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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 16, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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becomes a crime scene. >> mr. davis was the news about the care and the condition of his mother he was concerned and he bbcame emottonally distraught. >> chaos. what the shooter heard. second before he opened fire. and whh identifying him was so difficult. >> we would hope that would just go ahead and proceed. >> counting absentee ballot. latest numbers and very close race for baltimore city state attorney. rain to end the week but fantastic weekend is ahead. seasonable temperature seasonable temperature saturday and sunday in my >> hello i'm jeff barns. >> i'm jennifer. >> police swarm east baltimore after a gun man shoots a doctor inside john hopkins
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hospital. >> it all ended with the gun man and his mother dead. we have team coverage of the crime. we start with joy sse is live outsiie of johns hopkins tonight. joy. >>reporter: jennifer at this point police are still conducting a criminal investigation into tte events that unfolded here at johns hopkins hospitaa earlier eighth floor of the nelson building. hospital immediately went that lock down. technical team moved in. police now say the gunman became iratt after learning his mother was paralyzed following surggry earlier this week. >> mr.
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r: but she worried about her friends on 88 >> i can't immanuel how they are feeling right now. hopefully they have evacuated the unit. >>repooter: with blocks barricaded by police a routine blood delivery is wheeled in a side entrance. >> whether he to wait in the office just wait until the police told them that it was okay to come out that door. >>reporter: finally there's word. >> i think it is about done. >>reporter: tonight while the hospital gets back to the normal routine, sooe hospital úorkers tell us they hopee% adminissrators will now consider metal detector aa evvry entrance. live in east
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baltimore fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you kathleen. we are learning more about the shooter including his real name karen parks joins us live with more on the confusion and not the shooter identification. karen. >> well we have a crewwat arlington, variety now in davis neighborhood. we are told that neighbors are visibly upset. they say davis's mom lived with him and that the 2 were very close. now nitially we were told by pplice that the suspect's name was warren davis. but later learned that that was an alias. investigators now have tentatively identified the shooter as 50-year-old paul warren pardon and waiting for a fingerppint analysis from the fbi to confirm this information. his mother's name is still believed about to be jean davis. >> we have a couple addresses one in virginia that we are working to confirm and in reming oo, virginia we are working to confirm and couple local addresses associatedd% with mr. davis that we are%
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working on now l many. >>reporter: it is also believed that the shooter has parks, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you very much karen. >> johns hopkins one of the largest medical facility in the united states. more than 80,000 people visit the complex every week. thooe visitors must check in upon arrival. they are given wrist band and allowed to visit loved once the patients. as for things like metal detector, hopkins security says that is unrealistic. >> to put a magget meter at 80 doors and the required armed force that would need, need, staffing the magnet meter is not realistic. >>reporter: hopkins says it updated emergency procedures right after the shootings at virginii tech. now on to our question of the day. should hospitals have metal detectors? at their entrances? just go to our web site and
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tell us what you think. facebook or tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45 2 03. you can enter fox 45 a.for yessand b.for no and your respoose may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and here is a recap of the shooting at johns hopkins this úorning. 11:11 pardon shot a doctor inside the nelson building inside the hospital. the hospital waa partly evaauated and officers secured thh eighth flooo where the shooting happened. at 1:30 officerssfound pardon an his mother both dead in the room. both died from gunshot wounds to the head. >> other news of the day. baltimore county police arrest 2 people accused of hole ago woman against her will and abusing her for neerly a year. police have taken german smith bay and kimberly king in custody. the two may have been collecting the woman's social security income while holding her captive at a rice town apartment. the victim is in critical condition tonight at the hospital. >> the victim in this case she
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suffered from numerous physical injuries. theee was a terrible list of injuries that things that were done to >>reporter: smith bay an king are charged with attempted mur murder, assault and falls imprisonment. they arr being held without bail tooight. and atteepted murder suspect who had been on the run for almost a week is captured in washington state. paul palmer was captured last niiht along with gina his pregnann girlfriend. palmer escaped on friday from central booking. palmer attempttd murder charges stem from a stabbing back in august. he's% now charged with harboring a f -úfugitive, she jis 3 people dead after ambulance and suv collide in p g county. happened around pid night on marlboro pike and suv speeding down the road the wrong way. ambulance swerved to avoid it but was hit by the suv before crash nag a brick wall. 3 úeople in that suv were all killed. the ambulance was not in service at tte time of the acciient. how are the roods looking
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tonight? just started to rain out there. lauren has the traffic eege report. hi lauren. >> hi jeff. rain is making the road very slipperyyacross the renal and we are dealing with extremmly slow speeds on most of our main line. at johns hopkins hospital traffic back to normal following he shooting of a doctor. that certainly was fought the case earlier thii morning. we have several accidents in the city 1 on north charles street and west 23rd street and anothee in west baltimore on west baltimore street at north catherine street and top side of the belt way. slow speeds due to crash on the outer loop at york road and a leif look here you will nottce both the inner loop and outer loop are going to be jam packed. that will be the same case if traveling tte west side of the belt way. frederick road where you can see a little bit better but the inner loop will be pretty crowded. traveling on 95 you do want to watch out for an accident along the northbound lane there at the harbor tunnel through way. %--úfrom the northbound lanes at russell street. thaa's the traffic edge repprt now back to you. >> thhnks so much. >> clouds and much-needed rain today.
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>> still ahead in the news at 5:30. vytas will tell us what we can expect as we finish out the work week. 8. they are starting to count absentee ballot in the hotly contested ballot in the hotly contested race for state attorney.
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>> the state attorney issstill in limbo bonita. earlier today they began counting those absentee ballot. numbers tonight. job. >> the results gave bernstein a lead over jess my by 1363 votes and today the margin is a bit widdr. bernstein has 1 9 88 votes. jess has twin 8 24 votes. so better than stain now leads by 1431 votes. lection headquarters they began the long and tedious process of counting thoss absentee ballot. attorney for both candidate were on hand to watch as stafferrscrutinized evvry ballot. it was a race that many thought would be close but not this close. jess campaign claims thousands of votes may not have been counted. election officials will only say the procees has gone as a matter of factually. in light of today's new numbe
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numbers, supporters of bernstein say it is time for jess to concede. >> we would hope that miss jess me would go ahead and concede and recognize the in evidence ability of her loss. >> so many baltimore voters didn't even bbther to vooe in shape. >>reporter: this process is not yet over. several hundred adddtionallabsentee ballot ssill have to be counted along the 1700 provisiinal ballots. that won't happen until next week. john fox 45 news at 5:30. okay john. both candidate for governor mean time kick thhir campaign into hiih gear today. governor o'malley held a kktchen table talk with mother at home in kateville% this morning. heard about some of the struugle baltimore county family face each and every day. >> my most important decision in theefamily where i was raised it waa happening around the kitchen table there is one thought and the center of my mind every time we have had to make tough decisions and that
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mean around the kitchen tablee% for the famiiies of our state. >>reporter: governor o'malley kitchen table talk in the past to hear the issues most directly affecting maryland residents. >> mean time challenger former governor urlich spent part of the day at dundawg barber shop talking about his plans to stop the sales tax hike iffhe wins the ubernatorial race. >> we are noo talking about by the way going from 5 to 6 in this context. we are going from zero to 6 percent. when the eccnomy is hurting when small business peoppe are getting hammered whennpeople littrally can't afford not the luxury but the neeessity of life the last tting you need to do is incrrase the most regresssve tax in the books. >>reporter: stay with us for the november 2nd election. on just good o our web site and click on the vote 2010 icon in news feature section. >> saying it all day today. -úwith bay needed this ain. >> we do. vytasshere will tell us how much we'll get.
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>>reporter: we caa see some season rainfall across the area as the front pushes through. model data yesterday computer model was showing light showers and more showers to the west but looks like into central maryland and seet across baltimore. a little bit of steady rain back in west manipulate sister and frederick steady rainfall and in fact zooming across the bay here and nice line of showers and lightning and few grumble of thunder to chester town and center field got ddcent rainfalllso not done into it and putting into motion and showing theeline f thunderstorms stretching through part of new jersey into delaware and then eastern can see back west of us stille more activity workinn its way -úalong i 70. that will continue to come in play throughhthe next couple hours. now we still have some activity working and aasociated with the cold frontt% that is moving to the west of us. look at the thunderstorms firinggup along the frontal boondary. those are very strong thunderstorms making their way through youngstown,
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youngstown, ohio, akron down to mansville and columbus they had a tornado warning just south of coluubus ohio so wash it very closely through thee% next several hours.i'll have closer look at the changes come for the wean in just a bit. i'm joy live outside johns hopkins hot. come up on fox 45 n .
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>> we continue following a delevoping story out of east baltimore where a johns hopkins doctor has been shot. >> he killed himself and his mother and led to a ock down. joy is live outside of hopkinn where hundreds of employee were his trapped inside waiting for word from police. joy? >>reporter: jennifer as you said many workers were trapped inside johns hopkins hospital as this gun man remained on floor of the nelson building. now workers were told to fiid a safe place to hide until this incident was rrsolved. úere's what people out on the street were saying. that's when the police all start running and said they toll me omething happened on the eighth floor. >> everybody 63rd. apppoximately nobody knows what is going on. >>reporter: now at this point police are still conducting a
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criiinal investtgation. reporting live in east baltimore tonight, fox grave nnws at 5:30. okay joy thanks so much. >> yoo can hear thh entire newssconference from the mayor, police commissioner and johns hopkins officials on our web site uses go it and click on raw news. . >> after a dominating win on monday night how are the raaens escape a let ddwn in cincinnati. ray lewis has the cincinnati. ray lewis has the answer coming up next in >> ooks lik
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and
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i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> ravens ut in a second daa of preparation for sunday game of the cincinnati bengals and did so coming after a big win with the jets in the season opener. one the entire country saw on monday night
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football. that ladies to an obvious question. coming off there a chance for a let down? into a trap game this sunday in cincinnati. ravens them self don't seem to think so. >> no i don't think it's a natural let down not when you got swept by new england. that's a let downn we have another week coming up this% week and if they are quality opponent and e have to have our gamm ready. that's behind >>reporter: since the ravens and bengals in the same division and plaa each year more so than the rest. receiver tj who spent 8 seassns with the bengals. going back to ccncinnati is kind of weird this weekend. >> it will be different. kind of eager to see how the locker room looks. see if it is nice or whatever. but it will be
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different or suue. it will be different. i don't know you know how i will feel emotions ind of come o you however you maichlt can'tt% really cell them. it would be very different to say the least. >>reporter: kristen has previewwof sunday ame and will announce the wish of this week high school game of the week. come up tonight at 10:50 on sports unnimiteded. -ú>> thank you bruce. we are getting some of the much-needed rain tonight. >> let's go to vytas with one last look at the forecast. % vytas what dooyou say. >> looks like the showers coming down across parts of central maryland and heavy as you cross the bay of into the eastern shore and will continue to see the showers popping up on and off through the next several hours and mainly this evening when we get the rain. sky cam lacking downtown. cloudy skies. showers cominn down across the region. 72 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 8. humidity levvls at 82 percent and pressure is 29.88 inches and falling s we continue tt see moisture building ii from the west. now look at the temperatures. very interesting here. you can see
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the difference of a cold front and 92 degrees in richmond. charlottesville at 88 degrees. then west virginia lacking at 64 degrees. so look at the spread on the temperatures. real drop in the temperattres as the front is going to continue to move through. as the front continues to push on off to the east and taking away the moisture witness and thee also we get some clearing after the front pushhs through. here's a look terrain that is pushing through right now. warm front ahead of it and thunderstorms firing up over there on thh eastern shore. lightning riding ahead of the area ofgh riding ahead of the area ofgh úow pressure helping
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