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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 20, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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inde now on fox 45 early edition. dramatic 991 ccll. i was standinn right there ann the physician went down. the questions theejohn hopkins community has for police just days aftee a deadly shooting. 45 days until the governor's race rematch. -p the voters know hese two guys. changed since their big mmtch up of the ravens. how theeravens head coach feels about starting the season 1-1. googood morning. ii's monday september 20thh you're taking a life look out over the inner harbor as we
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start the new week. good morniig, i'm patrice harris. it's time to get a check of our forecast to see what can he we n expect as we head into the next week. >> good morning, what a gorgeous weekend. a beautiful sunset. >> until 1:00 yesterday. -p>> a cloud came over us. >> it would have beennnice to go with two games beginning the season. ú%> they will e ffne i'm sure of it. let's see what is going on through the. everyone juut calm down. pretty day and mostly sunny skiis. what ou will enjoy is the temperaturessthat are %-maabe a little breezy this. afternoon. here is a look attwhat we have as far as what we have, skipping right through, temperatures that we should get up to, for the high 800degrees, or right around
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pleasant and cooler. it could be rather chillyy 50 degrees and cool. that's a look at the weather. right now lauren cooke has the traffic edge. ú% reporrer: thank you, and good morning. ú% far to good on the roads. as for the west side of the roadway, we are looking at ann 11-minute ride on the outer loop all remains clear if you are traveling through the tunnels, through the fort mchenry tunnel rom the toll plaza to the beltway. and from the harbor tunnel toll -ile55 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge rrport. patrice, back to you.ú baltimore police continue to assess their own esponse to lasttweek's shooting t john3 hopkiis hhspital incllding what any knew about the gunman's past. joel d smith is live at the hospital now with more on the
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investigation incluuing some 911 calls that came from that deadly morning that police could use. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. overall police say ii they are happy with the way they handled this, the way the officers reacted even though it did end with pardus shooting the dr. and killing is mother. there's a question did he bring the gun in here in days prior to the shooting. there's a lot of things tt look at.ú police are trying to see -indsight to see if there was signs and if there were red fllgs, and things that ttey are looking at now, things that could have looked for that maybe the surreon couldn't havv been ssot. of course, he did barricade room. had he used an alias, every time he visited is mother and he did hhve a license for that gunning but it was a permit in virginiaú
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not in maryland. help as well. >> how many shots did you hear? >> 1,,i was standing right there and a physician went down. >> he went down here? >> a nurse down. >> no i'm -- >> i'm in room 877. my paaents are -- this is our door shut tight. >> did you see if anyone was shot? >> no, but they are -- and i hear them say stuff like that. >> reporter: we did talk o they say securiiy felt tiihter. than usual a hospital,,more guards on duty. there weren't ann searches unnecessarily, but they were happy to seeethat. we will pass a report on the doctor the. dr. david cohen. he was shot in the sympttm andd3
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an initial report that it might have been a deadly shooting. that didn't turn out to be the case and things got better here. stay ttned for fox 45 morning news for continuing coverrge of this story.ú we will talk to a former fbi john hopkins.urity meesures at that is coming up in our police are investigating whether a man who dded over the weekend shot and killed himself or if the deadly bullet came ffom an offer's weapon. home to on market street aftera doness tick dispute.3 after the 3rd call, thee learned thattthe man who had officers found allen cohen nearby. he fired a rifle, and a member of the garment fired back. cohhn died but they ddn't know if it was the bullet that killld him.3 incidenn was treated for minor
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injuries. police are investigaainggtw3 weekend homicides. the first happenee at 420 on sunday morning t edgewood isaiah white was shot in the back and the hest. he was taken toothe hospital and died a short time later. police say white had been in n argument earlier that might and they have several leads they are working. the other shooting happeeed about 15 minutes later along bonaparte avenue in east baltimore. % man was shot in the head. a short time later. police have no motives for suspect in had a shooting..3 a teenager was trying tt cross the street when it %-joey was out with friends onú by a car tryyng to makeea leftk turn near route and left pump road in bel air. even though the teen wassusing tte crosswall, the car reported
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%-reeembering the boston high school freshman who played inn3 the band and was a inebacker for the jv ffotball team n touch my life, yes, i wiil be forever changed. >> funeral services for joey dentremont will be held this went afternoon at cook auditorium. the family is asking that in lieu of flowers donations be made for the the boston foottall recreation program. police are lloking for a driver who eft the ssene after hittingga motorcyclist. it happened at sand hill road in marysville. state police say a silver dodgee minivan struck a biker. he as takee to hhck trauma. as of ow, there's no word on his condition. a former pta president is convicted of steallng thousands3 of dollaas from a baltimore
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-tacey price pleaded not guilty of theft ccarges after pplicee3 say he stole ore than $$,00003 from the pta bank account. a judge found er guiltt and said she went to extraordinaryú lengths to conceal her crime and removing transacttons. price stepped down in april aad is scheduled to be sentenced in decembbr. the trial for the men accused of kklling former city councilman kennharris continnes. ú%'s been tto years since of the witnesses in his death,,3 including the woman who was with harris when he was killed can positively idennify suspects charres cganey, gary collins or jerome williams as the shooter, but the state is hoping that the surreillance video and dna evidence will be enough for the general ellction is just
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and so is the big rematch between current governor martino pallmartino'malley and former gb eerlich. will this race be any different? political analyst say the election will beevery familiar this time around. couple bent haencouple bent hase ú%allenger. >> this time it's governor o'malley dealing with the backlash againsttbarack obama. >> political analysts say one of the biggest factors in the race a record low in the rimaries. stay with fox 44 for latest information on the november cleaning your car and0 icon.
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keeping the enviionment pristine. it's the goal new car wash owners in baltimore who are workinggto make your facilities paul carson has the story. one eaay way to tell whether your car wash is green is to %-dirty water that comes off of your car. newer fa silltie!! facilities ha way to it be recycled. >> we recover 90% of the wash water. that combined withhthe better chemistry and the war wash chemicals allows uu to take the environment in the hands when wú wash cars. >> reporter: running his own car through, he cknowledged some of he old chemicals are cheapee and work better but a hydroclohydrochloric is very das soo e end up payinggmore for safer ccemicals than we would3
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for more dangerous ones. >> weeare growing into a finaaú rinse. this is fresh water that ii being applied along the what waxes. >> reporter: business is good offsetting hhgher costs. and customers like the green approach. >> this car swas car wash is grt friendly and i'm into that. >> the ccst is there but it's inherent to our generation i think where weewant to be good to the environment. >> reporter: today's filtration technology is so sophisticated that it cannmake tap water cleaner than what you drink. >> the reason theyydo it here is that whennthe water dries off there's no spots left behind. >> as these carr go into the car wash. when the jets areewashing he vehicle it's not just a rrndom splash of water, it's a calibrated jet of water and theú water goes into the recycling trough below. they have answered of what to do with empty aerosol window cliner
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cleaner..3 don't use them. moist and ready to use. >> we grab it, lean the window and there's no throwing out of >> reeorter: how do these cars compare using with tte hose on your ddiveway. the typical persoo uses more water than aacommercial car wash and the dirty run off can polute ground water. that means sites like these can be bettee for the environment. cnn, baltimore maryland. the ravens lost to their division rivals the cincinnati bengals twice last year. better than the previous two. as the start of the 3rd quarter, the ravens trailed 6-0, when joe flaccc put up a pass that ended up perfectly placed in the hands of ddrrick mason. it resulted in a 30-yard touch down, buu they didn't have the with two minutes left in the
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game, the ravens were down 15-10 and their last chance to make something happen, ended with joe flacco throwing an interception. had he a career 4 interceptions during the gaae and the ravens lose 15-10. >> we're disappointed. it's not going to make us aad it's not going to break us. %-like last week that we won.ust minus 44is not going to get it done. we did it with minus week two last wwek. we have to et that straighteneú out fast. the ravens are ffnnllyy3 coming back to baltimooe thii sunday. team's home opeeer is sshedule for 1:00 at m and t bank stadium and us it's another divisional %-they will face the cleveland browns. we know that there's plenty of ravens fans out there and we want yoo to send ussphotos showing off the purppe pride. go to and click
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section. edition,,making baltimore safer one block at a time. change tte tip. >> the program aimed at cleaning -p the streets. the cooler but pleasant as temperatuues get into the upper 70s,,we got the nnrtherly flow giving us the cooler air. the question get any phone free only at verizon
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only at verizon. kids are back in school, and you know what that means, weatter id wednesday is back in session. iffyou want your child to be a weather kid, just send a nomination. or you with go to our website aa now for the biigest weather kid, we have meteorologist steve fertig. hopefully for life. got to say, -- here is out to
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the west, looking at dry conditions. it looks really nnce at sky hd radar. there'sshigh pressurr sitting to the norrh and west. we got a northerly flow that is going tt keep us on the cool side. not a starting temperature, partly cloudy, wiid are out ofú the north at 20 miles per hour and pressuue 2 29.99 and rising. mild throughout the area, 700degrees in d.c., and 54 in hagerstown. salisburr 63, theetemperatures only up upper 70 today. ú%ere's igfor, a cat gore -- we will get the northerly flow ú%ving in and that is going to cool us down for today and mid-week and tomorroo. by the midweek we will start to see the warmer air commng up frrm he south. that will bring the temperatures into the mid-80s then, it will make more instability in the atmosppere and possibility of a
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few hunderstorms in the atmosphere. the category hurricane is moving away from the mainland. it won't cause problems. and julia is further poiits east not an issueeat ll. high temperature of about 78 degrees, and 10-20-mile-an-hourrwinds. we will be breezy as we see pprtly cloudy skies. about the same temperature for the central part of the maryland,,climbing to the 78, 10-15-mile-an-hour wind could gust higher. back to the west, 76 degrees, mossly clear skies, north wind at 5-15 miles per hour. tonight cool night, wwewill have the clearing, winds dying down at 5-10 miles per houu. overnight areas, definitely chiilier. 78 degreeesfor tuesday, mostly clear skies and look at this, 88 degrees asswe head toward autumn. autumn arriving at 11:00 p.m. on wednesday and 78 degreee on tuesday. and 85 on friday, 81 ith a chance for a thunderstorm on saturday. there could be howers around for sunday with the home openeer
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when the raaens take on the groondd 76 degrees temperature wise looking really nice. let's take a look at what is happening on the roadways wwth lauren cooke with the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve..3 we do have trouble in anne arundel county. we are dealing with tte motorcycle accident in glen burnie that is going to be along matter drive, fortunately we look at high sppeds on many of our main lines, 53 miles per hoor at white match. you will notice month problems to report, whatsoever. thhs is the shottnorth of 695,3 %-ride from whhtemarsh to the beltway. if yyu are traveling on 95, here area, no problemm to report at quick 11-minute ride, from 95 to 83. the west side will remain clear as well. if you areetraveling 833 no problems to report whatsoever. no problems to report traveling through the tunnels. if you are looking througg
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the war on crime is being ffught on many crimes.ú one ballimore orranization decided to do its part with a party. we are told how thee are attempting to take back the
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streets one night at a time. >> reeorter: the music wws so powerful on east chase street, it brought residents out of -heir home.. ♪. >> reporter: and quite -rankly that is the point. >> if youuchange the people, you change the city. >> reporter: it's called adopt a block, an organization that puts on block parties in neighborhoods throughout the city providdng eveeything from free food to frre cllthing. >> lots and lots of prizes. they are looking for. and hey have aying is this for free? >> reporter: the hope is3 build the community up and cut down crime. >> we understand that the political system ccn't do everything. that is going to require the >> adopt a block has been putting on block parties since 1991, but organizers say events like thhse are nneded now more than ever. >> it's easy to get discouraged when you see negative reports and see crime rising, but we know we go in week after week
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and we see lives changed and we see people go through the different resources we have herú ann it makes a difference in their lives. >> reporter: it's an efffrt much a appreciated by residents like barbara arhannd >> i think it's wonderful, beautiful. >> reporter: who any other >> we have a crime wit!! a neigh ú%ime. and it's very pleasant it be out here today, very, very pleasant. >> adopt a block hosts parties every summer from june until september we want to hear about your fight against crime. tell us what ou're doing to clean up the streets. give us call a. honooing a city native. what came out to honor baltimore born, frank zappa.
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there's more bad news on the economy. finds as the nnmber of people living below the poverty high, hit a record high. -p a new census report highlights another symptom of3 the economic down turn. theenumber of americans living in poverty hit a record high nearly 4 million americann lived below the poverty line, that is more than 14% of the pop au lyings. $11,000. thh poverty rooe considering thú economic turmoil of last year..3 poverty levee will continue to climb possibly reaching 16% over
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the next decadd. the poorest area in the country is the south, while the northeast has the lowest poverty levels. mississippi hassthe lowest median ii the country. the average householddbrought in less than $36,000 a year coming in just above were arkansas and west virginia. on the wealthiess end, new hampshire had the highest median in theecountry. nee jersey aad connectiiut ranked second and 3rd. in new york, i'm stephanne ilum. thh school yyar just started but some area students re already getting time off. the schools that are clossd today and what is causing the shutdoww..3 john ho kins, wher
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all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. welcome back to fox 45 early edition. 5:29 is the time. you're taking a live look out over baltimore the john hopkins complex, a lot of news comingg3 out of that area from ast week3 this morning. good morning,


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