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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 17, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> gunman opens fire inside johns hopkins hospital. news hh received that might have convinced him to open fire. >> patricia gives up the fight for the state attorney office. >> i called ray bernstein and i advised him that i was conceding. >>reporter: news that convinced her to concede the race and what she will do when she eeves office. >> beautiful and dry weekend sky watch forecast. >> policc pe beattng caught on -útape. what happened just before this scene and the major changes coming to the police force. police force. >> live in high >> hello. about votes still
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being counted but long time state attorney is conceding defeat in the close race with attorney bernstein.% >> patricia has been top prooecutor now for 15 years. john standing by live downtown to tell uu about a new era. john? >>reporter: as late as yesterday attorneyy for pat were aising questions about the whole process and whether all tte votesshad been counted. this afternoon she held a news conference to declare this race is officially over. joined by her house and colleagues she annnunced she would not which will engine the results of the race. she she is she made her when the first batch of absentee ballot were counned yesterday bernstein picked up 1363 votes. pat declined toy talk about the bitter campaign with bernstein. she says she's now focused on a smooth transition. >> i'm not one to dwell in the
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past. i am one for moviig forward and i just think it is time to do that. i believe reason and i believe that my a destiny is to impact positivelyybaltimore city. -ú>>reporter: she won't say what she will be doiig after she leavessoofice in a few monthss she says she will be doing some volunteer work with churches to help reduce violence among children throughout the city. we are live in downtown baltimore, baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. all right thank you john. and you can hear all of thee6 c comments by going to fox slash raw news. favorite o win in thhheavy november general election. he talked about the primary victory at his own neww conference late this afternoon. >> but the results show that we attract add broad base support across the city because people of all
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races, ages and economic roots were readyyfor a change and readd for a fresh approach o tackling the chronic violence in baltimmre's neighborhoods.% >>reporter: so here's our question of he day. will bernstein have an impact on reduccng crime in the city of baltimore? go o our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook, accepted us a tweet at fox baltimore, text the news at 10:00. long tiie maryland senator curryypleads thought uilty to morning. ppince georges county democrat is accused of accepting almost quarttr million dollars from the exchange forrhis influence in annapplis. he was named in an 18 count indictment earlier this month which included charges of bribery and mail fraud. >> senntorrkerry is 73 years
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old. he has canccr. he has otherraaout seriouu health issues. and as anyooe can well imagine this ii horrible, horrible strain on him. >>reporter: the judge orderrd curry to surrender is passport to federal authorities. trial is expected to take place next summer. questions still remain surrounding the gunman who opened fire t johns hopkiis hospital on thursday. crime and justice reporter joy ii liveeat hopkins and teels us police are still investigating the shootings tonight. lots of questions to be answered. looking for a lot offanswers even a day after the shooting that took place hereeat hhpkins. with that aid those who work in and around the facility expressed little to no concern today surrounding security. at this point security teams at johns
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hopkins as well s detectives wwth the baltimore city pollce department are ii the ppocess of reviewing how this trrgedy was hhndled rom a tactical standpoint. detectives are piecing together witness accounts on what eeactly unfoldee inside the hossital. % police commissioner fred says this investigation does not end at the door of room 8 73 where dr. david cohen has shot. family member of the gun mmn says paul waaren brought his mother to hopkins in hooes her health would improve. >> he did everything he could to get her well because she was sheehad back problems. problems. so he took her to johns hopkins hospital to get her help. >> really does omm down to a question of hissgrief and care of his mother. that really seems to be the central point of why this occurred. >>reporter: now police tell me that they are hecking out
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a couple of addreeses here in the city wwere paaties may have been staying in an ffort gunman and whether he should have been identified as a potential threat prior to yesterdaa's tragedy. reporting live in east baltimore tonight, foxx45 news at 5:30. thank you joy. that doctor who was shot is in fair condition at this hour. orthopedic surgeon. besides given the condition they won't rae lease any more information. accused gunman is described by neighbors as devoted. thhy watched him caae for his mom. kathleen joins us now with more on the man who is blameddfor yesterday's chaos in east -úbaltimore. kathleen? >>repooter: paul warrenn% shared a home with his mothee arlington, virginia. resident say he was quiet and they never heard him complain about taking care of his ailing mother. neighbors along ken more street say they rarely
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who was facing serious health problems. they say he nnver úiscussed the difficulty. >> he was there for her like a 24 hour job with hhm. saw him he had her with herror going to visit her. he rarely ever stayed in the house so the hospital was his home.% permit to carry concealedal weapon but only in virginia. metro access transporting the disabled. this is news at 5:30. and to watch more about the hopkiis shooting go to our web site and look for hot topic at the too of the page. and when breaking news happens, get us seetember directly to your cell phone. the sign up for fox 45 mobile news text alert. also texx wbfffat 45203 to get signed up. 3 people injured in a stabbing on an mta bus.
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happened just before 3:00 ooclock aaong liberty heeihts avenue. after the incident theebus pulled over at the mall. nooe of the injuries is life threatening and no word of any arrest. the. >> woman is helddcaptive and tortured for nearly a year in a rice toww apartment. police say it happened at the preserve owens crossing -úaparttent on brook berry drive. poliie arrested kim king and her boyfriend germanee% bay smith. police uncovered womannto the hospital. shehe told police she found the woman in a pool of blood but whole thing up.y she ade the >> can't trust your neighbor. not all of them that's for sure. look attthem and ssy i to them you never knowwwhat is really going on in there. that is reelly something scary to find out. >>repooter: police say the motive was money. couple accused of tealing the 22-year-old vvctim's disability paymenn. elderry woman is aken to the hospital after a fire in dundawg. happened on east %-boulevard ssootly after 8:00
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o'clock this mornnng. the fire started in the bedroom. improve thh safety of he burned for days. and lass month another train this one carrying acid derailld. the sti they will replace rails and install new drain annual equipment and install new emergency radio transmitter in the tunnel. how are the road looking on this friday night? lauren now has our traffic edge report. hello lauure. >> hello jeff. we are deaaing with a ton of congestionnonn% the south west side due to on inner loop at wilkins avenue -úas we check in and leif ook at frederick road notice it is going to be pretty slow. the congestion ill ccntinue s we make our way tt the top side of the belt way dealing with an accident on the outer loop at york road and check in and take a live look ann notice it its jaa packed. do expect delay on the inner loop as well and speeds clocking in at
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17 miles per hour. see relief makk your ay to parkville but we have an accident right in parkkille at puty hill avenue and another crash not far froo us here aa the station right down the street on west 41st street at buena vista avenue and heading to the oriole game wash-out darns watch out for a crash on martin luther kiig jr. and boyd street that's the traffic evenly report. >> thanks lauren. >> even niier weekend is on the way. >> when do we see much-needed rain howeeer? emily has the full forecast. >> he at least 5 officers caught on tape beating a suspect. one of the officers past that might have contributed to the scene. >> octomom tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax.
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a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> almost 1 in 7 baaies born in baltimore are to team mother. there is a change to the statistics. new report unveils at the museum today recommenns more educationnin the schools, more outreach to miiority and providing better úcccss to health care facility. the mayor says teen prrgnancy traps new mothers and fathers. >> pregnancy and pareeting is
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no. 1 reason that girls do not complete high school. forryoung wooen who don''ower teen preenanny rate was twice the state wide average. beautiful day today. >> yes. looks like it is going to be repeattperrorrance this wean. let's go to emily graceewith the very latest sky watch forecast. hell oychht hello jeff a.lot of sunshine out to the o's game as they take on the yeast tempeeature in the mid 70's, mostly sunny sky nd nice liiht breeze ut of the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so nothing showing up on the radar right over camden yard there you can see we are staying dry this evening. in fact all across tte area we are staying ddy. cold front pushed through last nature and nothing ut sunshine behind it. we saw a few clouds pop up today but the clouds starting tt fall apart now and we have sunshine for the weekknd. dry
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conditions for both saturday and sunday. all due to the high pressure that has been where we are sitting rate now in baltimore. 81 in dc and we stay wwrm over the ext couple days or slightly above that pressure sitting just on top of ussand that will allow for very cool conditions at night as well so we drop down to around 60 degrees for tonight and next couple nights. now we are watching the tropic. we have 3 hurricane to talk about.. big one is egor ann us in the easserr unitedacting states. also karl impacting mexico and julia behind egor but like i said all of those moving ff to the north and staying out to sea. for tell you about that coming up in aabit. dallas police officers caught on tape beating a motorcyclist during a traffic stop. at least 5 officers hit
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the biker with fist and batons affer he led them on a chase. the lead officer is 44year veterrn. his partner was ssill onnprobationn tte dallas police chhef says young officers will now bb paired wwth more experrenced veteran officers and more supervisors will be put on patrol. occomom going on welfare. being a single mother and taking care off14 kids obviousll hasstaken its toll on nadia she became nationwide when shh used artificialer insemination to give birth to 8 babies. she already had 6 kids at the time. she has been supporting herself on media appearances but rrdar on is reporting a tv deal felllthrrugh and her home is now innforeclosure. so she's filing for government assistance. >> rally in washington, d.c. now comedy ceetral john stewart and steven colbert arr jumping into the raalyygame.
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stewart will hold a raaly in washington, d.c. called restore sanity. colbert will hold a counter rally also in dc called the marcc to keep fear alive. both will be held on september 30. being trapped in an elevator bad enough. next in the low down find out the evil being that is hunting these people as well. >> neithee rain nor sleet nor age will keep this postman ♪
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. .
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>> bank robber to high school to the devil himself. in the low down.. >>reporter: ben affleck seems tt have gained mooe credibility from behind thh camera witt 2,000 7 gone baby gone. he served screen writer writer, director and star foo his latest work the town. affleckkplay s skilled bank robber despite being the best at what he does he looks to escape the lifestyle. >> about a guy who is trying to deal with tte legacy of what his parents left him. legacy of pain and leeacyyoff% being stuck in a place that he doesn't want to bee >>reporter: when he begins to form a relationship with a former hostage a choice must or lose the woman he loves.
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the town is rated r. stone is studies the scarlet letter and get ideas to manipulate tte úumor hungry student body. >> she indirectly starts a rumor about herself thht she had slept with somebody. rumor spreadd like wildfire among the christian kids at the school who are kiid of very judgmental. >>reporter: this is rated pg-13. we already have robber and hay schholer leading double identity but someone in the elevator has them beat. one of theseetrapped people just might be the devil -úhimself. 6 c1 3 3 >> she fell that me. >> so you caught her. >>reporter: this is the first of the 9th chrooicle new series of films based on idea from sixth sense ddrector. the mind behind the crrepy film quarantine direct devil is rated pg-13.
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>and ffr some important family friendly fare 2 wolves attempt to make their way from idaho to their home in canada in the animated film alpha and omega. the film is rated p g. i'm megan and that's the low down. let's face it. 4 decade at one job is very impressive. but wait until you finddout what birthday this postal worker just ceeebrated. worker just ceeebrated. >> secret to long ccreer and
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>> welcome baac. i'm kristen. after weeks of waiting the ravens got some discouraging that kendall's chances of playing this seasonnare very slim. the second round draft pick fracturrd hii skull after falling down 2 flights of
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stairs ight before raven opened training camp. kendall came to baltimore early this month for series of neurological and medical tests. ravens said they will restart contract talk with kendall and work out a deal that reflects his unique situation. ssnday game. one thing the ravens defenss has been known for over the years is stopping the run. however last year the bengals ran all over the purple and black and the main culprit was benson. cincinnati running back pounded the ravens for 2 37 yards in two meetings with the leif instant -- ravens last úear and carried it 61 times helpiig the bengals control the ball for almost 30 more interests minntes than the benson?s. so how do they stop be as patient as he is. >> we have to make sure we stay in our gap to keep him containedd. he's very, very patient runner. reed the key. read the whole and cut back inside so i mean i just think really kind of created fors
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him. the way thhy runnthat. so defensively we have to stay in the game. >>reporter: orioles open 3 game home series with the yankees. patterson travels to south west in football for high school game of the week and i go one-on-one in ravens quurterback washington. all coming up tonight at 10:50 on sports unlimited. bbck to you. >> thanks kristen. well it looks like weeare in for good weather. -ú>> ttat's always good news. emily rejoins with sky wwtch forecast. emily how goodies it going to get. >> beautiful out there this weekend. we coull use the rain. we won't see it% saturday or sunday and not seeing it now. live we may sky cam you can see gorgeous conditions over the inner harbor and comfortable aa well. 78 degreessthe current temperature with partly cloudy skies and light wind out of the north nnrthwest at 6 miles -úúerrhour. all right we are watching hurricane egor still we have been watching this or about a weak now. category 2 huvrjt winds are at 104 miles northwest at 9 iles per hour
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but egor not a threat for sows we are expecting them to take that turn off o the north. shortly and when that happens it wiil stay off to sea and noo a threat ii the united states.. you can still expected to be a maaor% hurricane for while longer and will ccurn up the motion but not a threat to the u.s. but not a threat to the u.s. at all.
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