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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 14, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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sdooz testifying in the murder of former city councilmann >> iididn't see it. but i hear it. i hear it all the time now. >>repprter: ccitical missing piece of evidence defense attorneys plan to take advantage of. >> primary day in the state of maryland. >> all over the city are frustrated and surprise and want to see change. >> top race and the final message candidate have for the voters. >> we track 2 hurricane in the atlantic. who could see the impact of category 2 and when it might hit in the sky watch forecast. >> and j.lo joins the "american idol"tooem team. big paycheck she brings home big paycheck she brings home for sitting at the >> hello. >> the last man to see former city council member harrrs before he was murdered takes
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the same day video and photo of the crime scene were shown to jurors. kattleen. >>reporter: the most emotional testimony came from keith covingttn who had a begun put to his hhad by the killers. 3 armed robbers raa that the new haven lounge right after shooting harris and demanded cash. covington emptied the safe of 2000 dollars and as the gunmen ran out the back door covington got his own gun and fired 3 shots. the 3 drevts facing murder charges.. their attorneys say today's emotional but does not link their client with the crime. they also say covinggon's story has changed sincc he first spoke with police. >> factual discrepancy. verr important discrepancy. the number of people involved. what the people did. their location. t is very significant. >>reporter: keith covington
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says he could not clearly identify any of the gunmen. ken harris widow also in court -útoday listening to the testimony. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you kathleen. police investigating after a man is shot and killed in south east baltimore. police were called to the scene at hall berth avenue and cape found a 30-year-old man shotey in the chest. he was pronounced dead at hopkins bay view. 2 people were shot in west baltimore. it happened at 9 p.m. monday at west saratoga and north sproous streett man shot and woman grazed by a bullet apparently after an argument. man was taken to theehospital wwth gunshot wounns in the chest and arm. no word on the sues pest in the hooting. >> baltimore police officer is arrested after bar fight in south west baltimore. happened in the pprking lot of club reality around 1:30 monday morning. investigators say officer refuse receipt walker got into a fight after a woman punched him in the face. walker was arrested and charged with assault and
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behavior that upped minds the integrity of ttis agency, men and women of the pd work too hard. this type of behavior is unacceptable. >>reporrer: walker is alreaay suspended for an inciddnt last year. he was not wearing his badge or his weapon at the -útime oo this incident. primary day in the state of mary land and baltimore city all eyes on the race for city state attorney. >> we have live team coveragg tonight. jeff liie in canton with greg's campaign. >> and joy ssanding by live in south south baltimore wiih the chesapeake campaignnwhere we begin tonight. joy? >> well, eff, we are here at the club in south baltimore very special location for patricca where in the past she celebrated birthday and where she plans to celebrate a victory tonight. now i want to give you a feel forrhow the place is laid out. we have the deck which ill probably be full of supporters tonightt%
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and you can see the band already in the process of setting up. hey tell me regardless this place is going to be hopping. now behind the glass doors we also have two tv sets and banquet room where supporters have the option to sit down and watcc the results as they come in. now earlier today we caught up with patricia as she was making her rounds thanking supporters. this is by far the toughest opposition she's faced in the 15 years she's been in office and we pose the question to her why should someone vote for her versus her opponent bernstein and she said simply put beeause i'm the best candidate. >> we have made a lot of progress over the course of the years and ww still have a lot to do. i have the energy. the enthusiasim. the vision and the leader shp and of course i'm tough and smart. >>reporter: now we look forward to be here throughout the evennng keeping you updated. live in south baltim baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 5:30. talk to you later joy.
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for the first time in a long ttme paa is facing some stiff competition. jeff is standing by live at camden with the bernstein campaign. hello jeff. >> hello jeff. we are hereeat the smoke house in canton where bernstein supporters are expected to gather a little later tonight. pretty quiet in here riggt now. ampaign still out orking the poll trying to hhrness every last available vote. now the candidate himself was out at office and this weekend he wants some key endorsement in the baltimore sun s well as baltimore attorney billy murphy. with less than 3 hours to go noo before the polls close, bbrnstein tells us hees beth excited and enthused. >> well we think weehave un a very ppofessional campaign and i think that after 15 years people are ready for a change and more importantly i think that we have really tapped into sommthing. i thinn people all over the city are frustrateddwith the crime and
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want to see change. >>reporter: well, bernstein has out spent his opponent during this campaignn tonight after 8:00 o'clock when the polls close we feigned out if the money is well spent. live in canton, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> voters also deciding priiary battle in the race for governor incumbent o'malley meeting voters in clump bay this afternoon. he didn't cast a ballot today bbcauss he more than a week ago. he'soting the overwhelming favorite against 2 other ccndidate in the democratic primarr. >> this is theeprimary whilee6 not be many contested election at the top of the ticket and of course this is part of our democracy so we encourage even to turn out to vote..% >>reporter: on the republlcan side bob urlich wws in the hooetown this morninn. urlich also cast his ballot in early voting but he escorted his parents today so ttey could vote. urlich has a challeeger today in republican muuphy, he says his real target remains the general electton in
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november. >> and neat to come bacc to school back to mm hometown. see my family. see my friends. supporters. but as i said we are focus liie a laser beam about seven week from his now. >>reporter: and get all the latest information on the 2010 i con. >> roads lacking in. lauren has the traffic edge report. hello auren. >> hello jeff. we have 2 accidentssin east ballot mir. one on wright avenue at preston street and aaothhr n south wolf street at easternn6 avenue. clear through the tunnel. using the belt way we look at 45 miles per hour clocking in along the inner loop lanes at liberty road. check in nd take a live look you notice really no problems to report. cars are moving up wwy towards the towns end year it wiil jam up and live look at york road you notice it is going to be a very slow ride allng the innee loop. it will ease up as ou make the switch tt parkkille. if traveling in the parkville area watch out for crash on old harper road
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at puty hill avenue and those travel on 88 tonight it will be slow from swan road to bell >> beautiful day for primary election day but ugly out in the aalantic. >> yes. still ahead at 5:30. vytas tracking a category 4 hurricane. what is in its path? pichlt and some last minute endorsement. ill it be endorsement. ill it be enough for joe the race forrbaltimore county >> challenger camp keein wants
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>> battle for county executive in baltimore county.. the 2 democrat fighting for the >> we have reporters and both úop candidate tonight. keith live in pikesville with the kevin campaign. >> we begin leif in parkville with joe's campaign. melinda? >>reporter: 22councilmen from different sides of he countt going head tt head ttnight. so far volunteers are just showiig up to begin setting up for what they hope will be a night of celebration. this has been a very expensive race for both candidates. they have spent hundreds of
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thousands of dollars and joe has pent the last couple of days doing some heavy handshaking. he's visited with senior centers and we caught up with him at his eli during lunch time. he is targetinn areas of the koybts úhere vvters may be less familiar with him. places like randalltown and mount washington and everyone is asking abouttthe economy, jobs and taxes..6 c1 3 3 >> we have a couple lean years ahead of us but there is a light at the he said offthe tunnel for baltimore county. that's what we work towards. we have 3 where it has been economic great state in úaltimore county so instead of raising taxes we grow new tracks. >>reporter: he's beingen endorsed by beth police and firefighters union. he says it's very important because voters are concerned about public safety but he's up against an opponent who also
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has a lot of eeperience in politic and keith ii live tonight at his headquarters in pikesville. keith what is úappening over there? >> e are live at the connecticut here in pikesville and cammus hoping to celebrate a victory here tonight. they are setting up the room now and it does come with experience liie chief opponent. he's 4 term councilman.. picked up endorsement from the baltimore sun who says he's one needed to now begin the ough waters ahead in county government. meeting and greeting voters on the way to the poll. now he started is round of polling -úplaces at forth garrison. once he has been popular with that he served on the council for the 16 years. >> so i just want to kind of start off in my home roots here and work our way around the couldn't anddtouch base with a lot of old friend and
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new friendss too. people have been very upbeat. very encouraging and it's exciting. still have a lot of energy and looking forward toogreat day and great night. >> the whipper of the democratic primary will face former state delegate ken holt november 2nd. live in pikevil pikeville, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you keith. biggest factor in today race will election officials expect about 30 percent turn out across maryland today to votee% in today's primary. you have you have to be registered as republican or democrat that brings us our question of the day. should we have open primary. let us know and text us at 45203 with a for a and response might air tonight at 10:00. stay with us for
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continuing covvrage of today's primary. we'll be live as votes counted and we will stay with you until the key races are ddcide. live team coverage ssarts tonight at 10:00 right here on fox 45. >> gorgeous weather out there today but we have some very interesttng things to keep an eye on. to vytas with the latest look now at the sky watch forecast. egor. vytas >> looks like we have to worry about storms outt% there in the the atlantic bbt good news. we have a couples conditioos out there right now. zooming in around the state the temperatures at 76 degrees and 79 at dc. 80 in hagerstown and ccoler at western maryland and 58 degrees in we'll continue to see the cooler spot there. then as far as back her at home plenty of sunshine as we saw. plenty of clear skies out there across the region. cold front went through. area of low pressure up into cannda but most part dry conditions across the street and will continue to enjoy dry
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conditions through the overnight and down the road look like not any rape any time soon. probably going to take its time to et here as we get into thursday night into friday so looks like we útay dry until then and next step comes ii from the into thursday night friday morning then getting out of here. so this is all we worry about. egor and then julia and new tropical storm in the gulf come up in a bit. >> thank ew in charge of your own personalized weather forecast i radar is available and use the interactive tools coming down to your streettand click on i radar. >> police ake 2 arrest after deadly stabbing. russell latimer and myself glover. investigators say they are upon for killing 26-year-old paul demario late last night.
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happened on gill avenue. he was stabbed in the chest and found in a staircase. >> baltimore city leads the country in the number of rape reports by police that's onn of the reasons connresss% iivessigates how rape cases are all righted to law enforcement nationwide. cap till audit of the police -údepartment promise new police call and rape before the ciiy are up 20 ercent since the new protocol were implemented. >> j.lo head to the judge's table. still ahead at 5:30. how much she will make for how much she will make for appearing on the
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>> here's done deal now. j.lo will join randy at the judge table for the season of "american idol"come up this january. fox is still mum about this but the pop star reportedly celtsed on 12 million dollar deal to be a yum on the show.. official announcement expected some time in the month of october. mean time singer george miccael is headed to jail. michael sentenced to 4 weeks for a dui charge. siiger also been bannnd from driving for 5 years. folk of hopeeriding through maryland today.
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cyclist who are cancer survivors visited the university of maryland cancer ceeter this morning. the message cancer isn't contagious but hope can be. >> first ttme that i was diagnosed i dealt with a lot of anger because i was the healthiest person i knew. i had no risk factors. i eeercise more than the normal hum an being and i still got cancer. so i found that the bike was theebest therapist. >>reporter: group is visiting cancer centers in more than aa% dozen cities. also organizing local bike rides to raise money for cancer research. >> more more information about this go o our web site. when it comes to news in your neighborhood we want to you see it shoot it send it up web site and click on the see it shoot it send it i con. also send pictures directly from the cell phone to pick at fox
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>> ravens win a smash mouth game against the new york jets. hear why johh hhrbaugh% the best defensive performance the best defensive performance he has ever seen coming up >> we track hurricane egor and my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every
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bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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>> it wasn't exactly artistic try out but it was a win. ravens oot-slugged the new york jeingts monday night to get the 2010 regular season under way on very positivee% note. 2 great deffnses at the very top of the game. but the devastating performance. held the jets to 176 yards on route to continue-9 victory. jets had only 6 first downs. hard
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to play much betttr than. that john harbaugh want to you know how awesome he thought it was. >> i thought it was probably best defense performance i have seen here. i think our defense continues to get better and better. coaches obviously did a great job understanding what they were trying to do offensively. our players did a great job of understanding that offensively. we were probably one step ahead of them for the most part throughout the course of thh game and it showed up in the result. >>reeorter: wow! hers reminder to join me tonight. federal hill for the coorsin light silver spotlight. uest is kicker billy taping starts at 7:30 so be sure to get there early and wear the purple and black to shaper bar and restaurant tonight. >> more on the ravens victory and o for first series win and prep player of the week award coming up tonight on sports unlimited. back to you is that thanks so much bruce. >> beautiful around the parts but over the atlantic what is one that. >> vytas standing by to tell us what is up with all of
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that. >> good news it's nice and quiet around here. we saw úeautiful conditions out there going right to the map you see temperatures in the upper 70's in ballot mir looking at why any hagerstown. 79 in dover and salsbury and 80 degrees and we are going to continue with the trend. next few days high pressure in place. trough to the north and 10 to see that clear through the renal as we see the fawch scan showing really no actiiity as we go through the next few days here. relatively quiet thankk to the high pressure in place but next chance of rain northwest and watch it move in thursday nature intoofriday morninn and ext chance for shooers and weekend looks fabulous but not for the folk out there at bermuda. hurricane satellite here. this is a very strong storm. category 4. egor right now with 144 miles per hour winds. gusting to 178 and tracking the storm category 4 and then makes the curve to category 3 there's the island of bermuda and looks like it could stay as category 3 and stronger edge of the storm will be brushing on that right through
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perfect pwud -- ber nude right now the track of the storm is putting them in the pressure point as far as getting the chance for devastating chance for devastating conditions out there
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