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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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-p we have made a lot ovvr te people all over the city are frustrated with the crime and want to see change. a big upset, the unofficial wiiner in one of the hottest primary races. until they get the computee back up, we won't have those -umbers. too close to call. leave voters hanging in theuld couuty executive race. i didn't realize it was that well. and low grrduution rate. how many taxpayer dollars are being spent on schools with commeecement concerns. good morning, it's weddesday, september 11th. you're taking a live look
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downtown baltimore there at cit3 hall. good morning, i'm pptrice harris. let's get a check of our forecast this morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here with what we can expect. these people get up and get out mid-through this week. >good mooningg nobody is complaining. a little cool at the bus sttp, 62 degrees, some places actually in the 50s this morning and clear skies. around the rest of the region, seeing temperatures as they say a little bit varied, 53 in sallsbury, cooler spot, and oakland on the cool side.3 66 ii hagerstown and 62 in yoo see showers dissipating to the northhin pennsylvania and new yook under hhgh pressure which will ring us highh3 pressure, sunshine and it should be very pleesant. we look for the rain in the %-use in a ittle bit..3 we can first let's take a look at lauren cooke wwth the first traffic edge.
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lauren. -> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have traffic at the harfood county. -e're dealing with a disabled tractor trailer. virtually no problems to eport on 95, as we take a live looo a3 joppa road. thh cars are moving northbound3 and southbound just fine. ittwill remain clear from whitemarsh boulevard to theú beltwwy, you're looking at a --minute ttip. you're look the a 8-minute ride through the fort mcheery tunnel and a 9-minute ride through the harbor tunnee. that's a look at the traffic patrice, back to you. it was expected toobe a morning the race for city state call. according to unofficial results, though gregg bernsteennis the winner beeting out incumbent patrrcia jessamy. megan gilliland is at the war memorial downtown where jessamy is expecteddto meet with her
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staff later this morning. good morning, meggn. >> reporter: at 7:00 this meet here at the war memorial with her staff of 300 people. true, it coold be a sad day for these ppople thaa have beee here for 15 years. if she comes here this morning, she coold say she is choosing to fight those results. as it sttads right now all ball lott in the 2900pres 220 precins the city are in. the election has not decleered bernstein this morning. it's a toughest battle that jeesamy hassever faced. she was appointed to the ciiy %-1995 byythe city court judges. voters returned her to office three imms after that. this year bernstein a
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mighh hhve ended her streak. underdoo.nsideredded the as the campaign heated up he snatched big endorsements. last night both candidates watched at different locations -s the results started coming in, both feeling confident at the time. >> we have run a very %-are ready for a change. i tapped into something. ú%opll all over the city are frustrated with the crime and want to see change. %-over the course of theee years and we still have a lot to do. i have thh energy, the enthusiasm, the vision and the leadershhp, and of course i'm tough and smart. when the vote is this close, there's a recount. arecount.3ú that will happen.s unclear if stay with us as the race ffr the city state attorney continues to turn heads.
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liveefrom the war memorial,ú megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. another race hanging in the balance this morning is thee democrattc choiceefor baltimore county executive. the results show kevinnkamenetz leading joseph bar bartenfelder right now. some computer problems have lest results up on the air. >> reeooter: it's tough a ay after the election still not have official results.3 vote lead, but there were000 computer problems last night. we don't know the nature of those problems, whether they were here or at the actual precincts. 94% of the resuuts are in but to claii ictory. let's take a look at what it was like last night at the locations, very tense for them for not having real results. the bartenfelder they were huddled around the computerss3 looking for esults last night.
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they could be seeing asking each other what is next, how long is this going to take. at the kkmenetz camp, theyylike the early numbers and having the lead. the candidate addressed his followers and it looked like a at the end of their night, both ú% tteir sides told heir followers it's not over yet. >> unfortunately onight, i don't think we are going to be able to come to a conclusion. we had problems with the board of election numbers, with their machines. p> until they get the omputers ú%ck up, we won't have those numbers. we have from those precincts.t we had about 4 you this vote 4,n the numbers we had. >> reporter: the 4,000 did come in for wouldn't be enoughú to make the 6,000 vote -ifference. here is the numbers. 218 precincted reported.
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about 2,000 voteelead for kevin kamenetz over bartenfelder. we ill find out what the problems remember were and even if they have the numbers. right now even though kamenetz is in the lead we ent vo the rs until later in the ay. governor bob ehrlich is moving, with 76% of the vote he3 sailed past his previous competitor, murphy had gained some momennum when heewas endorsed by sarah palin llst niggt. the last night the local business investor conceded defeat and said he would support ehrlich in the general ellction if ehrlich wanted it. >> tonight the people sppke and in tte next several weeks people -ill speak very loud in tte state of maryland. >> [applause], in faat, maryland for the taxpayers for the small business people, for the people who are fleeing this state every
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day, our message, is stop wait, give us 7 weeks [ laughter ] ú% there's hope. >> ehrlich ran on a pro business platform. he also says he wants to cut a 1% increase in the sales tax ann is pledging not to raise taxes. witt ehrlich winning the gop nomiiationn the reeatch with o'malley is now official. o'maaley easily won the democratic omination against two longshot candidates. he defeated ehrlich innthat >> look, these have been tough years but we have been making progress even through these touuh years. given the choice of whether toú fall forwwrd or fall back, they choose to moveeforward. o'malley says he is focused on job creation and making investment in education. not any people came ot to cast their vote on tuesday's
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priiaries. state election officials are in baltimore city, just 13..% of eeigible voters headed to the polls and in altimore couuty -fficials re reporting a similarrturn outt that is less than halffof the 30% turn out that was predicted leading up to the elections. >stay tuned to fox 45 morninn this story. we will talk to a polittcal ú%alysts about theeprimary resultssand whether maryland ú%ould have an opee primary. ú%at is coming up iinour 6::0 hour. maryland wasn't the only state holding primarr elections onn3 tueeday. >> reporter: a night of surprises after voters cast their pry may votes. in delaware marketing coosultant christine o''onald upset mike castle in the senate rimary.
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cannidate hassnooexperience in elected office. she will face chris koontz in november. another novice ii paladinoú ú%me away with a win. palaaino wwllltaae on the popular nd welllfiiaaced democratic ggneeal. >> sadly all andrew officerss s is status cuomo. >> that is makeethe judgment after the faat. >> reporter: 80 years old rangellis all but guarrnteed to keep his house seat in the hefly hhavily democratic district. russ fine gold, republiccnú ú%n johnson spent more ttan 4 million on a campaign easilyy3 beattng two opponents. >> folls, it's a fight for our
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ffndamental freedom and it's a fight that we abbolutely muss win.3úú%>> reporter: hawaiiaaso the polls and their democratic vote for govern are. et all the lltess information on the novembbr elections at 2010. two suspects are under arrest charged with a deadly stabbing in carroll county. glover.3 they stabbed jeeemiah de mario on monday after gettingginto an argument with him. thhy found de mario collapsed on the chest. center. an argument ed to the
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shooting of two people on monday night. it happened at 9:00 p.m. ttwest saratoga on north bruce street. a woman was grazed by a bullet. police are still looking for a congressiinal leaders hold a meeting on tte number of rates being under reported in several a senate panel heard tessimony -n the data yysterdayy ú%lice officers, womenns the group that moreover sited crime stats are needed along rape.a broader definition of meanwhileethe number of rapes in baltimore city are up. police changed their policies for hhndling possible rape cases. now apes are being invessigated up nearly 20% compaaed to this time last year. tick is not ue to a rash of new sexxallassaults, but ratherrthe the store at the center of. bribery and extortion case
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against state senator ulysses curry is helpinn the prosecution. ú%rrie is accused of helping the prrsecution. now they will allow deal which willlallow the supermarket chain to pay a $2.5 million andd3 cooperate in the prosecution of senator currie and two grocery executives, the judge in the%cae trial date. a federal udge dismiss a laa duty in the city that accuses wwlls fargo of financing bad loans. at that time, he ruled it was implausible to hold weels fargo responsible for the deterioration of the inner city. baltimore thee ffled a new complaint that outlined the cost offvacant foreclosed homes. coming up in the early3 moreetestimony in the murder
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triallof a formee city councilman.ú >> i didn't see it, but i hear it, i hear it aal the time now what criticcl missing piece f evidencc the defense plans tto3 high pressure is bringing u3 a sunny day today. droiiiid.
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-ddtion. you're taking a look at some of last night's polling numbers. this is the city state's attorney race, still unofficial called, but right now it looks llke gregg bernstein is tte upset winner with 49% of the3 vote, patricia jessamy the -ncumbent as 47%. againn that is unofficial total. in the baltimmre county executive race, also still too close toocall..3ú kevin kamenetz so far, 52% of
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theevote. bartenfelder haa 50% of the votee the u.s. senate race, bar ba mcculmikullki beats challenger s garner withh82% of the vote. and her clooer hallenger ended up ithh35% of the vote. we are going to continue to go ttrouuh those numbees throughou3 the morning so make sure you -tay tuned. right now we need to get a checú of our forecast, meteorologgst steve fertig is here. ggod morning, steve. good morning, patrice. another nice day in store for us tooay with dryyconditions as high pressure sits overhead just to the north and west bringing us a westerly low to start. nothing to see onnhd radar, a nice scan. as far as the temperatures, ome places are going to be cooler than others.ú downtown not too bad. winds are calm, 52% relaaive humidity, and he dew point is 48. with the low dew points and the winds dying down overnnght some3
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salisburyyat 53 degrees and haguuers -- rather oakland at 54. hagerstown not bad at 52 and wilmington, delaware up toothe north and east, 52 degrees. this is what we're looking at,,3 after he hhgh pressure.ú the high will bring us ppenty of -unshine. we will get for of a southerly flow. clouds building tomoorow..3 ahhad of a frontal boondary with the lowwpressure centerrmoving to the north and east. as it does, you can ee showers moving to the western part f the state, round 3:00 p.m. as yyu can see, later on in the evening hours, better chance of most of it stays north. moisture with it. we will certainly get howers, with the front moving through. high pressure builds in behind it, and that means a nice weekend to follow. meenwhile we will continue toú watch a few systems out in the trrpical stormiest, 63-mile per
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hourrwinds moving toward the yucatan peninsula as it moves northwest at 53 miles per hour and it moves over the yuck ka taover the yucatan.and e are lm ssaying to the south and keeping an eye on igor. a caaegory iv hurricane, 1444mile per hour winds, gusting ú% 178 miles ppr hour. not expected to be a thrrat to the u.s. mainland, but as it moves closer to little bermuda, it couud be a problem for the folks there as we get toward thursday anddfriday. the rest of us closer to home not looking bad as it tails off to the northhas it moves further -oints west.3ú what we're looking for a high closerrto home once more,,are temperatures that are going to shore geeting up to 80 deggees even. clear skies, a northwest wind, later today, at 10 miles per hour. 81 degrees for the highh also with a lot f sunshine. enjoy that, just a few more ú%ouds on the eastern shore.
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backkto the est we go, look for a high temperature close to the same, abouu 79 deerees, close to clear skies, and if you're headed to the game toniiht, llst time you will see the bluejays playing the orioles seriess first penalty of perjury temperatur-- first pitch tempern the night. and tomorrow more clouds later in the day. 78 on friday with morning ssowers still possible. we will dry out later on friday. nicely, 79 and 83 with a lot of sunshine. 81 and 82 on monday and tuesday, too. let's sse what is happening on -he roadways. lauren cooke is here with the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. ú% yoo're traveling in harford county, do you what no want to t for an disabled tractor traiier. a tow truck has arrived. it shoold clear pretty soon.
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if you're using 95 in the area, we're looking at high speeds traveling southbound on oppa road. no problems to report whatsoever, the southbound lanes will remain clear as youumake the push toward the beltway. if you're traveling 695, all is ú%ear in the parkville area. here is a look at harford road, where you can see cars moving just fine. you make an easy ride. as for the beltway, a look at liberty road. you're looking at an 11-minute ride to 95. froo 695 all the way downtown to tunnels you're looking at an 8-minute ride through the fort mchenry tu introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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a city bar owner takes the stand in the trial where three men are accused of killing former city councilman ken harrrs. as kathleen cairns reeorts, video tape was shownn but the most compplling testimony comes frommthe businessman who also had a gun put tt his head. >> reporter:: ken harriss widow leaves the courthouse after hearing testimony in the triaa. >> this isn't an issue of a -obbbry took. %-just an issue that no one can
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idea fee thhse people. >> reporter: charles are charged with shooting en harris outside of the lounge. the owner testified at court ú%lling the story he told fox 45 >> the ggnman stuck tte gun in the center of y head..33 >> reporter: he saw the gun him. >> i dddn't see it, but i hear3 it. i hear it all the time. >> reporter: the defense attorney says hh testimony doesn't llnk their client to the crime. >> mr. coffi covenann was clear. >> it's mpossible ffr him to have seee almost any characteristic of any people. i think you will see there's concerning the ellments that clearly show what said in myy3 opening that they're not going to be able o prove their case %->> reporter: assistant. -edical examiner testified
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desccibinn the path that the bullet took in harris' life. >> the whole question is who killed kenneth harris. >> reporter: in downtown3 baltimooe, kathleen cairns, fox 45 morning news. later on the arly ddtion, former governor bobbehrlich wins tte gop nomination. the platform he is running on. but next, retail sales were up last
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it's a gold rush. that is happening as stocks fight usually gold and the stockssmove in opposite the dow up more than 500 poiits so thar this month. it did 17 points today but that -s only the seek dow second dayl
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session. the second straight moothly increase in retail sales. %-sales very weak. stronn autoú people buying a lot of cell phooes and computers.ú best buy quarrerly profit soaring 5%. best uy raising its profit even ritzy hotels are offfring rewards programs. ritz carlton is launching a loyalty program. you get. thattis business. i'm adam shapiro. coming uppa city police3 officer in trouble with the law. why he was arrested and charged wiih assault. and the raae for city state attorney still too close to ccll. i'm megaa gilliland. who unofficial results show winning. and i'm joel d smith, live at the county board of ele
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