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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 19, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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captiins provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. a hartford county teen 3 c1 killed crossing the street. >> how his death is impacting his family and many in the community. 45 days until the governor's race rematch. >> the voters know these two guys. >> how ttis year's race account be similar, yet different from the 14 years ago. beautiful weather all -pweekend long. find out if weell get more of the same for the work week coming up n my skywatch forecast. the major milestone reached in the gulf oil spill cleanup. from wbff tv in baltimore,,this is fox 45 news at 10:00. heelo. i'm jennifer gilbert. a teenager is killed while trying o cross he street. myranda stephens has more on on his family and the s having
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community. >> always made everybody smile. >>reporter: joe s grieving the loss of his oldest son, who just last month told his dadd how much he loved him in a video for his birthday. >> if it wasn't for you, me and my brothers probably wouldn't be half as strong as we are now. >>reporter: he was walking with friends friday night near route 24 in bel air, hen he was struck and killed by a car making a leet turn. >> i knew. he was hit by a car. i knew. i was expecting the worst. >>reporter: state police say he wasswalking in the crosswalk, -pbut it appears the driver who hit him had the right-of-way. >> i'll be forever changed. >>reporter: donna said she held his hand that night as he lay on the ground. she and many others, including his
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classmates, expressed condolences, remembering the
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a frederick county man is
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>> i've seen maybe more people, but nothing -- you know, you're not bbing stopped or checked or >> police say tte shooter did record nd he did have a permit to carry the gun, buu it was issueddin virginia and not in maryland. the doctor shot by him continues to show progresssin his recovery. a spokesperson says he is in fair and stable condition. he was shot in the stomach before e shot and
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to watch more of the rsday.1 hopkins shooting, go to and look for "hot topics" at the top of the page. some kids in anne arundel county are getting an unexpected three-day weekend. the schools are all closed tomorrow, monday september 20th. there's a
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just an absolutely >> indeed we saw gorgeous
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the tropics. ww have a category 1 storm and tropical
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>> indeed. we'll have much more on the loss, iicluding kristen berset in cincinnati on ouu expanded sunday night edition of "sports unlimited" after this newscast. ravens' ffns young and old are getting pumped up for the teaa's home opener next weekend. michael williams is
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such a big fan he named his daughter "raven." there she all decked out in her purple anddblack. e want to see your
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it iss45 days until the generrl eeeetion in the the big o'malley. a look at how the racc is expected to be the same, but differenttthan four years ago. mel and? >>reporter: these are two different opponents. today their messages may be similar, put the circumstances are quite different. when it's this close to election day, even street festtvals feature some stumping.
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>>reeorter: the republican is here to shake hands and thank voters. some favor his opponent. volunteers from both camps try to coovince the crowd to support tteir side. >> i think he's the best man ffr the joo. likes governoo mmrtin o'malley. >> i think martin o'malley is more for the people. >>reporter: this criticczes his record on tax. >> he's not really on my side. reeorter: his response to the ad? >> it doesn't matter what he says. he lacks ccedibility. debates simillr to 2006 and so is his challenger. a response. l waiting to hear >>reporter: does that mean we can expect a similar race this time around? >> the voters know these two guys.
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>>reporter: political analysts
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officially dead. five months after it erupted, killing 11 men on board a drilling rig,
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billions to camp sst spill 3 c1 victims, money can't fix everything, creating economic uncertainty. >> if it's mixed in the water, wheee is ii going to kill? what is it going to do? >> i think we realized it was going to be that big. >>repprter: residents in louisiana say they'll be left get any phone free only at verizon
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-pit's like a summer weekend. >> it'' kind of funny because our temperatures will go back up a little bit as we roubd out the week and a ffw ssowers and thunddestorrs like spring weathee. kind of interesting.. beautiffl day out there. we're going to see nice conditions that are going to be settling in. looks like we will see not much activity going on.
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as we say in arabicc >flyinggtomatoes create lots 
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the americaa hiker just released from a flven iran is speaking out tonight for the first time since returning to u.s. soil. she was freed on tuesday after being held for 13 months. oday she expressed tomatoe s start their jouuney to becooing saucc or paste at an eeent in mmlwaukee this weekknd. welcome to the fourth annual tomato rochl.
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