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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 17, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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johns hopkins hospital. the news he received that may and the calls for help.pen fire. from the people trapped in the building. >> 911, we need 911. >> patricia jesssmy gives up the fight for the state's attorney office. >> i called greg bernstein, and i dvised him that i waa conceding. >> the news that convinced her to concede the race and what she will do whennshe leaves office. >> a glorioussweekknd ahead. how long it will be before we see rain again, in the sky watch forecast. >> and can you lose 50 pounds with just this little patch? the potentially painful place that has to be sewwn on to. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jefffbaand. >> and i am karen parks. questions still remain surrounding the shooting at johns hopkins yesterday. >> joy lepola said that police are looking into the events and
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>> one day after a triple shooting, you find hints of normalcy here at johns hopkins hhspital. >> it is quiet. it is, you know, i think a lot of people want to forget about if. what happened here. kind of move on with things. mucc different scene was playing out. >> i called into y department and they are all locked in the -ounge. apparently everybody ii locked down. they cannot move. >> workers and patients in fear for their lives. after they hear a gunmaa is on a ppm rampagee >> alleged that the doctor -aralyzed his mooher. >> dr. cohen shot. hours later police find two people dead. the gunman and his 84-year-old micro-organisms was a patient at hopkins. >> you are not done at the door we have more work tt do. >> that includes reviewing and
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evaluaaiig the rrsponseeto this tragedy. it took police two hours to determine the gunman wassdead. more troublingg however, is whether the gunman should have been identified as a threat %->> if he had a handgun permitn virginia but that doesn't extend to maryland. the hospital with gun? is there anything in hhs baakground to suggest that he was a threat to the hospital? >> paul warren pardus armed himself with a semi automatic handgun like this one. police have now turned to family members, and witnesses, to learn more about the gunman's state of mind. >> he could do aaything he could, you know, to gee her weel. problems, so he took her back and fortt to tte hospital. to get her hip. >> alvin spoke with his brother on sunday, following the mother's surgery.
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>> she was -- the operation was not successful. -t didn't turnnoot the way that3 he had planned. >> eally does come down to a question of his grief,,and the ccre of his mother. that really seems to be he happened.oint of why it >> a motive police now believe was driven by heaat ache and angerr as workers and patients attempt to leave the scene behinn them. >> all you can do is hope for the best and expect the worst. be the same following this never violent crime scene. in east ballimore joo lepola, fox 45 news at 10000. >> police believe the murder-suicide occurred immeddately after dr. cohen was shot. ú% we''e getting a better idea tonight of what thh scary mooents were like in thh hospital. myranda stephens standing y %-with some of the initial 911 calls now. myranda? >>well, jeff, for the first time, we are hearing thoseú initial calls for help, as
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people reactee to yesttrday's frightening ordeal. here at johhs hopkins hospital. >> 911, we need 911. shooting..3 >> the calls were frantic as patients and workers inside of johns hopkins hospital feared for their lives. %-we heard shooting.? and people screaming..3 we arr barricade. >> police release the initial 911 calls from thursday morning shoottng at the hospital. when a man opened fire on a doctor. >> how many ssots did you hear? >> i was standing right there and a physician went down. >> he went down where? >> nelson eight. >> buttthe most telling ppone call may haveecome from a patient that heard the gunshoo from outssde of her door. >> i am in 877. our door is shut tight. >> can you see if anyone s shot. >> no, but the nurses are out
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there. and they are saying get a stretcher fast. %->> the ordeal ended after neay four hours. but no one inside of the hospital, will ever forget those intense moments. >> okay. we ill get police on the way, okay? >> all right. >> okay. >> and police releasee six of those 911 calls. but there were likely many, mann more. we're live outside f johns hopkins hospital tonight. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:0003 >> the doctor wounded in tte shooting is in fair condition today. dr. david cohen underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to the stuff.'s hopkins orthopedic johns hopkins hospital ill not release any more information. >> the gunman is described by neighbors as a very devoted son3 kathleen cairns has much more now tonight on the man that is blamed for thursday's tragedy. >> people that newt accused3 gunman truggle to comprehend
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how a man with so much love for his mother, could do such a hhteful act. >> residents in this arlington community say they rarely saw pardus or his motter jean of their home. but many say the sonnwas devoted to his elderly mother, who was facing serious health problems. >> he was the only one there or her. 24 hour job for him. when you saw him, she was with he rarely stayed in the house. the hoopital was the home.ú >> neighbors ay they are trying to comprehend why this quiet man, shot the hopkin's doctor, then turned the gun on his mother. and then himself. >> the lady had been in there, and she was nice. once in awhile he was outtheree ii you ask her a question, she talked nice to had you..3 buttlike i said, i am really upsst and shooked bout it. >> nd he was always kept to hisself. you know, like a private perron. >> residents of this tightnit
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communiiy say there was never an indication that pardus was troublee or overwhelmed taking care of hhs ailing mother. they say he never discuss the difficulties.ú couldn't take it. %-and he loved his mother. ttat clearly showed through. ccearly showwd through. whatevee made him do this, we may they both rest in peace. >> pardus hadda legal permit to carry a concealed eapon but only in virginia. he worked as a driver for metro access transporting the disabled. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and you can watch more on the hopkins shooting, just go to and lookkforú hot topics at the top of the page. >> if you want to et breaking news alerts, sent to your cell phonee go to and click on motive news. or text wbff o 44203. ú >> breaking news to report out
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of west baatimore at this houu. -omicide detectives are at nnrth stricker street norrheast prevent man ma, just before 8:00 tooight a woman aad her niece, apparently got in a fight. one is very badly urt. we understand now that one of the victims has died. we don't know -- we do know it we were just getting this in. more information on this story, whee it becomes availlble. >> three people areeinjured in a stabbing on an mta bus. it happened just before 3:00 along liberty heights avenue. after the incident the bus pulled over and at the mall, none offthe njuries is life threatening. and the stabbing victims may themselves. >> and the cyclist is in critical condition after hit byú a car, on harford road and saint low drive. the car stayed at the scene. police are investigating who waú at fault. >> and police in arundel county they have released this sketch.
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they say he is onn of three men that assauuted a woman saturday night in the area of scott's lane and sultan avenue in anyoneewith iiformation call arundel county olice. >> two peeple charged with holding a woman captive and torturing her for nearly one year, are held without bail tonight. police say it happpned in aa3 apartment complex on brook barry drive. they arrested theetwo. king took he woman to the hospital, claiming that she found her in a pool of blood.ú bbt detectives say she made the >> you cannot trust your neighbors, not all of thee. for sure. you look at thhm and you say hi, you never knnw what is going on in there. that's something scary to find3 out. >> police say the otive was money. the couple is aacused of stealing the 22-yeer-old victim's disability money. baltimore citt police are stepping up their investigationú of a stabbing at power plantt3 live. police release the pick of the man they want to question about
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the tack. it happened ast week after a ravens kickoff party..3 aad victim had a fight with another man, buu he did noo reallze he had been stabbed. >> it does appear thhre were multiple people involved. but we are actively seeking this individual. as i said there is a possible witness and or participant to the stabbing. >> the victim's injuries are not life threatening. >> and elderly woman is taken to the hhspital after a fire in dundalk.ú on east brook avenue at pembrook boulevard, shortly after 8:00 this morning. the fiie started in the bedroom. >> and the disease is working to improve the safety f the howard streee tunnel. csx train derailed in he tunnel five years ago causing a fire that burned for days. last month another train, this one carryynggacid also derailed. the city and csx will replace radio transmitter in the tunnell ú
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>> baltimore city long time state's attorney concedes defeat in her raae to keepphhr position. john rydell reports about the end of a era for patricia jessamy. >> joined by her husband and colleagues, state's attorney pat patriciaajessamy declares this contentious race is finally over. >> i called greg bernstein, nd - advised him that i was conceding. >> patricia jessamy said that shh made her decision thisú morning, and et with her staff a short time later n what was described as an emotional go meetingg3 24 hours earlier, attorneys for patricii jessamy were questioning the election officials about the entire but when the first batch of absentee ballots were counted -ernstein got 68 vvoes aad put him ahead. and patricia jessamy has declined tootalk about the tight rrce and the divissve campaign. >> i am not onn toodwell in the past..3 i am one for movinggforward. -nd i just think that it is time to do that.
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>> and a few hours later, greg bernstein got plenty of hugg and but the esults show that we attracted a broad based base of support across the city, because people of all races, ages, and a change. and we are ready for aafresh approach to tackling the hronic violence in baltimore's neighborhoods. >> patricia jessamy's decision not to cootest tte election is viewed as a wise move by solomon osakk, professor of politics and history at baltimore city community college. >> for the integrity of the political process, voters do not typically like to see the losers. >> whileeshe will be leaving office after 15 years offpublic service, pat patriiia jessamyy3 said that she will be working clooely with baltimooe churches, in a special program to prevent violence among ccildren. >> in making sure that our children have every opportunity to be successful citizens, and
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not grow up in to cold blooded killers. >> for now patricia jessamy wants to ensure a smooth transition, for her suucessor. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and you can hear all of pat patricia jessamy's, and greg bernstein's comments by going to news. >> now onto the question of the -ay. will greg bernstein have an impact on reducing crime in baltimore city? 53 percent say es. 47 percent say no. and marry writes on facebook. not unless the police department doessa bettee joo in briiging good cases to him, rather than the bad ones that get tossed out. >> but kim writes n our website tonight. we have to hope so. we nned help. crime is so out of control in -his city. >> just go to and tell us what you think.ú you ccn sound off throughh3 facebookk send us a tweet@foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45203. ú%%-fox 45 b for no and youress response may air tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> and stay with ox 45 news ffr
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the latess informatton on the november election. click on the vote 2010 icon. in the news eatures section. ,3 >> senator ulysses currie in court pleads not guilty to bribery chargee while he is mounning a legal battle. up next the financial and health issues he is also facing. >> i diin't ike that notion of suddenly i am in the wimming pool. with some people that had beenú accused of sexual abuse, crimes against children. >> women being ordained as priests illegally. the seriousness of the offense in the eyes of the vatican and why they continue to practice caaholicism even though their church does not recognizz them. coming up in the cover story..3 >> tell you why the octomom is ovvrwhelmmd. not by her children. no. this ttme it is 3
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>> long time maryland senator %-just thhee weeks afterrtheulty indictment for briiery and mail fraud. jjff abell said cuurie's health is in question tonight. >> senator ulysses currie came to court to answerrfeeeral corruption charges and left saying very little. >> no comment. >> buttbefore a federrl jjdge this morning, currie pleaded not guilty to all 18 counsels of a indictment. accused him of accepting bribes, almost a quarter million dolllrs from tte shoppers food warehouse, in exchange for his influeene in annapolis. and ccurie has been the target of a federal robe that began almost three-years ago. and included a raid on his prince george'sscounty home.ú throughout the investigation,
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currie has been represented by a private attorney. but in ccurt today, two public defenderr were by hii side. >> frankly only the wealthy can actually afford toodefenn themselves n this kind of manner. >> as ccairman of the tax occasion committee currie is one of the most powerful senators at the statehouse. and now stepped down as chairman, the federal probe his attorneys say has taken its %->> senator currie is 73-years-old. he has canner. he has other serious health issues. and as anyone can well imagine, thhs is horrible, horrible ppssport to federal authhrities, currie and his wife left the courthouse to await a trial that jeff abell, fox 45 news athan a 10:00. >> and currii is running
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unopposeed in november. >> president ooama has appointed a new coosumer protectionsar. heesaid harvard professor warren is going to take wall street to task. he will overseeethe creation of a new financial consumer protection agency and sse will %nforce sooe of the toughest history. republicans in thh senate are also howling at the president's tactics. >> this is like the czarrof all this person, the process is being circumvenned because the presidenn knows that this persoo could not be confirmed. i find that to be abusive. -> the senate would normally have to confirm anyone with this kind of ppwer. coming up at 11:00. how the president got around this rule. >> nearly one in evvry seven babies born in the city of baltimore havv eee others. city is teaming up with several groups to change that. new reports at reginald f. lewis museum recommended more
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education, outreach to minorities and proviiing better access to health care.3>> pregns the number one reason that girls do not complete high school. the graduation raae is also lower for youug wooen who don't complete hi high school. and for young fathers. >> in 2006, altimore's teen pregnancy right was twice the state wide aaerage. time to get your flu shot. ú%ward county held the first clinic of the season today. >> wanttto encourage people to come and get their lu shot early this year. plenty f vaccine. shots and mist available. mist for two year olds tt 500years-old. shots for eeeryone six months to elderly. >> vaccinations for the seasonal flu and h11n are available. >> another beautiful day out3 there today. >> and the good weather let's go straight to meeeorologist emily gracee for a look at the forecast. >>iemily.
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-> hi guys. sunshine and dry conditions inn3 the forecast for the next couple of days. but rain is needed and it will come in the long range forecast. ú%oking outside at temperatures right ow. 60s across the area. 66 in baltimore..3 and 63 in hagerstown. and 71 in d.c. cooling down to about 60 degrees for tonight. all due to the cleer skies out there. as you can see, a few clouds off to the north and west. we saw a fee clouds earlier today. but pushing out of the area and we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast foo saturday..3 comfortable teeperatures. 60 degrees. and winds out of the northwest at five to 10 miles per hour. and now we have dry conditions and then some rain in the forecast. i wwll tell you when we will see that wet weather coming up in a bit. .ú >> the octommm and big money trouble toniggtt who could soonnbe stepping up to pay the bills for her and hhr 14 children? >> it is up to god.
10:23 pm
be ordained. >> women trying to become tonnght's cover story. how some women are ggetingg introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon.
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>> women are still earning 83 cents to every 1 dollar a man aflakes but huge striies have been made for wooen rights and3 equality except when it comes to
10:26 pm
religious leadership roles. >> catholic women are not waiting for pont active's3 blessing. we see bringing women to the alter. >> for most catholics this is women in priestly robes. >> mary is a part of the trinity. >> preaching frommthe altar. >> this is the lamb of god. >> consecrateeng the bread and ú%ne. something considered a seriius crime by the catholiccchurch. gloria considers herself a catholic priestt ordained thanks to an unnamed male bishop that secretly ordained the first female priest and bishops in 2002..3 >> have you ever met the secret bishop? >> the secret bishop? no, i have not. because if anyone found out who it was, he would be done. personal risk for this bishop to come out. >> according to cannon lawyers, the secret bissop has
10:27 pm
automatically been excommunicated or ban from because he knowingly violated church law. and certainly the vatican made that clear when it restateed recently that ordaining women as on the sameelevel as pedophilia. >> when you saw that, what went through your mind? >> i was horrified. i was hhrrified. i thought, for myself, i didn't like that notion of suddenly i am in the swimming pool with some people that had been accused of sexual abuse, ann crimes against children. >> father tow bii appointed by the vatican to oversee religious work worldwide although the vatican said the comparison was wrong, the ordination of women is still a serious crime. %-traditionally not arrived at 3 point where it beeieves that it is the will of ggd. now, i think, i have to accept
10:28 pm
-hat. >> >> but even the threat f excommunication is not stopping catholic women from what they consider the priesthood. gloria said there are five bishops, 47 priests, 10 deconsú and 16 candidates in ffrmation in the u.s. all of them illegitimate in the eyes of thh catholic church. >> what many people say to us is why don't you go somewherr >> i was justtgoing to ask you that, why stick with caaholicism whennit is not supportive f you? >> it is catholicism that needs us. >> may our god be with you. >> so they hold what''smass wheee they can, in their homes, or non-catholic churches. femall onnregations. who say the traditional catholic church is not meeting theer needs. >> so if you had a meeting with
10:29 pm
and you could say pope benedict3 what would you say to him? >> i am not sure i would liie to hhve a meeting with this pope open. and that's a huge road block. >> it is the kind of spiritual road block that gloria wwss3 trying to remove and the catholic chhrch is resistiig. >> is it up to god? i think god has said to me yyu >> she add ph.d. mited her injuries ere self inflicted.ú >> the victim in tte aciddatttck wws apparently lying. that story s next. >> the next weight-loss procedure. how it could help shed pounds fast anddwhy it makes eating a pain. >> great weather for the week. i will tell when you some late summer heat
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it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> great weather this weekend, but you know what it probabllp won't matter to you because you will be inside watching football. >> maybe i can take the tv out on the deek or something. barbeque. >> you cannot waste the weather. gorgeous weather ttis weekknd and much neededdrain next week. so we will look at both of those things..3 and right now lets look live outside from the hd ssycam. you can see calm conditions out there.
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clear skies. and cooling doonnnicely this evening beeause our skies are starting to clear out. temperatures are in the mid 60s here in baltimore. partly cloudy ouu there with winds out of he northeast at 8 miles per hour. and our dew point itting at a comfortable 52 degrees. so we have been seeinggclouds pop up today. but they are moving out of the area. just a few still lingering. especially on the eastern shore. clear ouu tonight. and this weekend lookkig nice. plenty of sunshine. all weekend long. -ith temperatures in the low 80s. and high pressure sitttng on toú of us. and we have a change coming in ourrforecast. and i will let you know about thattin a miiute. %-as you can see, hurricane igor is just churning off the coast we are seeing that now start to3 takeethe turn a bit mooe..3 so not impacting us. we are also watching a couple of otherrhurricanes here. julia, and then also now downgraded to a tropical storm karl. affecting mexico. so a couple of other stormm to watch for. none of them impacting our weather. but certainly something tookeepú
10:34 pm
an eye on..3 watch closer at igor. category 2. not a well defined eye.3 but still impressive on the satellite imagery here. so continue to watch that. but he track on igor is taking it to the north and nootheass. not onny the u.s. or us ining maryyanddbut land at all it looks like. winds right now at 109 miles per hour. moving to the northhest at 11 miles per hour.ú now back at home. we don'' have any tropical weather to worry about. high pressure is sitting on top cold front passed through yesterday evening. and will continue to push south anddwe have another cood frontt3 not far behind that. it won't ring hower activity. but a change in our temperatures. so expect high pressure to dominate both tomorrow and on sunday. and a lot of suushine. temperatures in the low 80s. so a little bit above average. aad then once that cold front passes on sunday we will start to feel a difference in the temperatures. so get down into the 70s for the afternoon higgh as we start off the work week on monday. and hold onto tte cooler ttmperatuues for tuesday as well.
10:35 pm
sofa for tonight. 60 degrees for the overnight low. winds out of the northwest at ffve to 10. and gorgeous day on the eastern shore for tomorrow. 82 degrees. and mostly sunny skies. and a northerly wind. and comforrable. a little further inland as well in central mmryland. 80 degrees for the afternoon hiih with mostly sunny skies. and then holding onto the 70s in western maryland. 79 degrees and calm winds.3 that's as warm as we ill get for tomoorow. and ooler temperatuues by early next week. so for tomorrow.3ú 80 degrees. nice conditions all day. %-weekend.e and enjoyythe five to 10. we are going to see a little bit avenue change in the temperatures. well. dropping down to very dry cooditions monday and tuesday with highs in the upper 77s. when we have a warm up coming wednesday with a igh of 86 degrees. back to some more summer like temperatures. let you knnw how long the warm temperatures will stick around and when we may see rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you.
10:36 pm
>> that so-called victim in that acid attack was lying. bethany storero suffered severe -urns august 30. disfiguring her face. bbt police say acid patterns %-liquid being poured or rubbed rather thhn splashed. ú% miss storero admitted that her injuries were self inflicted. she is very remorseful. in many ways it is something that got big than what shh expected. >> vancouver police say she could be charged with filing a ú%lse police report. it is still unnlear why she herself.d all of this pain on >> the octomom is going on welfare. being a single mother and takinn artificial insemination to give bbrth to eight babies. ú%e already haddsix children at the time. suleman has been supporting herself on media appearances,
10:37 pm
%-reportinn tv deal fell throú foreclosed and he is filing for governmeet assistance. >> a very angry dad ccught on camera, threatening to kill some middle school students. >> james jones went on board of the us and yield at them saying %-faces misdemeanor charges, buú video shows the irl beiig bullied. being hit..3 teased, and havvng condoms thrown aa hhr. jones who has tte backing of many sccool parents is still charged with disorderly conduct. ú% >> i want to lose weiiht because i have something important coming up. i don't care how i lose it. >> new and unusual weight-loss procedure helped pptients shed pounds fast. how this patch workssand why it makes eating such a pain. %-beholding her up end of the
10:38 pm
bargain with the judge this time. the rule she broke noo ann what could be happening to her.
10:39 pm
everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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>> a california doctor is performing a very stranne christine divine tonighttreports it tames tte tongue. %->> i am a little nervous and excited at theesame time..3 -ave something important coming3 up. i don't care how i ose it. >> wwen we met erica at this doctor's office two weeks go, she waa hired to be a filler he at the latin grrmmies and he was desperate to lose weight.3 >> everyone waats to look ood. i want to feel comfortable and be able to wear a nice drrss. >> unable to stick to a diet on her own. erica consulted cosmetic surgeon about his latesttoffering, the tongue patch s weight-loss surgeries. >> this is a small procedure. >> once it is done eatiig solid
10:42 pm
food. >> it is uncomforrable. >> he starts bynuming the tongue. >> he is getting it ready for the patch. nn bigger than aapostage stamp. >> i will actually apply a small proceedlean patch to the tongue and suuure it with several ssitchs. >> once tte tongue patch is in plaae, erica won't want to eat you have whisker from the sutures and rough surface. >> tt cooe with the pain, thee3 doctor prescribedda liquid diet. >> it is hard to stick to. >> the doctor knows sewwng a but his response..3 >> first of all, i think it is a safe procedure. done under local sympathetic. >> and reverssbbe, it could be
10:43 pm
rrmoved by snipinn the sutures, for safety reasons, it must be removed after 30 days.3 >> i have patients that lose as much as 50 pounds. bbt most of them 20, 30, 35, nd happy with that weight-loss. >> erica's goal is 20 pounds. >> i don't want to be on the %-i want to see a -- >> christine divine, fox news. >> actress lindday lohan could ú% in more trouble. tmz is saying she performmd a drug test last week. she had been ordered to undergo drug testing and woull get 30 days in jail if she testt positive. prosecutoos say they have nnt been officially nntified. >> and a photographer is ú%cusing idol star aaam lambert of battery. 38-year-ood victor era said it hhppened when he took pictures grabbed the backpack andim,
10:44 pm
states attorneyys office will decide whether to face cacharges. his spokesperson has not issued a omment. beck haa his restoring honor rally in washington, ddc.. now comedy centraa john stewart and stephen colbert are jump3 speakiiggthe rally game. stewart announced e would hhld a ally in washington, d.c. called restore sanity. colbert will hold a counter3 rally in d.c. called the march to keep fear alive. both will beeheld october 30. >> the ravens could not stop he bengals run attack last yearr how ray lewis plans to change that this time around coming up next in "sports unlimited." >> neither rain or sleet or age wwll keep the post man from his appoonted round. the major milestone this maryland posttl carrier reached this week.
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>> dry and sunny weekend in tempeeatures right around 80 degrees. booh saturday and sunday. cold front moves through sunday night. and brings us dryer weather and ssightly cooler for mooday and tuesday with highs in the upper ú%s. before we warm back to summer like teeperatures wednesday and thursday w ighs in the mid
10:48 pm
88s. a chance of rain toward the end of next week. jeff and karen, back to you. >> thank you em. >> not unheard of for someone to years. but it is when thee started working thhre at ge ssck. >> this is total admiration for this man. postal work wind gait celebrated 100 birthday. maryland man works six days a %--ain, sleet or snow.urs a day, coworkers say he never missed a shift. >> i remember when i was a time. >> not an employee in thii mounttins for him. >> his secret tooa long life. no smoking. no alcohol, attending church importantly. eating good food. thatts a lot of letters in 40 god bless him. >> dediiation for ure. >> unbelievable. great day. >> ravens learned the fate of one of their injured players.
10:49 pm
>> kristen berset joins us now with "sports unlimited". with all the latest sports, news, events and everything else >> thanks newscaster jeff. coming up on "sportt unlimited". sergio kendall finds out if heú will play this year. his rognosis is next. but ttey can still make an impact n who wins the al east. they open three game serres witt the 2nd place yankees.ú >> and patterson visits southwesterr in football. for a high schoollgame of the week.3 see which school was leaps & bounds over thh competition. "sports unlimited" starts right now. >> although it may not come as a surprise, to somm, the ravees got discouraging news about rookie linebacker kendall. today that can daa'sschances of3 playing this season, are very slim. the second round draft pick fractured his skull affer fallingw


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