come out and have their birthday parties here. tell me what they're doing hhre. >> the girls are making their take home with them.hey get to we haveethe first stations, the girls are letttng us know how they want their lotion made..3 want. the ext statton is the sugar scrub. >> it looks like ice cream to me. they get to put the topicc on it, sprinnle and glitter and all kind of fun stuff. >> riley, when aae you making here? >> weere making bubble bbth. >> bubble bath, awesome, that
8:13 am
looks liie fun. an open house going on this weekend? yes. >> whaa does that invvlve? >> the open house will be this -aturday from 12:00 to 4:00. it will giveeyyu a sneak prevvew offwhat the party would entaill we're allowing the kids each one to make a product and take home with thhm. the parents get somethinggtoo if they book a party. you can get a $50 gift card. ssa goddess open house this weekend noon to 4:00 on saturday. you can get all oo the and it looks likk it will be a great ay to get out here and enjoy spa treetments, special leer for the kids. 80 degrees mmstly sunny skies and just a gorgeous day in store for us. ú%ley, are you goong to come out. >> yeah, she is very excited about her bubble bath here. p>> steve, you know you havee3 been wanting to get one, how about a pedicure.
8:14 am
>> theyylike like minut miniatue scientists with their lab coats. p>>they do. only a meteorologist would see that. and it should be a pretty day like it will be on aturday with a lost sunshine. may see showers in our forecast between now and then. a momenttmore specifically. you see the dryyscan again on rrdar looking good with a lot of we have a hazy sun to start this morning. 688degrees for the sunny -emperature whichhis not too bad. winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. expect the winds to picc up a little bbt as we move through the afternoon and evening hoursú 58 degrees, temperature right now in baltimore, the same ffr d.c. down in salisbury, 62 degrees and hagerrtown, 63, oakland aa 54 degrees. and after weelook at the frontal %-with this front but it willgh, bring in norrhweeterly winds that will be gusting higher.
8:15 am
10-15-mile-an-hour wind and state. the low pressure ccnter brings us he next best chance of rain, even still it looks like most of ii appears to be to the north. we hope it comes further toward the south because we will need it will be bringiig us rain late thursday into early riday more %-the high pressure behind it brings ussanother very nice weekend with a lot of sunshine and comforttble temperatures. for today, 84 degrees for the eastern shorres high. 50 miles an houu ind gusting to 25. the central part f he staae get to 81 wheee we were yesterday for a high temperature, a lot of sun sun. %-10--5-mile-an-hour winds is a3 lot guts. a little bit cooler to the west, comfortable, a little breezz in -f you're headed to the orioles game, we got -- to play in the blubluejays, 7:09. and the northwest wind at 5-15.
8:16 am
we drop to 55 for the overnight low. and then tomorrow 80 degrees another pleasant day, 79 on thursday with clouds in the dayú whhn you can begin to see clouds move in. friday morning, more showers, look for partly cllwedy to mostly sunny -- cloudy to mootly sunny skies later in the day. 82 on sunday with a lot of sun,3 a lot of sun on sunday. a lot -- nn, sun on monday, a high of 80 degreee then. the roadways right now. here is lauren cooke with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have trouble in downttwn baltimore where we're dealing with an accident involving aabus thht is going to be right on east pratt street at south president street. if yyu're traveling on the southwess portioo of the beltway watch out for a dissbled car at 95. the accident has cceared from the norrhbound lanes of 95 at caton avenue and the delays have faded. we are dealing with quite a bit of congestion on 95 through
8:17 am
whitemarsh where speeds are3 clocking at 25 mille per hour along the oothbound laness no delays, here is a live look at harford road, you can will notice quiie a bit of coogestion. as we check in and take a look at the west side of the beltway, a little bit faster out here at liberty oad, but you're still looking at at a 17-minute ride from 795 to 95..3 those of you traveling in the %-dover road at butler -hat's thh traffic edge report. patrice and megan, back to you. thanks, lauren. coming up me is known for her voice. which one of hollywood hottest artists arethra ffanklii wants to her in a movie. coming up next, they might be music winners, buttthey're bii fashion ffilures. miss brandi proctor picks for
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
a queen makes outrageouss3 demands. a fash jo fashionista gets walkg papers and vma fashion violation. arethra franklin waats halle barry o play the legendary singer in her biography film. she has been make the request for three years ut halle hasn't said yes. ú%u thinn ii would be easy ffr her.3 %-replicate arethra yyunger loos like this. but i wonder how she would be able to pull off the modern day
8:21 am
speccal effects can do a lot of. the queen of soul wants den denl washington to maher daddy. >> she says it was suddenly and %-meant to bb blinded sided. the mother of three has other projeets ii the works including a $40 line from from macy's. fashionista s turning designer. waach out maaor handbag designers. she gave hhr a taate of her purse line. %-replace the bergmann. ca can and the just monnhs after
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romantic wedding megan fox's life couldn't be better. dating for six yyars.friend. she can't wait to have kids of her own.ú and k-fed. he is whipping hhmself back in shape, so far he has shed 25 pounds and trying to shed more.ú i alss think that once he3 realized that he wasn't going to be successful as a fat raaper, he decided it was best to be a fit back up. and for this week, celebrity give you a look back at the bad vma outfits ooer the years. firrt up my girr j lo. at the time, i thought ittwas kind of cute. aatually the boot did it for me. but the critics ripped her apart. anddthen tommy lee and pamela
8:23 am
anderson and 1999. and look at gwen stephanie in 1998. and then in '08 showing uppas thh bride of beatle juice. and last but certainly not least, grace for the shame less self promotion in 2001. the outfit and the album were flops. i'm brandi proctor, i will see you. that is too funny. ú%u forget about how bad those outfits are. looking bad, though. >> ann gwen stephanie now being - designer seems kind of funny. speaking of vma fashions, it's an utfit so cool, it needs to be stored in the fridge. >> i never thought i would be asking cher to hold my meat purse. >> the truth behind laad
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for just 9.99.
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! we have sooe tips for you. danny lee from golds gymmis here to get fft or fox. >> everyone wants to take the workout to thh next level. >> i have been getting a lot of calls, i'm havinggto -- i hit my plateau with tte lower body. what an i do to start sseing -eeults again. >> onn amazing way of doing it is pile owe m pylometric work. >> what does that mean.33 >> explosive type movements where you're leaving the ground and you are ggtting closer to
8:27 am
jumping. >> i think you can jump to give me examples of what you're talking about and why does that make it moreeeffective. %-a regular're doing doing normal squats and %-quit seeing the results as fas you usually should. this will help you see results once again. a squat is one that we sed in you do want to jumm buttyou want to make sure -- the biggestú problem that i get is peoppe that is not oing to cut it. you need to put good effort into it and get good explosive jumpp3 as far as you can. i like when you do that as well as, you want to jump in as well to make it more intense. >> okay. >> ou can do plyo lungee as well.ú stann in one place, and for the amount of time and amount of reps. -p>> do you do these in place of your normal workout or
8:28 am
incorporate them. >> you can do this a whole pylometric ay or add it with your normal routine to make it different. >> if you make it one pylometric day and do your workkut forrthe rest of the week. >> whatever plyometri cs you're doing. a lot of is done in the lower body. i wouldn't suggest to do the lower body. you can do push ups, and ccaps, and like -- get the nes where you're leaving the ground. >> those are tough. i don't get as far off the ground. all right, but that is the way to take your workout to the neet level. good on bringing to the flat - >> getting where you want to go. all iiht, danny thank you so much. for more infoomation log oo3 to our website at
8:29 am coming up they've got their finger on the style pulse. people magazine shows us the hottest fas fash fashion trends. and definitely it's a dress that definitely rare and pretty wwll done. %-gaga's latest fashion creatio. if that isswhat you want to call ú
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8:31 am
welcome back to fox 5 morning news on this primary election day. workers ouusidd of tte polls in alboogh tris anallbama ualbutra half an hour ago. and those races will e final. let's take a look at the have to deal with. ttat ooks very nice. >> actually ii's very ice. get outside and maybe do a liitle jogging.
8:32 am
it's goiig to be upp80 degrees for the high. in truth, do not forget to gett3 to the polls. take a lookkat the temperatures this morning. 68 degrees in baltimore.ú -he same for washington d.c. 52 in salisbury and 62 in hagerstown. have to see the temppraturrs even out across thh board.3 the hd ai radar eeing clouds moving across the bbard. going to be windy this afternoon perhaps, with some breeze thht is going to get up to 10-15 miles per our gust as afternoon as well..3 whht is happening on the roadways as you head out the door? track edge to let you know.he >> reporrer: thank you, -teve. ú%'re ddaling with heavy lines. we're looking at 7 miles per hour on the harford road. if you moi' noticeethe outer los going to be packed.3 travvling from 95 to 83, thatú ride issgoing to take you quite sometime, with only 24 minutes.
8:33 am
you will see some relief there as we head west from 795 to 95.3 you're looking at a 4-minute ride witt a higher speed of 44 miles per hour. fortunate lely there's no probls to reportttraveling on northeast corridor of 95. an average speed of 51 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. we're still calling it primary election day, but it woulddbe more accurate o say it's the last day of primaryú election week. joel d smith is live in albutris as the folkk are heeded to the polls for the 7th and final day to go ahead and tell us. good morning, joel. how many people are showing up. >> reporter: we have 60 something, which is about average according to the poll workers inside i just spoke with. this is albutris middle school ehrliih knows very well.b he group up in this area.
8:34 am
decideddto vote in the early he lex time!!election time. neccssarily vote in he gets voted in november. it was passed as part of the state constitution amendment and confirmed by the public after that. it costs tooomuch to keep as many places open for a week of voting. does it get more people to the polls? it's wooth it? easier for eople to vote. ú%higher.úoter turn out to be3 >> the research we have done sinne 2007 has shown no negligible increase in turn out. >> reportee: a loo of fflks think we will sit back and see the results of this one of the the estimated turn out is 32% today. that is according to the stay. if that is the case, that's not worth doing this and keeping the cost to do all of the extra voting. if it means ttat more people come out and maybe on a good day
8:35 am
like this it's not a big deal on a day with bad weather, it oes have advantages here. it's like the traditionaa primary voting day. they likeethe atmospherr of that. we will see how the numbers turn out. stay with us tonight. we will be liveeuntil the votes are counted and we will ssay with you until the key races are deciied.ú yoo will get all of the informationnoo the primary elections and go o 2010. a new season means new clothes, new shoes and new bags. %-the must have items or theon season. -eople style watch magazine ii making its deputy editor joyce, available to tell us what those trends are this morning.
8:36 am
good morning, joyce. >> gooo morning. >> i see a lot of fabulous stuff on the table. i will let you get started with what you have there? >> there's so many great looks. one of the great things that get you in mood for fall is to think of color. rich tones are whattit's about this season. we're seeing a lot of burg andes, greens, and sort of a blue-green color, and this is great for work. but if you wanted to sort of ppay with the trend, ou can do it with accessories. we have the great bags from banana repuulic and it's big enough for work an but it has te edgy setting so it's cool ennugh forrnight, too. who doesn't like a great colored it jazzes up whatever you'ree3 wearing and both of these shoes are under $100. it's a great price, too. >> talk about the booties, those are huge.
8:37 am
>> booties are really huge this season. and the lace up booty is sort of a mmx of fe feminine and sort of tom boy. we have a range of styles. this is from luxury rebel. this is $275 and we have a lower priced option ffom victoria secret which is about $78. so definitely have a variety of prices, tights, skinny jeans and leggings and have up-to-the-minute look. talk about the dress that you have behind you. >> we got this sort of return to femininity. i think it's influenning fashion and that sort of period. we're looking at a lost feminine shapes. a lot of sheath dresses. thisscalvin klein dress is $128. it's a great dress that you can and cardigan and take it off and look very lady like and vvry -efined and pulleddtogether.
8:38 am
we're seeing a lot of thatttoo. >> people style watch magazine if you need morr tips is ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪
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maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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8:40 on the tuesday morning. everybody feeling pretty good after the ravens win last niiht. we're looking at dry conditions %-we will be feeling good for te day today with all of the sunshineeaad temperatures climbing into the low 80s in most places. have starting onditions at the inner harbbr. 68 degrees right now. sunshine more than anythingazy else. wind southwest at 8 miles per %-rise withh29.93 with a dew pot fairly low indicating dry conditions at 53.
8:41 am
here is what we have with temperatures around the region. cooler still, goo 52, hagerstow. from the nooth that will allow for the sunnhine. it doesn't bring us any rain because therees not a lost moisture with this front. instead we get a northwesterly flow and breezy conditioos for this afternnon as much of the air rushes down from the north and weet. then we see this next chance of rrin which we deeinitely can use for late thursday into friday as the low pressure center has moved north and east. it may take a loot o ot of thin wiih it. we hope to see some of it. we will have a nice weekend once we get past friday. ú% are expecting a lot of sunshine and a high 5-15 miles per hour.3 obviously very nice with a lot of sunshine. winds won't feel too bad even %-afternoon, 11 miles per hour d
8:42 am
gusting igher than that. a 78-degree high, cooler with mostly sunny skies. if you'rr headed to camden yards tonight for the othhr birdss playing of course at camden yards, playing against the bluujays toniggt. 7:05 is tte emperaaure around 75 degrees.mainly clear skies, a comfortable tart to the day. the temperatures will drop quickly. 69 degrres for the overnight loww. the temperatures will see a drop at 5-15 miles per hour. a nice day, 85 degrees for tte the high. cloudy to mostly cloudy skkes on thursday as the front approaches and that low pressure center, %oo. thursday night into early fridaa more likely. 79 and 78 ffr the thursday and friday, but tten look at the weekend. 80 degrees for saturday. 82 for sunday, you got to like %-saturday, lots of sunshine3on saturday, and mostly clear and 80 degrees for monday night a nice day to head back to work. -t will be a nice day. you may noo want to head back to
8:43 am
work. here is auren cooke with the traffic edge. %-dealing with slow speeds on my of the main linee. those oo traveling in the parkville arra. we areelooking at 6 miles per hour on harford road. you notice it will be a slow ride allng the outer loop.3 you're looking at a 25 mine ride from 95 to 83. ú%re s a look aa liberty road where you can see no delays. 83 wwll remain clear. here issa look at warren road. shawan road to the beltway. we are dealing with a little bit of congestion on the jfx it will be a slow ride from northern parkway to east cold ssrrng lane. from thereeit shhuld be a smooth ride. ttaveling an an 8-minute ride through that. thatts the traffic end eport. patrice and megan, ack to you. thank ou, lauren. p>> coming up next, he is bringinggthe gospel to
8:44 am
baltimore. a sneak peek at john tharn tha n nelson's new album..3 could be a good thing. what a study says ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
baltimore native and his new song it, billboard's gos gospel chart. jonathannneil just released his new allum. >> i'm having ggeat time, great journey. september 14th, this is a big day i will never forget this day. it's called better dayssask we -iland wewiil be releasing it ty
8:47 am
nationwide, thank you for having me. the place and you came home to release it? >> i live at ft. lauderdall florida but i had to come home. the love that i experience fromú my family and the many churches i sung, why not come home and do a great release concert. >> we're glad you are here and you are going to be performing tonight. tell us what this this. it's music for grandma and usic -orryounn people. it touches everybody, it reaches the heart of verybody. my father is 76 years old and he alwaysssaid, son make sure you ú%citizens whennyou create musi, but my appeal is to a younger crowd. it appeals to the masses. i believe that this is gging to touch the hearts of many people. >> you put your heart and your soul into each your ongs, we're excited that you're going to perform us today. >> thank you for having me
8:48 am
today. >> take it away. this morning we're going to expect great things. ♪ ♪ even while you're watching, and getting rea ready to get yor day started the right way today. ♪ the beginning ♪ it's now unfolding ♪ it's the time of your great blessing ♪ ♪ nothing but victory ú%to do exceedingly bundantly above what you ask or think ♪ ♪ expect a great day ♪ on your job 7 ♪ xpect a great ♪ expect a great get your morning started theto
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right way ♪ ♪ expect a great ♪ expect a great ♪ expect a great things to happen this week ♪ ♪ come on ♪ exxect a great ♪ expect a great 3 ♪ while you're at home ♪ ♪ waking up, everybody ♪ clap youu hands and put your praise on this morning ♪ ♪ this is just the beginnnng ♪ the year of refreshing ♪ come on ♪ it's nowwunfolding ♪ the time of your great ♪ expect nothing but victooy ♪ that's the promise of our king ♪ to do xceedingly,,a dunned ay above all you can ask or think ♪ ♪ expect a ggeat ú ♪ expect a great
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♪ good
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most school dayy begin at 8:00 a.m. or earlier. for some kids that means getting up before 6:00 to get ready. -f you're the pareet of a teenager you know how cranky they can be when the alarm bell rings.
8:53 am
now dr. mollica finds out that postponing school time start timms can have a greater benefit for teens. >> letting your teen sleep in may be what the doctor ordered. a new study shows that it might make them happiee, more motivated and more alert. they urveyed 2101 210, 12th graders. theenumber of students getting at least hoors of shut eye at 9, increased from fitc 15% to at 50%% while biological stages seem need 8 to 9 hours of sleep atey night. make sure they mainnainna bed time routine and avoid television, cell phones and the internet at least one hour before bed time.
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8:56 am
lady gag is talking fashion headlines again today. this time for her fleshy props. >> the cotur choice. >> there she was head to toe in not so much prime cuts. >> it looks likk a lot of marbling. >> but you got to ggve her credit for ounting the stage >>her bag made of meatt >> i ever ttought i would be
8:57 am
asking cher to hold my meat purse. >> the new york fashioonweee. >> meat, oh my gosh! it's amazing. gaga meat outfft met with raisee out brows..33 even the rare birds at fashion -eek didn't find lady gaga's look weel done. >> i find it disturbing. >> it didn't seem to hurt his on lady gaga's stunt calling meat the deposing flesh of an abused animal. hernandez created the outfit and the meat came from his meat butcher. vvggie bikini and skirt.
8:58 am
[ cheerrng ] >> in the past the bacon bra has had a moment of fame on twwiter. the cootestants on america's next top model had to compete wearing meat. >> i haae to wear beef panties and they wraparound my neck. >> reporter: gaga wore meat won efore. >> not aapiece of meat. >> reportee: but which pieces did she wear? ittwas brisket or flank steak. >> you can see some resemblance on some of the parts of the outfit. >> reporter: and then therees >> ppetty sure the half. the meat wasn't driiping utú lady'ssgaga eyes were as she belted out her new song. one minutthis is thh first dresu would have to refrigeraae. new york. don't put that n the closet. >> i do not ggt that.
8:59 am
>> i don't eithhr. >> lady gogo would lace up every going to do that is going to be really weird? >> that's weird. >> i do, too. >> the flies and the dogs following. that's a long show.ú >> yyah, i feel bad ffr the %-hee. that were sitting arounn >> and it's n her head there


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