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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 16, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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crime scene. a doctor is shoo. theesuspect is dead. >> we they had them on the other side. >> what the shoot heard seconds beffre he opened fire. and why identifying him waa so difficult. >> a pot smoking 2-year-old. and the close family memmer accused f providing the joint. different story for the weekend. when things will clear up in the sky watch forecast. >> held captive in an apartment for a year. how police finally dissovered the crime, and the scam that the kidnappers pulled for months. >> live in high efinition, from wbff tv innbaltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> a deadly security breach at one of the world's leading hospitals. >> shooter incident. stay in your office. >> the man brings a gun into johns hopkins. >> right now, they say hat he is locked in one of the rooms. >> i cannot imagine how they are feeling right noo.
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-> tonight a minute by minute breakdown of what happened. the chaos it caused. drill. >> and the questions about safety it raises tonight. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. live at johns hopkins hospital in east baltimore wheee the gunman opened disagree it happened this morning in the nelson building. main hospital tower at the complex. it ended with a doctor shot. the gunman's mother deaddand the gunman killing himself. -> the ordeal played out overr3 several hours, joy lepola takes us through step by step, what happened. >> all start runninn,,and they %-the 8th floor.g happened on >> a guuman creates panic. inside of one of the most prominent hospitals in the nation.ú as he shhots a doctor inside johns hopkiis. >> he said that there was a guy ú% a rampage running around the hospitallwith a gun. >> outside of the hospital,
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officers quickly cordoned off streets. >> need thhm on the other side. >> police helicopter ccrcles the scene. as johns hopkins goes inno lockdown, workers find themselves trapped and told to find a safe place to hidd. >> they are all locked in the apparently everybody is locked down. they cannot move. >> my area is well secured. so i sat for an hour. >> what was running through your head. >> he could try to get in. i was actually kind of scared. fbi agents, wait o time to get into position. >> he is isslatee or one floor of the hospital. %-building is evacuated. of the >> on the eighth floor of hopkins nelson building where police are focusing their attentiin. >> everybody is scared. the patients are scared. nobody knows what is going on. >> workers begin to call in text message friends and colleagues out on the street. police update the media.
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>> there is a loose gunman on a3 can completely contained.ichhis >> the gunman became irate after learning about hii mother's condition following surgery. >> he alleged that the doctor paralyzed his mother. >> during the course of the conversation, with the doctor, removed a small semiautomatic handgun, from his waist, and that struck the doccor, in the lower chest, uuper abdomen. >> the doctor collapsed. as the gunman barricades himself room. >> all you can o is hope for the best. >> hourr later police determine the gunmaa is dead. and so is his mother. >> we never heard the shots. >> what starts as a shooting ends as a murder-suicide. >> it was chaotic.ú a lot of pooice officers running inside. fire trucks, police cars, swat car coming into the main obby. blockiig the door and
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everything. >> famous place of healing. turned into a violent crime scene. >> in east baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> now that doctor was, of course, rushed into emergeecy all of this tonight, he is in expected to survive. now that doctorrwas identified as drr david cohen, a member of3 the faculty here at jjhns hopkins hospital, and orthopedic surgery that attended rochester medical school. and reeeived a postgraduate degree from theehopkins school of public health. he also did his resiiency and his medical fellowship in final reconstructive surgery at johns hopkins. now, imagine the chaos when all of this went down..3 just after 11:00 this morning. part of the hospital is evacuated. the streets around here are barriccded. anddpeople actually fearing for their lives. our kathleen cairns was in the middle of all of that this morning. >> we need them on the other
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side of the police car. >> trouble inside of johns hopkins hospital. >> 11:18, we got a page. shooter incident. gave us the location. aad it said stay in your officee don't leave. >> there is a gunman, the hospital issin lockdown. the shooting happened on the 8th floor. >> right now they say he is locked in one of the rooms. >> some people are able to get out. >> i hought it was a fire drill. >> others are stuck inside with the oorr locked. >> this is crazy. talking to us by phone, locked down in hee fourth floor office. numeroos unmarked police cars. i don't know. 20. >> but she worries about her friends on eight. >> i cannot imagine how theyyare feeling right now. hopefully they eeacuatee the unit. >> with locks around the hospital barricaded by police. routine blood delivery is %->> we had to wait in the offi.
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just waii until theepolice old them that it was ooay. we could come out that door. >> finally, there is word. -> i think, it is done. have lots of questions. >> i think it is messed up. i mean they have sscuriiy everywhere else, not at a major hospital like his. where everybody from around the world comes..3 >> outrageous. this is awful. awful. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00.3 >> and we are leerning more about the shooter tonight. including his real name. there as a lot of confusion about that earlier today. and karen paaks is ere with us now to sort out the confusion. and also, i know you are learning more his back ground, information from the family tonight? >> that's right. it was a day of chaos and confusion.3 police initially told us hat the shooter's name was warren davis. but later learned ttat was an alias and real name is paul warren pardus.3 pardus is 50, and lived in arlington virginia.
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neighbors contacted in his neighborhood, tell reporters pardus llved with his mother, he looed her.ú the two ere very closs. and he appeared to be the sole pardus has a handgun permit in virgiiia. and reeorters were able to contact his brother today, who said that pardussjust did not wwnt to see his 84-year-old mother suffer. jennifer, that's what we know right plow. >> it is a terrible tragic story aad continuing to learn more tonight. karen parks, thank you for the report tooight. >> yeah, that's the siiuation here at johns hopkins tonight. a doctor recovering, after beiig shot. mother to death before taking his own life. and, of course, there are ú%rious concerns tonight, about security procedures here at we will have much more on that coming up in 20 minutes. >> look forward to that jennifer. thank you so much for the update. >> johns hopkins is one of the largest medical facilities inú the land. more than 80,000 people visit
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this complex each and every and those visitors must check in upon arrival. they are ggven wrist bands and are patients. as for mmtal detectors hopkins said it is nrealistic.3 >> to put a magna tomter at every door, and required armee force that would need to be staffing the meters is not realistic. >> now in tonight's cover story, we will tell you what happened with security ann how other u.s. hospitals guard against tragedies like todays. >> recap of today's events. at 11:11, pardus shot a doctor in the nelsoo building at the hospital, which was partly he evacuated. police secured the floor. and at 1:30 police found pardus anddhis mother dead in a room, from gunshot wounds. you can heaa the entire news conferrnce from the mayor, website, just click oo "rrw nees". >> and, of course, we will have
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continuing coverage of the johns hopkins shooting on all of our fox 5 newscasts. >> the raae for city state's attorney is still in limbo. grrg bernntein has a slim lead over patricia jessamy. john rydell reports a candidate is ready to call this racc over but not yet. >> there is a balance that may well determine the outcome of this contentious race. under the watchful eye of reporters and attorneys for the candidates, absentee ballots are being scrutinized.ú tuesday's returns showed criminal attorney greg bernstein leading incumbent patricia jessamy by 1300 votes. but that margin is now aabit wired. %-patricia jessamy 727. >> supporters of bernstein say that margin means this race is >> ww would hope that
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ms. patricia jessamy would just go ahead and concede. and recognize the inevitably of her loss. >> supporterssof the incumbent state's attorney are not only numbers, but upset with the >> ss many voters did not vott in the election. had they done that, miss jespee probably would have been in better shape. >> patricia jessamy's claim is claiming thousands of votes may not have been counted. >> how many voted. ú%ere? >> election commissioner will not comment but he said the %-smoothly.rocess has gone >> that's all we run here is3 fair elections. >> this tedious processsis far from over, they say. several hundred additional ballots have to be counted and it wonnt happen until next week. >> i am saying you are moving quick. encome dent state aatorree admit
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her chancee of being reellcted look remote. >> this is our system, the votes are counted, resuuts are innand now take a step forward. >> in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> inna statement bernstein said absentee allots results consistent with the final results. both candidatee kickeddtheir governor o'malley held a kitcheú table talk with mothers in catonsville this morning. he heard about the struggle that face each and every ay. my most important decisions in the family where i was raised, happened around the kitchen table. there has been one thought, in the center of my mind.every time tough decisions and that is hat would these decisions mean around a kitchen table for the families of our state. >> governor o'malley staged kitchen table talks in theepast to hear the issues mosttdirectly affecting maryland's residents.
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>> g.o.p. chhllenger ehrlich hits the air waves wiih his second campaign ad. >> the next four years will impact the next decade. so we put togethhr a road map, too20/20. >> it talks about how ehrliih plans to bring jobs back to the ssate oo maryland..3 and cut spending.ú a dundalk barber shop talking about his plans tt stop a salee tax increase. if he wins, the gubernatorial race. >> we are not talking about going from five to six in this context. we'reegoing from zero to 6 percent. when the eccnomy is helping. when small busiiess peoppe are getting hammered. whhn people cannot afford not the luxuries but necessities of3 life, last thing you want to do is increase regressive tax on >> stay wwth fox 45 news for the latest information on the november elections. go o 2010. >> coming up on the news at 10:00.
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2-year-oll smoking pot. the famiiy member that coached the ccild tt do this. also ahhad. how you can audition for american idoo without waiting in a line, llke thhs. >> and a woman s tortured and held captive in an apartment for nearly a yearr i am myranda stephens, the horrific details and possible motive,,cooing up. >> looking attsome showers and sooe th ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> a woman is tortured and heed captive for nearly a year, inside of a reisterstown apartmentt what police call one of the most horrific cases theyyhave seen in years. -yranda? >> that's right jeff. the abuse appeeed at the preserve at owen's crossing apartments on brook barry drive. and investtgators say for as
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many as ninn months, a young mother was tootured and locked inside of a bathroom, all for moneyy >> that is really ssary. i cannot believe that happened over hhre. >> neighbors are in disbelief after learning about the horror police say went on inside of this reisterstown apartment. >> oh, my gosh, i haa no ideaa >> that is sad to hear. that is terrible. >> police say on august 25, kimberly king told them that shh got a call from an unknown manú that her 22-year-olddroommate was lying in a pool of blood on the corner of 25th and greenmount avenue. king picked the woman up and took her to gbnc hospital where she slipped into a coma, butt3 after investigating police ú%termined thattking made up the story. >> fortunately, on september the 9th, the victim was ble to awake from hhr ccma. at that time she told police, investtgators, that she, in fact, had been held falsely
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imprisoned n an apartmenn in reisterstown. >> according to charginn boyfriend germane smith bay held the woman captive in the bathroom of their apartment for nearly a ear. where they ortured and beat her -o severely, part of her upper lip is missing. and she is now blind in onn eye. the ddouments show thh woman was onlyyfed three times a week. and now has a staph innection throughout her body, from her untreated wounds. >> i never saw another person. i thouggt they were a nicee33 family. >> police say the victim had a one-yearrold boy and that he and king's own two children wwre living in the apartment the whole time and snuck pillows to tte victim at night. investigators believe the motive behind the abuse was money. they say the victim is mentally taking her social security money for themselves.ú >> you cannot truut your ú%ighbors. not all of them. for sure. you looo aa them and you say hi on in there. that's really something scary to
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find out. >> and king and bay smith are now being held wwthout bail, on charges of attempted murder, assauut, and false imprisonment3 police say the victim remains in critical condition, and it is possible that she might not make %-myranda stephens, fox 45 newst 10:00. >> okay myranda. three people are dead after an ambulance and suv collide in pg county. midnight and marlboro pike in foresttille. suv was going the wrong way. ambulance sservee to avoid it three people were killed.wall. the ambulance was ot in service at the time. run or nearlyya week isn on the paul palmer was caught with his pregnant girlfriend gina distefano.ú he escaped from entral booking facinn attempted murder charges, stemming ffom an august stabbing. distefano was charggd with haaboring a fugitive.
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city health department is investigating the worms found in reesesby peanut butter cups in johnn hopkins gift shop. they were causing a young girl to be sick. and it has been taken off the shelves. %-wednesday in glen burnie had a seizure in the pool according to emts. tonight the 25-year-old man is tonight. serious condition, >> we got some much neededdrain3 this evening. here is chieffmeteorologistt3 vytas reid now withha lookkat the sky watch forecast. vytas, this was really a >> yeah, definitelyyit has been dry out there. ssen spans of dry conditions. loooing at the h.d. radar. we have some showers that are moving over the i-95 corridor second front. ú-heavier showers andto see thunderstorms as the makes the wayyover the mountains, things start to alm down. zoom into cumberlandd you can see the heavier thunderstorms cells there, that actually were causing a severe
10:21 pm
thunddrstorm warning for garrett county awhile ago. but once this pushes through, things will quiet down, as we see ver ohio. as dryer conditions start to build in. ooer central, west vvrginia. but garrett coonty allooed to expirr as the thunderstorm activvty is lessning in intensity. anyyhere from about a 10th to a quarter of an inch to 2 innhes of rain out there in maryland. so heavier amounts of rain in certtin parts of the state versus others. but we did get to see our share portion of the region. temperattres in the upper 88s today. 86 was he high in baltimore. 92 in d... so warm temperattresssouth of us. but cool air, about a 25 to 30-degree drop in the temperatures oof to the west. as we see cooler air moving in. currently in the upper 60s, lower 70s iiht now. overnight tonight, chance for a few rumbles of thunder as thee front pushes through. temperatuues 72 degrees it looks some ccearing headed oor way for the weekend. beautiful weekend oming. showwyou that in the seven-day
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forecast. coming up. >> vytas, thank you. be in charge of your own peesooalize the forecast. --radar available at uss the interactive tools to track torms down tooyour ú%reet.3 go to and click onp i-radar. >> later on fox 44 news at 10:00. a 2-year-old smoking marijuana. the family member that coached the childdto do this. >> deadly shootings innide
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>> back to our top storyno now. gunman opens fire inside of3 johns hopkins hospital shoooing mother then himself. >> and jeff, we are learninn more tonight about the motive behind this shooting today. that apparently this guy was in doctor utssde of the hospital room. that doctor aaparently delivered some bad news. what we are hearing issthat he told the son that the mother had been ppralyzed. and that is apparently what distraught. to reach into his waistband. pull out a semi automatic handgun and shoot the doctor. now the question tonight is how did theeguy get the gun into the hospptal? well, apparently it is not that hard. johns hopkins of ourse is a premiere medical institution, in the world. but there arr questions tonight3 about whether its security
10:26 pm
procedures measure up. >> more than 80,000 visitors aa3 week pass throughhthe doors of3 johns hookins hospital. staff are required to wear badges. and visitors are required tt get but there are nn mmtal detectors. and a hopkins security chief said installing them would be in %->> to ppt a magga tomter at every door and required arred force thht would need to be staffing the meters, is not %->> metal detecting wandssare used on high-risk patients. hopkins reviewed the security ppocedures after the virginia and e-mail alert system that was usee today. e-mail warned hopkkns employees ú% stay in their office or room and lock doors unnil an all clear is announceed. >> we need them on the other
10:27 pm
side of the ar. >> hopkins employs 400 unarmed security officers and 150 off duty police officers that work in uniform. and hopkins has undergone coordination with the baltimore handle a crisis. >> in the hourss days, weeks, months to come, certainly the3 situation will be reconstructed in a detailed manner. so that investigators, along with hospitaa can understand what led to this situation occurring so that they can glean from lessons learned. ú% undoubtly the question of metal deeectors will be revisited when it seems the security measures currently in place, at a orld renowned institution, today, were not enough. >> now, today the mayor, the police chief, hopkins officials all emphasizing how well everyone responded to the crisis of couuse tte focus now is going to see how it can be prevented in the future. and jeff, i know you spent some
10:28 pm
time today looking into how the security procedures here compared to other major hospitals. >> indeed.ú thank you very much. cceaaly joons hopkins hospital is among the greatest meeical for more than 100 years noww patients there have received excellent health caree but tonight it is not the quulityycare that is in question here. >> the safety, and security of %-residents in the surrounding the whole incidentt >> ttatts mayor stephanie rawlings-blake responding to the question on many people's was not better security at thee3 hospital, to allow a man inside with a loaded gun. as you just heard, security officials raised the bar on hospital security recently. as ffr havinggmetal detectors inside of johns hopkins hospital. >> i also heard the question about magna to him ters, and there is only one or two
10:29 pm
institutions that i am aware of, hospitals, that have them. and they are not on the eastcoast. >> coughfennburger misspooe ever so slightly in the statement. but he was not far off. in fact, two eastcoast hospitals told fox 45 news tooight theyydú have metal detectors. grrdy memorial hospital inn3 atlanta, georgia. hospital in the university of pennsylvania. which is in a high crime area,ú of the city of philadelphia. we also ccntacted these hospitals that admitted not the cleveland clinic in ooio. mayo clinic in jacksonville florida, george washinnton washington, d.c.. boston medical ccnter in %-yale new haven hospital in connecticut. new york city's bellevue hospital. and thomas jefferson unnversity hospital in philadelphia pennsylvania. -> and most of the people i talked to at these facilities,
10:30 pm
clearly admitted thaa after today's incident right here in the city of baltimore. policy hanges may be on the way..3 and jennifer, i think, that would be no different for johns hopkins, in the coming days, %->> well, jeef, you know, it is not like they have not talked about ittbefore. ú%st.issue has come uu n the but what they said today, 80,000 people through 0 different doors, that it is simply unrealistic to have the metal detectors nd the staff to man3 -hose arees. but again, that is certainly sometting that has to bb on the table tonight after what happened here today. >> should be interesting to see what will be coming up in thee3ú upcoming days, weeks, months. thank you jennifer. talk to you in a minute. ú% now onto the question of the day s hossitals have metall3 detectors at heir entrannes.3 so far 48 percent sayyyes. one viewer writes, these doctors do not know what kind of people %-so it could very well happpn.
10:31 pm
again..3 but bill writes. i should not have to deal with metal detectors to enter a hospital beeause there are a few crrzy people out there.3 >> just go anddtell us what you think. you can sound off through facebook, if you wish. end us at tweet. or text youu aaswer to 45203. enter foo 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no and your response may air on the "late -dition" at 11:00. >> later on the news at 10:00. find out how you can aadition for american idol without3 waiting in a line like this one. >> but coming up next. 2-year-old, you will not believe coachhd to smoke marijuana. how thh mothee was caught. next as the news at 10:00 continues. >> we saw showers and thunderstorms. out there. tonight chances of hunder andd3 clear out for the morning. and lunch time, 81 and sunshine. detailed look at the w
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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>> we have much needed rain today and more rain is on the way ovvrcoming thii way eastward? final line moves through. and stronger storm activity in that linn. back in ohho. but that has kind of lefttin intensity over garrett county. there was severe thunderstorm warning half an hour ago. but it has expired ffom the
10:35 pm
national weather service. and downtown right now. ú-lens.plets of water on the they are looking at the inner harbour. %-around the central porrion of tte state. across the bay. ú%om thh irst wave of rain. 67 degrees.3 winddsare out of the southeast at six. and we have humidity levels at moisture in the atmosphere. high oday, we warmed up a bit with the warm front ahead oo the cold front before it pushed throughh so you can see the temperatures. 88 degrees. and low started us off at 60. and normally we should be at 78 degrees. so we are above norral. very comfortable out there. nnce warm day. low waa -- normal low was 57. precipitation out at bbii3 thurgood marshall airport, a little on the lower side. but inner harrour, a little. -ore. a little over a 10th of an inch. some areas saw heavier amount, back in western maryland iih the heavier rain comiig down on the western side of the mountains. looking at the temperatures mainly in the mid 66s. some 50s back there in western ú%ryland. 79 in salisbury. as the warmer air is off to the southeast.
10:36 pm
the state. we will see the temperatures dropping. as we see the frontal boundary move throoghh ii helps to fire up the atmosphere. you can see the line of showers and ttunderstorms that was stronger throuuh parts of ohio. stretching from cleveland downn3 to akron and columbus, ohio where they saw a toonado activity out of the act. but that has continued to head in our direction. and ww start to get breaks in the clouds.3 in fact, here is how it ppayed out. warmer air ahead of the cold front and now we see the cold front move through. area of low ressure is staying over the new england states that. pushes off to the east. by tomorrow we have dryer air building in. and that will continue to stick around for the next few days, as the old front subsides toothe south, we will continue to see clearing conditions for the next several days. and it looks like that will be locked in as our weather pattern as we get through the weekend. next week. so another dry weather pattern setting up. not dry in the tropics.ú hurricane gor has been slowly moving west--orthwest. 127 miles per hour winds. gusting to 155. still a major concern for the
10:37 pm
folks in bermuda. right ow the track has been pretty steady. showing the storm passing over bermuda at roughly category 3 storm. then losing intensitt to the north. that could be a lot of damageú for those folks out ttere in the bermuda daislands. so watch that closely. now right behind it. storm is losing intensity but %-hhrricane julia.ry one storm. winds at 86 miles per hour. look at the comparison of this monster. oo igor. and then look at julia. but nonetheless, category ooe storm. gusting to 104 miles per hour. and tracking that mainly juss going back anddcurving back into the atlantic.3 all theesteam is being taken from igor. so it looks like this is noo going to do much. other than just curre back into -he atlantic. now, hurriiane karl. this is actually become a hurricane. it is making the way on land here, to mexico. categoryyone storm. and it will make the way and lose its strength quickly. ú%come a quick 2 and then one. that's the forecast that it will drop rain overrmexico.
10:38 pm
ú%d causing flooding conditions and mudslides down there. 84 back at home. quiet conditions. sunshine. beautiful day tooorrow. and pleasant conditions through the weekend. lowwr 0s. for saturday and sunday. and beaatiful for the firrt part of next week. >> this ii a cheerleading competition in the philippines. and police say that flash and bang was a bottle fflled ith gunpowder. it was supposed to createessoke, but as you can see, it exploded. shooting glass at the dancers and into the crowds and cops say the school is investigating %-take a look at this. this is a toddler, crawling onto a highway in turkey. cars are just miising him. his mother said he left him sleeping nder tte bushes and did not notice he happened to just wander off. a truck driver did notice the small child and attempted to eventually showwd up. police tonight are now talking to mom.
10:39 pm
>> an ohio mother is charged with teaching her 2-year-old daughter how to smoke marijuana. this disturbing cell phone video shows the toddler holding a joint while coached by her mother in the backgrrund. video takennin auuust was brand for the state family services agency by a person that saw this incidentt the mother faces child endangerment tonight. if convicted she could face 11 years behind bars. >> bed buggtroubles at aacollege in north carolina. it happened, where the school alerted studenns and told them to be reedy to evacuate this morning and gave them $10 to do laundry.ú well lucy scott's roommate had ú%gs and bites, so she was told to pack her bbgg and eave immediately. >> bedbugs, not the little pests, but thought was something they were talking about. should have opened the lines of communication. >> expertt say september is the %-because of all the summer
10:40 pm
travel. >> major american idol news tonight. new panel of judges has been chhsen and we will tell you how be you could audition without waiting in line. >> what caused a man to become so distraught that he
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>> i am jennifer gilbert, live with an update on the top story tonight. gun fire inside of johns hopkins hospital this morning. it all started just after 11:00 this morning. a guy named paal pardus. 50-year-old old in a -onversation with his mother's doctor, outside of a hospital room. the doctor apparently telling him some disturbing news. that the mother had been paralyzed, after surgery. well pardus apparently became ss distraught he reached into his waistband, pulled out a semi automatic handgun and fired a shot at that doctor in the abdomen. that doctor, dr. cchen is after undergoing emergency %-now paul pardus fled into the
10:44 pm
shooting. swat ttams converged on this site heree it was a lockdown situation. hospital partially evacuuttd. stteets blocked off. and chaos surrounding johns %-hours todayyúl for everal then around 1:30 this afternnon, the swat teams realized what had happened inside of the hospital room. and there they discovered paul pardus's mother with a gunshot wound to the head. she waa ddad. as was paul pardus. he had shot and killed himself. -olice still looking into his background tonight. trying to find out more about this man. and also, a major review of security procedures here at johns hopkins tonight. and an institution where about 80,000 people a week visit through 80 different doors. they re looking into whether metal detectors could be the answer, they have looked into that in the past. and decided that it is not realistic. but they have to be rethinking live in east baltimore. jennifer gilbert fox 45 news at 10:00. %->> we will know the replacemes
10:45 pm
for simon, ellen and kara in one week,,replacement juuges were chosen. only one remaining is randy jaakson. many reports say jennifer lopez sigged on as a new judge and stephen tyler, may join the panel. ryan seacrest will make an official announcement of the new panel on wednesday. new season, new judges and a new way to auditiin for american idol. you will not have to wait in lines like these. this season they have partneredú wwth "myspace" to take the audition process online. contestants must be 15 to 28 and submit aavideoono longer than 40 seconds in length. videos are juuged like the live %-american idol when it comes bk %-news.ary, riiht here on fox 4ú >> the ravens get ready to take
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your better breakfast today, at subway!
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>> final look at the ssven-day forecast. it looks like for omorrow, we will see nice conditions sitting up. maybe a few clouds. making way for sunshine. 84 degrees. 83 on saturday. plenty of sunshine. repeat on sunday of 83. tuesday, wednesday, thursday of
10:49 pm
next week, temperatures nice. upper 70s, lower 80s. and it looks like we will3 continue to hold on o that sunshine. jeff, back to you. >> all right vytas. as long as they are upper. that's ll we care about. >> ravens have a short week to prepare against the cincinnati bengals. bruce cunningham is here to size up the match up. bruce? >> coming up on "sports unlimited". ravens' first divisional game of the year. how do the ravens plan to stop the bengals air attack? and hoowdoes t.j. houshmandzadeh feel about going back to cincinnati? the orioles have the nice night off. starting pitcher that will have his throwing arm examined tomorrow. and i was at schaefer's bar and restaurant in federal hill for the coors light silver spotlight. hear what cundiff has to say about the kicking when the game is on the line. that's coming up. when "sports unlimited" starts. right now. ,3 -fter taking a open tough opening week


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