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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 16, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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be counted to decide baltimore's stateeattorney's race. in the pedals. they're one of the most beauttful crops around,,why sun flowers are yielding a whole lot more than just the profit. it's back on the menu. thh change to your options at starbucks. good morning. you're taking a live look from baltimore's innerrharbor on this thursday morning. today is september 16th. welcome to fox 45 early edition. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the day off. we're looking at a little cloudy skies there. we're going to check in with meteorrlogist steve fertig is see exactcally whht we can expect today. even as we hhad into the
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weekend. >> it's never too early to start thinking about the weekend. today we may get some rain, but not enough. we need more. a chance of showers if we get in will be late in the afternoon to the west and more to the east. take a look at what we have at the bussstop this morning. 54 degrees, fairly mild as we head out for the morning ú%mperature anyway, wind out of the east at 5-8 miles per hour and fairly cloudy skies. we should see as we get some daylight, some sunshine, 56 degrees in baltimore, see back to the west, we will in. a few showers trying to move we heap it holds together, because it may disintegrate. it will be a warm one, today, we are hoping for rain, but it could be accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, too. we will get you the rest of the %-little bit.the weekend in a right now we will see what is happening on the roadways as you
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head out on the commute. lauren cooke with the traffic edge. >> reporter: if you travel in bart month county no problems to report on 95, here say live look area, yowhitemarsharea, if you'h you're looking at a 4-minute ride. all is clear traveling through mchenry tunnel tollway, an 8-minute trip with a ntia speed miles per hour. -ou're looking at a 9-minute trip ith 54 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. back tooyou, megan. challenging gregg bernstein is ahead, but two days after the polls closed the baltimore's state attorney's race is still too close to call. joel d smith is live at the board of elections this morning where the count begins today for more than 2,000 absentee ballots
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that were cast. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, megan. a big day here. incumbent for 15 years, pat jessamy is behind by 1300 votes. but as you said there's 2,000 close to call so no winner has been declared yet. they say about 3600 applications for absentee ballots were done by the democrats, 2100 have been returned so far. a lost counting to do and it starts later this morning. bernstein says in a statement that he is not claiming victory yet and the jessamy camp s far from conceding as well. for most of yesterday, only 97% of the precincts had been counted so far. there could beemany reasons for that. >> we had 2,000 people do do a it could be human error, they leave them in the polling place,
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and put them in a supply bag, so there's things, challenges out there and of course, thaa is why the process is not comppete until we get tt the 100% mark. >> reporter: that official, did admit sooe of those things had occurred. no matter what thh outcome, this is the most serious challeege jessamy has had since she became the baltimore state attorney. she has the support of the police commission. that counting begins today, roughly 2,000 absentee allots and the 1300 being the difference right now. things coold change. keep in mind, even though people are saying it's slow, why aren't alllthe vooes in yet, they still have until september 22nd, that is next wednesday, too3 ooficially submit the certified joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. p>> thank you, joel. stay tuueddto fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of this story. we will talk to former police
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commissioner and radio host ed norris about theeppoential impact of having gregg bernstein as a city state attorney. that is coming up in the 6:00 hour. we now have a winner in the tight democratic race for baltimore county executive, with 100% offthe pres press precinctg kevin kamenetz has won. and barton felder has conceded. >> tonight i reach out to everyone in baltimore county to heal our division, pull in together because once again i believe that we will be democrats united. -p>> kamenetz will face former republican state delegate ken holtz in november's generall3 election. for the candidates it was a
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frustratiig night as they waited on slow returns. ellction officials say it was human error. after polls closed some workers shutdown voting mmchines, locked them up and then forgot to tally the votes inside, the issue was eventually fixed. received the support of his biggest challenger in a republican primary. ú%ian murphy joinnd him and shooo the two men's hand. murphy said he decided to run for governor because he is fiscally conservative and and fees for marylanders.g taxes keeping the status quo is the reason forgiving endorsement. meanwhile, ehrlich used the endorsement to attract it comes %-democrats.g independence and the cuttback on the bush tax cuts. to raise taxes onnthe weallhiest
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americans. molly waner berger tells us >> reporter: president owe a oa speaking in the rose garden called on congress to exttnd the bush cuts. >> doesn't it make sense for us to move forward with the tax cuts that we all agree on. >> reporter: however senate democratt have not introduced a bill to do so. republicans argue that in these tough economic times everybody should keep that tax break set to expire t the end of the year, including the families or small business owners who earn over $250,000.ú >> republicans are united, no tax increases on obody. now that may be poor grammar, but it is sound economics. >> reporter: but democrats contend the conttnuing the tax breaks for wealthy americans will not stimulate the economy and will put the government more in debt. >> the extension of the tax cuts
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for the wealthiist for the millionairesswill add $700 billion to the national deficit. $700 billion. we can't afford tt do that..3 >> reporter: meanwhile we're and the house majority leader -vee an answer baner gave when asked if he would support a bill extending the tax breaks only for those who make over $250,000. >> if the only option i have s to vote for some f thoseetax reductionn, i will vote for them. but i have been making a point now for months that we need to extend all of the current rates for all americans. if we want to get our economy going again. >> reporter: the white house showed at least an initially an opportunity to get the president's some tax cuts >> if you listen to what congress said over the weekend, they appeared, at least earlier in the week to be willing to go along with that. >> i said unnay about 5 times
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current taxes and that is what the american people want. >> reporter: with many embattled members of congress wanting to get home to campaign. ii's possible, and today the white house acknowledges that this may be pushed back to the lame duck session of congress after the term election. tay with fox 45 for the latest information on the novvmber elections. just go to web an foxbaltimore.d click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. a man is ssot after gunfire republics through southwest baltimore. it happened just before 1:00 thhs morning on stafford south longwood police say they found a victim shot in the stomach at the scene. no word on his condition or any suspeets in that incident. a suspect is in custody after an armed securrty guard opened fire during a robbery. it happened at the pharmacy at the loch raven shopping plaza.
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when the special police officer engaged them. he saw the weapon, pulled ut his service weapon and fired multiple shots to isable the suspect. he diin't strike aaybooy. he didn't believe that anyone thh two suspects left the store, they went on a free foot chase. olice are still looking for a second suspect. a swimmer is in serious3 condition this morning after beinn pulled from a pool in anne arundel county. %-8:00 last night at the north arundel aquatic center at glen burnie. life guards performed cpr after a 25 years old man was found unconscious underwater. %-seizure at the pool. he had a3 he is being treated at baltimore, washington medical 15 city's crerkna correctiol officers are on administrative issue of excessive force. an it happened late last month and
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involved the detainee at the city detention center. no one was seriously huut.ú officials saa that some people oo leave were not involved but they had ssen what happened. current football analyst star is taking time off from comecommentating after a tempory retraining order was filed in atlanta. the woman who obtained it said that sharp forced her to have sex with her and threatened her he accused sharp of stalking %-sharp will step baak from his post untillthe case is resolved. -p e're not talking about te worms that were found in candy ú% a gift store at one of ballimore's most renounced hospitals. routine exam. she purchased resee resees cupsm
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the gift store and that was it. >> there were worms coming out of the resees cups. >> opkins says it hhs removed the candies ffom ts shop and the hershey commany released this statement, quote, it has been our experience that %-ddring drrx o contribution ore after they leave our ontrol. she was diagnosed with food her father has hired an attorney. amber cross style has moved into the briar apartments east in 2008. about a year later she discovered me had bed bugs like the ones you see here. eventually she moved out and is
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now suing the complex for $100,000 claiming that the managers knew about a bed bug infeinfess stationinfesinfestatr complaint. >> we tried contacting the mmnagers aa briar clip but they couldd't be reached for comment. a student from stevenson university is in the hospitall3 with what could be a case of %-bacterral meningitis is contagious and cculd be deadly. school officialsshave contacted otherrstudents and given themm3 antibiotics. there have been 10 cases here in maryland and there were 12 in 2009.ú starting this mooning you will have one morr ootion at tte drive hrough. starbucks is eversing its decision of takiig the smallest
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cup off the menu. response forrcustomer's request3 for simpler menu doctors suspended followinn a botched abortion. >> women across america are beinn butcheeed. and the actionnthey're caalinggh for. nice days, lots of sunshinehe moves off to the eest. in come get any phone free only at verizon
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kids are ack in school and you know what had a means, weather kid wednesday is back in session. if you want yyur kids to be a part of it, have a a teacher or
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principal send a nomination here. can work with the one and onlyy meteorologist steve fertig. we will check in with him to see what the steves have to look up to. >> they don't have to look that hiih ad weather kid thurrday, that is me. we are looking at. hd raid are, not a lot of there's a chance of showers out there, maybe a little bit of thunddr as we get the strong upper level wind pushing through. where is what we have. tte showers back to the west,3 not having a whole lot of success, moving to the east and holding togethee. that is the concern. we need the rain and it may, or may not fizzle out. we will have to watch as the ú%ontal boundary pushes in our directionn 56 degrees with the aanortheast %-clouds will be increasing through the day, 78% rrlative humidity, right now partly to most low cloudy, and the dew ú%ints aree59.
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that number should ome up, the dew point meaning moisture increases from the ssuth..3 56 degrees the temperature in baltimore, 68 in d.c. and 60 in hagerstown. not bad temperature wise this we head out. high pressure moves out to the east. low pressure is going to be moving in and with it comes a chance offsome showers, the best chance in the northhestern part of the state. that will occur around 2 or3 3:00 in the afteenoon according to the future sccn model. %-it's more likely in the on. afternoon or later at night and the front pushes through. it bringgus a nice weeeend lo--get a lot rain out of it. today is the nice day. ú% are watching in the bay of campeche, you can see the tropical storm karl moving heading toward the eastern part of mexico and steering south of
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the u.s. mainland. it's not going to hit u.s. mainland. also ot hitting he u.s. mainlaad will be hurricane igorr which is a still a category iv hurricane. as it moves toward the west, will you see it ove further points east. see that little dot, get a closer look of it, that is bermuda. it's very close to bermuda as it steers toward the ast over that area according to the latest model. we may be talking about real physiccl conditions for the folks there, for us cuurents that are strong. julia, a catergory ii hurricane, a 100-mile-an-hour wind. this one is out in the atlantic and it doesn't pose a threat to us. eastern shore will climb nicell today, up to 85 degreesswith more sunshine there than anywhere else. the winds 15-20 miles per hour. we sit between the departing high and the low pressure coming
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in. gusting to 25, a breezy afternoon and showers or thunderstorms late day, having a late afternoon or eeening the best poosibility here. best chance of a shower or thunderstorm and that would come earlier in the mid-afternoon or later afternnon, 79 degrees for tonight we will see temperatures climb from 79 degrees at noon up to 82 degrees, dropping back to 82, after a high of 86 at 4:00 this afternoon. tonight 66 deggees the overnight low, lots of cloud cover and the chance for the eveeing showers or thundersttrms tapeeing off and then it sets up a nice day tomorrow, 80 degrees on saturday, 77 mmnday with plenty of sunshine and 80 and 85 on tuesddy and wednesday warming up - little bit more. now with what is happening on the roadways, here is lluren cookk with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. so far so good on the roads, we're lookkng at high speeds on many of our main lines. if you're traveling the northeast corridor of 95, the southbound laib lanes through te wwitemmrsh area are clocking at
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52 miles per hour. if you are using the beltway, no problems to repprt here at harford road checking in and taking a live look, not many cars outtthere ttis morning, but -f you're heading outer loop that will be the case if you're traveling the west sidd if you'reelooking at an 11-minute ride from 795 to 95. the harrisburg expressway atú warren road..3 traffic is wide open. you're looking at a open. no problems traveling 695 through if ou're traveling through the tunnels a 4-minute ride this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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 > pro lifers rally in annapolis demmnding a meeting with the state attorney general. they are concerned with dootors already under nvestigation. the as jeff able tells us, the activities are demanding that they be criminally charged asú well. >> women across america are being bbtchered. >> reporter: outside of the attorney general's office. >> time for tte attorney eneral of the state to look at these casee. >> we want prosecution to happe3
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within the state of maryland. >> reporter: protesters are demanding criminal charges stemming from an abortion that almost cost an 18 years old woman her life. >> we demand for crimmnal investigation, we call upon this attorney general not to let the poliiics of abortion enter this %-action.nest face for the >> reporter: the dr. brigham brought the teenager to maryland for an abortion. during the prrceduree police say serious complications developed forcing the doctors to drop the woman off at the hospital. >> women in america are not ú%ceiving the legal abortions. in fact, they're being butchered on a daily basis. this is a criminal act. if this happens under any other situation, people would have indictments against them righh now. >> reporter: criminal charges haven't been filed, but the medical licenses of doctors riley and shepherd have been
5:25 am
suspended. dr. brigham who is not licensed to practice medicine in marylann has been issued a cease and desist order. >> if you suppprt women, if you support human riggts, if you support consumer prrtection, this is an outrage. >> reporter: jeff able, fox 45 morninn news. the attorney general's office will not confirm or denn it's investigating that case. stay tuned to fox 45 morninn news for continuinggcoverage of this story. we will talk to a pro life activity about thh call for fora criminal investigation into that case. that is coming up in the 7:00 hour. later in the early edition, aa ew billboard in baltimore ú%iticizing city officials, why the police and fire unions are making their beef so public. ut next two big name retailers taking major steps to boost sales.
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more than a quarrerrof a people cut the prices last month, thattis up from july. the dow, nasddq and s&p are all in the black for the year. is gettinn back in the it will once again buy super bowl ads. last yeer pepsi skipped the game chuck e. cceese is chucking 2 million toys. are able to remove the small batteries. toys "r" us is opening 10fao schwartz top up. that is on top of he toys "r" us stores. i'm ashley webster. calling more witnesses in the
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ken murder trial. the issues they are having with the


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