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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 16, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 44 earlú edition. i'm megan gilliland. meeeorologist steve fertig is here to let us nnw how the temperatures are feeling out. not feeling too bad. into the mid-80s, some rain is on tap..3 >> we need it..3 >> yes, but probably not more than what we will get. the bus top as we get ready for school. 52 degrees, east winds at 5 miies per hour. the inds will pick up this afternoon, too. pardon me, 66 degrees in baltimore. 68 in d.c. and 63 innsalisbury, hagerstown at 60. a little milder in the outlying areas where yesterday we were in the 60s. we aae seeing clouds, expected to become mos!! mostly cloudy aa chance of showers as we hope to hold tooether as the cold front pushes in our direction.
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%-top back to 82. 4:00 and we a chance of showers and more liiely to come into the natural part of th!!centralparttof the . no problems to report on the main ines as we check in and take a live look at libbe libery roaa. you can see everything is up to speed along the inner and outer loop. ii you're traveling alonn the outer loop, you're looking at an 11-minnte ride, with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. it will remainnclear from 95 to 83, that will also take you 11 minutes. average speed aa 54 miles per hour. no problems tooreport on the northeast corridor of 95, from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. you're looking at a 4-minute trip with an aveeage speed of 54 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge. that's your traffic dge report, back to you, megan. the baltimore city state's attorney's race is still too
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close to call. challenger gregg bernstein is leadd over the 15 year incumbent, ppt jessamy by 1300 votes but still 2,000 votes hang in the balance. joel, it's still far from over. >> reporter: i don't know how far. the counting will start here at countinn all of thhse votes but they still have until the 22nd toocertify everything. a lot of people think it's taking a lot longer than it should. we talked to the board of elections and said there's 1500 absentee ballots ann 2100 of those have been returned. that's how many they have to count. that's enough to hange the outcome of the election, since bernstein's lead is about 1300 right now. he is not ccaiming victory. tte jjssamy campaign is far from
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conceding as well. some are questioning the accurrcy of the count already in. ffr most of yesterday still only 97% of the precincts had been counted. >> no, no problems at all other than umors, maybe thht things are missing, nothing is missing, everything is accounted for. >> reporter: no matter what the outcome actually is, this is ú% far the most serious challenge pat jessamy since she became the baltimore state attorney. bernstein has the support of the police commissioner and the police union. jessamy was endorsed by many politiins including congressman elijah ummings. they begin this morning counting tte absentee balloos more than 2,000 of them. they still have unttl next live downtown, joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for ccntinuing coverage of this story. we will talk to former police commissioner and adio host ed norris about thh potentialú
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impact of having greg bernstein as the city's state attorney. that is cominggup in our 6:00 hour. we now have a winner in the tight democratic race for baltimore county executive. with 100% oo the precincts reporting, countyycouncilman, kevin kamenetz has secured the nomination withh52% of the vote. councilman joeebartenfelder has -onceded the race with 44% of the vote. >> it's time that we put our differences behind us and i reach out to everyone in baltimore county to heal our division, pull in soagh togetheú %--hat we will be democratse united. >> kamenetz will face kentthhltz during november's general election. it was a frustrating night as they waited on slow returns.
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eleccion officials say it was human eeror. after polls closed. workees shutdown the vvting machines, locked them up and forgot to tally the votes inside. the issuu was eventually fixed. stay with fox 45 for the latest information on the november elections. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. one person is dead anddfour others are rushed to the hospital after cars collide in ann awanne arundel county. at the hanover road over pass around 8::5 last night. when they arrived they found two vehicles had crashed into each other. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene there. four others went o shock trauma to be treated for serious injury. anotter fatal crash, that one in prince george's county. at midnight an ambulance and an suv crashed on marlboro pipe. the two people in the suv were
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pronounced dead at the scene. the two people in the ambulance were the members of the fire departmeet..3 well. the cause of both crashes remains under investigation. it's been two years since %--ouncilman ken harris, and now underway. into his death is and it's becoming clear thatt3 witnesses memooies are anything but. >> the three witnesses seen here were all face to face with each other or face to face with ken -arris' killlr, but none of them can say with certainty that charles mcganey, gary collins or jerome williams are the men who did it. their testimony was contradictory to the number of shots they thought earing, o the number of suspects that carried out tte crime. >> everyone is assuming that the peeple outside of theebar were the people nside of the bar to the people that went to the sidú of theebar. >> the state is banking on
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surveillance video and dna evidence to conninne jurors,ú that mcggney, collins, and williams are guilty. back commissioner fred bealefeld tied the williams dna to the halloween mask. witnesses say that the suspectt wore the mask on the night off3 the murder. fire offiiialsssay 26 years old ainsly gordon of germantown doused his car with 12 gallons of gasoline and then ignited. it happened at an exxon station off of interstate 270. investigators aree have ruled ol accidental causes. have you seen the billboard ú%der funding police and fire. >> police and fire are standing by city residents despite city haal turning their back on them. >> they're upset that the city
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has changed their pension plan, increasing the age of eligibility and age of service some retirees. more than 1 yo 1,000 peopled sconsoon be out of the job. ú% the plan oves forward, up to 1200 hourly employees could be looking for work. the company says they haven'tt3 made any final decisions about layoffs just yet. ú%> coming uu on the early edition, sun flowers bllom here in maryland. -p>> i kind of beckon you with e softness. >> find out more about the crop that is cultivating a lot more than cash. >> reporter: and mild and averagg start this morning with 54 degrees heading out. partly cloudy skies, the clouds increaae 79 by noon. warming uu to 76 degrees and
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5::2 on this thursday morning.ú here is what we're looking at at now, we do expect some rainn3 later on, ut not enough. we need more than we expect to get. take a look at the igger picture. from our west, youucaa see a line of frontal boundary. in that area iidicating a risk of rumble. we are hopiig to get more rain in fact, it may actually kind of just wind down as it moves to the east and weaken that front. 66 for the ccrrent temperature at the inner harbor with mostly cloudy skies now. clouds wiil continue to increase today. northeast wind at 8 miles perr3 hour. the winds will pick up as well as the front ets closer.ú 78% relative humidiiy, and the dew point is at 59 and as you can see we're in the 60s all over the 66 degrees in baltimore and a little bit cooler east and west. the frootal boundary is coming our way, the cold front trailing the low pressure center that is moving in our direction, bringing us chance and showers in the western part of area, by as early as 3 or 4:00 this3 afternoon.
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ú%nnrallpart of the state to gee some showers, by later on this evening oo tonight. even then here's a slight you ccn sse the energy is and east. behind it the, high pressure steers it back east. even though we need the rain, we get to a nice weekend. that part looks good and you can see what is happening down theree we do have more activity witt regard to the tropics to tell you. 63 as it heads toward the eastern border of mexico and may even become a category 1 hurricane as it does, folks are bracing for the impact but not reaching the united states liie anywhere witt regard to any of these hhrricaneeor ropical storms. hurricane igor, 144-mile per hour wind gusting to 178 miles perrhour. thannfully, it's not coming our way but the folks at bermuda have to be careful because it looks like it's coming theree we wiil get closer, and we will
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see how it moves to the east and it takes a job to the nnrth. it movessright around where bermuda, for s, strong rip currents and high waves and that is about it. hurricane jjlia is another systemmout there, very active in the tropics. a 144-mile-an-hour winds. this one steers well to the north before it movesseast like it's clear of that one.s that one, only the beginning of what looks to be a more active we wiil have to watch it very closely over next two weeks. 85 degrees for the eastern shooe with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting up to 30. the winds will be getting strongee for the central part o3 the state. a shower we will take it if we can get it. thunderstorms are possiile in the later part of the afternoon or evening. 10-20-mile-an-hour wind, ggsting to 25. as you clime to 86 for the high. it will be a warm day. 75 for the weetern parttof maryland aad the best chance of showers and thunderstorms will be. and evening shower andrnight low
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thunderstorm still possible with tomorrow we dry out aad look forward to more sunshine for the day. 80 degrees for the high, very comfortable and pleasant for the weekend, 80 and 82 withhple!! py of sunshine.ú 80 on tuesday and 85 with plenty of sun still on wednesday. now for a look at what is happennng on the roadways, let'3 take a look at lauren cooke with the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. so far so good on the roads.3 we're loooing at high speeds on many of our main lines. whitemarsh as we check n and take a live look, will you notice no problems to report northbound or southbound. you are looking atta 4-minute drive from the whitemarsh to he beltwwy. if you are traveling from the beltway all is clear along the harford road. as for the west side, everything is up to speeddhere. you're looking at an 11-minute if you're using the harrisburg expressway, noohing to get in
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your way aaong warren rrod. the jfx will remain clear from 695 all the way
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many marylann farmers are this year. sun flowers are used for their seeds anddtheer oil..
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they are native to the americans and are found to be domesticated. but unnike other crops we drive by, sun flowers make a stop. >> an area sunflooer field that seemssto go on forever. >> like malike nature's yellow g rose, the sunflower. >> reporter: if you're looking to clean cleans he soum the streeses of dailyylife. harford county providing a vvbrant gglden tonic for the spirit. >> we thought we would get up early and get great pictures. %-photographers rush to beat the sunrise t the farm. >> you can see how it's warming and swooping over the whole
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fieldd >> it's a tourist event. look at addy. >> cute. thank you, thank you. -p>> it won't be 5 months ever again and a great photo opportunitt. >> you don't see something like this every day. [ laughter ] >> she is eating it. >> reporter: this vast ocean of gold is slowly becoming a living, breathing masterppece. >> of all the crops to plant sun flowers. >> these are the sun flowers seeds that are here. >> reporter: they will harvest the seeds frommthe sun flowers as bird cities. it yields 80,000 pounds of sun flowerssseeds from this majestic even this hardened farmer knows there's something so bonding about being here. >> you need to sse an area f yellow.ú it's breathtaking. >> it's so amaaing.
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>> reporter: families come in drovee. >> we stopped by hereethe other day and there were five dircht3 pictures. >> how far does it go? it looks like the wizard of oz. >> my father told us about it. >> i have never een so many sun flowers, let alone. >> he ssid take the kids and come up and see this. >> reporter: the crop will hopefully yield good things for ú%s farm. his sunflowers are shining bright on another farm just across the road. >> we haveebeen getting busy. >> it's going to help you. >> it will make thiigs much more bearable. day.atch everybody during the they want to get out and see what they can see. we had one lady want to crawl on top of our delivery truck and take pictures.
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they really want that, the perfect one. >> it'' beautiful. oh, very interesting, yeah. >> yeah, i have been all over the world, never seen anything like this..3 meetings come about, perhaps by chance. >> i told him get in the, we are going on an adventure. >> i'm ready for anything. >> reporter: 3-year-old john found this delightful end of summer spectacle. >> i said, doo't tell me what it is, surprise me. >> look at the bees. >> reporter: by thanksgiving these flowers will have lost their brilliance by the fall harvest. zack roads is pllnning on more sun flowers for next year. >> we will grow more and maybe try to maae it more appealinggto the public to come. >> reporter: that's an impossibility. >> you forget everything when3 you are out here. >> pieces f golden glory..3 >> reporter: on the millions
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of flowers. >> golden glory. >> reporter: already bracing this plot of land. really so you can feel really gooddabout everything. >> it's beautiful. later on fox 45 morning news, fall is just around the corner, then winter will be here. consumer reports has the best safe heaters to snatch up before the cold sets in. but next lots of excitement 3
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good morning, everybody. appearing on monday night football can be a mixed ú%essing. true your team has exclusive national attention. >> you got to play next week and ú%u got one day less than
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everybody else to get ready for it. ttat's the situation that the ravens found themselves. they began preparations for an -mmortant match up with the cincinnati bengalsswith the defending regional champiins anú a team that swept both of the games from the team lastier. thhy don't focus on the practice, they know it's part of the game when you play on monday night. >> you gottto go after it and it definitely makes it a little bit tougher, but we don't want to think about that. we just go out there and play the game and do our best to win it? >> we're off a little bit. sleep wise e haven't had a lot of that. we knew that. it's not like they caught us by surppise and all of a sudden they moved up theegame. we ad a 5 1/2 day window. we know the bengals, and we had been preparing all along..3 we had to add more information in this preparation and tie it as uickly as we could. all of that work had already been done.
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>> the ravens listed at favorites. across town, the riole express continues. the turn around under buck showalter has been remarkable. last night they went the bluejays, a team that beat 12 -traight times before the current seeies began on monday. things started off bad. batista, and it's going to fall in the bull pen, a club record, 47-home run for batiita, it was %-the ssn offdray bacc was maki3 his major leagge debut as the old manned looked on. he had a decent night here on the second. the young right hander, up and 1 out. strayback is n trouble. and the right fielder, that makes it 2-1 birds. later in the 4th, bases3 loaded. brian roberrs witt the chopper to the right side. they go irst to get roberts and second to get out cesar artudes.
5:57 am
the shot to thheleft side. watch as they grab it out of the air. that is a major play there, folks. working on a complete game, two men on, and it makes the throw for making first, that's the ball game. brat ferguson goes the distance and the birds complete the sweep 3-1 your final. the complete game gave up only one run he is now 7-10 on the young dray back. 5 strike outs, the birds complete the 3-game sweep and they have the day off tomorrow. that's the morninggsports. i'm bruce cuuningham, foo 45 morning news. changes in the city state's attorney office. what gregg bernstein could accomplish if he is named baltimorr's top prosecutorr
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i'm joel d smith live
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now on fox 45 morning news. it's still too clooe to call. p> the votes that still need to be counted


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